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Lo que la vida me robo, Cap 23, 12-20-13—A tale of two deluded men

Lo que la vida me robo, Cap 23, 12-20-13—A tale of two deluded men

Exhibit A: Our first deluded man. She isn't going to run away with you! Get over it and go away, dude!

Exhibit B: Second deluded man. Maria is a first class bruja! She is NOT confused or sensitive or good! Stop defending her, my beautiful, albeit deluded, blondie!


We start with J-L and Ale in the stables. Ale invites his new capataz to lunch. J-L is all okay! J-L wants Juventino to take care of the horses—Juvie-dude thinks that Refugio, being J-L's "boy," can do it. J-L says, "I asked you." Sullen smirks all around. Juvie-dude sweeps dirt on Refugio's shoes.

"Hey, watch with the large amounts of dirt covering my boots."

Then we go to the middle of Padre's and Montse's conversation about J-L being the capataz. No, he won't leave! She won't go with him, but the deluded dude won't take the hint!

Rosario is fixing food for the dinner, and when Maria finds out that it's following the instructions of Monste, and they're to have pork, Maria is as nasty as possible, says that this is HER kitchen, that Montse is not the boss of anything (only Ale is the boss), scatters the food that Rosario was preparing on the ground, and yells at her to get out. What a bruja!

"It's MY kitchen!" BITCH.

Back with Montse and the good father. Padre lays it out pretty succinctly: J-L is offering her nothing than to skulk away like a thief. Why not come face-to-face like a man? Montse is dripping all about how she loooooves J-L but she can't argue with the Padre—J-L's had plenty of chances to man up and he never has. He never approached her father ("but he tried!" she protests, but Padre shoots that down). He should have confronted everyone the day of the wedding, but no. And now he comes to the ranch, under the pretense of being someone else. "Pardon me, hija, but this man of yours is a coward." Montse can do nothing more than keep crying.

Deal with it: The dude's a drip!

Interesting chat between J-L and Ale. Talking about Medina's odd interest in buying some land from Ale. Ale says that he finds Medina's persistence peculiar. He's sure that Medina hates his guts because Ale doesn't want to honor what are likely shady deals of Ale's father. Medina offered far more money for this land then it's worth—it's off the beaten track (could it be used for illicit crops? J-L notes). Ale doesn't know what to think and doesn't want to get entangled in whatever it is. J-L fishes around, hoping that Ale might consider reporting it to the Navy. Isn't your F-I-L an Admiral in the Navy? Yeah, but retired . . . Ale just isn't interested that much in this. But we know this is an important plot point.

In the kitchen, Maria the bruja and the nice servant woman (can't remember her name) are talking. Bitch Maria can't stand Rosario, while nice servant woman feels sorry for her, she's old and alone. Bitch Maria says she's always "sucking up" to Montse. Nice servant woman obviously doesn't get where the resentment is coming from. Juven-dude comes in and throws out Refugio, who is at the kitchen table, waiting to be fed. Refugio leaves, barely containing his fury. Juvie-dude smugly sits at the table and says that from then on, Refugio is fed in the corral. More confused looks from nice servant lady, who can't figure out why these two are such a-holes.

A brief encounter between J-L and Montse, as everyone (Padre, Montse, Ale, and J-L) meet for a brief moment. Ale is happy to see Padre, but Padre declines the lunch invite. As Ale and Padre wander off, J-L tries to pressure Montse for an answer (stay or go?) but she won't give it yet. And she's upset that he'll be eating with them for lunch.

Monste tells the kitchen to prepare another seat for lunch, the capataz will be eating. After she leaves, Juvie-Dude is bitter at the "snub," because Ale's never invited him to eat at the big table! (Oh please!) Juvie-Dude stalks off in a huff, and nice servant lady muses that she doesn't like the way Juvie-Dude looks at Montse. Maria laughs and just says she's jealous, but it's "too late" and she's "lost her chance" with the slimy Juvie-dude.

Before heading back, Padre tries to put a little warming into Ale about not leaving Montse alone with the new capataz, but Ale doesn't get it. Then Padre runs across Rosario, and asks her to not leave Montse alone for very long. He also tells her to relay a message to the capataz—please visit the Padre the next day. Rosario connects some dots and wonders if there is some worry about Montse and the new capataz? 'Cuz she saw them talking the other day and Montse was very sad and in tears. Uh oh! The Padre has no answer to that.

Clueless Ale has no clue.

At lunch, it's revealed (and Bitch Maria reveals it with much relish) that a lamb had been killed in the morning, and then Montse's request for pork caused an order for a pig to be killed—two animals in one day! Too much leftover meat to fit into the freezer. Ale thinks it's a terrible waste and orders any excess meat be distributed to the hands. Bitch Maria makes sure to maximize Montse's embarrassment as she explains that this is the country and we can't order a pound of meat at a time. Of course Montse had no idea of any of this when she requested the pork dish. She's mortified.

Dim bulb Dimitrio has to go on a trip, and leaves his parents with a check. Dad is surprised and pleased, as mom snaps up the check for safe keeping, "just in case" they need anything.

Nadia (married to Medina) is complaining to her brother Adolfo about how hubby is very cold and distant, and is almost never there, and avoids her all the time. (In the closet? No spoilers, I'm just guessing.) Adolfo thinks it might be another woman. Nadia wants him to do some investigating, but he's supposed to go on a trip.

Bitch Maria is in the kitchen, first gloating on how she embarrassed Montse over the killing of the two animals (Dominga—aka nice servant lady—warns Bitch Maria that she's pushing it too far). Then Bitch Maria sees Rosario come to the kitchen and orders her out and "go with the pigs, where your place is!" Montse overhears a bit of this and admonishes Bitch Maria, but Bitch Maria still thinks SHE'S in charge. Ale knows only she knows how to run a household! After all, look how badly Montse botched the two-dead-animals thing! Montse says well, that is changing, and that from now on Montse says what goes. She waves her wedding ring in Bitch Maria's face for emphasis. That causes Bitch Maria to stalk off.

Montse laments to Dominga that she needs help, she's not used to the country and she doesn't know how things should be run! Dominga says with some degree of heartfelt warmth that she'd be VERY happy to help her out. (I'll bet!)

Bitch Maria has of course gone straight to Ale to cry on his shoulder and tell her version of things. Montse was mean to her! Blah blah. Montse follows quickly behind to say that Bitch Maria was a Bitch to Rosario and the rest of the staff. Bitch Maria brings up the wasted meat. Monste counters with how Bitch Maria had to humiliate her by pointing out her blunder in front of everyone. Ale is clueless and just wants this to end; doesn't want to get in the middle of a quarrel between the women. Montse says, "Oh, so I'm just 'one of the women,' on the same level as Bitch Maria?" Ale can't win. He sends Bitch Maria from the room. Montse says that if you want me to feel part of this house, you'd better support me in my position, or do you want to give me more reasons to want to run away again? Ale doesn't like the sound of that at all.

They move to her bedroom to continue the conversation. She again repeats that she just wants respect and the ability to fulfill her duties as wife. She doesn't know much about living in the country, but she wants to learn. She didn't know about the poor second animal that had to be killed due to her orders for lunch! Ale thinks this is a good time to bring up that she shouldn't treat the staff like crap (aka her supposed "rude" treatment of Bitch Maria). Montse says fine, let Bitch Maria know that, because she treats everyone, especially poor Rosario, worse than a dog! And I'm not making it up! She emphasizes.

She's tired of all this crap with Bitch Maria.

She then follows up with, "Am I your wife in name only, or do I have any rights and position at all?" She's thinking of the duties of running the house, but Ale slowly moves forward, something else quite in mind. He tells her that it's up to her to decide what rights she'll have. "Well!" she says brightly, "I'm willing to take over all my obligations!" He moves in and towers over her. "All?" He says softly. She stepped into that one! She stammers, moves out of his way and babbles about running the house and so forth. He sees the moment has passed and so admonishes her to not give any more trouble with Bitch Maria, because she's a "sensitive" girl and "very confused" after the death of her father. Monste only rolls her eyes at that.

He hovers over her, wishing her idea of "fulfilling her obligations" included something a little more intimate . . .

But no. She's not quite ready for that!

Tia Carlotta and Graciela are in mid-conversation. Carlotta is happily saying that she's been invited to stay with Montse. Graciela tries very hard to discourage this, saying that Carlotta shouldn't butt in and be a meddler. Hey wait a minute! Carlotta protests, Montse invited me and says she's lonely. Ale told me so! Graciela, seeing that her tactic isn't working, switches to saying that she's afraid to be left alone in the house, lest her husband take a turn for the worse. Carlotta is sympathetic, but says that she wasn't coming for a few more weeks anyway, but when the time comes, she's going!

Tia brightens our screens for a moment.

Ale and Bitch Maria talking. He's saying that Montse is right, she IS his wife and the lady of the house and Bitch Maria has to obey her. Maria babbles on defiantly and reminds him that he set her in charge of the house. "But that was before, when Montse didn't want to be in charge. Now she does." Bitch Maria protests further, telling Ale that he's become "weak" and reminding him that Montse doesn't even love him! That's enough! decides Ale. Either she suck it up, or she can consider that job offer from Victor. Bitch Maria doesn't look happy.

Telling it like it is to the bitch.

J-L is looking through the books and notices a disparity in the wages of the workers. He asks Juvie-Dude about it and he waves it off by saying that "some people work harder than others." But J-L points out that some salaries differ even though the job description is the same—he also notes that the people with the highest salary all seem to be friends or are related to Juvie-Dude. In particular Bitch Maria's wages are noted. Juvie-Dude just says, well, if it's okay with Ale . . . It's pointed out that Ale asked J-L to look through the salaries in the first place.

Juvie-Dude leaves and Refugio rants to J-L that Juvie has it in for him, and next time he tries anything. . . J-L says to cool his jets. Refigio wants to leave, but J-L is sure that Montse will go with him. Refugio is saying, give it up, if she were going to go, she would have done so by now! But J-L is so confident.

Montse has an important mission for Rosario—to present a letter to the new capataz. NO one, NO ONE, especially not her husband, can know about this letter. Rosario is the only person that Montse trusts!

Rosario looks a bit uncertain but obediently takes the letter. She is waylaid but none other than the husband. He decides now is the time to ask her about her time in jail. She's very scared and starts to get weepy. He reassures her that he knows she's a good woman and the say-so of the Padre reinforces this. She explains that she was falsely accused of killing her fiance, a farmer. The fiance wanted to out Benjamin (Ale's dad) as being a rapist scumbag and then ended up dead. Ale is disgusted by his father. Rosario is quick to tell him to not say ill of his own father—after all, he did right by Ale and left him this house. Ale can't figure out where she learned this. Not from the current servants—maybe from the past? Did she know his mother!?! He asks this eagerly. But she recoils and denies that and says the priest told her. She supposes that Ale's mom was also a victim of rape and for that she's very sorry. Ale takes her hand tenderly and asks if (shudder) his dad raped her too. Rosario almost squawks here, but tearfully says no, she was one of the few that escaped. (Side note, I really like the soundtrack music used in this scene, and throughout this TN.)

Rosario is hesitant to answer so many questions about her past.

Oh Alejandro, my beautiful blondie, you cry so pretty.

He offers her a comforting arm as she reacts with distress to his questions.

Rosario brings the letter to J-L. He reads it, it says, "Ain't coming with you." He tosses it aside like "whatever" and barks at Rosario to tell Montse that he needs to see her. She relays him the Padre's request, that J-L visit.

Nadia asks her husband's what's up . . . is it another woman? Medina couldn't be colder when he says, if it'll make her feel better, yep, that's it. Somehow she has a feeling that he's not telling her the truth. He doesn't really give a damn. (I am still thinking he's in the closet.)

Ale and Montse have a few moments to chat. She thinks the decor in the house doesn't fit his personality. He decides now is the time to relay his humble beginnings—raised by his grandfather, came to work as a peon when he was 14. Oh yeah, this will really disgust you—I'm illegitimate! Did you get that? I'm a bastard! But she doesn't flinch. At first he thinks it's because she cares so little about him, but she says no, that's not it, it's just that it's not important to her. It saddens her that it matters to him, though. She wonders why he didn't tell her before. He says her mom didn't want him to. All the mom cared about was his money. Montse shakes her head at that. She says that she wishes she'd known sooner, because it would have made him more accessible, a little more likable, not just the big powerful rich man. This leaves Ale looking a bit surprised and astonished.

Her reaction leaves him moved and surprised.

"If I'd known this sooner, maybe you wouldn't have seem like such a douchebag."

She leaves to the kitchen, and other deluded man, J-L is there waiting for her. She can't believe the nerve he has to be here when Ale's in the other room! He won't let her forget him! She wants him to go, it's just making things more difficult! He moves in for a smooch but she slides away and leaves him bereft and alone.

He doesn't miss a chance to make a move!

Juvie-Dude visits the police guy (don't know his name) and they get caught up with the local gossip and murder plans. Yeah, Ale's wife is a real looker. And did you hear, she keeps on trying to run away? And the new capataz thinks he's all that. He got robbed by "our" robbers but not a scratch on him. We won't rob Ale's ranch anymore, we'll continue robbing the cattle from the other ranches, however. BTW, Medina wants Ale killed, he really wants some land and Ale isn't playing along with how his dad Benjamin would have wanted. Eh, whatever, Medina wants him dead. And the wife, well, she's always running away so she'll run away again, see? And not be seen again! And the government will take over everything and they can hand over Ale's land to Juvie-Dude. Juvie-Dude likes this . . . he adds that he'll get Ale's woman too! Heh heh heh, evil cackles and we end our episode.

He's the epitome of repellant here.

Juvie-Dude is forwarding his plans to kill off Ale. Ale and J-L are out riding and are ambushed. Oh no! MUST SEE TV!!!

My pretty blondie has gotten shot! Oh no!

What are you up to, J-L?


Hi, Elvira. . .thanks for the screenshots! I could've slapped Ale's beautiful face when he defended BSC Maria! I guess he's going to have to walk up on her in one of her demeaning tirades or catch her in a voodoo ritual with a pair of his shorts or something. Well, this is just a bunch of silliness, I await everybody's insightful thoughts on last night's great ep. One thing that struck me is how close Ale was to figuring out Rosario was his mom! Aaaargh! The tension. Excellent performance by both, so believeable.


Elna June---Thanks for the shout out over at CI yesterday. I would like to join you guys but I think that I will just stay with Por Siempre Mi Amor for now. CI will
be ending tomorrow. I have read on the Caray blog that Maite Perroni y Daniel Arenas will be in a new novela called La Gata. I want to see that one when it comes out but for now, it's just going to be PSMA. Again, thanks for the shout out.
the gringo

Elvira - Thanks. Great shots to get us going.

I got a kick out of the Padre trashing JL just as if he read all the comments at Caray, Caray. JL took Montse's "no" badly, but I'm still holding on that he's a good man who will wake up.

Gringo - Mentir Para Vivir is pretty good and moving to 7PM if an earlier TN works for you.

Maria is a witch! Sure, Montse was wrong for insulting Ale, but he should give her a chance, believe her, and not defend his 'best friend'. Thankfully, Montse is stepping up to the game and this Montse-Maria war looks promising.

Splendid so far, Elvira! I'm eager to read and see the rest. Great screencaps.

I loved the expression on Refugio's face when Maria shoved her shirt down lower and suggestively ate a carrot. He may be in love with a woman who makes her living showing off her assets, but I think Maria is way too tacky for his tastes.

I can't wait for Ale instead of Montse to walk in on Maria abusing that sweet Rosario.

As to the kerfuffle over the wasted meat, can't they give the leftover to the peones? Everyone gets more to eat, nothing wasted, move on.

Oh fun! I always love Elvira screencaps and photos. Something about your writing style makes me think you're probably about my youngest daughter's age, so that rocks as well.

Couldn't sleep last night...was watching part of an Amor Real DVD (not the whole show but the resumen) with friends and it ended when Lo Que La Vida Me Robó came on, so they watched that with me as well, and were having fun figuring out who was who.

Maricela was particularly amazed that the infamous Diego of Alborada was now the heroine's novio and undercover capataz. She could only recognize him by his voice, not his looks.

That being said, wow! the tension last night when Rosario was weeping and bent over with grief was painful to watch. I admire this actress more and more. Earlier in the evening (in Amor Real), she'd been the brassy, opinionated aunt of Matilde; now there she was as the downtrodden, humble Rosario.

Lila--oh my, some kind of voodoo with Alejandro's boxer shorts! Speaking of, have you seen the Kmart Joe Boxer ad? The lead guy could certainly star in a telenovela, methinks.

Thanks Elvira...for what is, and for what is to come. I'm sure I'll enjoy every bit of it.

Julia..that is exactly what Alejandro suggested...give the wasted, leftover meat to the peopnes.

PS Loved your saying that recap would be coming in "dribs and drabs". I've been battling all afternoon with making a gluten-free pie crust for one of my daughters and talk about dribs and drabs!!! I don't recommend working with the stuff unless you have the patience of an angel.

Is anyone who watches online having issues with the English subtitles? They have been all messed up and missing sentences for about two weeks?? Don't know how to contact Univision to tell them of the problem!

What makes me angry is that they no longer offer Spanish subtitles. Those are the ones I want so I can learn more Spanish. But all they give us is English or "
ninguno". Drats!

Judy B! I am trying to learn spanish and watch each episode with english subtitles and then again with spanish subtitles. When they got rid of the spanish subtitles a few weeks ago the english subtitles started acting up. :(

Great stuff.

Maria needs a bloody good hiding and Rosario would love to be the one to administer it. She has the brat's number, but is not in a position to do anything about it yet.

A hacienda like that should have adequate freezer space for anything. Makes me wonder also, if anyone had told Monserrat that a lamb had been slaughtered that day she might not have decided to have pork for dinner.

I could never live on a ranch. I'm not a vegetarian but I couldn't witness the slaughter of animals.

Juvenpervo has some nerve even thinking he should be invited to dine at the main table, especially knowing that being related to Maria is the only thing that has prevented his termination.

Alejandro should send Maria to Agua Azul to work at the factory; that would take away any disincentive to keep Juventino on the payroll.

Two sexual predators and a stalker... fun times.

JudyB: "Oh, my word! It's scandalous, SCANdalous I tell you!the way those young men were shaking their "bells" clad only in boxers! Hee Hee! Yeah, the first one was cute but number four sure has a smart snap to those hips!


thanks, Elvira! for the recap and photos. Right on !!

Maria is a nasty, cheeky piece of work. For a servant, she is very bold and forward. The scenes of her berating poor, timd Rosario are particularly hard to watch because r. Cannot fight back. However, Monymony is not timid and can give back as much as Maria does out.

I grew up on a farm. There was a butcher house, but I only remember the hired guy slaughtering chickens. When I was very little, maybe 3 or 4, my aunt and mother ran outside to find me because they knew that chickens were being killed. When they found me, they heard me tell the guy "kill that one next! Mike, that's a nasty one. ". Yikes.

That's a hilarious story, Susanlynn, let's turn Mike loose on Maria!


Jason--way to go! I applaud the hard work you're doing to learn Spanish. You're right, the English subtitles either arrive way ahead or lag. I just wish they'd bring the Spanish ones back. I used to watch with a big Oxford Spanish-English dictionary beside me, scribble down what Spanish I could get (I was a reporter for awhile,so I'm a pretty fast scribbler)and look up the mystery words during the ads. scare me, lady!

I just hope Maria doesn't find out that Ale is giving her more leeway because she's "sensitive" and "confused" due to her father's recent death. Forget the fact that she hasn't even mentioned her dad since the day he (Ale) arrived to the hacienda. She'll play the "poor little old orphan me" card to the hilt, sobbing and acting like she needs a hug every time she comes across Ale and making sure Montse catches them in a "compromising" clinch, I'll bet.

Elvira, so far your recap is awesome, and thanks so much for all the screenshots. I can't wait to read the rest.

The Padre told it like it is in last nights epi. Montse was told what she has known all along, but has refused to admit to herself. I think she's finding it hard to get over JL because he is her first love and he has suffered because of her family (Gracie & Dimibrow). She feels guilty that her family caused him to go to jail, be an accessory to murder and become a fugitive. But, like the Padre said, a real man would face the consequences no matter what. It seemed as though a light bulb went off inside Montse's head when the Padre said how could she love a man like that. I think JL is now starting to look different in Montse's eyes, and soon in her heart as well.

Did anyone else notice how Maria, The Slut, lowered her blouse to reveal her shoulder and started eating a carrot as Refugio watched in the kitchen. What a slut! I can't wait for the day that Ale sees for himself what kind of person Bitch Maria really is. I wish Ale could be a fly on the wall and see her come on to other guys and yelling at all the workers in the hacienda. I hope that day will come soon. There is no doubt that she is related to Juvie. They are both a pair of sin verguenzas! Also, I hated the way Bitch Maria acted at lunch. I can't stand her! SHUTUPBITCHMARIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was giddy when Montse confronted Bitch Maria in the kitchen. "Pero yo soy su esposa!" And then she flaunts her ring in Bitch Maria's face. How do you like them apples! (No apples were harmed in the writing of this comment).

I swear, if Bitch Maria goes crying to Ale one more time....Well, she did last night, and those were crocodile tears. I wish Ale had been more stern with her. Did anyone else notice how Bitch Maria turned to Montse and smiled a smirky smile, while she was supposedly crying. I wanted to slap her right there and then. Ale did not see her do this, but Montse did. The good thing is that Ale and Montse had another little chat to clarify some things. It seems as though their talks are getting better, and there is a little less finger pointing. Can't wait for the rest of the recap.

UA: No one had told Montse that a lamb had been killed already. She did not find out until lunch was being served. That is what angered her even more with Maria. In her chat with Ale, she mentioned that if she had known a lamb had been killed, she would not have requested pork.

Back to work...hasta pronto!

There is a major anvil in Maria's future. There will likely come an episode where Rosario will overhear something serious. We have to hope that she doesn't immediately take matters into her own hands.

Rosario knows that Alejandro wants his marriage to work. Anything she overhears she should tell him so he knows that Monserrat isn't lying or being paranoid. He also needs to do the math and add that to Maria's recent attempt at seducing him.

Finally, that meeting between Juvenpervo and el corrupto was a huge creepout. We can probably expect an attempted rape somewhere down the road and hope that Monserrat saw a few episodes of Mujeres Asesinas.

Elvira, the screen shots were amazing. Rulli is well, delectable but they were all excellent.

The title was perfect and the recap was fantastic. "SCENES MAY BE CONDENSED TO PRESERVE MY SANITY","(and Bitch Maria reveals it with much relish)" and "More confused looks from nice servant lady, who can't figure out why these two are such a-holes" were among my favorites.

Lila, I wasn't happy with Ale at all last night (despite Elvira's divine pic)...In addition to his unfathomable and utterly indefensive siding with Maria, I thought "I'm willing to take over all my obligations!" He moves in and towers over her. "All?" He says softly" was unsettling and a throwback to centuries gone by.

Niecie, I also would like JL to respect Monse's decision but I think losing her at this point after everything that has occurred is going to push him to the brink (speulation only). He is going to apply presssure and I fear not in a gentlemanly manner.

Rosario can sense something is amiss. Speaking of treating her like dirt (Maria, I am looking at you), I thought JL was rather rude to her as well. She's not only observing but processing and coming to the correct conclusions. Let's hope she figures everything out before Juvie and his troublesome niece do.

Judy, ITA that Ana Berta is doing a sensational turn as Rosario. She is so talented and seems to be winning all our hearts here. I hope you won the battle of the pie crust. I'm sure it will be delicious!

Aunty Ann, "How do you like them apples! (No apples were harmed in the writing of this comment"has me laughing away.

Thanks again Elvira!


Elvira, thans for an excellent recap and screen shots.

Lila! I so agree about Ale's reaction to BCS Maria. It really irks me that it is taking him so long to give Maria the old heave ho. Ha! Ha!

Anyway, I think that slowly Montse is going to make her "arranged marriage" work for her the best it can. She is willing to take on her patrona duties with all that that entails and if she feels successful who knows what will happen next. I was impressed how she showed compassion for Ale when he told her he was illegitimate.

So far I am really liking the padre seeing the situation for what it is and trying to avoid further complications enlisting the help of another favorite Rosario. Sadly, it looks like JL won't exit quietly and more unpleasantness could befall Montse before he is gone.


Elvira, great recap! I loved:

Rosario brings the letter to J-L. He reads it, it says, "Ain't coming with you." Perfect! And I do agree with you about the music in this TN, beautiful and haunting at times.

Aunty Ann: that smirk behind Ales back had to be the most irritating thing Maria did last night. Oh wait--no, it was throwing the tray of food in poor Rosario's face. Maria shouldn't be ALLOWED in the kitchen, let alone running it.

Montsys shift toward Ale has been slow but definite. Think of the wedding day where she was like a wild animal--if Ale turned his back she would have bolted. Now she's curling up on the couch listening to Ale and empathizing with him. And the opposite is happening with JL. Instead of running passionately into his arms, she's running away from him. And lately she seems much more annoyed than sad.

Great screenshots, Elvira! I love "Blondie" too!

Awesome recap Elvira. Loved the pictures. Wish I could do that.

Really liked that padre told Montse that JL is basically a wimp.

BSC Maria needs a good slap. Who in the world does she think she is?

Ana Bertha is doing amazing. I have seen her in several novelas and she usually irritates me.

Susanlynn, loved your chicken story. Had me laughing out loud.

About that land that Pedro wants so badly from Ale. This summer, hub was on the golf course and saw a helicopter flying pretty low. It turns out it was a police helicopter looking for marijuana plants. He found out from one of the farmers who rents our land that people plant marijuana in the cornfields at night. They pull out the corn stalks and plant their plants in their place to take advantage of the fertilizer in the soil.

Another farm animal story. ...I was not in 4H , but I had friends who were. Some of them raised sheep or steer. They knew that when their animals were grown , they would be sold and,,,well, you know... One of my best friends raised a black angus steer every year. She carefully selected a name for her steer , showed it at the local county fair, and then sold it, I could ever figure out how she could do that,

Hi, Elvira:

So nice to see you. I remember your screen shots from LQNPA, I think that was the first time we 'met'.

Thank you for the recap.

Speaking of wasted pork, I nominate Maria for the prize pig of Hacienda Almonte. The character has no redeeming qualities as far as I can see. This actress is doing a great job giving us someone we love to hate.

Also, ITA with all who say that such a Hacienda should have plenty of freezer space. Wasted meat, huh. Are we back in the 19th century again? This is more than a little anachronistic.

Love how Boyer is playing Montserrat. I really enjoyed her last night with the Padre whenhe called JL a coward, with Maria and the wedding ring, and with Al, when he was sad.

Thanks again, Elvira. I really enjoyed the recap.

Elna June


A hacienda with no easy access to a market should not only have plenty of freezer space, but should also be set up to smoke meats and to can foods to preserve them. And where do the peones get their meat, if it isn't generally shared from the hacienda supply when an animal is killed? Or do they have to live on beans and rice? They can't just run to the supermarket, either, and I'd guess they have limited means and space to raise their own animals. Wasn't Ale going to try to improve their conditions? I don't see how sharing the meat with them is even a big deal at all.

Is the shop carrying "Free Nadia!" t-shirts? Or extra-strong pesticides for use on Bitch Maria?

I second Elna June's nomination of Maria as the Prize Pig of the hacienda. What a piece of work this woman is! It's getting to where I leave the room when she comes on as I just can't stand her ugliness.

We've got a long way to go before Ale sees the light re Maria; a long, long way.

Elvira, what a recap! Those snapshots were fantastic! Thank you so much. I'm sure that was a lot of work to get those photos in there.


Elvira, thanks for a fantastic recap with wonderful screen shots. So much excellent acting in this TN, lots of suspense and excitement right now.

Elvira, I see you haven't lost your touch. Not only are the screencaps great, but the captions are to die for. ("Deal with it: The dude's a drip!" or "Oh Alejandro, my beautiful blondie, you cry so pretty" -- just to mention a couple of favorites.)

And as always, you tell a great story!

Thanks so much. (And I have a fair idea of how much work it takes to put something like this together, even for an ubertechnie like you.)

Elvira: this was a great way to start my Sunday morning! As always, your screen shots and the captions are terrific! My fav: "Deal with it: The dude's a drip!

Having seen Amor Real like you, I'm making the mental comparisons and I do really enjoy the nasty, updated characters and changes in plot here. The whoring, scheming mother, the switch to a thieving degenerate Tio Juventino from a simple scheming nanny character--and this JL guy is so much more of an unhinged creep and so much less the courteous and restrained gentleman AND sympathetic screwed-over boyfriend was in AM. It's like didn't this dude have to pass a psych test before he entered the academy?

I am loving this version almost as much as the AR version.


Elvira- What a treat to get a wonderful recap, and these great screenshots!

I am so happy to see Monse taking the reins in running the household. She’s stepping up. She’s accepted her situation and she wants to make the most of it by becoming a real member of the household, hacienda, and the community. And she’s made a final decision to let JL go. But neither of these dudes is making this easy for her. Ale doesn’t respect her position as the Señora in the house by putting her word above Maria’s; and JL won’t respect her decision to stay and quit harassing her. I wanted to slap both of them this episode.

JL did earn a few points. At the dining table, when Maria made Monse look like a fool over the pork issue, and Ale joined in and jumped on Monse, JL politely said he’d like the pork to make Monse feel better. Note that even after JL made that gesture, Ale pointedly chose Maria’s dish. One more example of him putting Maria above Monse.

The reason JL was asking Ale all those questions about his connections to the Navy is because he’s sure Ale had something to do with framing him for the murder. That’s why it was surprising to him to learn that Ale has no such connections, and is not on good terms with the Agua Azul powers that be. Ale’s attitude about the peons getting fair pay surprised JL too. I think he’ll soon start to realize that Ale was not a part of the villainous plan to get rid of him, is a good guy, and was duped by Gracie, just like he was.

Elvira! Just finished the rest of the recap which is wonderfully funny, detailed and excellently brought to life by these HD screenshots and snappy captions. Thank you soooo much!

Diana and Jarifa and everyone else who wants to spank Ale (a-hem) for his defense of Maria, it must be that there was never another female who caught Ale's eye thus he's never seen her transform into this nagging, raging she-hound. Rosario and the Padre will help open his eyes but I'm afraid we do indeed have a long run of this bitchy behavior.

Love this EJ: "Speaking of wasted pork, I nominate Maria for the prize pig of Hacienda Almonte. The character has no redeeming qualities as far as I can see. This actress is doing a great job giving us someone we love to hate."-- Maria, the other white meat! Hee Hee! Yes, I do love to hate her. She'll probably be first by Ale's side when he gets shot, all over him dramatically weeping and trying to cop a feel that Montse witnesses.

Here's a dynamic I love in a love story: the slow but sure blossoming of love as Katy pointed out: "Montsy's shift toward Ale has been slow but definite. Think of the wedding day where she was like a wild animal--if Ale turned his back she would have bolted. Now she's curling up on the couch listening to Ale and empathizing with him." That was sweet!

Agree with Niece: Yaaay! Padre read our comments about JL. ;D

Thank you again, Elvira. This is such a treat!



Good points about JL's probing for Ale's possible connection to the Navy, Vivi. If this is part of what happened in AR of course I know you won't tell, but do you think JL's seeing Ale as a good guy and victim just like him will lead him to bow out and leave Montse alone? Oh. Even as I write this I remember him pointing a gun. . .at Ale? Oh well.


Lila, from what I've seen in telenovelas in general, if there are two good men vying for the same lady; neither backs down. After all, one must "luchar para su amor." But eventually the two men come to respect each other. And to say, "Were it not for this, we'd be really good friends."

And in spite of the rivalry, both would "do the next right thing" and protect the other, were he in danger.

This is the Telenovela Code. Good Men act in noble ways towards each other no matter what. Now Bad Men, that's another story.

Thanks, JudyB. Very entertaining to see how this pans out!


Elvira, just now watched the episode and read your smashing recap. I LOVED your recap! Great screen shots and what an absolutely perfect theme of two deluded men. It was an interesting episode, no? I wanted to hug the padre. He stated so perfectly and succinctly what we all have been complaining about JL for days. They actually had a talented human writing the script for once.

And that BITCH...grrrr. I just wish Ale could see her in action. Slight nitpick, they butchered the animals in the morning and ate them that afternoon? Isn't it advisable to hang the meat for at least a day before eating it? Maybe it's not cold enough in Mexico to do that. Any butchers out there to weigh in?

I have houseguests and a full weekend of activities so I'll have to read the comments later, but I just had to get up before the crowd did, watch the episode and enjoy your recap. Great job Elvira...Gracias!

OK, I couldn't resist. I had to read the comments, and I'm so glad I did.

Susanlynn, will you sit with me on The Patio? You have the best stories, LOL!! I'm with Lila; let's find Mike and introduce him to Maria.

Jason and JudyB, I wonder if your captions are a regional problem? I am still getting Spanish captions, but then again my TV is so old I don't have the option of English captions.

If JL can get a computer I think Monse can get a freezer. Just sayin'.

My TV still has Spanish captions, but I usually watch LQLVMR on the computer. And it no longer has them.

JudyB, have you tried watching on Hulu? I watched Friday's episode on Hulu and it had Spanish captions.

I watch on the official website. I've never signed up for Hulu. Just too chintzy to pay for what I can see "for free" (other than the endless ads).

Yes, Hulu has too many ads. But I think Lo Que is free.

Lo Que is free and also has too many ads! But, "c'est la vie".

Judy B and Sylvia:
When I watch on Uni I cannot get Spanish captions, and, as Jason pointed out, the English captions are poorly translated and very incomplete.

When I get stuck, Spanish captions really help with translation, especially with Sergio Sendel's Pedro character. That man talks like he has marbles in his mouth.

Hope you are staying warm, dear Judy. I head it was VERY cold in parts of Ohio.

Elna June

Yes! EJ..What's up with Sergio Sendel in this one? Did he have his jaw wired shut? His method acting in this role does nothing for me...and sure doesn't help with comprehension.

And I'm wondering how we're supposed to interpret his odd coldness with his bride. Impotence? Not out of the closet? Whatever...I was so looking forward to his being in this, but it's been a letdown.

Sylvia and Lila.....sadly, chief chicken executioner Mike is long gone.

Sylvia, I would love to sit next to you on The Patio. I just stocked up on snacks , froze lots of chili and spaghetti sauce ,and put two bottles of Asti Spumante in the frig , , so we are all set.

Pedro talks as if we caught him in the midst of evacuating his bowels! I'm sorry to be graphic but that's all I get out of it!



Elvira thanks so much for your recap. You so summed up the general frustration w/the boys, Ale and JL, right now. I'm sad Maria will continue her reign of terror but like Monse becoming more bold with her.

Judy: On Pedro's cold fish routine with Nadia...

Odd, that one. He is quite mysterious now that I think about it. He wants to buy Ale's land for nefarious reasons, he want to find Jose Luis and Refugio before the Navy does, he doesn't like his beautiful! wife to touch him...

One way to to interpret Pedro's character, using, as Sylvia likes to say, "Our California sensibilities", is that he is a gay (but in the closet) narcotraficante with a schizoid personality disorder who is sadly afflicted with a speech impediment.

That's my story, amigos, and I am sticking to it.

¿Ustedes tienen otra ideas?


LOL -- Doing Natal bz but SO looking forward to reading this when I can give it full attention and first few comments with photo made my heart sing! So true about the two deluded men!! Is their any other kind when in the throes of the ... you know whatevers?

Many thanks. Lograr is one of those verbs I had to look up. Where I come from we call it I believe conseguir. Love lograr and recapper managed to help me lograr or conseguir feel happy and have something to look forward to tomorrow!

Also, much as I love that man -- total long drink of water -- wish the make-up department would stop giving him the pale pink lip.

Dear Elvira,
Oh, wonderful, wonderful recap! Thanks so much for the great narrative and also taking the time to do the hysterical screenshots and captions.

I love how you keep calling Alejandro/SR "my beautiful blondie." He does cry pretty! It was great to have him finally tell Maria to tow the line, although I wish he'd done it when he needed to when he was with Montse.

My favorite section of the recap, though, was your recounting of the scene between Father Anselmo and Montse. As a few others have noted, it was great to have Father A. react the way he did (and we in Caray Caray have been for episodes now) and tell her that J-L's been behaving cowardly. That screenshot caption was the best: Deal with it: The dude's a drip!

Thanks so much. It was so much fun to read this!

Thanks for the rest of the recap. I just finished reading it. I really like your style of writing.

I was happy to see that Ale told Maria "that's enough", but I doubt that she will stop with her plan destroy Ale and Montse's relationship. It seems like Maria is more obsessed, than in love with Ale. And I hate it when she cries in front of him because I know it's an act; as soon as Ale leaves the faucet of tears stops. How convenient! I thought she was annoying in CME, but she takes the cake in this one.

Touching scene between Rosario and Ale. ITA with everyone that I am loving the actress in this role.

Loved the fact that Ale finally told Montse the truth about his upbringing. The way they looked at each other was really sweet, but also kind of sexy. It showed a side of Montse that Ale did not know.

Elna June:
ITA with your description of Pedro's character. Maybe he has a secret relationship with Loreto, (I think that's his name).

Back to wrapping gifts....hasta pronto1

Great comments! EJ, far be it from me to insert myself into your diagnosis. I will add, however, that it would not surprise me if Pedro occasionally tries on Nadia's dainties when nobody is looking. Sheesh, the guy's got to find some fun somewhere, doesn't he?? He is one tightly wound dude.

Susanlynn, chili and Asti Spumante? I am so there!!

Oh yes, Rosario is knocking it out of the park nightly. I definitely got damp-eyed during her scene with Ale.


Thanks so very much for this fantastic, marvelous recap and your always magnificent screencaps.

Love Monse getting in Maria's face! She is a bitch, and that is my favorite screencap.

Just great comments from Y'all. I agree with Vivi's assessment.

Susanlynn and Cap'n I want to join Y'all at the Patio table. Sounds like soooo very much fun!

Thanks again Elvira!

Hello, gang!
Thank you for the recap, Elvira.
I've been MIA from the site most of the weekend because of Christmas stuff and haven't been able to comment much.
I'm so happy Ale and Montse are FINALLY starting to talk... little steps...
Maria is the worst!

Elvira - Thanks so much. Loved it.

Muchísimas gracias to all our recappers! It's just sinking in for me that the two-hour episodes are coming at a very busy holiday time and recapping must be wreaking havoc with your time.

When I first saw Maria with the headband, I thought she looked too young and sweet for this part. But Grettell Valdéz is doing a fine job. Can't stand her. And she and Montse have good anti-chemistry.

Week of December 16, 2013:


Ale tells Maria off when she treats Rosario badly.
Rosario wants to remain incognito. Her reasons are a low point, but her being where she is puts her in a better position to help Ale and Mons is great.
Ale and Mons have a heart-to-heart and clear a few things up about Mons’ family.
Mons appears to be jealous that Ale and Maria went off together.
JL and Ruf put Juvie in his place.
Rosario plays cupid.
Rosario encourages Mons to show Maria who’s partona.
Maria’s nose is put out of joint when Mons faints and she not only gets all the attention but there is speculation Mons is pregnant.
Ale says no to Maria joining him for his walk.
Padre A gives great advice to Ale on how to handle Mons.
Padre A asks Ale to get to know Rosario.
JL steps up re: raising Ale’s baby, if Mons is pregnant.
Vic tells Ale that he’s encouraging Maria.
Mons decides to claim her patrona rights.
Ale threatens Gracie.
Mons tells Ale that Maria helped in her escape.
Though Gracie thought she had the upper hand, Ale one ups her.
Ale defends JL to Gracie even though he’s a rival.
Ale tells Maria off.
JL acts like a nut job. More of this and Mons won’t like you anymore.
Ale threatens to banish Maria.
Mons blames JL for his part by not going to her father in the first place.
Ale and JL get along.
Poor Padre A gets an earful from Mons.
Padre calls JL what we’ve known all along—a coward.
Padre A and Rosario team up to protect Mons from herself and JL.
Mons flashes her wedding ring in the Maria’s face.
Dom is willing to help Mons learn the ropes.
Mons demands her partrona rights from Ale.
Lottie is firm about going to the hacienda.
Ale again threatens to send Maria to Vic.
Ref tells JL a home truth—if Mons was going to go with him, she would have done it by now.
Intense scene between Ale and Rosario.
Ale and Mons have a lovely moment.

Low Points:

Maria’s treatment of Rosario.
Gracie disses Josefina.
Mons accuses Ale of murder.
The plans against Josefina continue.
Ale tells Mons she has to ask permission to use the phone.
Ale tells Mons that she can eat in her room if she doesn’t want to eat with Maria.
Ale basically is clueless on how to woo a woman.
Maria is rude to Dom.
Fina shows Dim her safe.
Ale takes Maria to Agua Azul with him.
Ale did not get a pic of JL like we thought he did from the avances.
Dim and Alpo are still plotting.
Ale won’t believe Mons when she told him that Maria helped her.
Juvie tries to get his niece drunk and is way too touchy feely.
Pedro treats Nadia badly—again.
Pedro wants Ale out of the picture.
Maria steals Mons’ undies.
Mons still thinks Ale is involved in the Esme scheme and won’t believe him because he won’t believe her about the escape.
Ale jumps the gun and tries to get closer to Mons.
Ale doesn’t follow through with banishing Maria.
JL tries to manipulate Mons.
Juvie sees Mons on the balcony after catching JL in the garden.
Maria loses it in the kitchen with Rosario.
Juv kicks Ref out of the kitchen.
Maria embarrasses Mons in front of JL and Ale.
Ale takes Maria’s side.
JL’s more concerned with winning than with what’s right or best.
JL is a little abusive with Mons.
Plots against Ale and Mons.

Wow, Nanette, impressive! Maybe I missed this in your list: Ale covers Maria's skanky bones with her robe and tells her never come into his room or repeat such a stunt again. Go back and look at that scene: as he bends to pick up her robe she (and the viewer for a microsecond) thinks he's leaning in for a beso but WONK!!! Nope! Loved that scene. Thanks!


Lila: definitely should have put that in. I remember it being discussed. Do you think it was deliberate on Ale's part? Seems kind of out of character. I should find that scene and watch again.

I think it was for us viewers. I know he wouldn't have done it on purpose but it was kind of slow and deliberate and she seemed all ready to melt and then when he was the closest to her he bent down and picked up the robe. Maybe Iwanted her to be faked out that way and imagined it, but I don't think so. Great reason to take another look , not to mention his finely chiseled and exquisitely muscled arms and torso! (If this posts several times, I'm sorry. . I kept getting the anti-robot text wrong!)


Lila and Nanette, that sure was a well-done scene. If I remember it correctly, Ale has a business-like look on his face, not a smile or a turned-on look, as he walked toward Maria. So, to me, even though the show was yanking Viewerville's chain right before cutting to commercial, the move was in character for Ale.

Ah, Niecie, I get it, like he was his usual self, albeit pissed and bent over to retrieve her robe and we and mostly she thought for a minute. . .Yeah, it was well done.


OT: I missed an ep of La Reina del Sur and You Tube does not have that particular one in its entirety. There are a lot of sites that have it, but ask for a credit card to register. Can any of you recommend a safe site?


Telemundo's site uploads the Reina episodes after they air on TV:

Niecie: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I missed a couple of other eps and found them complete on You Tube, but was forced to watch them in French. So glad to know about this site.

Thank you very much for the recap but aren,t there any recap for episode 22??

Cut and paste this url for the recap for Capitulo 22:


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