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La Sombra del Pasado #28 3/26/15

Be prepared for questionable quality and possible absence of details. I'm basically fast forwarding and writing down what I remember them saying...which might not be a lot. Oh, and I combined a lot of scenes. Always feel free to fill in.

Right to the new
Severiano(Sev) does an admirable job not letting on that he knows Simoneta Saavedra. According to her, she's here for business. Sev invites her to his study. When there, she tells him that she missed him soooo much! She swears she didn't let Candela(Cande) know anything! She's staying at a local hotel. She'll go back there and wait for him. (Seriously, what is it about Sev that has women clinging to him and going crazy?) As Simoneta leaves, Dominga sees her and you can tell there is recognition.

Pru and Humberto(Hum) argue about Aldonza. He's flattered that she would think a girl like Aldonza would go for him. Pru informs him that she put Aldonza in her place anyway and the news about The Stoning comes out. Pru also accuses him of keeping El Satunario at Aldonza's request and says that also explains why he was so willing to get a divorce. Hum gets angry and decides he's not going to share his bedroom with Pru anymore. He goes to stay with Emmanuel.

Padre J is worried about Aldonza's idea to keep the old Alcocer place. Aldonza reminds him that that land belongs to his family too! But he just fires back that the land doesn't belong to her anymore! Padre J doesn't want her living alone. Living on Sev's land is like living in the wolf's mouth. He doesn't want her to risk it. (My personal word of the week is exponer-to risk. It came up on the episode of QA that I recapped yesterday.) Aldonza is not afraid. She is going to get back what is hers. He wants her to at least think about it more.

Cande is impressed with Simoneta. She is very brave to be a widow and take over the handling of her husband's ranch. Uriel interrupts to report the golpiza Cris gave Abelardo(Lardo.)

Upstairs, Cris is looking for his escapulario. Dominga has it in her cross body purse. She gives it back to him. She wonders if he doesn't want to wear it because Aldonza has one just like it. Cris doesn't like how proud Aldonza became. Dominga tells him that sometimes people wear masks and that Aldonza is still the girl he fell in love with. He denies he fell in love with her. Cande comes in to request Cris's presence downstairs.

Aldonza tells her aunt that nothing is going to change her mind. Adelina agrees, but she wants to be the one that gives the check to Dr. Hum Zapata. She doesn't want Aldonza to be around the doctor if she can help it. Aldonza decides to go for a walk.

Uriel continues his accuastions which Cris vehemently denies. He only asked Lardo not to come back. Either they believe Cris or they believe Lardo. Uriel is a little nervous about having accused Cris. Sev clearly scares him. Sev convinces Uriel to let things go for now. It's just a case of boys being boys.

Melesio(Mel) runs into an agitated Cris. Cris asks him to saddle a horse for him. He needs to take a ride.

Hum moves into Emmanuel's room. He explains Pru has lost it and he can't stand it anymore. Funniest CC typo: Hum says he at least should haberle puesto un hasta aquí (have put a stop to) a Pru. Which was rendered haberle puesto una estaquilla (estaquilla=croquet stake, peg, long nail, spike...a word with also works for me. CC typist letting their feelings show?) Yes. I took the time to pause the scene and write all this down 'cause I'm a diligent recapper. (Who didn't really pay attention to anything after that typo.) Oh, wait I did pay attention to something. Hum says he should have put a stop Pru and some other people a long time ago.

Don't worry, Hum! Padre Jeronimo(Padre J) has your back. Pru goes to see Padre J and he goes OFF. If she hurts his niece...either verbally or physically he will call the police. He is not going to let anyone tell lies about Aldonza. Pru tries to convince him it is true. He tells her to shut it. If she or her family does anything against his niece they will regret it. Pru can't believe she's been threatened by a priest. She huffs out and Padre J prays for forgiveness.

Aldonza is at the Alcocer place and Cris shows up. He gets real close and asks her why she left like she did. She tells him to ask his father. He's the one that made them leave. They get *thisclose* to kissing, Aldonza walks away. Drat.

Sev and Cande argue about the Cris and Lardo fight. She gets mad because Sev didn't defend Cris enough. Sev didn't think it was prudent to piss off the bank manager. Cande continues to defend Cris, but Sev reminds her that since Lardo arrived, there have been problems between him and Cris. Of course she's going to defend him because he's her son, but Sev tells her that Cris has his temper. It's the human condition to react with violence. (Well I guess that's true in Sev's world.) The usual power struggle conversation. She can make the decisions in the house, but he's in charge of the ranch. She thinks maybe should participate more in the operations of the business.

Padre J tells Adelina about his visit with Pru. They don't like that Aldonza is walking around alone and they hope she's with Lola. Padre J tells Adelina that Aldonza is on to them and their questions about Lola.

Cris returns to Las Ánimas and he confesses to Mel that Aldonza has him very preoccupied. Sev eavesdrops. Mel advises Cris to remember that marriage is sacred and he should think carefully about who he's going to spend his life with. I took note of this line A veces el amor se confunde con el costumbre- Some times custom is confused for love. ISBIS (It sounds better in Spanish.) Anything else that was said was promptly forgotten.

Irma is mad that more did not come of Uriel's meeting with the Mendoza's.  All I remember is him saying that they don't want to piss off Sev and that I wrote down that Irma said she was not going to rendir pleitesía (which I am really loosely translating as "to kowtow") to the Meondozas. Lardo eavesdrops (hmmmm. Just like Sev.)

Dominga asks Cande about the woman that visited earlier. She looked like someone she used to know. Cande thinks Dominga must be mistaken.

Sev reports the results of his eavesdropping to Cande. She's furious. Sev convinces her they need to work together to keep Aldonza away from Cris. He's going to give up his claim to El Santuario. They need to get Cris and Val to leave Santa Lucia as soon as they are married. Cande now seems angry about Cris leaving. Didn't she just say last night it was for the best. Sev thinks they should make a bigger effort to look like the happy couple and Cande doesn't slap him when he kisses her forhead. She does wipe the spot like it's contaminated with plague. She will make a deal with devil himself if it means Cris stays away from Aldonza.

Ha! Despite Lola promising NOT to tell anyone about The Stoning, she spills the frijoles to Cris (I think he agreed to find out about Emmanuel for her.) She also tells him about Cande going to Aldonza's and ripping into her. Ok, Cris. I hope you are filing away all this info. Lola also tells him Aldonza needs someone to protect her.

Adelina tends to Aldonza's wound and changes the bandage. Aldonza actually utters the words "mis planes" and that's all I remember. I'm pretty sure the utterance of "mis planes" was the whole point of the scene.

Cris calls Valeria(Val) to check on Emmanuel. He hangs up without really sending a kiss. He'll give her one tomorrow. Val and Pru continue their analysis of Aldonza and Hum. I can't remember how it turned to Emmanuel, but Pru wonders if Emmanuel is really Hum's and if Hum has been cheating on her all these years.

Hum and Emmanuel talk. Emmanuel asks why Hum took him in and Hum explains he made a promise to his mom. He's loved Emmanuel like his own son and if Emmanuel hadn't been there, he would have gone crazy. Emmanuel thinks that Pru might even hate him. Hum tells him Pru has never really truly loved anyone (Not even Jose Cuervo or Jack Daniels?) Emmanuel asks why he even married her. Hum blames youth. Emmanuel says it's not too late to fix things, though. Hum thinks it's too late for him (ohhhh. Is that an anvil dropping into place?)

Sev comes to see Simoneta at the hotel. She berates him for making her wait. He slaps her and threatens her. She agrees to go back to San Miguel.

Ah! Cris stands outside Aldonza's window! She turns out the light and makes excuses when Adelina comes in. When Aldonza checks again, Cris is gone.

The next day, Adelina goes to complete the business of renting the house from Hum. He hands her the file. She is very cold and stiff. She lets him know that she does not agree with any of this business, but she has to support Aldonza and wants to protect her. She doesn't want her hurt again. (She specifically references the head wound=descalabrar.) Hum apologizes for Pru's behavior. Adelina that blows can be cures, but there are some lies that leave deep scars. Hum assures Adelina he's trying to make things right and asks her to trust him. Oh, that was not good. Adelina reminds him about the last time she trusted him....with her sister's labor. He swears that he did the best he could and that conditions in which she gave birth were not ideal. Neither he nor anyone could have done anything more. Adelina asks about the baby girl. She's only going to ask him once and she wants him to tell the truth. Did the baby die, or not?

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I'm having attention issues tonight. :-/

Recapping two nights in a row....Leo apologies needed.

No ... Not Leo. Auto-correct is my enema!

No dammit! I NEED Leo's apologies!

Okie dokie. The recap is done.

Fantastic recap, Sara! And two days in a row. Thanks, Amiga.

I loved Padre ripping Pru a new one. Love a priest who's a man of action. I do share his and Adelina's worry for Aldonza. The last time Sever and Cande were so united about doing what it takes to get rid of her, Aldonza got raped. I notice that Sever mentioned Roberta's name a few times during their conversation to get her riled up. Her face got even tighter each time he said the name, and Sever could tell. He was enjoying it. He really wants to jump her bones too.

Do Sever and Cande really think that if they throw a few fake smiles at each other, Cris will start to believe that a loveless marriage isn't so bad after all? Please!

I was half expecting Cris to pull out a boombox and hold it over his head as he stood outside her window. :)

Both Aldonza and Cris were trying to hide their real feelings this episode. Cris trying to convince himself and others that what he felt/feels for Al was simply attraction. And Aldonza trying to pretend she isn't afraid. She did eventually admit to Padre that even if she were afraid (she is), she'd just fake it till she makes it. That near kiss made it clear that Cris still has deep feelings for Aldonza, and her dodging that kiss shows that the memory of what his father did to her, haunts her.

I like that Lola told Cris what Pru and Cande did, and more importantly that Aldonza needs someone to protect her. And so when he showed up outside her window, it seemed less like a mopey lover move, and more like a gesture of support and protection.

Oh thanks for the memory jog, Vivi! It's important that Lola said Aldonza needed protection.

Thanks again Vivi. I added the protection thing and changed Lola's age in yesterday's post. All from my tablet. Look at me! Lol.

Sara, thanks for your speedy recap and also the translations.
They were great.


Thank you Ann-NYC! I'm glad you liked the translations. I seem to be picking up more words that tickle my fancy in this TN.

Gracias Sara! What a packed episode (have I been saying that every single episode? Well, it's true!) and thank you so much for 2 recaps in a row!

"Seriously, what is it about Sev that has women clinging to him and going crazy?" Dude...I...don't...maybe it's some kind of STI?

"Hum says he should have put a stop Pru and some other people a long time ago." Ooh, that was ominous! I love this gradual shift...he keeps taking baby steps towards telling Sev to go do something anatomically impossible.

"Pru can't believe she's been threatened by a priest." Mad props to Padre J! Best priest ever!

"They get *thisclose* to kissing, Aldonza walks away. Drat." That was so hot. I'm going to need a cold shower. Too bad I can't take a dip at the waterfall.

"Lardo eavesdrops (hmmmm. Just like Sev.)" Yeah...about that...when was Cris born? Is there any possibility of a baby switch at the hospital?

I'm sure Dominga did recognize Simoneta and guessing that Simoneta might have been her son's "wife" and Lola's biomom. I hope she sticks around. And/or doesn't get killed by Sev.

"Cande now seems angry about Cris leaving. Didn't she just say last night it was for the best." Well, yeah, but last night was her idea and tonight it's Sev's. *roll eyes*

Bless Lola for not being able to keep a secret, but not spilling things to the wrong people!

I actually got nervous when Aldonza made the vague hint about "mis planes" and said Adelina would find out "in due time." I think I'm suffering some PLGSD (that's Post-LG Stress Disorder) because my first thought was "Oh, no! They're making this up as the go along and nobody knows what the plan is!"

"Hum tells him Pru has never really truly loved anyone (Not even Jose Cuervo or Jack Daniels?)" Hahahahahahahahaha! How about Captain Morgan? Don't want to leave him out :D

Well, the show opens tomorrow night and in the AM I'll be on the Con Mary Rabago show on 1190AM. It's going to be on from 10-11am local time, and it looks like you can listen via Internet on

lol, doris...damn autocorrect!

Vivi, I laughed at the boombox reference. Ah, the memories :)

Sara, big thanks for the great recap to follow up your other great recap! You truly are amazing at this.

I think the Patio's got the babies in the right order: Emmanuel is Rob and Sev's, Lola is Simoneta's and Dom/Mel's son's. This makes me really curious b/c Dominga always had a kind word for Roberta, but she clearly doesn't think well of Lola's mom.

(Seriously, what is it about Sev that has women clinging to him and going crazy?) OMG SERIOUSLY!!! I was wondering the same thing! What is it about an abusive, one armed thug in millionaire's clothing that makes women beg for his love?!

I'm glad the Padre berated Pru, but I kind of wish he had started with some advice on being self aware (I know it would've been wasted on her now, but I would like to see her reflect on it down the line). It love Cynthia Klitbo's performance of this character, so I'd like to see Pru think about her life before blaming everyone else, as Hum suggested she does a lot. I think she's so melodramatic, and so looking for attention, that the reality of her marriage falling apart still hasn't really sunk in yet.

Mm! That almost kiss is what I have been waiting for! That's just enough fuel for me to be happy. Though I would've loved if Aldonza had gone down to talk to Cris, just for a minute. Would've made him seem less stalker-y.

DIVA - Wow!! Congratulations!!! I'll look for the broadcast online :D

Many thanks 5ft and it's true-every episode seems packed. Not that I want to know what happened on El Manantial, but I wonder if it was just as action packed. I'm sure it was. I have not seen El Manantial, but I'd like to think that this remake is doing justice to the original. We've got good action and not a lot of stupid.

As someone who has only been watching telenovelas for 5 years, I appreciate well done remakes (which, except for this, I have yet to see.)

hellahelle- thank you! You say I'm amazing at this but you give us lines like don't judge a book by its mother and "What is it about an abusive, one armed thug in millionaire's clothing that makes women beg for his love?!.... and that's just in the comments! I bow to YOU!

My fixation with Dominga and her cross body and I missed her taking out the escapulario...
Actually with all the multitasking I do while sometimes half-a$$ed listening only I miss a lot, hence my appreciation for this site and the wonderful recappers and additional comments.

Oh ruby I so thought of you when Dominga whipped that escapulario out of that purse! It's why I made note of it. I'm glad you stopped by again to comment!

thanks, Sara. My daughter called at 7 followed by my sister, so I had the TV on mute.

Is Sev's mistress going to end up dead? Sev was not amused by her daytime bootycall at his house.

Pru, Candy, and Vile...what a combo. What was the name of the three headed dog guarding the gates of Hell?


Thanks Susanlynn! Sev thinks Simoneta is heading back to San Miguel... But I feel like she's not going to do that. And Dominga has seen her and seems to recognize her. What I want to know is if Sev knew that Simoneta was Santiago's woman... Which I conjecture she was.

The dog is Cerberus and that's a perfect description!

Thanks Sara, I see her traipsing all over with what was previously a stupid useless prop, but now it has a purpose, a purpose I missed, I may have to watch it on hulu just to see it with my own eyes. I'd also like to see if Lola gets her neck ribbons/chokers from the merceria where she works...does she clock in and say to herself, "self, look, a blue ribbon that'll match the blue on my shirt today"
I know something is seriously wrong with me when I pick up on the strange things I do....

Well we can share a table on the patio because I notice the same kinds of things. I have to say I'm not a fan of her neck ribbons, but I guess it is a good way to promote the merchandise when she's out and about Town.

And I just made her sound kind of like a ho. :-/

diva..Good Luck . I guess one is supposed to say ''Break a leg,'' but that sounds ominous and makes me nervous.

Sara, I have to start with the line that had me belly laughing at my desk this morning: "Hum tells him Pru has never really truly loved anyone (Not even Jose Cuervo or Jack Daniels?"). Loved it!

Another stellar recap. I so admire that you miss nothing and your musings are fantastic, like"...which was rendered haberle puesto una estaquilla (estaquilla=croquet stake, peg, long nail, spike...a word with also works for me. CC typist letting their feelings show?) Yes.

Your embedded vocabulary was another treat.

"(Seriously, what is it about Sev that has women clinging to him and going crazy?". Sigh. ITA with Kat and hellashelle - unfathomable. We have seen nothing alluring or the tiniest bit appealing about this character. When he and Cande were plotting against Aldonza, you could see he was being turned on but the dark purple hue of his skin tone. What a turn off. (Still love Alexis though).

“Don't worry, Hum! Padre Jeronimo(Padre J) has your back”. Along with Vivi, I was thrilled that the Padre stood up to Pru. He was unyielding and stern and did not soften any of his verbal blows. He made it crystal clear that there will be no further tolerance of any abuse of Aldonza. OT, I know one can never take things personally in TNs, but as a Catholic, I get rather depressed that many priests are portrayed as inept, inactive or worse. This is a character I admire and respect. A clear thinker, not afraid to be human – how refreshing.

"Hum gets angry and decides he's not going to share his bedroom with Pru anymore". The writers may decide to redeem Humberto but frankly, I'm not sure if I can. I am glad though that he is defending Aldonza and happy he finally left harpy Pru. And if it weren't for him, can you imagine how hellish Em's life would have been? He's been ostracized but he would have been without any affection if it wasn't for Hum. I just can't get the image of Hum helping Sev as Roberta screamed for her newly born baby...

Will Humberto tell Adelina the truth??

Looks like we see Roberta in a flashback tonight.

Sara, I could happily read your recaps all day long. Thank you for another wonderful summary.


Susanlynn, yes, the "bootycall" (LOL) was rather strange, wasn't it? What a foolish move for no apparent reason.

She does not know who she is dealing with. Clearly!


Diana- thank you! I think Padre J is being a great representation for priests and Catholicism. And I'm not Catholic. I can imagine your frustration at times.

And there was a perfectly good reason for Simoneta to come to town-plot device! But it didn't seem as dramatic for her to say "I came because it's part of the plot for Dominga to recognize me!"

And that hardly feeds Sev's ego. Lol.

What you talkin bout Sara, my lighter is out for another encore.

"Pru has never really truly loved anyone (Not even Jose Cuervo or Jack Daniels?"

" Auto-correct is my enema!" bout pee'd my pants doris.

Arrrrrrrgh, *thisclose*

OMG Padre J

Severiano - if PJ still in the game you'd never get the ball

Simoneta - harder, I like it rough

Irma - he may be your frat bra but he ain't mine

Humberto - True or False or Multiple Choice?

Cande - Rotten Cande

Cris - Sensitive Sentinel

Pru - I never dreamed there were balls under that robe

Emmanuel - can we get some blankets and chairs and play fort


Thanks tofie!!

"Sensitive sentinel"-Aw!! How sweet!

Also spewed my coffee with Simoneta and Emmanuel's entries.

Sara! Thank you SO MUCH, Amiga! Two nights in a row and you did QA yesterday too with the same high quality! Wow!

I'm gonna try to not be bad at work and read comments later. Just wanted to thank you. I really dug the near kiss! Our lovers need more face time together.


Thanks, Lila! I'm on vacation right now so I had more time for recapping. And I feel like this is easier to recap than TSTSNBN because the dialogue makes sense and each episode seems to flow more. The conversations actually feel like conversations not cut and paste random crap. Same goes for QA.

Does that make sense?

Good morning everyone!

Sara - Lol, yes that makes total sense. I think it's easier for all 0 lurkers, watchers, recappers, commenters- when there's a coherent plot that doesn't have characters veering madly from one point to the next within an episode, or even a conversation.

Speaking of which, you said I can't remember how it turned to Emmanuel, but Pru wonders if Emmanuel is really Hum's and if Hum has been cheating on her all these years. Pru commented that Hum bunked with Emm and for her that reinforced Val's theory about Emm being Hum's love child. Interesting dynamic these two have, with Val unintentionally leading Pru to further foolishness.

Tofie - Pru's entry is my fave today! She always looks so surprised whenever anyone interrupts her unsubstantiated accusations. Is she really that un-self aware?

I agree on the Padre J love. This padre is one of the most active and practical that I've ever seen. Quick question: There was one TN where a priest took a temporary leave of absence from the priesthood. Is that a thing? Can they do that?

Sara and Susanlynn - bwhahaha! Cerebus and Canpruleria. I would channel Hercules for her, but I have a feeling they'll bite each other to death.

Ruby- I was thinking that too! I figured the costuming department thought that was a logical choice for Lola, who can't have much extra cash so probably doesn't have that many baubles.

Simoneta probably wouldn't have goone straign to Las Animas if she knew her daughter was there, would she? I SO want to know what happened in that story!

NOTE: that 0 sho8uld've been a hyphen to offset my list of potential caray community members types.

Ooo hellashelle I think you are talking about Triunfo del amor. Diego Olivera played the priest. I remember the scene where he "stripped" off his collar and garb. HAWT. I'm definitely going to hell.

Oh and interesting question about Simoneta. Is she there just for Sev?

Sara -- great recap! And the snark! and LOLz! Thank you!

”Hum tells him Pru has never really truly loved anyone (Not even Jose Cuervo or Jack Daniels?)”
Or Johnnie Walker?

Padre J rocks!


Sara.....Thank you for two great recaps in a row. You wonderful ladies who recap make a visit to the patio a great way to start the day. MUCHAS GRACIAS TO EACH OF YOU.

Diva, I wish I were in Arizona now, I would be at your opening night!! I did enjoy seeing you in the online interview however. What a multi-talented lady. Best wishes for tomorrow night.


doris- thank you! We'll add Johnnie to the list. Hum was so wrong! There are plenty of people Pru has loved!

emeraldrose- thank you! Isn't the patio a nice place to start the day?

Wow! Sara is on Spring Break, and has opted to spend it with us? Sometimes the stars line up properly and we get a break!!

Thanks for this, Sara. I loved every word you wrote, and so appreciate the hard work that goes into doing this.

Regarding Padre J, I too am really enjoying his character. I have known priests with strong, reasonable personalities, and some that went the other way. I think their vow of celibacy takes them out of the realm of real life both because they don't experience normal human behavior in a personal way, and because it forces them to ignore an important part of what makes us tick as humans. It is axiomatic that God endowed us with a sex drive, so why should this be artificially ignored?

I wonder how and by whom Sev will be taken down. Right now he is running wild because Hum won't tell that he is a murderer, and Aldonza won't tell that he is a rapist. I wonder if these crimes will come to light, or if he will be caught red handed doing yet another atrocity.


Thanks David and what thought provoking comments. I hope Sev's evil comes to light before he can hurt anyone else.

I really feel like they are setting up for the death of Hum, but I also feel like he will take some people down and try to make things right before he goes.

Oh I meant to ask- I would like to know what everyone thinks about his statement that he did all he could for Roberta given the circumstances. Then he said no one really could have prevented what happened. Does anyone have a clearer memory of what the ER doctor said about Hum's work? Is Hum just as delusional as Pru?

Sara,,forgot say how much I loved *this close*..soooo clever.

I really wanted to add name to Pru's list of loves, but I am not much of a drinker and could only come up with ''Cutty Sark'' which is Scottish for ''little skirt.'' I still remember that from a college literature course. Bobby Burns used it in one of his poems.

I really don't drunk either, Susanlynn :)

Cutty Sark... Is it a twirly little skirt?

Hum has always been such a sad sack, but his conscience is making him even more morose. He is paying for doing evil Sev's bidding. He seems to be remorseful. Perhaps as he has aged , he has started looking back on his life and how he has hurt Rob and her family to gain Sev and Candy's support. I wonder what he did to mess up his career in that other town. Has he always been incompetent ?

Sara..hmmm...could be....but more likely a kilt. I still remember that my roommate was in that class with me. She could not remember the meaning the word , but her father drank that brand so she wrote down ''scotch'' as her answer. I do not think that the prof gave her credit. Que lastima.I remember that he gave her funny looks the rest of the semester. made excellent points about Sev getting away with murder and rape. I am hoping that he steps on his own foot and is hoisted on his own petard. He has managed to make himself feared by many..but not Candygirl. I wonder what her reaction will be when she finds out that he murdered old padre , covered up Ray's murder, and raped AL.

Susanlynn, I don't remember if we were ever told whether Hum was incompetent or not. It is possible to have a problem that isn't really your fault, and have local gossips blow it all out of proportion.

Also, when he delivered Roberta's child at home (presumably because Sev didn't want her in a public medical facility) he said he had done the best he could with what he had to work with. The fact that he put himself in that position in the first place is just one more facet of his ill advised acquiescence to Sev's will, I think.

Cutty Sark = little skirt. Man, the things you pick up in these conversations!


I thought I remember Hum and Pru discussing the issue from their last town being that he misdiagnosed a child who later died. Then people turned against him.

Seeing as this tn has just begun, I think we can bet that Sever will get away with LOT more things, unfortunately. It will just make his anvil that much larger at the end.

As for Roberta's labor, the fact that he put himself in that position, as David said, is damming enough. I don't think he botched things on purpose. But it's not his speciality, he clearly didn't have the right equipment, the baby was breech, he didn't call for an ambulance when he saw the baby was breech, and he left too quickly afterwards with no followup care in order to follow his master who had snatched up the baby. All of this perfectly describes "botching" the job, as the hospital doctor said, without necessarily meaning he purposely messed something up. It was pure negligence.

We'll see how contrite Humberto is tonight, should he disclose the truth. Does he gain an out since the question was gender specific or does he come clean but not disclose the identity or does he come clean, throwing all caution to the wind and name the child.

Kept running through my head, Emmanuel could live with Aldonza and Adelina, perhaps work the farm.

GREAT work Sara---Two in a row and no sign of slowing down. Great
lines today.
It's a human condition to react with violence--true in Sev's world.
Pru doesn't love anyone not even Jose Cuervo or Jack Daniels.

Every episode of Sombra has me on the edge of my seat and paying close attention. No trips to the kitchen for ice cream or cookies. I wouldn't have forgiven myself if I had missed Aldonza's stoning in the town plaza or something else that is important. I'm staying glued to the TV on this one.

A man's view---I love Lola's neck ribbons. She can wear anything that she wants, the gringo approves. I also liked Cynthia's chokers that augmented her western look in LQNPA.

I want to join the padre J rocks table on the patio. Best priest award for sure.

Tofie---Always a winner, you never loose.
Cris---Sensitive Sentinel
Pru---Balls under that robe.

The advances did not look good. I am hoping that we are just being fooled but it's true Aldonza shouldn't go anywhere alone. There are too many people out to hurt her. It's only a show but I still worry.
the gringo


I'll throw in Evan Williams as a paramour for Pru. I was very into Days of Our Lives for a while and I thought it was a great name for one of the young couple's progeny, but then someone told me it was a Bourbon! So sad...

Tofie - I'm also think he'll talk around it, using gender specifics to avoid lying.

David - I'm hoping Aldonza's having another nightmare.

Crazy about PJ, he so reminds me of a forest monk (Buddhist) I've trekked to visit half a dozen times in Asia. The guy has lived, sees the world for what it is and while serene, his eyes laugh and spit fire. Last time I saw him two Japanese graduate students had him wired with sensors to a field laptop monitoring brain activity during meditative states but he was laughing telling them the story of how he got his Popeye tattoo. I smiled, had heard it before.


Thanks gringo! I can't wait for tonight! Some people love Fridays. I am torn because yes it's the weekend but I have to go TWO days without my favorite shows!

Sara..I love Fridays because I know that for two days I will not have ton get up at 5.20 am. I do not how Diana gets up so early.The action in my high school yearbook begins..''Susy hates Mondays..''

Hellashelle , I used to be a big fan of Days of Our Lives...John, Marlena, Roman, Stephani..but I do not recognize that name.

Action???...was supposed to be ''caption''...but .....

For Pru: There's also Jim Beam and Remy Martin. This is fun!

Well, well, well...mis peeps, mi gente, my international support network...behold the glory that is me, floundering to string together coherent words in Spanish, before the noon hour, sans makeup (because I didn't realize there would be video). I did my best work in the last few minutes, which are conveniently all by themselves (that's the 6:23 segment, the 51-minute one was the beginning of the show).

Ok. I will agree on that, Susanlynn. I don't like having to get up so early in Saturdays and Sundays.

Anon355- thanks for adding more to the list!

Thanks for the link, Kat! Can't wait to watch it!

Catching up on comments....

ruby and Sara, I noticed one time that Dominga didn't have her purse on, when she was wearing the grey and white flowy cardigan thing and I wondered if maybe the purse is there to hide something, and so she didn't need it when she was in that oversized cardi...but then in a later shot, she had the same cardigan on WITH the purse, so once again I have no clue what it's about, but it sure does draw the eye.

susanlynn, I don't blame you. In the last few years there has actually been one incident of someone locally breaking their leg--I think it was right before a show started and they ended up needing to be replaced--so I feel weird about saying it :) Some of my younger peeps will say "break hearts."

I was disappointed that it does seem that Simoneta had no reason to come to town other than a booty call. I would have liked it better if she really did have some legitimate reason for being there where she could play innocent and tell Sev "I didn't have a choice" even though she didn't really mean it. I just like anything that pisses him off. I hope she doesn't get killed off. I'm liking some of these broads with the crazy's like the ghost of Roberta is whispering in people's ears...soon they'll start sporting wide belts and flirty skirts and we'll know they've been possessed. (OK, that's a little out there...I think this is a two-coffee day.)

Gracias, emeraldrose!

Vivi, I agree with your assessment of Roberta's labor and what went wrong.

tofie, I like your line for Humberto. He's cagey. I'm thinking he's going to answer the question exactly as Adelina posed it, rather than give her the information she's really looking for. And there's the added factor that, since the baby didn't cry, maybe technically s/he *was* dead and he ran off after Sev to revive him/her. There are so many ways he could keep the info from her and later say that he told the truth.

I did not know there were that many kinds of booze named after men...but I like it! Ooh, I've got one...Don Julio tequila!

Way way OT:
I was just reading about an interview Ernesto Laguardia did about Amores con trampa and was impressed by this:

"Ernesto dijo que se encuentra muy contento por participar en la telenovela que trae el mensaje de la unión familiar y el adoptar mascotas de manera responsable."

My emphasis added.

Translation : Ernesto said that he was happy to be working in a project that carried the message of family union and responsible pet adoption.

I will definitely make a bigger effort to see this.

Here's a link if anyone else wants to read it.,79aa02d09185c410VgnVCM5000009ccceb0aRCRD.html

And please let me know if I totally missed some idiomatic phrase.

Sara- I think I'm in the mood for a comedy again. I'll for sure watch the first week of Amores con Trampa. Wait, I'll be in Mexico starting mid next week. OK. I'll watch until I leave, and record it while I'm away.

I have to confess Vivi that I'm a little nervous about it. I just saw a few minutes of MCET and it looks insane.

I know nothing about this producer. But I really like Big Ed and for some reason I think this is a perfect role for him.

Safe travels!

Sara- I have a VERY good memory and the ER doctor said very clearly that whoever had done the job was a major f*ck-up!

Thank you Eli! I have such a hard time remembering details. Especially over long periods of time. And I'm not going to lie, I have such a desire for Hum to at least die a noble death that it clouds my judgement. I forget the details of his sins. And boy has he sinned. It's a wonder more santalucianos (I made that up) haven't gotten hurt or killed under his care.

Sara, I'm glad I could clear that up! Yep the ER doctor was like "who was the idiot that did this because he f*cked it up", I guess Humberto is not ready to face or admit that he did a horrible job with Roberta, maybe he did not mean to hurt her BUT he did such a terrible job that he ended up causing grave injury to her and let's not forget about how awful he was at the scene, Adelina begged him to help her sister and his reaction was to peace out.

Makes a lot of sense. Over the years I'm sure his memory of what happened has been warped by his own guilt and justifications.

Yep! And I bet he feels less gulty because he has brought up Emmanuel who I am sure is the lost baby. Your melon still makes me LOL

My ho melon is an homage to Roberta. QEPD.

I know, I love it, and Divas "no me toques!" you guys are a fun bunch

Aw! Thank you! You're funny as hell yourself! It's like a comedy club up in here!

I'm sorry I can't comment much tho, everyone in my office is on vacay and I'm alone doing the jobs of two other people.

That sucks :(

It's not quantity. It's quality that counts. You always seem to add to the discussion.

It was definitely negligence. He didn't come prepared to do the job, he sure as he'll wasn't prepared for the complications, didn't get the help that was needed, and took off before making sure the patient was ok. He DID f up, big time. I'm sure he's convinced himself that since he didn't actively do harm he's not to blame. But not doing anything to prevent harm is just as bad. Isn't there the whole first do no harm thing with doctors?

Yes, do no harm is a biggie. But he's probably told himself "I didn't really do any harm" because he's thinking he didn't take a scalpel to her uterus. (Sorry to be gross.)

Like you said Vivi, he didn't ACTIVELY do anything.

And for me the scene was so fast and I was hurting for Roberta and Adelina so I wasn't paying close attention.

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