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PEAM # 168- 10/31/13- Luisita's Story

Happy Halloween all!!  Feliz Noche de Brujas!!

My name is Luisa and my mom is Alma who has just been released from jail.  My dad is Jesus who loves my mom so.  Chatita my grandma, kind of sort of and Don Sebastian is my grandfather, my mom’s father.  They meet my mom at the jail where she was just released for killing my half sister, Valentina’s therapist.  Valentina’s mom is crazy and framed my mom, but my papi my hero, solved the case and now my mami is free.  Rogelio, my mom’s ex and her friend Paty are there too to greet my mom.  What an emotional scene.  I can’t wait until she gets home.
Officer Delia Torres (a friend of my papi) is listening to an anonymous email that included a recording of Rogelio getting money with a mobster named Nick Donovan.

Oh yes, my mom is home and she takes me from Minerva, my nurse’s arms.  Chatita takes pictures and I giggle.

Ferny and Xochy are expecting quintuplets.  They work with my mom and dad.  They are receiving a deliver of 5 cribs.  More playmates for me.  Xochy needs more room and Ferny needs to make more money.

My mami is just kissing me and I just giggle. My half sister Valentina is here and is happy that my mami doesn’t have anymore-legal problems.

Rogelio is talking to Astudillo, my dad’s lawyer.  He is looking for his ex wife who is missing.  She hasn’t been seen for days.  But Jesus has heard from her. Rogelio shows Astudillo the death mural that Cynthia took a photo of and sent to Jesus.  They are very worried.

Killeronica, my half sister, Val’s, mom is stomping on a grave with weird shoes and says that Rogelio will be in prison today. She and her shoes are scary.

The doctor comes to check my mami.  She will be fine.  She has to eat and get enough rest.  Chatita will be in charge!!

At Avon, where my parents work all of the workers are celebrating my mami’s release.  There is a loser among the group; named Ricardo who is moping around because he doesn’t have a job.

My mami wants to talk to Astudillo the lawyer to help Tecolota (Ifigenia Rodriguez) her cellmate, who killed her kid’s stepfather. She helped mami when she was sick in the infirmary and promised her that she wouldn’t forget her.  Mami wants Astudillo to find her children so that they could visit her.  Mami will pay for everything. Astudillo is worried about his ex and Rogelio thinks that Killeronica has something to do with her disappearance.

Xochy and Ferny are choosing names for my five friends.  Al of the names should begin with M, as in Martinez, or R as in Rivadeniera.  Never mind they will get their names later.  Ferny has a gift for Xochy, it’s a song, but first a kiss.

My dad is explaining to my mom what happened on that fateful night.  Once she parked at the drugstore, her air conditioning was clogged and made her groggy.  Two men were parked next to her, watch her fall asleep and then Jacinto, contracted by Killeronica contacted Jessica to shoot Marta and make it look like it was mami.  Hello, Mami, pay attention to me here.  I need my bobo (pacifier) Papi gives mami back her bracelet that was taken from her.

Back at mami and papi’s job, Julio and Aida are working on a campaign but they are trying to make more friends for me.  Every time they try they are interrupted. 
My grandpa is talking to his boo, Susana. He is trying to right his wrongs with her and he loves her.  Another family member- yay!

Papi is still explaining to mami in detail what happened.  Jacinto moved her to the passenger’s seat and drove off.  Killeronica was nowhere to be found.  While mami slept, Jessica disguised as mami killed Marta.  Someone sent Marta a text to meet her there from mami’s cell.  How did mami get Dr. Loca’s number? Hmm.  Anyway, Jessica took mami’s bracelet and dropped some of mami’s hair on the body.  Mami can’t believe that Killeronica is so nefarious.  Oh no, Killeronica can still see my half sister Val for visits.

Rogelio is going to see Cantu, his lawyer.  Cantu tells Rogelio that he is going to be arrested.

Detective Suarez goes to Killeronica’s house, Val’s old house.  Killeronica is looking on her computer to see if Rogelio has been arrested and sees that my mami has been released.  Suarez rings the doorbell.  Suarez wants to talk to the killer about the disappearance of Cynthia.  He is looking around and Killeronica offers to make him a cup of coffee.  This can’t be good.  He notices what Killeronica is reading on her ipad.

Rogelio is going to be arrested and there is nothing that can be done.  Paty is furious. She wants to escape.  Minerva is taking me to my room because the adults are speaking.  Rogelio is going to confront his errors.  It’s time for him to pay up.  Oh, and Rogelio and Killeronica have a son, Fernandito, who is my half sister’s Val, half brother. Val and I have the same dad; Fernandito and Val have the same mom.                

Rogelio explains that Killeronica had a tape of Rogelio doing dirty business with Nick Donovan.  He also was involved with Uri Petrovsky and my papi flipped.  Uri was the reason for papi’s problems.  Uri tried to kill my mom.  Rogelio used Jessica to break up Ferny and Discua and it backfired because Ferny almost committed suicide but my papi saved him.  Rogelio was consumed with jealous for my mami at that time and he asks for forgiveness but my papi is angry.  Rogelio has changed since the birth of his child.  Thanks to you Rogelio, my papi was arrested, penniless, has a record and is working under certain conditions.  My mami said that Rogelio was the regional director earning a good salary and he needed more money from Nick.  What an idiot.  My papi is livid.

The killer serves the detective his coffee.  She wants him to call her Veronica but he calls her Mrs. He asks her about the disappearance of Cynthia her best friend.  He is also worried about the homicide of Marta Ferrer. Jesus believes that she was the mastermind.  Jesus is trying to ruin Killer’s life. Mr. Astudillo is worried about Cynthia and thinks that Killeronica has something to do with it.  Killeronica replies, oh no, she is my best friend, I wouldn’t harm her.  Suarez who is thinking on his feet briefly says that he hasn’t mentioned harm; maybe she helped her runaway or is hiding her.  Suarez needs a shave.

Once Uri was arrested, Rogelio needed another contact from the US and he found Nick Donovan.  Killeronica met him and she recorded their conversations to blackmail him into letting Vero and Val live with him. He played tricks on Val but she was never involved with Nick and he changed for Paty.  Cantu brings Sanson and Rogelio asks Jesus if he would keep him because Sanson loves Jesus.  He asks Paty to be in charge of Fernandito.  Rogelio is going to turn himself in.  Rogelio asks my mami to forgive him for all of the harm that he ahs done, trying to break up my mami and papi, hiding his business dealings, lying, cheating on her.  What a jerk!  I’m glad that he is not my papi.  Rogelio apologizes to my papi.  The Turkish cigars that he had to deliver a long time ago were really millions of dollars.  Can he ever forgive him?

Suarez leaves Killeronica’s house in one piece.  Whew!!   Killeronica says aloud if he only Astudillo knew what happened to his beloved Cynthia.

My papi forgives Rogelio and they shake hands and hug.  My nosy sister, Val comes down, I thought that we had to stay in the room while the adults spoke.  Val asks why is Sanson here?  And Rogelio says that he is going away for a long time so Sanson can stay with her.  Wow!! Que padre!! Val asks if her half brother can stay here too?? If Paty wants.  Great, now I have another playmate.  Paty cries while her Pichon, (I guess that is a nickname that she has for him) bids her farewell.  There are conjugal visits on Saturdays.  I wonder what that is.  I’ll ask my dad when I can talk.  Paty and Rogelio kiss, they will never stop loving each other.  Paty is crying like me. Waaaaa! It’s sad.

Mami is on the phone with Queta, a secretary to her boss.  Mami wants her boss Pancho Lopez to know that she is out of prison.  Her boss knows that already and knows that Rogelio is going to prison; therefore mami will be promoted to Regional Director.  A memo is coming to make it official. Now mami is papi’s boss.

Rogelio’s cellmate is a friend of his brother Ferny.  There is another convict who sends Uri Petrovsky’s regards to Rogelio.  Welcome to the Hellhole.

Coming attractions.
Uri resurfaces making picadillo out of Rogelio and Killeronica calls Val crying.  Now what is she up to?


I am trying to make things more interesting so I am going to recap from the babies’ point of view. This was done a couple of weeks ago by NovelaMaven for La Tempestad and I loved it. In order to keep myself awake, I tried it.

What a great idea, Tablet Jefa! It made the episode more enjoyable.

It was good that Rogelio finally came clean and confessed everything to Jesus, Alma and Paty. Looks like he is going to pay with more than his loss of freedom. I hope Paty moves in with Jesus, Alma and Sanson. All in all, not a bad episode.



Thanks so much for this truly inspired recap! Loved the bebe's point of view. Luisita is a great writer ; )

I too am very glad that Rog confessed all and asked for forgiveness. It shows he has finally grown, and it is time to pay the piper.

I really thought Killeronica would poison Suarez's coffee. That was close I must say. Now she has ruined Rog's life I wonder who is next. I have a feeling she isn't done with her "Wall of Doom" yet.

I don't like the previews of more picadillo. It was bad enough the first time.

This is a good idea and reminds me of the Diarios de Grupo Imperio. I would LOVE to see the concept of the baby's POV for Corazon Indomable.

Luisa's POV is refreshing. And this was a pretty mellow episode except for Paty's heartbreak over Rogelio's fate.

I'm guessing Vero was too worn out from cleaning up the mess from her last murder to poison Suarez. I wonder what she did with Cynthia's car? Or did Cynthia arrive in a taxi?

Ury's picadillos are the one thing I FF. Basta!

Love how you wrote this TJ. Such a cute idea. Some decent moments last night. I like that Rog is willing to pay for what he's done, but sad for Paty and little Ferny. Being this is a comedy, and I use that term loosely, I think he'll come out ok in the jail world.

Could have done without the detailed retelling to Alma of what she went thru, but we need some filler. It was just so aggravating having to not stare at Alma's awful hair color. That should be her first post-jail appointment.

As for crawls whenever she pops up. And if she pulls Val into danger again...this TN will never change will it????



This thing with the mask reminds me of the last time I saw that done. The hero was kidnapped and rendered unconscious while the mask was made and it was subsequently put on a dead man of comparable size to convince the protagonista that her prince was dead. He was kept prisoner for another two or three months during which he endured torture and humiliation at the hands of a female villain.


So now Rogelio pays the piper and Jesus gets it all... except safety from Veronica, which is still a dozen episodes away.

Great job TJ!

I don't mind Rogue going to prison (except for the sadness it causes Pati) because he deserves it. He is a criminal and he did put Jesus', Val's, and Alma's lives in danger.

Alma's house has suddenly become VERY full. And wasn't Ray supposed to go live with Chatita? Is she going to move in too?

Love the Luisita perspective. It was a neat way to retell all the catch up info.

The most touching part of this episode was Rogelio facing his past and accepting his responsibility. The tearful goodbye was well played. One of the best parts of Rogelio's showing his new self was his happiness at seeing Sanson & Jésus bonding and his willingness to give Sanson over to Jésus.

The prospect of Vero having anything to do with Val is what scares me about the previews. Rogelio being on the receiving end of Uri's ministrations is just more of him getting what he deserves before he finds a way through this mess. In fact, cooperating with the feds to get Uri & Nick for good may be his get out of jail card.


TJ: What a great idea recapping from Luisita's perspective.

So I can start watching real time now. Alma’s out of jail. I have to say, a lot of the plot lines have finished up pretty quickly. Alma was only in jail for about a week or so of viewer time.

I really like the little Pato happy dance with Ferny when Rog told her Alma was getting out of jail ep before last. Everybody was celebrating and I was holding my breath. If I were them, I wouldn’t have celebrated until she was actually out of the building. Anything could have happened to mess it up.

Sorry about Cynthia. Also, sorry that Rog didn’t get a chance to turn himself in before Vero sent her audio to Delia. Glad he’s doing it now. Maybe, if he testifies against Uri, he’ll get reduced time.

Vale flubbed a line last night—or so it seemed to me.

Pato broke my heart.

Two more weeks.

OT: did I understand that ad for LT right? It’s already in ultimas capitulos?! I knew they were editing the crap out of it and it was going to end sooner rather than later, but ultimas capitulos?! There’s only been 68 eps or so. Will it end before PEAM? Two new ones coming about the same time. Which one to choose? The Angelique Boyer one has an interesting story, but I’d really like to see Jaime Camil in a TN since I missed PESE (though I am going to catch it when they re-air it).




They are editing the heck out of LT. Last night was a combo of 96 and 97 or 97 and 98 (going by the episode titles on Wiki). The recappers have been watching all the real episodes and giving us the scoop in the recaps. Otherwise, some of the events would make no sense. We'll have 2 more weeks of LT left at this rate, and La Que la Vida me Robo replaces it at 9pm starting the 12th, according to the ads.

What I haven't seen are ads for the replacement for PEAM yet. Anyone know what it will be?



"Robo" starts on the 18th of November not the 12th. We don't know for sure if LT ends on the 15th or the will show the finale on Sunday the 17th as they did in Mexico. We are still waiting to hear. They haven't announced what is replacing PEAM yet. We should see that soon.

Mads- Good. The 18th start date means that they will eventually show whole episodes again. Perhaps the last week or two?

Ah Tablet Jefa, well-done. We do enjoy these recaps from the infants' points of view.

Chuckled at Luisa's plans to ask Papi what a conjugal visit was...and very impressed that she used the word "nefarious". Quite a vocabulary for a bebé.

Another thing that cracked me up was all the "half-sister" and "half-brother" vocabulary. Yes, these telenovelas really stretch family relations to the breaking point, but no more than in real life these days. Can't tell who's who without a scorecard!

Thanks for keeping us up to date on PEAM, and so cleverly too. I am ready for this one to end, but evidently we'll have to go through one more Valentina In Peril before the requisite Happy Ending. Ack.

Thanks, TJ! I liked the baby's point of view. Like on Veronica: "She and her shoes are scary." And "Julio and Aida are working on a campaign but they are trying to make more friends for me." LOL!

Funny, when Xochi was waiting for the delivery men, I wondered why she suddently went running to the door. They hadn't even rung the doorbell yet!

I also thought Vero would poison the detective's coffee. Did he actually drink any of it? Maybe it's a slow-acting poison!

Cynthia's car? I hadn't thought of that. Maybe Vero paid Jacinto to get rid of it. I do remember the other night when he went to Vero's house after she killed Cynthia, he said he didn't want to know what she'd been up to. So I guess he wasn't willing to dig the hole, but maybe he disposed of the car.

Nanette, I did enjoy PESE, but I'd recommend LFMB over PESE any day of the week for a Camil TN. What's more, there are TWO series of postings for LFMB on Caray: One for the original series, and another for the rerun. The one for the rerun is easier to follow because it includes links back to the original recaps, some of which were not written in order (long story).

If Robo is replacing LT, then maybe the Camil thing really is going to replace PEAM after all.


LT has a total of 121 epis. There will continue to be double epis until it ends. Last night they showed epis 96 and 97. It's a darn shame.

Vivi, Mads, Julie: thanks for the info. I was hoping Robo was replacing PEAM. I'm leaning toward that one, I like the story (don't know what the JC TN storyline is) and I like the 8:00 time period--7:00 being a little bit too early and 9:00 being a little bit too late. And forget about 10:00. Will only do a 10:00 if SN, FC or Lu have a TN airing then.

I wish Uni would go back to reairing older TNs at 10:00. Wouldn't have to watch in real time (to take part in Caray discussion) and I'd get to see some of the older ones everybody talks about.


They do show older ones during the day on Unimas. They are only showing newer ones now in Primetime. The reason is that UNI is gaining viewers left and right, as gringos are discovering UNI and now that there are English captions they can enjoy them and understand what is going on. Also UNI is in a partnership with ABC. I have noticed the improvement in UNI since this partnership began. When they were in partnership with NBC it wasn't so great. UNI is now set up as a direct competition to the big four, CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX. If you look at ratings UNI beats NBC and FOX most nights. That's something isn't it?

Tablet Jefa, what an adorable recap and what a lovely nod to Novela Maven's method. It really is fun to see all the activity from a baby's perspective. Well done!

Mads. Had forgotten about the afternoon re-airs. If anyone gets any news about a good one starting to re-air in the afternoons, I hope you give me a shout.

Thank you to everyone for your compliments. We needed a change.
Luisita got tired of just looking at everything from her pink blanket.
Julie- good point- where is Cynthia's car??
Vivi and Madelaine- I am sick over what is going on LT.

Nanette, you can catch some of them like LFMB on YouTube. Some are posted by the networks other by individuals. I am currently watching Los exitosos Perez there.


Tablet Jefa, Than you so much for this clever BabyCam view of life. It makes so much more sense when you apply straight forward thinking like a child would. Akso you have given us a terrific history review. When I think not much has happened, you remind us that a LOT has happened.

I hope the good folk all huddle together until the psychopath Vero is in a cage!

My internet reception continues to be waxing and waning here so I do appreciate the clever recaps by all and the enlightening discussions by viewerville.

I meant to say THANK you!!

Jarifa: thanks for the info. I prefer to watch on my TV. That may change once I get a new computer (mine's old and cranky).

I'm really not looking forward to Vale being put in danger and/or kidnapped. Hoping that doesn't happen, but not too confident.

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