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La Piloto #8 3.16.17: In Which Yolanda Gives Into Her Desires...

• Yolanda, dressed as a flight attendant, lies back in bed and thinks about all that happened with Ernesto. She signs and then leaves. Outside, she receives a call from John but ignores it.
• In the airline, Yolanda calls Estela looking for Ernesto but she has no idea where he is. She calls her daughter but Yolanda tells her to never call her that again because she doesn’t have a daughter since she turned her back on her. Zulima comes and quietly stands behind Yolanda as she tells Estela that she will find Ernesto and make him pay for what he did. This time it won’t be a cut across his face, this time she’s going to kill him. Yolanda hangs up and Zulima touches her shoulder. Yolanda jumps and asks her how long she has been standing there. Zulima confirms that she came for coffee and heard everything. Yolanda confirms that Ernesto left her with nothing but she will deal with it. Zulima offers her support as Yolanda receives a call and goes off to answer it. Zulima keeps her eye on Yolanda as she walks off and pulls out Ernesto’s card with his number on it.
• At the same time, Yolanda answers John’s call and tells him she doesn’t feel like talking right now. He backs off but offers to take her to dinner. She accepts but tells him it can’t be tonight because she has something to do. He reminds her that Dalberto is alive because of him and Yolanda chides him for always seemingly doing her favors but still asking her to pay for them. John reminds her that nothing is free in this world and hangs up.

• At the ranch, Oscar comes and informs John of what happened at the hospital. He confirms that Bam-bam has been shot in the back but neither Nene or Arley have been able to find out what happened because the police swarmed the hospital. John asks them to locate Carlina, the nurse form the hospital, and ask her what happened.
• Ernesto meets up with a guy about a renting his warehouse. He offers the guy 6 months, cash, no questions asked. The guy accepts and Ernesto goes inside. He sets up a torture chamber with various weapons on the table and plastic sheets on the floor.
• In Ortega’s apartment, Dalberto updates Commander Becker, head of operations, on the warehouse where he was kept. Becker wants to know where it’s located but Dalberto confirms that he couldn’t tell. Becker proposes that the garbage truck he saw could be a way of finding out where it’s located since the Lucios store important documents in there. He proposes they follow it next time it makes its rounds.
• Later, they visit Ortega who seems to be getting better. She asks Dalberto how he escaped and he confirms that Yolanda saved him and he’s now part of the Lucio organization. He fears that they may be planning something else for him when he does his first job so Becker suggests they cancel the whole operation because it’s too dangerous; Monica agrees. Dalberto asks them both for some time and Becker understands the reasons why he wants to continue but they should stop. Dalberto asks them to trust him and Ortega asks if the sciario from the hospital is alive because, if he is, then he can tell the Lucios that he’s a DEA agent.
• In a room, Bam-Bam is unconscious and Carlina tells Arley that she will monitor his health and Arley warns her that he can’t die without telling them what happened. He then asks her why she didn’t answer her phone when he first called and Carlina explains that she was sent to the cafeteria with her co-workers when the first shot rang out and she couldn’t talk. She reminds him that she’s always been loyal to the Lucios but Arley doesn’t want to hear excuses. He asks her to take care of her patient.
• Zulima calls Ernesto and tells him that she has a deal to offer him…
• In the locker room, Yolanda tells the girls what happened. She wanted to kill Ernesto but held back and he stole her money when she kicked him out. She cries and confesses that she has no more money. Amanda tells her it’s unfair, especially now that they were planning on laundering their money in a new business. Yolanda swears that she will find Ernesto and take back what’s hers.
• Zeki goes into his airline office and calls Zulima but she doesn’t answer. He then calls John but he doesn’t answer either. He thinks they’re together so he calls Oscar and chides him for not answering. Oscar tells him to watch his tone and confirms Hector won’t talk anymore. Zeki asks about Dalberto, who was seen talking to Hector, and Oscar confirms that he is working with them now but is soon going to visit Las Sombras in Miami. He asks that Zeki ask Zulima to get everything ready for that trip and Zeki infers that they are going to kill Dalberto.
• Later, Zeki barges into the locker room and asks the girls if they know where Zulima is. Lizbeth confirms that she went home after her shift and he asks them to tell her to answer her phone. He then asks them who was in charge of the next pickup and Amanda confirms she was. He tells her that she will a flight attendant on this trip only, without an explanation, but Amanda protests that she needs the money to buy a new apartment. Zeki asks that she obey orders and leaves. Olivia hates it when he walks in on them like that and Yolanda asks Amanda if the money she’s picking up is enough to buy an apartment. Amanda confirms that it’s a lot more than the usual.
• Dalberto brings Ortega breakfast and sits with her. She’s glad to see him and confesses that she’s worried about him and the pickup. She is worried about how dangerous it is and he reminds her that their job is always like that. She tells him that she would die if something happened to him. He puts his hand close to hers but doesn’t grab it. She is distracted by the proximity and Dalberto tells her that he was worried when she was shot because she’s someone special to him. She thanks him for his kind words and Dalberto moves his hand away and hands her the tray with her breakfast.
• Mariana, the business representative of a pseudo pyramid scheme that was recommended to Lizbeth explains to the girls (sans Yolanda) that they will have their money back, plus interest in less than a money. Lizbeth confirms that she did plenty of research and Amanda agrees that it’s a good deal but Olivia is skeptical. Amanda reminds her that they can help Yolanda if they all have more money. Olivia caves and agrees. Mariana tells them that they won’t regret it.
• Ernesto meets with Zulima in her car. He infers that she doesn’t get along with Yolanda and Zulima recommends two things: 1) don’t look at her and 2) don’t share his opinions about anything. She asks if he knows how to do anything besides rape women and he tells her that it depends on the money. Zulima gives Ernesto a piece of paper with an address, a cell for so they can communicate and a wad of cash as an advance on future services rendered. She asks if he knows how to use the camera and he laughs and asks her if they are going to do a porn video. Zulima doesn’t smile and tells him to always have the phone with him because she will call to let him know when he needs to do the job. She then kicks him out of the call and goes.
• A man named Robles comes, asks for Zeki’s office and the girls point him in the right direction. Once inside the office, he introduces himself as Lieutenant Robles and asks Zeki if he knows anything about Hector’s whereabouts because he’s missing. Yolanda stands out the door and listens as Robles tells Zeki that there were traces of blood found at the apartment and no one has been able to locate Hector. He then asks if Hector had any enemies but Zeki did not talk to him as much as he should’ve, given all the years he worked for CAA. Yolanda runs off as Robles continues to ask routine questions.
• Outside, Yolanda calls John, who is at a party with some girls, and he asks she finally decided when they could go to dinner. She asks him if he had anything to do with Hector’s disappearance because it’s a big coincidence that a few hours after he asked Dalberto about him, Hector disappeared. John makes it clear that he has always worked about the well being of his employees and since no one has told him Victor was missing. Yolanda has to remind him that his name is Hector and John tells her that he won’t allow any harm to come to his employees (poor Hector is actually in a bucket full of acid at the moment) and his men are going to look for him. John hopes he will appear soon and again asks when they can get together but Yolanda hangs up on him. At the party, the girls around John laugh at the fat that Yolanda hung up on him but he tells them the call got cut off.
• Moments later, Yolanda runs into Dalberto and he asks her how she is. She confesses that she’s tired of there always being something happening in her life. She then tells him she’s sorry for what happened at his apartment but he doesn’t blame her. She thanks him for always worrying about her and keeping her safe when he was being blackmailed and he asks when they can repeat their dinner. Yolanda’s not too happy to hear that and asks him why he’s interested in her since he already got what he wanted. Dalberto reminds her that he cares for her, for real, not because he wanted to use her. She apologizes for always mistrusting people him and others but he understands and asks that she calm down and smiles. She does and he asks her where she’s going today. Yolanda tells him that she’s going to Guadalajara and will see him soon. She gives him a kiss on the cheek and goes. From upstairs, Zeki sees everything.
• Later, Dalberto sneaks into Ines’ office and looks for more incriminating documents when Ines comes in and she tells him that they have a pending memo he needs to sign. He confirms that he was waiting for her to do just that. He reads and signs it and then she tells him that she has a lot of work to do and he should go. He does and runs into Zeki by the stairs. Zeki asks him why he wants to be part of the organization and Dalberto confirms he needs the money. Zeki nods and warns him to not try and dupe him or the Lucio because he will make sure that he gets a bullet for every dollar missing on his pickup. Zeki then asks Ines for tomorrow’s flight plan.
• Yolanda arrives at Guadalajara and calls her aunt. She tells her she has no money and won’t be able to send her pills for the time being. Rosalba suggests that she tell the police but Yolanda can’t because Ernesto will report her for cutting his face. Yolanda signs and tells her aunt that it’s always another problem and Rosalba wants to know what other problems she has. Yolanda instead tells her she loves her, and to ask Estela where Ernesto is, and hangs up.
• Dalberto arrives home and finds Oscar in his apartment, who tells him he’s late so he took one of his oranges. Dalberto wants to know what he’s doing there and Oscar confesses that he wants to know what type of gay he is because he doesn’t believe him. He gets his face close to Dalberto and tells him he has a good radar for these things and Dalberto doesn’t look or smell gay. Dalberto assures him he is and Oscar asks him how he’s going to prove it. Oscar gets closer but his cell phone rings and he answers. It’s one of his men to tell him his pilot hasn’t arrived at the airstrip yet. Oscar tells them he will be right there and hangs up. He then tells Dalberto that he is saved this time but he will find him later regarding his pick up. He leaves and Dalberto sighs a sign of relief.
• Outside, Oscar gets into a waiting car as taxi arrives with Yolanda. She races upstairs and knocks on Dalberto’s door. He grabs his gun but puts it away when Yolanda tells him it’s her. He opens the door, shirtless, and Yolanda apologizes for intruding. Dalberto tells her not to worry and asks her to come in. Moments later, they are sitting on the couch and Dalberto has put on a shirt. Yolanda confesses that she’s nervous because someone she thought had disappeared has reappeared in her life and she asks if she can stay for a little while. Dalberto confirms she can and Yolanda asks if he has any of the tequila from yesterday.
• Zeki is in his home study calling Zulima but he continues to not answer. His wife comes in with his daughter and son and Zeki catches up with them. He then tells him that he will take them out for dinner and they want pizza. They go off.
• In her apartment, Zulima goes to answer the door. It’s John and she confesses that she was waiting for him. He tells her that he never said he would come back but she reminds him she’s a witch with strong powers. The begin making out and John’s photo can be seen on her shrine.
• Oscar confirms with the pilot the correct coordinates for the airstrip. He then tells his men to turn on all their headlights so he can find them. The pilot confirms he will be there in a few minutes. Oscar wonders where John is.
• Yolanda explains that despite all that happened in Dalberto’s apartment, she feels safe there. He serves her some tequila and asks her what happened. She confesses that her godfather rape her when she was younger and now he’s back. Dalberto asks why she didn’t report it and Yolanda explains that he had all the police of their pueblo in his back pocket and she would’ve ended up raped and in jail. He comforts her and asks when she chose to become a pilot. Yolanda tells him that her father was one, a captain actually, of a small plane. They never had any money growing up so she’s never been able to go to aviation school but she had been saving up from her jobs with the Lucios to finally go. Unfortunately, Ernesto took everything and now she’s back here she started. She wonders if the universe is laughing at her but he asks her not to say that. He’s sure she can do anything she wants to. They look into each other’s eyes and slowly, tenderly, softly kiss.
• At the same time, Zulima and John are going at it like animals in heat: ripping their clothes off and ravishing each other's bodies.
• Yolanda and Dalberto undress slowly and Dalberto gets on his knees and worships Yolanda. They continue to kiss and fall into bed and he asks her if she’s sure. Yolanda confirms she is and they make love.
• The next day, Zulima gets dressed and asks John when round two is. He reminds her that they have work to do. She then tells him that she can also manage the airline and John asks her why she wants to leave Zeki out of a job. Zulima asks him why he trusts Zeki so much but John reminds her that’s his business. He then tells her that they have to coordinate the deliver of a new product, methamphetamines, but she doesn’t want to handle drugs because the US is strict and she could get 15 years in prison. He tells her not to worry because he will make sure everything goes smoothly. They hear a knock on the door and wonder who it is. It’s Yolanda who’s come to visit…


Thanks, Alfredo. Another night of surprises and you covered them so well.

So Yoli and Dalberto cross the line. This could get Dalberto killed. And woe with him if/when Yoli finds out he's lying to her and is undercover.

Will Dalberto have to go all the way with Oscar, just to prove he's [not] gay?

Happy Friday amigos. All I got to see was the last 15 minutes - thank you Alfredo for helping me create the scenes in my mind. Such beautiful, tender & sweet moments with Yoli & Dalberto vs the urgently wild John & Zuli. The editing was very well done. Dalberto is a true man in how understanding, compassionate and patient he was with Yoli. Wow I wish I could have seen Oscar up in Dalberto's face questioning his sexuality. Ernesto and Zuli scheming together foreshadows terrible things to come esp with said torture chamber. Zuli has Zeki wide open and is a scheming poisonous snake. I hope she chokes on that witchy cigar thing she uses craft her 'magic'.

Thank you so much Niecie and Roxangisel!

I loved the editing during the love/sex scenes and how different they were. I know some of you don't see Dalberto as a galan but he is. And when he got on his knees, that's how you treat a woman! John has his own charms but Yolanda never felt safe enough to sleep with him after what happened to her and that speaks volumes.

I thought of Ernesto as a pig but man he's dark and that torture chamber is scary af. Not scarier than Zulima when she sets her mind to accomplishing something but sinister either way.

Ortega confirmed what we were thinking, Bam-Bam can recognize Dalberto if he ever regains consciousness. Oh boy...

I think the giant "breakup" will be when Yolanda finds out the truth about Dalberto. They will always be on opposite sides of the law until one of them chooses to betray their morals and loyalties. We'll have to see which one will if they want to be together.

The scene with Oscar had me nervous. He's obviously skiddish enough to try and force Dalberto either kiss, etc. or force his hand so Dalberto can reveal he isn't gay. And he's not done yet.

Oh, I do see Dalberto as the galan. He was very tender with Yoli. In fact he's too emotionally involved with her and should take himself of this case -- but we know that won't happen.

... off this case

Ay, Alfredo! What a lovely recap, and your description of how tender Dave was with Yoli was right on. There were definitely a few moments there when Yoli was going back to the rape in her head, and he was able to gently coax her back into their moment. No way would John have been the right kind of first lover for Yoli, whose only sexual experience up to that point was rape.

Boy, I was really wondering there just how far Dave would go to maintain his cover, when Oscar got all up in his space and wanted him to prove he's gay. Saved by the bell/phone! It does make for an odd set of love/lust triangles though: John-Yoli-Dave; Yoli-John-Zuli; Oscar-Dave-Yoli; Ortega-Dave-Yoli.

Ernesto and the torture chamber gave me even more shivers than him sniffing Yoli's underwear. Especially when he pulled out the chains and the butchering tools. Someone needs to take him out before he can get his nasty paws on Yoli again. At least whatever evil Zuli has him doing (which seems to involve Zeki) has temporarily distracted him from his plans for revenge on Yoli. At least, I hope so.

And I guess Oscar-John-Yoli is a kind of love triangle too, since Oscar feels like Yoli is taking too big of a space in his brother's life and is jealous.

Thanks Alfredp! Another edge of the seat biting my fingernails episode. I figured a phone call would save Dave from having to prove to Oscar that he's gay, but even so I was nervous. And the torture chamber that Ernesto is setting up is telling me this telenovela may be too "fuerte" for me to watch. More darkness than I'm used to in this one.

But enthralled for now with the fast-moving pace and of course rooting for Dave and Yolanda to come out safe and sound and still in love at the end. But do narconovelas have "happy endings"? Probably not.

Hulu is still stuck on just four episodes. Really rotten of Univision to hold them back. Don't understand their strategy.

Thanks for another well-crafted recap. I like your style.

I'm hoping in the end that Yolanda will be able to strike up some kind of deal with the DEA and not have to go to jail. Ojala!

I think it's important for us to remember that Yolanda has a deep distrust of the police. She doesn't see them as any different than the narcos she's now having to work with. Remember that her first experience as a little girl was seeing her beloved father gunned down right in front of her eyes by crooked cops, and then she had to flee her town, because the corrupt cops would have supported her rapist godfather instead of her. So it's not necessarily the case that her morals are screwed up, but so far in her life, she has been treated worse by the "law" than she has by the outlaws she's encountered. Will Dalberto be able to change her mind?

Thank you so much, Vivi and JudyB! This novela is DARK but tender moments like last night make it worth while. The writers have struck a balance and it is greatly appreciated.

I wonder if Estela truly doesn't know where he went because I can't imagine she would want any harm to come to her daughter when she could've prevented it. She took Ernesto's side in the rape but that was after the fact. Either way, it boggles my mind how cruel some mothers can be.

Vivi, those love triangles are giving me whiplash! LOL but I like how refreshing and, for lack of a better word, open they are to other possibilities because the usual, heterosexual ones.

What I meant by opposite side of the law is that Yolanda has done illegal activites and Dalberto is a DEA agent. She will either have to ask for immunity in exchange for something or he will have to join her in a life of crime. But the mistrust of police in general may be the biggest barrier. I wonder if it';s true Ernesto lost all his power and influence or if he's just there to be the head torture honcho.

Hulu is being very annoying about the episodes for this and MdN. I have a feeling Uni wants to force people to watch the channel and I will but I think it may backfire for other viewers they may pick up in the mean time that want to catch up.

JudyB, the happiest ending, that's also realistic, I saw was LRdS. It was bittersweet though :/

Dear Alfredo,

Thanks so much for your great recap! I'm Julia R. and I was a recapper on Lo Que La Vida Me Robó some years ago, so I know how much work this takes. Your descriptions were lovely.

I am loving this show, and, especially the leads. The actor playing Dave/Alberto is terrific. When he's Alberto he seems mild-mannered and sexy, but then when he becomes agent Dave he is tough guy sexy. It's amazing to see how his physical presence changes on screen.

I thought the love scene between Dave/Alberto and Yolanda was one of the sweetest and sexiest I've seen in a while.

Thanks again, Alfredo!

Welcome back, Julia R! Long time no see. I'm glad you're joining us on this one.

Welcome, Julia! I'm also glad that you are on this crazy plane ride with us :) I never saw LQLVMR so I didn't have the pleasure of your company.

I also love how easily Dalberto can act scared and meek whenever the Lucios or their men are around. He begs and holds up his hands and his breathing gets shallow as if he can't take them down but he knows the part and plays it well.

I have been halfway watching and last night paid attention. I see Eric Nontenegro is in this one as well as the chick from Rosario Tijares (Rosy Scissors) from a long time ago.

Yup, Kirby! Both are correct. I think this is the best Alejandro Nones has been and Maria Fernanda Yepes is always a treat.

I read she and Arap bethke (John) were actually an item a couple of years a go. Those steamy scenes just add their professionalism I say as not a lot of people would be able to do that.

Nones playes a very very Despicable Me doesn't he? He was disgusting in P&P as Arturo's rotten spoiled worthless hateful son.

Did anybody ever see the actual Movie Rosario Tijeras a few years earlier than Zulima's TV version? I fell madly in love with that earlier Rosario, Flora Martinez. She was in Vecinos too.

Thanks Al

Judy B hi. it's Kirby. This one is a nail biter every night. If you would like a quick nap about the second round of commercials every night come on over to Vino el Amor with us.

They have both the movie and the series on netflix if anyone is interested.

Lol @Kirby! Maybe Vino's writers should take a hint from La Piloto, hell, even LQLVMR, which I heard was a crazy circus but at least it was never boring.

Alfredo-Let me add my voice to thank you for your lovely rendering of ALL the couplings and "near" couplings. You indeed did justice to the whole episode and I enjoyed watching and reading.

So far everything is moving so fast I just don't have time to comment before another episode is up. Not much to add.

Hey Julia. So glad to see you back among the Carayers. Vino el Amor should have been the perfect venue for your TELENOVELA BINGO Game. We would have filled up two or three cards by now!


Finally saw the episode and Friday's. Thanks Alfredo! So Oscar may be gay after all. Too bad he didn't get to go farther. Coulda been kind of hot.

I'm in minority here abt Yoli and Dave. Dave is lying to her, working to take down the cartel which includes her now. He may like her personally but knows he may have to put her in jail. He is being unprofessional and if he really cared about her he would keep his distance personally. I can't help but feel he is using her and has gone too far because he does like her. He should know better. I won't speak of Friday's episode here because of spoilers but holy crapolla!

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