Saturday, February 11, 2017

Vino el Amor – Episode #73 – Friday 2/10/2017: It’s David and Luci United (Por Fin) Against the World

Some scenes have been combined and may not be in order.
Los Frijoles de Ayer
David and Luci stand together in the sunlight on a path in the vineyard, not very hidden from view. They declare their love, pledge their troth regardless of the obstacles ahead and kiss on it. Their first obstacle as a couple is to try to hear each other over that annoying singer who manages to drown out most of their declarations, making it hard for the Restless Patio to hear as well. They decide kissing is more productive.

El Arroz de Hoy
Still in a clinch and breathing heavily, Luci tells David they need to get back to work. He has other work on his mind, but Luci prevails. The walk arm in arm while Luci discusses how to go organic. Although Susan has already given David a lesson, he says he wants to hear it from Luci and listens attentively. He hopes the organic wine will reflect the passion and love they have for each other. (Oy vey, how maudlin.)

Speaking of Obstacles Part 1
For David, his first obstacle comes in the form of a visit from Adolfo, who has come to talk about winning the prize (Miguel, that is). Adolfo probes a bit. He wants to know why Miguel left. David explains they had some problems of late, but nothing to do with his work. Just let it be said he no longer felt comfortable working at Bodega Los Angeles (BLA). Adolfo is ok with a young man wanting to get ahead in life and choosing new opportunities. Then he challenges David to a duel of the wines in the upcoming competition. It’s his bodega with Miguel and Erica against David’s. He’s sure his wine will win handily. David is just as sure it will be his wine that wins because he has Luciana….and all the rest of the workers, of course.

Luci’s first obstacle comes in the form of an apparition by Erica. She followed her dad to the meeting but is late. Instead she stays on the porch to  talk to Luci, thanking her for deciding to let Miguel go in order to come to the Bodega Santa Barbara (BSB). Luci corrects her. It was Miguel who decided on his own to leave. Erica doesn’t understand (said with a bit of sarcasm in her voice) how she could have let a guy like Miggie go. He’s one tipaso and there aren’t men like him growing on grape vines. Erica continues needling on purpose, asking if Miguel left only the vineyard or also left her heart. Luci finally responds that Erica should ask Miguel himself. Erica intends to, over dinner. Erica is making sure Miguel feels happy and calm and doesn’t long for anything back at BLA. They also challenge each other to a throwdown in the wine competition. Erica thinks she gets the last word in, offering to take any messages back to Miggie. Luci says thanks, but no thanks. If she has anything to tell him, she’ll seek him out herself.

Adolfo joins Erica and they leave, with Adolfo relieved there was no catfight between his daughter and Luci.

Cielo y Mar
Sonia is in the kitchen and finds a note telling her to locate the place in the book where the sky meets the sea and the moon is their witness. (León, of course is the wide open sky while Sonia is the restless sea.) She knows immediately it’s on page 70, where the gallant Captain rescues the Siren and causes a shipwreck. The shipwreck in this case, is Lilian, who breaks into Sonia’s reverie and snarks about Sonia having some kind of a secret admirer. She tries to hijack the letter Sonia found on page 70 with the next instruction to follow—to go to the heart of the vineyard. Lil tells her she’d better not find Sonia consorting/romancing with any of the field hands, or it will be cause to run her off. Not to worry, says Sonia, and oh, by the way, el Sr. Ballesteros is in the study and no, he didn’t ask to see her. He came to see Mr. David.

Madrid, the Artist’s Garret
Joselo enters, swabbed in a long pouffy patterned silk scarf (the better to look arty in) runs over to DisGracie when he sees her collapsed on the floor covered in blood green paint, from neck to little fingers. She pushes him away. She’s done. He looks at her work. He admires it. He tells her she’s so talented. This one is definitely slated for the exhibit. (Note: the Restless Patio never gets to see her masterpiece. We have to take Joselo’s word for it, but me thinks most of it is on DisGracie’s smock.) Juárever. She’s going back to her Troubled Paradise y punto. He can do whatever he wants about how she gets paid. She’s not staying around to find out.

The A-Team
Erica and Adolfo return to BSB and tell Miguel they’ve been to see David. He takes offense, thinking they don’t trust him. Adolfo says down boy, he was just checking his references. That doesn’t mollify Miggie. Adolfo smiles, no, he really went to see David to inform him of his intention to win the wine competition, with Miggie’s help. Miggie still feels offended. Hasn’t he already proven himself with the work he’s already done? He begs pardon, but that’s the one thing that gets him all riled up—that folks don’t trust him to know what he’s doing. Adolfo explains to him there are still things Miggie can learn about running a vineyard against the competition before he can move on to start his own vineyard. He wanted David put on notice they are the BSB all-star team. All this time, Erica has been hovering and fluttering around Miggie, interjecting her support for him. Adolfo ends by welcoming him to the team. He exits right and it’s obvious how pleased Erica is. That earns her a big wide grin from Miggie.

Erica and Miguel stay behind in the office to talk. Erica says not to be too hard on her daddy. He knows they are friends. He doesn’t want her to get hurt. He’s always been very protective because she was a sickly child, suffering from pulmonary problems. She also tells him that she spoke to Luci and he probably won’t like how it went, but he should know by now she doesn’t hold back from saying what she thinks. When she finishes, Erica states that it’s useless for Luci to be jealous now that he’s left. Miggie doesn’t understand why she should be jealous. They aren’t going together any more. Erica has an idea. Why not give her a reason to be jealous. Miggie isn’t sure what she means. Erica says she was just joking. (Are you sure, Erica?)

Miguel admonishes Erica that she should not be discussing his personal business elsewhere. He reminds her that though he loves Luci, he knows there is no hope for him. He needs to forget her. He feels he had her and let her go. Erica contradicts him. Luci had him and let him go. She’s the loser. She doesn’t deserve him.

Miguel tries to change the subject back to work. Erica says they’ve been working long enough and they should go grab a bite to eat. She has just the place where they can relax at the same time. She takes him to a pool hall. He’s all in. He loves to play pool. She wants him to teach her. She enjoys his hunching over her while he innocently gives her all the basics. She hustled him good, even exposing some of her rack to rattle him after he’s racked the balls. She wins, then admits she knew all along how to play billiards. Erica delays dinner when she hears a favorite tune playing and asks Miggie to dance. Then they do a slow dance and get pretty close. You can tell she’s just loving it. He’s not unhappy right then either.

Speaking of Obstacles Part 2 or Dinnertime Straggler No. 1
Luci meets obstacle number 2 waiting for her when she gets back late to the employee’s living quarters. It’s Marta. She scolds Luci as if she were a teenager who missed curfew. Actually it was dinner she missed. She wants to know where the devil Luci’s been (while imagining her in the arms of El Patrón, doing unspeakable things). Luci’s explanation of having a lot of vineyard work to do with David falls on deaf ears. But Marta immediately picks up on “David” and corrects her. He’s El Patrón. She shoos Carita out of the kitchen and continues her interrogation. She lights into Luci about being with El Patrón and sings the same song about what a mistake she is making for her to have anything to do with El Patrón as well as El Patrón having anything to do with her. (I think she hopes repetition will have an effect, since nothing else has so far.) Luci stands her ground and stomps off to bed, leaving Marta with several words left yet in her mouth.

Sneaking Around Part 1
Carito and Perla sneak into the well-lit kitchen. Perla is getting ready to take water to the prisoners, er, undocumented workers. While she gets ready they gossip about the maybe relationship between Luci and the boss, especially after Carito heard Luci say she was late because she was with David. They decide to investigate, because it isn’t fair for her to drop Miguel like that and take up with the boss. Perla asks Carito to come with her, but Carito refuses. She’s afraid of Mark. She begs Perla in vain to stop helping Juan before it’s too late.

Sneaking Around Part 2
Luci and Susan have a late night kaffeklatch in the kitchen and discuss Cesar and what a good guy he is. They also talk about the upcoming wine competition. Luci can’t wait to see Erica’s face when they win. Susan warns her not to make this about Erica (she means Miguel). Luci says Erica started it. She’s sure Erica only wants to take advantage of Miguel and get some inside information on their work procedures.

Dinnertime Straggler No. 2
Over at the mansion dinner is waiting. Sonia gets distracted by Bobby and spills some miracle non-staining red wine on the white tablecloth while pouring some for Lil. She gets a tongue lashing from Lil for probably thinking about her afternoon delight-ful letter. Sonia explains to Fer, who asked, that she has a date with destiny. Lil laughs at her. She wants to start eating, but the kids want to wait for their daddy. Sonia thinks he’s still out in the vineyards somewhere. Boy, that Lil, she loses no opportunity to spread her bad breath as she announces that his lateness is probably due to some problem Luci is having that he has to run to resolve.

Sonia breaks in to change the subject by asking Fer if she’s made any plans for her birthday. Of course she has. She wants a big party and to go someplace with her friends. (The someplace I couldn’t catch, but Bobby says it’s awful.) Apparently it involves a cruise ship. She also wants to take a family trip to Spain. Lil is all ready to help. She chuckles at her own joke when she says she wants her own stateroom, far away from Bobby, but then of course Bobby won’t be going.

David finally makes it to dinner. Fer thinks he’s been working too hard, spending too much time in the vineyard. He says the work is backed up since Miguel left. Fer and Bobby hope this doesn’t mean he stops paying attention to them. He promises it’s only temporary. Lil interjects her opinion that now that DisGracie put all this effort into unifying the family again, it would be a shame to lose it. David reminds her it was Luciana who accomplished the reunification. Well, says Lil, not to be put down, her Grace helped. All Fer and Bobby want is that nothing come between them again. David looks blank and a little guilty.

Fer proceeds to tell her dad she wants a party for 200 of her closest friends and for it to be a big blow-out. David dashes her hopes telling her that won’t be possible right away because money is tight and he has the opportunity to buy the lands next to the vineyard. Lil is surprised and pleased by the news.

Pearl Jam
Perla makes it to Juan’s apartment. She wants this whole shady business to end. Juan tells her he needs enough money to buy some land. When she questions the need, he replies he only wants them because David does. Nah, he’s kidding, but won’t tell her the real reason because she’s likely to open her big mouth to someone. Oh, by the way, Mark says it’s not her cell phone. Perla swears it is, but it’s useless to fight over it. He states that if it’s true that Luci and David are an item, the two of them on the same side complicates matters, but buying those lands himself is the only way to sink David.

The Cave of Forgotten Dreams
Leon has prepared a love nest deep in the heart of the vineyard, i.e. the cava. Sonia approaches him, full of expectations. Whoops, it’s not a love nest, but a candlelight wine-tasting party. He wants Sonia to get to know him and what he does all day. Leon shows off his (new-found) knowledge of wine and Sonia ends up tasting Leon.

Sonia gets entirely too excited by the taste and tells him she wants to be his woman. She tries to take the tasting further than Leon was prepared to take it. He feels exposed, someone might come. He cries, “Patrón” and that promptly cancels the trip to San Francisco. Leon tells her he merely wants to postpone the San Francisco-ing until they can have a more romantic tryst. Sonia is glad they stopped. She can’t afford to disappoint Mr. David, but she indicates that Leon shouldn’t think he saved himself. She gives him a goodbye kitty-hiss (not a typo).

Native American Shame
Lil is getting ready to leave the mansion on her way to City Hall to be with Gutierrez at some important function. Sonia trots along telling her she looks swell. As Lil gives Sonia some last minute instructions, she sees Marta bringing in clean bedding. She calls her over for Round 365 of Humiliation for Sport. She tells her she can’t neglect the housework while she takes care of the children. Marta tries to tell her that’s not her job, but Marta says there’s a lot of dirt around and she should get it done in her free time. Then she preens and explains in a very loud manner that Gut needs someone like her, a Native American, by his side. (Any Native American hearing this would immediately call a council and urge she be disowned for calling herself a Native American and Marta echoes my sentiment.)

Busy is No Excuse
Juan is very busy at the computer when David comes in. Where is the proposal document he asked Juan for. Juan mumbles that he was just going to make a few calls, but wanted to talk to David first. David is quite put out. It was his responsibility. Juan says he was busy. David then hands him a proposal he drew up and tells him to get hopping before some else buys the land. Juan doesn’t think there’s any hurry. David says he talked to the seller and there is an irrigation system already in place, which makes it all the more valuable. Juan didn’t know that. David is tired of Juan’s neglecting work. He’s not to fail again.

An Obstacle more like a Barnacle
Well, I thought we’d seen Luci’s obstacle number 1 for the last time tonight, dancing cheek to cheek with Miguel in the pool hall, but no, here comes Erica. She’s back to see Luciana, who’s working late in her vineyard office. Erica slams the door shut. Although Luci says they have nothing to talk about, Erica says she does and Luci is to listen to her ultimatum: Leave Miguel Alone, in Peace. They stare at each other as the credits begin to roll.


Did You Get Any Sleep? Yikes, you don't just throw something like this together, ya know. Thanks Anita

Whoa..! Easy Girl..We had such high hopes for Ms. Erika. Alas, she has a mean streak.
Catty little bitches, Erica and Luci fighting over Miguel, they look like younger versions of Marta and Lillian.
First she prisses over to Luci's vineyard and hunts Luci down to have a little cat on cat claw fest.
Then Gets on Miguel's ass about Luci, and the fact that he still refuses to hate her. Doofus Miguel tells Erika he wished Luci were farther away so he would not be tempted to see her. E looks exasperated.

Then she storms into Luci's office again, slamming the door to command Luci to leave Miguel alone when Luci is not pursuing Miggy..

She is putting the heavy and fast moves on Miguel, and I smell a RAT. No not a cat, a Rat, with an Rrrrr.

It appears the defensive puffy juvenile Miguel is still alive and well. He did his typical antagonistic defensive chest beating when he found out that Adolfo had followed through on his interest of checking his references with David.

Marta is getting on my last nerve, she was about as snotty to Carita as Lillian is to her.
Then she turns around and literally Screams at Luci.

Perla still trying to suck Carita back into her future Hell with her. Bless her little heart, Carita somehow knew better even as Perla pulls out all the3 stops.

Erika is F A R less innocent than Luci, as evidenced by her little 'Plunging Blouse Adjustment” when she knew Miggy was looking.

I warned Lion Cub some time ago to he might need elbow pads and a seatbelt.

Anita: GO ERIKA :)

Put Luciana in her place!

Steve, you are right. Not to sound like a woman hater, but the only female to really pull for here is Sonia. All the rest have some indigestible combination of mean, crazy and stupid.

Good Morning

Spectacular Anita. Every word was a sparkling jewel, carefully chosen splendid in its brilliance.

"She hustled him good, even exposing some of her rack to rattle him after he’s racked the balls". Sassy and spot on. My absolute favorite.

"Round 365 of Humiliation for Sport" and "Joselo enters, swabbed in a long pouffy patterned silk scarf (the better to look arty in" )were also terrific.

Thank you for pointing out "Their first obstacle as a couple is to try to hear each other over that annoying singer who manages to drown out most of their declarations, making it hard for the Restless Patio to hear as well". We finally get some forward movement with dialog we could barely hear. Of course, I can't understand much of what is said anyway, but this was annoying and unnecessary. :)

"An Obstacle more like a Barnacle". Yes. "Erica continues needling on purpose, asking if Miguel left only the vineyard or also left her heart". I thought Erica rather perfect but she lost me last night with too much overt possessiveness and chest puffing. "Luci had him and let him go. She’s the loser. She doesn’t deserve him". Erica really knows little of the situation. All she believes is that Luci dismissed Miguel and is taking advantage by swooping in to claim what she perceives is the discarded prize. And none too gently I might add. Honestly? I don't think Luci did anything wrong last night. It was Erica who has somewhat pushily inserted herself into a fray that didn't exist. I was glad that "Luci says thanks, but no thanks. If she has anything to tell him, she’ll seek him out herself". Way to stand up for yourself Luci. You are not and never have been Miguel's mouthpiece.

Love Sonia. While I see no real chemistry with Leon, they make me smile. It seems she may be more smitten than he (I still see him with Ingrid at the end), but I enjoy every second of this sweet couple.

Kirby, I am extremely upset Marta seems to be channeling the anger and humiliation Lili is showering on her to Lucia. We still don't know what happened between Lili's husband and Marta and I hope we will be privy to it soon so that we can somewhat understand why Lili hates Marta so, and equally important, what exactly Marta does or does not have to feel guilty about.

"Pearl Jam" is right. Perla's done nothing to make us like her but she is in way over her head. I wish she would listen to Carito. I fear Juan is going to buy the land under David's deluded feet. Juan is (one of) David's blind sides and I wish David would start to wake up and see what is going on around him with clarity.

And it seems as though Gracie is on her way back. I hope this doesn't mean we will have to endure another 70 episodes with Luci and David separated yet again. Things have to continue moving. Or else, Sonia and Leon will need to completely take over the show! :)

Anita, thank you for gifting us with this masterpiece. I truly enjoyed every wonderful word.


Really good Anita as expected. Thank you

"She hustled him good, even exposing some of her rack to rattle him after he’s racked the balls"

"She gives him a goodbye kitty-hiss (not a typo)"

The only thing missing was Erika bashing Luciana's skull with a cue ball. Now we have Graciela Jr. after Luciana's other guy. Is Luciana up to the multitask and defend David from Graciela and Miguel from Erika and keep both lovesick options in orbit?

Ya know, Susan could have saved herself from unnecessary drama had she cultivated a friendship with Cesar instead of hopping in a twin bed with Carlos. I hope if she goes sweet on Cesar he has moved on.

What the heck is wrong with Fernanda? 200 of my friends par tay come hell or Olive Grove.

Why are you still paying Juan, Dave?


Thanks, Anita. Terrific job. Diana hit my faves, but here's one more: He feels exposed, someone might come. He cries, “Patrón” and that promptly cancels the trip to San Francisco.

I’m like Adolfo, I have spoiled and indulged Erica too much. Erica was out of line in Luciana’s case the first time. But I enjoyed Luciana getting rattled, so I let it go. Then I loved Erica’s bold move at the pool hall – she’s lived in Europe (France?) after all and she did it with finesse, not sluttiness. But she went way too far visiting Luciana to order her to stop seeing Miguel.

I'm onboard with the theory that Gut is just using Lil for his campaign. He's been very robotic with her, his heart isn't it.

Marta makes not sense. She was dumped by Fernando for class difference, she thinks. As everybody's pointed out, Luciana and David (outside of income and age) are on the same wavelength. If Marta would open her eyes, she would see this. If class difference is a deal breaker, how is it that Marta the nanny/cook was hooking up with the future town sheriff? I suspect Marta's real problems is jealousy -- that Luciana is achieving what she couldn't.

WOW, Anita, just WOW. You have outdone yourself reporting the crazy this time. Loved the subtitles, especially Pearl Jam. Thank you. It was a great Saturday treat along with sleeping late and English muffins .

Where to start. many juicy tidbits .

First, what was Lilian wearing to that tribal counsel? The wardrobe fokks seem to hate this woman. It was some kind of sheer animal print blouse and a long skirt in the worst shade of brownn that I have ever seen . The wardrobe department also seems to have assigned uniforms to everyone. Dave=vests. Joselo=scarves. Miguel=sleeveless gun revealing tight shirts. Where was I? Oh, Lilian=the worst things they can find at Goodwill. Sonia=ladyvests....etc.

Well, is Erika not the funloving, smiley girl we thought she was? Juggling is one thing , but I think that juggling cue balls might be a little tricky..and dangerous. Hustler. It was fun the way she gave him that little peek at her assets while making that shot. Now, Luci has another rival for her other novio.When Disgrace returns, poor LUci will be fighting battles on two fronts .

Later..things to do.


Anita, that was a really enjoyable review of a novela I still have not mustered any interest in viewing, but boy do I enjoy reading the recaps from time to time. You are an excellent story teller which makes reading anything you write well worth it.
Muchas gracias.

Hello. Earth calling Marta. Marta? Marta, come in please.

Just for shots and giggles let's say your precious daughter mangaed to M A R R Y David and live to tell about it, What does that do for you?

VIOLA ! Then YOU are the Mama in Law rather than Lillian and you boot her out on her big fat ass. Think about it Marta.

Thinking takes practice to get really good at it. These people should try it.

Now to our boy Leon. Arrrgh. Why?

David should be in the barrel room with Luci and say:
"Hmm Luci that is strange, that one barrel over kinda by itself there smells just like Sonia!"

Oh and one more thing, you know how the sense of smell is so over billed in TNs? We have discussed this before here and in P&P and a couple more.
Did anyone see Erika sniffilating Miggy? It was like Fluffy trying to decide if she liked the new flavor of Puss n' Boots you just offered.

David is a fool. I appreciate he came out of his depression when Luciana arrived and a thanks is due her. She also seems excited about building on what her father helped begin in David's dirt but David is in love and she isn't. Not long ago she was making very public vineyard dream plans with Miguel, talking about marriage and a showed him a few travel brochures of San Francisco. Now, she swears allegiance to David's grapes, allows him to kiss her in private, stroll arm in arm in secret and that fool thinks she's committed and loves him because she asked his favorite color. Gosh, Luciana is trying to decide on a car and she doesn't need any money. A no miles muscle car or a previously owned mini van.

Tofie are we supposed to believe she is a victim of her own good looks? I don't get it either.

I get Miguel wanting her since they were kids and things she has done and said encouraging, plus Marta supports the pair. I do not get David falling in love, making future plans and cultivating a relationship with his children in support of those plans when she gave him no more than a we'll see. No declaration of love from her only a that's nice, that's really nice, tell me again. Guess I missed something. It's not gonna take but one tiny bump with David and/or a visit to or from Miguel and she'll be back on a blanket with him.

Wheeee..a quick stop by to check on new comments, and I am rewarded with this.." No miles muscle car or a previously owned mini van." I can't even...yes ,there is no verb for how your comment made me feel. Dave and Miguel seem to be all in , but Luci is in a constant...and boring ....state of indecision between the two. I feel Luci emitting no real sparks for either. Maybe she should just save up and buy her own vineyard and be The Strong Woman on her own.

I have no idea where this show is heading and how it will end. I thought that Miguel was destined to lose luci and then ride off into the sunset with some lovely parting gifts ...a girl and her vineyard . However,now it seems that the writers have decided to depict smiling, perky, positive Erika as a meowing mean girl. Did they think that Marta, Lilian, DIsgracie, Juan, Fer ,and vests were not enough obstacles between Dave and Luci?

Well she couldn't keep her knees together in P&P either, so she is doing pretty good here.

Seriously I don't get this show. I put up with all these sobbing catty females hoping the actual show will move along.
Luci or Marta or Soosun or FerBrat or Erika or Lillian or Perla has as a boyfriend this week or next as long as it not me or anyone I know.

I do care that Perla and Mark and NoJuan either kill each other or go to prison forever, and in the process let those people out of that concentration camp they are running.

Happy Saturday everyone. :-)

"...David is in love and she isn't. Not long ago she was making very public vineyard dream plans with Miguel, talking about marriage and a showed him a few travel brochures of San Francisco. Now, she swears allegiance to David's grapes, allows him to kiss her in private, stroll arm in arm in secret and that fool thinks she's committed and loves him because she asked his favorite color"...

Wow tofie. Your honest, straightforward perspective is very refreshing. I appreciate your insight and you always put forward interesting points to ponder.

Everything you noted sounds logical and happened just the way you described. And yet...Perhaps it's the unquenchable romantic in me that believes this couple will find true love together.

Miguel worked to keep his childhood dream of being with Luci alive and well. But he did it possessively and single mindedly. David is making a grave mistake by underestimating the objection his daughter will have to his being with Luci. I believe Luci is acutely aware of the obstacles (including Marta, Graciela, etc., etc.) and is purposely hanging back until their romance is better aligned with what agreement he and his children can come to.

David also needs to step up, declare himself the father and that his love life is up to him and only he will decide.


Susanlynn, I think Erica lulled us into thinking she was too good to be true. And so she is.

Interesting that Erica is as possessive with Miguel as he was with Luci. And while we all know how that worked out, I think Erica's passion and determination are just what Miguel needs.

I also thought that this competition seems to be coming down to Erica and Miguel versus David. Susan and Luci don't seem to be any part of the equation, do they? this bothers me as not many women in this TN are being portrayed in a very positive light.


Diana you are quite kind. EritKa is a flipping Stalker. Storming in and yelling at a former girlfriend who DUMPED him to leave him alone and let her have him,....? Que Demonious?

She will be on TMZ next week!

Diana, mine is a lament of absence of much tangible to support our fantasy romance. I want her in it to win it yet fear another one sided romance in which Luciana never shows. She expresses more emotion when sparing with Graciela and now Erika than with both guys though more lovey dovey with Miguel and why I see him the galan. I soooooooo, soooooooo, soooooooo want it to be David. I'm bitching till I get my way.

Good afternoon folks. I finally got my mojo back. The comments have been great. Very insightful.

Thank you, Kirby, for pointing out what was right under our noses (hmmm, smell a Rratt?) the whole time. Erica is not what we all thought she was, is she? However, I think she and Miguel, if they do indeed get together, are perfectly suited for each other. There will be a constant game of one-up-manship on who has the corner on possessiveness and jealousy. It will drive them both crazy.

Diana and Susanlynn, you nailed it, amigis. Our chirpy, up-beat, pony-tail swinging, European-trained onologist is just a Miguel in skirts. But, yes, she does not know the whole story. I doubt she cares, though. She has her eyes (and hands) on the prize and that was evident the first time she met him in the bar.

Kirby, you said the Luci-Erica pissing contest seems to be mirroring the Lilian-Marta feud. Give Luci and Erica 20 years together and we might come to the same point--only they will be better dressed.

Susanlynn--Kudos to your powers of observation, character-wise as well as wardrobe-wise. Most of the time what the characters wear don't bother me. But over the years I've learned that colors and styles are very carefully chosen. In this tn, you have made it a game for us to pick out some of the ridiculous get-ups they have been awarded. The worst, for me is poor Marta, who should have a shorter hair-do, wear a modest, understated uniform, or at least comfy slacks and sweaters and cover up those black, old-lady shoes.

We haven't mentioned Tano--he always looks good, except for the hair.
Juan--always looks neat and clean (as opposed to Mark)
How about we dress the rest of them.


tofie, I understand and must say that Lucia "...expresses more emotion when sparing with Graciela and now Erika than with both guys..." is absolutely true. I've watched TN's for almost 9 years now and I can't think of a couple whose relationship is almost at the same point as it began 70 plus episodes in! :)

OK Kirby. Yes, I was trying to be nice. I mean we all knew Erica was confident and self assured. And, there is certainly nothing wrong with that. Yes, her confronting Luci did surprise me and unnerve me a bit. I'm hoping the writers just wanted to knock her off her pedestal and that this was just a misstep, not a 360 degree turn.


I am shocked NoJuan and PigPen are smuggling electronics into Mexico going down as they are smuggling humans coming back.

Why, I ask, don't the Mexicans just cut out the middle man and get the electronics where we Gringos got them in the first place, from China?

Diana, you and I must have started watching telenovelas about the same time. Hearing Placido Domingo sing the theme to Alborada and seeing Don Luis (Fernando Colunga) romance Hippolita (Lucero) drew me unto this romantic world. Finding Melinama's Translation on Pratie Place sealed the deal. Now I sometimes wonder where the romance has gone. Is the change in telenovelas a sign of the times? dating? Lack of commitment? Friends with benefits? Disbelief in true loves?

Pigpen..uff.... Perfect nickname. I am looking forward to someone knocking that smirk right off his face . At least, Juan is handsome...and clean.

Recent research suggests that the brain is still developing up until the age of 30, including making judgements, so some of these people have an excuse , and some don't.

As for the clothing styles assigned so blatantly to certain characters, I like Sonia's style..neat and classic. She could be channeling my idol Audrey Hepburn. I also like some of Disgracie's clothes. I got a kick out of her paintspattered blouse showing how hard she was working to churn out the canvases for Mr. Scarf.

Ever since we have shortened Lucianania's (whatever) name to Luci every time I try to name a character my brain tries to pick something from Peanuts. Ya know, Charlie, Snoopy, Linus, Marcie, Patty, Woodstock. ...

Leon is probably the Snoopy of the piece, as weird as that symbolism is (i.e. Woodstock). And Ramon would probably be the Violet: the most generally together person that, ultimately, nobody seems to cares about.

After reading Anita's gloriously snarky recap, I'm kindasorta inclined to give Erika half a point on confronting Luciana twice about her friend/new employee/the guy Luci couldn't truly commit to who's still hung up on her, but this is after she loses a full point for being so stridently Ridge Forrester/Brooke Logan/Marta "Yeah, you lost, shut up, move on" about it. She's admittedly always been pretty straightforward about her interest in Miggy, let alone punctuating it with things like the surprise cleavage check while playing pool, but that just went one toke over the line for her.

As for Lilian's wardrobe...I'm with Susanlynn on that the wardrobe crew hates her, or at least is going out of their way at times to ramp up her occasionally trashier aspects via things like that ugly leopard-print blouse or the even uglier rug/tire jacket or so on. (Maybe halfsies on the hair?) Which makes a certain sense, I guess; Lil likes to think of herself as a classy and sophisticated lady who's superior to all around her, buuuuut...

See, for me this show really is better with a beer and some Peanuts.

Every time David tells Luci that he loves her and
and she says "Yeah, thanks, me too."

I see Luci holding the football and moving it away at the last second with Charlie Brown missing
it and flipping up in the air and landing on his head.

Great stuff, Anita. My faves are: The shipwreck in this case, is Lilian, who breaks into Sonia’s reverie 

Joselo enters, swabbed in a long pouffy patterned silk scarf (the better to look arty in) runs over to DisGracie when he sees her collapsed on the floor covered in blood green paint, from neck to little fingers. 

the Restless Patio never gets to see her masterpiece. We have to take Joselo’s word for it, but me thinks most of it is on DisGracie’s smock.

She hustled him good, even exposing some of her rack to rattle him after he’s racked the balls.

If DisGracie returns to Sonoma without the dinero she will get an earful and a half from Lillian. I'll bet Lisa's name will come up again and we'll have Round 5 of "You always favored her over me!" I want there to be some progress in the Luciana/David relationship before this.

Erika was a total bitch to Luciana, who certainly didn't deserve it. Luciana has given Miguel up and given him his space. She has no control over him mooning over her (if that is what he's doing).

I don't seriously think that Leon and Sonia will end up together but their relationship is starting to resemble an Italian movie from the 60s. I'm also betting he's a virgin.

Marta needs to stay out of her children's love lives.

FerBrat really showed how spoiled she is. Who on earth has 200 actual friends? She must just want to show off. Money doesn't grow on the vine next to the grapes. David should give her two choices: A garden party of 30 with a band or a trip to Spain after school is over y punto.


Bill, loved "Ramon would probably be the Violet: the most generally together person that, ultimately, nobody seems to cares about".

"Who on earth has 200 actual friends?"

Thanks UA. I was trying to figure out if I actually even know 200 people :)


"As for Lilian's wardrobe...I'm with Susanlynn on that the wardrobe crew hates her, or at least is going"

It is not the wardrobe department.
I have a theory gleaned from real life.
When you are as big a beoytch as Lillian,
your clothes hate you too.


Urban, this is what my eye saw, but it fits, no?
"She has no control over him mooing over her...


Urban, do you really think Lilian is that interested in short-term money? She wants it secure and long-term, that means Gracie nailing David to the altar.

Hey, am I the ONLY one who thinks Marta is the worst dressed character here? Even Sonia, with her glasses on a neck clip, has her mother-earth moments. I bet she is also a virgin, except in her fantasy. Boy is she going to be disappointed if Leon is her first. He's no Pirate Captain Luis.

Susanlynn, the absence of romance in modern telenovelas has more to do with viewers attention spans (allowing for dumbed-down storylines, faster scene changes and faster talking) and the bottom line for studios. As we've discussed before, it is very expensive for the producers to mount period, costume dramas, although there are many of us die-hards devotees around the world, don't garner in the return the studios would like. Pesos rule. El Hotel de los Secretos was a gamble. It was beautifully filmed, set and costumes, but even though there were a lot of murders, and an excellent cast, it didn't grab me the way Alborada, Pasion, and Amor Real did. (Maybe it was just Fernando Colunga--who lost me after PEAM and PyP, for sure).

Do we even have any modern-day romantic telenovelas? I keep coming back to Amor Bravio (even though part 2 went off the rails, the two were true to each other throughout).

I could go on, but I'm going to see LaLaLand this afternoon and dinner at a West African restaurant. How's that for contrast?

Anita! I am so late to the party, I'm sure it's all been said. Thank you, my dear! What a fun f frolic through the land of the winos! (Down south we used to call 'em "wineheads")

What the heck happened to Erica! That last stunt she pulled was worse than the impetuous Luciana! I hope Luci gives her as good as she gets! Leave Miguel alone! Que Que What?? I've taken the chick down several notches, or the writers. Why do they have to make every woman on this show a flighty dipstick, cowering doormat, or amoral user? Oh, right, they didn't. We've got one whose a killer!

Loved it, Anita. Can't wait to read comments!

OMG! The comments! Tofie! You always nail it, girl! Diana, I like your assessment that Luci is hanging back to see what kind of accord David comes to with his kids before going all in but I agree that Luci is totally still lukewarm and I feel robbed!

Susanlynn @7:24, I think you are right on! All those factors seem to be at play. Hey! If they want novelas to reflect current realities, let Luci dump Dave, too, and hook up with Soosan! Hell, at this point, it makes as much sense as anything else!

OT--Susanlynn! I finished Outlander, book 1! Oh. My. Gosh! What a picture Diana Gabaldon has painted! Those people are so real for me, I don't know if I even want to watch the series! So intense! Now, on to Dragonfly in Amber! Thanks for turning me on to this exciting adventure!

Anita..I am getting my romance on PBS right now. I love Mercy Street , and I surfed into Victoria this afternoon , and I was surprised to see the actress who plays Laoghaire in Outlander. Now, I am watching the first episode that I recorded but never watched. I missed a few episodes in between. Great costumes.Lots of swords and sashes!

Bill..I don't watch soaps anymore, but I watched Days of Our Lives for years. I caught a few episodes of Bold and Beautiful and saw a big Irish actor that I saw years ago on some soap. Is he Ridge? Who is the actor with gray hair? Maybe I should start recording BandB.


OT..Lila..right???? I shouldn't say I told you so, but...girl...didn't I tell you so? You must watch the TV series. The actors do not match the descriptions in the novels, but their portrayals are so good . The guy playing Jamie brings the character to life. I saw the TV show first and then read the eight novels in the series. You can get seasons one and two online or from target. Also, if you want a taste of the show and some giggles, Google Connie Verbak for her funny recaps and screencaps of both seasons. She crazy.

OT--Yes, you did tell me so, Susanlynn! So, if this and all the other novelas go off the rail, I'll turn back to my old friend, the book! And this is a nice start!

Hello everyone! I keep checking out this patio just to see how things are going in Vinolandia and I see it doesn't much more boring than this, even though it seems it has picked up SOME steam in the last few weeks.

Anyhoo, I was here because I keep hearing about the slow burn romance (or lack thereof) between David and Luciana and I wanted to share a nice little novela I came across on Hulu from Azteca called, DESTINO. If any of you are interested, you should check it out to see how writers can do a slow burn romance and still keep viewers interested. It stars Paola Nunez and Mauricio Islas and the protagonists don't have their first kiss until (around) episode 70 but they have a deep friendship throughout and always trust each other, no matter what. It's the perfect example of friendship before romance done right. I wonder if that's what Vino was going for and it fumbles.

Just wanted to share my two cents for those who are constantly looking for new novelas. Hope you guys can enjoy :)

Thanks for the tip, Alfredo. Sounds good. I don't know what they were going for with this. Maybe I'll check Destino out!

Dare I say that Telemundo actually just did a relatively gentle, but complicated and very slow-burnt, romantic novela last year called Silvana sin lana. It was almost literally carried by its leads, Carlos Ponce and Maritza Rodriguez (and almost torpedoed by a secondary character who was a infuriating rich-bitch stereotype--even played for laughs as she was). It's not perfect, but it was such a surprisingly pleasant departure from TM's usual fare...

Circling back to this fakakta show: it's obviously gone the more traditional route of "This couple can't be together because A, B, C, wait here's B again--haha, surprise, bitch, it's A again!" And that probably wouldn't be as bad if it hadn't complicated that with the bizarre dual-galan's good for Raul Coronado, and Irina Baeva, but not so much for the rest of the show.

Anita: Marta isn't so much poorly dressed as deliberately frumpy, IMO. (This is where I have to be a little impressed that the wardrobe monkeys successfully frumped up Cynthia Klitbo, but then between that and Veronica Jaspeado always being one short step away from "sexy librarian" and all things Graciela...) Her outfits are borderline straight out of Little House on the Prairie and presumably meant to highlight her simple lifestyle and status--particularly in contrast to her archnemesis Lilian, fashion victim that she occasionally is. (Kirby: I could probably accept some demon that lives in her closet having murdered a rug and part of a cart tire to make that one fugly jacket and convincing her that it's the latest thing in France or some such.)

Susanlynn: the Irish guy on The Bold and the Beautiful is indeed Thorsten Kaye, formerly of All My Children, and he's indeed Ridge Forrester on that show. The Gandalf-looking silver fox is his dad, Eric (John McCook). If you start watching that show, though, a word of warning: think of the most circular, Oh-God-here-we-go-again novela you've ever seen. Then multiply that by a thousand. Then grab some wine/beer/something fizzy.

OT..Bill..I really like Thorsten. I watched All My Children years ago when he was wearing Irish cardigans and poetically romancing some young girl with long, curly hair. Then, he disappeared ,and so did I. I surfed into B and B a few years ago, and he was with another girl. I watched a couple episodes , but I lost interest because he wasn't in much. Does he have a strong storyline now ? I remember Jon McCook with very dark hair. I think that he has been on that show for a long time.

"Sexy librarian".. Now that have me a giggle.

I cannot figure out where the writers are taking us. Now, we have musical chairs..two hombres and three mujers. Someone isn't going to get a chair. Well, I guess Disgrace has to be uncovered as a killer, so no chair for her.I guess Erica will end up with Miguel and Luci will end up with Dave. Then, we will have two young couples running the competing vineyards and lots of babies and happily ever after.

Superalfie--how nice to see you poke you head in here from over on Dejaslandia. Guess what. I watched Destino while it was being broadcast on Azteca back in 2014. Then they took Azteca away from me in the middle of Cuando Seas Mia. I enjoyed Destino a lot and Paola Nunez, of course went on to be the Reina de Corazones. For all of you out there, Mauricio Islas has aged deliciously since Amor Real days.

Susanlynn--OT: I'm watching Mercy Street, too. I'm liking it a lot, with the exception of the not so authentic Southern accents. I guess we just love those costumes, both for the men and the women. But after watching The 1900 House on PBS so long ago, give me a bra and panties over whalebone corsets. Poor Queen Victoria, Poor Mary on Downton Abbey, Poor Claire Frasier having to get laced into those 18th C. corsets--of course, it's all very sexy when you've got a Jamie to unlace it for you.

Bill C.--I agree Marta is dressed to look frumpy, but that's my queja. She didn't need to be and still be singled out as a servant/employee/nanny in the house. I can't figure out what it was about her that turned Gut's head and caught his eye.

I also watched Silvana. The romance was pretty one-sided for most of the run, but I enjoyed watching the two leads. He really knew what to say to a woman he's wooing. Some of the side-stories and abuela were intolerable, so I recommend only watching when you have a >>FF button.

Susanlynn--Do you think we'll get a boda before the babies? Watching the bridal gowns are fun as long as they avoid the excess that was Eva Luna's wedding. I think her train went all the way down the aisle and out the church doors. I wonder what the designers think when theirs become the rejects.


Anita..OT..I am watching Mercy Street right now. The actress playing Emma Green will be Geneva in season 3 of Outlander. The actress playing Laoghaire is in Victoria on PBS.

Ugh ! To live where it snows.....

Anita.yes, I can see some outdoor weddings in the vineyards.

The older I get the less I like snow.

I beat you to it Urban. I fell out of love with snow at my first job out of college, when I actually had to be somewhere on time every day. Snow is like a couple of my budddie's trophy wives, beautiful, but impossible to live with. :-)

Thanks, Anita! "Luci stands her ground and stomps off to bed, leaving Marta with several words left yet in her mouth." Heh, well, unless those remaining words were an explanation of what went down between her and Fernando, it's just as well if she kept those words in her mouth - because we've heard them before.

And "Boy, that Lil, she loses no opportunity to spread her bad breath" what a great turn of phrase :-)

I thought Miguel was ridiculous to be offended by Adolfo discussing him with David. I realize David's the only employer Miguel's had in his entire life, but it's not weird for a new employer to check references. It was actually a nice courtesy to smooth things over when seemingly poaching a longtime employee.

As for the wine competition, I hope Adolfo demolishes David. Miguel needs a win. Though I wasn't thrilled with Erika's behavior either, especially going out of her way to harass Luci for no legitimate reason.

Diana: "Erica is as possessive with Miguel as he was with Luci." Interesting and true. She seems almost presumptuous with him. I wonder if this will turn him off and make him see where he went wrong with Luci - and try to win her back. Maybe he'll even succeed.

Speaking of Peanuts, I think Cesar is Linus.

Kirby: "When you are as big a beoytch as Lillian, your clothes hate you too." Hahahahahaha!!

Anita, you're not the only one who thinks Marta's wardrobe is the worst. Her dresses make me sad.

A lot is hanging on Luciana's reaction to Erika. I think it too early for Luciana to run back to the galan. She has to see Erika and Miguel kissing in public and decline a trip to San Francisco with a shirtless Dave.

Since now we see Erika has a batshit streak I wished they would have cast the actors in reverse. Irina Baeva, Erika and Bárbara López, Luciana.


Tofie: I like Erika & her swagger.

They should've casted the actors in REVERSE!


tofie--Good one, though I think Luci had already chosen David to pin her heart to a long time ago and this "camino libre" opportunity came along. I think she hung back to wait for David to step up and be a macho man and take charge of the relationship.

I do think she's going to plot and plan against Erica for "capturing" Miguel so easily, but she'll be totally distracted by DisGracie's machinations. Put the two of them up against Luci and Luci doesn't have a chance. Poor thing.

I can see perfectly the two actresses in reverse, though. I know audition competition is hard, but do you all recall that in En Nombre de Amor, Leticia Calderon and Victoria (La Llorona) Ruffo had originally been chosen for the opposite roles? Scheduling problems with Victoria caused them to agreeably exchange roles. We would have lost a GREAT villana if Leticia, the Purple People Eater hadn't been Carlota, la Loca.

Anita, I read that as well and I can't help but imagine what it would've been like to see Victoria Ruffo in a villain role. Maybe a crying villain??? Lol

Plus, Leticia Calderon's best villain, to date IMHO, is Isadora from Amor Bravio. God that woman was amazing.

Anita, you certainly out did yourself on this recap! It was WONDERFUL! So thank you for all your hard work on this. I just came back Saturday night and did not get to sit down and see this episode until late Sunday night.

As for Erica, she is certainly playing the "alpha female" with Luciana, isn't she? She is making sure that Luciana knows that now it's her ball and she has home field advantage.

I'm getting tired of Marta scolding Luciana about David. For heaven sakes, Luciana is a grown woman and a college graduate. She is not a teenager! It's not as though David is a married man (like Fernando was when she was in love with Fernando) and Luciana is free to date whomever she pleases. Mama needs to stay out of it or she will lose her any close relationship she wants to have with her daughter. I have learned from experience that no matter how much you dislike a guy for your daughter, the more she wants to be with him.

Good grief on Fer's birthday party! I agree with UA, what kind of brat asks for a large ballroom/banquet room with 200 friends? Maybe she is going to invite all of her FB/snapchat/social media friends or something. Some of my more well off friends have taken their 18 year olds/high school graduates to Europe, Hawaii, cruise, etc...and paid for a couple of good friends to tag along. But no one does a party that is as big as a wedding reception.

Anyway, it was good catching up on this and again, thank you Anita for your fabulous recap. :)

By the way, I just found out that Sofia Castro is the step daughter of Mexico's President Enrique Pena Nieto, since her mother, actress Angelica Rivera is married to him. Am I just late finding this out, or did everyone else already know this?

Cynthia, I didn't know. But now that I do, I can see the resemblance to Rivera.

Cynthia, I have two daughters and your words are so true. Best to keep your mouth closed, but it isn't easy when you have a bad feeling about someone your daughter is dating.

Tofie..yes, the actresses were miscast. We know that Irina can do a great job playing a vitch that we love to hate, and the actress playing Erika would have brought some charm and smiles and spark to the leading Lady good girl role. Que lastima.

Julie...Cesar is definitely Linus..all he needs is the blankie.

New Brunswick Canada is getting hit with another snowstorm . How about you, Julie? We just have high winds that are knocking down power lines.

Kirby, Camus agrees with you. "Snow..that leprosy of nature." Albert Camus

We had a touch of slushy snow yesterday, but just flurries today. The main problem here today is wind. (I understand it's been snowier north of here.) More snow is expected on Wednesday... sigh...

I moved to Orlando in 1989 because of snow. In 2003 I had to move back up north due to unemployment. I was hoping maybe the snow wouldn't be as wretched as I remembered. Alas, I was wrong... it was even worse.

We had freezing rain yesterday and this morning very high winds. I'm staying in today.

Wow, UA yes sounds like very inclement weather. Better to stay in with a hot cup of tea. In Los Angeles we are sunny and warm. I was in Tucson where the high hit around 90 a couple days ago. I hear that up in northern CA that the Oroville Dam is leaking and mass evacuations have been ordered by our Governor.

Ok, enough on the weather. Luckily, snow melts; it's not like having to clean up mud or sand.

Cynthia--If Luci weren't living with mama, mama wouldn't be able to check on her movements, to know if she missed dinner or curfew and harangue her about unsuitable boyfriends AND, Luci probably wouldn't be as forthcoming with details. True, Luci missed having a mother's guidance growing up, but it is not like everyone grows up in a family where mothers and daughters are so tight they share their most intimate secrets. As we all can see, Marta does NOT share with Luci.

Also, notice that Marta doesn't have the same eagle eye out for Leon's movements--or the other young ladies under her "protective" wings. Otherwise, she'd be after Perla with a shovel and a broom.


I hear violins...uoh. no..oh listen, never mind, that is the surf. My bad. :-)

Luci, obviously, has to be Lucy
Then David is Charlie Brown
Although Linus should be Cesar, it has to be Leon, because both Luci and Linus are Van Pelts
That leaves Cesar to be the only really cerebral one Schroeder the pianist.
I think Carita is Marcie, and Erika must be Frieda.
And even though she is not Charlie's sister, I think Sonia has to be Sally.

Print this.
Now, the next recap, I want you to substitute these names for our actual characters.


Hi Anita, how you doing girl? Lovely
Recap. I'm late with this comment and
Reading the recap so I won't say much.
Erica is abit to clingly for me. She keep Right on and Lucy'll open up a can of whipass on the winequeen from across the way. Luci is occupied with her daaaveeed. Mig is on his own with the Octopus of wine.

I can't stand lil.
And gut is a king size jackass. He is
So disappointing. Marta can do better.
Speaking of....marta should lay off luci, she's a grown woman, let her do
Her own mistake making. It's like Marta is sayin"I can't have my man, she can't have hers either.

Still don't like stupid Juan and whiny
Perla. Clarita needs to follow her instincts and stay away from perla, one of those girls may end up dead.

Mark: BIG LOOSER. All in all good recap.

Thanks Anita. I've always liked your
Recaps. who is Peppermint Patty ?

Peppermint. ahhh I need help.
Not Perla
Aw shoot It is Sooosam
Peppermint Patty has to be Susan
And we already got PigPen--Mark
Rats. I can't remember what peppermint patty was famous for
I think she was in trouble at school for her overly casual clothes.
They have the same hair too, Susan it is. Final answer.

Really late - just saying thank you Anita!

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