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Vino el Amor #77; Thursday February 16, 2017: Love Wins; sealed with a kiss

Continuing on with DisGracie’s little “guess who” game she is very upset that David guessed Luciana instead of herself. David apologizes, but DisGrace is insistent about “What the hell is going on, so why did you think it was Luciana? Why did you think it was her and why did you confuse me with her?” David just replies that nothing is going on and to PLEASE forget it! But DisGrace continues to insist that she will not forget it.

But David tells her, “You have no right to question me on anything, nor do you have any right to demand anything from me!” She finally backs down and says “I’m sorry David, but you just surprised me with what happened. I just don’t understand why you are treating me this way and why you are so serious.” David says, “Well frankly, I don’t like the way you have been acting and precisely, I don’t approve of the way you have treated Luciana.” DisGrace says, “Ohhhhh…..I see now….this is ALL ABOUT Luciana.” David goes on, “Luciana told me about what happened and I am not going to allow you to continue treating her the way that you do. It doesn’t matter if you are my business partner, nor that you are my children’s aunt! If you don’t change your ways, it’s better that you leave this house!”

DisGrace gasps and acts so upset with a “How could you? How could you even ask me that and throw me out of here? But what you have said about me concerning Luciana is absolutely false! I swear to it!” [She’s losing it here.) David goes on to scold her saying, “I don’t care how much you swear on it! Where did you get the bright idea that giving Luciana a family photo with us in it would be the perfect wedding gift?” DisGrace says, “But I didn’t think it was a bad thing and I really didn’t have bad intentions. I just really thought it would be nice.” But David answers, “Okay, so what were you trying to gain by this? Were you trying to humiliate her? It’s clear to me you were really trying to take advantage of things here.” DisGrace answers, “No, all I was trying to do was give her a picture that shows your new life and how happy you are, really I was!”  David counters, “Well your ‘good intentions’ are really costing me and I don’t like it. You have never gotten along with Luciana and this last thing of the photograph just takes the cake here.” [He actually says another word here, “gota” which refers to a glass of water spilling over the top and breaking, but it doesn’t translate well here. So I will use “takes the cake” or even “straw that broke the camel’s back”].

DisGrace tries to shift the blame back over to Luciana misunderstanding her good intentions. But Dave says, “No Grace, you did this with bad intentions! Just explain to me what is going on.” DisGrace cries and says, “I’ve sacrificed and have been putting this family first in my life and here you go accusing me of all these absurdities!" Dave says, “I’m sorry you see it that way, but nobody asked you to do this. Just explain to me why you don’t like Luciana.” She gives some flimsy excuse then says something about how undignified it is for him to defend someone who is only an employee. David angrily says, “Luciana is much more than employee here.” Then DisGrace says, “Oh so she is not just an employee. Why don’t you tell me what she is then.”

David explains that for many years, Luciana’s family has worked for him and he considers them family. David says, And I DEMAND that you respect them.” She whines and cries some more about how David has changed and since she left and returned she doesn’t know him anymore. And boo, hoo, hoo, she’s soooo hurt now! Dave says, “I just want you understand things and to change your ways!” She blames Luciana again and David explains that Luciana did not ask him to do this. However, DisGrace refuses to believe him. So David explains some more: “I’ve already told you that I am not in agreement with the way you treat Luciana. I’m also unhappy about the way you always bring Fer into these things. She is too young and I won’t have you pulling her into your little games.” DisGrace acts shocked, cries a lot of crocodile tears and says she is so afraid to lose his affections, blah, blah, feeling so hurt, and can’t even talk about the joy she had in her successful art exhibits. [Awwwwww…..] She leaves with this: “I hope you will think about all that I’ve said.”

Luciana comes to visit Miguel at the Santa Barbara Vineyard office to tell him how furious she is about Juan’s accusing him of the wine crime and the illegal immigrant crime. She says she knows he is innocent and will do whatever she can do to help the police. Miguel thanks her and about to hug her, but then Erica walks in. “Oh, sorry I didn’t know you had company Miguel.” (Yeah right). Miguel says, “Oh that’s alright, I have nearly everything ready for tomorrow’s trip.” Luciana looks a little surprised and says, “What trip?” Of course Erica pipes up and says, “Miguel and I are taking a trip to TJ!” Lu says, “So you are going on a trip to Tijuana with Erica?” Erica says, “What, you have a problem with that?” Lu says, “No, of course not.” Miguel explains it’s a business trip and an emergency. She looks at Miguel and says, “Boy you sure don’t waste time here.” Of course this leads to an argument/cat fight between Erica and Luciana. Erica gets angry and says, “Miguel does not answer to you anymore and moreover, he does not have to answer to you regarding work stuff!” Luciana accuses Erica of taking advantage of Miguel, but Miguel is claiming this is all about work.

Luciana breaks into an accusation about how Erica is only wanting to take advantage of what Mig knows so their vineyard can win the competition. Miguel defends himself saying that at his lowest point, they offered him a job! This goes on for a while and they battle it out for a few more minutes. Finally they call a truce and Erica decides to leave the room so Lu and Miggy can finish talking. But Luciana decides to leave saying that she just wanted to lend her support to Miguel.

Miguel is in the SB Vineyard office with Erica and seems out in la la land and totally distracted. He’s kind of ticked off and tells Erica that he just doesn’t like it that every time Luciana is around Erica and her get into an argument. Luciana just doesn’t understand that Mig is getting on with his life and Erica is there to help.

In the evening, Lil walks into DisGracie’s room and says “Oh David told me you were here”. But DisGrace says, “Yeah, like he really cares” and proceeds to have a meltdown about how the damn airports delayed her trip home. She relates to Lil how David mistook her for Luciana, still having a meltdown. Lil says to calm down, but looks like there are other serious problems because it appears too, that Juan is betraying them. Lil relates about Juan’s pretext about how Dave was supposed to have a meeting with the olive tree property, but Juan came out with some paper David was supposed to sign. But then Fer comes running in excitedly. She calls excitedly for her dad to come in and starts pouting about how he wants her to make up with her Tía. Dave explains that he’s already spoken with her Tía. But they will make nice for Fer’s birthday and have a big family hug.

Cesar and Susan are having a good time at dinner. The subject of DisGrace is a sore subject. But they do mention Tano and his going back to school.

Lu gets home and tells Leon that Mig and Erica are going to Tijuana together.

Next morning, Mig is still angry with Erica about the catfight. They make up and Erica says that he is a lucky man. He has two women watching his back.

At the office with Susan, Lu tells her that she explained to her mother that she has a real relationship with David, she loves him, and that David explained to Marta as well. Now she has Marta’s blessing. Anyway, she just heard from León who heard it from Sonia that DisGrace is back. Susan says not to worry and just don’t pay attention to her. “Soon you will be able to have an official relationship with David, so relax and don’t worry. That old woman will have nothing to do with staying here.”  Susan shares that she and Cesar had a nice time at dinner and he is helping her to move away from the problems she suffered from being abused. Lu leaves and Susan’s phone rings.

The phone says “Perla” but she answers and Perla is not on the other end. It’s Mark calling to try to harass her again. As soon as Mark realizes his error, he disconnects.

At breakfast, DisGrace, Lil, David and the kids are around the table. DisGrace brought gifts. A lovely dress from one of the top boutiques in Madrid for Fernanda. Also, a soccer ball signed by every member of Bobby’s favorite soccer team. Lil smiles and says how wonderful it is that Grace thought about the family so much.

David says it’s time for him to go because he has to meet with Mr. Kent about the olive tree property. DisGrace offers to go with him, but David declines saying that Luciana is going with him.

There is a musical montage with everyone getting ready for the party. Fer sets her hair, Tano looks great, and the kitchen is filled with goodies.

The meeting with Mr. Kent goes well and he mentions there is one other offer for the land. David says he will have the written offer for him soon. Mr. Kent says that nothing would make him happier than if David could buy his land.

Just before the party, Fer is dressed and looks great. She shares with DisGrace that she is nervous about Tano coming.

At the employees’ home, Luciana sees her brother with Tano and says, “Boy, you guys sure know how to clean up well. You both look so handsome!” León is bartender for the party and he and Tano go off to the big house. Luciana is looking quite pretty too and David walks in. He says she looks incredibly beautiful. She asks if he has seen Juan, but David says he hasn’t and Juan hasn’t answered any of the messages he left. As David and Lu are talking, they think they are alone but Miguel is on the other side of the door and has figured out that they are together. Then Mig walks in. He says that they both have their separate lives, but he is not going to stop looking out for her and fighting for her. Mig says, “Enjoy your evening.”

At Juan’s apartment, Juan says he has something serious to say to Perla. He wants to know why she is so edgy and nervous. Perla doesn’t want to say, but Juan says, “If you don’t tell me, I can’t help you.” Perla says, “What for, you won’t believe me.” Juan says, “No, no, no, none of that. You have to tell me.” Finally Perla says, “It’s about Mark. I’m so scared of him and so tired of being scared of him.” Juan says, “Just tell me what he did.” Perla shares that he made her spy on Susan. Plus, she is sure that Mark stole her cell phone. Then she shares, “He also physically accosted me and harassed me. I am so very scared of him. He told me not to tell you anything or something bad would happen.”
Juan actually cared about this and tried to comfort Perla. He told her he would take care of Mark and tell him not to get near her. He also advised Perla that she should not come to his apartment when he is not with her. He promises Perla that very soon they will have money and be done with all this and he will protect her take her away from all this. Juan says he has everything under control but to not talk about this with Carito.

At the party, Fer is happy when all her friends show up and tells them to be discreet regarding Tano. He arrives and gives her a hug and a small gift, telling her she looks lovely.

We see Lilian with Sonia saying, “This party is a disgrace! Wetbacks and smelly workers are everywhere. [Actually the word “wetbacks” was bleeped out by Univision]. But Sonia, looking very pretty and all gussied up says, “Now Ms. Lilian, don’t be that way. You are the girlfriend of the “almost sheriff” and you have to be in agreement with his political philosophies.” But Lil doesn’t take too kindly to that.

Fer’s party has many more arrivals with Lu and David finally arriving together. But DisGrace wants to whisk Dave away. Dave tells Lu it’s going to be a complicated night.

At the SB Vineyard office, Mig shares with Erica that he saw Luciana looking beautiful earlier. He had gone to that vineyard because he wanted to say thank you to her, but saw her all dressed up ready to go to Fer’s party. He told Erica what he told Luciana, but Erica says those things just aren’t going to get him anywhere. Now, says Erica, “let’s go to Tijuana.”

Brian arrives at the party and Lil hugs him in front of Marta. Lil says she made sure that all kinds of people are at the party just in case it ends up on social media. But all Gut is concerned about is whether Lil has spoken to David about him yet as the elections are close and Gut needs his support. She offers Gut a drink and summons Marta to go fetch some wine.

Juan meets with Mark, says he needs his money, manhandles him, and tells him to keep his grubby paws off of Perla.

At the party, there is a toast to the birthday girl for her 18th birthday.  David dedicates the wine to Fernanda, saying the grapes were planted when she was a baby. Funny thing, Fer and a bunch of kids her age are given goblet of wine. Seems the telenovela writers don’t know that the drinking age here is 21, not 18. What’s more is that Gutierrez is there, so I guess he doesn’t know the law either! [In Mexico, the legal drinking age is 18].

DisGrace calls for birthday pictures and grabs Luciana to take “family” pictures. Bobby speaks up and says he wants some pictures with Luciana. DisGracie reluctantly takes them. I think she pretended to take the photos and they didn’t come out.

Gut goes to the kitchen to ask Marta for a glass of water, she tells him the waiter is outside. She tells him to go with his witch Lilian so he can be alone and bitter.

Outside the party, Fer and Tano talk a little and he says he has a little gift for her. So he plants a nice kiss on her lips….


Cynthia..Thank you thank you for yet another excellent, detailed recap. I actually watched this with the sound off and just watching the body language and facial expressions was interesting.

Wow..Dave finally stood up to Disgrace and told her off and defended Luci, Disgrace just will not give up . She is like a dog with a bone. Have you ever known someone who was that insistent?

The partay...I got a big kick out disgrace insisting that Luci take a photo of her happy family and then getting the tables turned on her. Ha. I loved that scene.

Does anyone know how many episodes are left.

Oh..Forgot to say how much I hated Disgrace grabbing Dave's shoulder to turn him toward her and away from Luci, and SOnia looked gorgeous.

It must be exhausting to play someone as bitter and joyless as Lilian. I wonder how hard it is for the actress to shake off that negativity and malice at the end of the workday.

Cynthia, I’ve lost track of how many recaps you’ve done this week, but your tradition of excellence continues. This was fabulous.

How on earth did you manage to capture Lilian’s snarl (in one of many priceless screen shots)? Picture perfection. I laughed at her expression last night and did so again when I saw it just now – excellent.

I enjoyed many scenes from last night. The long last brewing of Luci and David’s romance. His sweet, tender attitude toward Luci and Luci’s glowing, growing smile.

I was delighted that our dear Bobby spoke up and insisted Marta and Luci join them for family pictures. Want to bet neither of the photos Graciela took come out??

I surprisingly enjoyed Tano and Fer’s kiss. I was expecting David to come thundering in and ruin the moment and was thankful that didn’t occur. Fernanda’s character seems so young that Tano’s character seems mature by comparison. Hmmm. That says something in and of itself doesn’t it.

My favorite line was Marta telling Brian “now you’re bitter just like her”. I have given up trying to figure out Brian’s character (and/or lack thereof). The “love triangle” appears to be a waste of time as Brian will obviously not get back with Marta (nor do we certainly want her to). Marta’s constant humiliation by Lilian continues to be difficult to watch.

“That old woman”. Loved that Susan referred to Graciela that way. Wouldn’t Graciela be horrified if she heard that. I’m smiling just thinking about it.

Sonia did look gorgeous.

What I did not enjoy was Erica’s inserting herself into what should have been a private Luci and Miguel conversation. I saw and felt clear parallels between Erica and Graciela last night. Susanlynn, I don’t think either will give up. Neither David nor Miguel (at least not yet) are in romantic relationships with them. Erica is treading on territory she does not “own”. She is a staunch ally and friend, for certain. But she is taking it too far. I would have been furious with her if I were Miguel…

I also had a chill when Perla told Juan about Mark. I was more surprised that Juan seemingly would throw everything away (including his revenge plans for David) to protect Perla.

Cynthia, this was fantastic. Thank you so much!


Cynthia thanks for this, especially the David and Graciela argument.

"And boo, hoo, hoo, she’s soooo hurt now!"

I'm mesmerized by Kimberly Dos Ramos and her depiction of Graciela.

Creepy kinda, Miguel listening in on David and Luciana and busting in to declare he'll take her back one day. To be fair she did freak out and argue with Erika, she offered no protest to Miguel's plan in front of David and she is impressed with his new confidence so I assume Miguel isn't delusional and knows Luciana better than she knows herself knowing she may drop David after a Miguel makeover. I'm impressed David kept his cool but it is he that may be delusional assuming she's really committed on the same level. David is way out on a limb here and Luciana on the ground with a chainsaw and an eye on Miguel.

Brian gotta lot of nerve showing up at David's house.

Sonia was almost unrecognizable as Sonia.

Maybe in his own weird way Juan does care for Perla? I don't think he can save her from Mark and it makes me sick what the monster will do.

When I see Susan and Cesar having an adult, friendly dinner conversation and the calming effect it has on her, I wonder why she thought it prudent to jump Tano's bones and run her life in a ditch. Any romance aside she wasted a lot of time.


Thank You so Much, Cynthia.

Great recap, and the incidental show itself is getting better.
I was right about peaches and cream Erika, she is a little brat and seems to be working hard for another upgrade in title.

Case in point: As she was sparing with Luci, she just H A D to mention to Miggy that their tickets and their ROOM, singular were ready.

We have seen probably to most believable looking kiss in this whole fripping show. Fer finally got part of what she really wants from Tano, (a start anyway) a big ole kiss right on the smoocher.

BTW with grownup makeup on Fer aged 10 years overnight. She's legal now, Tano, although still in the tenth grade,:-) go for it. !

I think Mark is so screwed up upstairs he is not even afraid of NoJuan. I mean neither on of these little boys are exactly Mike Tyson, but NoJuan is not as much a twerp as Mark and would mop the floor with him.

David is gradually putting his foot down, with DisGrace and NoJuan, but his movement is so slow, you need a calendar, not a stopwatch. Come on David, we are pulling for you.

Luci is pissing me off. If she cares about Miglet as a friend, AND if she has tried to be his girlfriend and will now pass, AND if he has caught the attention of someone else, BTW who I would not wish on a normal guy, but maybe OK for a sniveling guy like Miglet, then check in by text or phone once in a while, and stop picking the scab off. Sheezus Girl. Let it go, you can't keep him in reserve till Social Security.


See,I knew that Juan had a teeny bit of heart that held a tiny bit of love for someone other than himself. I wonder if he will die defending Perla from Marked. I wonder if Gut will win his campaign (Which has been going on for everrrr) just in time to bring down Juan and Marked..If one hadn't already killed the other or they have fought to both their deaths!

Thank you Cynthia! I was out late last night, later than I had planned, so will have to watch this episode later but it sounds like it was a fun one. You did a great job recapping it. From the pictures, Sonia looks fantastic. And aw, Tano and Fer, I'm ready for that to get moving.

"Erika says, 'Now, let's go to Tiajuana.'SAo, is "Tiajuana" the new "San Francisco?"

Yes Sue, it appears SomeJuan was wrong about NoJuan. He had almost EveryJuan fooled and AnyJuan could have been misled.

Indefinite Pronoun

"she offered no protest to Miguel's plan in front of David and she is impressed with his new confidence so I assume Miguel isn't delusional and knows Luciana better than she knows herself knowing she may drop David after a Miguel makeover".

I always look forward to your take on Miguel/Luci/David tofie and you never disappoint! You always give me food for thought.

I guess I'm old school. Watching these many years, I've been "trained" to think: galan, heroine, together. End of story. There have been one or two exceptions, especially Querida Enemiga. Interestingly enough, this starred Gabe Soto, who was dissed,dismissed and dropped (for good reason) for Jorge Arevena :)

I guess we need to wait and see.


Dear Anonymous , tee-hee...Thanks for that morning giggle.

Diana...Yes, many of us were fans of HOt chef Jorge.GS played ALonslow, the do nothing galan. Hmmm. ..Do I see a pattern happening here? However, Sleeping Beauty DAve seems to have awoken with these late kisses , so I think that he lives happily ever after with LUci.

TAno is young but a good kisser , so I guess his brief affair with Soosan had some advantages for him...And in turn for Fer.

I'm not worried about David, he's been down from the start, it's Luciana with the wobblies, I don't trust. I have no problem with a girl changing her mind but I haven't heard her happily ever after plan. Miguel laid his out and she said yeah and David laid his out and she said yeah. She turned Miguel's down and as he revises his offer she entertains David's. Does she have the guts to tell Miguel to his face she is in love with David?

Tofie maybe she's a virgin and just don't know what she's missing?

Dave was not exactly a throbbing burning ball of luuurve in Better Dead than Plain either. ? ?

Tofie: You know Graciela is NOT done getting her grubby hands on David because she's got MORE tricks up her sleeve.


Susanlynn: I hope Gutierrez wins the Sonoma County Sheriff campaign.


Thanks AGAIN, Cynthia! There wasn't as much mayhem at the birthday party as I was expecting... but then it's not over yet, is it?

I think Gracie's going to kill at least one more person before this is over. Either Lillian or Juan. She just seems to get unhinged when she's angry.

Miguel goes to David's vineyard... again. Get a life, fella! And that goes for Luci going to Adolfo's vineyard, too. Get a life!! And Erica - always wanting to stir the pot. She should get a life, too.

Funny how Gracie gave Fernanda a dress for the party that night. Wouldn't you think Fer would have already chosen a dress? Sorry, my beanie slipped...

How awesome was Bobby, demanding that his auntie take a picture of the family with Luciana? Hahahaha!!! I don't know if the first picture came out, but for the second one I thought the camera looked like it was pointed way too low. Nice job, disGracie!

In some states, parents can give alcohol to their minor children inside the home. But not to their kids' friends. Those kinds of parties end up on the news.

Tofie: "David is way out on a limb here and Luciana on the ground with a chainsaw and an eye on Miguel." Wow. Yes. Davtd seems to have her attention for the moment, but she's still keeping Mig on the hook. Just in case.

Just started the recap--so glad it was you, Cynthia. The dialog translations are always top-notch and the screen caps are always something to look forward to. Thank you.

To tell the truth, I did not recognize Sonia without her funny hair-do and the glasses hanging around her neck. She put Lilian to shame in the beauty department (although I have to admit that Lilian's hair style was very becoming to a woman "of a certain age," tee hee.) They both outshined DisGracie and Luci.

Ok. Back to the recap.

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If I had to drive one of these women to San Francisco, you know, to get some hostages released or something.......
Freaky, Long Legged Sonia. No Contest. Final Answer


Julie..When I was teaching in a wealthy suburban senior high school, a local doctor got in big trouble for supplying alcohol for his kid's party. Big trouble. I guess that these writers didn't go to the trouble of googling legal drinking age in the U.S. That would have taken a couple seconds.

I don't know if I would use freaky to describe Sonia. The adjectives that come to my mind are romantic, passionate,eccentric, and lonely.

Susanlynn: You made me laugh when you said "Tijuana is the new San Francisco." I've never been to Tijuana, but I have been to Nogales since I grew up about 60 miles from the border. I know Tijuana is bigger and of course has a beach. A lot of college kids used to cross the border during Spring Break for a cheap place to party on the beach. No so much anymore, college kids are warned about getting into trouble there because of all the crime and cartels there. But I hear that it has some really nice parts and that the beach there is beautiful.

Julie: You said, "In some states, parents can give alcohol to their minor children inside the home. But not to their kids' friends. Those kinds of parties end up on the news." How right you are! I don't know what states allow parents to serve alcohol to their minor children at home, I should look that up. When I was under 21, my parents used to make pina coladas, margaritas, etc...and allowed me to have a drink when I was over 18. They did not ruin me, but I know they would never serve any of my friends any alcohol, even if they were over 18.

I am really loving Sonia's character and her relationship with Leon. My bet is we will see their relationship flourish and maybe a wedding. Of course if that happens, it won't be till the end since it seems in all telenovelas all the weddings happen on the last couple shows. They are kind of mismatched and with Sonia's quirkiness, makes this very entertaining to watch.

I do think I see a glimmer of caring from Juan to Perla. Maybe he has even learned to love her. Only problem with that relationship is that it is doomed to failure because of Juan's deceit, greed, and pursuit of power (over David). If Juan weren't all caught up in revenge, he might be a better person, but he's so caught up in so much greed. Perla should dump him if she has any sense.

I am hoping we see Tano and Fer's relationship grow. I think they are really cute together, even though they come from different worlds. I like what I see from Fer when she is with Tano. She just seems like a much nicer person. I've always said that a relationship is good when the person you are with makes you want to become a better person.

As for DisGracie, I'm sure we are in to see more meltdowns from her. true that Fer seems to be a nicer person when she is with Tano which is the mark of a good relationship. RememberTom Cruise as Jerry Macguire saying to Renee Z., "You make me want to be a better man." Fer has been crushing on Tano for awhile, but he was infatuated with his romance with an older woman. Now, Fee is getting those sweet, teenage kisses. Now, she just needs to discover that her tia killed her mother and that her tia and abuela have been manipulating her .


I was wondering why Juan believed he could ruin David if he bought Mr. Kents land and think we got a clue last night. David thanked Mr. Kent for allowing them to access water via his property and without it they couldn't irrigate. Could that be Juan's angle?

Yeah a couple episodes ago, David mentioned that his irrigation supply line crosses the Olive tree land.

Here is a link to exceptions to the minimum legal drinking age:

Notice we don't see California on the list of various situations except for medical.

Cynthia: We have NOT seen the last of Peter, who we all know, will not take no for an answer in regards to FerBrat.

Thanks, Cynthia - holy margaritas! Massachusetts is one of the states in which underage drinking is allowed on alcohol-selling premises, with parental approval. What's funny is that I was once in a lounge on the Cape with my parents for dinner, and when I was asked for my ID to order a beer I didn't have it (I had just come from the airport, it was with my luggage). So we ALL got kicked out of the lounge because I couldn't prove I wasn't a minor. I was 29! My mother could personally vouch for the day of my birth!! But they said I had to leave. (The place has since gone out of business. Ha!)

Thank you, Cynthia! Your screen caps flesh out the recap and it feels like watching again!

I'm loving the anatomically correct David. He should get all kinds of flashbacks to other conversations where DisGracie hypnotized him with lies while staring him down through those wide, gray eyes. He's heard all those lines before. I guess it's finally sinking in.

Fer and Tano were cute. Maybe after this first kis, and a real one at that, she will be ready to accept her Dad's relationship with Luciana.

I agree, the picture Disgracie took will be of their knees. Heffa.

So Miguel is stalking Luciana now. His persistence is beginning to look sick. Him and DisGracie with the same sick sense of entitlement. Also thought Luciana going to SB was a bit much. Do these vineyards butt up against each other. They go back and forth with the speed of thought! Same room, hunh? Now THAT"S unnecessary. Yah, Tijuana IS the new San Fransisco.

Finally, I think NoJuan does care for Perla. I think it's beyond a feeling of possession. He may have started out just using her for release but fooled around and fell in love. Throughout this whole thing, other than a glance at DisGrace weeks back, he's not messed around with any other woman. Which is more than I can say for Gut. What a stupid story line. The nerve to tell Martha she should be the Sheriff's wife. If Martha is so horrified by what he did to her family, why is she always hanging around him and Lil when she sees them with hound dog eyes spoiling for another round of abuse from Lil. Pahtetic.

Thank you again, Cynthia!

Lila.."I'm loving the anatomically correct David." Oh no you din't ! OMGROFLMAO

I want meet you for drinks. Are you old enough to drink? We'll get Luci to take our picture.

I am convinced SB and Angeles vineyards are actually just right down the hall from each other. :-)

Seeing Tano kiss Fer, I thought "Boy, that's some pretty good acting right there, or Tano really does like her in her birthday outfit." :-)

And Thanks Again Cynthia. Without you talented recappers I would have already bailed on this Bunraku TN.

HA! Susanlynn! Anytime, girl! ;)

David better show us his wares tonight because pit bull DisGracie is NOT done yet!

How long are we to finale?

I want the rock upside Lisa's head "incident" to be revealed!! (Guess I'm spoiled by the wonderful and brilliant pacing of AQNMD).

Lila and Kirby...Yes, this close proximity of those two vineyard and folks moving back and forth. It is like your weird neighbor who watches over the fence whenever you're having a barbeque in your backyard.

Lila...yes, but how exactly is Disgracie's rocking Lisa going to be revealed? Juan seems to be the only one (Juan) who suspects . There is no evidence. Did Lisa drop her cellphone on the riverbank before the sister fight started?

OT..Lila...Season three of Outlander will not air until September. I have been reading some interesting analyses of each book online at The Scot and the Sassenach. How far are you in book 2 ? Fasten your seatbelt, you hear!

Kirby..the kiss between Tano and Fer seemed very authentic. Not too hard to believe that too attractive young people would enjoy several takes of that scene. #ahhhh

Too??..that was supposed to be two..sorry

Your spell check needs a refresher on adverbs vs adjectives.

I think............:-)

Thanks, Cynthia. Great job. You do a fantastic job with the nights when there's not much action. But I was amazed a lot actually happened last night and glad you got a good episode. Won't be able to read the comments till later, but wanted to give thanks before the next epi starts.

That would be a hoot, if somejuan found Lisa's cell phone, as recordings on memory cards actually have been recovered after a device has been off and destroyed for a long time. A person I know crashed his drone into a river, and recovered it a week later and the video of events leading up to the crash were still intact. So the cell phone reveal is for sure plausible in a T N where we accept offhand that cows fly.

Other than that, Juan does not know for sure, and has no real proof, leaving an admission in a meltdown juan of the other few possibilities.

Susanlynn. . .they haven't given us many clues as to how that's going to come to light. There did seem to be a cell phone at the scene but I don't remember -- maybe I'll go back and look this long President's Day weekend.

However. Lil has warned DisGracie that she thinks NoJuan is double-crossing them and NoJuan did mention said rock chucking incident in a recent conversation with DisGracie. I'm thinking that a showdown is coming with a shouting match between Dave, DisGrace, Juan and Lillian during which Juan will spill the frijoles. One can hope.

OT -- Just on page 104. Claire is in the early stages of her pregnancy. . . You got me skeered, Soosan-lyn! ;)

Ms Cynthia, another good one. All are
Dressed in their Sunday best, sorta.
Ol sour puss lili complaining about the party guests. She's the smelliest
Heffa in there. Gut must be desperate
To stick with her. He is such a wimp.

Crazy gracy, "I hope you will think about all that I've said". She means all that bs she just tried to shovel
Into his mouth. I wish his eyes will continue to open about the people in
His family & friend circle.

Fer got her wish. Now they better not
Let daddybear catch them.

Thanks Cynthia.

Lila...its going to be a bumpy (exciting ) ride with the anatomically correct king of men, so be skeered...and excited...sincerely, soosanlyn

Lila: The way I see it, Juan seems to be holding all the cards between him, Lil, and DisGracie. I am not sure how he "knows" that she had something to do with Lisa's death, but he certainly suspects she does even though DisGrace has denied it several times. I guess he will be holding it over her head up until the end. I sure hope someone gets the proof on all this and I'm still waiting for the invoice that Perla had on the succinic acid to show up somewhere.

Thanks everyone! I'm looking forward to tonight. WE are on #78 as of tonight and I believe there are 140 episodes. In Mexico, the grand finale is this Sunday, the 19th.

Kirby...I am impressed with your grammar knowledge. Most people understand adjectives because they are words that modify nouns. However, many folks have no idea what an adverb is. It is a word that modifies a verb, adjective, or another adverb.



Thanks . I always told my engineers, that no matter how good an engineer you are, if you can not get your ideas across to normal humans, they are not that valuable. English is a means to an end for an engineer.


As far as NoJuan and DisGrace and how much he knows, remember the heated phone call to him from Spain a couple nights ago. She said right there on the phone to NoJuan, "I have killed once and I could again."

AFIK NoJuan saw DisGrace coming back from the river all disheveled and shaken After Lisa was discovered, he put the timeline together and I suppose eventually confronted DisGrace. If Vivi reads this and saw those earlier episodes (I did not) she could fill us in. He memory is what the Library of Congress Archive system was modeled after.

Kirby..Here is something you may find interesting. Usually, my best grammar students are engineers, computer programmers,and architects. Also, my older daughter was a computer science \math double major , and she has always been an excellent writer. I think that people who like math and formulas see the structure in English grammar. English sentences are designed in a fairly logical fashion. Diagramming sentences went out of style long ago, but I think that they should bring it back. It is like making a blueprint of a sentence.My younger daughter is an English teacher, but I haven't convinced her to bring it back.

Gracias, Cynthia, for this and for the previous one. I've just caught up to this episode. Kick-starting MdN during a week of evening commitments had me stalled a little.

Marta needs at least one minor thing in a makeover and that's a better coiffure. A nice upsweep or French twist would give her a more dignified and authoritative look.

I keep looking for evidence that Gutierrez is closing his eyes and thinking of Acapulco when he's with Lillian, so if he's faking it he almost has me fooled. Still awaiting confirmation.

What I wish is that David would have declined to answer any of the Succubus' questions and tell her that this is none of her business.

As to Juan and Mark, every episode seems to demonstrate that they will eventually destroy each other. That will be satisfying.

Thanks UA, I did go read your recaps on MdN and I'll have to admit, you do make it sound good. I may try to watch some more and keep reading your recaps.

Yes, I was a little miffed when David kept answering DisGrace's questions and allowed her to go on and on. He should have just taken control and put his foot down and said, "basta!"

Juan is more likable than Mark. I wish someone would just put Mark out of his misery.

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