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Lo Que La Vida Me Robó Miercoles 1/8/14 #41

Chapter 41: Another Day, Another Death

In Review:

Constable Loreto disposed of Pervertino in the stable. He then stole the cursed gold ring previously stolen from Lord Benjamin Almonte.

Current Happenings:

Gaol: Esmeralda visited Refugio to assure herself of his safety; alas there is a price she will pay for that. She carefully stepped away before being seen by the guard seeking her favors.

Almonte Estate: The recently returned Macario entered the manor to advise Lord Alejandro that his prisoner had been disposed of before he could be transported. He had made enquiries of the other workers and no one had heard the shot. Their other prisoner is alive. Lord Alejandro concluded that Pervertino had been killed so he could not speak of whom he was working for. He then ordered Macario to post guards at the entrances and to guard Lady Monserrat.

Steward's Cottage: José Luis looked out the window and admitted Macario, who told him they were to escort the prisoner into town. Macario told him of the murder, saying it was done by someone wanting to permanently silence the dead man.

Lady Monserrat's Bedchamber: Lord Alejandro entered to wake her. She asked to speak to Pervertino before he took him into Agua Azul. He informed her why this was no longer possible and she explained that Pervertino had claimed he knew something about her mother that would be of interest to her. His Lordship dismissed that as a lie, also telling her that no one knew who had shot him. He intended to escort the other prisoner into Agua Azul personally and to speak with Captain Robleto regarding Corporal Alvarez. He did not trust Constable Loreto. He intended to return that day. He told her to stay in the manor for her own safety. They kissed and embraced before he departed.

Steward's Cottage: José Luis told Lord Alejandro of his suspicions of Constable Loreto, saying that he was concerned for the security of Lady Monserrat. However, His Lordship told him that he needed him to accompany him to the Admiralty. José Luis tried to dissuade him from getting the Navy involved, but His Lordship explained that he had no other option, as he believed the local civil authorities – including the Lord Mayor – to be corrupt. Of course, he also mentioned that he needed to speak with the Captain regarding Corporal Alvarez. José Luis said he was concerned that Loreto was planning another attack. Lord Alejandro appeared convinced, but still suspicious. He agreed.

He then spoke to Macario, telling him that there was a slight change in plans. He told him he was to watch Lady Monserrat. Handing him a pistol, he informed him that he was to shoot to kill at any threat. After they departed, José Luis contacted Loreto who all but admitted to the killing. José Luis then told him that he will have no opportunity to carry out his own mission because Lord Alejandro will be en route to Agua Azul with his other prisoner. He asked why he did not do the deed himself only to be told by Loreto that it was too difficult to catch His Lordship in a vulnerable position. “You are the one man who can,” he told him. José Luis informed him that he was about to lose His Lordship's trust and why, which moved Loreto to the realization that he was also suspicious of him. The Navy would investigate him. Neither of them will benefit from His Lordship's visit to the Admiralty. Loreto said not to worry and just concentrate on the task at hand. José Luis then insisted upon Refugio's release, but Loreto would not acquiesce, as this was his best guarantee of his co-operation. José Luis persisted, saying that if he did not by that afternoon, he could forget their agreement. He then ended the contact, leaving Loreto in a quandary. He sent for his trusted gaoler, Ezéquiel Basurto, and told him to get the prisoner out of his cell. After Basurto departed, Loreto contacted the Lord Mayor to request his assistance.

Almonte Manor: José Luis entered and Lady Monserrat enquired as to why he had not departed as he had promised. With Master Dimwit away there was no impediment, except perhaps for the events of the previous evening. He told her that His Lordship asked him to remain and see to her safety. She asked again why he simply did not leave, as his presence was a danger to her life. She asked what he wanted. Just as he touched her face in a manner ill-suited to a man of his position, Macario arrived to tell him that his assistant had been found near the river and was escorted back to the cottage. As he was about to leave to see to this, José Luis told Macario to see to the security of the property. Lady Monserrat was about to exit, but he told her in the most respectful tone to remain inside the manor for her own safety. Macario would not allow her to even go out on the patio.

Steward's Cottage: José Luis arrived to find Refugio seated in a chair, badly bruised. He told him he was so badly beaten he thought the corrupt police would kill him. José Luis then told him they were going to leave, but Refugio said they could not; they were being watched. If they did not kill Lord Alejandro in their view in the morning, they would be identified on the spot and killed by His Lordship. Otherwise there would be no escape for them. José Luis did not want to do this.

Parlour: Lady Monserrat laid on the divan, her expression unreadable. Rosario enquired as to why she did not retire for the night. She replied she was awaiting His Lordship's return, and he was later than expected. Rosario speculated that he would return in the early hours of the morning, then noticed a change in Her Ladyship's manner when she spoke of her husband. Lady Monserrat then spoke of how tenderly he had awakened her that morning. At the last, she decided to retire and wished her servant a good night. Rosario smiled as Her Ladyship went upstairs.

Outside: Rosario saw Macario at the foot of the stone steps, keeping watch in the night. He explained that he was watching for His Lordship and speculated that she was also doing so. Before more words were said he arrived. At his enquiry Rosario told him that Her Ladyship had just retired after waiting up for him and Macario told him that nothing unusual happened in his absence except for Refugio having been beaten. His Lordship then saw José Luis and told him he wished to speak with him. They went inside into the parlour. His Lordship had never had an opportunity to speak with Captain Robleto, who was absent at a meeting with the Lord Mayor. At His Lordship's enquiry regarding the beating, José Luis told him that he had seen some suspicious men near the property and there was a fight. His Lordship poured drinks and José Luis told him that Constable Loreto wanted to meet with him on the morrow to surrender Corporal Alvarez. His Lordship's attention was full, asking whether he had caught the man. He intended to meet with the Constable, but not alone; he was certain that this was a trap. José Luis offered to accompany him, fully armed and concealed, at the noon hour. There was nothing else to discuss and José Luis departed.

Lady Monserrat came downstairs in her nightgown to persuade him to accompany her to the bedchamber. He eagerly followed. Rosario, who witnessed this, smiled at the prospect of their marriage improving.

Steward's Cottage: José Luis returned and described his conversation with Lord Alejandro to Refugio, who was attempting to assuage his pain with drink. Refugio reminded him that Lord Alejandro had taken his ladylove, purchased her as though she were a piece of furniture. Surprisingly (at least to Refugio) José Luis said that nothing can be taken from you that you do not have. Refugio reminded him that they have to kill him or be killed themselves. José Luis made no reply.

Lord Mayor's Residence (horror-film music builds in the background): The Lord Mayor sat in his drawing room, consuming what was likely not his first cocktail of the evening as he smoked his pipe. The tinkling of the ice provoked an eerie atmosphere. Lady Nadia sat at the opposite end, attempting to ignore him. In a cold, menacing tone he enquired as to what was amiss.

Not looking at him, she said “Nothing. I am as I always am.”

Then why do you not meet my eyes?”

She looked at him, carefully controlling her reaction as she said “I am looking at you, and... nothing.”
But he would not be deterred. He persisted in his interrogation, attempting to learn what he was certain she was concealing from him. She was not regarding him as she had before. She reminded him that he had told her she had never provoked any feeling in him. He rose from his seat, saying she appeared strange, demanding to know if she had sought comfort elsewhere. Carefully she told him that if she appeared strange, it was of his doing. Their marriage was not what she had hoped for.

I am not happy with you, Pedro.”

It's better that way with a man like me. You will never find my equal, nor one who would take you seriously. Do you really believe you could do better? You are deficient as a woman. Thanks to me, Nadia, you are Someone. You are the wife of the Lord Mayor of Agua Azul. Without me, you would be nobody.”

She faced him squarely, with all her courage and without regard for consequences. “You are sick. I am from a powerful family. You married me for that because with a woman of my position you could succeed at getting what you want. It makes you angry that I am a woman who knows about real love. But you? You know nothing of this.”

She left him standing alone in the parlour, his face frozen in anger, and his voice silenced by her daring to speak the truth.

Almonte Manor, Dining Hall: Lady Monserrat suggested to her husband that the Lord Mayor could be of assistance to him regarding their recent problems on the estate. He firmly denied the possibility, saying that he believes the Lord Mayor Medina to be corrupt. He had seen him many times in Constable Loreto's company and believed that they were accomplices. Lady Monserrat expressed sympathy for Lady Nadia, whom she already knew to be unhappy. “Like yourself?” enquired His Lordship. “No.” was the reply, along with a question as to what he intended to do. He spoke of organizing some workers into guarding the estate with the assistance of his steward.

She asked whether he trusted the man and he said he did, enquiring whether there was reason for him not to. She denied that she felt so. However, he remained obsessed with the unseemly coincidence of his steward having also been in the Navy and that he was competing with a naval corporal in Her Ladyship's heart. She asked him why he persisted in this and why could he not put it aside, swearing her love for him. He is still in doubt in view of how her previous actions had contradicted her past declarations. He still awaits the day when she will truly prove her love.

Lord Mayor's Residence, Bedchamber: Lady Nadia laid in bed, Sir Victor's words echoing in her mind on the heels of her husband's insults. Her husband then entered stealthily, picked up a decorative pillow from the other side of the bed, and slapped it against the headboard, as though cracking a whip. Lady Nadia managed to feign sleep, and although she did not see his face she understood his intent.

The Following Day

Sir Victor's Residence (music representing operatic grief begins in the middle of this): His housekeeper enquired of his needs and he explained that he would shortly be leaving for work. When the doorbell rang he took his valise and left the foyer, leaving his housekeeper to admit Lady Nadia, who insisted upon seeing him. The housekeeper tried to say he had just departed, but Lady Nadia would not accept this lie as she had seen his vehicle outside. The housekeeper continued to carry out her employer's orders, but Lady Nadia would not be dismissed. She insisted upon waiting for him until his return, finally saying she would wait outside.

After the door closed Sir Victor returned, thanking his housekeeper. The woman pleaded with him to see Lady Nadia, as she was in a terrible state of anguish. He would not, nor would he explain his reasons. She left to continue her work and Sir Victor became pensive until the doorbell sounded again. Lady Nadia was outside and it had begun to rain. Thunder sounded as the rain poured down on her, pounding her garments close to her body as she cried out his name. He appeared to want to admit her, but remained frozen in the middle of the drawing room, finally shutting his eyes firmly, in so much pain he could not permit it to show.

Steward's Cottage: José Luis loaded a pistol and dressed for the torrential rain. Refugio asked whether he should accompany him, but he said he needed to do this alone. He bid him farewell and walked out, leaving his friend to wonder what they would have to say to Lady Monserrat after finding His Lordship dead.

Almonte Manor, Study / Parlour: Lord Alejandro was also loading a pistol, which he shoved into his trousers just before Lady Monserrat entered. At her question he explained that he was meeting with Constable Loreto. She asked why he was not coming up to the manor in that torrential rain. She clearly did not like this situation and said so. He finally told her that this would at last settle a pending issue and that he would not be late. He dressed for the weather, but before he could leave through the parlour Macario arrived to tell him that they had a materials delivery that required payment and he could not find the steward. His Lorship asked Lady Monserrat to take care of the matter from the desk drawer. She said she would take care of it and told him to be careful before he left. She then walked toward the stairs, passing Maria on her way.

Maria asked Macario if they had buried Pervertino. At his affirmation she commented that he had gotten what he deserved. She asked where Lord Alejandro was and whether anyone knew who had killed her uncle and Marcario responded in the negative. The loquacious man then said that Pervertino was an evil man and everyone's hour of payment eventually comes due. Maria asked whether His Lordship was angry with her... because Pervertino was her uncle. Macario, surprised at her apprehension, said that no one is responsible for a relative's acts or way of being. Lady Monserrat returned and Macario followed her into the study. He presented the invoice so she could know the needed sum. She opened the drawer and was shocked at finding it empty.

Woods: José Luis waited in the woods as the rain continued to pour down, the sound of it hitting the trees and the gound as the thunder rolled behind it. He walked around the trees until he heard Loreto's voice calling out “Where is Almonte?” behind him and he turned to look down the barrel of his pistol. José Luis told him that His Lordship would be arriving shortly and that it was on the pretext of him handing over Corporal Alvarez. Loreto seemed maliciously amused, saying that before he died Lord Alejandro would know the true identity of his steward. Further, that he had better not be playing games.

Kitchen: Rosario was washing the china from breakfast when Lady Monserrat entered, telling her that someone had stolen the money out of the desk in the study. She told her that there were only two keys, one in His Lordship's possession and the one he had given her. She asked if anyone could have gone to her room to rob her and Rosario quickly thought of Maria. Lady Monserrat was not surprised, knowing that Maria would stop at nothing to cause more strife in her marriage. They mutually agreed that His Lordship had to be told.

Sir Victor's Residence, Bedchamber / Parlour: He sat on his bed, anguished at Lady Nadia's distress. The housekeeper appealed to him once more to admit the lady and he relented at last. The housekeeper ran outside and bid her enter. Once inside the housekeeper left her in the parlour while she brought towels for her. Upon her departure Sir Victor entered, asking why Lady Nadia was there. He had been clear that he wished to see her no more, that his words of love were a lie. She implored him to lie to her again because she needed to feel that someone loved her. He turned his back, knowing he would be unlikely to bear her tears. Finally he could stand it no more and he turned around to apologise, kiss her, and declare that he loved her more than his own life. [A clumsy edit] later she told him she thought she would die when he rejected her. Finally, he carried her into the bedchamber and relieved her of her clothing and of any doubts she had of his regard for her.

Woods: The rain still pouring, Loreto said they would wait for Lord Alejandro and that he had better arrive alone. José Luis stared at him carefully, then made certain he could not see him emptying the chambers of his pistol. Lord Alejandro arrived on horseback and was a few yards away when Loreto ordered José Luis to fire. He fired his empty pistol and feigned surprise that it was empty. Loreto fired once at Alejandro, who fell from his horse. He did not see José Luis reload his own pistol. José Luis called out his name and Loreto turned toward him just in time to face him down the barrel of his pistol and be shot at a distance from which no error could be made. The curse of the ring had claimed a second victim.


For this episode I almost wish I had recently read some Larry McMurtry or Zane Grey.

Pedro is going to be madder than a wet hen when these plans go bust.

Oh my gosh, Urban! This was so well was a chapter out of a Gothic novel!!! The fan you chose was perfect as well. BRAVA!!

...and Lady Nadia! Would anyone have ever dreamed that she would have had the strength to face down Pedro the way she did?!

I fear for her life.

...and the ring? Who will get it next?


Urban A, I can't believe you got this up an hour before it airs on the west coast! What a terrific and compelling recap. I can't wait to watch this episode.

Since Loreto took the ring the previous and it may still be in his pocket, we will see.

If he's dead (which is most likely) the next person to see it might be whoever goes through his pockets. That could be anyone.

If Alejandro recognizes it he will think that his sperm donor had dirty dealings with Loreto, which would not be inaccurate. Not that it matters that Loreto took the ring off Pervertino's newly dead hand.

Well, it looks like the path is cleared for Pedro to be the villain we expect from Sergio Sendel.

I find Pedro to be almost terrifying. He is a frightening man.

Nadia is right. Pedro is a very sick man.


This is wonderful, Urban! It really was the perfect episode to be captured in your style. I'm very grateful to you for stepping up at the last minute. Thank you!

On tv, the previews showed Antonio saying his goodbyes as he prepared to leave the hacienda. But before he can get out the door, Ezequiel Bazurto (Alexis Ayala) shows up and arrests him! (I think he calls him José Luis Alvarez). Oy vey.

Have we had even one episode that was boring or felt like so much filler? This novela is very compelling -- and so is this recap. Excellent!

BTW, when Nadia listens to Pedro's rant and responds "Estás mal," I understood it to mean "You're wrong!" I suspected it was a very Mexican or Central American thing so I poked around on WordReference and found this:

Forgive me. You know what a nerd I am.

Ah, Novela Maven, great catch! I am only "watching" through the recaps, so that is very interesting re the usage of "mal". Still, it was pretty bold of Nadia to look him straight in the eye and tell him what she thought. She knows she is taking a huge risk.

ITA that there has been no filler in this TN. That alone is pretty darn amazing, in my view.


Wow, Urban:

Your 'estilo gotico' writing was a perfect fit for dark and gloomy atmosphere of the capitulo. As NM and Fatima said, in 'Robo' we are getting no filler epis at all. Amazing.

Cross off two villains in two nights and we are only 1/4 of the way through the show! This show has me hooked.

I could not believe that we got Refugio back out of dire peril already. The guy has more lives than a cat.

I am glad Montse told Rosario about the money. I hope those two somehow find out about Adolfito's and Maria's roles in the theft.

Urban Anthropologist: Thanks for doing the capitulo on such short notice and for really expressing the feeling of the show.

Hasta mañana.



OT: someone has probably mentioned this, but just in case. . . Was watching the beginning credits for the 10:00 TN and noticed Luis Gatica's name. Also, looks like this TN is going to be cute.

What a recap and what an episode! UA, ITA that your gothic style was a perfect fit for this episode. I didn't realize you did this on short notice so Super Thanks!

I wonder if the production unit waited for rain or decided to film in spite of it? The rain and gloom surely added to the effect.

EJ, speaking of 9 lives, Victor and Nadia are definitely playing with fire. So far they are the best love couple (IMO), unable to stay apart even though they are all too well aware of the consequences. I'm kinda scared for those two though.

EJ, I hope that Macario will also be a witness on Montse's behalf when they tell Ale that his money is missing. Montse and Rosario should do a secret search of Maria's room.


Nanette, no I hadn't noticed that. Good eye! Glad to hear that LG will be reincarnated.

Urban (can I call you Urban?):
Wow! What an episode and what an awesome recap. You really nailed it with your writing style. Thanks so much for posting so early too. It is greatly appreciated.

So much happening in these epi's that I don't know where to start. I am still surprised that Juvie was killed so quickly. Maybe he will come back as a ghost as someone suggested yesterday. And now with Loreto also dead, I guess that leaves Pedro and Ezequiel as the main villains, besides Gracie and Dimi.

Pedro is kind of scary. After Nadia's brave confrontation with him, I thought he was going to do something else with that pillow. (Like suffocate her) He barely missed hitting Nadia with that pillow when he threw it at the headboard. I hope that she leaves his ass. I am so happy that she stood up to him and let him know how she feels about their 'marriage'. It's clear that Pedro only wanted to marry her to advance his political career. The truth will come out one day. Maybe he has a lover, and with everyone nowadays having a camera phone, Pedro will be caught on video "con las manos en la masa."

It was such a touching scene when Nadia was waiting outside in the rain to see Victor. I felt so bad for her as she cried out his name. And then when she came inside and asked Victor to lie to her and tell her that he loved her because she needed to be loved, even if it was a lie. My heart just sank. To me this scene was more touching and harder to watch than the goodbye scene between Montse and JL. What a relief it must have been for Victor to just give in and tell Nadia that he really did love her, and to forgive him for making her suffer. They are such an adorable couple. I think these two actors and really good in their roles.

Thank goodness we didn't have to see much of BM in this epi. Of course she wasn't even thinking of how her father must have felt knowing his killer was his own brother. The only thing on her mind was whether or not Ale was mad at her. BM, you are a selfish, obsessive, hateful, hipocrita, ofresida, ladrona! I feel better now. Sorry, Carlos, but I had to let it out.

Anyhoo, did anyone else see Ale's face when Montse came out in her nighty. I'm sure there were a million things going through his mind (among other places) when he saw her. His eyes lighted up a bit. I think Montse and Ale are growing closer, and if JL ever decides to make like a tree and leave, then maybe they can finally have some alone time.

It seemed to me that JL was more concerned about Refugio's safety than that of Montserrat's. JL was really distraught when they told him that they had found Refugi beaten up by the river. JL could have left Refug behind, but he didn't. That bromance is one strong love that no one can tear apart.

I must go to bed now. More comments later today.

p.s. Ale sure did look handsome in tonight's epi.

Back to sleep...hasta pronto!


I was glad to see that Macario was a witness when Montse opened the drawer with no money. Because we all know that BM (being the bitch that she is)is planning to blame Montse for the missing money. I am hoping that this backfires on BM, and then she will feel even worse for sleeping with Adolfito.

Okay, now I am really off to bed.....

Awesome recap, loved it to pieces.

Nadia broke my heart with her crying in the rain. I had no idea she loved Victor so much. First she shows strenght in confronting Pedro and then she totally breaks down in front of Victor.
I was on the edge of my seat (literally), screaming at him: "Go get her, you fool, she's sitting in the rain, crying for you!"

Ale and Montse had a cute scene before he left, but how much longer will their platonic relationship be believable? He's smitten, she's smitten, when is the sexy stuff coming?

JL as a murderer? Wow, that's a hard pill to swallow.

Urban, your exquisite style is breath taking, your beautifully selected words take on a life of their own. You set an intense, electrifying tone. Spell binding.

"The tinkling of the ice provoked an eerie atmosphere", "loquacious man" and "The curse of the ring had claimed a second victim" were amond my favorites.

Elna June, I also thought it strange that the two most interesting (and evil)villains were dispatched so quickly. I will continue the theme Judy started some time ago that Pedro is indeed evil, but is coming across as so one dimensional (acting? character? both?), his wooden delivery and steely stare do not breathe any life or fire into the role.

I also loved how Nadia faced him (Fatima, I think Pedro might lack the courage to kill Nadia, only because she is of use to him presently). Adriana Noel, I am not sure how Victor could let her scream in the rain as long as he did. At least he came to his senses eventually.

Jose Luis certainly showed no cowardice here. If only he had spoken up to Monse's father long ago, everything that traspired might have been averted.

NovelaMaven, I so agree with you! Every minute has been exciting here, nail biting suspense. I always can't wait to see what happens next.

Whatever will Ale say when he finds out the money is gone? Even if he confronts Maria, she will likely try and put the blame squarely on Monse. It will be interesting to see who he believes. Aunty Ann, I hope he believes his wife, but that remains to be seen.

Can't wait til tonight.

Urban, again, truly amazing.


Victor is a good example of The Playboy Who Finally Got Caught; Cupid must have been working on this for a while. Nadia is now a major Damsel in Distress being married to a monster.

The human variety of that is often far more frightening than a mindless beast.

There is no good reason Monserrat had to sneak into Maria's room as she is the mistress of the house. She and Rosario need to barge in there this second and search. They won't find much of that money but what Alfie gave her is far more than she could be expected to possess. She's been caught in Monserrat's room before, so she is a natural suspect.

Nadia needs to leave Pedro ASAP and go far away from Agua Azul. Victor needs to hire someone else to manage the factories and follow her. However, that would put them out of the story and we'd miss a lot of good stuff. These two actors are great together.

Wow! Urban, you really did this exciting episode justice.

Loreto is dead by JL's hand. Now he really does have blood on his hands, but like Refugio, he was protecting someone else. He owes Refugio his life, and Ale owes JL his life, three times over. When Ale finally learns his true identity, what will count most- their rivalry for Monse, or the three times JL saved his life?

I'm also glad that Mac was there to witness Monse's surprise at the missing money, and that Monse also went to Ro immediately to discuss it. Will that guarantee that Ale will believe her when inevitably he has to decide if he believes her or Maria? Given his track record, I'm not getting my hopes up.

Great recap, UA, with great style. It was fun to read!

Looks like that crazy sadist creep Pedro isn't going to let Nadia in any sort of peace. The scorpion in silver around his neck was so appropriate. Too bad Victor gave in to Nadia's pleas unless he was ready to take her and get the heck out of town. This could get very ugly.

Nobody, (except for Juventino and several others lol) deserved that bullet more than Loreto.

So glad that Montse discovered the missing money first.



Hats off to you Urban. This was a superb recap.

I felt so bad for Nadia yesterday. Thankfully Victor finally broke down and said he still loved her.

Ale definatley was looking hot last night. I liked that Montse came out to see him when he came home in her nightie. I think he was surprised but happy.

Can't wait for tonight!

Ok, you guys convinced me. I got to see a few mins last night and I am impressed. So I will try to catch as much as I can, probably not regularly until h.s. season is over by end of feb. But since I am watching and recaping Pobres, I will try.
UA, this was mahvelous!!
'The curse of the ring had claimed a second victim.' LOL!
I hope they don't extend it several times over. It looks very good and LRG is doing a great job as Jose Luis. Our boricua is doing us proud. (he and I grew up just a few miles away from each other) My family even frequented same cafe/restaurant (Fuentes BBQ) right around where he grew up.


Thank you Urban! Delicious, as usual, absolutely delish!

Great episode. I couldn't help thinking Refugio wants to get rid of the rival for his bromantic love, reminding JL that he must kill Ale. Tsk, tsk Fugie!

Pedro. What a psycho: "You will never find my equal. ." You got that right! Any nick names for this anal orifice? I think my man is not gay, I think he has permanent ED, the bastid!

"Lord Alejandro was also loading a pistol, which he shoved into his trousers just before Lady Monserrat entered." Uh, didn't JL do this too? Montse should've warned him of the possible harm to the other pistol by this action. Is it a guy thing? Like, I would never slip a loaded pistol, barrel first under my left (or right for that matter) breast. Sheesh!

I loved that "Rosario quickly thought of Maria" and Montse agreed. Yes! Finally some good old down home common sense leading immediately to the right conclusion! Get the 'ho'!

"Finally, he carried her into the bedchamber and relieved her of her clothing and any doubts she had of his regard for her." That was just tender, Urban. I know I wasn't supposed to but I was kinda laughing at Nadia outside in the pouring rain yelling "Victor" for hours! Damn. Must be some good sh*t!

And yes, JL! JL is doing much better in the bromance department. I like probably most of you knew he wouldn't shoot "el buen tipo". JL you are forgiven for every drop of sweat, for every whiny syllable and for every time you ducked behind a bush! I hope JL has a table though I fear he can't get out of this story alive and I think he knows it. And had to laugh again when Ale noted JL had saved his life a third time with a bemused look on his face.

I have to remind Ale that Montse should get credit for one of those times since "He still awaits the day when she will truly prove her love." Ale, recognize!


Hats off to you Urban. This was a superb recap.

I felt so bad for Nadia yesterday. Thankfully Victor finally broke down and said he still loved her.

Ale definatley was looking hot last night. I liked that Montse came out to see him when he came home in her nightie. I think he was surprised but happy.

Can't wait for tonight!

Vivi, you pose an excellent question about the shooting of Loreto. This will be a major moral dilemma for Alejandro and I certainly hope that it's handled with the appropriate sensitivity since this is now taking place in the 21st century.

The other matter of the money and Monserrat is different. Thus far he has had little reason to trust her. She has tried to bolt more than once, including on the wedding day. It won't be a stretch if he concludes that she was getting smarter about setting it up by acting shocked in front of Macario and running to Rosario for help.

These two things are not separate, either. Although Jose Luis lacks the true self-discipline of a military man, his motive for his recent actions is enough to provoke some improved long-term planning.

Maria, however, has just found out that her uncle murdered her father. If she were anyone else I could see how sympathy for that would outweigh almost anything; nobody deserves to have that happen. The problem is that she will stop at nothing to get Alejandro for herself and I can see her attempting to kill Monserrat if that is what it would take. We're not there yet as we're not quite a quarter of the way through the series, but if the writers don't kill her at the halfway mark I can see her as deciding to murder Monserrat or arrange an "accident" down the road.

Lord, UA, inspired by yesterday, you have my vote for the Hall of Fame. Hit this one out of the park.

Heck with our major twosome, Nadia and Vick just ruled last night. Bless her for telling her egomaniac hubby what she thinks of her marriage, and frankly him. The scene outside the house and their about chemistry and tearing at heart strings. We know they will go thru the depths of hell soon thanks to that cretin she married, but hopefully they will both come out at the end of this in one piece and happy. A toast to them at their patio table.

I don't have the warm and fuzzies on what Ale will do when he discovers JL is, well, JL. We have way too many episodes to think he's not going to go off the deep end, throw a tantrum and make both Monsa and JL suffer if those previews prove to be true.He's not enough in a happy place with trusting Monse that he would think sensibly on how the guy has saved his life, etc. That's my thinking for what it's worth. My paper bag at the Ale table is all set and ready. I may be wearing it when sitting there for awhile.

Love Alexis A. so looking forward to see if he steps up as our new secondary semi-villian. I still think we're suppose to look at Pedro as the ultimate bad guy, but maybe Ezequiel will be more fun to watch than Mr. Serious Pedro.


Lila, when Nadia was crying in the rain, I thought about how big her love is, too. That Victor must be something else, right?
Haven't seen Montse do this yet, for neither of her galans.
So far: Ale - violent stud
JL - sweaty stud
Victor - STUDLY a secas

I'm guessing that Pedro has some very dark and very personal secret yet to be revealed.

We know that he does not actually use the favors of the girls at the strip club and there has to be a reason for that. Based on what we have seen thus far, Nadia is unlikely to have seen him without his clothes on. We've previously discussed possibilities for his apparent asexuality, but it will probably be a while before we actually get the answer from the writers.

It's possible that they hadn't made a decision about this when this episode was written.

Thus far he has no relatives we know of and he has never spoken of his parents, so I am guessing they are dead. We don't know his character's age, but if we assume that he is meant to be about 40, his parents' deaths could have been premature -- as in accident or murder.

Speculation, not spoiler: He had abusive parents and when he couldn't take it anymore he set fire to the house and got burned while trying to escape, leaving major scars on his body and possibly specifically on his equipment.

Adriana, I don't think Monserrat has yet had the depth of feeling Nadia is capable of. I also think Nadia had better parents than she did, which gives her that advantage. I also think that Nadia is a little older than Monserrat. It would not look good for a latter-day politician of Pedro's age to marry someone as young as Monserrat, so I am guessing that Nadia is about 24 or 25.

If Alejandro actually got shot in last night's episode, we may find out whether Monserrat now feels for him as Nadia feels for Victor.

Loved Nadia standing up to Pedro and telling him exactly what she thinks of him and their marriage, and not allowing him to belittle her and her worth. I think he was too shocked to hit her. When he married her, I'm sure he thought he would be able to control her forever.

Urban- I do think she's as young as Monse, and that's exactly how Pedro was able to hoodwink her into marrying him. She was young and naive. But she is no longer naive, and because of his neglect and abuse, she no longer loves Pedro. He could have had her devotion (even without the sex) had he just been a little nicer to her.

Dear Urban Anthropologist,

Thanks for doing this wonderful recap. It was incredibly gripping, and I especially LOVED your detailed section with great dialogue on the exchange between Pedro and Nadia and your vivid descriptions of their expressions and body language:

"She faced him squarely, with all her courage and without regard for consequences. "

"She left him standing alone in the parlour, his face frozen in anger, and his voice silenced by her daring to speak the truth."

It's great to see Nadia showing so much courage. And her determination to see Victor was amazing. I agree with all commenters who found their scenes touching and who love this couple.

I had been thinking that Pedro is gay, but I really like your idea that he is instead incredibly disfigured underneath his clothes!

What I have never been able to figure out is WHY Pedro was so obsessed with finding J-L in the first place. If I remember correctly, originally Pedro said something to Loreto about J-L being the kind of man they needed for the work they wanted to do, but I never really understood what skill set J-L seemed to have in particular that made him so desirable to Pedro. I guess we're not supposed to know yet and just go with it, but I'm finding it hard to believe that Pedro would be so focused on J-L. Did I miss something?

Thanks again, Urban Anthropologist! I really enjoyed reading this dramatic and well-written recap!

Yes, Adrianna, big love indeed. Nadia might have been a little naïve and girly-girl when she was "courted" by Pedro and first married but Pedro's scorn grew her up in a hurry. Nadia and Victor are apparently ready to risk even their lives for this true love. Nadia's powerful family had better hurry up and get back in town 'cause Victor and his servant can't have been the only ones to hear her screaming "Victor!" in the rain.

Montse's got big love for Ale, too. As much as I loved his eyes lighting up when he saw her in her cute little night gown, I love the sweet not so secret smile that flits across her face like, "damn, this fine hunk of manhood is mine! It's so cute. Montse spotted the gun at the fair before anyone so she and JL have jointly saved Ale's life and her distraught manner and worry over him when he was shot the first time was real. I like, though, how Montse does seem every bit a 19 year old the way she sparred with Maria even before she began having feelings for Ale. Her giving him a little hug from the back after the drama with Juvie earlier in the day was a cute kind of juvenile territorial gesture.

Urban and others, I agree, whether his equipment was disfigured or is size-challenged, it is non-functional probably with either sex leaving the wild-eyed, explosive, grunting asshole we know as Pedro! As for what he wanted with JL I agree with you Julia Rold that it's unclear. Maybe Pedro was supposed to be written gay but they're not doing a very good job or the actor didn't want to play a serious all out gay role. I think they'd do better to go with ED based on pure eeevil.



I hate having to go out in the heavy rain, so I was impressed by Nadia looking like someone was holding a garden hose on raincoat, no umbrella ..yelling. " STELLA...STELLA...", ... Whoops..I mean " VIKTORRR..VIKTORRRR."

I hope that Rosario starts listening at doorways and hears a conversation between Malria and ADdled about that money.

Susanlynn, your "Stella" comment gave me a good laugh this a.m.


I think Pedro is looking for someone with knowledge of the Navy and how it works because I believe he is engaged in smuggling. The Almonte property may be three hours away from Agua Azul but that doesn't have to mean that it's three hours inland. There could be some waterfront land that would work for what Pedro wants it for.

Which is why he was willing to pay Alejandro twice its market value for it.

We have seen Pedro in the strip club, which is his connexion to the sex trade. However, the women we saw in those scenes look like they freely chose that work. Esmeralda is coming off as a classic Novela Hooker With a Heart of Gold, so I don't think she was trafficked into Mexico for this.

Whether Pedro is trafficking young girls for the sex trade or drugs for street sale, it takes a very cold fish to do this.

Amor Real had civil war break out in the middle, but that is not possible here. Which is why JL is a Navy man rather than Army. One of the prime duties of the Mexican Navy might be (in this tale) to prevent smuggling, although we already know that it is corrupt enough to cave to a request from a retired Admiral's wife. Military pay is not even a living wage in most countries, so someone in the Navy could be seduced into accepting big money from drug dealers to allow them to slip their evil stuff in.

Just speculation, particularly also in view of the popularity of the narco stories these days.

Well, I decided to see this episode. All I can say, Urban that this has to be one of the best you have ever written and you have written some really, really good recaps.

My gosh, I hope you are putting your incredible writing skills to good use and that your company or wherever you work sees and values you for your incredible talent! That is what I wish for you!!

Susanlynn, I was thinking "Stella, Stella!", too!!! Great minds. :))

Cap'n Sharkbait, I am worried for Victor/Nadia as well. I fear for their lives.

Diana, good point re Pedro needing Nadia for his own purposes right now, but this man Pedro is a very scary and frightening man. In some ways, he is much more frightening than Juvie.

Aunty Ann, LOVED your excellent adjectives for Maria!!! LOVED IT!!! Also agree that it was so good that Macario was present when Montse opened that drawer. I think that even when Maria tries to pull the wool over Ale's eyes, Macario will prevail in this one. At least, that is what I hope.

Julia Rold, I agree with you re Urban's statement as to how Nadia faced up to Pedro!!! Wasn't that an excellent line?! I saw it in my mind's eye even before I saw the episode.

Urban, gosh darn it, this was just one incredible recap!!! Thank you!!!


The dead villains knew that JL was JL. We didn't see or hear Loreto saying anything to Pedro about JL's identity so we don't know how much he knows.

Dimwit and Aldolfo know, so they are the next possible source of danger. I hope they're in Monday's episode so I have a change to rip them a couple of new ones.

Monserrat should tell Alejandro once again not to give her mother any more money. When he has a chance to think about it the death of Juventino should stop that gravy train.

Lila, my in-my-own-head nickname for Pedro is Pendejo. I also wondered why all the guys keep shoving pistols down the front of their pants. Really dudes? Ever heard of scrambled eggs?

UA you are so right, Montse and Rosie should grab Ale and Macario, bust into Maria's room and conduct a full-scale search.

Also, your theory about Pedro being a trafficker and needing land and Navy knowledge for such makes a whole lotta sense.

ITA with y'all that Nadia rocked last night. Her verbal smack-down of Pedro was my favorite scene of the night, especially reading UA's description of it.


Been following all the recaps. Thanks much to all the recappers!

Sergio Sendel - does this actor have a bad case of frozen face a.k.a. Botox, or what? I can't believe his delivery - and his mouth is almost shut. Hard to take him seriously as a villain. Yuck.

Pedro can't stand for anyone to touch him sexually or with affection, so I diagnose his "cold fish" problem as cruel abuse in his past.

UA...Simply splendid. You handle dramatic scenes so well. Haven't seen this yet, so will wait until commenting further. But thanks for jumping in and agreeing to do this at the last minute...and to do it so well. You're an awesome team player.


I always crack up at the ease with which we throw around non-English vulgarities though we would never use the equivalent term in our mother tongue (or at least not here). I do the same thing of course. (Over on Telemundo, when we watched La Reina del Sur the first time around, we posted glossaries for ourselves so we could follow some of the more colorful vocabulary.)

I was reminded of the eyebrows raised round the world when German Chancellor Angela Merkel borrowed a vulgarity from English (sh**tstorm) and used it in a speech. The term had become so popular that it had been incorporated into the German lexicon. But can you imagine our president using it in a serious speech?

Of course there are other issues here -- does a culture consider words referring to sexual function as taboo while embracing the scatological? (That may be what is going on with this particular 'tempestad')

If you're curious, check this out:


" I couldn't help thinking Refugio wants to get rid of the rival for his bromantic love, reminding JL that he must kill Ale. Tsk, tsk Fugie!"

I was thinking the same thing! Definitely not Refugio's finest hour (or his smartest -- JL had either overheard The Patio or just intuited that Loreto was setting a trap for both him and Alejandro, but Refugio, as usual, takes everything at face value. "Kill Alejandro and we will save ourselves.")

It almost made me think he deserved those "trancazos" (blows given with "una tranca" or stick, such as the one wielded by Ezequiel)! -- just in case you're collecting -azos.

UA: Fabulous recap and insightful comments. Can't wait to hear the story Montse tells Ale about the money.

NovelaMaven: Don't you think that something is lost in translation?

Nm..that was an interesting comment about using bad language from another language. I had heard "maldita sea" I think on Alborada and found out from my Latino students that is wasn't a nice word to use in polite society. Also, I warn my students about using words that they hear on the street . When my very quiet younger daughter was five, she let loose a naughty word in the middle of her birthday party. We think she picked it up from her cousin. Yikes.

NM, so glad you "called me" on the P word. I had added a sentence about hoping that I don't get banned from The Patio, then deleted it thinking it might call too much attention to myself. If one looks up online it will define it as "idiot" or "dumbass". However, use the word with a native spanish-speaker and you will likely get a shocked look, raised eyebrow, guffaw, or stern rebuke.

Great article. Thank you for the link. Language fascinates me and I am thrilled to be surrounded by so many language nerds. (Hey, you were the one who said "nerd".)


"Don't you think that something is lost in translation?"

That's a great question. Often, it is THE question. I think that most of the time, yes, something is lost. But in the case of taboo words, something is gained. Of course I'm not talking about a simple-minded Google-type translation from L1 to L2. (I'm not going to be upset if you call me a goat, say.) But when you translate a vulgarity from L1 as an equally forceful vulgarity in L2, something is gained -- or at least maintained.

As Susanlynn pointed out, it's sometimes hard to appreciate the power of insults in a language that is not your mother tongue, even when you are talking about a relatively mild term like 'maldita sea.'

Mr. Sharkbait and I loved going to the movies in Mexico, watching in English with Spanish subtitles (or vice versa) and seeing how curse words or vulgarities were translated. Our version of immature bathroom humor I guess.

Hah. I like doing that too, Sylvia. I always marvel at the number of taboo words in Spanish and how easily innocent words are co-opted as vulgarisms. English does this too, of course, but far less creatively, in my opinion. A person could get herself in trouble...

Cap'n Sharkbait, "Scrambled Eggs"!!! Oh boy, I like it! Can't you see that visual now?!?

Novela Maven, I really appreciate that you are a language nerd. I love languages and have learned so much here.

Keep 'um comin'!!



Wonderful story about your daughter and the use of certain words.

Sylvia, mi amiga:

Mea culpa, mea culpa on the use of 'colorful' language. The actual spoken use of language can be very subtle and one thing that is lost in both translation and on the written word is the INTENT of the speaker.

Without the ability to see the speaker's face, to read their mood, a jocular comment can go from being edgy and amusing to being perceived as a deadly insult.

NM—This is one of the many reasons I love your writing. You are PRECISE in your use of words to convey meaning.

Sylvia, I just got myself a pair of black glasses and a cane. Like Ralphie in "A Christmas Story" I am afraid I have the dreaded consequence of parental punishment for an over-indulgence in language, SOAP POISONING. My mother's favorite was Ivory soap, 99% pure.

"Now, I had heard that word at least ten times a day from my old man. He worked in profanity the way other artists might work in oils or clay. It was his true medium; a master."

Of course the problem with profanity is that it can so easily slide into vulgarity, heaven forfend. Such a narrow line to walk...

Big smiles to my friends.



Thanks for the reassurance, Fatima. Actually, you might be surprised by how much traffic the nerd table on The Patio gets.

EJ, I can't recall anything you have said here that would have made Ralphie's mom -- our yours -- reach for the Ivory soap. But then memory is so selective, especially when it concerns those we love...

NM and Cap'n, I guess we can just rotate through mildly vulgar and juvenile English-based names for Pedro like "jerk off" and "scuz bucket" and "limp-d*cked psycho". Uuuf! He's a character I luuuv to hate!


OT: For all those Silvia Navarro fans: Flaco just told me that Azteca is repeating an early SN TN--Cuando Seas Mia. Not sure when it started. He says it's pretty good--one of his favs. I'm excited. She's my fav.

Televisa remade it as Destilando Amor.

Didn't get to see the ep last night. Busy morning so unable to read recap/comments. Lunch break in 15 minutes--lot's to look forward to.

I Tutored a teen from Argentina a few years ago who told me that she used a common word in Spanish when she was in Puerto Rico and was very embarrassed when she was told that it also had a not so nice meaning there.

My father-in-law'a name was Richard , but everyone called him by the common nickname for that name. Then, my daughter dated a Richard who went by the nickname Rich because the other nickname somehow got turned into a word that prompted snickers. I could never figure out how that happened to that very common nickname.

then , there's the snickers when English people tell you that they will "knock you up." Heh, heh

Also, I tutored a woman from Israel who told me that all their swear words were in Arabic. I never researched that tidbit.

It is always interesting to me the way people from different countries address me. A tutor from an Arab country always calls me by my last Mrs. preceding it which sounds very weird in English unless you are a teenage athlete. I had young guys from Syria years ago who never called me Mrs. X but instead always called me Miss Susy or Mrs. Susy. I also have to explain to my students the difference between Miss, Mrs., and Ms.



I think Miss Susy sounds quite charming. By the way, I wanted to thank you for your definitive take on the lay/lie grammatical dilemma we were discussing yesterday.

Where were you when I was in OT trying to remember basic rules of grammar? Remember, we need ESL and English professors here in Northern California, as well. Perhaps, in order to stay near your children, you offer on-line remedial grammar courses?

I'm signing up for your class with a smile.



Sign. Just ask Sylvia how I speak in the world of everyday life. I have earned soap poisoning and then some.


What is also interesting is the variation in insults in different countries and also the different countries' rules for what you can and can't say on TV. Try watching the Argentine version of Mujeres Asesinas and you'll hear "hijo de puta" enough times to rival the F word in an Eddie Murphy comedy routine.

My first Hispanic ad agency had people from different countries and any ad copy had to be vetted through every represented country to prevent the possibility of insulting anyone accidentally. We never had a problem with having to redo an ad.

Now..... at least that pendejo Juventino can't make us complain about his mumbling again.

Funny you should talk about insults in different languages and how they sound, because I spend all my days speaking in a language that is not my own, so sometimes I do say something I'm not supposed to. Oh, I think I have about a million different stories about this.

Cursing in a foreign language has no meaning to me, either (I'm talking mostly about French, with English it's a different story because I've been speaking it for a long time) - so I can say some pretty nasty things that make others stare, mostly because they're not used to me talking like this.

A few weeks ago I was chatting with a very good friend about my first kiss and I was trying to say that it happened in front of a church. But, instead of saying the word "kiss" the nasty word for "having sex" came out (French speakers on the board might know what I'm talking about). The friend (a man) was speechless for a moment and I immediately realized the mistake (I always mix up the two). We ended up having a good laugh about it, but he still teases me about my "first" time in front of a church.

What a fun day on the patio. We're not about to let a little doom, gloom, murder and foul weather rain on our parade. I am really enjoying everyone's interesting language stories.

Lila, I believe I'll just think of Pedro as LDP from now on.

NovelaMaven and Urban - Still getting caught up from yesterday and will savor your recaps tonight. Thanks.

Refugio must still be suffering from the blows he took. He should know JL wouldn't kill Ale. Esme, get your man some food and drink cause he's suffering from brain deprivation.

My dad only curses in the car (at other drivers), but only with Jamaican curse words. There is one particular Jamaican curse word that is really bad (bumba****), and I've heard Americans use it because they think it's funny (it is a funny sounding word), but it is NOT to just be thrown out.

Adrianna Noel:

I suspect you may be a bit of a language savant. I would never know from reading your posts that English was your second or third language.

What a gift!


Oh I don't know, Sylvia. I might just resort to the Shakespearian Insult Kit you introduced us to when we were recapping El Tal:

Then I can call him a "craven fen-sucked clotpole" or a "surly doghearted canker-blossom" (and when some insistent pedant comes along to explain what a naughty double-entendre I have just uttered, I will put my fingers in my ears and sing El Perdedor at the top of my lungs.)

Oh and EJ:
I'm not signing nothin'

Yes, Adriana, you are so very impressive.

I think the word you refer to changed in meaning between the time I first learned it in school many many years ago and when I started studying French again a few years back. I was a little shocked but happy to be forewarned.

NovelaMaven, I was just looking at The Shakespearean Insult Kit last night! I think maybe Urban A's recap inspired me. Like Mr. Sharkbait always says, you've got to have the right tool for the job.

Sylvia, fingers in ears and singing El Perdedor

I am guilty of using bad words in Spanish. I live in a city where half of the population speaks Spanish, so I hear it all the time. As a matter of fact I grew up speaking both English and Spanish.

NM, thanks for the "call out" on my language to describe Maria. So very often I have to remind myself that many of you on this blog are just learning the language. If there are any questions about the words I used just ask. I hope I didn't offend or confuse anyone.

Onto another subject. I forgot to mention how much I loved that scene where Ale woke up Montse to tell her he was leaving. It was so sweet and sexy of him to do that. It brought a big smile to my face.
Adriana Noel: ITA when you said, "He's smitten, she's smitten, when is the sexy stuff coming?" Hopefully soon!

Can't wait for tonight's epi!

Back to work...hasta pronto!

EJ, did you just call me a savant? Haha, that's a first, but my ego is very satisfied.

NM, I know the difference between the two, but as I try to be as fluent as possible, I get mixed up.
But you wouldn't believe the things I get away with just because I'm a foreigner with a cute accent - apparently, there are bad accents and good ones.

Someone mentioned the other day that Montse's bra wouldn't be good for Maria because she's smaller in size. That made me really pay attention, because I was under the impression that Maria is the better endowed of the two - maybe because of the blouses she wears.
But seeing Montse in her little nighty set things straight for me. She should have used a robe, though, what if Macario or El Capataz happened to be there?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks for this most splendid recap, UA. You really captured the tone and mood of this episode with your unique, borrowed (purloined?) style. A real treat.

The scene in the dark rainy forest reminded me of an early scene from the beautiful movie, Excalibur.

Wow, with both Juventino and Loreto dead and Refugio out of jail, maybe it's no longer so urgent for JL to get out of Dodge.

If this show is not even to the halfway point, I don't see María getting kicked out of the house. Should be fun to see how Montserrat handles this.

The situation between Nadia, Victor, and Pedro has reached a crisis point. I'm intrigued to see what develops next... on all fronts. I haven't a clue and I watched every single episode of AR.

The variation in meanings of certain words in Mexico and Colombia was frequently and successfully used as a humorous device in LHdM.


I think my hubbie's accent is cute and I've encouraged him not to lose it (Ibo ethnic group, Nigeria). His cussing just isn't effective because it's so cute sounding. Well, I'm the one who cusses in the family but sometimes I ask him to say "m*..f**.." just for a laugh! Hee Hee!


Carlos, I'm curious about Pedro, Nadia and Victor, too.
Nowadays, secondary characters from remakes are sometimes completly rewritten or made up, which makes their story refreshing in a way that the lead story can never be.
In 9 cases out of 10 the main protas end up together, but things are never so clean cut with the others, so that makes it so much more interesting to watch.

For those who watched Esmeralda back in the day, you must remember Graciela and Adrian's story - she was a rich girl and he was the driver - she died at the end. How I sobbed watching that story!!! I still remmeber the couple's theme song and I can sing it from memory.

I knew you knew the difference -- believe me, I understand quite well how easy it is to misspeak even when you KNOW something. ;D

I was thinking of La Hija del Mariachi too, of Emiliano's shock, for example, when Rosario said she had to 'coger' the bus. The playfulness about language was one of my favorite things about that novela.


We at the Alejandro Table will not put on a "paper bag" no matter how Alex reacts after learning of his wife's betrayal and deception. No matter how mad he gets, his response will be normal.

You find out that your husband's girlfriend as been living in the house with you. (I'm looking at you Governor Arnold and Maria). She's been eating your food, sleeping in your bed and using your toilet. Not only are you supporting her, you are also supporting her husband and her friends and the ALL know that her lover is sleeping in the extra bedroom. I don't advocate domestic violence, but I'd understand it in this case.


GREAT JOB on your devotion to Alex this week!

JuneB, you need to step it up. You are still on probation.

Gloria Abbott: Your comment about Alex is stamped Alejandro Table Approved.

Thanks for the fabu recap, UA!

Gloria and JudyB,

Pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain waving the approval stamp. All tables on The Patio welcome everyone!

Let's mingle nicely, friends!

You're welcome, everyone. Here's hoping that the rest of the series lives up to its first 22%.


Paper bags are an optional accessory. Like tablecloths. If DaisynJay feels the need to wear hers, she doesn't really need anyone's consent to do so.

At some point, even AuntyAnn may feel the need to reach for one. And she is entirely within her rights to do so.

Let's Keep The Patio Mellow.

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I'm looking forward to seeing this ep after reading UA's great recap and all the comments. Looks like a winner. I love that there are quite a few Mons/Ale scenes as one of my main complaints about this TN is there are not enough hero and heroine scenes together.

If anyone is following Cuando Seas Mia on Azteca, could you let me know when they started airing it this time around? Can't find any info and want to know how many eps I've missed. Thanks.


I watched parts of Alborada. I'm not feeling Colunga in that show. Maybe it's the hair. I don't like the main actress either. The story seems interesting (I found old Caray Caray recaps and tried to follow along).

P.S. My boyfriend was so romantic with Nadia last night. Too bad he's gonna die, cuz Pedro's gonna kill him. (I am just kidding). I don't know that for certain, but well...Pedro is crazy.

This was such a juicy episode. Also soggy. That was a lot of rain!

And the recap brought out every nuance of the juiciness. Muy bien hecho!

Good thing Victor's place is weirdly set in a big open area, so maybe no neighbors heard. He and Nadia still need to hotfoot it to Brazil or something. Nadia has money of her own, right? Or her family does? She needs a divorce lawyer and some bodyguards who have no respect for Pedro. Speaking of whom, I'm generally against overuse of swears and vulgarity because I hear people using the same words over and over in place of more descriptive terms and I think it mostly makes them sound like they have inadequate vocabularies, but if the word fits...I have no problem with calling him Pendejo.

Why does he feel so high and mighty, by the way. Is being a small-town mayor really such an exalted status? How much power can that really give him?

I'm surprised they let Refugio go. He has amazing luck, in his own doomed way.

I think that Ezequiel is going to be Pedro's Waterloo. He wants power and position too. Maybe I'm wrong.

Julia, I knew a woman who used to say "Big Fish in a Small Pond" about a boss that we had. Pedro is influential in town. I can see why his head is big.

Nanette, I watched Cuando seas mia (loved it!) - if you tell me what is going on now I might be able to tell you what you missed.

I grew up in a small town (about 3000 people at the time), and the mayor for a number of years was the father of one of my classmates. She told me a few stories of parties her dad would throw at their house with the town police, and she'd find a bunch of them passed out in the living room in the morning with empty bottles and drug paraphernalia around. And this was a guy who was publically more or less respectable (he was also one of the more prominent attorneys in the area). Now I wonder what kind of backroom dealings he had going on with all his mad part-time mayor power.


I also think that Ezequiel will be Pedro's next right hand man. I am just afraid of what will happen to Esme. If Ezequiel gets any kind of power, he might want to have his way with Esme since she has asked him for so many favors. Let's hope that her primo (Refugio) will be there to protect her.

I just wanted to thank everyone for their support in my support and devotion to the hot and sexy Ale. Sorry ladies, but I just can't help myself. I hope that BM is a witness to Ale and Montse's closeness. Maybe then she will get a clue...NOT! That girl is cra!


Have you notice that Alex always wears a blue shirt? I think it makes his eyes more stunning. Don't you? LOL

Yes I noticed the blue shirt. Of course anything Ale wears makes his eyes more stunning! I like the way he wears those blue shirts, with the top buttons open. Just thinking about it is making me excited.


Thanks so much. I won't be able to see my first ep until tomorrow, since Flaco first told me about itl today and I can't set it up on my DVR until tonight. It's showing in the afternoon here. So looking forward to it and still trolling the news to see if/when her new one comes out this year.

Nanette, can you tell me what time Azteca is running the Silvia Navarro TN? I need to watch another TN like I need a hole in the head, but I just love SN.

Please let me know what you know!



Nanette, never mind, I found the listing for "Cuando Seas Mia" and, of course, it is in the middle of the day. Hopefully, I can DVR it.


OK, everybody cross your fingers. I applied for a job at Univision. Speaking Spanish is a requirement, but I would LOVE to work there! I would be awesome!

Good luck Cynderella! Fingers, toes and eyes crossed for you!

Thanks, Cap'n! I appreciate it.

Best of luck with the Univision position! Do you mind me asking if this is an office position or more on the production side of things? Either way Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AuntyAnn, it's for promotions. I don't care how I get in. I just wanna get in. They've had heavily guarded events at the college down the street from my house. Also, I used to drive by their offices on the way to work. It would be so awesome to work there even if I could be the receptionist. I can read Spanish, I just have trouble speaking it. I did get to use it today. I was helping someone at the DMV. We spoke Spanglish to one another.



Sounds great. Sorry I got so personal, but I work in television and was curious. I wish you the best of luck. Fingers crossed.
Try talking Spanish everyday as much as you can (even if it's to yourself)and it will get easier.

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