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Vino el Amor #96 – Friday 3/17/2017: Water, Water, Everywhere Else, But Not a Drop for Lil

Yesterday –  (See Julie’s rippin’ good tale at the end of yesterday’s recap)
The review starts with Dr. Evil Anderson trying to convince David he’s at fault for Fer’s suicide attempt. It includes Juan and Mark plotting in English; Luci and Leon discussing Mamá’s betrayal, and Marta and Lilian’s confrontation in the kitchen.

Today – (All you’ve got is me)
Dr. Evil and Fer – Fer is telling the doc that she feels worse now that she realized her affection for her nana was misplaced because of what she did with Fer’s own granddaddy. Dr. Evil jumps up, very concerned that she might try to off herself again. Fer insists that she’s almost positively sure she didn’t want to commit suicide, she only wanted to feel better. Dr. Evil (with $$$$ dancing in his head) assures her that her motives are hidden deep inside her and that’s what he’s there for. Fer says, juarever. She is going to concentrate on defending her feelings for her aunt, her grandmother and for, sigh, Tano, un tipazo.

Marta and Lil – The two continue their argument in the kitchen. Marta says she’s no longer afraid of Lil’s threats. Since she lost the love of Fer and her children, there’s nothing to hold her back, so beware, Lil. Marta sneers that the Patron still prefers her to Lil to care for the children. Lil answers back that she’ll figure out a way to get close to the grandchildren and if Marta had any dignity, she would leave. Lil gloats that she didn’t get Fernando nor Gut. Marta has had enough and hands Lil a drippy ladle and tells her here, if she wants to be a good grandmother, finish the meal. Marta stalks out. Yikes, Lil holds the ladle away from her as if it were a poisonous snake and yells for Sonia, who has the bad luck to be within earshot of the battlefield.

Dr. Evil Intent and DisGracie – Who is the psychiatrist here? DisGracie slips into David’s office before Dr. Evil Intent can make an exit. He tells her things are going well with David—he’s almost got him convinced to set aside his personal life for the good of his family. Money changes hands, smiles are exchanged. However, says the doc, he thinks Fer is telling the truth when she says she didn’t intend to commit suicide. DisGraceful contradicts him. Fer is only saying that because she wants to be released from the sessions in order to spend more time with her boyfriend, who works in the vineyard. Doc concludes that if that is the case, he’ll have to keep up the sessions (indefinitely, he’s thinking to himself).

Sonia and Fer – Sonia brings back the notebook she found in the trash that Fer was to write down her innermost jottings. Fer says she threw it away because it was Luci that gave it to her. Wisely, Sonia tells her the value of things is not in where they come from, but of what use they are. She encourages Fer to pour her heart out in her writings. She leaves the notebook for Fer to think about it. If she still decides she doesn’t want it, so be it.
Perla and Miguel – Perla is waiting for Godot in an outdoor café, but along comes Miguel instead. She hails him and she remarks about the bruises he’s carrying. He tells her Juan sent some thugs to beat him up. Perla claims she knew nothing about it and Juan wouldn’t do something like that. Miggy doesn’t believe her and laughs it off. He is concerned about Carito’s suddenly taking off. Now the law is looking for her because they suspect her of having had something to do with the illegal trafficking of workers. Perla is sure Carito hasn’t done anything wrong. Miggy wonders then, why she took off. He warns Perla that nothing good will come of her relationship with Juan. She is fiercely defensive of Juan. Miggy continues. He’s mixed up in some seriously bad business and she’s at risk. (Of course, Perla knows this is true. It’s written all over her face.) He doubts Juan will ever lift a finger for her. Perla, still defending Juan, points to Mark. It’s Mark who is into some bad business. Juan is not to blame for any of this. He’s only Mark’s lawyer.
David and Cesar – Cesar is supportive of David’s desire to get a second opinion from a different psychiatrist. Cesar knows one who is well known in his field. His name is Jesus Ramos and Cesar has confidence in him. David gets his contact information and thanks Cesar for all his help and support. He also asks about Soosan. Cesar thinks if he doesn’t do anything stupid [like he’s doing over on AQNMD], she’ll be the love of his life.
Tano and Ramon – They know something is wrong with the water since the pressure has dropped so low. They want to tell David, but not until they do a little more investigating to see if this is a wide-spread problem or not.
Luci and Bobby – Luci assures Bobby that his sister doesn’t hate him; she’s just going through some really hard times. She suggests Bobby show her extra affection. Bobby complains. He’d like to, but Fer is always stuck tight to Auntie and he doesn’t get along with Auntie very well. Luci tries to have him see how important it is for him to be there for Fer, just as Leon is always there for Luci.
David and Ramón – Our hero of the hour has come to David’s office to tell him they have a water problem. David wants to know why they didn’t come earlier. Ramón needed to investigate further to be certain it was a localized problem in the vineyard and not an area-wide one. Ramón tells David he and Tano checked everything. There’s no need to check again. David needs to find the problem and solve it. The irrigation system is crucial for the grape vines. Ramón isn’t getting anywhere with David, so he offers to check everything again, with David. David is raring to go.
Susan and Cesar – They are the invited guests at Bodega Santa Barbara. Miguel and Erika are entertaining them in their office/living room/dining room/bedroom. They discuss Carito’s sudden need to go to Mexico. Miggy doesn’t think she’s mixed up in the trafficking, but it looks suspicious. Then Miggy brings up Mark. Soosan is still sensitive about him, but she wouldn’t be the least surprised if he’s mixed up in all of it. They decide Gutierrez and Torres need to be informed.
Sonia and Lil – Sonia is in the kitchen at the big house and is interrupted during the night by Lilian. She can’t sleep, so humiliating Sonia is the next best thing. Sonia has been writing the next chapter of her latest romantic fantasy novel for surely those words can’t be a letter to León. Sonia protests she’s just making out the work schedule for the next day, but Lil knows better. She orders Sonia not to speak to Marta or else. Sonia’s loyalty needs to be exclusively Lil’s. She also orders her to take over all Marta’s duties so it can be shown Marta is not indispensable. Lil makes fun of her “cursilerías” [cursi, by now everyone should be familiar with the term—I first heard it in Sortilegio—and it means vulgar or pretentious] and departs.
David and Ramón – The men are back from their inspection tour. The only things they didn’t check were the irrigation pipes and that will have to wait until daylight.  But David still wants everything checked again. If everything is in order, then it must be something wrong with the irrigation pipes. If so, they are all in big trouble. Together, they will resolve the water problem. David wants to assemble all the workers.
Marta and the Cold Shoulders – She returns to the employee quarters from her run-in with Lil. She gets the cold shoulder from her two children. They indicate they left her something to eat. The silence is only broken by the sound of cutlery clinking against the china. Marta decides she can’t take it and since nobody wants to talk to her, she’s leaving. She does. Luci and León hate to see her this way, they don’t like feeling this way, but they don’t know how to deal with their anger.
Brian texts Lil – But he doesn’t mention sex. He just wants to make sure she’ll show up at his charity event the next day. She snickers how he needs her. She replies he’s not to worry.
Perla and Carito – Perla is quick to phone Carito in Querétaro to tell her not to show her face back in the States because the police are looking for her and for heaven’s sake, she should not answer any calls from Miguel. She tells Carito that Miguel is helping the police and didn’t learn his lesson after the beating he got. Carito is sure Mark was behind it. Perla shushes her for saying that over the phone. Carito urges Perla to leave Juan, but Perla says she loves him, so she won’t.
David and Luciana – Luci comes to the bodega office because she heard about the problem with the water. If it’s the irrigation pipes, he says, they’ll have to irrigate manually.   When the troops report for duty, David informs his employees on the gravity of the problem. He learns Carito is in Mexico on vacation. He should have been told. David hands out the tasks. They are asked to conserve the house water. They all agree.  He leaves Luci in charge of figuring out how long they have before they lose the next harvest.
Perla and Juan – She seems very nervous around Juan. She tells him what she learned from Miguel about his beating. Juan denies having had anything to do with that. Then there’s the Carito problem. She wants Juan, as an attorney, to help her. He won’t be able to as long as she’s acting stupid. Perla wonders if he would help her if she gets in a jam. He reassures his honey that with them is different [although I didn’t actually hear him say he’d help her]. She’s pretty put out at him, but he want her to put out for him and celebrate the “Mission to Ruin David” has been set in motion.
Graciela and Breakfast – She is serving something she almost was able to claim she made herself. She grins as she says Sonia helped her [although it was probably the other way around 90-10% of the effort]. David arrives. [Ooops, he’s back in his baby-sh*t brown colored leather vest. That one is not good for his blood pressure.] DisGracie offers her help with the water crisis, but he doesn’t need her help. Luci is helping. He must be off, but he reminds Fer that Dr. Second Opinion is coming to see her.
After David and Bobby leave, DisGracie suggests to Fer that any doctor put forth by her father is on his side and will immediately tell her dad all her deepest darkest secrets—especially about Tano. She promises to help Fer see Tano, especially now since her father will be preoccupied with the water problem. Fer decides to keep lips zipped.
Bobby and David – Bobby can see that David is sad. He’s not smiling or happy anymore. Bobby wants to know why. David has a heart to head talk with Bobby. He actually, calmly, tells him about starting a relationship with Luciana and then ending it. Bobby thinks that if his dad really wanted to be with Luciana he would be, or is it his sister’s fault. David says no one is to blame. It’s true Fer wasn’t in favor of their relationship but he hopes some day she’ll understand.
Luciana and David – He checks back in with Luci in the bodega. They talk about the water again. He needs to go back to the house because Fer’s new psychiatrist is there. He admits he didn’t feel comfortable with Dr. Evil Anderson. Luci hopes all goes well with the second opinion doctor. Meanwhile, she’ll stay in charge of things at the bodega. David leans in and says he would put his whole life in her hands. He leaves. She remains, thoughtful.
Sonia and Lil – Lil is sleeping late and Sonia knocks and enters with clean towels. However, she tells a cranky Lil they must conserve the water as there seems to be a looming shortage which could affect the house. Lil is horrified—she has to get ready for this big event. She grumbles that life is unfair, everything is stacked against her plans for retirement. [Wow! This is a new one on me. I’ve never heard her use the word retirement before. Quick, someone, please, find her an assisted living facility and move her on in.] She tells Sonia she’s worked so hard on these plans, she’s not going to be deterred. She asks Sonia to leave, she has to get dressed.
Miguel and Leo – They are strolling through town and chatting about Marta’s adultery. Miguel wants to know how Luci is. Leo says she’s furious. Miggy wonders if he should go see her. Leo advises against it for the time being. Miggy feels Leo and Luci should be more understanding, without knowing the whole story. After all she was a mother to everyone in the employee’s quarters. Sometimes, he says, it’s easy to judge someone without taking into account all the good they’ve done. They talk about the missing water and the missing Carito. Leo promises to let Miggy know if he hears anything about Carito.
Dr. 2d Opinion and Fer – Fer is not cooperating with the new psychiatrist. [Would you? He’s even creepier looking than Dr. Evil. Actually he’s mean Cipriano from Quiero Amarte.] Fer doesn’t want to talk to him. She already has a doctor. Dr. 2d Op says there is no way to help her unless she opens up. She indicates it would be futile. David enters and Fer scurries off. The doc explains to David that trying to help her would be futile, but he is sure she is hiding something. He hopes maybe they can try again later on.
Lilian and DisGracie – Lil probably took a spit bath to start the day and is now dressed to the nines on her way to Gut’s charity event. Graceless reminds her that with all the turmoil at the vineyard over the water, is the perfect opportunity to gain Fer’s confidence and affection. Much as Lil resists, Gracie suggests using Tano as a means to ally herself to Fer. Lil screws up her nose at the thought, but realizes Gracie is right. At one point, Lil lobs a sarcastic barb at DisGracie that she will be hanging out at the vineyard with employees hauling water ha-ha. DisGracie lobs one back with how ironic it is she’s helping Gut with his charity even for Latinos, people she despises the most.
Fernanda and Tano – Fer, in a bright red dress races toward the bodega offices and literally jumps into Tano’s arms. For a brief moment, they are happy to see each other in the flesh and hug tight. She’s so animated because she has some time and wants to spend it with him. She wants to go have a non-alcoholic drink somewhere, even if it’s just in the employee’s quarters. Tano explains about the water crisis and his assigned duty won’t let him. Fer insists, just for awhile. When Tano says he can’t, but once he takes care of his responsibility, he’ll come back for her. The monster within her takes over and Fer turns into FerBratZilla for the umpteenth time. She tells him to forget about it and stomps off.
Alfonso and Erika – They are in the office talking about the competition—apparently it’s a world-wide one with entries from different parts of the world. Erika is particularly interested in the entry from Spain. She’s certain Fronteras will snow the others, thumbing their noses at the Spanish entries because their wine is based on the Spanish Rioja.
Fer and Lil – They run into each other in the hallway as Fer is running away from Tano and back to the house before anyone catches her. Lil is pretty sure where she’s been—she’s been with Tano, eh? Her secret is safe with Lil. She knows they haven’t gotten along too well in the past, and her preference was Marta, now that can change. Granny will step up to replace her. She’ll help her see Tano. For real? So says Granny. Hugs.
Alfonso, Miguel and Erika – They are chit-chatting amiably about the quality of their entry, what she learned in Spain, how Miguel would like to study in Spain or France, how Alfonso will back him. Miggy and Erika start to get a little too close for Alfonso’s comfort and he clears his throat. The talk turns to Mark, Juan’s friend being the one responsible for all the suspicion swirling around Miguel. Alfonso didn’t like the way Juan came to offer up Bodega Los Angeles’ secrets. They speculate whether it was possible that it could have been Mark who spoiled the vats of wine at BLA. Miggy says anything is possible. Al and Erika don’t want him getting into any more problems, but Miggy says he has to clear his name. They ask him to be careful.
David and Luci – He comes to the bodega office to see how Luci’s calculations are going. She tells him and shows him how they’ll go into the red soon. This crisis will require them to set aside any plans for the competition. Luci doubts Soosan could take over. They draw up close and do their hand-meld thing and David swears to Luci that this separation is just temporary. He’s going to fight for her, for the vineyard, for their dream.  [Of course this is just to let everyone on the Patio know they haven’t really broken up.]




Gracias, Anita.

I laughed out loud when Marta handed the ladle to Lillian and told her to finish cooking and Lillian acted like it was the most disgusting thing in the world. Brilliant move and brilliantly played by both actresses. You'd think that Marta meant for Lillian to change a diaper.

The second shrink knows something is fishy and FerBrat is running true to form. She would have no way to know this but the reactions of Dr Evil are completely wrong and totally unprofessional.

More later.

Anita: I also laughed when Marta handed Lillian Sanders the ladle & told her if she wanted to finish the meal, you do it!

UA: FerBratZilla ROFLOL!

Anita..Thanks so much for that funny, snappy recap.

Marta shoving that ladle at Lilian was wonderful. Here do some grandma stuff..Make a meal.

Also, retirement??? How do you retire when you've never worked?

Juan will be Perla's undoing. You got what you wanted , Perla.

I laughed when ERica and Miguel were entertaining guests in that all-purpose space. When Cesar and Soosan (Soosan?)sat down on that sofa, I thought , "Oh..If you only knew....") As a beau's mother used to say, "Gracious living...Good gracious!!!!"

I've survived raising two girls through the teen years and teaching scores of them , but I don't know what I would do with Ferzilla.

I liked DisGracie subtle sequined tank top ..for breakfast.
I liked the line about Miguel and Leon stroking and chatting about MArta..Ew.

What?? Stroking? That was supposed to be strolling. Sorry..Hurrying.

Ah Anita the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner. What a classic. Like your clever recap thank you bunches.

Of course DisGrace is one step ahead of Cesa,r Dr. GoodShrink, David, Luci. etc----. who is surprised.?

Tano? If you are not milking the cow, and she tries to gore you approximately every other time you are near her, WTF is in it for you.? Trade up a notch and go downtown and find a cute crack ho. Fercrat.

The Lancome' chick for sure has dropped by to see Lilly and Perly.

I am just surprised at these people. There is NoJuans engineered disaster and it is supposed to be assholes and elbows to save their very existence, right? All hands on deck, if you all help the captain we might save our sinking ship,right? Of course except for DisGrace and Lilly. AND Leon? While all these pipes, and calculations and bucket brigade is going on, Leon is having a romantic stroll downtown with the newly grownup shirted Miggy. Lollygaging along with not a hurry in the world.

On a brighter note, David is getting a clue about Dr Evil too. He knows something just doesn't add up.

I always had a rule that worked really well.

"If something just doesn't make sense, It probably doesn't ---make sense."

Simple, easy to understand, and about 98% accuracy record.

Well woven together Anita, Thanks. For me it seemed like a show of outtakes leading nowhere.

"Lil holds the ladle away from her as if it were a poisonous snake"

Did Lilian and Graciela unpack?

David declares his intent, his love and trust in Luciana over and over again and she gives him nothing. No emotion, no words only a blank stare like she has diarrhea and may need to run to the toilet any second leaving David still talking to the space she just vacated. David is still way more into her and has hung his future on a girl that has no passion for anything. No, I take that back. She has vineyard plans with Miguel that got her worked up.

This is the third time I've seen Sofia Castro in TN's and she has this type character down but so down I can't watch her without tasting bile.

Surely Cesar knows Dr Phil, why didn't he call him and get Fernanda on the show?


Tofie: Talk Therapy seldom has a lot of success on deaf mutes.

On the low side of 18 years old you are a BRAT, right? On the other side it is my understanding that you graduate to being a beyotch. (Or something)

I am sure FerBrat is a charming little sweetheart,in real life Tofie, given the way even the Latin Press has crucified her over comments about those less fortunate than her. Maybe in the roles she plays she doesn't have to act too hard?

Excellent Anita. The title was pitch perfect

"Miguel and Erika are entertaining them in their office/living room/dining room/bedroom" was my favorite of many.

"She grumbles that life is unfair, everything is stacked against her plans for retirement". Ummm, perhaps I've misunderstood all these years. In order to retire, don't you actually have to work??

Like everyone else, the hand off of the ladle was the night's best moment. As you noted UA, the actresses added extra dimension to the scenes. Both of these women deserved so much better parts but we appreciate everything they are bringing to their respective roles.

How frustrating that Graciela was able to make her impeccably timed speech to Fer to ruin her meeting with the other doctor. I hope he doesn't give up. At least we know David isn't comfortable with Dr. Evil...

It didn't seem as though Leon told Miguel Luci and David broke up. Am I wrong? I just thought if he had, Miguel would have been over there like a shot.

Did Marta really expect the ice to thaw quickly? She is going to need a lot of time for her children to forgive her.

"He’s going to fight for her, for the vineyard, for their dream. [Of course this is just to let everyone on the Patio know they haven’t really broken up.]". Whew!! There is hope.

I believe Mark's prophecy that Perla would be the ruination of Juan is true. However, her telling Miguel Mark is the true culprit may well be the beginning of his downfall as well.

Thank you for the fantastic recap Anita.


Marta is already playing a victim with Leon and Luciana because they haven't gotten over the bombshell. Pouting and clomping to her room when her kids aren't playing happy and since it makes her feel bad they are insensitive and need to get over themselves.

Well at least if Martyra gets clunked over the head while drawing a bucket of water in the river them dam shoes should float.

Retiring from what, being a bitch? Please do!

What Lillian fails to understand here is that she can't suddenly become the grandmother Fernanda and Bobby want after all those years of virtually ignoring them. This just can't happen. Bobby is still not inclined to trust her and I don't think she will be able to change his mind.

FerBrat will need an army of shrinks when she finds out what DisGrace has done to her, that she killed her mother, and what DisGrace and Lillian really think of her.

At this point, I think that's fast becoming the one thing I'm holding out for most from this fakakta show. (Yes, even over Sonia and Leon. There, I said it.) Screw David and Luciana, screw Juan and Pigpen, and even screw Marta and Lilian. I'm waiting for Fernanda's pretty caterpillar eyebrows to spin around like helicopter rotors right before her head %#&%*&(! explodes when she finally finds out that her beloved abuela and tia played her like a Stradivarius. Okay, yeah, David's ragefest should be impressive as well, that's right in Gabriel Soto's wheelhouse, but come on...Fernanda needs to be taken down a peg, and that's almost literally the only way it's going to happen.

Bill C gets 5 stars. Ya I am looking forward to that day. She had a very very rotten bad day over Luci and her Father. The murder of her beloved Mom would be enough alone, but to discover that all this time her wonderful Tia has manipulated her whole world should (hopefully) send her into a murderous rage from which there is only one relief.


I don't see how Fernanda flips out any more than she did after seeing David and Luciana kissing. However, she will be able to use the disclosure to extend her tyrannical reign over everyone. That is more important to her.

Thanks, everybody, for stopping by on a Saturday morning. The sun is out, temps rising, birds singing, and my eyes are open.

BillC--You and everybody else here are waiting for the explosion. I think we mention it after ever episode.

Hey, Kirby--How murderous do you think Fer's rage could get? We've never seen her out practicing rock throwing, so my thoughts are that she's going to go into a deep depression, which David knows all about. What's next? Can Tano save her? Tano needs to save himself from years of verbal abuse.

Susanlynn--Stroking works. Didn't you see Miggy's arm around Leo's shoulders as they walked and chatted?

Diana--Always the wise one. Of course you can't retire if you've never worked. Well, you have to admit, she's worked hard to maintain a standard of living above which she might never have had on her own.

Urban--Good one, retiring from being a bitch. Bobby has seen through Lil's disdain and even revulsion for her grandchildren. There's no fooling him. Fer's attachment to DisGracie is a burden because abuela is part of the package. It's DG that has been pushing and pushing for Lil to make nice with the grands. Lil just doesn't know how. Even Sonia has more mothering instinct than Lil.

Sadly, there is plenty of time for Tia and Abuela to whip up more mayhem, before The Boda--and there has to be one. We haven't hung on to this story for nothing.

Lil and Marta sure strutted their stuff last night. But so did Bobby. I think that is what gave Dahvid the courage to go to Luci and tell her it's not over until El FIN. Please, Miguel, STAY on your own side of the fence. The grass is no longer green at Bodega LA.

tofie--thinking back on the two scenes--I saw what you saw. There was so little emotion on Luci's face when David hinted that this is not over, it makes one wonder what's going on with her. Does she really want to get that stallion back that's already been ridden by a new owner or stick to the pony she has in her stable eating out of her hand. Do the writers and directors know what they are doing? If they want to keep us in suspense (a la Querida Enemiga) they are failing. They are greatly frustrating us.

So, Fronteras wine might win the gold over Vino el Amor because VEA isn't ready? It should win because it's a BETTER wine. This just looks like saving face to me. But do I really care? Naw.

Will check back later. Have to go read La Piloto recap, then go back and watch it again. (It's so good I had to watch the episode after I posted Vino in the wee hours of the morning.) I can't understand half of what they say and they say it too fast. I depend on Alfredo and Jardinera to figure it out for me.

Chau, amigos

Anita. Well, Fer didn't exactly go to her room and sulk when she learned of Luci and Pop, and other times she runs around screaming or trying to get Tano involved. Based on that I can see her going after DisGrace. She does not strike me as one of those 'Quiet Rage' types. She is more the murderous rage types. But then I'm no Dr. Phil, it is probably just wishful thinking. She could take Dis into the river and do some waterboarding Fer - Style.

Tofie I am thinking the major reveal will be the breaking point for FerB___h and she will be so hurt she will finally break down and see the good in Luci, with the end of our story so near. Of course by that time Luci will be cranking out a few Bad Shirt Babies with you know who.

It's clear the only reason Luciana stays is her promise to Bobby. She hasn't quite acted like she is put out by the responsibility David has put on her but it's not far off. David proceeds and Luciana is non committal. Last night David put his life and livelihood in her hands assuming she wants it, I don't think she does only going through the motions. She's already checked out.

If she could save only one between David and Miguel she saves Miguel every time. Someone needs to smack David awake.

Just saw 2 signs in a shop that made me think of this show. "dear Karma, I have a list of people you forgot." and especially for Lilian : "I am not bossy. I just know what you should be doing."

I've seen the T-shirt for that second one. I need one of those.

Kirby, you make a good point about graduating from Brat to Bitch. However, she still acts like she's 12 instead of 18. No, make that 8 instead of 18.

If that's the case I really feel for Mr David. When the smoke clears he might, big maybe, have both his kids if Fer is not in jail or the asylum, Luci is with Miggs, Sister in law and Mother in law hopefully dead or at least in prison, Marta, Sonia and Cesar might still be around,.

Hook up with Erika and merge the two Vineyards? as she will be back on the market as soon as Ms. Flake snatches Miggs back.

Ojala, Kirby. Nice ending. I'd be in favor of this merge. Erika would certainly know how to animate David. No water crisis needed to get him into action.

Cesar is that rare thing called a loyal friend. He'll be around in any crisis.

I wonder whether this series is an acid test for Irina Baeva. She played evil well and I know that it's usually more fun to do that. Or is it that she can't deal with getting romantic with someone much older than she is? Those of you who watched PyP will remember that they never showed her boinking Assmore (and no, there was nothing to censor out). This either had to be because she couldn't deal or the producer felt the audience couldn't. Take your pick.

OK. Somebody help me figure Luci out. Except fro me personally thinking clothing is not her friend, where are we supposed to be on this gal?

She was here and single, but childhood friends with Miggs.
Then Miggs licks her into being his girlfriend. OK.
All the while she is pining away for David.

She finally mops all the saliva off herself and hooks up with her true luuuurve, Mr Robles.
But keeps checking to make sure Miggs doesn't have a hangnail or anything.

They hit some expected turbulence, and by the time Dave has his seat belt fastened and his tray table in the upright position: : :

Luci is fastening her seatbelt over in in D5. ¿Qué cuernos?

Are we to just say "Marta Syndrome" and go with it or am I just not getting it?

I think Luciana is just young and has commitment issues. That's ok and I get not wanting to be pressured about marriage to Miguel for ever and ever or be David's partner and back up in everything and step mother to his kids. What happened to dating or being alone awhile?

Anyway, Irina isn't pulling it off nor have the writers that put her with Miguel for over two months and with David two weeks.

You are right UA. Never showed Daniela in San Francisco with Ashmore in PyP.

That's right. I saw the full versions of every episode and there was no such footage. Nor was there any for Marco Mendez with Fabiola Guajardo, although I doubt the age difference was as much.

As to Luciana's issues about commitment I'd say she has those because she didn't grow up with both parents together past the age of 10. She would then be emotionally like a child of divorce. Take it from one, that isn't easy.

Great job Anita! You encapsulized the entire episode so well and hit every point! I laughed so hard when Marta handed the stirring spoon to Lilian because Lilian acted like she was handed the toilet brush that was just cleaning a very dirty toilet. I don't think that woman has ever done a day of work in her life. What is this retirement thing she's talking about? I don't think she will ever retire from being a conniving witch.

OMG! Did everyone watch the previews?



Yeah OMG ! In the preview she was...OUCH.!


Cynthia--Shhhhh. It's just Must See TV.

Kirby--Gringo! of course. I deleted my comment when I remembered it was not Pablo, nor at the end of recaps and was just going to leave it as somebody. You were right there, fingers poised. Thanks for pointing out it was Gringo. I wonder where he is now? who is sitting outside the principal's office? Pass those Doritos.

Anita! Thank you, Amiga! Once again, better than the show! Everybody's said it all -- pretty bad when an aggressive spoon hand off is the highlight of the show! Yah, tired of Fer. Instead of awakening pity in us for having had her mommy murdered, the poor dear, we can't wait for that mind-fracturing fact to hit her in the face. . .AAAAND that it was done by her beloved, butter-wouldn't-melt in-her-mouth, Tia, DisGracefully Diabolical! Oh yeah, that's gonna be sweet! Ferocious little heffa!

Sadly, agree with all the comments stating IB is not bringing it as Luciana. Yah, David pledged it wasn't over, that he was going to fight for her, the vineyard and their dreams together as a family. . .he even told her he'd entrust his life and all he owned in her hands and it was like she was watching a test pattern on the tv. Jeezo pete. I see they've backed off the feral, teeth-baring "kisses" and do this hand-clutching thing. When I look at her in scenes like that, I don't see Luciana, I see a beautiful young actress thinking about when she won't have to be kissing this old dude anymore. I think I've seen her enthused a few times as "Luciana" but she wasn't even phoning that scene in. . .it was a text at best.

I'm away at a work conference next week. Between hulu+ and wonderful recaps like these, I'll be able to catch up. Didn't see the previews. Maybe it's best.

Thanks again, Anita!

My lips (and fingers) are sealed Anita! I am just saying that EVERYONE needs to tune in on Monday because there should be a BIG REVEAL. Or at least I'm hoping that we find out something important.

UA, yes, thank heavens we never saw Irina and Ashmore on PyP doing anything clothed, unclothed (or anything in between).

"DisGracefully Diabolical!" Love it Lila.

I wonder if Irina is purposefully rather emotionless or if she is being directed to play the character this way? I saw real emotion, real pain in her recent scenes where Marta's past was revealed but not seen any true passion (or any semblance of it). I have often thought Luci and Erika should have changed roles.

I sense more chemistry with Miguel although he is just generally more enthusiastic and outwardly emotional than David.

I see Fernanda as a spoiled brat who has been relentlessly and mercilessly browbeat by Graciela (with help from Lili). I don't want her to suffer any more than she will when she learns the truth about Graciela. That will be more than enough. Initially I thought Luci would be there to pick up the pieces. Now, it well could be just David and Bobby...

Diana conference next week...bummer. When you can sneak away from the conference, come to the patio. I am back teaching next week. Spring break has spoiled me. I hate when work and housework interfere with my telenovela . Monday should be a good show.

Thanks, Diane, Susanlynn and Cynthia! Monday, hunh? Ooooo! I WILL try to sneak to the patio! I been kinda bummed (on the show) since the inevitable break up of David and Luci so I need some kind of big reveal! YAAAAY!

Sue I almost spilled the beans but somebody kicked me under the table.

Thank you Anita!

This episode just had me laughing and making raisin jokes.

Of course Fronteras should win best wine! My inability to understand captions made me think it was a Rioja, which I like. Too funny that Mig and Erika were making fun of Riojas.

I was surprised that Perla gave Juan up.


Oops not Juan, Mark. I was surprised that Perla gave Mark up. long as you didn't spill the Doritos.

Dy77 you have me thinking of the California Raisins. I am easily led.
I think that Perla hates Mark as much as we do and with more reason. He's been harassing her for a long time. I am surprised that he has been staying away from Susan . Perla doesn't seem to realize that bringing down Mark will also bring down her novio.She is way over her head being involved with these two idiots who think that they are smarter than everyone.

Thanks, Anita! This was stellar. I felt you got more than your share of nonsense with this episode. Example: Lil is contemplating retirement? Retirement from what? Is she giving up wine??

I thought cursi meant corny.

I'm glad Carito got away safe. Perla is pretty much waiting for Mark to kill her. He has no specific reason to yet, but he could get bored.

I am still thinking about that Dear Abby letter UA shared a few weeks ago. "Dear Abby, I broke up with a great guy because my 11-yo daughter didn't approve. Now I miss him. What can I do?" Abby replies: Serves you right for letting an 11-yo run your love life.

I have often wondered whether Luci's weirdness was the actress or the director. I can't believe the director would allow such a noncommittal performance unless it's intentional. I can't help thinking there must be a better way to build suspense, though.

And oh yeah, must see TV on Monday.

OT RIP Chuck Berry.

Julie...oh, I did not know that Chuck Berry died. How old was he?

As for kids breaking up couples, I have seen it happen. The preteen did not like her divorced dad dating. He got her and her brother every weekend, and I don't think she wanted to share her daddy. He was also had a stressful job and was getting his PhD , so his time was limited. I think this might happen quite often in real life . Also, some people do not want to have to deal with other people's kids, so there is a breakup.Dave can't seem to stand up to most of the females in his house. That puts Luci in a very uncomfortable position .

Chuck Berry was 90 and he had an incredibly good run. He didn't have his first hit until he was in his 30s. He was not a perfect man, but what he contributed to American music is priceless. I still keep some of his stuff (and Jerry Lee Lewis and Bill Haley and John Lee Hooker) in my main mix on the thumb drive I keep in my car. I thought I'd get a chance to see him someday because I didn't realize he was mortal.

I don't blame kids at all for being upset when their parents begin dating or get married. There's an example in my own family, or actually my BIL's family. The dad spent more time and money on his new stepsons than on his own, who was trying to finish college. That boy was also unhappy with his father for having abandoned his mother, who couldn't even read and write English (she was from Portugal).

But compared to that, David is practically a saint. He hasn't been neglecting his kids at all. It would be natural for Fer to worry that he might, especially given all the misinformation fed to her by her friends and her aunt. However, even if we take Fer's dumb friends and her evil aunt into account, a sensible girl would give her father a chance before assuming the worst.

And Fernanda went way beyond assuming the worst. Her reaction was, frankly, crazy. This appears to be an artistic choice rather than a rational one, as I assume Fernanda isn't supposed to be literally crazy.

I agree. I think that the writers did not set up fer's unreasonable reaction very well. She is getting ready to graduate from high school (if she actually passes her senior year with all this drama) ,and she is head over heels for Tan.gled. She is about the fly from the nest, so she shouldn't be so fixated on her father's love life. Kids move on and start their own lives. Parents are left with an empty nest. She evidently wants him without a mate in that nest..very selfish. But the poor kid has had auntie and gram manipulating her for their own selfish reasons. When it all hits the fan, it is not going to be pretty.

Spoiled as she is, even from the beginning, Fernanda is not the primary opposition between David and Luciana, it's Miguel. David had minor misgivings when he awoke, asked for a little time but Luciana ran immediately to Miguel's arms. She was proactive in maintaining her relationship with Miguel, including sexy time, until she heard Graciela and David kissed.

Luciana purposefully kept her relationship with David from Miguel. She was upset a relationship with Erika may waylay Miguel's plan to reclaim her and when Miguel angrily confronted her about David her retort was he already moved on with Erika but not a confirmation it was true, more like she's jealous ex lover. Later that day Luciana dumped David knowing Miguel hasn't gone too far because of his jealous rant and she could still snatch him from Erika. Unfortunately for Luciana she feels bound by her promise to Bobby and David needs support at the vineyard or she would already have Miguel's shirt off.


Tofie I am sure I dated her sister for a week or two.

Signed:, Bachelor #2

Tofie--Your analyses always make sense. If we put all your comments together, we would have a totally different telenovela that we would not recognize as VEA. Right ON!

Julie--Corny works. It works for this whole novella. It could have been so much better. I think J.A.Castro lost his touch on this one. All his departments were going solo and no one, including casting, got any of the memos.

Susanlynn and dy--Ah, California Raisins. I remember what fun it was to use them (and avocados) to snark and mock El Tal.

Anita, I think you are right about all the departments going solo. There is a real lack of cohesiveness that can only be explained with everyone being on a different page. Perhaps Irina has no idea how she's supposed to be playing this. It wouldn't be the first time a director neglected one actor in favor of another (coughcough Sofia).

Just thinking about what Julie said about the director and them allowing blank stares by Irina. We have seen her show emotion so she's capable. Perhaps the incongruity is because we assume David is the galan. Luciana doesn't act like he is, though I want him to be.

Maybe David is Fernando or Brian and Miguel is Marcos or Ramon and Luciana's love life a repeat of Marta's and the story being told. Marta has been consistent about passion and partner and they aren't found in the same man. One scalding to the touch the other you wrap in a towel and snuggle up to in bed.

There have been so many issues in the last few years of extended storytelling, writers keeping their options open in case of ratings isses, and some things done at the whims or liking of the actors themselves.

-- The many U-turns on the heroine's intelligence in CI was what made me check out of full-attention viewing and watch with half an eye at what a train wreck that series became. I truly can't see how that series was successful.
-- The constant whiplash of the events in YNCELH (especially in its final weeks) was clearly a means of maintaining suspense.
-- Ditto with the treatment of Marcelo and Lucia's relationship in ECDLP.
-- The unrealistic rehabbing of Eladio in PyP was said to be due to FC's fans' reluctance at seeing him play a villain. This affected the entire remainder of the series.

We've also discussed above that Irina Baeva was never shown in any intimate activity with the actor playing Assmore in PyP. I've heard for years that actors typically get to call the shots on this stuff based on their own comfort levels with such scenes. It's possible that she's OK with doing scenes like that with guys closer to her own age, like Jose Pablo Minor (David of PyP) but nobody more than 10 years older than she is. I can certainly see her not minding the idea of such scenes with Raul Coronado (Miguel).

In the present, having her seem non-committal with this David can make a certain amount of story sense because of Luciana's reluctance to rock the boat of David's family life. She knows that he comes with emotional baggage and a package deal that includes Lillian, DisGrace, and FerBrat, not just sweet Bobby who would love to have her be his new mother.

I believe she could and likely would think David carried too much baggage and it not worth the angst for a young woman. Unbelievable for me is David's certainty she's all in. She gave him a belt buckle, let him kiss her twice, he threw open the curtains and fell in love. Dr. Anderson's suggestion that David fixated on Luciana as he came out of his depression and believes it's love may be true. David plans a future together, declares his love and believes Luciana must be too because she broke up with Miguel, gave him a leather bracelet and rolled around naked for an afternoon. An afternoon that would not have happened had Susan been able to tell her Miguel started something with Erika, ruining the mood.

You know, I don't really give a flying fork at a rolling donut about these Loooovve relationships.
I'd like to see David have a happy relationship with a little young hottie like Luci or the real Luci.
But if she is as enthusiastic undercover as she is about him in general, he'd do better with one of those inflatable dolls.

Miggy and Erika, yawn. Gut and Marta and Lilly------ Please. Tano and FerBrat, I am inclined to do an intervention.

I am not seeing a lot of skin on Luci, Erika or Soo-San, and for a tail wager (me) that would suffice in lieu of anything else interesting. We were treated to Marta and Gut, and Lil's neckline has been steadily dropping....I'm insulted.

I am left with waiting through all this for the people to get their just rewards. There are so many mean nasty people, when the anvils start falling it will be a cornucopia of destruction and justice. Very satisfying.

I am especially interested in seeing the reaction of DisGrace as the noose tightens. We can be sure she will never admit defeat or guilt. That little bitch is crazy and she will put on a show Barnum and Bailey would be proud of.

Your grown up instincts tell you to feel sorry for FerBrat, even though she is chronologically now a new adult too, especially given what we know and what she does not. But she is just such an explosive, selfish Brat she will be brought back down to earth when the truth comes out. Circus Act II

Nasty assed Perla has been warned many times by people who don't have a dog in her fight and she still refuses to listen. She knows enough about what the boys are up to to know better, but selfishly continues, and if it had come to it she would have sacrificed little Carita. We can be sure.she is going down, probably at the hands of her partners in inhumanity.

Juan is another cray cray one. His craziness results in his maniacal obsession of destroying David for purely imagined wrongs. SkidMark is just plain mean, dirty and rotten. He simply deserves a slow painful death. I assume he and NoJuan will take care of each other with Perla caught in the crossfire.

Lillian seems to believe that sitting on her ass drinking free wine in the lap of luxury is the way to spend the rest of her life. In reality she has not committed any real serious crimes, yet. But I daresay her life plan may have a few holes in it. I would not be surprised to see her actually lose her mind and be institutionalized when she finds out about her daughterS.

But until these things get into high gear this starving dog will survive on bones like the passing of the Olympic Ladle and the Comedy Club Camaraderie on the patio.

Kiby--You are a treasure. Love your rundown--from a guy's point of view. Oddly, it's not too far off from one gal's point of view.

I don't mind a little skin on the beauties--but I do not need to be reminded of my own aging body by having to watch Lil and Marta doing their thing with two, two-timing guys (well one of them way in the past and thankfully we didn't have to watch).

I enjoy seeing handsome guys of any age, with some acting chops showing their skin (preferably not with a body tattoo) in their tighty non-whiteys (see La Piloto's John and Dalberto). However, except for Miguel, where's the skin on our galans?

David took his shirt off once, I think. Well, it was so long ago his bod dims in my memory. However, I do remember his work-out sessions, gleaming skin in Refugio as Rod the Bod--so he could still be called upon to show it to us. As for Gutierrez, since we're not supposed to like his racist attitudes or politics (win at any cost), keep him covered, especially in the company of two old broads.

If you've read Stevey's Premios column, you see that Juan Vidal (Gut) was nominated for Best Supporting Actor while Christian de la Campa (Juan) wasn't.
To me he was a bit of a villain, but we really don't have any other male villains in this thing besides Juan and Mark, but I thought Christian's role was much closer to being a supporting actor--keeping the action moving. But the real Supporting Actor has been Cesar, in my mind. Sure, it's been a bit boring, blah, even-handed and even-tempered, not outstanding, but it could have been written much more strongly and he could have been a contender.

I think (showing my own prejudices for a bit or reality where they could have done it), that Gut should have been a REAL 2d or 3d generation American speaking English perfectly and Spanish with a bad accent.

I'll get off my soapbox for now.

Thanks Anita. blush...This TN is odd in that there is not really one female I would take a bloody nose for (like Cesar).

And we have three or three and a half decent guys you would want to be friends with. Cesar, Bobby, Tano and Ramon.

Do Not Miss Monday.

My biggest disappointment here is GS has been wasted. I fell in love with Max (GS)in YoNo and hoped for some more. David loved his wife (yeah) but otherwise all I get is Graciela's pawing and Luciana's blank stare when he pours out his heart. If David is the galan then pair him with a WOMAN that loves him for real. Poor guy's wife was murdered, best friend screwed him, daughter blackmails, sister in-law stalks, mother in-law mooches, boy he taught everything snarls and works for his competition and girl he thinks has his back is looking for the door.

Oh, don't tell Mr tofie about Max I feel guilty enough.

Home again. No more being served breakfast and teatime treats. It is always hard to leave the sea. On the plus side, we left overcast , cold weather and came home to bright sunshine and rapidly melting snow . Spring?

Anita..I wonder how much say the actors and actresses have in doing love scenes. In a show that I have watched for two seasons, there was quite a lot of skin and love scenes shown in the first season . Then, I saw an interview with the actress in which she said that she was learning to speak up for what she wanted, and in the second season, there was much less skin and only a few brief love connections. So maybe Irina has a clause in her contract about no love scenes with old dudes.

I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow night! I think I might have fallen asleep at the end of Friday's episode because I cannot remember what was in the advances. I am still trying to guess what types of anvils start falling. Disgrace has been keeping a pretty low profile . I am still waiting for her to creep into her bro in law's bed out of sheer desperation.

As for the California Raisin, the patio actually referred to one of the actors by that name. ...A kind of wrinkled gentleman romancing a younger actress .

#avoiding unpacking


In order for DisGrace to do that she would have to wait until he was already asleep. But that's nothing new in the TN world.

I can see that happening as a way to disillusion poor Bobby since the FerBratzilla has first been traumatized by seeing David and Luciana kissing.

I wonder if Fer would support having dad with auntie .

She would, Susanlynn, several episodes back she argued in principle that it was okay against Bobby who thought it impossibly absurd that, being their aunt, she could also be their mother. After Fer declaring that Abuela and DisGraceful are the ONLY ones she could trust, I'm sure she'd be all on board. AND, the ever-plotting, shameful, killer shrew, DisGrace, planted the seed when Fer was still in the hospital. DG told Fer that she had an impossible love and Fer begged to know who it was. DG said she would tell her when she thought she had a better chance of making it come true.


They would be OK
I found something on page 182 in the 'Unabridged Animal Husbandry Manual, 1952"

At least Graciela likes David, isn't confused and committed to having him. Now is a good time for Graciela to again step up and help with the new wine presentation. She did a masterful job last time and Susan and Luciana haven't started.

Sure, she's ok if you like obsessive, child-abusing liars who aren't above killing your wife to get at you. She's quite a catch!

DisGrace is only interested in getting him because it meant she took him from Lisa. She'd be bored out of her mind if she got him and had to actually be a wife and a mother rather than just a bedtime playmate. She'd be itching to go back to Spain for the attention she got in the art world. And no way would she ever want to get pregnant.

No way would David agree to sending Bobby to a boarding school unless Bobby himself asked for it; I doubt he would.

I hope tomorrow night's episode is up to expectation; I'm impatient for it.

Kirby on Lil: "In reality she has not committed any real serious crimes, yet." Unless she killed Fernando. I kinda think she didn't, but the possibility has been left open. Depending on the timeline (deliberately vague), I'd suspect Graciela of killing him, if anyone killed him. But Lil is such a hypocrite, this would be a good crime to stick her with and then she couldn't say a thing to Grace for killing Lisa.

Hi Anita, this is a funny recap. Lil
Really was ridiculously stupid with that ladle. Makes you wonder how her
Husband and kids ate anything. Unless
They had a cook. Which would have been
Good for anybody eating from her pots.

Fer is such a selfish little snit.Tano
Could do better, but hes stuck on that
Heffa. Did I mention how much I don't
Like her.
Bobby is so sweet. David was being very respectful of his feelings, it is
The tantrumbrat's fault.She acuses her
Dad of doing what she's doing with the
Box of hair. Hypocrite!
You know what I don't get? Why is it that David is being written on as somebody who Can't seem to see or even be suspicious of The crooked people around him? Namely Mooching in-laws. Where is lil getting Monthly income from?Fernandos social Security checks? I know her and juan's been siphoning money off for the past few years but I don't think he's doing that anymore, so maybe shes living off the SSI check or Fernando's pension? I Was just wondering about that.
O David you have so much to see When the writers write the blinders off.

So glad Cesar isn't stupid like his
Alter-ego on that daytime show.I could
Just strangle jaime,but I'll leave that Gisele. But I like cesar, he's moving slowly but surely. I like him
Better with susyQ.
Marta, what to say about marta-Martha.
She needs a new wardrobe. And shoes.
Burn those chunky klunky shoes.Ok done for now. Sunday supper's ready.

Thanks Anita:)


Nina--Your comments are always so entertaining. Your prose reads like poetry--with some extra zingers thrown in. Yes, we're all pretty frustrated by David's trusting nature.

Yes, come to think of it, Juan had to share some of his skimming profits with Lil. I guess DisGracie didn't know about that or she would have made Lil kick in some of that to up the ante on the Olive Garden. Of course, Juan would not have let that happen, so I guess it's moot. But you are right. How much is in her bank account now.

There are only three people who can possibly know about Fernando's last breath. Lil, DisGracie and Fernando. Marta would only be able to speculate, unless she was listening outside some doors. My guess would be Lil--in anger for having been "adulterated."

OK. That works for me. We have enough crimes in the basket to dole them out as we see fit so that everyjuan has their fair share.

Yeah, Lil deserves better than I gave her I admit.

She could....have killed Fernandon't because of his dalliances with you know what...who.

If she had her daughter (guess which one) kill her own Father, Lil would already be suspicious of what happened to Lisa.

" quite a catch!" Um...see 'blowup doll' above..possibly David's best choice right now.

Nina that's what I have been telling the writers all along. You don't have to make David THAT stupid for me to feel alright about my own smarts.

I suppose they want him to be able to be a L O T smarter when he finally comes around. But then any IQ is bigger than Zero.

It is interesting that there are no married couples, happy is otherwise, in this novela. Adolfo and Ramon's wives left them. Lilian, Marta, and Dave's spouses died. Susan and Marked are divorced. Everybody else is single. Is that unusual for a telenovela ?

I had a thought about Marta's shoes which seem to be a constant topic of discussion. I think the problem is that she wears them with dresses. If she wore nice slacks , you wouldn't notice those clunky shoes as much. I think that Sonia always looks good in her shirt, slacks, and...yes...perpetual vests. We don't even notice her shoes.

You're right about the shoes as well as the married couples.

Were there any happily married couples in TVA? The memory is faded, but I can't remember any except maybe the cardiologist and his wife?

Those clunky shoes give me the willies every time I see them. Not only are they fugly, they look like an invitation to twisted/broken ankles! Having broken an ankle before, they look like killer footwear to me.

Susanlynn, married couples DID take a hit in this show. . .literally, as we know in one case, maybe two.

Speaking of which, Luci only saw about what, ten years of her parents marriage and she saw David and Lisa's marriage from the eyes of a child (hmmm, kinda makes their current relationship look really yucky!). Anyway, she and her Dad get deported and the next "example" she has of marital commitment is her Mom refusing to join her and her Dad in Mexico and repeatedly choosing David's family over her and her Dad. When she returns as an adult to Sonoma, she has the dearth of examples of marital bliss that Susan outlined above. This, taken with all the baggage of wacko Klingon in-laws and a narrow-minded, selfish, blackmailing little twerp of a daughter/bitch in-training under the tutelage of DG and Lil.

Hey, I think maybe her lukewarm attitude about David's declaration of undying devotion is healthy and agree with whoever said remaining uncoupled and taking care of oneself is the best option for Luci!

Hi, Lila. Maybe Dave only gets one true love Lisa, but I kind of think that Luci and Dave will end up together after all the baddies circling Dave get their anvils. It looks like Cesar is Dave's true friend and confidant, but Gut is the guy who will close in on Juan and Marked in spite of those appetizers and centerpieces Juan made for THE BIG EVENT . Maybe Miguel will become Dave's ally. Telenovelas are morality plays , so the good will get their happiness and the baddies will get their just rewards . Karma is coming. It always least in telenovelas if not in reality.

Yah. Well, I can't wait to see what Monday brings. I probably won't make it to the patio to comment but will sure be interested in what you all have to say!


New life? form discovered in a galaxy far far from normal. :-)


Thanks, Anita. Your recap is a lot more fun than the episode.

I think I'm more forgiving of Luciana's lack of oomph! with David because this mature man is such a dolt. Juan has openly declared his hatred and purchased the olive land with the water source, but still David is duh! about his sudden water pressure problem.

I give Perla points for at least giving up Mark to Miguel. Nice of Miguel to remind Leon how Marta was a mother to all the vineyard kids.

Juan Vidal (Gut) was nominated for Best Supporting Actor while Christian de la Campa (Juan) wasn't? That's nuts. The Premios have no credibility with that one.

Niecie...Dave did seem to perk up for a second there after those brief moments of afternoon delight, but he has that wounded puppy look on his face 24\7 again. It must be overwhelming being surrounded by all these crazy\awful people , but galans used to be large and in charge type of guys who were kicking stuff and taking names . Dave just always looks dazed and confused. Despierta , Dave.

Susanlynn, what was Fernando Colunga's name in Pasion? I wish that guy would sit down with David and tell him how it's done.

Mornin', Julie and all! Susanlynn is prolly teaching right now. I'm loafing at work:

Fernando Colunga was Ricardo De Salamanca y Almonte / "El Antillano"

I enjoyed that novella SOO much and loved how MANLY and proactive Rick was and how he and Camilla never had those silly break-ups and remained devoted throughout! Ahhhh! They don't make 'em like that anymore!

Yeah. Pasion was solid. They were sometimes kept apart by circumstances, but never by stupidity. And they both knew what they wanted. David is so clueless and Luci is so wishy-washy, it's hard to get excited about them as a couple.

Miguel still seems more of a galan to me than David does, which really annoys me because Miguel is so... annoying. Possessive. But he's kicking things... well, getting kicked... and definitely taking names. He's taken far more action into solving the mystery of the tainted wine than David has.

However, I can no longer claim that even Miguel knows what he wants, because what does he want? Erika? With Luci seemingly available again, will he become distracted? Come on, galan, stay focused.

Sadly, the baddies seem to be the ones who really know what they want and the Leader of the Pack for focus and single-minded dedication is DisGracie!


Eladio. FC was sensational in P&P. Hell at the end even I wanted to kiss him.

I worked on tying my ties like Eladio for six months and never did really get it down like him. And mine were silk three or four stripers.

for focus and single-minded dedication
Terminator with t--s.


I was talking about Pasion, the historical pirate thing, not P&P, which I didn't see. Ricardo was awesome, maybe the best galan I've ever seen.

DoH !

Julie, the first time I ever saw FC was Pasion.

Oh my.

He was the perfect pirate. After, I saw bits and pieces of Amor Real which captivated me. I heard Alborada was just as good (our own Susanlynn among the commenters).

He just hasn't clicked for me in anything set in modern times. Doesn't mean I don't care for him - I do, but he seems best cast in a bygone era...


Terminator with t--s.

Yah, that's DisGracie!

Diana - yes, Alborada was great. He was a good galan in that, too. But I liked Pasion better. Maybe it was the hair.

Did you see MEPS? I thought he was fine in that. Plus, Lucero as villainess, Silvia Navarro as protagonista, and Sergio Sendel. There were a lot of cliches, but the performances were stellar, the characters were likable, and it all made sense in the end. And FC as... what's his name... was another galan who knew what he wanted and did whatever he could to make things right. He had a friend to help him, like David has Cesar, but we never felt as though the friend was doing all the heavy lifting.

I meant to add, MEPS was the modern-times exception - I also saw STuD and PEAM, and I didn't like either of them. I felt as though Televisa was casting FC in their crappiest productions to make sure they'd be successful. STuD was just a mess, and in PEAM he had to play opposite Blanca Soto which was like asking him to play opposite a (pretty) lump of modeling clay.

Actually Julie, I did see MEPS. Yes, he was better there than in STuD (dreadful) or PEAM (which I watched only a bit and then bailed).

MEPS had Sendel (who is always top notch) and Lucero (first time I'd seen her) who nailed her part as well. They helped!


Well, well guys gave been chatty while giving tests and taking names. Lila was right. I am back at school after my week off for spring break.

Ahh..Passion. My third favorite novela. Alborada is Numero uno and my first novela, and Amor Real is second. Okay, do you notice a pattern? They are all historical fiction and all starring Fernandito. Like A!ice followed the white rabbit down that rabbit hole into Wonderland, I followed Fernando down the rabbit hole that is telenovelas.

Pasion...I could only remember Fernando's character as RicRicRic. Does anyone remember Amy Poehler's Ric skits on SNL?? We had to best time with that novela. We generated pirate names for ourselves at a website. I was Mad Bess..and Captain Sylvia Sharkbait turned me into Mad Buns for this telenovela about the baking brothers Fuego en la Sangre.. I think that it was William Levy's first novela ,and he wore a really bad wig, as did SEBASTISN RULLI.

In Amor Real, Fernando played Manuel, a galan who did some very ungakan like things to the leading Lady .

Julie..was MEPS the show where Fernando was supposed to be a football player at Harvard (big football college), and his friend was ESteve that redhaired actor?

Begging for a spanking. The whole lot of you.


Diana..I bailed on PEAM, too. Fernando was wasted on that hot mess.

Yes, he was supposed to be playing football at Harvard and IIRC he was wearing the wrong color. And "Esteve" the red-haired guy. I haven't seen him in anything since then... though imdb says he was a singer in Alborada!

Now now Mr. Spanky, we are talking about telenovelas and the proper behavior of galans. You are receiving important historical information about the genre.

Maybe we all just have a hankering for some Doritos.

Julie...I Alfa not remember ESteve in Alborada, but he played a roue who became a good guy in Amor Real. Sometimes, I mix up the plots and characters in novelas.

Julie...I Alfa not remember ESteve in Alborada, but he played a roue who became a good guy in Amor Real. Sometimes, I mix up the plots and characters in novelas.

Yes, sigh, Ric was proper behavior and perfect.

ESteve!!! Wow, I'd forgotten him.

I am pretty sure that other TN discussion is "allowed". But thank you Hall Monitor. :)



Diana..remember Ric's bff Mario ? What was the name of the actress who played Camila's bff ? I have not seen that actress in anything lately. Dear Marianne Carr of Alborada fame was also in Passion. Remember the villain who kept losing body parts? Now there was an evil villain. And Ric's blind cousin who lusted after him.

Pass the Doritos.

Is it Manana es Por Siempre? with Ana Leal? Is that MEPS?

These all sound like something from an MSDS label from the EPA.

Those longer than 4 or 5 letters I can not decode.

Camila's friend was something Olmos. She was also in MEPS.

Yeah, MEPS is Manana Es Para Siempre. No MSDS label needed. It did have a crooked psychiatrist, though.

OK what was the TN where some kids pretty Mother had a medium length hairdo, just real straight and about chin length, but a different color every episode? I have been trying to figure this out for years. It must have been in the early 2000s about the time I started watching TNs.


I saw bits and pieces of MEPS but was not hooked on it like some of the recent ones.

I didn't start watching till 2006. I watched three that year, but none of them had kids. At least not with a pretty mother.

I bet someone here can figure it out, though.

Do you remember any names?
Do you remember if you saw it on Univision, Telemundo, somewhere else?
And when you say different hair color, do you mean like blond-brunette-redhead, or just different shades of a color? (Like Dr. Crusher's mood hair on Star Trek)
What was the story?
Setting? Rural? Urban? Workplace?
If you remember anything about the song, that'll narrow it down really fast.

No. Green, pink purple, yellow red brown black Lilac every color of the rainbow. I am trying to remember who played her husband.

Kirby, I think that I started watching telenovelas about the same time as Julie , so I was not around for the one that you describe . Which patio peeps have been around for awhile? VIvi came here later, but I think that Urban has been watching for a long time.I was here before Melinama (Jane) started Caraycaray which was named after Mariana Carr's favorite expression in Alborada . I think that Anita has been watching telenovelas for awhile, so she might remember that episode. I think that Carlos has been watching telenovelas for awhile, but I have not seen him at Caraycaray for quite awhile.

I think the novela you're talking about was Carita de Angel and the actress was Nora Salinas.

How did this get so off-topic?

It was set in a big city and a lot of it filmed in what appeared to be some pretty expensive condos.
The husband worked and always wore a tie. They had about a 6 year old kid.

I just remember she was really pretty, and her outlandish hair colors were like the 800 pound gorilla, no one seemed to notice.

She had the same wigs as that little girl on the kids show Lazy Town.

Urban I am the guilty one. I saw an opening and went for it.

Urban, you are rightt. That has been bugging me for ten years. T H A N K Y O U. Seventy leven times over.

Wow, Urban.

I am counting the hours till tonight's episode. Depending on the answer to the big question, I think several more characters are going to need therapy.

One of the hall monitors tried in vain to rein in the crowd but was summarily dispatched by the lawless band of reprobates who continued on their evil rampage.

Julie: Tano having to endure FerBratZilla ROFLOL.

Meanwhile, APB Alert still out there for Carito!


Yeah, well, what happened was, the question came up again, where the hell have our galans gone? And then we began to drift... I blame David.

We bad.

WOW Nora Salinas is not bashful! I finally searched for Tia Pelucas and that worked.
Yeah I am turning off my phone tonight.

I think Bobby will grow up and become a shrink, cuz most of his family is just all out CRAZY. And he will want to keep as many families as he possibly can from going down that slippery slope of insanity.

I just read an article in the local newspaper about the shortage of psychiatrists. Friends who are psychologists had already told me that there is a shortage of child psychologists around here. Maybe there is a shortage in telenovelaland, too. Almost everyone in this show should be seeing a therapist.

I think that I fell asleep and missed the advances for tonight, so I am anxious to find out what you all are whispering about.

Kirby--Give those gals a break. Even though spring is in the air, I think they are suffering from spring fever and pining over lost galans. It's Monday evening and we've just about wrung all the juice out of Friday's episode.

On with the Shew!

I know. That's funny. I am just as guilty as any. A hundred and twenty something comments, though? Yowzers Anita.

OK Ok. 78 of them were illegal, but who's keeping score.

Did we humans kill each other MORE or LESS before we invented Psychologists and Psychiatrists?

Everybody I knew in college that was majoring in it needed one.

Kirby, I have three friends who are psychologists. One (male) is very laid back, funny, and well balanced, and he just got his third gigantic tatoo. The other two are females who have made some bad decisions in their own lives. I guess I view psychiatrists and psychologists in a certain way because I know some very well.

I think Bobby will grow up and become a shrink, cuz most of his family is just all out CRAZY. And he will want to keep as many families as he possibly can from going down that slippery slope of insanity.

Sorry for twin comments. What's happaning. Double comments. It the changing seasons affecting us. After Thursday it's gonna feel like winter again. typical Florida weather.

Sue, I am not sure my college observations are an accurate gauge of life. Anyone covered in garish tattoos must be a saint. :-)

Kirby, he is one of the best men I know. His wife is one of my best friends , and our kids grew up together. I used to be self conscious about talking to him when I first met him. However, now I just let my crazy out because he has a wonderful sense of humor .I think that he is probably a great therapist and would know just how to help Ferzilla because he raised a daughter.


That's good. A friend's daughter went cray cray about 15 of so and over the next few years sneaked out and got literally covered with 'body art'. When she was about 22 or 23 they spent a big part of a year's income trying to get those things removed. So it goes both ways.

He just got his first tatoo about a year endangered tiger on his forearm . It was expensive because it was done by someone with a fine arts major. His son just told me that he has gotten two more..both animals but I cannot remember which animals.

Yeah, ya can't eat just one.

28 minutes


Yaw crazy. Ok, I'm at my working meeting this week. I hope yaw'll are just as entertaining as this crazy thread the rest of the week!


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