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Vino el Amor #76; Wednesday, February 15, 2017: Blessings, parties, thieves, and guess who came home?

Repeated scene: Luciana argues with León about her relationship with David, finally gets tired of the gossip, and admits to León that she and David are together. Meanwhile, Marta is on the stairs listening and then she has a hissy fit with Luciana about her relationship with David. Lu explains that she tried not to get involved, but admits that David is the man she loves. Marta says, “No, that can’t be!” Marta begins to grab Lu and shake her and tell her she doesn’t want Lu to suffer all her life. Of course Marta is projecting her own bad experience on to her daughter believing it’s the same thing. Lu explains that her love for David is very strong and she will suffer without David. She just feels very badly about hurting Miguel and having to hide this from everyone. Marta is talked out and says “Good night”. She is very angry with Lu. [Marta better get a grip here and give her daughter the freedom to choose her own man.]
Juan and Mark continue to argue and Juan tells him hands off Perla! Finally they discuss the “business” of the (most likely) stolen electronics they will be selling.

David enters Fernanda’s room to talk to her. They talk about her party and David explains that it can’t be as big as she wants it to be. They talk about Fer’s mother and how much she loved planning parties.

Juan visits Gutierrez and tells him that David wants to sign a commitment that nothing like this (the little gal who was on the vineyard property) would ever happen again. Gut tries to tell him for next week, but Juan insists it must be today and that David just wants to get this over with, since the wine competition is coming up. So Gut finally agrees to today for David to come in and sign the commitment since he doesn’t want to give the vineyard a bad name.

Luciana and David are outside the next day and decide that they are going to talk about things later at dinner. David tells Lu that he loves her and he will keep on fighting for her. Lu says she loves him too. He mentions that olive tree project to her and wants to discuss with her.

León invites Sonia to Fernanda’s party. She’s not so sure she wants to go because Lilian will have a cow if she goes. Besides, she will have to work there in the house. But León says that they can hang out with Tano.

In the cava, David and Luciana talk more about the olive tree project. But then… Juan calls with his phony story about how David needs to come and sign a letter regarding the illegal girl, Ingrid and of course it’s oh so…..URGENT. It also would cancel the rest of his “fine” (Isn’t Juan behind this fine?) Plus it does interfere with David’s meeting with Mr. Kent about the olive tree property and of course, Juan is making sure that David’s meeting will not happen with Mr. Kent.

As David explains this to Lu, he says they will talk about it all later at dinner. But then Marta shows up not looking very happy as she overhears this. Marta says, “I will NOT support this relationship! Look boss, I’m very appreciative for all you have done for me and my family, but I’m just very afraid you are going to hurt my daughter.” David says, “Look Marta, that is not going to happen. Luciana gave me the will to live again. How could I hurt her? It was Luciana who changed my life for me. Please forgive me for not talking to you first about this but it was not the time. But please relax about this, I cannot imagine my life without her now. I want you to know that I profoundly love Luciana and I want to spend the rest of my life with her.” He goes on: “I’m going to talk with my children so that they can accept this with some time.”  Luciana adds, “I too am dying to just shout out to the four winds that I love David.” Finally Marta says, “Well I am glad to see you both happy because you do deserve happiness. It’s all good! You have my blessing and my support. I don’t want to see you (Luciana) cry again like last night. I love you with all my heart and I just want you to be happy. Now Patron, just don’t break my daughter’s heart.” David says, “That is not going to happen. Everything will be fine.”

In town, Juan sees Miguel and says, “Oh look, here comes Mr. Traitor!” Miguel says, “I’m no traitor!” Juan replies, “I wonder if David realizes what kind of person he put his trust in?” But Miguel says, “Hey, the only one who is a traitor here is YOU, Juan because you are not even the least bit interested in the vineyard! Juan laughs and says, “Yeah, but I didn’t leave to go work at another vineyard.” Miguel cleverly adds, “Hey, well that’s the way things turned out. However, I’m still looking to expose the one who ruined that wine. Hey, take care now.” Miguel slaps Juan on the shoulder and Juan knows darn well what Miguel is referring to.

Lilian shows up at Gut’s office for an event. He tells her he was doing some paperwork for David because his lawyer insisted on it. But no matter what, he doesn’t think David will support his campaign. Gut asks, “Lilian, will you please do something and talk to David about this?” Lil says, “I’ll see what I can do.”

Miguel and Erica are in the office discussing one of the distiller tanks that is losing pressure. Miguel thinks it’s because it hasn’t been maintained properly. If they don’t do something very quickly, they are going to lose all the wine. They need a part that they won’t be able to get for a week. A valve needs replacement badly. Erica says, “We have to save the vineyard!” Miguel answers, “Together, we will.”

Back at David’s house, Fer and Marta taste testing the possible cakes for Fer’s birthday party. Luciana walks in and wants to know what’s going on and Marta explains the cake taste testing and the snacks they are deciding on. At first Luciana is going to excuse herself and leave them to their taste testing but Fer stops her and says she wants her to stay.  Luciana thanks Fer for allowing her to share in her festivities and happiness. Fer says that she is glad and that the truth is, she realizes that Lu has been quite cool and good with her. She mentions Tano and says how much she cares for him. She doesn’t really have the party of Tano doesn’t come and would love to spend the whole day with him. She goes on to say how her grandmother was nasty when she saw Fer with Tano. Lu says that concerning how bitter Grandma Lil is, well that doesn’t help anything. Fer just wants Grandma to behave herself at the birthday party.

Lu and Fer continue to talk regarding Tano. She shares that they both have told each other that they “like” each other. Lu is worried that David would not like it that Fer and Tano might be involved. Tano is a good person says Lu, but Fer is sure that one day her father would accept it.  Lu says, “Well think about this: How would you react if your father was involved with someone you didn’t like?” Well since this hits a nerve, Fer says she probably would not like it, would have to be in the situation, (totally avoiding thinking about this) then decides it’s time to go saying she has so many things to prepare for before her party and time to say, “Bye!”

Marta comes back to the kitchen and wonders where Fernanda went. Lu tells her that Fer left because of party planning stuff. Marta says, “What happened did you have a fight?” Lu says, “No, but I am worried because although it feels like we are closer, I don’t know whether this is because I am helping her with…(almost mentions about Tano situation but stops herself) her party planning. I want to be her friend and I want her to know that she can confide in me. Not like her nasty bitter, scolding grandmother. I just want this to happen before she leaves for college.”  Then Bobby comes running in. He is happy about how he handled the bullies at school, takes some cake and goes to do his homework. Lu hugs Marta and thanks her for her blessing and everything.

At Juan’s office David is telling both Juan and Susan that after the wine contest, he wants to give a raise to the employees. Juan gets very upset, but Susan says they all have worked hard and that the employees deserve a raise. Juan relents and says he will take care of it. Then there is a knock on the door.

It’s the detective with some news about the investigation! He found the address where the succinic acid came from. It was from the very same warehouse where the immigrants were housed and where “El Coyote” was found dead. David says he knows that no one at his vineyard would have done a thing like that. (Look at the man behind you David!) Detective says he will need statements from everyone at the vineyard and David replies to just let him know what day so he can organize the crew. Then Juan pipes up and starts accusing Miguel of being the wine terrorist, since he was one of the guys who helped the little immigrant girl.

David gets angry and tells the detective that the whole idea is just absurd that Miguel had anything to do with the illegal immigrants. Of course Juan is just trying to deflect the suspicion off of himself and make Miguel the fall guy. After the detective leaves, David scolds Juan with, “How could you????” He asks Susan to leave so he can yell at Juan alone. Then David lays into Juan and says he doesn’t share the same vision and what he said about Miguel, well there are no words to describe how horrible that is. “So Juan, if you are not happy here, you can just go and take a hike and your services are no longer needed! Do you hear me? If you can’t follow the rules here and respect the employees, then YOU’RE FIRED!” Juan walks out in a huff and says they will talk again when they cool off. Susan comes in and Dave tells Susan that if Juan doesn’t fix things with the police then Juan’s services are not needed.

Back at Santa Barbara Vineyard, Miguel and Erica decide that they can find the needed part in Tijuana. Adolfo comes in and says that maybe the mechanic can fix it. Miguel says that the mechanic has already been there and already has said the part if bad. Miguel calls Susan to check about the part and to confirm how to replace the broken valve. She shares what happened with the detective’s news and says that Juan seemed quite nervous about it all. Then she lays the killer on Miguel: Juan accused him of the wine terror. Miguel is ANGRY and says he’s going to break Juan’s face when he sees him. He shares with Erica but she tells him that Juan is just provoking him. Erica says, “He just said that because you came to work with us here.” Miguel disagrees and says, “Juan is just a bad seed and I don’t know how David puts up with having him work in his vineyard.” Erica says, “Well, it’s the custom, it’s because they are such good friends.” Miguel disagrees and shouts, “That man is a friend of NO ONE! All he does is think about himself!” Erica says that she is there for him for whatever he needs and comforts him.

Susan and Lu discuss what happened with the detective and what Juan said. Lu thinks there should be something that they can do to prove that Juan was a fault. Susan says they still need the evidence that Juan did it. Lu replies, “I just wish that David would open his eyes and see Juan for the scoundrel that he really is!”

Fer is downtown with her friends and they are all giggling about the upcoming party while Fer talks about Tano. Fer says, “It will be the perfect evening!” She also mentions how she is getting along well with Luciana. She advises, “When you see Tano, just be cool, ok? I hope the evening ends with a nice big kiss from Tano.” They all laugh and giggle like girls that age do.

Later, Carito walks into Juan’s office to talk about Perla. Seems she has observed Perla being sad and nervous. “Please talk to her, I don’t know what to do.”

Finally, David is in his study when a pair of female hands comes from behind and puts her hands over his eyes in a “guess who?” pose. David happily says, “Ahhh…Luciana!” Wrong answer! It’s the succubus DisGrace trying to take possession of David again. Of course she is very insulted……


Cynthia, fantastic title. The screen shots were excellent as was the recap.

I always enjoy your sage advice “[Marta better get a grip here and give her daughter the freedom to choose her own man]” especially. And I appreciate your translating so much of the dialog.”Luciana adds, “I too am dying to just shout out to the four winds that I love David.” Well, I guess she is tepid about David no longer.

I was pleased to hear that Luci is finally a bit passionate about her man. However, did “David says, “That is not going to happen. Everything will be fine” strike fear in anyone else’s heart. Surely, those words are the kiss of death (so to speak).

“Marta says, “No, that can’t be!” Of course Marta is projecting her own bad experience on to her daughter believing it’s the same thing”. Very well stated. I was very relieved she finally accepted them as a couple.

Juan had the unmitigated gall to cast suspicion on Miguel to the detective? Sorry, but David should have fired him on the spot. I fear that won’t happen until things take a catastrophic turn for the worst, which by the way, seems imminent. Sigh.

Luci turning the tables on Fer by asking what she would do if she didn’t like who her father was involved with was a good move on her part. Fer is being far too coy about Tano – she knows what her father’s reaction will be. That said, David doesn’t seem too prone to listening to reason, does he?

Was Graciela really expecting a hug and a kiss upon her return? I was shocked she was so obviously peeved and put out by David's reaction, thinking she was Luci. What happened to the (fake) sweetness and light she was showering on David? Didn't anyone tell her you catch more flies with honey?

I suspect Fer's party is going to be a disaster. As I am always wrong, I will likely be so in this case as well.

Thank you Cynthia!


Thank you Cynthia

"She’s not so sure she wants to go because Lilian will have a cow"

Luciana used the back at you tactic same as Fernanda did with Lilian. It works. However, Luciana should be concerned their budding friendship is fair weather.

While I certainly didn't expect Marta to flip after flipping out it is better to make nice. A falling out would continue to beg answers, who was he, when did this happen, what happened, why are you so embittered, Marta?

Gosh I can't remember but someone pointed out Lilian didn't really care for the grandkids only wanted a nice place to stay. Well duh.

Errr, I want to kick Juan in the Juans.

Hmmm, Mark messing with Perla is beginning to show.

Ain't no bite to David's bark Juan.

Never considered Tijuana in lieu of San Francisco but it'd work.

Oh, almost forgot, Luciana loves David. TOO.


Thank you , Cynthia, for the excellent and speedy recap.

Tofie, " I want to kick Juan in the juans." THAT made me spit out my coffee. Ha that might really turn him into NOJuan. He foolishly keeps baiting MIguel, and I think that it is only a matter time before Miguel is going to go all BSC on JUanny.

Wait..What..That was a mighty sudden turn around that Marta did. How \why did that happen?

You can tell that we are slowly moving to the finale..vest reruns.

Guys actually do break up with women if their kids don't want them to date. I have seen this happen.

So no mention of ERica's ..Cough...Poor health?

Thank You Cynthia. What a writer you are.

I watched through most of the Martyra Mashup, got pissed and turned it off. Turned it back on at 9:55 in time to see white painted nails cover David's eyes and didn't miss a thing

I DID see David mistake the succubus hands over his eyes for Luci's and waffle around like the sissy he is and not tell her why he thought it was Luci..

Look David, either grow a pair or spend the rest of your life being neither gender.

Thanks, Cynthia. Fun reading your recap. I missed watching last night. The pic with the cakes in the foreground is my fave, yum.

Marta sure did flip, but I'm just glad she won't be kvetching to Luciana anymore.

Any voters for Gut, then against him, then for him again all because of Lil are nuts. David already scoring 0 for not being able to fire Juan and make it stick. If he starts supporting Gut again, argh! Lu better marry this man so she can save his business for him.

This show would have been over weeks ago if Dave had manned up to 1. Fer 2. Juan 3. Lilian 4.Disgraceful. He is probably one of the weakest galans I have ever seen even though he looks like one of the Greek gods I studied in art history class.

Gracias, Cynthia!

Perhaps Marta would be happier in the good old days of arranged marriages. Then she could pick her daughter's husband and trade her for a bunch of goats. David says to Marta, "Please forgive me for not talking to you first about this" - to hell with that, he doesn't owe her an explanation!! But then she suddenly calms down and accepts it? Doesn't that seem odd? I am suspicious.

"They all laugh and giggle like girls that age do." Hah, I remember being a senior in high school. We didn't giggle. We were desperate to seem "mature." These girls seem so young.

Diana, I also think Fer's party is going to be a disaster. Perhaps we'll both be wrong... but it seems like a golden opportunity for large-scale mayhem.

Cynthia- I got sucked into your wonderful recap by the lovely screenshot. I'm glad to see and read that the main couple is finally attempting to be a couple, 76 episodes in!

Perhaps Marta changed her mind because David finally manned up and said clearly and plainly that he loves Luci and wants to fight for her. Before this, hasn't all she heard were wishy washy confused feelings from Luci? Not much for her to get behind supporting.

"please forgive me for not talking to you first." Que??? What century is this again? 18th? Dave should have been talking honestly to Luci and... himself..not Marty.

Julie.."large scale mayhem"..yeah , bring that on. Everyone needs a little excitement...including the faithful, sleepy viewers.

"looks like one of the Greek gods I studied......."

He looks like one of the guys who always tries to pick me up in bars until my girlfriend comes back from the bathroom.

Excuse me. Hello Mar-Nuttyasafruitcake-ta: Seriously. Are you so devoid of value that the only existence you have been able to eek out over the past 20 years is the present? To treat someone like Lillian treats you is wrong. To willingly succumb to it over a loooonggg time is almost as bad. To blame everyone but yourself is almost as brain dead.

Whatever in the fork happened to you long ago didn't scar you too badly. Who can forget recently when you told Brian "I am just not ready yet" And we didn't realize that meant you hadn't quite gotten your panties off yet? We were thinking weeks, you were talking seconds!

Now you want to pass the misery down to your daughter? Go fly a kite.

She annoys me.

I think the show's been rather unsubtle in basically jerking Marta around (more so lately) in order to drive plot, though I think its intent is/was to show her as more conflicted with her affair with Fernando further up in her cranium and the idea that her daughter could be following in her footsteps. Even Cynthia Klitbo can only save so much, show.

As as good as that recap was, Cynthia: not a word about Susan's epic WTF faces in the background when Juan was accusing Miguel of sabotaging the wine? Next to Leon offering to work Fer's birthday party in order to be with Sonia, that was the best thing in the episode!

Thank you Cynthia.

Well I'm coming to David's defense --sort of. Yes, he is indecisive, but he has many, many qualities (hair, body, face, smile, etc.,) that make him the man he is! Guapo!!

Hey, Cynthia! Thank you so much! Wonderful recap, girl. Love the screenshots. I also almost bailed during the wailing of Marta. Jeezo-freakin-pete, she overdid that scene! Maybe they realized, as was noted, that they'd have to go deeper into Marta's cheating with Fernando and backed out with a quick 180 degree reconciliation. Whatever.

Anywho, at work, will read comments later. Just wanted to say David looked like a chicken when DisGracie turned those icy, glaring eyes on him. When she demanded to know what was going on with Luciana he said, "nothing!" WHAT? Guess he wants to tell her in his own way and not feel like he responded to her bitchy grilling. Anyway, he better show more heart (and other items of male anatomy) when he tells her he loves Luciana and to back the hell up! Uuuuf!

Later! Thanks, Cynthia!

Bill C: It's difficult to cover all details and some I just willingly skip. For example, I did not mention how Juan made a phone call and heard a voicemail from Lilian. He also called Mark and those things I just didn't think it was all that important to write about. As I'm taking notes, I'm listening more than watching.

As much as we find Marta's attitude about Luciana's relationship with David really out of whack for our time, in Mexican culture it does still exist. There are still some families I am aware of that still do the "you must as my permission to date my daughter" mentality.

Diana, I hope Fer's party is very successful. If it isn't, Lil and DisGrace are sure to blame Luciana for it. I'm tired of Lu being blamed for everything that goes wrong.

As for DisGrace's homecoming, I am puzzled why she thought she could play "guess who" from behind and this would work to make David "not mad" at her. She has already been telling Fer that her father was angry with her for some reason. You don't play those games with a guy who might be upset with you for some reason. She's already heard the "we need to talk" from David, so she should not be playing games right now.

Yeah, going to Tijuana to find a valve for the wine tank seems really out there to me. Is Tijuana a leading manufacturer/distributor for wine tank valves?


Guess it would be too much to ask for David to calmly tell Graciela it's none of her damn business.

Cynthia--thank you for covering this rousing episode. It should have happened 25 episodes ago, but ni modo, you gave it your all and we appreciate it. The screen shots were maahvelous, daahling--Luciana smiling with her mouth closed is priceless.

It's hard to follow up on the comments with anything new. All of mine have already been covered. The biggest one, I agree is Marta's 180 into BSC to Querida supportive Nuera--for whatever reason. I guess there's no deep dark secret to her affair with Fernando and David and Luci are not related by blood. So, it was all projection? Bah, humbug.

I wonder if Miguel and Erica will have problems at the border when they try to return with a valve part in their carry-on luggage. They are "Flying Down to Rio-Tijuana, after all." I don't think the police detective lost any time putting Miguel on the Watch List.

Juan and Mark are planning to take drug-store medicines to Mexico as their first big haul? Gimmie a Break. U.S. citizens I've bumped into on the border go TO Mexico to get cheap medicine. Mexicans come here to buy stuff from Tar-je and Wall*tart to take back home.

Anita: You are so right about the drug store medicines. My uncle just went to Nogales, Sonora with a friend last week to get some medications that cost them about 1/4 the amount they are paying in the USA and that's WITH insurance! Same thing, same brands and they are much cheaper in Mexico.

Cynthia: I'm waiting for Marta's big secret to be EXPOSED for everyone to see!

Anita: I'm hoping our sweet Erika is around for the Gran Final.

Tofie: Enough said on your comment about David & Graciela.

Susanlynn: I'm scared for Erika too based on her lung problem.


Cynthia--The only thing I can think of is that all the pharmaceuticals they are taking are stolen, so they cost nothing. Selling them cheap in Mexico is a huge mark-up from 0%.

Sorry for the error above, I meant Marta is going to be David's Suegra, not Nuera.

Steve old Crazy Marty feels pretty darn strongly about this stuff. She was a screaming blubbering Banshee last night. Either she has some Earth-Shaking secrets or skin thinner than tissue paper. I turned it off. In a dog's world, (me) entertaining is Irina in her best in Pasion and Power. Last night was like a stroll through the terminal cancer ward. Enough.

I hope that big Valve Factory by the HAMPTON..:-) Inn in Tijuana has the part Erika needs. The Valve-O-Matic, right? I'll Google it to be sure.

Fer is gradually coming around. Of course that can be undone in the time it takes for a couple eyelid flutters with Succubus back in town. Dave needs to shut her down.

Some chick years ago who had no chance with me was pestering me unmercilessly at work. When she asked me to give her a ride in my 4 wheel drive truck I told her I'd be glad to as soon as I got that old refrigerator out of the back. Problem Solved.

Or the pharmaceuticals are counterfeits. Apparently that's a big problem too.

Kirby: FerBrat's biggest Karma will likely be her finding out that Graciela whacked Lisa (FerBrat's mommy).


Steve, yeah, it is going to be fun, maybe even worth waiting for, to see how FerBrat feels about her wonderful aunt when she knows she whacked her Mom. And we have seen that the kids deeply loved their Mom, and still miss her after all this time.

When it dawns on Fer and David that all this time with the "family" bullshit from Graciela the murderer of Lisa, there will be some hate we have never seen before. I wonder if either Dave or Fer will come unhinged.

Kirby: I'm awaiting for Karma to hit Gutierrez & Carito too.

I mean, the Chickens are coming home to roost at some point!

Yes, Dave and Fer and Bobby will be devastated when it revealed that Tia killed Lisa.

When Disgrace put her hands over Dave's eyes and purred "Guess who!"... I so wish he would have said " Let it be anyone but my sister in law."

The Chickens in this blessed show stay aloft like a fripping Albatross.

BTWay did anybody see the shoes Carita had on the other night? Evan a high priced stripper would have had trouble with those. I call them the 'Stripper Stacks'. The shoe bottom at the ball of her foot had to be three or four inches thick and the heel another 5 or six for a total under her heel of a good eight inches or more.


Good recAp Cynthia. I love seeing disgrace insulted. That let her know she. Ain't. All . DAT. HAA!!!

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