Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Corazon Indomable # 96, 09/24/13, The curse of love...

....is only worse than the curse of watching this.

First of all RIP (Rest In Purgatory) Lucia
I was the one to recap Tav's first wedding, too, some 90 episodes ago. What an honor, really, may this new marriage be as happy as his last one. If he gets a number three, could I have that one, too? I'm getting good at this. 

Sweet, romantic music, and the green mountains of Tamaulipas start the show.

On the bridge
Tav is holding Mari in his arms and asking her why she’s sometimes so lovable and others such a raging bitch (that’s how I heard it).
This is just what Mari needed to pull out of the embrace and remind Tav (and the two viewers who had probably forgotten this detail) that she hates the Narvaez, doesn’t need his pity and he will end up hating her as much as she hates him.
But Tav is in protagonista mode, grabs her by the waist, reminds her that she seemed to enjoy the kiss they just shared.
Well, so did he, slave of his passions, Mari mocks him and declares that they are both cursed to feel a guilty love. She loves him with locura, but he leaves because it’s his wedding day and he doesn’t want to see her ever again.
As he rides off on his horse, she screams at him about being bought by Simona and how she pities the woman – but once she is alone, she starts to cry, because she’s the one to pity the most in this story and she knows it.

Tav doesn’t go straight to his wedding, he stops near a tree to think about the kiss he and Mari shared. He’s sure she’s only playing with him, as part of her venganza, because she surely hates him. But he’ll marry Simona, who proved to be a good woman, he won’t disappoint her. 

In case anyone forgot, Mari talks to the forest about her hate for Tav being greater than her love – so she just can’t let herself go and be with him. And he’ll marry Simona – what to do, what to do? Could it be the time for some forgiveness?
The sad music continues….I love Mari’s lipstick, it has to be the expensive kind if her lips still look so perfect after all that earlier smooching.

Rancho $imona
Miguel, ever the party planner, thinks that Simona should get dressed, but she’s not even certain there is going to be a wedding, because Tav isn’t there. Miguel is sure he’ll show up and, indeed, there he is, the dashing groom. And the blushing bride already knows what a wife’s duties are, because she immediately starts cackling at him, asking where he was – and now, more than ever, they look like a  mother scolding his son, that eyeliner does Simona no favors. And, Lordy Lord, she notices a smudge of lipstick on Tav’s collar?
Tav explains he’s been with the peones, doing ranch stuff (the type of peones who fancy the shade of burgundy red on their lips), so Simona simply asks him what is that on his shirt. Cara de busted of Tav. Oops!
But he says that surely it’s a dirt stain and Simona just goes along with it because she’s desperate to marry him, obviously.
She asks him to go get ready and, get this, Patio Peeps: she, the bride, will go help him, the groom, get dressed, because she can get ready in no time, while he might take a while. Make sure to close those bathroom windows, Simona, you never know what Tav might do.
Miguel is in no mood for a party, he’s still mourning, so he’ll go lock himself in his room. Your lost, Miguel, previews say sh!t is gonna hit the fan at this shindig.

Rancho Mariloca
Mari arrives back at the ranch, JA is worried that she went riding alone, she’s not used to doing it anymore. He plans to go home, get ready for the wedding, but she doesn’t need him anymore, she’ll go with her daughter.  Cara de being ditched of JA, but I bet Esther won’t mind.
He thinks Mari is sad because Tav is getting married, she says he’s only doing this because she allows him to. No, no, Tav is getting married because Simona is pretty, rich, a great catch, JA starts listing all of Simona’s attributes.

The wedding day
Mari is admiring herself in Lucia’s mirror, Santa thinks she looks preciosa. Mari has a few locks gathered in the back, with the rest of her hair loose, she kind of reminds me of Xena, the Worrior Princess, sans the bangs (which would be kind of appropriate for the occasion). And she’s wearing white (granted, with some blue pattern on the top and the skirt)! That alone might ruin Simona’s day, so Mari could just send her a picture and save herself the trouble of actually attending the ceremony.
Santa doesn’t think that she should take Lupita because she might trouble her, with all the carrying that she’ll have to do. What, Mari carry her baby? No way, Juanita is coming, too.

So Simona’s church wedding actually means having a crucifix on the wall of her living room, two chairs in front of a wardrobe and a bunch of extras that Tav is attending to. I hope the priest is at least legitimate, they didn’t ask the cook to get ordained… right?
Simona thinks that SHE (Mari) won’t come after all, but Ofelia isn’t that sure about that. Bottom line, she’s the same savage she’s always been and she has Simona shaking in her high wedding heels. Simona is mostly afraid that Tav will get upset with her arrival, he has such an explosive temper. Whaaat? Tav, explosive? Oh, pleeease, the petals of a flower are more explosive than Tav.
Anyway, Ofelia starts fixing the bride’s hair, which, by the way, looks the same as always – no veil, no crown, no ornament, nada. Just a kind of white veil, simple dress. (I don’t know fashion, so I really can’t describe it, but in this case there is not much to describe, anyway – a quiet dress for a quiet type of person, I guess.)

And talking about quiet, here comes the opposite of that, the life and soul of the party-to-be, the groom’s ex wife, who just strolls inside, like she’s the queen of Tamaulipas.
Reactions: The guests – who is that?
Simona: cara de darn it - she asks for God’s help
Ofelia: cara de no puede ser
Tav: his usual cara, he’s an idiot.
The priest comes along – because I haven’t really been watching last week I didn’t know this was the same priest from the first episodes of Amor Bravio –  I thought he was dead, but it turns out he only asked for a transfer from La Malqerida to Rancho de Las Mujeres Locas de Tav.

Esther is knitting something, as JA comes home, channeling his inner cave man, asking his woman for some food. But she didn’t cook anything, he never comes home to eat at this time. This only makes him more furious, she says she’ll fix him something really quick. Ugh…I can’t with this guy.

Back at Simona’s ranch… ah, I mean, the wedding chapel, Mari and Simona have a little face off of the long, white dresses. Remembering that she has a daughter that might come in handy sometimes, Mari takes Lupita from the nanny and presents her to Simona, who makes the polite gesture of calling the little girl pretty. This gives Mari ammunition for her attack: she doesn’t think any other woman could ever give Tav such a pretty little girl. At this point, if I were Simona, I would throw Mari out of my house and my wedding faster than she can scream “I was not invited, by I came anyway, because I’m bitter and have no limits.”
Simona tries to keep it civil, but does notice that Mari is dressed in white, which is not exactly the rule. But Mari used to be a Casino woman, so breaking the rules is normal for her.
Simona just nods, but has the face of someone who has just swollen a bitter “ex-wife crashes my wedding” pill – she does introduce Mari to some of the other people attending, though.

With the priest, Tav asks him for a quick ceremony (I think they should skip the part about “If anyone has any opposition to this marriage” – this should be a rule for all tn weddings, unless they happen in the very last episode). 
Tav also wants to know if the padre came with Mari, but no, they just met at the door and chatted. In case Tav doesn’t know, Mari is doing a lot of good deeds in the pueblo, if only more ranch owners were so generous…
Yeah, but no generosity will ever put an end to poverty, Tav opines, and maybe Mari is not a very good administrator if she gives away all that money… This has been mentioned several times, how she much money she’s spending, could it be that she ends up poor again??
Anyway, Tav asks the padre to keep an eye on Mari’s spending habits, but the padre things she’s a good administrator.

JA screams some more at Esther, then thinks to himself that he doesn’t need his wife’s weak babies, when Mari’s strong, campesina origins, could give him better ones. Ugh…

Tav wants the ceremony to start already, he’s afraid Mari will go into savage mode again. Simona thinks everything will be alright, Mari looks rather calm. They hug, while Mari gives them the death stare.           

The ceremony:
Padre: Tav, do you accept $imona and blah blah blah?
Tav (sighing like this is his last breath): Si, padre!
Mari stands up, telling “her daughter” and the rest of the party, that this is her dad, marrying for money. Tav asks Ofelia to go fetch two peones to throw Mari out, but before that happens, Mari tells all the guest the story of how Simona bough herself a husband that doesn’t love her. Would Simona care to ask him where he was today and what he was doing? Tav tries to make her shut up, but there is no stopping her. 
The padre wants to know if there is any reason for the marriage not to take place, Simona urges him to continue.

Somewhere in the forest, JA tells Nazario that Miguel is hiding on Simona’s ranch. Nazario wants to kill Miguel, JA warns him to take care, Miguel could be dangerous, too, and, besides, Eusebio was no saint. Nazario doesn’t care about that, but also gets the idea that he might get some money out if it, first, if not from the Narvaez, then from the new Narvaez wife.     

The peones finally arrive, but Mari leaves willingly, not before wishing the couple a happy wedding night. Once Mari is gone, Simona drags Tav back to the altar (all through this circus they had the lazos de boda linking them).
The padre mumbles a few more words, then declares them husband and wife. The guest are all impactados, Tav is obviously upset and Simona is about to cry – this is all so depressing.

Back at her ranch, Mari doesn’t need Lupita anymore, so she asks Juanita to get her to sleep. Juanita disapproves of what Mari did, but Mari wants to celebrate with tequila, she’s very pleased with herself. Juanita thinks Tav will hate her now, but Mari is sure that’s not the case, he’ll only love her more, and this will be their curse, the curse of loving one another… Haven’t we covered this already?   
Juanita thinks Mari is a little crazy (you think!!). No, Mari rejects this idea, she’s just a savage that is allowed to do whatever she wants… And what she plans to do next is even worse…

It’s the next day, Mari, wearing a devilish red blouse and a black mullet skirt (again) receives the padre.

In the newlyweds’ bedroom, apparently the bride spent the night all dressed up, because she’s still wearing her wedding gown, while crying her eyes out. Tav is rolling his eyes, asking her to try and sleep a little.
Apparently, Simona did send Mari an invitation, out of courtesy, but regardless, they should have had someone guard the door, forbid her the entrance.
Simona calls him out on the smudged collar from yesterday, Tav swears nothing happened, Simona asks for some respect and starts bawling yet again

Back with Mari and the padre, he reproaches her that she made a scandal during a religious ceremony, in God’s presence. Oh, God, Mari irrupts, where was God when they all hurt me?
She plans to be judge and executioner for her tormentors, the padre warns her that she’ll end up hurting the most. 
No matter, at least she destroyed their wedding night. Padre thinks she should confess her sins and repent, but Mari has lost her damn mind, there is no reasoning with her.
She’s now upset with the padre, too, because he married Tav with Simona, because he didn’t take into consideration Tav’s other union, the one that resulted in a daughter.

During breakfast, Simona is telling Miguel that Tav will accompany him in the pueblo to hire the best lawyer to help his defense. She’s wearing a granny’s pajama, that makeover didn’t include some silky night gowns, too?
But Miguel has no more animos left, not even for Miguelito. Practically Tav and Simona beg him to defend himself, Simona promises to pay all his legal fees. But all that Miguel wants is for the two of them to take care of Mini Mig.

In her office at the ranch, Mari tells JA how much fun she had at the wedding. Why wasn’t Esther there, too? She has no dresses for that kind of parties, that’s why, she’s a campesino’s wife now. But Mari wanted her there, too, to enjoy the show, JA should buy his wife some dresses. (Yes, he should, but not for some ludicrous show put up by a crazy woman.)
JA is furious because her behavior at the wedding surely let everyone know that she’s still loca for Tav.
What up, JA, jealous much, Mari asks?
The conversation turns to the way people talk about them being more than friends. But, get this, JA knows Mari will never be for him and he doesn’t care, because he already has a rich, beautiful, elegant wife (that he treats horribly, he forgot to ask). Mari chose a rich husband, he did the same in choosing a rich wife, so where is the problem?
Mari asks him to leave, he feels sorry he left Simona’s ranch in the first place, he says he’ll go home to his wife, at least she’s not as crazy as Mari is. This enrages Mari even more, she throws him out.

Tav talks to a lawyer, who thinks Miguel committed a very serious crime. The worst part is that the wife, Lucia, is dead, and there are no other witnesses. How about some character witnesses for Ewsebio, then? Maybe Maricruz, and also Esther or JA? But how can Tav convince them to testify? Mari hates Miguel, JA does what Mari says and Esther does what JA says.

Mari thought bubbles about how upset she is because Tav is happy now; but he won’t be for long, no Ma’am!
Then she remembers that Miguel is still at Simona’s ranch and wonders how come nobody told the police, yet.

Nazario plots with some guy about getting some money and then killing someone.

Tav explains Miguel they need witnesses to tell what a creep Ewsebio was. Ofelia is a good option, but who else? Miguel doesn’t want Mari’s help, so they still need another person.
Miguel whines some more, Tav tries to drag him out of his desdicha, if for nothing else, then for Mini Mig.  

Simona receives a letter, un anonimo from someone who can barely write. She is blackmailed for keeping Miguel hidden – they are asking for 200.000 pesos – Ofelia thinks it’s Mari, who’s playing with them. She advices Simona not to listen to what the letter says and Simona agrees, stating that only death will break her and Tav up.

And, at the same time, in her nest of revenge and bitterness, Mari is thinking that she would rather see them dead then happy.

Preview: Simona is embarasada! Enough said.


Adriana- You had me laughing throughout this recap. Glad that you got another Tav wedding. I really hope you get the third. Hey, maybe there will even be a fourth!

I was surprised that Simona politely introduced Mari around to the guests. Good for her. It made Mari look even more like a crazy beyotch dressed in white (even casino ladies know that's a no-no at a wedding) when she made a scene. Wish Simona had kept it together enough to brush the whole thing off and have a hot wedding night with Tav. But I guess they get busy eventually, since she'll be pregnant by tomorrow's episode! Mari won't like that at all.

JA's attitude and jealousy this episode proved Ester right. This is not a healthy "sibling" relationship that he has with Mari.

Gringo- I left a link for you in late comments on the last recap.

Excellent recap! Just a few things to say

1. Felt sorry for Simona. How humiliating and sad.
2. JA taking out his bad mood on Esther was sickening and I so wish she would leave him.
3. Juanita should save herself and leave MA.
4. Cant believe Simon's is pregnant?! Probably bec I cant imagine how awkward the sex must have been...but is the show jumping like a month ahead already?

I skipped the gym tonight so I could watch this episode. Should've gone to the gym. Remember when we were begging her to start the venganza? Boy, were we wrong!

MC was just, sorry, a bitch. Shoot your husband in the leg and destroy some lives, fine. But wear white to a wedding? Unacceptable. Even if it was a pretty dress. I thought Simona was very gracious to her given the circumstances.


I also don't understand how Simona could be pregnant, since it was very clear that nothing happened on their wedding night (the next morning they were still in the same clothes, the bed untouched, etc.) I guess it happened the same way as JA-Ester, thankfully offscreen. I could, however, see Maricruz getting pregnant from that kiss! Maybe I'm the one who needs a course in Basic Health.

I really don't see how they could get married when there should be a funeral for Lucia. I was cara impactada when they just went ahead with it, I fully expected a convenient excuse to delay the boda.

Here is a chaste love scene resulting in pregnancy that I have always loved


This was my very first viewing of this show. You write a GREAT recap.

I love AnaBrenda, and she wss just beastly in today's show. I felt terribly sorry for the bride.

Thanks for doing such a great job for this show.

Elna June


Daniela- That is a great scene. Only in Bollywood can a scene generate so much heat, and yet not involve any shedding of clothing or lips touching.

Adriana, my thanks. Awesome.
Wow, Ana Brenda, MC so consumed with her hatred and vengeance. She did it so well.
Guys, it did not happen the first night(wedding night) but the next night. And so a couple of months went by without the usual notation on the screen(maybe) need to watch tv tomorrow.
OOh, I can't stand that awwfelia. Here she is creating a new intrigue. Why is she so angry with MC. If I were MC, I would focus all my energy to Zap her out of this TN. Lowlife indeed!!! MC is a daughter of a rich person(Don Ale) and not like her, a lowlife. Didn't anybody inform her of MC's origin? That she is really above her social class?


I forgot to give praise to the Padre who is, thankfully, showing more sense than most novela priests in the advice he gave to MC and his unwillingness to let her keep on being the victim. Plus he rolled his eyes during the MC wedding tantrum just as many of us probably were. Ha.


Simona embarazada? So much for "living together like brother and sister", and any annulment chance goes right out the window. Remember, Simona said she would be content just to "live by his side". I guess she is now truly doomed by TN plot rules.

Thanks so much for the recaps, everyone. It's been a real pleasure to follow the show while traveling. Plus all the great comments.

I want to concentrate on Mari-crazy's exchange with the padre. In addition to chiding her about the disrespect she showed at the 'religious' ceremony, he also points out that despite the good things she wants to do for the poor in the community, she also has a dark side which disturbs him. I actually thought he was going to quote St Paul's Letter to the Corinthians about true love/charity:
"If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but do not have love [charity], I have become a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal...
Love is patient, love is kind and is not jealous; love does not brag and is not arrogant, does not act unbecomingly; it does not seek its own, is not provoked, does not take into account a wrong suffered, does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things."
Obviously Mari-crazy is in no mood to hear such words. In fact, she throws back the padre's reference to God: "yes, where was God when all those horrible things that were done to me?" Channeling the Book of Job, clearly our heroine likes the Old Testament over the New: an eye for an eye kind of gal.

Adriana, thanks for the wonderful take on this very fun episode. I loved your RIP for Lucia- purgatory fits perfectly.

I really liked Maricruz's white dress and the fact that it matched Octavio's suit perfectly. It added a certain something to the wedding.

So interesting that Octavio and Simona are still calling Maricruz a "savage" and she is happily and consciously fulfilling their expectations of her.

Poor Octavio better watch out because Simona's eyesight is very good and no lipstick/makeup stain will pass unnoticed.

All in all a great episode as Maricruz goes hurtling out of control. Maybe there is "something" on that Narvaez Ranch that drives all the women who live there crazy.


Am I the only one, who thinks that:
1. Simona should stop the wedding. She knew that MC told the truth and she was with the Tav. Simona has no self-respect or what?
2. Padre should stop the wedding, because this marriage obviously is not about love and respect.
3. Padre shouldn't talk to her with that tone. MC is right, that no one was by her side, when that people ruined her life. And the main point of the padre was that she ruined the ceremony. Really? The ceremony of the marriage without love, respect and bla-bla-bla. He must talk to her as a padre, but he talk to her as a real Simona's father. Every one is now blaming MC for everything, but no one wants to support her. No matter good she or bad, she need that support. Even in Narvaez family everyone support each other no matter how evil they are. But no on now support poor MC. Even padre. It's sad/
4. thanks God, they didn't show, how S got pregnant.

Alegria, That is exactly how I felt about this whole thing. I felt so sad that MC did not have any support from anyone and even I think most of the viewers. I am 100 per cent in agreement of what you enumerated and this is why I am so livid about Awwfelia and Octavio most of all. If he truly love MC he would have not insulted her so much. When you said that everyone is blaming MC, this is exactly what I commented yesterday. If you have time please read my blog. Thank you.

Oh and it's the last comment or maybe towards the last end if somebody added some more.

that's me Vida2.

Vida2, thanks, I read it. I have problems with time difference. But I always read all comments. And I'm always very thankful for recapers

Alegria. I also agree with you about the priest's lecture. Maricruz's poverty/class have given her disadvantages and inequities in virtually every part of her life and "society" just expects her to suck it up, deal with it and move on. Not so easy.

last comment by Jarifa

thanks, Adriana. My daughter called to do FaceTime, so I was only able to sneak an occasional peek at this show.

Yikes..the ex attends the wedding in white.!!!!!... something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. hmm..let's see..Simona would be the old, nothing's new..just the same old , same old, I guess Oblivio is the borrowed because he is probably going to eventually be returned to Mari (I hope Simona kept the receipt), and everyone is blue..including the viewers..well, .most of the viewers.

Later, Gators...off to work.

That's life, isn't it ? In the end, you just have to "suck it up, deal with it, and move on." To quote Carlos....NEXT.

@Alegria and @Vida2 - I agree with you both.

"The curse of love...

....is only worse than the curse of watching this."

Ah Adriana, you're a good scout nevertheless and wrote another sparkling humorous recap.

I loved your aside concerning Octavio's fib about "working with the peones". "Yes, the type of peones that favor burgundy red on their lips."

Last night's episode was very painful. Although Maricruz is my heroine, I felt very sorry for Simona last night. Yes, she's rich and privileged, but she too has been scorned all her life, for being "fea". And her self-esteem is so low, she's willing to settle for a groom who was canoodling with another woman on the eve of their wedding. No wonder she spent the wedding night in tears.

So many ugly actions last night. Jose Antonio seemed to have a brief few days of treating Ester nicely and now he's an abusive husband again. Miguel is at his lowest, most self-centered, blame-shifting level. Hatred, contempt,narcissism and ugly behavior has a way of catching. This show is definitely continuing in a negative spiral. Hope the winds of change arrive soon!

You did an excellent job on a very disturbing episode, Adriana. Thanks.

JudyB, Simona wanted the fiesta and she got it. Simona didn't stop Lucia, when she spoilt the wedding fiesta of MC. So now I must feel sorry for her? No way. She even didn't cancel the fiesta because of Lucia's death. Nothing could stop her from buying a husband. I don't think, that MC was right, but Simona got what she want after all.

I hope for Simona's sake she loses the baby, because that would tie her to Tav for ever, and then some handsome, rich man visits and she falls in love and divorces Tav's sorry bum for a true and mutual love. It would be nice to see someone really happy in this TN...now that Ed and Araceli seem to be gone.

Tks for the great recap on this crapola

Ester couldn't go to the wedding because she had nothing to wear? What happened to all of her clothes that she had at the ranch?

TO:Anonymous: Wed Sep 25, 04:37:00 AM EDT

I doubt if Maricruz has ever read either the Old or New Testament. But she has a copy of Ayn Rand's ATLAS SHRUGGED by her bedside.

Adriana, terrific job, so much nonsense to cover. Is it my imagination or is this show getting even more ridiculous and pathetic? I'm more convinced than ever that an 8 year old girl is writing and directing this.

I hate what MC is wearing on the ranch. She looks like an extra from Annie Get Your Gun or a traveling rodeo show. She will look so much better in a pair of tight jeans and t-shirts, albeit designer!

@Adriana - fabulous recap, as usual.

@Anonymous at 10:09 am - re: your comment "But she has a copy of Ayn Rand's ATLAS SHRUGGED by her bedside." How so? She's been spending boatloads of her money on charitable works since she returned to the ranch. Hardly sounds like an Ayn Rand devotee to me.

I hate to keep harping on the same old thing but Carlos, after I read-
---Thanks for the link Vivi...case
closed. It made me crazy. No, the case isn't closed. When someone hurts you, your wife, a relative or a friend, that doesn't give you
the right to be judge, jury and excutioner. Civilized countries/societies have laws, judges and juries. It's called "The
Rule Of Law." If everyone took the law into their own hands [Miguel] you wouldn't have a civilized country/society for very long. Soon
there would be chaos and anarchy. What are they teaching in the schools down there in Texas? I am not soft on crime. If a survey were
taken, I have no doubt that I would score in the top 10% for tough on crime, laws and penalties.
I don't believe in---oh he's young,
or---He didn't mean it, or---give him a second chance. Yes, give him/her a second chance after they have paid for the crime. The bottom
line is Ewwsebio commited a/the crime and Miguel murdered him for it. That's why Miguel is a wanted man, that's why he is on the run.
Miguel took the law into his own hands and became a murderer in the process. He needs to stand trial for his actions and be judged by a jury. Although I admit, with no witnesses, he would probably get off. I add, A man with wealth and means would probably get off---a poor man, probably not. The system isn't perfect but it is what we have and it is what Mexico has. The law needs to be followed.
Rant is over, now on to the recap.
the gringo

Simona EMBARASADA already. Fast work there Octavio


Adriana - this was brilliant! I also hope you get the recap another Tav wedding though I will always wonder what was in the water in that place.

It is tiresome listening to the same wretched people call MC savage. However,I am more concerned about MC's well being. I understand her desire for revenge but its taking such a huge toll on her life.

JA continues to be the worst character in the TN for me. Why does anyone, especially the women put up with him?

Adriana Noel, this recap is absolutely first class. I think it's great that you are the one who got to cover both of Octavio's weddings. Hilarious. Thank you for hanging in there with us.


Adriana Noel---A big thank you. A dark episode but you gave it light
or at least humor, snark all the way thru.
RIP---Rest In Purgetory
What, Tav explosive?
Back at $imona's ranch...ah, I mean the wedding chapel.
The death stare. Just to name a few

I was so disappointed. I thought that the priest pulled out of the wedding after Mari left and didn't marry them.

I say SHAME on the priest for conducting that marriage.

Critcism for Mari wearing a white dress---I LOVED IT. Good for Mari.
Rub their faces in the dirt, they
deserved it.

ALEGRIA 4:37---I agree with you 100
no, 1,000% No one wants to support
Mari. WELL I DO, with capital letters. Mari is not crazy just hurt and angry.

Vida2---Good post from yesterday.

LatinaMD---Thanks for the marriage
info from yesterday. It's confusing
Church and State, what a mess. One is official but not recognized and one is permitted but has no legal value. Oh my gosh!

Kelly---You wanted venganza and now you don't. What do you think venganza is?

Susanlynn---Tav will be returned. I
hope $imona kept the receipt. LOL

Octavio doesn't know how to think very well but he sure knows how to make babies.

Some have asked, how can $imona be pregnant already? It was said yesterday that they were already married [civil ceremony] and has been living with her for a while.

Alegria---One last thing. Yes, I am behind Mari. For all of the hurt the Narvaez have caused her, I hope that she stickes it to them
BIG TIME. legally of course. and Awful-felia too.
the gringo

Oh my, I so want to like someone on this show, I really do. I need Simona and Tobias to show up so I can smile at someone older than a year. Thanks Adriana, I give you credit for sticking through the whole episode and doing such a great recap to boot. I switched off to watch the Indians play a few times to get away from the craziness.

I know MC is all Vengeance is Mine...but dang, don't use your daughter!! Nothing I hate more than the use of a child as a pawn or to prove a point. Just wrong wrong wrong.

I see the writer from last week must have gone on vacation since we are back to the jerkwad JA. Is this guy bipolar?

So I'm getting the "let's set up Miguel" vibe. First off, non too bright to have come back in the first place. But looks like he's getting the bullseye painted on his back now. Poor little Miguel-lite. If only to save that poor thing losing both parents, hope Miguel survives and gets his act together to boot.

I saw on IMBD there are some new characters noted. No spoilery info here...no clue who they are and what they are showing up for. With so many episodes to go, I guess we were bound to get a few new folks. I saw Sergio Goyri and I remembered someone mentioned he would show up at some point-- I don't care if it's one episode, love how this man just chews up the scenery. But I do worry what the writers will give him to work with knowing their track record.



It's not a spoiler about Sergio Goyri as they are playing his theme song from STuD constantly as soon as they all returned to the ranch.

I really hope Mari and O make up, but I know from experience this does not happen in real life. One or the other will constantly bring up the past and they will be on-off, love-hate forever. I've been there, done that, and I didn't even have anything half as bad as the in-laws murdering my abuelo!

Also I hate Mari's rancho clothes! And hair! What happened to her great stylist on Isla Dorada? Even her makeup is getting too dark and thick. Agreed, nice jeans, boots, embroidered blouses, please!

Daisynjay---Looks like Miguel is being set up--he has a bullseye on his back. Miguel set himself up, he murded a man. [a bad man Vivi] He is going to have to pay the piper for that---or at least go to trial. Carlos, Miguel was/is a bigger man and he, Miguel had a rifle. If nothing else, Miguel could have wacked EWWsebio with his rifle and dragged him down to the police station but chose to murder him instead. So Daisynjay, I repeat, Miguel set himself up.

The Narvaes have NEVER EVER been sorry for any of their actions. Not even Tav. Was there something in the water at the Narvaez rancho?
Their haughty attitude is amazing.
Mari and Karma will knock them down before this is over---It's already over for Lucifer.
the gringo

Mari knows that Tav had nothing to do with the killing of her abuelo or the rape of Solita. Lucifer is dead and Miguel essentially avenged both Solita and Lucifer against Ewwsebio. she knows Tav, ineffectively, sent some funds for her new home. I think she knows he got a forged letter saying she wanted nothing to do with him.
And yet she continues on a quest against "the Narvaez"?
She is the evil one now. Her continued quest for vengance is unjustified, excessive, and no better than anyone other than the already dead and beyond the reach of vengance L and E.


Gringo- I am all for vengeance. But Lucia is dead, Miguel is a broke deadbeat drunk, and Octavio is married to someone he doesn't love. (Better would have have been letting him marry Doris but she blew it). Even Simona is stuck knowing the man she loves doesn't love her and Esther lives in a shack with a caveman. I think Octavio even gave up rights to his daughter (Vivi?). Vengeance done. So what if they aren't sorry? They are ruined. As long as she runs the ranch well, she wins.

It's time for her to call it good, get some therapy and start behaving like a grown up. The love-hate thing with Octavio made sense (sort of) given her immaturity and lack of life experience, but she's had time to mature. No more of this "I hate you and you can never see your daughter but she must come to your wedding because you're her daddy" stuff. Time to treat Lupita as a child rather than a pawn.

Besides, if she really wants to make them feel like crap, she'll build her village, win some urban planning awards, create a world-class ranch to go with all her casinos, and keep strutting around in her sexy ranchwear. And find herself a super sexy boyfriend who isn't already married. I have someone in mind but might be a spoiler to say.

Not that I don't appreciate your take on things. You're the devil's advocate (in a good way) to all the criticism and make the comments section more interesting! Ana Brenda looks a little teenager-ish when MC pouts and probably could have done have done a good job showing her inner conflict. I'm liking her acting better here than in LQNPA. Dang monkey writers.


I wish Maricruz would end her crusade against los Narvaez already, and pay a little attention to Solita. She's basically abandoned Solita, and hasn't it occurred to her to try to figure out who raped Solita and fathered her baby? Why does that never figure into her rants or her quest for justice? We know the scumbag is dead, but she doesn't know that. Yet she wants to (someday, when she gets around to it) bring Solita and the baby back there, without even knowing if the rapist is still lurking around? ACK. She is SO self-absorbed.

I hope in all this offscreen time, Solita has enrolled in a school for the deaf and made some nice friends in the city, and she will refuse to be hauled back to the ranch.

Why do Octavio and the priest worry that Maricruz will run out of money? Do they not know that she owns many casinos, plus the ranch should start generating income now that they are picking the oranges? I don't think a little school and a church will bankrupt her. I just hope she has qualified builders in charge of the construction. None of JackAss's crappy firewood-tied-with-twigs attempts at vernacular architecture, please.

Okay, what's with Simone's make-up? When she was walking around in her robe, supposedly not getting ready for the wedding, she already had on more eye-make-up than I've ever worn in my life. Since she piled on more later for the wedding (I switched screens back and forth and compared), I guess we're to understand that this is what she wears for breakfast.

And I swear that her eyeliner gets thicker every time I see her. Is there a quota of eyeliner that has to be used up each week in this show? Is Simone now having to make up for all the eyeliner that Ester is not using? (Ester looks her best with that clean, fresh face, by the way.)

Hey people, what are you talking about? MC only talk about venganza and not so often now. But what she really did? Ok, she fed Lucia with dirt. That is almost all. What else? Spoilt the wedding? Por dios.
So I think now MC is a person who decide to do something good. And she is doing. For what are you blaming her now?

At this point Octavio seems more rational than Maricruz. He offered to give up Doris and Simona if MC would agree to patch up their differences, but, no, her venganza train has to keep rolling on. And she is using her daughter as a weapon. This is wrong.

Octavio was HER husband and he offered to leave Doris. Que what? At first he had to leave Doris and then go to MC and ask to return to him. But he wanted to sit on two chairs. And, by the way, he never said that he will leave Simona if she will forgive him. he said that he will NEVER leave her.

I don't like Simona. Never have, even when she was Miss Mousey McNoGuts. But what Mari did at the wedding was just plain tacky. The look on Simona's face and her tears as the priest pronounced them man and wife at what should've been the happiest moment of her life was just plain sad. But I'm over it. Back to not liking her.

Don't like Mari either, though. Don't like anyone except, as someone else said, Solita and Tobias. Well, I also liked Teo when he wasn't being too creepy with Araceli.

Octavio is the most unromantic galan I have ever seen in any tn. He hasn't been shown being romantic with ANYBODY throughout the whole novela. There hasn't been a single candle or rose petal in this whole thing - for anybody!

What the previous poster said made me think: Just who have been the completely decent characters on this show? And by this I mean people who have never done or condoned something that would make you cross to the opposite side of the street to avoid them in real life. Here's my list (excluding children):


Father Julian


Solita (rarely seen for months)

Tobias (rarely seen for months)

Don Ale (dead)--oh my god did Cesar Evora really play one of the most decent people on this show?

Araceli (may not appear again)--I don't think she was ever worse than annoying, was she?

India Maria (probably will not appear again)--see my comment on Araceli.

Corrections? Additions?

Tony. Eduardo.
And I would put Teo on that list too, although he was a bit controlling with Araceli.
But they are all minor characters.

I'm not looking forward to doing tomorrow's recap.

Didn't Tony agree to do some violent intimidation of MA, on Carola's orders, a while back? I remembered that because I was disappointed that this good-looking, potentially interesting character was willing to do that.

I guess you're right about Eduardo, though. But wasn't he at some point encouraging Tav to forget about the fact that he had a daughter out there somewhere, probably being raised in poverty? (It's hard to remember because that was on even-numbered days, and on odd-numbered days he was probably urging Tav to go look for her.)

I thought about Teo, although I wasn't crazy about him getting Araceli fired from the casino. That was outright manipulation, going to the unacceptable extreme of controlling in my book.

Well, if you want perfection, then no one but Solita can qualify. Even Tobias was mean to MC when she first came to Don Ale's house.

I agree with everyone who said that enough is enough with all this venganza. Lucia is dead, Miguel is practically a ghost and Tav is forever tormented by the "cursed love" and being in a loveless marriage.

The truth is MC is losing her mind; everybody called her loca one way or the other, even good characters like Juanita or the padre.
She's acting like an irational lunatic, if she weren't the protagonista I could totally see her going pshyco crazy on Simona and Tav, maybe even trying to kill them (it's not like the thought didn't cross her mind).

And what she's doing with Lupita is worse. We never see her actually take care of the baby, Juanita is the one changing the diapers, doing the feeding - MC only needs Lupita for one of her rants or when she needs to use her as a reminder that she and Tav slept together a couple of times once upon a time.
This is what turns me off the most about this "protagonista" - no matter the hurt and the pain, all vengeful heroines show unconditional love for their children, but I don't think this is the case with MC - after all Lupita, too, is a Narvaez.


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