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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#2): La Fan, La Doña, El Chema, & más: Week of February 13, 2017


Here's Page 2 for the week.  The current telenovelas are as follows (all times are Eastern Standard Time):

• 10:30AM-noon — Mujeres Ambiciosas
• 12-2PM — Amar es Primavera
• 8PM — La Fan
• 9PM — La Doña
• 10PM — El Chema

Everyone is welcome to join in the conversation.  Since discussions of all the Telemundo novelas share the same page, please remember to put the name of the telenovela you're referring to at the top of your post, so readers can easily find the conversations they're looking for.  Also, please do not discuss previews, trailers, or any other plot information not found in a current or past episode.

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La dona
Thurs...Monica dad..Coma time, ..and two men in the running after her .sappy Saul n Francisco the monkey's son ,doctor cutie

Gabino is in trouble ,Rafael threatened his career,life! He also clarified dona ?...M.O......

,Gabino has to frame up Monica. .rock n hard place , I think that last beat turned him aginst her?

...braulio swears, he will raise his next child..with Ximena. ..... alone!,???

The neighbor's Barrio, is full of presentados spying on everybody

Felipe ,regina, have no grasp of reality, do they, they have no real defences against a a murderous sociopath..they are in a cage with a beat ,but behave with banality?

The girls are headed to jail, Gabino sunk low low low lower lowest !

Damn my girl yesenia .,decided to cut the Bitch.. don't hold back!

Rock n hard place ..

Flying pan n fire..yesenia and braulio in conference ?! Who da thunk it ?!

But what was the creepiest comment of the show, when ag,dona was talking to Rafael, about hemming Monica up,

he said!,I will show how her ,teach her how to behave..
What kind of sadistic bastard drools over inflicting pain. A sadistic bastard ,

And dona dug it..

This is gonna come back to bite her on the a**

She colluded with her own rapist! HOW 'F'ed up is that!
This was crux of the warning she was given! Karma is a bit*h

.WHAT surprises ME IS THAT this didn't trigger a memory about the rape..

I hope yesenia hit the spot with the malediction,

hoping ,The GRISGRIS removal works, but it wouldn't hurt to get in her ALTER space and throw some, HIGH JOHN the CONQUERER ROOT up in the joint for good measure!

Did Monica frame up go viral, did Azucena find out Bt the arrest? THANKS GOODNESS

Back at the jail. Quick course of jail etiquette 101, will help you survive,

Monica, your loud country ass, mouth is gonna dig your grave, tone it down several notches,

I realize just how unsophisticated you are, shouting in the most naive manner, she really needs Lydia,!

Poor Lydia knows the extent of how bad this is going to get!
Diego is right on time with SYMPATHY!

You better chill!
Those cops will zap you all day!

Maggie ,girl I quess you and Gabino... was a dream, cause you won't survive this with Monica staying in trouble running her mouth!

La dona
I am looking forward to the recap. .cause if you blink you miss a lot!,

BIG UP to the Queen!

My head hurts, la dona FAMILY !...

VIVI is right, this is gonna be hard jail time.. rough ,

I hope it doesn't eat up Monica story line on this show., inside jail block ? hell no! please not for 10 show NO NO NO!

Can she escape right away ,.

Excuse me,but is Saul gonna have to screw DONA to get Monica out of jail?

Steve! You are right, people may drop like flies, dang dang dang!


LA FAN #23 2/16/17 Thursday Part 1

Vale regains consciousness. She remembers talking to Pablo and then waking up at the bottom of the stairs. Where is Pablo and what did he do to her?They take Vale to the hospital with her complaining all of the time that she is just fine. The director calls Lucas to tell him that he is due on the set because they are filming the novela's last scene and the actress they have hired cannot wait for him much longer. After Gabriel and Lucas arguing about who is going to go and who is going to stay with Vale, Vale puts her foot down and goes with Lucas back to the set. By that time the actress has left and the director drafts Vale to take her place so they can finish. She has to wear a Marilyn Monroe blonde wig and classic white dress. She has to sing "Happy Birthday" to Lucas' character just like Marilyn. Vale tries to sing and is awful. Salma demonstrates on how it should be done. Suddenly Vale is able to do her part perfectly. Everyone is impressed. Lucas wants her to come over to his place tonight dressed as Marilyn so he and Vale can finally have "their" night together. Later Vale gets a call from Lucas to meet him at an art exhibition. She comes dressed as Marilyn and steals the show. Vale starts feeling weird. She has some of Lucas' drink. She thinks she remembers something: feeling desperate and Lucas apologizing.

Gabriel tells Pablo that if he wants to keep his mouth, he will close it or he will end up in a sewer eaten by rats. He wouldn't be the first one. He needs to disappear. Pablo leaves.

Nicolás continues teling Rodrigo about how he and his father were friends. His father just made a mistake but he always loved him and still does because his father is alive. This new knowledge drives Rodrigo to go stay with Tomás. His mother
lied to him. Salma comes to get him and he refuses to go with her at first. When they do get home, Salma tells him the truth: Nicolás is his father.Tomás is going through the same yearning for a father. He tells Vale he wishes his were Gabriel. .Can Vale help him find his father? Vale tells him Lucía took that secret to her grave. He still wants Vale to try. He asks Gabriel to help him too.

After having done the deed, Diego and Adriana reflect on just how great it was. Adriana give him a ten! He asks her to scratch his back when they hear her father. She goes out to talk to him while Diego hides, then gets dressed and finally escapes. Adriana soon leaves, too, leaving Carlos alone supposedly waiting for some "empresarios". There is only one problem: Diego has left is hot diggety dog shorts behind on the floor in the bedroom. Diego goes back to work and calls Adriana who assures him that it was not the "first and last" but the first of many. Next, Benino confronts Diego about his cellphone asking him what he is up to with Adriana's mother. Diego says he was at Felicitas'studio to fix something. Diego tells Benicio it was a crime for him to have broken into his phone. Benino could not care less. Benino gives Adriana an invitation for the exhibition opening that her mother dropped off.

Eloísa arrives at Carlos' yacht. He is waiting for her. When he is otherwise occupied, she spies her son's shorts and stashes them in her purse. When things get too hot and heavy, Eloísa tells Carlos she refuses o be the other woman. She is doing things right this time. He needs to get a divorce. They kiss again.

LA FAN #23 2/16/17 Thursday Part 2

Benicio calls Miriam to tell her she is hired.

Diego fills Miguel in on his new relationship with Adriana.

Felicitas tries to talk Adriana into going to her show. Adriana is not interested. It is too bad if she does not go because she will miss the painting of her mother's most important model who somebody said she knows. Her mother also wants to introduce her to somebody that makes her very happy. Adriana goes home where her father is planning on going to the show. He figures it will be the last one since he is getting a divorce. He talks Adriana into going with him. Later at teh show, Felicitas presents her most important painting to the crowd. it is clearly of Diego. Adriana sees it and is mortified.

Angélica Vale was at her best in the Marilyn Monroe get up. She is such a great talent.

Diego better learn how to keep track of his phone and his shorts! I laughed at Eloísa trying to stuff them under her skirt at first.

La Dona:

Holy shit. I dont even speak Spanish but I was still at the edge of my seat from Thursday episode.

Can someone please tell me why exactly Monica was arrested? She was in a car, a guy took some pictures and then she was in jail? WHAT THE FUCK?

@HALIMACANDY : "She colluded with her own rapist!" , ON HER OWN DAUGHTER!! You are right, this is soooooo fucked up! I am even more eager now for her to know the whole truth....oh AG, the irony that her quest revenge will ultimately hurt her the most.

Okay, how remorseful is AG about her daughter death???? First she was apathetic but then seem to do a full 180 after killing the colonel. And that last scene with Isabella, of course the spoiled brat comes crawling back, I caught hija somewhere in their conversation. Was AG calling Isabella her daughter?

LA DOÑA Havent had a chance to watch the episode yet, but thanks HALIMACANDY for your extensive preview; and Tatiana too. Now, I'll have to carve out some time this morning. Sounds like a missed a hot episode.


La Doña

Tatiana, Gabino arranged somewhat reluctantly to have Mónica set up and arrested. The police planted drugs, I think, in a backpack, grabbed her off the street, and immediately threw her in jail. Since Margarita was with her, they arrested her as well, but I think they were only planning to arrest Mónica; Margarita was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I think Gabino watched this happen from another police car and said (to himself, since he was alone in the car) "I'm sorry, Mónica, AG forced me to do this," or something to that effect. Rafael had made it clear to Gabino that AG doesn't play nice with people who don't follow her orders.

As for AG's saying "hija," she told Isabela that Isabela is like a daughter to her, the daughter she supposedly never had. I think it's not the first time she has said that to Isabela, but the recent encounter with Lázaro may have made the tie to Isabela even stronger in AG's mind. It will be interesting to see how AG responds when she finds out that Mónica is her daughter.

La Doña

Halimacandy, I really enjoyed your comments. I too am hoping that Yesenia's witchcraft talents will be useful here.

I don't think that Azucena or anyone else knows yet about Mónica's arrest. I'm wondering whether the guy who took photos on his phone as M & M were being thrown into the police car may turn out to be helpful. It's possible, of course, that he's a cop as well, and is part of the plot against Mónica, but it's also possible that he is just a bystander from whom M & M were asking directions.

Like you, I'm hoping that the Mónica-in-jail thread ends quickly. This woman-in-prison stuff seems to be a telenovela staple, but it's one that I really dislike. Normally, Telemundo moves its plots along pretty quickly, so it's possible that Mónica will be out in another episode or two. But somehow, I'm fearing that they will milk this for all they can get. Arrgh.


Thank you, Jarifa!!! Wow, I am amazed at the pace of this telenovela. Adriego have done the deed, and already Diego is busted as Felicitas' latest hot male model. I can't wait to watch this episode!


Thanks, Jarifa! Diego really should have told Adriana about being a model for handsy Felicitas. But she really shouldn't jump to the conclusion that just because Diego is modeling for her, that he's sleeping with her. Felicitas isn't irresistible to all men. (Has anyone else noticed how painfully fake the actress' implants look on her bony chest?)

Eloisa finding those hotdog shorts and trying to stuff them in her skirt was hilarious. I wonder why she hasn't confronted Diego yet to find out how his very unique shorts got in the bedroom of her boyfriend's boss' yacht. Maybe next episode.

Ack! I'm disappointed Vale forgot her pivotal conversation with Lucas, but it's just in the back of her mind, trying to come back. Drink some more, Vale!

She seems to have just the opposite of stage fright. Crappy in rehearsal. On point as soon as the camera starts rolling.

I thought the two boys yearning to find their fathers was very touching and well done by both young actors.


Thanks for all the great informative comments. I'm two episodes behind, so I'll have to catch up this weekend. Not happy that both Monica and Margarita are in jail.

La Fan

Thanks Jarifa! I'm surprised Adriana and Diego slept together already. I figured them constantly getting interrupted would turn into a running gag for several more episodes. We're not even a quarter way through the TN and so much has happened already!



Vivi: Last night's episode PISSED ME OFF to no end. Watching Monica & Margarita being treated like animals made me cringe & I was tempted to throw something at the TV.

Juanita: I've decided a long time ago that it's time for AG to DIE. DIE AG DIE!

Did you noticed that when Regina brought up what happened to her parents & Cesar, that Daniel is likely to tell Rafael about it ?

Tatiana: Why do I get this sick feeling that both Margarita & Monica will get violently tortured ?


La Doña

interesting scene, breakfast was it, Braulio does his usual verbal abuse on Valeria, Diego stands and confronts his dad face-to-face, not a sign of fear in his eyes, Valeria talks him back to his seat, and Braulio says to (the pregnant) Valeria, if we ever have another kid, he would never allow her to raise him.


La Fan. Excellent and thorough recap, Jarifa! Yep, Vale remembers before her previous injury but not after! Vivi was so right that Diego should have told Adriana about his modeling job with Felicitas. But then this tn would probably be several episodes shorter! Too bad Gabe turned out to be a sleaze and a law breaker because he'd be a great dad! He's wonderful with both Tomás and Rodrigo. Vale as Marilyn Monroe was hilarious, and I agree that it was Angélica Vale at her best. And of course "Mr. President" in the Happy Birthday song was JFK, who had an affair with Marilyn Monroe. I was surprised that Salma told Rodrigo the truth about his father. I was expecting her to make something up out of whole cloth or perhaps tell him that Lucas was his father.


doris and J: you never know what is going to happen with this one. What a breath of fresh air!

Vivi, I will have to give those implants a look. LOL

SpanProf, yes, it is too bad about Gabriel having become a criminal. What a waste!


La Doña 58

some high points,

Monica has learned the truth about her dad's condition, when Adolfo says it would have been caused by a blow, she remembers the attack at the tenement where he was thrown down the stairs, it's AG's fault.

Rafael gives Gabino a pep talk, he must complete his word to AG, or....

Regina clues in Felipe on a social media campaign, reaching the younger generation, he gets a call about Monica, and spills, Regina gets a look at how he is working to bring down her sister.

Monica and Margarita are out looking for Yesenia who suddenly left, when they are grab by some cops, and hauled away, all recorded by a passerby, they are each thrown a bag of illegal stuff as proof of their crime, Monica of course won't shut up and gets a club to the head.

Yesenia has gone to AG, puts a big knife at her throat, but does not kill her, she is not like AG, but spits out some blackmagic before leaving, Braulio takes command as she is being drug out, and they talk, Yesenia points out his position, between a rock and a hard place, he needs to keep up the lie.

AG says if Monica doesn't learn her lesson she will up the stakes, Rafael, with an old Monkey look in his eyes, tells AG he will teach her a lesson.

Regina arrives at the hospital but gets dissed by all of Monica's friends, Saul gets her away, as Daniel is watching, comparing her to the scene of the rape 20 years ago, later he gets her away, and gets her to spill somewhat about the bond with her sister and the death of her parents 20 years ago.

Diego and Isabela split, he has had enough whining, Isa blames it on her no longer having any money.

something about not being able to take Monica and Margarita to jail till night leaves them to drive around all day, but they finally arrive, hungry and tired, and get processed, Monica trying to help another lady gets tasered.

Lydia is beside herself, has made up some posters of Monica she will post around, when Diego arrives, she she falls into his arms and cries.

Karen is doing her cop thing, Monica is not showing up anywhere.

Isabela arrives home, at AG's, who treats her like a daughter.


La Doña

Wow! What a terrific recap, deb! I think you've covered everything important, and it now makes more sense to me than it did when I watched the episode last night. ¡Muchísimas gracias!

I'm also glad you mentioned earlier the scene at breakfast with Diego, Braulio, and Valeria. I cheered when Diego stood up to Braulio. We can only hope that the father of Valeria's baby-to-be is Lopecito. Though whoever the father turns out to be, I suspect that Braulio will not survive to the end of the telenovela.

La Doña 58

thanks Juanita!

we also got to see the bond between Regina and AG through Regina's eyes, AG saved her from rape and death and has sheltered her all these years, in her talk with Daniel, and we get to see that it is only AG's obsession, not her love for Regina that is pushing her away, and next show maybe we will see Isabela's picture in a water bottle coming out of the fridge.



Deb: You know Daniel will tell Rafael about Regina telling Daniel about the deaths of Daddy & Mama Sandoval from 20 years ago.

New hashtag: #DIEAGDIE

Treating Monica like a animal is DIGSUTING!


Juanita: I'm hoping AG DIES in the end.


“Guerra de Ídolos", a 2 min trailer w/ english captions here,


La Doña

Steve- I don't think Daniel will tell Rafael anything, he doesn't like the Monkeys, and has lied anew about killing AG.



The recap for Friday's episode will be up some time on Saturday.

Steve- I am pretty sure Monica and Margarita is going to get some sort of abuse in prison and then she will turn all hard-core, that seems to be the usual plot-line in TN, but I just really really really hope they don't write in another rape case. Seriously, stop using rape as a plot twist already; I am so sick of it.

La Fan

ok, did Tomas let out that his unknown dad found out Lucia was pregnant and split, and we know Gabriel didn't know she was pregnant, and we learned tonight Lucia had revenge sex with Gabriel but loved Lucas and we know from earlier Gabriel convinced Lucas that Lucia was unfaithful, so what if Lucas thought Lucia's pregnancy was from another, whew!


LA FAN #24 2/18/17 Friday Part 1

Adriana asks a Benicio to get her out of there. He takes her home and takes the opportunity to try to get closer to her. She complains that her mother always ends up with everything she wants. She wants to be alone. The next day Diego goes to explain it all to Adriana. She says there is nothing to explain. This time she robbed her mother's lover. She used him to get back at her mother? She sure did. He only worked for his mother to get money. Well, her mother is very "generous." He can go work because that is what he is paid for.

Vale is stuck on the fact that she is remembering Lucas apologizing to her and it feels like it was something important. At home, Lucas tells her he, who has a very good memory, can tell her that there wasn't anything important that he told her. He wants her to rest and doesn't want anything bad to happen to her. "Their night" will happen soon enough. She asks him to go to the cemetery tomorrow with her to bring flowers to Lucía's grave.

Diego and Miguel are discussing the art show and how when Adriana goes she will see the painting. Diego does not think Felicitas knows he is going out with her daughter. Anyway, he's in big trouble. Eloísa presents him with his shorts and asks if they are his. He sniffs them (ewwwww) and says yes! She wants to know what he was doing without his shorts on on the boat. He leaves to try to salvage things with Adriana. Diego arrives at the gallery where Adriana enthusiastically receives him and presents him to the public. Carlos recognizes him as Eloísa's son (!) and tells Ignacio.

Salma tells Rodrigo that his father is Nicolás. She told him his father was dead to try to protect him. She apologizes. He will not accept it. He had the right to know. He runs away to Vale's house early the next morning and asks Tomás to hide him.

Tomás tells Gabriel that his father abandoned his mother when he found out she was pregnant. Gabriel will help him find his father no matter what. Tomorrow is the anniversary of his mother's death. Eventhough he never met her (!), Gabriel will commemorate her with him. Gabriel goes to Lucía's grave with flowers. Vale and Lucas arrive and are surprised to see him there. His excuse is that he is doing it for Tomás which Vale believes but Lucas doesn't.


Does anyone think Diego & Lydia will be endgame ?


Miriam arrives at work and Benicio asks if she (really he?) might not be more comfortable in something a little more formal with a skirt a little longer. She takes it all in stride. Later she sees Diego and gushes about Benicio.

Tomás ( the boy who never lies) lies to Eloísa that he is too sick to go to school. That way he gets to stay at home and hide Rodrigo.

Salma is hysterical. She thinks that Nicolás took Rodrigo. Nicolás pays her a visit. He had nothing to do with Rodrigo's disappearance. Agustín notifies the police that Rodrigo is missing, Nicolás tells Salma he is never giving his son or her up.

At Carlos' house, he has agreed to finally give a divorce to Felicitas. Is he ready to give up half his fortune? He tells his now divorce lawyer Ignacio that having a chance with Eloísa is more important than the money. Eloísa has a favor to ask of Ignacio: she wants to meet Eloísa.

The social networks have gone wild with the news that Vale is in the novela.

Lucas asks Gabriel what was his real reason for going to Lucía's grave because he does not believe that he did it for Tomás. Supposedly he went to get clues about who Lucía's father could be.

When she hears about Gabriel going to the cemetery. Jessica tells Vale that it is sort of strange that her novio's friend would be that involved with her son. It should be her novio. Vale has to agree. She confronts Gabriel about it and his reaction is totally inappropriate. She has been thinking and does not want Tomás to be confused since he is not Tomas' father. She asks him to not be so involved with Tomás. He tells her no way is that EVER happening. Has he made himself clear? (Restraining order anyone?) He apologizes. The bottom line Is that he is impeding Lucás and Tomás forming any kind of bond when he is always in the middle. She hopes to form a family with Lucas? Seriously. She leaves.

Carlos López tells Eloísa that his namesake has secrets and from what his mami taught him he is a liar. Eloísa is not pleased.

Diego insists on talking one more time with Adriana. He tells her he never has had anything going on with her mother. She tells him a secret: her mother is just dying to be with him. Later Benicio stops by Adriana's office to aks for a chance to make her happy.

Gabriel thinks back about Lucía telling him that she loved Lucas. She should have thought about that before going to bed with him Gabriel, right? Gabriel loves her. Lucía had sex with him just because she thought that Lucas was cheating on her. She used him.Gabriel gave her an ultimatum : either she tell Lucas she slept with him or he would. She begs him to just leave them alone be happy.He informs her that she will never be happy with Lucas because he does not know how to love. If she ever goes back to Lucas, Gabriel will turn her life into a living hell. He remembers getting the phone call,that he is Tomás' dad.

Previous post by Jarifa LA FAN #24 Part 2

LA FAN # 24 Part 3

Lucas goes to comfort Salma . It plays like a scene from a novela in the novela. Then Salma gets a call from the private investigator who gave Gabriel the false results. He needs to talk to her ASAP: a problem at the lab and he is stuck in a mess. She refuses and tells him to take care of it himself. (Sounds like this could be a big mistake on her part).

Adriana tells her dad that her mother took away the man she loved one more time.

Felicitas arrives at the café, talks to Diego and then sees Eloísa.

Vale comes home to both boys. She tells Rodrigo she will have to call his mother but hems and haws trying to talk some sense into him. Rodrigo wants to live with them. She makes them some food talking about having to call Rodrigo's mother again. There is a knock at the door and it is Salma and the police. It looks like Vale is being arrested.



"Whew" is the perfect description for this plot, deb!

I was annoyed with Vale not calling Salma immediately. At least she stood up to Gabriel.

Gabriel's veneer of civility and maybe sanity is cracking. How long till he goes over the edge?



Thanks, Jarifa! So much going on, as always.

Gabriel really did let his crazy flag fly when Vale told him to back off on spending so much time with Tomas. I'm surprised she wasn't more concerned after that. We know he thinks Tomas is his son, but she doesn't know that's the reason for his attachment to her son.

I'm disappointed in Adriana. If I were Diego, I'd be more mad at her, and insulted that she would believe he's prostituting himself to her mother. I am looking forward to seeing what Felicitas says to Eloisa. Will she expose Carlos for the liar and fraud he is? Will Felicitas assume Diego is the love child Eloisa had for Carlos? Real Carlos Lopez's instincts are right about Carlos Z.

La Fan

Many thanks, Jarifa, for another terrific recap. I saw only the very end, as I was waiting for la Doña to start. Now I feel as if I've seen the entire episode. And what an episode it was!

I don't know what to make of Gabriel. Until recently, I had strongly preferred him to the egocentric, mentiroso Lucas. And Tomas liked him much more than he liked Lucas. Normally, a good child's intuition can be trusted, but apparently not this time.


Vivi, it is too bad Vale does not cut off Gabriel's access to Tomás period. That just might make what he thinks is the truth to come out.

Thanks, Juanita! Gabriel is an interesting character. His arranging Vale's kidnapping was it for me. At least Lucas is not dangerous.


La Fan. Excellent recap, Jarifa! I hope Tomas and Rodrigo tell the police immediately how Rodrigo came to be at Tomas's, so Vale isn't arrested. Excellent suggestion, Deb. Lucas may have thought that Lucia's baby belonged to someone else--if he knew she was pregnant. Maybe being abandoned was a lie Lucia told? And what's with the lab mixup? Could Gabe really be Tomas's father? Maybe he and Nick can share a cell. And at this point, if I were Vale, I'd be worrying that some "grooming" was going on. Much better for Gabe to reveal, at least to Vale, that he thinks he's the father. And yep, Gabe not only had sex with Lucia, but his threats kept her from getting back with Lucas (and then he betrayed her anyway!). At least he has the grace to feel guilty about it now. Had Lucia really thought about it, Gabe had more to lose by revealing that he was her other sex partner than Lucia did. Very snarky revenge on Diego by Adriana. It softens the hurt a little for the viewer and no doubt helps keep this tn in the realm of the comic. It makes their breakup amusing rather than sad. How long before Carlos Z. puts 2 and 2 together and starts thinking Diego could be his son? We know he's not, but Carlos doesn't. How many complications is that going to cause?

La Fan

thanks so much Jarifa!

Jessica amazes me, loved how she was trying to get a kiss from the guys when they were leaving, Lucas dodged her, but she almost got to kiss Gabe on the cheek who asks, "are you leaving?" nope! then I am, and he leaves.


Thanks, SpanProf, I am really curious about whatever is happening at the lab.

deb, Jessica seems to be a real free spirit.

As for Adriana, I am sure she is going to feel really bad when it turns out Diego is innocent of being "just a giggolo." I can't wait. : )



Thank you for the recap, Jarifa!
"Lucas goes to comfort Salma . It plays like a scene from a novela in the novela." So true. The incidental music cracked me up, too; it was something right out of old soap operas.

Vale and Lucas in their matchy-matchy outfits (red, white & blue!) at the cemetery was a hoot.

Felicitias' hair and makeup at her gallery opening was, IMO, hideous. She looked like a caricature of a scary mask.

Carlos Zubizarreta is going to have a lot of 'splainin' to do to Eloisa, whenever the truth comes out about who he is. What an idiot.

Miriam working at Adri's corporation might be interesting. Let's hope that skunk Benicio leaves her alone.

La Doña - Capítulo 59 - Viernes 1/2

Well, since no one has posted a recap, I thought I'd mention some of what I think happened in Friday's episode.

Mónica and Margarita are arrested and brought to the jail. Mónica keeps demanding her rights and accuses the police of having set her and Margarita up. She's uncooperative when the police try to fingerprint her, and they drag her off. Later, she and Margarita are brought to a jail cell that contains other women as well. Margarita is frightened. Mónica tells her that Saúl got her out of jail in Veracruz, and he'll get the two of them out here.

Yesenia goes to see the unconscious Lázaro and expresses her immense regret for what has happened, her guilt for the part she played in bringing AG and Lázaro together years ago and deceiving him, and the love she feels for him now. She tells him that she'll be with him until he tells her he doesn't love her.

AG talks with Isabela about all the material things Regina can't give her (e.g. a car, a nice house, a college education) but she, AG, can and will. She urges her niece to come back to live with her.

Yesenia and Lydia talk. Lydia expresses surprise that Yesenia and Lázaro are together, since they're from different worlds (she's undoubtedly thinking of Diego and herself). Yesenia tells her that people love in spite of differences, and that love can change people. "Lázaro taught me the meaning of love."

Daniel and Regina return by car to the hotel where Regina is staying. They talk outside the hotel, and Regina tells him about the campaign against alcohol and drugs that she is involved with. Felipe comes by as they're talking. Regina introduces Daniel as "a new friend." Felipe is jealous.

Saúl comes to see Gabino and demands to know where Mónica is. The conversation becomes very heated. Saúl leaves, and Gabino explains to the other cops that he can't put Saúl in jail, he's protected.

Saúl then goes to AG's house, knocks out the guard, takes his jacket and hat, enters AG's house, wakes her up, and with great hostility asks her where Mónica is. She tells him she doesn't know, and she tries to turn on her sex appeal charm to get him to spend the night. He rebuffs her offer and persists in demanding to know where Mónica is. He's very angry, and AG notes this and says it's a good thing he didn't bring his gun. So of course he pulls out his gun and points it at her, just as one of AG's employees passes by unseen. Almost immediately thereafter, Matamoros and several others enter, guns drawn. AG persuades Saúl to put down his gun and think about how his mother would feel if he died. Her strategy works. He leaves, but threatens that if anything happens to Mónica....

A very drunk and depressed Braulio comes to Ximena's apartment. He tells Ximena that for the first time in his life, he's not in control, and he doesn't know what to do. For twenty years, he's done everything for AG. The next morning, a sobered Braulio demands to know what he said. Ximena tells him that for the first time, he showed himself to be human. She asks him whether he knows something about Don Jaime's death. He asks her what he said about Don Jaime and tells her not to ask more questions.

Gabino has Mónica brought to him at the jail and offers to get her out. I think he says they could go away together. Mónica asks about Margarita. Nope, just you. Mónica spits in his face. Back in the jail cell, Margarita tells her she should have gone with Gabino. "What, and leave you here alone?" replies Mónica. Later, Margarita tells Mónica that some people in the jail have secret phones that can be used if you have money to pay for it. Mónica remembers taking some money from her clothes and hiding it in her prison outfit.

La Doña - Capítulo 59 - Viernes 2/2

Saúl talks with Azucena the next morning. His mother tells him that she kicked Ximena out of the house because she was dealing with Braulio, AG's lawyer. Azucena feels that Ximena contributed to Don Jaime's death.

Rafael tells Gabino that Mónica is an obstacle to his rise. Gabino tells Rafael that he found nothing about the incident in Veracruz that Rafael had asked about. Rafael tells him to go to Veracruz to investigate more thoroughly. He stresses again that absolutely no one must know about this.

AG tells Matamoros she'll forgive him this time for Saúl's being able to get inside the house, but not again. She then asks him about the autopsy of Jaime Aguirre and says she wants to talk to the person who did the autopsy. End of episode.


Thanks so much, Juanita! This recap was just what I needed to catch up on what's going on. I must confess that I have not watched an episode since Monday, for two reasons-- I'm not excited about the Monica in prison storyline, and Mujeres de Negro started on Tuesday and has taken up an hour of my time each evening. With El Color de la Pasion ending in 2 weeks, I'll soon have an hour back. Luckily, this is a long weekend, and I'll find some time to watch these episodes on ffwrd.


"Mónica tells her that Saúl got her out of jail in Veracruz, and he'll get the two of them out here."

Is Monica serious? Or has she really not figured out that AG is behind her and Margarita's imprisonment, and what the all-powerful AG wants, she gets? Monica can't be that naive!

La Doña

wow, thanks so much Juanita!

even though I don't have much to say after a show, it's mostly because I'm speechless, this is quite an impressive production.

and that is quite a dark and scary jail the girls are in, and the jailer women all look twice their size, I think Margarita mentioned they would be in this holding cell for a while before they are integrated into the prison.

Felipe does the alcoholic thingy well as there is a dark cloud about him (or is it the greasy hair and dull dark eyes) where he could fall off the edge at any time, Regina also introduced him to Daniel as a "friend", (does this leave the door open for Daniel who is zeroing in), but what else could she do, Regina explains, you wanted us to keep our distance in public.

I guess Daniel drove Regina's car there (thinking she would have had a hard time driving home from the hospital), as he was going to take a taxi back.

good scenes with AG and Saul, with all guns drawn and pointed, AG taunted him to shoot, "let's settle this in hell" she says.

and as she is giving Matamoros another chance she had him fire all the other bodyguards.

Karen came to get Saul, I was hoping that she had located Monica, or has Gabino managed to keep their names out of the system.



doris, Carlos sure keeps digging himself in deeper and deeper. It will be interesting when he comes clean to Eloísa. Her reaction I am sure will be memorable. : )


Would Felicitas be turned off or more turned on, if she comes to believe that Diego is Carlos' son?

La Doña

Many thanks, Vivi and deb, for your comments. Vivi, I'm glad you found the recap useful. And yes, Mónica probably doesn't realize how unlikely it is that Saúl will be able to get them out. Of course, she's also trying to keep up Margarita's morale. And it's not absolutely impossible that Saúl may come through. Miracles do happen, at least in telenovelas. :-)

deb, I loved your great descriptions: the dark and scary jail, the jailer women twice the size of M & M, Felipe's greasy hair and dull dark eyes. Perfect!

La Dona

Has anyone noticed in the "entrada" of the novela, a 2 second scene where Rafael is sitting on his knees with with hands tied and wearing a bloodied t-shirt? AG is also sitting to his left but I can't tell if her hands are tied; however, between them is a man holding a gun to Rafael's head. I don't recognize the man. Could he be monkee Francisco or could he another of AG's hit man putting an end to monkee Rafael?

I'm really hoping Regina tells AG, Monica is her daughter. Still hoping AG will be redeemed to some extent.

Greetings and thank you all for the recaps and the comments.

La Doña

Rosa, welcome to the forum. Wow, I hadn't noticed a brief scene with Rafael. I'll definitely have to look for it. By "entrada," I assume you mean the novela's theme song, yes? Thanks for mentioning it.

la dona

Friday, thanks for recap !!
I have to wrap my mind around this..
cause whats up with the Daniel /regina hook up!! there aint none ,its all a fishing exhibition !!

Felipe ,dude, hang in there!

Monica, punks-jumpup-to-get-knock-down!! just saying, shut the "F" up and chill,play it close to your chest!!

Braulio and Ximena, are they knocking boots again?? of course!! these two are gonna this this wide open!! these two have the dope on everybody

Steve: AG will be terrified to death, running away from the souls/alma of her victims

saul and the gun .? no comment!! yeah I said it ! no comment!! are they trying to destroy this actors tv career?? you placed him in this vehicle, he doesn't have the gravitas to pull this level of acting, off.. poor casting choice..don't send a boy to do a man's job...Matamoros has more credibility as a lover!!

gun man, for what he was gonna shoot she is scared of guns, he may know the inside of her thighs, that's all. can anybody think he can what ? pistol whip her?? why? what! huh?!

oh pleeeesssee!! for goodness sake??!! lord help me...



Wednesday episode-- The Kiss...

OK. Now we've seen Saul be madly in love with three different women within the span of, what, 3 months? He went straight to using "amar" with Monica too, while begging her to ditch her plans with her ill father and stay in Mexico with him. Say what? How are we supposed to take this guy seriously? I think he's an adrenaline junky. First he was all into Ximena when they were fighting the system and the MAN in Veracruz. Then he comes to Mexico City, and he gets sucked into the drama and danger of being AG's side piece. And now, that he's fighting AG, her goons, the pop, and the MAN alongside endangered Monica, he's suddenly head over heels in love with Monica.

Couldn't stand him yapping at Felipe in the hospital either. Not the time or place, Saul! Loved that Felipe was so cool. He's SO over their feud, and Saul needs to get over it too. They're on the same side-- against AG.

La Doña

Vivi, what you've said about Saúl is so true! Telemundo should have hired you to bring the telenovela writers to their senses before they released La Doña!

La Doña

loving your comments Vivi !!!



Thursday episode...

AG and Rafael once again together bitching about the bad upbringing Monica had with her poor, sick father and no mother. More foreshadowing that these two are her egg and sperm donor...

Isabela accusing Regina of being selfish. That's rich! Loved Diego calling her out for her shallowness and being a spoiled brat, and comparing her to brave Lydia.

Then they show the juxtaposition of the absolutely terrible and horrifying situation Monica and Margarita are in, to Isabela returning to her golden cage with AG and complaining about her 3 star hotel and predictable room service breakfast each morning. I'm am so ready for Karma to slap that little twit upside the head.



I don't see AG finding out Monica is her daughter until AFTER a tragic & devastating event (likely resulting in Monica's death).


Rosa: I'm pretty sure that's Francisco holding the gun in the opening credits!


La Doña

Vivi, I think you're probably right about Rafael and AG being Mónica's biological parents. This wasn't the first time he has complained about her bad manners and her bad upbringing. Indeed, when he did that the first time, I began to suspect, and your pointing out this latest incident--this time involving both AG and Rafael--seems to be pointing quite strongly in that direction. I guess that's further evidence that character isn't biological!


Juanita: I don't see Rafael & AG figuring this out until AFTER Monica gets whacked.


....' Nobody knows the troubles I seen..nobody knows but jesus...glory halle luiya

.. did that guard bust monica upside her head..yep!..

how many times is she gonna get a beat down!! lots..

?? did she spit in gabino's face and refuse help?
is she stupid! yep!

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