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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#1): La Fan, La Doña, El Chema, & más: Week of February 27, 2017

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I'm awaiting the revenge of the remaining Monkeys to wreak havoc once again!



“Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraíso” begins production.

"The new season begins by revealing what happened to Catalina “la grande” during the years she disappeared and was thought to be dead. Her return sets the parallel worlds of her family and her enemies on a collision course, unleashing a war for revenge while reawakening past loves. "’s-hit-series-“sin-senos-sí-hay-paraíso”-kicks-production-new-season-stellar-return?network=33144


LA FAN. #30 2/27/17 Monday

Part 1

At the studio, Vale walks in on Estefanía giving Lucas a massage. Estefanía tries to convince Vale to do the ad campaign. Vale is not too sure. Estefanía reiterates to Lucas and later to Gabriel that the ad campaign is dependent on Vale's participation. That is who people are interested in. Lucas is jealous. So is Salma when Gabriel tells her that Vale will be doing the ads.

Diego and Adriana are stuck in the elevator for a good while due to a power outage. Adriana has a panic attack, starts sweating, keeps opening her blouse and writhing around on the wall trying to get more air giving Diego an eye full of her disheveled self. He tries to calm her down as she is moaning and breathing heavily in distress. When the doors finally open they are faced head on by Felicitas.

Benicio tries to convince Miriam that they should be "friends".

At the café, Eloísa sits down to read the two letters from Carlos López with Miguel and Carlos. One letter is addressed to Carlos and one to her. Carlos,López asks Carlos to treat Eloísa well, to not lie to or betray her. Blah, blah blah! Carlos López writes Eloísa that this a goodbye letter and that mami was right. She is the ideal woman for any man. He will always remember her. She also should be careful around Carlos Zubizarreta. After reading the letters, Eloísa is still not sure if Carlos López is alive or dead. Carlos uses his police connection but there is no record of Carlos López in the hospitals, morgues, etc. Eloísa will have no peace until she knows what happened to him because he is a human being! Carlos wants to talk about their relationship but Eloísa is still too upset about Carlos López. BTW, If he wants to talk about their relationship, straighten things out with his wife first.

Vale tells Lucas again that she cannot have a relationship with him because of Lucía. He brings up that Lucía broke up with him. Vale says that he must have done something really very serious. The topic turns to the ad campaign and the anti-dandruff spray. Vale accidentally sprays Lucas in the eyes with the anti-dandruff spray. Suddenly he cannot see. He is blind! A blind leading man? Gabriel and Salma come in as Lucas is charging around his dressing room still unable to see. Gabriel tells him his sight will be back. Should they call a doctor? He is beginning to see but it is all filmy and fuzzy. The director tells Lucas to put on some sunglasses to hide his red eyes because he is recording whether he be deaf, blind or dumb. They push Lucas out to the set.

Adriana, Felicitas and Diego end up in Adriana's office where Diego and Felicitas make it absolutely clear that there was never anything between them eventhough Felicitas would have loved if there would have been. Diego leaves. Felicitas tells Adriana that she has to stay away from Diego because he is the son of the woman who ruined her life and made her into what she is. She is the victim.

Jessica lets it slip to Agustín (while he is in the makeup chair) that Lucas and Vale were having problems but that their relationship is on the mend. In no time flat he is phoning the gossip to a magazine.

Jessica is texting Diego,that she will see him later at home. Miriam sees Diego and asks him what is going on with Benicio and Adriana. He doesn't know or is interested. Of course not, because he is going out with Jessica!

LA FAN #30

Part 2

Salma and Vale are left in the dressing room. Salma makes sure to tell Vale all aboutmLicas spending the night with her at the beach. Vale tells her she doesn't care because she and Lucas have broken up.

Later, Adriana asks Diego if he knows what is going on between his mother and her father. Nothing since he is not used to sticking his nose in his mother's business. His family is not as "modern" as hers. All he knows is the here and now: they are really in love and he and Adriana could be brother and sister real soon!

Back at the café, Miguel is sticking his nose in his mother's business badmouthing Carlos. Eloísa answers that she always loved him. Miguel asks: my dad? She answers: he IS the great love of my life; he WAS the great love of my life. Miguel looks confused.

Rafael the security man in charge of the security cameras shows Benicio some interesting footage of Diego and Adriana in the elevator together.

At the end of the day at the studio, Vale is ready to leave but Lucas wants her to go with him to get him some clothes for his advertising campaign. Vale agrees but first has a question for him. Did he spend the night with Salma at the beach? Yes! He did. She is surprised with how easily he can give that answer. He responds that she has only rejected him and with him being all that and then some she does not want him!!!! Yes, she does want him. It does not matter to him because he is not going to spend a celibate life until she decides she wants something with him. There are millions of women who would want a night with him: Lucas Duarte! Vale tells him he is right. He can do whatever he wants with whoever he wants.He looks sad and disappointed. She asks him what they are going to tell the press because that could have repercussions for the novela. He doesn't care. When they leave, they are met my the press who want to know all about a "breakup". Lucas grabs Vale and kisses her. They are taking their time in planning the wedding, etc. Another kiss!

Aguatín visits Salma and warns her off of Lucas again. He only knows how to love himself.She is in love with Lucas. He will be there for her when the Lucas thing is over.

On the way to buy Lucas' new clothes, Vale tells Lucas she is tired of pretending: the lies and the kisses. Lucía sees all of it. Lucas reminds her that Lucía is dead. Lucas tells her he wishes that they really did habe something between them. She hates to lie. He does, too. The only thing he can do is call a press conference and say good bye to the novel, his credibility, his career, etc. She is not asking him to do something like that. They will just keep pretending. When all is said and done, she is his fan.

Later at the café, Miguel is with Diego. Miguel is thinking about his mother and Carlos and wonders if his mother had an affair. Diego says he could never imagine that because their mother never lies. She did say she loved their father.What Diego does not want to see is their two faimilies linked by marriage whether it be through the daughter or the mother.

At home, Carlos tells Felicitas she cannot go looking for Eloísa. Felicitas tells him he cannot control her or what she does. He just wants her to leave them in peace. He asks her what she meant by a "surprise." She tells him to ask Eloísa about what she did not tell him.


Vale goes home. Tomás makes her promise that some day they will visit his father's grave in Mexico. He is happy to hear that Bale is no longer going out with Lucas. When Vale asks him ot to tell anybody until the novel is over, he is upset about not telling the truth. Gabriel appears with some Italian food and Tomás tells him the news and asks if he likes his mother. Gabriel loves his. Other. To ás tells him to go for it.

Estefanîa pays Lucas a visit with a battle of champagne. He is all alone in his robe and since he and Vale are going through a rough spot . . . the mutual seduction starts. They toast to advertising, anti-dandruff spray and love!

Back at Vale's there is a discussion going on about Vale not wanting to tell the truth right now about her broken relationship with Lucas because she does not want to hurt him or his image. Gabriel says she will just have to keep on pretending which will be hard on her. He also warns her that Lucas is capable of hurting people badly. She finally caves and says she has to go and straighten it all out with Lucas once and for all. Gabriel will stay with Tomás.

Carlos López calls Eloísa. He is staying with his aunt far far away. He is gone for good. Eloísa is relieved. Since she is relieved, Miguel wants to know what the whole story is with Carlos Zubizarreta. And who should appear??? but Carlos Zubizarreta himself wanting to know what the whole story is.

Benicio visits Adriana saying he will not be made a fool of. She puts the brakes on him but gets undressed for Diego. He has the elevator video.

Diego just had dinner at Jessica's. You can tell she is thinking "wedding" with a thousand and one questions she has for him. When Diego sees a wedding magazine, he tells her he does not want to get married.

When Vale gets to Lucas', she is timid about ringing the doorbell. Surprise! Salma shows up, too, and she has a key. Salma opens the door and both she and Vale walk in. Lucas pops out in his robe and then Estefanía in her underwear, too!


Wow! This one was sure action/detailed packed! So much truth hitting the fan! ( and not Vale)

Sorry for the typos but not being able to edit after posting is a problem.
Correction: last section: first paragraph: last 2 sentences: "Gabriel loves his mother. Tomás tells him to go for it."

Anyway, the "blind" Lucas and anxiety-stricken Adriana were a hoot as well as Lucas explaining to Vale that he was not going to be celibate. Lots of laughs tonight.

Too bad Diego did not realize the "marriage vibe" before he slept with Jessica.

doris, you just might be right about Jessica being the first unwanted pregnancy.


Jarifa - Thank you!!! Don't worry about the typos because we all know what they are supposed to say. :-)

I have added "temporarily blind" to the Telenovela Tropes list. I guess that one counts, even if for only half a day? LOL

Augustín stutters, from time to time, and I am going to try to remember to pay attention to that, just to see if there is a pattern to it. The writers have him doing this for a purpose, no doubt.

So, Carlos L is not totally out of the picture yet, with his letters. For some reason, I think Elo might end up with Carlos L by the end of this mad romp. Carlos Z just has too much baggage and his relationship with Elo was built on a lie. Yet another Crockpot Theory™.

Carlos Z can sure put on those lovesick puppydog faces! I wonder if he has played "baddies" in telenovelas, because that would add to the humor of this actor in this role.

Estefanía's dress sure came off easily and quickly.

Nice recap Jarifa. Can't wait for a detailed recap of La Dona.


Chinelo: I want AG to DIE for what she's doing to Monica because it's likely going to be around Ultimos Capitulos (if Monica doesn't get whacked by then) until Monica gets out of prison.


La Fan

Jarifa, many thanks once again for a marvellous recap.

Re the typos--no, they're not important, they usually don't hinder our understanding, but I know that I too hate to see them in the stuff I write. That's why I was so thrilled when the Preview feature started working again (after months of not doing so). I don't know whether you've tried it, and I do know that it's possible to make typos even after previewing multiple times, but it really does make recapping easier and neater. All you do is write your recap (or as much of it as the space nazi will permit) and then, instead of trying to prove you're not a robot, hit the Preview box (to the right of Publish Your Comment). You'll then see what you've written as it will appear. If you see an error, or you simply decide you want to change some of your wording, hit the Edit option at the top right corner of the Preview. That will put you back into editing mode. Make whatever changes you want. You can then hit the Preview button again to see if all is well or you can just proceed to proving you're not a robot and then publish what you've written.

It's a lot easier than my somewhat convoluted description.


Juanita: I really want AG to SUFFER & DIE!

Yesenia maybe an antagonist, but she's right about AG's parents would've been disgusted at her.


La Fan. Yet another wonderful recap, Jarifa. The typos make your more human, because here I thought you were perfect! :) Carlos Z. comes off as exceptionally heartless in the Carlos L. matter. Along with his stated willingness to kill Feli, it makes it much less like that he is going to end up with the humane Eloísa. I love the way Eloísa beamed at Carlos L.'s praise. Way to make a guy nervous, Jessi! It's much too soon to talk about weddings--even if Diego were more into you. And yep, Doris, add temporary blindness to your list--here hilariously played.

La Fan. you more human. I make them too.

Thanks, everyone, for your kind comments!

doris, I like your new Carlos López "crockpot theory". Maybe there will be a makeover and he will end up being a cutie. Yes, add "temporary blindness". I cannot wait to see your list when this is all over.

Juanita, thanks for the preview info. I will try it. I just got spoiled by Blogger by being able to go in and edit any time like the next morning. .

SpanProf, Carlos Z. did come across as cold and sort of a jerk. To her credit, Eloísa does not seem impressed. Jessica moves at a zillion mph. She needs to slooow down and pay attention.


Juanita, I used the preview feature for my last post. It worked! Thanks again.

LA DONA Feb 27 EPIS#64
DEB: you are my friend, Sin Suenos …..!! THANK YOU LORD!!

OK. MY demoness has wolf man BRAULIO tied up and a blade on his jugular and he came clean about the murder and she’s cool with it cause she know she has his ‘nose-open’ and he would drop –to-cop as a submissive ,whenever she said , lets –do-this’, he is a sucker for her funky stuff.

He ran it down... I got what you need, cause little boy will never accept you, the goddess demon!! And I take the rap/fall and stand next to the charge, but it still won’t help your cause of reconciliation…
She left him tied up and rubbed her [ass] distain in his face , and switched, twitched her booti-licious behind, right out the bedroom, swish, swish, bounce, swish.. Make a turn and slide bounce [...’Black girl if you cook the way you walk...he’ll marry you…]
However, there may be a breaking point!! Dona may have overplay her hand as a dominatrix with this dude, even he has a line??!
Daniel and Rafael finally conceded that Ms. Thing is a danger, and to call in Francisco Vega!
S**t, I hate to think what kind of demon he is!!...OMG, I SHUDDDER TO THINK!!??

SCRUFFY Told ‘VALERIA the CORRUPTED ‘, about Monica and Saul, and she had the nerve to cop an attitude!!Then they all meet, and Saul gives her the 411 on the charge, and Valeria drops Dona’s name!!

JAIL TIME for Valeria and strip her of her license. Jail time for Leticia and lawsuit, Maggie should sue her defamation and get all her money!! Drop dead Leticia and Valeria!!
Lazaro is better thank the lord!! Smooches!! Azucena is on the pipeline with the doctor, ok! This is it! Doctor & father union!
I bet even money Francisco Vega is doc’s dad. Rafael checks out the AG vibe! 1
But auntie is on teenager’s case and swings her behind out the door, because she can stand in two rooms at one time! Work it!!

Monica and Maggie have visitors and are extremely grateful!!! And listen to Yesenia n Lydia, watch her attitude! Gratitude and prayer!1 you have really chilled out and about damn time, punks jump up to get knock down, jail time is an education on how to survive!!

Regina and Felipe, move out of hotel, cause that ungrateful wretch Isa brat moved out, where the reunion sex?? She was packing those same three ugly outfits!!

Dona just blew Braulio cover and Ximena will also love one more day and when dude gets to that hotel he ‘s gonna tear Ximena’s coochie up out of frustration and we happy to see some body getting down!!



HALIMACANDY: I'm pissed off of what Monica & Margarita are going through in prison. AG doesn't deserve to be a mother at all when the truth comes out.

1.) I did enjoy Diego & Lydia getting steamy in the bedroom :)

Lydia looks HOT without the distracting choker thing around her throat.

2.) Regina deciding to move in with Felipe altogether means both are likely in danger!

3.) OPERATION REVENGE OF THE MONKEYS is a go! At this point, AG deserves everything she gets because of the way she's treated Monica.

4.) Would Lopez lose his job IF Braulio threatens Valeria to fire him ?

5.) I'm sticking with my Bold Prediction of Francisco being the Doctor's father!


Ladona #65
Thank god ! Monica called her dad, just hope the doggone recording the correction FACILITY institution doesn’t come on!

Ok! Saul has found his brains! What not so fast, Mama Azucena had to put dude in check!!

AG, you got to give her credit for gumption!! And finally mama Azucena got to see her son as a PUTZ he is.

Lydia and Diego, gee I needed this, some lovely people, but Diego will out Lydia at risk because he can’t protect himself. But his heart is in the right place! And so is his next move!! All right!! Where are the condoms!! About time!!

The appearance of the demon goddess at the jail, Saul may have saved Monica’s life?! Not!!

So stupido makes a beeline to Braulio’s house for what end! He is dead meat next to Braulio, because wolf man is a killer

Regina, Felipe and Yesenia confab... they look for connections!!! And the trauma of her psycho family

And they need them because Dona came into the wardens office to toy with her little Monica mouse. They both spent minutes bad mouthing each other, and I think demon is right Saul still/love/lust her!!! Monica , sorry but the b*t*h , is way above your level.

She was washing her face in those titties, and continued to..slow- ‘F’ed with her mind! with doubt , yes- doubt cause ,you know how men are baby? Trust me he likes/ wants... what I got and I got a lot!! Monica I am sorry girl, Saul would hit –that- in-a –minute!

Rafael and Daniel are in deep- deep collusion and strategy session and Francisco Vega monkey man has banking interest, they are going to flip the script on Dona.

Saul and Braulio standoff, not good!!! Hold me back, hold mom back, and hold the cops back!!


LA FAN #31 2/28/17 Tuesday

Part 1

Due to Telemundo covering our severe weather here, I missed the first 6 minutes. So if anyone wants to fill us in . . .

Vale is back home and she tells Tomás to put on his PJ's. He says if she does not answer him that means he is right. (?) He leaves and Vale tells Gabriel that everything is definitely over between her and Lucas.

Back at Lucas', Salma is still looking for Lucas to give her an explanation. Lucas plays the victim saying that it was all Estefanía's fault. She calls him a traitor and goes to slap him. He grabs her hand and tells her to calm down with such force and anger, he surprises even himself. He tells her cannot blame him for anything. She just wants them to be together like they were at the beach. She loves him. She wants to be with him the rest of her life. He does not look so certain.

The next morning while fixing breakfast, Vale and Eloísa both agree they could not sleep at all last night. Eloísa tells her that Carlos is ready to get a divorce so that they can embark on their great love affair but Miguel can't stop asking questions. Vale tells her the time has come to just tell him the truth. Eloísa knows he would never forgive her all the lies she has told. Eloísa suspects that he never got the letter she mailed him and that his wife ended up with it. Eloísa tells Vale she needs to clear things up, too.

Lucas tells Gabriel about the previous night with those thee women and he not knowing where to go. What was he supposed to do when Estefanía showed up with that bottle of champagne. Gabriel suggests he could, have denied himself for the first time in his life. Lucas agrees and is now wondering about how Vale is going to be. Gabriel knowing Vale as he does, does not think she will be interested in keeping the farce going much longer.

Miriam asks Jessica about how things are going with Diego. Jessica never really lies but makes things sound wonderful. She loves him and he her. Hey, neither she or Diego wants to get married. (right . . .)

Miguel tells Diego about Carlos stopping on by the night before. Eloísa told him that she and Carlos had a romance before their father so she was never unfaithful to him. Neither like Carlos. Miguel asks about Jessica. Diego says she is just so intense that he cannot put the brakes on her. He cannot tell her the truth about Adriana because of how bad that would make her feel.


Part 2

Benicio runs into Adriana at work. He explains his reaction to what was on the video by saying he just could not stand the thought of Diego putting even one finger on her. She explains that there is nothing between her and Diego nor will there ever be. She says she wants to try a relationship with Benicio. He wants to be a "regular couple" so they can spend the night together. Adriana looks like that is the last thing she really wants to do. Later, Benicio pretends to be making a hotel reservation with all of the trimmings so Diego can overhear it. Benicio then brags about the Royal Hotel to Diego.

Estefanía is running the photo shoot for the Lucas Duarte, la fan and the anti-dandruff spray commercial. Vale tells Lucas she will never be his novia again but will always be his "fan". They do take after take of the commercial. Finally they need Vale to kiss Lucas and she sees the ghost of Lucía shaking her head and finger "no" in the crowd which stops her in her tracks. Estefanía insists on the kiss. Lucas tells her she can't let him down or the workers down. Lucía would be proud of her joining in the fight of Man vs. Dandruff. He has convinced Vale with that one. They kiss and the kiss seems to go on forever.

At the same time Salma is recording her own little presentation for social media badmouthing Estefanía's company "Tu cosmética" telling her followes how the algae shampoo made her hair fall out and how everything in the line should really be banned. Estefanía finds out and is not pleased.

Agustín offers to take Salma and Rodrigo to see his father at the jail. She thanks him and reminds him they can only be friends. Rodrigo is very happpy. Salma takes the credit. Agustín has done his best to keep it a secret so the press will not find out but Estefanía has found out. There she is in her car taking photos of Salma, Rodrigo and Agustín entering the gate of the jail.

At Carlos', Ignacio has presented him with the divorce papers which he eagerly signs. Felicitas arrives and is pleased with her settlement. Carlos tells her that there is only one condition she must fulfill. She needs to move out TODAY. At first she is taken aback but then agrees. When Adriana comes home, Felicitas tells her she is moving out and she hope she is happy because now she will have her father all to herself as she has always wanted.

Miguel tells Eloísa that there is something about her story about Roberto his father, Carlos and her that just does not seem right to him. He hopes she is telling him the truth.

Diego confronts Adriana in her office: how dare she go off to a hotel with Benicio. Has she no respect for what they had? She is going to spend the night with Benicio. It has nothing to do with Diego. Why does he not try doing the same thing with his girlfriend? She could give him an advance on his pay . . . Shortly there after Jessica (the girl who cannot recognize "no" as the answer) has brought Diego lunch at work. She is all over him. He is not pleased. She runs into Adriana and makes it clear to her in her roundabout way of speaking that Diego is HERS and that Adriana should stay away from him because they have a very solid relationship together. They are going to be living together.

Vale tells Lucas that the end of the lie has come. She cannot pretend to be his novia any longer. They need to hold a press conference and tell the public that they have broken up. Lucas very calmly agrees.


Part 3

In his dressing room, Gabriel asks why Lucas has had a change of heart. Lucas says he is tired. To believe that people are watching his novelas just because of his relationship with a fan is ridiculous, absurd even. They are watching him because he is a star of such stature etc. (He is on a real ego trip.) Vale arrives and Gabriel says they have to decide on what strategy to use with the press. They cannot say that she left him. (Lucas again just cannot bear that thought). Gabriel says they have to think of something that works for everybody involved: No talk of Lucía the ghost of Lucas' women. Gabriel's idea is to say that the relationship simply did not work. They gave it time but it turned out that they just were not meant for each other. They all agree.

Carlos goes to the café to tell Eloísa he has separated from his wife and she has left the house. They kiss. He wants to make up for lost time. She is afraid. She hopes they will be happy. He tells her she's going to be. He wants her to move into his house today. They kiiss.

Adriana is all ready to meet Benicio when she gets a strange phone call from a mystery caller (Diego) saying that Mr. Benicio wants to inform her that their plans have changed. He will be waiting for her at the Paradise Hotel. The former hotel is literally falling apart. That is why there is a change of venue.

Lucas is rehearsing what he is going to say about him and Vale at the press conference when Vale brings him some news. He has been nominated for "Galán del año" (leading man of the year). He tells Vale that they cannot separate now.


Jarifa - Thank you for another great recap! That same line of storms is going to hit us in an hour, so I've got to keep this quick and start my day. You really did not miss much in those first six minutes, IIRC. Salma was her usual screechy self toward Lucas, especially finding him with Estefy in her undies. Vale was her usual classy lady self. And Estefania was wondering why both Salma & Vale were there, and IMO she picked up on the fact that Vale is not the only woman in Lucas' life. Salma & Estefi came close to having a catfight. Eh, whatevs.

Jessica is as subtle as an F-5 tornado. Even I'm feeling suffocated when she is talking to Diego.

Salma's anti-hairspray campaign sounds like the Wen complaints.
Too bad Lucas didn't spray his eyes with that stuff while filing the ad.

Adriana looks like she wants to barf, every time Benicio suggests they act like true novios, e.g., getting that hotel room. Doesn't he have his own place? (maybe he still lives at home?)

Elo with the chocolate, or whatever it was, in her teeth when talking to Carlos Z...... LOL when he finally kissed her and seemed to like the flavor of whatever that was.


Captcha is really annoying today. It has been, ever since the "Preview" feature started working again.
HOW many times does one have to verify street signs???? Apparently five times was not enough. Grrrr.....


Salma not using a disguise when she took Rodrigo to see his dad at the jail seemed totally out of character. However, it was a plot-propeller for Stefí to take that photo.

La Doña

Hi all. I'm running way behind, but I will post a recap of last night's episode. I'm still hoping for sometime late morning, but....


Thanks, doris! Wow! Ever since I started signing in with my google account, I have never had to prove I was not a robot even with the preview. What a pain! So go the glitches!

Thanks for mentioning Eloísa with something in her teeth. I watched that a few times wondering what I had missed.

Benicio is really something else. Adriana at least says she wants to try a relationship with him and he just wants to get her into bed asap. Did he not notice that she did not seem even remotely excited by the idea?

Sure looks like Miriam and Benicio could end up together. I like how professional she was with handling the hotel reservation,

Estefanía is a wonderful addition to the action.

Well, guess we know what is coming with the "change" in hotels. Should be fun tonight.

La Fan

another wonderful recap Jarifa, and wow, you get these posted brfore I even see the show!

I think Salma referred to her followers in the english captions as "Salmations".

the way I got Eloisa's explanation to Miguel, I think she said she was seperated from her husband when she had the romance with Carlos, so who is older, Castro or Miguel?




deb, you are right that Eloísa was separated from her husband. So, she had her romance with Carlos BEFORE she got back together with her husband. I do not know who is older. If they mentioned it, I am sure someone will remember.

"Salmations" Cute!


We viewers have not been told which of Eloisa's sons is older. From a practical standpoint, it would have been easier for Elo to have a relationship with Carlos Z if she had no children. Otherwise she risks a pre-existing child to see and/or remember something. Miguel is probably older but maybe not by much?

Captcha does not play games when I post from my iPad. 🙄🙄🙄


doris, I almost always post from my iPad. Maybe that is why no glitches.

La Doña - Capítulo 66 - Martes 1/3

As the episode opens, Saúl is still pointing his pistol at Braulio and telling him that he wants Braulio to feel what Don Jaime felt, that he is about to die. Just then, Valeria arrives and pleads with Saúl not to shoot. Moments later, she is joined by Azucena, Ximena, and Jorge. Azucena yells "Don't ruin your life--and mine" and then "Think of Mónica and Margarita! If you're in prison, how will you defend them?" Valeria faints. Saúl eventually lets out a scream, slugs Braulio, and leaves with the others. Braulio bends over Valeria, who is sprawled on the ground. For a moment, he actually seems concerned for her. He suggests that she see a doctor. When she still declines to do so the next morning, however, he tells her coldly to get dressed, she's got to preside over the hearing for Mónica Hernández.

Rafael and Daniel are in a car, having just entered the neighborhood where Francisco Vega lives. Rafael tells Daniel that Vega is now one of the most important bankers in the country. They wait, more or less out of sight, and soon a car drives up to Francisco's house. Francisco, his wife, and two daughters get out. After the wife and daughters go into the house, Rafael and Daniel approach. Francisco greets them with "What are you doing here? We swore we'd never see each other again." Rafael replies, "That was when there were five of us; now there are three. Someone is eliminating the Monkeys. You could be next." Francisco doesn't believe that someone is hunting them. The disappearance of Miguel and Alejandro is just a coincidence. Rafael tells Francisco "one of the women in Veracruz didn't die, and she now has the power to track us down." Francisco's wife comes outside. She recognizes Rafael as the husband of the famous newscaster, Leticia Cabral. Daniel introduces himself, and Francisco explains to his wife that the two men are here to solicit a donation for Daniel's foundation. Rafael and Daniel leave, but it's clear that they expect to meet with Francisco again.

The next morning, Azucena berates Saúl. "What are you doing with a gun? You were about to ruin your life and mine. Don't sink to the level of AG and Braulio." Saúl replies that he always tried to do things the correct way, but it never worked. Ximena offers to get a confession from Braulio. Saúl tells her not to have anything to do with Braulio; she shouldn't put herself in danger.

Saúl leaves and runs into Lopecito, who has come to warn him not to pressure Valeria. Saúl dismisses Lopecito's concern; Valeria fainted because she was nervous. Lopecito tells Saúl that she fainted because she's pregnant with his child, and he would never forgive Saúl if anything happened to Valeria or the baby. Saúl is stunned by the news but still tells Lopecito that it's up to Valeria whether Mónica remains in prison or is freed.

Azucena tells Ximena to have nothing to do with Braulio. Ximena says she feels overwhelmed by guilt for her role in Don Jaime's death. She feels compelled to find proof against Braulio. Azucena tells her "I forgive you for what you've done, provided you don't put yourself at risk. I don't want more deaths." Ximena explains that her parents never cared about her, and she never felt she had a family until she met Saúl and Azucena. Azucena in turn thanks her for having filled an emptiness she felt after the death of her daughter.

La Doña - Capítulo 66 - Martes 2/3

Though I haven't yet talked about Mónica and Margarita, a significant part of the episode focuses on them in prison. We see evil stabber chick approach Mónica and threaten her. From now on, Mónica will be her servant (chacha) and be nice to her. Evil stabber chick (whose name may be Deputy, but I prefer "evil stabber chick" or ESC) then grabs Margarita and tells Mónica that if she doesn't do what she wants, ESC will break Margarita's fingers, one by one. She gives a demonstration, and Margarita screams in pain. A guard comes to see what the commotion is about. Margarita tells her that she slipped in the shower and hurt her finger. That's all? Yes.

Valeria tells Diego that Saúl came looking for Braulio, claiming that Braulio was responsible for his father's death. Diego reminds her of the phone conversation he overheard where Braulio asked the coroner to change the results of the autopsy. Valeria tells Diego that his father loves him in his own way, and that Diego should erase that phone conversation from his memory. [Huh?] Valeria then asks Diego whether he was out with Isabrat last night. He informs his mother that he and Isabrat weren't novios, "we just pretended so you'd leave us alone." Moreover, he has now found someone whom he really likes: "Lydia, the girl that Emiliano ran over with his car and you found him not guilty." Valeria is sure that Lydia hates her and will drop him when she finds out that his mother is the judge in charge of M&M's trial. Diego tells her that Lydia doesn't hate her. Valeria is not at all pleased with his choice.

Emiliano tells his mother that AG threatened that if anything happened to Isabrat while she was with him, AG would make sure he goes to prison.

Braulio tells AG that Saúl was waiting for him with a gun. AG realizes that Braulio obviously got away, and she asks him "What did you do to Saúl?" Braulio is exasperated at AG's continuing devotion to Saúl. He again tells her that Saúl does not have her interests at heart and will try to bring her down. AG replies confidently that Saúl will never harm her. "How wrong you are," says Braulio. AG recommends that Braulio disappear for a while. He tells her he wants to remain so he can do whatever she needs. AG informs him, "What I need is for your wife to understand what she has to do regarding Mónica." Braulio assures her that he has already seen to this, and that Mónica will spend ten years in prison for being a smuggler (contrabandista).

Saúl pleads with the friendly prison guard to help Mónica. She tells him that what he's asking is too risky. He apparently convinces her. Somewhat later, the guard announces to an astonished Mónica that she has a "conjugal visit." She is given clean sheets, brought to the room, and then sees Saúl.

Yesenia and Lázaro exchange loving remarks. Yesenia says that although they made love only once, it was the best of her life. He regrets that because his vision is failing, he can't see her clearly. She tells him that what's important isn't what is seen but what is felt.

Gabino comes to see AG. He expresses surprise that she would see him in her office. She tells him that that's where she conducts business. He replies that to him, Mónica is more than a business. Oops. AG informs him that if she pays him, she expects him to do what she says. She tells him that she went to the prison last night. "If you don't do your job, someone has to do it. You're not up to the task" (no estás dando la talla). She apparently grabs his crotch and asks, "Did you tell Mónica that I ordered you to arrest her?" AG then suggests to him that perhaps being alone and locked up may make Mónica come to accept him as a man. Gabino's face brightens. At that moment, one of AG's minions announces that Rafael has come to see her.

La Doña - Capítulo 66 - Martes 3/3

Rafael is very surprised to see Gabino in AG's office. He asks Gabino what he's doing there, probably fearing that Gabino has told AG about his secret assignment and what he learned in Veracruz. AG notices that Rafael seems upset. She tells him that Gabino is supposed to confirm that Mónica is a smuggler. Leticia arrives and Gabino leaves. Puppet master AG informs Leticia that she wants to destroy Mónica's image, and thus Leticia should cover the trial.

Meanwhile, Mónica asks Saúl what's going to happen to Margarita and her. He informs her that the trial is today. He plans to present the video of her arrest, but he couldn't get the person who made the video to testify. Mónica gets very upset. Saúl cautions her that she has to control herself and do what he says. She tells him that AG came to see her last night and claimed that Saúl still loves her (AG). Mónica reminds him that he himself told her that he loved AG. Yes, he said, that was when you and I were amigos. Now we're much more than amigos. I no longer love her, not just because of the death of my father, but because of how she has treated you. He kisses the wounds on her arm and moves on from there. [Confession: this scene doesn't work for me. I don't even like the song that accompanies it.]

Yesenia leaves Magdalena to watch over Saúl. Saúl asks her for the local gossip. Magdalena runs on about one thing and another, and assures Lázaro that Saúl will get Mónica out of jail. Oops!!

Saúl and Mónica are in the early stages of doing what comes naturally when someone bangs on the door. It's the friendly guard who comes in to tell Mónica that she has to leave at once; the director has come and is asking for her. End of episode.


Thanks so much, Juanita! I was out of town, but did get to see the show. I agree with you. Saul and Monica nearly doing the deed in the nasty conjugal cell left me cold. Don't they both have other things to concern themselves with. I still can't get over how quickly he gets over each woman, and under another. On the other hand, I loved the coupling of Lydia and Diego last episode, including the condom (thank you, writers).

By the way, after evil stabber chick breaks Margarita's finger, she goes after Monica, and it's Margarita who attacks ESC, knocks her to the ground, and then she and Monica hold her down together. That's when the guard comes in. Go, Margarita! Poor Margarita-- she gets locked up because she just happened to be with Monica when AG exacted her revenge on her for taking her man, yet everyone keeps going on about poor Monica; Marg gets locked in the punishment cells because Monica can't mind her business, yet Monica gets two breaks from the cells to visit their lawyer (Saul); Marg gets her finger broken because Monica mouths off to ESC, yet Monica gets to go have fun times in the conjugal cells with Saul.

I'm getting really tired of Valeria. Does she really have no conscience about the innocent people she condemns for AG? I'm tired of her whining but doing nothing about her situation. Yes, I know Brau is violent and dangerous, but she is not lacking in resources. If she used her brain, she could figure out a way to take him down. And I really hate that she's trying to convince Diego to protect his murderous papi, and that Brau "loves him, in his own way." Why is she trying to perpetuate her own victim mentality in her son?


Thank you, Jarifa! I had to laugh at Lucas refusing to say to the press that Vale broke up with him, because that's just impossible, when in reality, Vale DID break up with him. Hello!

Carlos enjoying the taste of the remnant of chocolate cake in Eloisa's teeth was also hilarious.

We do know who is older-- Miguel. We learned that back when Felicitas was freaking out thinking Diego was the love child. Ignacio said it wasn't possible because Diego wasn't old enough. (Don't ask me how he knows Diego's age.)

La Doña

thank you ever so much Juanita, you are so good at putting together all of the little details, first rate!

my chuckle of the night was when everyone leaves and Braulio sees Jorge comforting his wife, and gives him a toss.

and the only chuckle, as this novela is so filled with loss and despair, without so much as a wing or a prayer for anyone.

that is unless high finance banker Francisco Vega (Esteban Soberanes) can pull the rug out from under AG's empire.

earlier we see poor Monica not only in prison but subjected to a totally helpless visit by AG, who has upped the stakes by now having Gabino override the warden and bribe the guards to torment her.

I too was uncomfortable with Saul's conjugal visit on such a young, innocent, and vulnerable girl (Monica), I think he is just revved up with his interactions with AG, and as Monica has pointed out to Margo, he has never said he loved her (I think "more than friends" is as good as he can do)

and wow, watching Lazaro being crushed by the news of Monica in prison...

I agree Vivi, Margarita sure gets the short end of the stick, and not even a handsome guy to bring her a flower.



Vivi, you have the best memory!


Thanks again Jarifa!

I am still confused about the ages of Diego and Miguel. I always assumed Diego was older but Ignacio said that he didn't think Diego was old enough to be Carlos' son, meaning that Miguel is older. Yet a few episodes later Carlos said that he had loved Eloisa since Diego was a little kid, which I interpreted to mean that he didn't meet/fall in love with Eloisa until after Diego was born.

Why does Diego think he has a right to be angry with Adriana about going to a hotel with Benicio when he's already sleeping with Jessica?? I am not really liking either one of these characters anymore since they're both being so unreasonable and stubborn.


Do you remember what episode that was in. I don't remember any comment of Diego being a kid when Eloisa was separated from her husband and met Carlos. It might have been something more like-- stay out of it kid or something to that effect. All the commentary about that time frame makes it seem as if both Eloisa and Carlos were newly married (in bad marriages) and childless when they met.

La Fan

Vivi, it was episode 28. Carlos says to Diego that he's loved Eloisa for more than 20 years and "desde que tú eras un chamaquito." I suppose if he had said "before you were born" then Diego might start suspecting that Carlos was his father.

La Fan

Eloisa is a trip, 2 of her BFF are half her age, her sons say she never lies, and she says she is holding back so as not to reveal her lies but then have we ever heard her lie, her conversation with Miguel over her romance with Carlos went like this,
Miguel: "did you love my dad?" (referring to her husband)
Eloisa: "I loved him very much" (referring to his dad Carlos)

wow J! how do you remember this stuff?

I'm actually waiting for Eloisa to spill to clear all this up.



Deb: AG needs to just flat out DIE, DIE, DIE!

Margarita always gets the short end of the stick every time.

Like I said earlier, I enjoyed Diego & Lydia's steamy sex escapade :)



Vivi: Lopez needs to tell Valeria to SHOVE IT & he'll expose AG & the cronies.

I do NOT see the Lopez & Valeria love fest lasting long because he'll start sticking his nose where it doesn't belong, then he gets FIRED!



Juanita: At this point, I'm rooting for the Monkeys to get revenge on AG & take away her empire once & for all!



J- Thanks for finding the scene. I think that was more about Carlos telling Diego to stay out of grown folks' business, than an indication of whether Diego was alive when he and Eloisa had their relationship. I am eager for Eloisa to spill the beans about Miguel's paternity though, so that we can get the whole story.

Deb- Yeah, technically, Eloisa hasn't lied. She told Vale that her husband accepted Miguel as his own. She wrote a letter to Carlos telling him the truth. She thought it was all said and done. At this point it's lie by omission to Miguel and Carlos (who she now realizes never got the letter).


I just looked up Omar Germenos (Carlos Z) and found out that he's married to the Eloisa actress in real life (Gloria Peralta) and they have two sons. Ha!


Here's a pic of Carlos (Omar) and Eloisa (Gloria) as their real selves with their boys:

I'm so glad that there are people that remember all of the details.

Thanks, Vivi, for the actor info and links. What fun!

La Doña

Thanks, Vivi and deb, for your great comments. Vivi, you make a great point about Margarita. She definitely is getting the short end of the stick. She deserves MUCH better. And I too found Valeria hard to take, or perhaps hard to read, last night. I'm not at all sure what to expect from her re M&M. Or rather, I know what I expect, but I still have a glimmer of hope that she'll defy my (and Braulio's and AG's) expectations.

On the other hand, deb, you rightly point out that this novela is filled with loss and despair, so why I should still have a glimmer of hope is beyond me.

La Fan. Thanks for another excellent recap, Jarifa. I too missed the first 6 minutes due to Telemundo reports on storms. I take it that means you too live in the Midwest? Or were there storms everywhere last night? I also pretty much missed that message Gabe got about the contest for top galán thanks to the weather reports streaming across the bottom of the screen, not to mention the Spanish closed captions. I more or less had to piece it together from what Gabe said plus the previews for the next episode, though I suppose I could have checked on the online version this morning. I expect who is older than whom will all get cleared up eventually. The important thing to know is that it's Miguel who is Carlos' son, not Diego--though I expect at some point in the next 80 or so episodes there will be a mixup about that too. Regarding the Feli-Carlos Z divorce: How did Feli's threat of relieving Carlos of all his money disappear? Was she willing to compromise because the settlement was large and with no hassle to get it?

La Fan

That's so cute about Carlos and Eloisa being married in real life!

My OCD is pretty bad so whenever I hear something that doesn't seem right with what I've heard before, it drives me crazy until I can sort it out. I am very nitpicky about the details - especially if viewers can pick up on these things, why can't the writers make sure they are consistent? (Also: why didn't Benicio's friend show him the video of Diego and Adriana making out in the elevator the second time? They made such a big deal about deleting the first video, but it's like they completely forgot there were cameras the second time.)

This article says that Diego is the older brother, but there are some spoilers in it so beware:

I also did not realize that 2 episodes of La Fan are being shown in Mexico every weekday, so they are way ahead of us. I wish I would have known that before checking out Twitter. Spoilers everywhere!


Thanks, SpanProf. Yes, I am also in the Midwest. Looks like tornado season is coming early this year. :(

I would tend to agree that Felicitas was happy with the $$ amount and she still can cause problems if she so desires if Felicitas does not tell the whole truth to Carlos and her sons already. One of my pet peeves: when telenovela characters take forever to ask about or tell plot changing information. So far this novela has been pretty good in keeping the info flowing in more or less real time but Felicitas needs to tell everybody the truth already. It is getting tedious.



J, thanks for the info. Since I never mind spoilers, I will have to take a look.


J- Oooh! Thanks for that page of character descriptions. Well, perhaps the writers were confused when they wrote Ignacio's and Felicitas' lines about Diego being too young.


Maybe when Ignacio said "me parece que ese muchacho ha de ser mayor" he meant that Diego seemed too old to be Carlos' son rather than the son would be older than Diego? So "ese muchacho" refers to Diego and not the son?


Juanita: BOLD PREDICTION: Margarita likely gets whacked in stabbing attack or worse.

Gustavo (the Pesky Journalist) better watch his back!

LA DOÑA Just wanted to chime in. Thank you Juanita for your characteristically superb recap. As always, you never disappoint (and I know what it takes to write with such precision & detail). What does disappoint is this whack-job of a telenovela. I've been too busy to keep up lately, but from what I've seen, it's a pretty atrocious vehicle for all the actors. Do we know if Moni & Saul actually "consummated" anything before they got unceremoniously uncoupled in the conjugal space? Is Monica a virgen, do we know? They made such a big deal out of Diego busting his cherry, it's usually a major event for anybody boy or girl, but we don't really know about her past experiences. I'm with everybody who's sick & tired of this non-credible character development. Thanks for toughing it out, all of you.


LXV- No, I don't believe they got to consummate before the interruption. I think Monica is a virgin. Saul did pause to ask if she was sure she wanted to proceed, and she said she was.


I really don't think Felicitas is just going to take the money and let the rest go. She's going to find a way to hurt Carlos and Eloisa, and the Miguel bombshell is the best way to do that.

I just realized that the link to the photo of Carlos (Omar) and Eloisa (Gloria) didn't open to the one of them with their boys:

Photo 1:

Photo 2:

La Doña: thanks Vivi for confirming what I suspected. You'd think the writers would have given the whole scenario a bit more drama considering it was to be her "first time" Sloppy writing, if you ask me.

La Doña: AND Saúl didn't stop to think about protection, did he now?


Nope! He did not, LXV. That bugged me so much. Experienced older man, very young woman (with no resources). He should know better!

La Doña

Muchas gracias, LXV, for your appreciative and insightful comments. I agree with the disappointed consensus regarding this novela. I'm pretty sure I'm going to stick with it, though I may change my mind if we have to endure many more days of M&M in prison.

I'm wondering how much longer La Doña will run. Telemundo has been showing previews for at least two and possibly three novelas (El Capo, or something like that, plus something with the word Guerra, and perhaps a 3rd). I'm pretty sure El Chema will be over pretty soon, and El Capo sounds like the sort of thing that may take its place at the 10 pm slot.

OK SO SAUL’s ASS is saved again by his MAMA!! Ms.Azucena [ with those lovely tops] is on time and on point, she's hot abt his holding a gun!!

Ximena ,later back home, is standing there looking innocent, but as least she’s still cool with Braulio... and trying to stall Saul, Mr.'my- way-or-byway,He has made no progress what-so-ever!!

Ximena has issue, but Azucena tells her to get over it and stay alive and good bye basically!!

Valeria's fronting like she is so innocent and scruffy blabs to Saul abt the baby, who da baby daddy??

Monica, please its time to throw down or shut the 'f' up and its in the shower of course!! Poor Maggie, cause Monica pops off and Maggie suffers!! But Maggie equalized the scale, got some jailhouse moves,ok!!

Rafael and Danny meet up with Mr. Big!! Francis is handling big bucks! And living large and very laid back. monkee unfinished business?? Francisco is laughing it off.

Valeria may have blown her cover, if the producers of this show, give valeria an out at the trial, it’s lame / bogus!!

Valeria, both need to be burned!! They have murdered by complicity!

Steve: dude that’s cold shot,but I feel you..!! I agree, and you have good instincts!

Juanita: great /clear /concise!!! The Francisco's wife, a loose end!! She will probably run into Dona at the hair dresser/nails salon and blab abt their men!!

EBS chick is a problem!! If m & m get out with their face baby smooth and not slice /cut/slashed’s a miracle

Valeria the criminal judge is getting ready to miscarry? And she is a snooty stuck up broad to boot..

Leticia the 'fake news' wench is not happy abt her no good rotten son being threaten by her psycho boss
The same boss,who pays the bills for those bodycon did I just see the ridge of her ribcage
, oh well!! Just keep eating c#@%p because the money has been good for your career as a talking head !

Wolf and Jeffe-ess confirm their sick relationship and power plays!!

M & m take turns watching their backs!! I hope! Sleep with one eye open because those funky broads mean business!!

Diego tries to talk to his brain dead mother, who is so scared for herself as usual, any mother with some gumption would have poison and crippled Braulio on the sneak-tip, ages ago in order to save their child.

Sorry Lazaro abt the real news from stupid presentatas from idiotville!!

Lydia told Yesenia who was not that happy but afraid for Lydia, Valeria doesn’t e=want to be exposed!! And face her dirt, culpability

Gabion and AG’ meeting, ok , I knew she was a b**l buster, but to observe her in action and check her technique works for me, girl what’s the move twist and pull or an yank and drop! Either way she put the fear of god into gabino I thought his eyes was going to pop out his head... she rocked to to the left and dropped it .like its hot..OMG’ sorry...but I had hope she did some lasting damage! But no-He could still breathe and talk,
At least the warden is under her radar, for now?? Gabino can’t think his way out of wet paper bag!! Maybe that knuckle massage OPENED HIS NOSE, he was so calm?!!! She knows how to pick ‘em.


Juanita: yes the music was rushed, was it Monica song??
Monica and Saul’s meeting was a smooth move! abt time he play the system!!

Saul and Monica if this is it, ok …. Poor child…. Comfort each other. Hold me!! Who in the world has sex on funky mattress & cootie sheets, who in their right mind loses their virginity if they have a choice, in a fleabag, dirty and nasty jail, unless you have been there a longlonglong time!!

This is it the build up to the crux of romantic crescendo??
They/ producers /tele undo has to have it now!! Cause this show is abt to close out and they have no time left in episodes!
Ag had more sexually charged moments with her hair/wigs than poor Monica! Poor thing,
Monica, you need to beat Altagracia’s ass on ‘GP’, for forcing/obligating you lose to your ...’Virginity/ womanhood. On that god awful dump/// anywhere else .would do!
But to have a quickie in [god knows who could be watching you get down] prison, with no shower .soap personal undies or clean towels! Yuck!! Damn I have seen cleaner subway stations!! Saul you are a man, a real dude, for real you just don’t care!! !!

ViVi, I just peeped your comment, thank you. I am not crazy… it was nasty, I thought it was just me!!
LXV: It should be Maggie getting her groove on and I hope poor short sweet- pale -face Maggie doesn’t pay for Monica again!!

Deb; girl you are so cold!! That was a cold shot abt Saul being ‘revved up after seeing his side piece.
He was ready to deflower our girl, ’can’t contain yourself’’.., dude really, oh yeah he popped his buttons and was ready to make the slide!!
LXV: OH YES!!... GOTTA -Thank you warden!! SAUL_ pull your drawers back up!!you know where that girl is!! Saul you hit a new low, Azucena needs to lay into that dumb ass of yours for exposing that child’s body /sex... to god knows what..!!!
Ok. It’s going to be ok, it’s wrapping up soon, real soon, that’ why the bum rush almost sex scene! With no real LOVE, just lust. Love would wait for clean bedding!! MONICA girl please...YOU DESERVE MORE!!

LA FAN #32 3/1/17 Wednesday

Part 1

Lucas begs Vale to not publically break up with him yet because if she does he will never have a chance to win "galán del año". He is obsessed with winning. She finally agrees to help him because she is his fan. We also find out that Gabriel bought his other two awards but can't buy this one for him. Lucas asks Vale if she can get Miriam to "fix" the vote in Lucas' favor. Miriam will not be doing that but can get the "Lucas Locas" vote as much as they can.

Jessica warns Miriam off of Benicio because he is going out with Adriana the boss Jessica is looking for apartments for her and Diego.

Salma enters the jail with Rodrigo. He visits his dad. Estefanía threatens Salma with the photos of her going into the jail. She knows it is her ex. She wants Salma to tell everyone how wonderful her products are. Salma agrees. When the commercial spot is done being recorded, she then tells Salma that she wants her to stay away from Lucas. If she doesn't she will end both of their careers.

Benicio tries calling Adriana when he comes to pick her up and she is not there. She does not answer. She ends up in the empty hotel room Diego booked. As she goes to leave Diego comes in and tells her about how he could not allow her to be with another man. They argue back and forth, get lovey dovey and then she jumps up. Her body wants to say yes; her head says no. According to her, they were a mistake. It is over netweennthem.He does not think so. He is jealous. She is leaving and will do whatever she has to so this will have been their last time together. Diego is left all by himself.

Carlos asks Eloísa to live with him. She agrees. Miguel just wants her to be happy but not Diego. He storms in (this after his hotel fiasco) on Carlos and Adriana at their home. Hie cannot allow his mother to live with a man like him who ordered him Diego beat up. Carlos and Adriana do the same old same old reiterating that Carlos never knew it would end up with a beating and that it was all discussed and put to rest before.

Ignacio cannot understand why Felicitas settled the divorce so quickly. It is all a part of her strategy. She wants Carlos to be the happiest he has ever been in his whole life with Eloísa so it hurts more when it is all over.


Part 2

Tomás is upset (again) with Vale staying with Lucas so he can get his award. He goes to bed. Lucas arrives drunk as a skunk to apologize to and thank Vale. He is so insecure. He begs Vale not to abandon him. He spends the night at Vale's. The next morning Vale does some ego boosting for Lucas along with breakfast in bed. When Tomás sees him there he leaves for school in a huff. Lucas tells Vale that he may deserve the award but he does not deserve that she loves him like she does. He promises that after the contest he will set her free. As he opens the door to leave, Franco Villar (another actor in competition for the award) punches Lucas so hard in the face that he falls on his butt. He calls Lucas a "rata inmunda" (filthy rat) and blames him for starting the rumor that he abandoned his pregnant girlfriend so he would be discredited. Lucas insists that it was not him that started the rumor. After more threats of violence, Franco leaves. Lucas is bleeding from the nose and mouth. Vale talks him into going home and cleaning up before going to work. Later the "Lucas Locas" put on a musical presentation for Lucas. He loves the attention.

While Diego and Carlos are arguing, Eloísa arrives. In no time at all, Eloísa is asking Carlos how he could have hired some one to kill her son. Carlos explains that he did not try to have him killed. He just wanted him to stay away from his daughter. Diego wants him to stay away from his mother. The only reason he is not with Adriana is because of the disgust Carlos feels towards him. Eloísa reminds Diego he is going out with Jessica.Diego explains that he may be with Jessica but he wants to be with Adriana . Carlos, Eloísa, and Adriana all look sad as Diego leaves.


La Doña

Thanks, Halimacandy. Loved your take on things, esp. your description of the meeting between Gabino and AG!

I was struck by your talking about how the novela was going to end soon. I just got done watching tonight's episode, and there were again previews for El Capo, which was said to be "pronto," and Guerra de Idoles. I wonder whether Guerra will take over for La Doña or La Fan. My guess is La Doña, which would agree with your saying that it's wrapping up real soon. Also, the previews make Guerra seem more a 9 pm offering than an 8 pm. And I think La Doña has been running for considerably longer than La Fan and may thus be closer to concluding.

LA DOÑA I want to put in a word of advance warning to anybody who has forgotten our no-spoiler policy. Tonight, I happened to catch the avances and they are very telling, but I'm NOT telling, so please remember, we only discuss what happens during the actual program. No previews! Thanks (in advance) And, apropos of what Juanita just said, tonight they were announcing "etapa decisiva" for El Chema.


Looks like El Capo will take over the 10pm slot in around 3 weeks when El Chema has finished.

Neither La Doña nor La Fan are doing well in the ratings, and both are supposed to have 120 episodes total. La Doña is just over halfway done. La Fan actually has the lowest ratings ever of any 8pm show on Telemundo, so if one of them gets cut down or moved to afternoon to make room for Guerra de Idolos, it will probably be La Fan. :/

LA DoñA: HALIMACANDAY: just read your comments. YOU ROCK!

La Fan seems very childish to me that's why I barely watch it. The acting is so unreal so I'm not surprised at the low ratings. I usually look forward to watching La Dona.


It is too bad that "La fan" is not doing well in the ratings. With "La doña" not doing well either, Univision must be celebrating. To be honest it looks like nothing is really standing out for anybody as a real hit.

"La fan" is the best comedy I have seen since "Amores con trampa". I love comedy telenovelas. I prefer them to the dramas. The last show I recapped was "Sueño de amor" which started out as a "supposed" "comedy" but quickly transitioned into some other genre for which there still is no name. . . . It ended being sent into exile in an afternoon slot. It has to be the strangest thing I have ever seen anywhere anytime. I am so happy "La fan" is not going down that road.

That being said, I will say what I have said before: comedy is a very difficult genre because everybody's sense of humor is so different. When I look back on American TV, there are few comedies I have really enjoyed over many years of watching. Then with telenovelas you can add in the aspect of cultural differences if you are not a part of the target culture. So, it is not surprising to me when the audiences for any comedies are not as large as for dramas wherever they are shown.

Oh, well, if "La fan" ends up relegated to the afternoon, I will just have to reset the VCR because I will still be watching!


Another "Wow!": I never realized how insecure Lucas really is.

Now, will Eloísa just tell everybody ALREADY about Miguel before Felicitas does?

I was impressed by Miguel's maturity in his reaction to Eloísa going to live with Carlos.

That is all for now.



Juanita: Since Diego blurted out to his mother about Lydia being his girlfriend, you know that psycho Braulio will whack Lydia too!

1.) Mama Aguirre better watch her back next because since Braulio whacked Ximema, she may get whacked too & that will be devastating to Saul.

2.) Looking forward to seeing if Margarita is freed from prison!

3.) Looking forward to seeing the Monkeys getting revenge :)



That same line of storms hit us at 7:00 am yesterday. Wow. Hail, high winds, and a couple of EF1 tornadoes five miles from our house. Sirens began less than one minute before they hit.

Jarifa - Thank you for the recap! I, too, heard this telenovela had low ratings. LRdC got chopped, spliced and diced, to the point it almost made no sense, for the same reason. Quién got moved to a 2-hr slot in the afternoon, IIRC, so I gave it up. Perhaps the networks are under pressure to broadcast at least one family-friendly telenovela, but the general public prefers something else? Comedy is difficult, especially when it has to transcend various cultures. OTOH, there are just too many TV networks, shows, and choices to watch with online "streaming" added to the mix.

Why Salma did not go to the jail "incognito" made no sense. And she wore that Big Bird yellow top and red skirt that just screamed "look at ME!" Gah.

Interesting that Gabe has "bought" some of Lucas' past awards. I have often wondered if this is how the big networks do those "Premios."


doris, I was lucky that the tornado activity was about 90 miles from me. I am sorry things were so terrible so near your home.

With the mind boggling number and variety of programming offered across so many platforms, the ratings as they are done now for said programming maybe are not/will not be viable. We are truly in a period of transition. As for the future of telenovelas, who knows? It was not a good sign when Univision went from four to two telenovelas in the four hour prime time block. Usually one of the four was a comedy, so now what? I was hoping to see the comedy 'El bienamado". Maybe they will relegate it to Unimás.

Yup, Gabe's comment was muy interesante. I was happy that Jessica showed some good judgment in reference to "fixing" the award results. Maybe there is hope for her yet! I was frankly surprised that Vale would ask her to do such a thing even if Lucas asked her to. Hmmmm . . .


Thanks, Jarifa!

I have often wondered through this series just how inspired by her real life experiences and actor colleagues Angelica Vale was when she wrote the Lucas, Salma, Agustin, and Gabe characters. Things like buying and fixing the telenovela awards also make me wonder how inspired she is by real life. And she's a true insider, as her parents are famous Mexican actors/entertainers. She grew up in this world.

Estefania certainly has come in blazing, hasn't she? She's almost bedded Lucas, and is blackmailing Salma.

Sad that this is doing badly in the ratings-- but it's hard for anything to be a hit these days with all the competition. I hope if there are changes, they choose to move it to daytime, instead of chopping it up, like Rein de Corazones.


Moving a telenovela to daytime programming is not terrible. Making it a two hour broadcast is the kiss of death for me and many others. It's too much to watch in a busy schedule. .


1.) Daddy Sandoval

2.) Mama Sandoval

3.) Cesar

4.) Guillermo Contreras

5.) Homeless guy violently beaten to death by Braulio

6.) Miguel Preciado: Monkey #1

7.) Mama Vasquez

8.) The Prostitute

9.) Felipe's bodyguard

10.) Colonel Cespedes' wife

11.) Daddy Aguirre

12.) Clarita Aguirre

13.) Colonel Alejandro Cespedes: Monkey #2

14.) Perita the Prison Girl

15.) Ximena: YOU HAD IT COMING!

LA DOÑA, Wednesday Episode, Part 1:

Saul and Monica get interrupted by the warden’s visit, and don’t seal the deal in the nasty conjugal visits room. (Viewerville breathes a sigh of relief and glares at Saul, who should have known better.) We assume Saul then goes to do what he SHOULD have been doing—prepping for M&M’s hearing that’s happening later that day in the prison.

AG gives Leticia her marching orders, to cover the hearing and drag Monica’s reputation through the mud.

Francisco comes to see Daniel at his foundation and learns about the powerful AG being the one Dan let get away, and that she is now hunting them. Dan doesn’t want him to hurt AG, but since Francisco has a wife and daughters, he might want to make sure he takes precautions to protect them.

At the hospital, now that Lazaro knows the truth, he insists to Alvaro that he wants to go to the hearing to support Monica. The only way Alvaro can calm him down is by promising to take him. But he’ll do it the right way—Laz will go in an ambulance and be under Alvaro’s constant medical care. Laz promises to stay calm.

Karen and Jorge find the guy who shot the video of the arrest of M&M, and convince him to testify.

In her no-tell hotel, Ximena sets up two cameras—one in a potted plant and one on top of a sprinkler, and turns them on with her tablet just before Braulio shows up. She massages his shoulders, kisses him, and in general tries to seduce the truth about Jaime’s death out of him. He catches on a few times that she seems to be trying to get a confession out of him. He’s a lawyer and knows how another lawyer works. She distracts him with sex, and then tries again to get info out of him post-coitus. He doesn’t fall for it, and finds the cameras. Then he proceeds to brutally beat her, and finishes her off by strangling her, while cursing her and her sex (AG included) for only ever trying to use him. Once she’s dead, he stuffs her and her stuff into a housekeeping cart and rolls her corpse out of the room.

LA DOÑA, Wednesday Episode, Part 2:

The hearing begins. M&M are brought in to stand behind caged barrier wall. The neighbors and friends are all there, and Diego surprises Lydia by being there to support her. Yesenia still doesn’t trust him, and thinks he’s a spy for his daddy and mommy, who’s the judge on the case. Diego is truly surprised at this, as Valeria didn’t tell him. Leticia and her camera crew arrive, and Azucena tells her off. Valeria gets the trial going, Leticia and her crew start reporting in real time, and AG and Rafael watch from her office. Saul shows the video, which clearly shows M&M had no bags on them, and that they were treated badly. Monica is in the middle of testifying, when Alvaro wheels Lazaro in. The usual weeping, crying and histrionics from Monica and Laz. Leticia has her crew stop rolling—can’t make the audience feel pity for Monica. Saul asks for a recess. Gustavo the reporter wants to take pictures of Laz and Monica and report on it, but Yesenia orders him NOT to. AG can’t know Laz is Monica’s dad. Laz and Monica hold hands through the bars and cry. Monica wants him to leave, he wants to stay. He eventually agrees to leave. She promises she’ll be set free.

Gabino chats with his cops who made the M&M arrest, outside of the prison, and tells them to stick to their (fake) story. Karen and Jorge show up with guy who took the video. He points to the cops and says they’re the ones who tried to take his cell phone. Gabino gets up in Karen’s face about her staying out of D.F. police business. Saul gets in Gabino’s face about letting his pride and jealousy lead him to do this to Monica. Everyone goes back inside for the resumption of the hearing.

Valeria is in the judge’s chambers hyperventilating. Lopez tries to convince her to do the right thing. Diego comes in and also pressures her to do the right thing, for him. AG calls and tells Valeria she BETTER do the wrong thing, and convict Monica. But she can let Margarita go. The hearing resumes. Video guy and the cops tell their version of events. Finally, Valeria is ready to make her decision. -End of episode.

La Fan. Another excellent recap, Jarifa! I love La Fan! If it moves to daytime I will have to watch it the following day online. It is so well-made, with incredibly excellent comic timing, and the main character is so appealing, that it must be a popular taste for a completely different, more violent, more melodramatic telenovela that is hurting it? Also the ads for it before it started made it seem more silly and farcical than it really is, so maybe a lot of people didn't even start it. Well, back to my comments. Once again Jessi is SO jumping the gun in apartment searching for her and Diego. Feli is being pretty cruel. Carlos does have Eloísa's and Diego's anger about the thugs coming, though. The scene with Vale trying to wave away Lucas's alcohol breath was hilarious. I adored the final dance scene with all the Lucas Locas. And btw, as usual the most severe weather was a good 50 to 60 miles to the South of us and 40 or 50 miles to the North. We too were lucky. I did hear a few hair raising stories from my students about how horrible the wind was when they were trying to drive to class.

La Doña

thank you ever so much Vivi!
I also threw together a little recap, I guess I might as well post it too.



Deb- Please do! I just did this one from memory very quickly. I look forward to what you picked up.

La Doña 67

totally impressive performance by Danna Paola (Monica) when she sees her dad in the courtroom, stole the show!

let's see what I remember,

Laz talks Adolfo into taking him to Monica's hearing, "a father can't be replaced" he says, I need to be there for her.

AG's world is running like a clock, as she brings in Rafael and Leticia to fine tune them, although she wonders what's up with Rafael lately.

Ximena died as she lived, screwing things up, her love life, her abortion, her career, and now being over zealous trying to get Braulio to confess on tape, he spots the camera and mike, and it isn't pretty, literaly carts her body out of the hotel room. (but did he get her tablet)

Leticia puts Monica's hearing on live tv, but stops when Laz appears, she doesn't want any sympathy shots, AG grumbles about not getting her high off watching her fine work of destroying other lives, but does agree that Margarita can be freed.

Diego shows at hearing, giving Valeria a gulp moment, he didn't know she was presiding and pleads with her at a break to do the right thing, of course Yesenia has been working on Lydia to see that he has been setting her up.

of couse Saul has been going around promising all that Monica will be home for dinner and taunts Gabino.

Saul's case is shaky, but wait, Karen and Jorge have brought the guy that made the video of Monica's arrest and he is all in.

Francisco shows at the Foundation, gets the real story about Daniel not killing AG, declines from playing their game, says he will never see them, again.

Valeria does do the judge thing very well, very commanding, don't know why she hasn't gone into spasms with all that is going on.

Yesenia shuts down their newsman from filming Laz.

Laz is so cool at the hearing, Monica is so humble asking for forgiveness for lying to him, he blows right by it and makes it clear he is there for her.

Judge V. Puertas returns from her chambers, (could you maybe button up your blouse a little higher) and gives her ruling...


La Doña

I think we got most of it!

I can see Valeria ruling against Monica, (like she did with Emiliano/Lydia), unless, something else happens that would either justify ruling for Monica in the eyes of AG/Braulio, or not ruling at all.


LA DONA: Wow, so well done both of you! Kudos to Vivi and deb. It's always an embarrassment of riches when we get two views at once. I know Xime was expendable and her time was up, poor thing, but it was pretty gross. I guess we're supposed to understand that Braulio's depravity is the result of some terrible evil in his childhood, but he's a one-dimensional vicious demoniac killer. Actually, this brings up something I can't escape. ALL the characters are really caricatures. I'm just not getting an authentic vibe from anybody, except maybe Diego and Lydia and some of the minor characters. I was expecting more. Aracely, even though she has prodigious acting chops, even she seems to be just dialing it in.

Glad to have a new character in the person of Francisco, the untouchable. I hope he can bring some life back to this moribund plot.

Which brings me to: the body count. Thanks Steve for keeping such an accurate list.

Didn't somebody give us an episode count the other day? If so, we're halfway through? or more if they decide to condense to a quick finish?

La Fan. And there's a truth about blackmailers in Estafanía's demands. Once you've paid them off they never stop asking for more.


Great recap, deb!

LXV- Yeah, I felt that beating by Brau was too graphic and went on too long. I felt that way when he beat Yesenia that time too. Just too much!

This was episode 67, and this was originally supposed to be around 120 episodes. But now there are rumblings about this ending much earlier, so who knows how much longer we have!

The previews for this show are way to spoilerish!

Vivi: We both know this IS a likely fate that will await Valeria & most likely Lopez.

On Ximena: She HAD IT COMING!



Deb: I wouldn't be surprised if Braulio whacks Mama Aguirre just to taunt Saul.

Braulio did whack Daddy Aguirre & now Ximena. I hope I'm wrong about this, but Mama Aguirre is likely EXPENDABLE!


La Doña

Wow, many thanks, Vivi and deb, for the great recaps! I had been puzzled by why Leticia stopped filming at the crucial moment when Lázaro entered; it had seemed to me a forced coincidence. However, your two recaps made it clear why she did this, not wanting to film anything that might create sympathy for Mónica. Duh...

Vivi, I too thought Ximena's death was excessively graphic. As for the previews, in general I haven't minded them, but I too thought last night's revealed too much.

deb, I loved your wordplay with "Ximena died as she lived, screwing things up" and "he literally carts her body out of the hotel room." Good question about the tablet!


Juanita: Leticia is FAKE NEWS! When the dirty secrets come out in the end of this TN, I could see her losing her job with the TV Network.

Valeria might lose her judgeship & Gabino might go to prison for corruption.


La Doña

Steve, thanks for the body count. There were two people on the list that I don't remember as having died. It's likely that I haven't been paying enough attention, but I don't recall Colonel Cespedes' wife having been killed, and I was under the impression that the girl who was stabbed in prison was wounded but not killed. I remember evil stabber chick trying to stab her again to finish her off, but Mónica stops her from doing so. Did she die anyway from that first wound?

Even without the two I mentioned, that's a very impressive body count, and I suspect it will go considerably higher before the novela ends.

La Doña

Steve, a few months ago I saw a very compelling documentary about the Mexican justice system (or, rather, injustice system) entitled Presunto Cupable (Presumed Guilty). Based on what it showed, I would guess that Leticia would only be fired if her views differed from those higher up, Valeria would remain a judge (you should have seen some of the outrageous ways the judges in this documentary behaved), and Gabino would receive a promotion (in keeping with what happened to similar police officers in the documentary).


Univision's ratings have been dropping a lot over the past few years since people are getting bored with traditional Televisa telenovelas. Telemundo actually overtook them in ratings last year for the 8-11pm slot for 18-49 year olds, but that is largely due to the narco dramas and other non-typical telenovela shows, like biopics. The fact that Telemundo productions are made in the US for American latino audiences also plays a part. Since Univision mostly shows Televisa productions, the Mexican settings and local culture are not quite as relevant.

Personally I love the comedies on Telemundo. The previews for La Fan were terrible but I am so glad I decided to watch it. It's now my favorite telenovela, and I also loved Quién es Quién last year - the other comedy with terrible ratings. I have a feeling Telemundo is going to stop with comedies now though in favor of the narco shows. :/

La Doña

I seem to remember Cespedes mentioning that his wife had died at some time, but that was all.



Vivi, that comment about Angélica Vale growing up in the business was interesting.

The Lucas Locas reminds me of Jaime Camil and his Camilocas.

SpanProf, so glad you too escaped the worst of the weather. Carlos sure deserves what he gets. It is annoying how he and Adriana don't think the beating was such a big deal.



Jarifa- LOL! I didn't know there was such a thing as Camilocas. I bet that's what inspired the Lucas Locas! Jaime and Angelica are BFF.


I did not know about the CamiLocas, either! LOL Jaime Camile's 'Rogelio" in Jane the Virgin is as vain as Lucas Duarte in La Fan. He is the main reason I watch JtV.


I love "Jane the Virgin", too. Jaime Camil is the perfect Rogelio. I am so happy that the show has been renewed for a fourth season!


Juanita: Mama Aguirre better WATCH HER BACK because I could easily see Braulio whacking her in a more violent way just to taunt Saul.

You might want to worry about Lydia too.


Juanita: I do seem to remember that "Infames" ended with Juan Jose Benavides, the corrupt Mexican Secretary of the Treasury (who was at the center of the conspiracy & running for President) whacking himself inside his office.

Benavides' cronies either went to prison or fled the country.

We could see a similar situation with either Rafael or AG because I'm NOT expecting both of them to be among the living when all is said & done.


TELEMUNDO... (ratings)

"Telemundo continues its historic winning streak, closing February as the #1 Spanish-language network season-to-date during Monday-Friday 8-11pm among adults 18-49 (895,000) and 18-34 (426,000), according to Nielsen.

"Telemundo’s “El Chema” is the leading Spanish-language television program at 10pm and averaged more than 2 million total viewers"

"The network’s 9pm series “La Doña” averaged more than 1.5 million total viewers"

(no mention of "La Fan")

(in poking around it appears the ratings of "La Fan" have slipped below the 1 million mark).


LXV: this show was bum –rushed[ I see the projection of 120 epsiodes? Really??!! what is that 5-6 weeks?? Really think so???!!

La Dona
Vivi: ….great job!!
La Dona commentators: you’re too darn funny... all of ya’ll, made me laugh so hard!!
Steve: you need to stop! LOL!!! You’re killing me!!

Ximena, can you be that naiveté to try to record Braulio really!! When? after sex or before sex, he ain’t had some for a while so slurppies are on the menu …Girl...he cared abt you in his wolf man way!!

Wired!! With cheapie camera, girl, you should know better than to be a stitch.

Ok!! Let’s face it [for me –just saying] Braulio and Ximena is [was] the best sex in this show, sorry but it’s [was] hot, hot!!

Diego and Lydia are lovely, but for us [me] grown up Braulio is all MAN..!! Baby! I like it raw!!
BABY!! Big daddy…I know you’re stressed … I can handle all this. ..Let me just take this shirt off and help you work out /off. Some that [ ] stress!

Ximena... pulled- game all the while keeping an eye -check on wall camera, pulled off more clothes...eye the camera in the flowers...lick, smooches, chop, bite, copped a plea, nothing like begging a dude works- [on most male-egos] like a charm.
.. Hug, rub, and grope….check the camera over the bed, good angel for action…

I got to give it to Ximena for being able to walk and chew gum at the same time. Girl/knew- knows how to handle her business...!! I THOUGHT!

Pillow talk!! Oh sh**, Ximena ,overplayed her hand … and got cold- cocked, he beat her like man!! She bum -rushed for information, WHEN she should have slow- walked/pimp- walked this guy.

Options: [doped him]...waited him out, but who knows how to handle a psycho nobody but another psycho, poor quilt- tripped Ximena was way-way, out of her league.

Deb: Good points: Ximena... had the worst luck...Good bye girl, we going to miss you...Dang! Dangdang! I am so upset and fed up!

Ximena, dang...she paid for his anger TOWARDS DONA, she is another corpse within the body count...damn damn damn, she hit him instead of playing possum… and of course,that insult really set his fangs out for blood lust ….he really hates AG/ Dona !!damn ?!

When,I heard that CRACCCK...When he cracked her ribs -then her neck..!!! WTF! That mess me up!! ..Damn, damn, damn!!! It was going so good, if she had just stayed in her lane...Ximena was another really naïve person!!

He would have been your man, you could have had him hooked, if only you had just played it smart... let’s face it he was going to die sooner or later and he would have left you tight /set for life!! But…. Fatal attraction…..

Steve: Die Braulio Die!!!

Man. I am done!!! Done! Done! I have nothing left, but to see the end…

Monkeys, where are you, let’s get it -done and over -with... from the preview / commercial,

I guess the cat’s out of the bag... And let’s have some clean sheets!!


La dona
Oh well>>>>
Witness time, what court? Kangaroo court, what’s the point of this ‘B*S’..?

Ok: Lazaro is at the hearing, and the jig is up , revelations: mother = daughter I.D. is it going to happen??>

things are looking up!!..Azucena laid into Letitia‘s ass!!

Yes. You- go -girl!!, slide that heifer a good /hard one with your right,for me! she is a seditious liar...

Bust that board upside her fat -head, then ,drag that two [overly made- up ] face wench over a court bench !! on live T.V..!!

Back in court Monica sees her dad and she is told to comport herself like the beloved child she is.

Gabino is an idiot... but with authority and mal-intent. Valeria is mess, slave -slave to evil… don’t count on her for nothing. She is talking out of both sides of her mouth and both are liars. She wouldn’t know the truth if it spit on her…go to jail!!! For contempt.

Monkey…Francisco doesn’t trust Rafael!! Or Danny!!
The doctor is not a monkey baby!!!

Are all the players going to war, soon??
Does this mess…’BS’... mean, Ms.AG is going to have to find allies with her enemies in order to balance the odds [the monkeys as a force will be unstoppable]

, and who is going to put themselves at risk to help AG??[Simple Saul]

Lxv: Braulio has left the building [planet sanity]. He has stepped -over into complete madness!!

I hope the souls [Almas] of his victims come to claim him soon, and make it easier for the demons to…..Drag him to hell...

**After Yesenia accidently shoots him!!

AG is another one, she has been manipulating energy to do negative actions, and she has to pay karma soon as well!!

**After Azucena accidently trips her off the ledge.

And the death list is gratuitous, the writer needs to die next, unless it’s Leticia, Emiliano, Isa brat or Valeria, but it’s always the good who die young!



HALIMACANDY: Mama Aguirre needs to WATCH HERSELF because if Leticia tells Rafael what she said to her, you know Mama Aguirre will end up like Ximena: beaten to death or WORSE: dismembered.


The actor who plays Carlos Z. did play a bad guy in the series "Tierra De Reyes". He was an arms dealer who bought the Reyes' brothers house to store all his guns.

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