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Antonio and Patricia must attend the smallest university in Florida because they never walk around the campus without running into each other. Pati tells him she’s learned from what Vanessa did that she can’t trust anyone. She tells Tony that she believes her father. She gave him a chance to explain about the photos, something his mother should have done.

Tony opens his laptop and we see his memory of copying the Marcela file to a flash drive before taking it to confront Teresa Cristina.

We get another dose of Ro being obsequious and dumb as he asks TC where she’s going with the fancy leopard print pants. [I’ve given up all hope that he’ll play a part in her downfall; he’s just an idiotic doormat.] Manuel appears with some flowers. She says she’s going to the cemetery to put them on the graves of her parents and flounces out.

At the cemetery she goes right by the Palmer headstones and approaches that of “Carlota Valdés”, a much smaller headstone. She remembers again the plastic bag murder. ¡Maldita! You should have died before giving me life. Then she babbles that she wants to see Marcela’s grave, saying she’d like to see her corpse half devoured by worms. Charming! Then she sees the ghost of Marcela, faints, and falls and hits her head on a tree. [Wouldn’t it be great if they surprised us and it killed her!]

Antonio calls a newspaper and promises them a big scoop. He says he used to be the boyfriend of Teresa Cristina Palmer and he has an incredible story about her. He agrees to meet a reporter. He then approaches Pati and begs her pardon for what he’s about to do. He says she might hate him, but he’s doing it to protect his family.

Manuel calls Ro about TC not returning to the car. The cemetery is closing. Ro tells Manuel she must have gone out another way and to return to the house.

Griselda takes Quiquito out for pizza at, of course, the very restaurant where Antonio has arranged to meet the reporter.

Gabriel has come to Fina Estampa to coo over Victoria and to see Esther. Juan Pablo makes a crack about having to find him a job since he’s showing up so often. Gabe tells him he’s a businessman as well. This, of course, makes green-eyed JP make some snobby remarks about tacos vs high fashion. Gabriel isn’t taking any crap whatsoever. He tells JP that his fabulous tacos are the reason he got to know Esther because she’s a big fan of them, and not only of the tacos! Love it! Then Gabe goes on to say that JP should ask Vanessa to show him those photos with his ex brother-in-law that everyone is talking about.

Iris talks with Mario, confirming what we have all been thinking. The only thing Marcela recorded was the story about TC’s real parentage. Only Iris and Mario know about her killing her mother. Iris doesn’t want to tell Paloma because that secret is too dangerous.

Quique and the woman meant to trap him (Carla?) meet up at the posada on the beach. Quique brags that he has a fabulous pool and can’t wait for a zambullida (plunging into water).

Clara tells Leo she’s going to prepare carne asada and perhaps a tapioca pudding for the dinner she’s planning for Max. Leo tells his mother she’s going to be very proud of him when she sees him fight.


Antonio shows the reporter the flash drive, apparently after he verbally told him TC’s big story. I guess the guy wanted proof. Antonio’s smug expression is SO annoying causing me ambivalent feelings. I’d like the story published but Antonio is so irritating. Gris has come into the restaurant with Quiquito and figures out what’s happening with the reporter. She walks right up, causing Antonio to jump up like a scalded cat. She grabs the flash drive and says it belongs to her. The reporter seems to admire Gris and says he wouldn’t publish over the wishes of someone like her. He gives her a business card in case she reconsiders.

JP has confronted Vanessa, who shows him the photos. She says they are the result of his abandonment. She tells him he’s still in love with Esther, and he insists he hasn’t been with Esther since they got together. She replies that, ever since she began working for Reinaldo, she’s had a thing for him. She says he’s a real man and not superficial like JP! She even goes on to say that the photos show that Rei is more of a man than he is! [What? They show him unconscious!] He finally loses it and slaps her. She talks about her wonderful night with Reinaldo who concentrated on her, unlike JP whose body was with her, while his head was with Esther. When he rushes out, she smiles evilly.

We see a scene of Esther contentedly talking to her baby. And right away we see Beatriz rushing in to tell Alba time’s up. She hasn’t told Esther whose baby that is so she’s going to do it. Alba refuses to do it. Beatriz says she has the complete right to have her baby. Alba tells her she’ll have to go to court and that she’ll lose. After she leaves, Alba tells Gloria to get the files together about the IVF so she can prepare her defense.

Tony tries to explain how stubborn his mother is. But the reporter says he’s quick on the trigger and had already copied the file. He’s going to publish!

Vanessa calls Ro to tell him to tell TC that she’s keeping up her end of the bargain.

Juan Pablo shows up at the restaurant, which is full of diners. He tries to throw a punch at Reinaldo. “Didn’t you leave my sister for something serious with Griselda?” he says. Reinaldo tells him that the photos are lies. But JP never listens to reason. He tells him to keep the perra callejera and be sure to not forget to give her the restaurant’s leftovers!

Griselda has left the pizza place and taken Quiquito to Tacos Bar instead. Gabriel asks to speak with her. She tells him definitely that she broke it off with Reinaldo. He says that he doesn’t deserve her. He calls Rei the muñequito del pastel (the little guy on the wedding cake). Griselda tells Gabe what a great friend he is and hints she’s glad he has a woman in his life. Gabe tells her that he finally discovered that, yes, he wants to be her friend.

Teresa Cristina wakes up in the cemetery, shrieking so that my ears bleed. She babbles hysterically that she’s not dead. She’s not crazy. She didn’t kill anyone. She’s approached by the security guard who asks her to tell him what she’s doing here or he’s going to call the police.

Quiquito has brought Carla to his house and they’re by the pool. He ogles her in her revealing bathing suit. He’s made some drinks for the two of them. She asks him to get her a towel and then puts something in his drink with an eyedropper while he’s doing that.

Meanwhile, Barbie could not sleep in her room at José’s and has appeared at the guard shack of the condominium asking to get in. She says she saw Quiquito go in. But no one answers.

Carla hints broadly that, if she keeps on drinking, who knows what might happen. Result: Quiquito starts drinking faster.

Whoops. In the last part when I said Quiquito I meant Quique.

Many thanks for the great recap, Novelera.

Like you, I'm happy the reporter got the story, but Tony's smugness really bugs me. I don't like him having victories.

I'm glad JP knows about the photos, and I'm not surprised that he doesn't believe Rei. I would have hoped that by now, and after his goodbye speech to her when he gave her the check, that Gris would have some moments of considering that Rei was telling the truth about being set up. But she hasn't had any moments of doubt that Rei is exactly like Jose. That tells me that she doesn't know him at all. The man who waited until he was separated from his wife to try anything with her.

In that last comment I mean that Gris knows Rei isn't a bed hopper. And if he were going to stray, he would NEVER disrespect his daughter and risk their relationship by sleeping with one of her friends. Think, Gris, think!

Vivi, the only reason for Griselda's behavior comes from Article #1 of the Telenovela Writers' Creed. The protagonists must be kept apart because of a misunderstanding or evil move by a villain character for at least a month of the novella.


Great recap novelera!

I was still hoping that they would somehow get Vanessa to leak the Marcela video, that would get everyone off the hook but her, but I guess it's important now that the reporter do it so Antonio can get off TC's hit list.

when is Reinaldo going to learn to move people to the restaurant office before the fights break out.

and this new girl thinks she is playing a joke on Kiki, hmm, will Barbara get there in time?

btw, I think that it is Juan Soler's real wife (Maki) that is playing the part of Diabla (with the eye patch) in "Santa Diabla".


Deb- Yes. That's Maki Soler. I meant to say something on the Diabla line when I saw her in the previews. That's great that they both have gigs with Telemundo. She pretty much retired from telenovelas when she started having their kids. I hope she's making a comeback.

Novelera, yes, article 1 of the telenovela creed is sacrosanct. You have to keep the protas apart at
least twice in a tn. The initial apartness is at least reasonable, but the second seems to always be dumb. You can bet on it. Can I just tell you, znovelera that the Kim il jung double rainbow joke you made a few weeks ago was hilarious?


The scenes are out of order, but I hope they make sense… I’m writing this from memory, so I apologize if I forgot any major details.

Kike starts to feel very dizzy and eventually faints. Fernando shows up, congratulates What’s her name on a job well done and pushes Kike in the pool.
In the meantime, Barbara, who has managed to get past the security at the gate, comes knocking at the door. Fer, who is only now leaving the property, sees her and decides to stick around.
At first Barbie thinks that maybe K is asleep, but then she sees lights at the pool and goes there. She finds K head down in the water and immediately jumps to get him out.
Just as I’m wondering how she will be able to save him on her own, Gris and Gabe (carrying little K) arrive home, too, and hear Barbie’s screams. They run to the pool, and together they help Barbie get K out of the pool.
He’s not breathing, Barbie gives him mouth to mouth, but it doesn’t seem to work. Rafa and Amalia show up, too and they all decide they should take a still unconscious K to the hospital.
Fer observes the entire scene from the bushes. Another failed assassination attempt – someone should consider a job change.
Amalia and Rafa remain at home and when Tony shows up she asks him to go make sure that K receives the best possible care and keep her informed. She’s a little shaken up, too, Rafa tries to comfort her the best way he can.
At the hospital, the doctors are working on K, while Gris, Gabe and Barbie are outside, expecting the worse. After blaming her for whatever happened to K, Gris soon realizes Barbie wasn’t with him when he fell and she also notices how genuinely concerned her ex DIL is – her first reaction was to jump in the water and save him and after that she showed true desperation and worry for his well being. Now calmer, Barbie tries to diminish her involvement – she would have done the same for anyone else.
As Tony shows up, too, the doctor comes in to tell them K didn’t faint because of some health problems, he had been drugged. Barbie makes it clear she had nothing to do with it and Gris realizes TC is to blame.
This prompts Tony to start a fight, pointing out to his mother that she should have used the evidence she had. I despise Tony quite a lot, but I’m with him on this one. Also, he mentions how the journalist had already saved the video material before she erased it.
Gabe, who has stood by Gris’ side the entire night, calls Esther to let her know what happened with K. Esther wonders why Gabe was with them in the first place – me thinks Esther and Gabe are fast approaching splitsville.
After Gabe leaves, Gris thinks Barbie should leave, too, but she wants to stay. Gris, ever the perceptive woman, for once kind of sees something more than shallowness and pure selfishness in Barbie.
The next morning K wakes and explains who he was with the night before. He also acts like a big d!ck with Barbie – he says thank you with his usual caveman attitude, making even Gris feel bad for Barbie.



In other news…
TC calls Ro to come pick her up from the cemetery. Once home, she screams, whines, etc… I’ll spare you the details. At one point she starts to say that she saw Marcela’s ghost and Ro warns her not to talk like that in front of Elsa and Manuel.
When they are alone in her room, both TC and Ro go through their usual routine of reina and sclavo… I just can’t anymore with these two. She says Marcela’s ghost moved in to torment her, he BELIEVES her (or plays along, who knows and who cares).
JP shows up, to blame TC for having concocted the whole seduction of Rei by Vanesa story. He’s pissed, he thinsk she’s alienating all the people who love her etc… For once TC is being accused of something she didn’t do (although she did pay Vanesa to keep up the lie) and she brilliantly points out to JP that it has to really suck to be cheated on, right? She mentions Marcela’s ghost, too, JP thinks she truly is crazy and takes the rest of his stuff out of the house.
Also, sometime during the night, Jose calls TC, asking if she’s in the mood for his robalo, but with all the ghost sightings, TC cuts him off and goes back to her screech fest.

What else…
Rei spent most of the show remembering how the whole mess with Vanessa happened – the way they woke up in bed in the morning, Gris’s fight with him etc…
At one point during the night Esther called the tacos bar to ask about Gabe and Clara only told her the boss is not there, but wondered to herself what will happen now, since Gabe is back in Gris’ orbit. And I wonder the same thing, too, since falling back into old habits is very easy and tonight Gabe has looked very much like his old “mi Gris” self.
TC and Fer talk about his failure, but TC doesn’t seem too worried, now she has another target. I guess Tony’s number is up… I’m surprised it took TC so much to get to him, he’s the only one who ever interacted with her and she hates his guts.
The journalist who has the TC story has to be the only real journalist in tn land, because he checks his facts: he goes to ask Iris about TC’s story. All that Iris has to say is No comment!


Thanks so much Adriana, for you double duty recapping!

So little happened this episode, that I wondered if some of the actors had taken vacation and they needed some filler episodes. It was mostly composed of TC in hysterics, people having flashbacks, and Quique's near drowning.

I'm glad that it was Barbie who saved him. I think we're seeing some forward movement in Barbie's personality and in Gris seeing her as a person, and not just a harpie. Quique needs to put little Q back in his pants, and start thinking with the brain in his head more.

I hope Rei thinking about the whole Vain-Gris mess means that he's going to fight for his honor and to clear his name. He needs to stop standing on the sidelines and letting other people ruin his good name.

Great recap Adriana-. I'm surprised Quique hasn't been involved with Barbie. He does have some self-control. I can see why he's still skeptical even as Gris is softening towards Barbara. Barbara left her poor husband and baby son for another, then richer man, and broke up with him when the money ran out. Her history says that she always follows the gravy train and until she inch by inch mile by mile creates a new history, saving Quique is just the beginning, I'd be side-eyeing her too as quiqu has done especially since Quique now has a lot of gravy.

Vivi, ITA, Rei needs to be a bit more aggressive about hs reputation and in general. That's why his kindness always gets mistaken for weakness. He always lets things slide to much until it gets out-of-control, I.e, TC. He's too gentlemanly at times to his own detriment.

Thanks, Adriana. It was kind of a dull episode. Who do they think they're kidding with these attempts on Griselda's offspring? I can't imagine anyone in the entire viewing audience believes one of them will die.

Yes, Barbie looks like she's on the road to redemption. The big question is if that road will be side by side with Quique or on her own with joint custody of Quiquito.

I still have fingers and toes crossed they're not going with Esther going back to Juan Pablo. I just don't like the guy. Adriana, I thought maybe you hinted in your recap that you thought JP was now thinking the Vanessa and Rei photos WERE fake. I think he still thinks they did the deed but that his sister (or the lunatic he thinks is his sister) somehow convinced Vanessa to post the pictures. The guy is just naturally jealous and possessive. He doesn't even love Vanessa but came unglued about her being with someone else.

I sure hope Gloria doesn't sabotage Alba's preparation to ensure that Esther keeps Victoria. She SO should have fired her!

I too am just about at the end of my rope with the scenes with Ro and TC. The guy has less backbone than a jellyfish. And those Queen of the Nile words he keeps spreading around are staler than last week's leftover microwave popcorn.

They said Capítulos Culminantes, which often means 6 weeks, last week. I can't see how much longer they can keep the plot where it currently is.

Give us something new, writers!

Novelera, I think JP is still sure Vanesa and Rei did the nasty, but somehow thinks TC was behind it, maybe by pushing Vanesa to do it.
He truly is oblivious to his gf's true character, but then again, what can be said about a guy who cheated and left his loving wife out of jealousy for an innocent baby that wasn't even born yet?


I don’t know if we have a recapper for Wednesday. Something tells me we don’t. So I thought I’d put something very, very bare bones down.

Bárbara tells José about Quique almost drowning, and he actually looks concerned.

Then Barbie goes to fuss over Quique, bringing him tea and totally spoiling him. He looks like he’s weakening!

Esther is on the phone with her back turned to Victoria in her car seat. Beatriz sneaks up and grabs the car seat. She doesn’t take her but her behavior is scaring Esther, who calls Alba. Alba takes the rest of the day off.

If I were a gay man, I’d be picketing Telemundo studios and threatening Subway boycotts over the character of Rosario!

Amalia asks Pati to be her Maid of Honor and she’s delighted. Rafa asks Eduardo at Fashion Motors, who accepts. But Susana plans a scene at their wedding.

Leo has been told he’s going to have his first mixed martial arts fight.

Gabriel picks up on Beto not being too happy about Clara and Max possibly getting together.

Fernando has assigned another of his hot and cold running thugs to follow Antonio.

The reporter, Richard Mendoza, calls Teresa Cristina and more or less tells her that he knows all about Carlota Valdés and wants some confirming details from her before he publishes. She invites him to her house and then dismisses all her slaves. Looks like she plans to kill him herself since Fernando was playing volleyball and didn’t hear his cell phone ring.

I don’t understand what Gris and Tony see on their computer screens. It’s sort of Richard’s article, but hasn’t been really uploaded? Or what? Anyone understand? If Gris and Tony can see the front page, why can no one else?


Novelera- Thanks so much for the quick recap.

There has been so little plot movement that I will be really ticked off if TC succeeds in killing the reporter and the story. It's not like this is the big reveal that she's a murderer, so I don't know why the writers can't just let it happen already.

But since they aren't moving the main story forward, why not move some of the side stories like Ivan-Paloma along?

Barbie-Q are actually quite cute together, when they aren't fighting or having wild sex.

Barbie-Q! Haha. I finally got that. Good one, Vivi.


Novelera, thank you for the quick run down, it's much appreciated.

Barbie-Q - love the name. Now I have to ship the couple.

Thursday, part 1

Simplified, because I have to work tomorrow. Props to everyone who has been doing this for years and putting out all those creative recaps.

We left it with Antonio blabbing about getting back at TC, which Paty has heard and demands to know what's up. He tries to brush her off, saying it's just a phrase and doesn't mean anything. She should forget about it. But she's not stupid. She continues to press the issue and there is yelling in that very echo-y student union.

He walks away, leaving her alone with Daniel. Daniel hedges and tells her it's a secret that will affect her but that she should get it from Tony. She chases after him and tells him that if has una gota de respect for her, he'll tell her what's going on.

Iris tells Paloma that TC is about to be unmasked, thus giving Tony time to spill to Paty. She's in shock. Tony defends his actions because he was just trying to protect his family. Paty is still verklempt. She questions who she really is. Tony tells her she was, is and will be the same person, the most beautiful and marvellous in the world. Te amo. And then Tony takes this opportunity to kiss her. And she kisses back. Crap.

Simon comes in just at this time to see, and DOES NOT run over, stop them and declare her HIS woman. He's a good guy. Is there someone left we can fix him up with? Maybe that woman who works in Fina Estampa?

Tony apologizes (in his "sorry but I've been wanting to do that" kind of way) but she lets him off because she's been wanting this too. Double crap. He loves her but she doesnt' know what she feels now. She has been confused since the accident when she lost the BABY. (Remember that Tony?). But this isn't important because she needs to have some mother-daughter time with her mother and they can talk later. But he doesn't get all smug as she leaves like you'd expect from him.

Meanwhile, Paloma has beamed over to the restaurant to talk to Rei about the mierda that's about to hit the fan. She hedges but finally tells him this secret that quite frankly doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. Paloma explains that they came from a very traditional family where their name was everything and this is a bomba for TC to have this out. So, says Reinaldo, the name she has venerated and refused to change when they got married is wrong. She's not Palmer Silva. She's Silva Valdez! Rei laughs and realizes that they are sisters and finds out that TC is the daughter of a maid. But he realizes this explains the malsana (twisted, unhealthy) relationship between her and Tia Ines. And since this woman was in a manicomio, TC is extra sensitive about being called crazy.

Deborah wants to go check on Kike but she isn't dismissed by Dona Griselda. Boo face on Deb.

Manuel tells Celeste that everyone has gone home for the day and TC is home alone. Then, because he hasn't changed all that much, he asks for dinner. Rapido. But he asks nicer than he would have a couple months ago, so progress? Celeste has a bad feeling about this and calls Gris, who runs home to make sure her house and kids stay safe. If she had sprung for bodyguards, she wouldn't have to bother with this.

TC invites the reporter into the house. She invites him to sit, all polite and upper class like.


Thursday, part 2

Cut to Barbie-Q. (Still funny, Vivi). She brings in some soup but he doesn’t want it because he remembers that she was a worse cook than Amalia. But he needs to quit whining because she called Tacos Bar and had it delivered. He’s all excited because it’s Clara’s soup. Clara and Gabe, at Tacos Bar, and the only thing important here is that Clara asks Gabe is he’s returning to the old indecision. He mouth says no, because he’s with Esther, but his face is (again) undecided.

Jose is talking to Elio, and they’re all sad because Barbi is talking care of Kike in the mansion while they are stuck in this house. Elio has decided that coming back was the worst idea. Jose agrees because nothing has gone right. Jose thinks he should be living better and will toss his net into a certain mansion.

Barb is talking about how nice it is to be back with her marido. EX-marido reminds Kike. But Gris interrupts and they exchange words, politely but not friendly, while Kike keeps eating his soup. Then Gris tells Kike to be careful with esa, referring to Barb. “Ok”, says Kike, but what are you doing back so early? She doesn’t explain and he goes back to the soup.

The reporter is still trying to confirm the story about Carlota Valdez but TC isn’t helping. She tries bribing him but with a million bucks, then 2 million. But he’s not for sale. He finally tells her he has the thumb drive. Fine. She’ll talk. But not in the living room where servants (that she sent home) come in and out and could overhear. She wants to go somewhere more private, like UP THE STAIRS to her room.

Paty is on her way to see her mother and runs into Gris, who asks how she’s doing with it. She’s still confused but knows her mother must be bad off and wants to see her. TC gets confirmation that all the info in on the pen (pen?) drive and when they get to the top, she just wants to say one thing: Adios. And she starts to push him just as Paty enters and stops her. And then she finds out the pen drive is a copy. Now she’s ticked off. The reporter considered her actions as confirmation that the story is correct and he’s is kicked out by TC. He runs into Gris and she wants to know if the story is true. The reporter is convinced that it is. And now Gris says that after all the bad things TC did, Gris can’t be happy even if she’s getting a taste of her own medicine. And then Gris sees Rei drive up. More problems, she says.

Rei enters and Paty is yelling at TC about almost pushing the guy down the stairs. He came, not to laugh at her like she thinks, but to be with Paty. Paty yells more about the stair thing that TC denies. Then she demands the story since it’ll be all over the internet soon. We see Gris eavesdropping at the door.

She first denies that she was NOT going to push the idiot down the stairs, even though she wanted to. She finally agrees to tell the story that isn’t easy for her to accept. She has never supported being around the lower class and never trusted them because of what happened to her bio father. It’s why she was so against Paty dating Antonio.

Gris, outside the door, rolls her
eyes and is like, yeah, of course it’s my fault. Ro comes up to the door and wants to know what’s she’s doing. She shushes him, and he wants her to move so he can hear too.


Thursday part 3

TC is talking about her adored parents. They showed her the importance of her traditional and respected family, and taught her to be proud of the name. So how do you think she felt after believing she was born to a crib of gold and then finding out it was all a lie? So Paty says it’s all true? Rei explains that Carlota was a servant of Tia Iris. Paty doesn’t understand why she kept quiet this whole time. What, and admit to all her friends that the always respected and admired TC Palmer (really?) was really the daughter of a crazy servant? Loca? Rei then has to explain that Carlota ended her days in the manicomio. What TC found out, she went to see her. When she saw Carlota for the first time, she felt angry (rabia profunda). The refined, educated mother she thought she had was really this tosca (crude), simple, and crazy. This is why she never allowed anyone to call her crazy because she will never end up like that! You hear me? (This would be easier to believe if she weren’t screeching this).

Sorry that I can’t do the scene justice, but the actress really brought her a-game today.

TC goes upstairs after declaring herself “not loca”. Gris at the front door thinks this is a sad story. Ro agrees and wants to know what will happen to his queen of the Nile now? Gris says she’ll need a lot of help.

But she’s pulling herself together in her room, saying now they know who she is, apart from one bit of the story. The murder part.

Gris is upset that she’s the one who made that woman relive that horrible and painful story. She talks to la Virgin about whether she’s a good person or not? What kind of person is she now? (The kind who does NOT try to burn down a house or kill someone with a snake).

Ro enters her room to assist.
Tony reads the story on the internet and is happy. Iris informs Paloma about the story being out there. When she hangs up, Paloma says “If they knew the real secret of TC…” (She knows???) Elio overhears and beams (this is how they get around now since it’s ultimos capiutulos) over to the house to tell Jose. But they don’t know what it is, only that it must be terrible. Jose is going to change and make himself pretty, and then offer his "help" to TC.

The woman at Fina Estampa that might be an ok match for Simon shows Esther the pics. And for some reason we end on that.



Excellent, Kelly!

I too was wondering what the big deal about this is. It's not a hundred years ago. TC was adopted. So what! And she was adopted within the extended family. It says nothing about who she is. If I were Pati, my biggest concern would be inheriting the mental illness, since she now knows TC inherited it from her mother.

Gris's focus should be getting proof of TC's murderous ways. Forget this stupid stuff about TC's origins. And if Paloma does know, then I'm pissed at her for not warning Gris and Rei.

Tony and Pati kissing- boo!

Notice how Tony always presses Paty into kissing him when she's most emotionally vulnerable. He's a predator.

Thanks so much, Kelly. Great job on the recap!

First of all, it's completely ridiculous that the writers want us to believe that falling down the 7 or 8 stairs in TC's house would kill the reporter. So they teased us with his climbing those stairs and being saved by the bell (Pati). At least Pati got a good idea of how murderous her mother is. Has anyone told her of the attempts on Amalia?

Yep, Simón is a gentleman. Unlike the villainous "other men", he's always known that Pati isn't over Antonio and that he was at risk of losing her. So he just slips away to lick his wounds in private.

The plot has stalled a bit. I suppose they'll do the attempt on Antonio soon so all three kids are almost killed.

The thing I find myself most curious about is how they're going to resolve Barbie's ill-gotten gains from the sale of the Chinese antique jade knives. She flat out stole them. And, while I don't really want José to have the money either, Barbie has to give it up to be redeemed.

And, please, writers: tell us what's up Carol's sleeve. Cancer or no cancer?


wonderful recap Kelly,
thank you so much!

ah yes Chino's China Treasure,
stolen by Barbie from Jose,
who stole it from the antique dealer,
who stole it from Barbie, (but returned one of the jade knives)
who found it in the old house being searched by Jose and Elio,
(and their other partner Fernando)
but where did Chino get it?

it seems Barbie has kept the cash from the sale under her bed,
I'm surprised Jose/Elio haven't looked.

and I suppose Pati remembers her own time on the stairs with Teresa, it's kind of interesting how everyone is walking around the part where TC actually kills people (and enjoys it), I guess it seems so totally unbelievable by all of our good guys, and only the more down-to-earth practical Griselda is picking up on it, although TC has told Ro she kills, and Iris was there when TC smothered her mother.

we are only in capítulos culminantes, aren't we, which I look at as the last 1/3 of the show, the question did come up in TW once as to when this would end, (since they finished filming around the 5th of sept.) but the only real comment was that the original show, Fina Estampa, was 185 chapters, and we are at 119 tonight, so I've been going with that until Telemundo makes an announcement.


Recap up later today. Until then discuss among yourselves. I hope to have it done before I leave for a Christmas open house at a friend's.

MARIDO viernes 6 de diciembre Part 1

Ro gives TC “una calmante.” She is soon snoring. He fusses over her like a mother hen. Oh, but he forgot to turn off the cell which rings. It’s Manuel asking him what to do about the reporters at the entrance of the community. Ro gives him one of his flip answers, something involving bikinis. He sits and watches her sleep, somewhat like a vigil.

At Fina Estampa JP is reading the story “Escándalo en la Alta Sociedad” on the Internet. Really? OK her origins are not what she had thought but the Palmers did adopt her and gave her their name. I just can’t consider this a scandal. The real scandal is that she killed her mother and several others. Esther asks JP if he realizes what this means. “TC, who I grew up with and who championed her rights as the first born is not really my sister.” He leaves to go see TC. Marcia asks Esther what’s got into him. “He’s gone to see TC. Imagine thinking your family and your roots are one way and then discovering they are something quite different.”

Again Alba and Beatriz discuss Victoria. Again Alba informs Beatriz that she has no legal rights re: Victoria; she is just an egg donor. Again Beatriz counters that Victoria is the result of her egg and Guillermo’s sperm and that she is her daughter, not Esther’s. She intends to fight for Victoria. Alba tells her that she will speak to Esther about this but Beatriz is not to do anything until that happens.

Rafa tells Amalia that Eduardo will be padrino at their wedding. Amailia says the same about Pati. FF>>

Pati goes to visit TC but Ro tells her she’s asleep. Pati says that nothing has changed. She talked about changing her name to “Patricia Valdez.” Ro thinks it sounds chic. I don’t get this: If nothing has changed then she is still Patricia Ibarra Palmer. She asks Ro to have Elsa fix up her room because she is going to be moving back in. She goes downstairs and runs into Elsa. She has just heard the news and she now understands why TC treated her the way she did. “Teresa Cristina Palmer, daughter of a…” Pati stops her and asks her to prepare her bedroom because she is going to be moving back in.

Simón recalls walking in on Antonio and Pati kissing. ¡Pobrecito!

Antonio tells Daniel that this story about TC has made him free to pursue the woman he loves.

Sol tells Celeste and Manuel about the Internet story. Manuel decides TC needs a real man to go over there and protect her and goes back to work. Celeste and Sol can’t understand why.

Elsa comes into TC’s bedroom and asks Ro how she should answer the phone. “¿Mansión Valdez? ¿Ex-mansión Palmer?” He tells her not to worry about such insignificant retails but she persists. He tells her “King Tut’s mansion.” I’d be grateful if anyone can explain Elsa’s last line from this scene: “La lagartona convertida en lagartija.” Something to do with lizards.

Gris and Paloma discuss the “scandal.” Gris is not happy with the way things turned out. Paloma explains that TC was brought up with the feeling of being a superior human being and she used that to humiliate other people. Now that it’s out that she isn’t superior she feels demoralized. Pati comes in and asks for a hug from Gris to give her strength. Outside we see Antonio approaching the house.


Viernes 12/6

Pati and Gris talk some more. Gris makes sure that Pati knows that she is always welcome at her home. Pati tells Gris that Reinaldo is staying there because she asked him to. Antonio comes in and and announces that he and Pati are back together. ¡Desnudo estooooy! Pati admits to kissing him and telling him that she never forgot about him while they’ve been separated. But she says they aren’t back together yet because there are some things she needs to resolve first. “Like Simón?” “Yes, and I’m still processing what’s happened with my mother and that will take time. And I’m not sure if the future famous plastic surgeon José Antonio Salinas Carrasco would want someone like me as his wife.” Pati leaves.

And let’s get ready for our collective “Slap Antonio” moment. Are your hands raised? Antonio wonders if marrying Pati would effect his professional career. SLAP! Gris sets him straight. “That line of thinking comes from your father. You were ashamed of me because I was poor and hard-working. And now you’re going to be ashamed of Pati because she is the granddaughter of a maid?” Jeez why he doesn’t just play up her father’s side? She’s the daughter of the famous chef Reinaldo Ibarra. Gris tells him that he will live to regret his attitude some day.

Reinaldo calls Simón at the restaurant to tell him that he has to deal with the crisis with TC. “Didn’t Pati tell you?” “No. But people at the restaurant are commenting about it.” After he hangs up he remembers The Kiss again and slams his fist on a chair. And then he’s back to his charming self, making sure the customers’ needs are being met.

Pati asks Elsa if Reinaldo is there. “Yes, he’s upstairs.” Manuel comes in; Elsa is surprised to see him. He says that TC needs a real man to protect her. “Well you’re too late because Don Reinaldo is upstairs and Ro is with la señora.” “If she needs anything, I’ll be outside.” Reinaldo pokes his head into TC’s bedroom and sees she’s sound asleep. So is Ro until he closes the door and wakes him up.

Babs is at Jethro’s side. “Is there anything else you want me to do” Gris is also there and says she’s done enough for one day. Babs says there’s nothing to do at her house. Gris tells her, “There’s always some underwear to wash.” (“calzón”) Babs leaves and Gris asks Jethro is he’s going to get up to pick up Kikito at school. He says he’s feeling a bit weak. “Nonsense! I saw how you looked at her when she asked if there was anymore she could do for you. C’mon get up!” “You have to leave first. I’m naked!” Oh like a mother has never seen her sown naked before. Gris leaves.

Beatriz walks into the Maridas store. Gigante asks for her help with an estimate. She blows him off. “What is it about the women in this store?”

Amalia and Esther discuss Gris and TC. FF>> At Fashion Motors Rafa says he can’t wait for his wedding day. The mechanics all go back to work. Susana comments to Eduardo that a lot can happen within a month. The ominous music plays. “Why can’t you be happy? You’ve got Max. Why aren’t you out with him tonight?” “He has a dinner with one of his students.”

JP arrives at TC’s. He asks Reinaldo why he is there and he says he was married to TC for many years. “Also this is affecting Pati.” “Her parents should keep their scandals to themselves.” JP goes upstairs and Reinaldo just shakes his head.

TC wakes up and asks how many days have gone by. Ro tells her only a few hours. “So they’re still talking about me.” Ro says the reporters are at the entrance to the community and are not allowed in. TC wants to invite them for cocktails…made from rat poison.


Viernes 12/6

Ro advises TC not to talk that way because it will just prove what is being said about her. “That I’m crazy and my mother was too.” Ro asks her if he can be frank. “The fact that you’re the daughter of a servant…” TC doesn’t want to hear it but he continues. “…doesn’t change anything. You still have charm and elegance.” “Go tell that to the press. They’ll laugh in your face.” “Try to see the positive side. You’re the adopted daughter of the Palmers and you have all the rights that go with that.” TC says she should just go to sleep and not wake up. JP comes in and TC asks Ro to leave because she would like to speak to JP alone.

“You left JP with TC?” Reinaldo asks Ro. “She asked me to leave.” Ro is worried about TC’s inheritance. Reinaldo assures him that she was legally adopted by the Palmers so her inheritance will not be affected. Upstairs, TC and JP reminisce about growing up together. He assures her that she will always be his sister.

Ro looks up and down at José in his fancy clothes and tries not to bust out laughing. José wants to know why she can’t see him now. Ro tells him that Reinaldo has returned home and is the man of the house now. “And he’s gone out to buy some meat because there will be no more consumption of róbalo in this house.” José starts to object and Ro tells him, “Talk to my hand!” “What did he say?” José asks Manuel who wants to get even for the punch José gave him the other day when he stole TC’s car. José challenges him saying he knows karate, judo and kung fu. Manuel doesn’t want to lose his job. He gives José the evil eye. José may know something about martial arts but he doesn’t know how to open a door because Manuel has to tell him it opens out. JP comes downstairs and goes into the kitchen as Ro watches his assets. Manuel asks about Reinaldo. “You said he went out but his car is still here.”

Reinaldo went across the street to see Gris and to tell her that he’s moving back in with TC until all this “scandal” blows over. He feels that Pati especially needs him at this time and he didn’t want her to hear it second-hand. Gris tells him she hasn’t given it a thought. She knows the Pati is strong enough to get through this. She remembers her words when she met Reinaldo: “Todo es simplemente cuestión de ingenio y de actitud.” (“Everything is simply a question of ingenuity and attitude.”) Reinaldo says he remembers those words. He also says that she has applied them to her life. He leaves. Amalia thinks that Gris looks disturbed about something. She says no, but tells her that Reinaldo came to tell her that he’s going back to his ex-wife.

Thank you so much for the recap, Sue.
Can I just say that I totally agree with you that the whole "scandal" is a non-issue?
I understand why TC is so freaked out about it, because she loves to go on and on about class and money, but why do the others care? What difference does it make for Pari that her grandmother was a servant? Shouldn't she be more worried about the mental desease?
And Reinaldo is MOVING IN, TOO??????


This week was so sloooow and full of nonsense. I agree. What is the big deal about TC being adopted. It was legal with all the rights of a biological child. The only issue would be inheriting the mental illnes. Not the first, just have to deal with it like so many others do.

Pati asking her dad to move in to TC's house to babysit her. Pati the daughter, yes. Rei the ridiculed ex-husband, COME ON! And the fact that Pati asked this of her dad is unbelievable.

Why do tn's insist on flashback fillers. The worst was Sin Senos... Isn't it better to cut the novela short and end with some sort of dignity?


Sue- Thanks so much for this recap. It was much needed because I never did catch up and watch the episode this weekend. Even so, ITA with everything you all said about how silly this "scandal" is. It would be one thing if the scandal was about someone living-- like say Arnold Schwarzenegger fathering a child with his housekeeper. The child is not the one who is being ridiculed. It's the parents, particularly the man, who did the cheating and the fathering. In this case, TC's bio-dad. TC has no control over who her bio parents were. In fact, I think most news agencies would get more mileage out of turning this into some sob story and making her the victim. She'd become famous for being so strong and dealing with her painful past. Blah, blah, blah.

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