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Vino el Amor #72; Thursday February 9, 2017: Will Love Conquer All?

Repeated scene: As Susan is in the lab, David walks in and tells Susan that this batch of wine must be the best in their vineyard’s history. David wants to win the competition against the Santa Barbara Vineyard since Miguel works there now. Susan catches on to what’s going on so she asks David, “is this really about the vineyard, or about Luciana?” David admits this is about both as Susan knowingly shakes her head. Susan wisely advises him to not let this be personal and to keep his head on straight. It should not be about beating Miguel or Luciana and remember the things that are important.

In the cava, Luciana is showing León how to judge the wine aroma by sniffing and twirling the goblet around.

Fer and her friends are walking through downtown with Tano accompanying them. One of Fer’s friends talks about an exam for the University of California and Fer said it was quite difficult. [Grrrr…another TN error…no one takes exams to get into any of the UCs. Entrance depends on SAT scores, application essays, transcripts, and community service involvement. My daughter and her husband both graduated from UC Santa Barbara.] One of Fer’s friends says that what they learned in high school should be sufficient. Fer says that it is important that they study. One friend calls Fer and the other “super nerds” and then turns around and asks Tano his opinion and if he went to high school. Tano says, “Yes I did go to a local high school and I even started community college, but I had to give it up to go to work.” Fer looks at her friends and says that this is a personal decision and everyone has to do what they feel is right.”

Back at Juan’s office Juan is having a berinche (temper tantrum) again. This time it’s regarding some properties that David wants to buy, but Juan wants them for himself because he wants an olive oil vineyard.

While David is in his office, DisGracie calls to tell David that she misses him and wants to know how everything is. She wants to come home. David says that when she comes home, he wants to have a talk with her about some things that happened and other things he does not like. DisGrace tries to press the situation, but David is clear that he wants to talk to her about it in person and he is not going to allow her to hurt the people he cares about. Goodbye Graciela!

Fer and Tano return to the vineyard and Fer thanks Tano for accompanying her and wants to know how he liked it. Tano says, “Truthfully, I was uncomfortable with your friends and have nothing in common with them.” Fer says that she will try to make sure that next time, he’s more included in the conversation so he can get to know them better.  Tano gives Fer a peck on the cheek and leaves. Marta comes up and asks Fer what she was doing with Tano and why she was out with him. Fer explains they were in town and not doing anything wrong. That’s why I asked him to go into town in broad daylight, so it was obvious we were not doing anything wrong. I did it just like Luciana said. Luciana then appears out the door and she and Marta get into it about Marta’s attitude toward Fer and Tano being somewhat the same as Luciana and David. Lu says she just doesn’t understand it and her attitude is going to damage Marta’s relationships with both Lu and Fer.

Later, Luciana and David are in a restaurant in town. David says, “Officially, this is our first date.”  Then he gives her a single red rose to thank her for accepting his invitation. Luciana smiles, thanks him, and says she never expected this. David says, “There is much more to come. I wasn’t able to do this before, but I don’t want more time to pass without doing this.” Luciana asks, “Do what?” David answers, “Conquer you.” Then they lovingly smile and gaze in to each other’s eyes….David says, “And I am never going to let you go.”

Luciana then asks David if her mother ever told her about the time they were in Tijuana. She refers back to the time they were being hounded by this human trafficker (who was a very scary guy) and her father spent all night in their room with a broom across the door. Luciana laughs about it now and David said she was brave. Lu says that she will defend those who she loves and that there is nothing more important than love. Luciana also mentions how for so long she felt like her mother preferred his kids to her. David says, “No that isn’t true, your mother suffered a lot while you were gone.” But now to more pleasant talk. Lu wants to know all about David from favorite colors and everything. His faves are neutral colors, walking through the vineyard and thinking about Lu. But he’s DYING to kiss her! Lu says it's not a good idea because it's a public place and everyone will see them, plus, someone may tell Fer and Bobby.

From Spain, DisGracie calls Mommy Dearest Lilian on the phone. Lil says, “So Grace, tell me what’s going on in that crazy head of yours.” Well, Grace is upset and demands to know why Lil didn’t call her to give her the latest gossip on Miguel quitting his job and breaking up with Luciana! Lil says, “Because I have a life and I’m not the least bit interested in the lives of the employees, that’s why.”  Disgrace goes on to explain that she needs mom’s help right now because now it appears that Luciana is going to get closer to David. Grace says, “He’s angry with me right now, and I wonder if this all has to do with Luciana!” [DisGracie looks a bit out of control now.] DisGrace says she needs to be there so she can get the money from (whoever!) and have enough to continue being David’s business partner, pay Juan and do everything that they planned to do. Lil says she doesn’t have time for this because she has her own life, she is the one who will call the shots, but she will fix everything for her, whether she falls or has to endure.

Grandma Lilian conspires with Fer about Luciana and Fer says she is trying to stay true to the contract she made. Lilian continue to manipulate Fer and make her feel guilty.

Marta and Fer argue together about her relationship with Tano. Marta says that Tano is not right with her and it looks like more than friendship. Fer gets tired of explaining and says she no longer wants to discuss it. Then Lilian barges in and “requests” to speak with her granddaughter, so Marta has to take a hike. Then Grandma tells Fer that Daddy is mad a Tia DisGrace and it all must be Luciana’s fault. Lil tells her to investigate what is going on and let her know because Tía DisGrace is so worried right now.

Mark is hanging around in Juan’s apartment and Juan is worried about money. Mark says they are going to have plenty of money. He says David is about to ruin him because he wants to buy the land that Juan wants to buy. Juan says he will do anything to stop David. Mark says, “Are you sure, because this could be dangerous.”

Mark’s plan is to smuggle electronic stuff back and forth to Mexico. (Must be stolen goods). But he will have to use Perla’s good looks for convincing some guy they need to buy those products. But Juan does not want to use Perla anymore for these things. Mark says, “I need to call this guy” and Juan recognizes the cell phone as Perla’s. “And what are you doing with Perla’s cell phone?”, Juan asks. Mark convinces him that it’s not Perla’s and that there lots of models like this one. Then Mark makes a call to someone saying that it’s a secure line and that the police cannot blame him for anything.

Carito and Perla talk and Carito tells her it’s wrong to keep helping Juan with the illegal immigrants. Carito shares that if she goes to the vineyard where Miguel is working it is NOT the same as Perla helping Juan with his dirty business and she doesn’t want to be there when Perla is sent to jail because of how she is helping Juan. She says too that she can’t help Perla if she won’t listen and what’s more, if she is ever asked, she will have to tell what she knows and tell the truth. Perla claims she is doing a good thing, but Carito disagrees. Carito is disgusted that all Juan has to do is whistle for her and she is at his beck and call to do whatever he wants. In fact, she says, “Perla, you are just as Marta said, a very bad influence on me.” Carito then walks away.

Susan and Luciana talk in Susan’s office and Lu is very happy. Susan asks if this time it’s going to be serious, but Luciana says: “I don’t know, but this time I am going to follow my heart.” Susan advises Lu to go little by little and be careful because it depends on Fernanda and Bobby as well. Lu says it also depends on her mother as her mother is against the relationship.

Next morning in Spain, DisGrace and Joselo are at a meal and DisGrace tells him that she really needs to get home. Joselo says, “Well, I’m sorry to tell you but the answer is no.” Grace responds, “You aren’t listening, I’m not asking you if I can go, I’m telling you I have to go.” Joselo says, “Why?” Grace says, “Because we are having so many problems at the vineyard.” Joselo then says, “You’ve wasted too much time, you are going to lose your money. You are the artist here. You are the one who has to talk to the gallery owner. Do you really want to lose the opportunity of your life?” DisGrace then says, “I just don’t care anymore. If I don’t leave, I’m going to lose everything.” Joselo responds, “If you leave, you will lose your career and your contract with me.”  She tearfully puts on a little song and dance about all her problems. Then she tells him, “I need to be alone, I need my space.” Then DisGrace gets up and leaves.

León pays back his portion of the $10,000 “fine” to David. that was incurred. David says he is very proud of him and that his father would be very proud.

Lilian and Gut are walking downtown and come across Marta where Lil decides she is going to be rude to Marta in front Gut, but Gut just stands there and does nothing while Lilian just gets away with mistreating Marta on the street. Lil says, “Go home and clean the toilet or something.” Gut says he doesn’t care how Lil treats Marta anymore.

Fernanda approaches Daddy with the sad story about how she heard he is mad is DisGrace. She pleads with him to make up with Grace and tells him how much this all hurts her, really laying it on thick, with a guilt trip.

León finds Marta in the kitchen crying and he asks what happened. She relates how she ran into Lil with Gut downtown and she is just tired of all these years of taking Lilian’s rudeness. León asks what else is wrong. Marta shares that she and Luciana had an argument, but Luciana won’t listen to her. León says that he hopes that she makes up with her soon.

While DisGrace is painting one of her “messterpieces” (thanks UA for that one) Lil calls and she tells Grace that she needs to come back now because all that they have worked for will be for nothing unless she returns now. After hanging up, DisGrace vividly recalls how she murdered her sister Lisa with a rock at the river.

Luciana shares with David that her mother is angry regarding their relationship and doesn’t know if their relationship will last with all these things against them. David says not to worry. Together, they can face anything and they both say that they will be there for each other always. The kissing begins…..Luciana says this kiss is different because it’s not a kiss from impulse, but a kiss with a future. (Music….)


Carito & Perla scheming & plotting against Luciana for the upteenth time!

Lillian going full Pete Wilson on illegal immigrants, using racially-charged comments!

Gutierrez just does NOTHING!

I'm looking forward to seeing Karma biting them!


Back to back a big thanks Cynthia

"so Marta has to take a hike"

Since Marta is unlucky in love she hates those that are.

I almost enjoyed Luciana smiling, chatting and kissing David until she mentioned she had a place she wanted to take David someday. Is it San Francisco, the same hotel Miguel selected, or the cellar floor and same blanket because so far I don't see any new ground?

Perla isn't the sweetest young woman but it makes me sick knowing Mark is going to hurt her. For a minute I thought Juan would go along with the pimp.

Puzzled, cause I thought Sonia was the comic relief designate but Marta and Susan offering relationship advise cracks me up.


Cynthia!? WOW! Thank you, honey! Haven't read it yet or watched the show. Want to thank you and tell you I left you a message at the end of yesterday's recap. Thank you soooo much!

Thank you, Cynthia, for yet another excellent review of the proceedings.

Disgrace is losing it. Great to see Mr. Scarf getting real with her.Her flashback to the rocking of Lisa by the river shows that she is becoming unhinged. A cornered rat. It was disgusting watching Antiabueka built trip her granddaughter into going to bat for AuntieDisgraceful.

Dave's favorite color is neutrals. Why am I not surprised? I bet Miguel's favorite color is BRIGHT RED !


Cynthia, loved the recap! Thank you.

I like Fer/Tano. He's going to tame her inner brat.

I can't believe Luciana didn't change clothes for the first date. David always wears the same thing so I'm not sure if he did or didn't switch out vests.

I kind of sympathized a bit with Marta when I recapped her conversation Tuesday with Luciana, but yeah, after seeing how she went off on Fer, she's definitely projecting some leftover personal resentment from her youthful indiscretions on both Fer and Luciana.


Oh My Cynthia, two in a row? Lucky Friday for us! Thanks a bunch.

Ohhh she kissed a boy? Allllright
Ohhh she remembers WHACKING her sister in cold blooded murder? But her tears are for herself.
Ohhh the Jackals are beginning to squabble over the last scraps at a rotting carcass? WooHoo ! Whose PHONE?
Carita bolts and tells Perla she does not hang around with future convicts..
David sees the tip of the tip of the tip of the DisGracefull iceberg. Getting cold in here. !

Um, I just woke up, did they roll three months into one episode?

OT anybody signing up for Tom Brady autographs? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
I changed my mind about him.

Dy77. That as DAve's date vest.

And DY what on Holy Planet Earth is wrong with Marta? If she is off premise with a kid, her actual boss is David, not Grammafromhell. Why would she even walk over and stand there for Lillian's firing squad? And then she had to be told, by Lillian, to flipping leave.

There is something really wrong here, I have no clue what. Her attitude with Luci and FerBrat, and her constant gluttony for Lillian's abuse. I do not even really pay attention to her any more.

It was disturbing when Leon had to listen to Marta's wail about Brian and without changing pitch launched into a bitchfest about Luciana.

How does someone inflict that kind of verbal abuse and someone else accept it for decades? Toxic for both parties. Gutless just stood there. What is his game ? I am so tired of this vicious , ridiculous triangle.

OT..Kirby is he giving that money to charity ?

Sue: Did you see the prices? $1200 for a jersey? $900 football.

OT: This show has taught me to have something more interesting going on in this time slot so that for more than half the show I can just look down at my whatever I am working on and ig-fing-nore them.

If there is not a huge anvil over your head, I dont care.

Gutless just stood there...Yeah that is about what I would have done. Like "Um, you girls have fun."

Thanks, Cynthia, DOUBLE THANKS! You know what? I'm so glad I watch this via DVR or hulu+, that way I can FF>> through annoying parts like any scene with Mark; Marta and Lilian, Lilian and Gut. . .ugh! I know that it will be covered by the recaps and I thank you all the Vino team for that. Susanlynn, that "relationship" between Marta and Lilian IS toxic, as is watching it! We get it, Lilian is a bigot and Marta is a fool! I wish Leon and Luci could find out the truth about Marta's sleeping with Lilian's husband and starting the relationship with Gut just to fu** with Lilian. It would help Luci stop fretting about Marta's opposition to her relationship with David.

FINALLY! Some romance between the supposed Lead Couple! I enjoyed it even though "Luci" seemed uncomfortable with the required oral ministrations to hair-framed lips. I don't think the other kisses were close ups like these. Oh, well, it's a few droplets for us in this romantic drought that is this novela. Too bad there had to be DisGracie scenes but I guess I'm glad that the murder was replayed in all it's brutality. Nice wake up call upside the head for anyone thinking DisGracie is good for David. I agree she is becoming unhinged and I want to see more bonding between our lovers so they can fight the crazy together!

Imagine. An episode without Miguel. I know he's working hard but unbeknownst to him, Erica is working her way into HIS heart.

Thanks again, Cynthia!

Gracias, Cynthia.

Carito basically putting Perla on blast for being her bitchy self was probably the best thing about this episode (narrowly edging out Susan advising David not to simply want to crush Miguel in the upcoming wine contest, and oddly ahead of David and Luciana's rather low-key first date). And between that and Mark blatantly using Perla's old phone for his new scheme, it was refreshing to see that Perla's karma is basically completely in place and just needs a push.

What teeny tiny fragment of sympathy I had left for Gutierrez got stomped on by Lilian (while wearing that fugly post-apocalyptic-dystopia rug/jacket) when she couldn't help dragging Marta in public and he did absolutely nothing to stop or even distract her. If this were a better show, I'd say that probably hosed the idea that he's using Lilian to save his floundering campaign for sheriff, buuut...

And I'm with dy77 on Marta at this point: whatever good points she may have about David and Luciana possibly being a bad match are being buried under her increasingly strident insistences that no puede ser! for them and for Fernanda and Tano. (Though Fer is at least giving lip service to the whole "friends" thing, which actually helps her a little bit. Especially since Tano was literally trailing behind her and her friends like a confused babysitter earlier in this episode.) Girlfriend's got some pent-up frustration she needs to work through.

Oh, and for just a minute Joselo was almost free of the Succubus. For one glorious minute...and then she sucked him back in with crocodile tears. Reinforcing that Graciela is the most effective person in the entire show (sorry, Juan, but you're still #2).

David's favorite colors are neutral colors... dull... not a surprise.

For me, the best moment was Carito realizing that Perla is a bad influence.

I didn't detect a lot of sizzle in that kiss last night, but at least they won't have to worry about burning out too quick.

Thanks, Cynthia! Two in a row!

Susanlynn, I am dying of laughter at "David's date vest!" I'm working this into any future recaps of any future dates I must recap!

Dy77...I am glad that you enjoyed that. I have to confess that Hubba often wears pullover vests on our date nights! there's that, but his favorite color is red.

Did NoJuan believe that Mark's Hello Kitty phone was actually Mark's and not Perla's or did he just decide it was a fight he could not afford now that he is in desperation mode?

Bill I agree. Joselo was like watching one of those old movies where the hero is in quicksand and manages to clutch a twig. Then as we hold our breath, the twig slowly breaks and he/she is sinking again.

Kirby: Marta should be better off getting KILLED OFF!

Cynthia--Your luck was with you last night. You win the prize for the third kiss, though I don't have a clue as to what a prize like that could be (maybe a #13 football jersey or a deflated ball). Thank you for rendering the whole recap into a beautiful narrative.

And P.S. I read Lila's thoughtful comment to you from last night. Sadly, this is a situation that is on the increase--children becoming their parents' caretakers. Having gone through the reverse myself--my mother suddenly dying of a heart attack and leaving me with my 93-year-old father with severe dementia, I agree with everything Lila said--they live in the here and now, they will live on with you into your future.

Steve: Agree. Waste of drapery fabric if you ask me. BUT:

We do not really have any real contenders to whack Marta. If she and Lillian have been going at this since just after their teenage years it probably aint going to happen now. Gut doesn't hate her enough ...Yet, and your own children don't do it in TNs. I do not suspect she is bright enough to drive a car, so a red light runner is out, so I don't know how much hope we have, you know? I don't think I can remember anybody just looking in a mirror and annoying themselves to death.

Now on to the show---
I thought the funniest incident in the whole episode was the translation of Mark's statement about buying the land for the "oil" project, into the Spanish "petroleo." Obviously the translator has not been following the story.

Oh, the next funniest thing was seeing a painting on the wall behind DisGracie (ok, I've gotten on board with that moniker), of a figure (probably male) sitting in a grocery shopping cart with his legs hanging down over the edge.

Which reminds me, slightly OT--has anyone else noticed the painting of the nude with her back to us in Adolfo's office (which gets featured occasionally)? It came from LQNPA. I'm pretty sure it was in Rogelio's office. I'm also trying to figure out what that piece of sculpture is behind Adolfo's desk. It looks like a woman emerging from the carving, but has little stickers all over it. Anyway, it's weird.

Julie--Regarding that kiss between our leads, not only was there no sizzle, there was no build up (for me at any rate). They just went at it as if they hadn't had any mouth juice for months. I really don't care to watch those kinds of kisses up close. They almost seem like attack kisses. Why couldn't they pull the camera back so we could watch the body language between the two--how they hold each other, how they pull back and maybe kiss again. (Ok, you got me I'm about as incurable a romantic and Sonia.)

I still think Gut is gaming Lil, but how he just stood there and watched while Lil was humiliating Marta was pretty low. I agree, he should have walked away and told Lil he'd catch up with her later. He's off my radar screen for the rest of the run. Even if he rehabilitates himself, I hope Marta will never take him back.

Mark told the contact he was using a secure line because it was NOT his phone and if it is traced, it won't be traced to him. Poor Perla. She deserves a lot because of what she's been doing--bad choice in boyfriends, counting on money from shady dealings to get ahead and generally being bitchy and scheming--but not getting the whole blame for the illegal trafficking. I think the electronics deal is only one way. They bring illegals in and ship electronics back. Why Mark needs a good looking doll to sweeten the pot, though, is beyond me. I heard him say to Juan that her purpose is to get the contact to pay more for the merchandise. So, Perla is now going to be elevated to negotiator, or is Mark planning to use her as sex bait.

Fer loses her InnerBrat whenever she's with Tano. She is genuinely sweet with him. I was happy to see her try to make him feel ok with his unfinished education. I think that is the real Fer. The FerBrat we see is fueled by Lil and DisGracie. I want her to figure that out soon, before DG returns home.

Kirby and Bill C. I thought the same thing--Joselo had the upper hand, for a hot Madrid second, then the greasy rope just slid out of his hands.


Anita were you watching P&P when we all were spending more time trying to figure out the art and other trinkets on the shelve behind Eladio's desk than we were finding who threw the hooker off the balcony?

Mark said having a pretty sexy girl on their team would soften or distract the Mexican customer and help him negotiate a better price.

Anita..Although I somehow missed the painting of the man in the shopping cart (probably because I am always mesmerized watching Disgracie's angelic countenance as I think of her stone cold heart) I have noticed the painting in Adolfo's office. I have not noticed the statue.

I, too, thought that THE KISS was a little..meh. Perhaps Irina is not a fan of kissing men with beards and mustaches..which is an acquired taste.

This telenovela scores low in the romance scale.

Maybe Marked lied to Juan (surprise) about needing a good looking doll for a deal. I think he's lining Perla up for himself when he gets her away from Juan.

Tank probably has a higher emotional IQ than Far and her buds.College of Life, no?

Tank and Far..autocorrect just created two new nicknames. Thanks, autocorrect.

Susanlynn: If I was in Gutierrez's situation, I would've done the same thing & let Lillian viciously trash Marta too.

I hope you're right about Tano getting FerBrat into a good person.

Kirby: Lillian & Graciela cooking up something sinister & maybe deadly in their plot to destroy Luciana. I wonder what does that mean ?

Anita: I do NOT feel sorry for Perla one bit. When she gets whacked, I get to say GOOD RIDDANCE :)


Tank and Far on a date? Never a dull moment on SueLand.
I am still trying to get the image of a fake fur Date Vest out of my mind.

Cynthia, thank you for your carefully crafted summary.

Your superb dialog translations were greatly appreciated, "Tano says, “Yes I did go to a local high school and I even started community college, but I had to give it up to go to work” was one of many.

It is difficult to comment late in the day when others have mirrored and recorded thoughts so similar to my own.

I was happy seeing David and Luciana together, smiling at their conversation, where they began to forge their relationship. Surprisingly, they seemed earnest but there was no tension or yearning, and the kissing was earnest but rather devoid of emotion. Not at all what I expected.

"Fer loses her InnerBrat whenever she's with Tano. She is genuinely sweet with him". So true Anita! Once she is away from Graciela's evil influence, I look forward to her changing into the sweet young woman I am hoping she can become.

I wasn't able to watch this as carefully as I would have liked but there were more than a few disturbing scenes. tofie, Perla is not an angel but I totally agree that she does not deserve to be abused by Mark. Carito is right, Perla needs to extricate herself now. I believe Mark likely doesn't want Perla hurt but he is entrenched in his thirst for revenge against David and that seems uppermost in his mind. Protecting Perla is jut not high on his priority list.

Susanlynn, "Tank" and "Far" made me laugh. thank you!

Lilian is without heart or conscience so her rant was but another abusive tirade against Marta. Hardly a surprise. And Kirby, I keep coming back to your comment. Yes, why did Marta continue to stand there?? She should have held her head high and left. Brian disgusted me. While he showed a bit of humanity by turning away, how he kept quiet and did not rise to Marta's defense was well, indefensible.

Cynthia, thank you for all your work and insight!


Kirby..Remember that fake fur vest would have to be in a neutral shade..And now I cannot get the image of Sonny and Cher out of my head.

Diana... Why doesn't Marta just walk away? Why stand there and absorb all Lilian's venom.

Does anyone know what telenovela is following this one ?

New title..Fifty Shades of Neutral."

Diana looking back on Marta standing there for an uncomfortably long time, she almost gave us a clue when she told Leon about it. She mentioned to him how she waited for or looked for GutBoy to defend her. I don't remember her exact phrase, but it made me think she was giving him one last chance to turn down the road to redemption. And then she said something to the effect of "But no, it did not happen."

I thought he was into red. :-)

Susanlynn that is a Sonny Bono vest great catch. Fifty shades of beige

Sonny and Cher. And Sonny's vest. What a fun thought Susanlynn. "Fifty shades of beige" - good one tofie! I'm old enough to remember when they were young and hot. Well, at least when Cher was young and hot :)

Ahhh, I didn't realize Marta was waiting for Brian to defend her Kirby. It seemed any pride she had left her as she continued to stand there while Lili heaped word after word of verbal abuse on her. From what you noted Kirby, I'm inferring that if that is the case, Marta might actually have been considering forgiving him (?) Or perhaps, she at least expected he would come to aid. Can't blame her there. It's hard to reconcile this was the same man who fell to his knees in tears begging for forgiveness but a few days ago. I'm done with him.


Diana..Can you believe that Cher is out of retirement and doing concerts with all her costumes by her old friend Bob Mackie !

Diana: You can expect more chaos from the villains in the next several months!

Marta better get used to being with Ramon!

Gracias, Cynthia. Always on point!

Marta's issue with Fernanda and Tano has some justification. She is still underage and Marta had raised her. David doesn't want FerBrat to get into a relationship she isn't mature enough for and one can hardly find fault with that.

Luciana, however, is an adult. I doubt she has much experience with men but she has no malice in her and neither does David.

Mark's theft of Perla's cell phone will unquestionably incriminate her when the law closes in. When Brian talked about the trafficking having begun again that's just as much a heads-up to the viewers that Perla is going down for the count. Carito didn't quite say this to her but when you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas.

I'll probably say more tomorrow morning; have to get ready to leave for the opera.

" out of retirement and doing concerts with all her costumes" In real Life? Or in another unbelievable TN?

I am about as interested in seeing her in one of her old costumes as she should be in seeing me! YIKES it's for reals. Amazing, but I will pass.

I thought Cher had a good voice and that she and Sonny were enjoyable.

But the truth is, her acting was amazing. She was marvelous in Mask. And Silkwood. And of course, Moonstruck.

I loved the Mackie costumes. Still do. And while I am pleased she is healthy enough to continue performing, I am not tempted to attend. I'll be content with remembering her duets with Sonny, tossing her amazing jet black mane to full advantage.


Diana--Cher's black mane was 100x better than Luci's scraggly locks.

Working on the recap, folks. Hold on tight.

Cynthia,lovely recap. Finally some heat. Things are heating up.
Now I know Marta is a good mom, but I wish she'd turn it down a bit with the "it won't work cuz we from 2different classes". Her and Lucy are gonna butt heads Every Time this comes up about her and davy. It's gonna be bad enough fightin discrazy when she Returns. She's literaly gonna have to fight for her life cuz cra cra will most Likely try to rock her world like she Did her sister. It's good they'll support each other cuz aside from family and friends being against them They gotta worry about what Society says About mixin lower class with upper class. Finally good to see a decent kiss between these two. Ok good nite y'all. Gonna look forward to reading tonight's recap.

Thanks Cynthia.

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