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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#1): La Fan, La Doña, El Chema, & más: Week of March 20, 2017

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The Body Count so far:

1.) Daddy Sandoval

2.) Mama Sandoval

3.) Cesar

4.) Guillermo Contreras: Cold Case at this point since AG will get away with this.

5.) Homeless Guy violently beaten to death by Braulio

6.) Miguel Preciado: Monkey #1

7.) Mama Vasquez

8.) The Prostitute

9.) Felipe's bodyguard

10.) Colonel Cespedes' wife

11.) Daddy Aguirre

12.) Clarita Aguirre: Betting Francisco whacked her! Hope I'm wrong about that.

13.) Colonel Alejandro Cespedes: Monkey #2

14.) Perita the Prison Girl

15.) Ximena Urdaneta


La Dona #79/80 Friday.

Steve; oh yes!! we are walking over the corpses!

Daniel and Monica, what’s the deal, you getting near her to do what?? And Rafael is on board for what?? The road to hell is paved with good Intention

Leticia in hospital! so what?!.. Lydia call the Globe, the Tele-Catawaller.

Emilio no rehab, until you O.D, then not enough Narco-plyx in the world.

Leticia you can get drugs in jail…mom/sick-son, still co-signing each other’s B***S***, Because Valeria, she is not going to get divorce from Rat--feal is she?

Lydia ,get lawyered-up and sue for damages, who paid the hospital bill??Wasn’t she is a coma?? There is no comparison to his life.poor richchild..’’F’’..him…stop this forgiving w/out restitutions $$$$.

Regina, where is the bodyguard for Isa brat?? She doesn’t trust Felipe, when he finds out she put all their lives in jeopardy, he will rethink her faithfulness trust etc...

Valeria still has enough brain to be worried abt their ass...Scruffy, please, denial is a b*t*h, you can’t fight and you’re B**ls aint’ that big… I don’t think there is half a brain between them? Really,

But Braulio, will probably be dead in a couple of days anyway

Deb;did you call dude- Frank! Awesome!
… Frankenstein Vega was busy con- jobbing the wife, and yes, Braulio is hot on his tail,

Poor Dona, is sick and that’s just the way big ghoulish- freak likes them, I want you vomiting ,bloody, funky , sweating ,cramping, and half dead ,real necro-sexy!!

So Daniel took one for the Gipper/home team…well, ok! But still not enough...Braulio, wolf man is on the scent! Skulking expertise

Frank [deep!!] Vega is beyond psycho, he is a demon.., Daniel/Rafael..’you- Better- Recognize’..!
He got real excited [hit- snort!] abt chopping him up [snort, wipe nose] with his pretty new ax??[Snort, wipe the freeze off his top lip!]
He is a butcher for fun and profit!

Rafael cooled him down, he pulled him out of his blood- lust -stupor [snort-snort, wiped my front- teeth]!

Vega chilled –out quite nicely and put his eyeballs back in his head, Rafael knows how get him calm [don’t let pimp-daddy take another hit of that monster dope, he is snorting!].

When Vega has his antecedents for dismemberment [perricco-coco –gets a snout-fill]! Is this his M.O? Or a monkey trade mark, because Rafael was use to his manic behavior and had calming technique?
Dude. Relax, you get to chop them up later…

Ok! Daniel, texted like teenager, ok, IT’S ON!! Vega is on the course for shooting somebody today!!

Team Yesenia and lazaro, I love them,
That psychedelic garden: were they tripping when they build that or what!! All it needed was some Indian sitar music!!

Saul looked like he wanted to hit Monica when she got in his way, it was a cold shot...I aint got time for your whiny s***. Get outta my way!! I gotta help Dona, my real woman!!
Monica: ’Why does anyone need to worry abt a rich women with bodyguard, who can call the secretary of state.
Monica has perspective: ..””How is it any of our business??... Who would expect her being rescued by a flunky lawyer and nondescript cop!! WTF!


LA FAN #45 Monday 3/20/17

Part 1

When Vale finds out that Lucas arranged the day long filming with Carrizo, she is not happy that she was consulted. She talks to Lucas privately. Lucas' life may be all about the press but not hers and Tomás'. He dares to say that Tomás could be a little more grateful for what she has given him and realize she does have her own life. She warns him not to criticize Tomás. What did she think? That they would get married and live in separate places? She thinks he would have consulted her before with her and Tomás' privacy was exposed like this. . Lucas says it is only for one day. She tells him he loses his mind when he sees a camera. He talks her into it. In the meantime, Tomás has decided to get even with Lucas. After some conniving with Gabriel, Tomás decides to take action against Lucas.He is doing his own recording with Carrizo where he has not a good thing to say about Lucas and ends up letting it slip that the wedding was a fake. Vale and Lucas try to minimize what Tomás said and blame it on him being just a kid. Tomás leaves with Gabriel to stay with him. Salma calls and later comes over greeting Lucas with a kiss which makes things even more uncomfortable. Vale tells Carrizo they are just rehearsing a scene for their novela. She ends up leaving. Then good old Quique calls feeling offended and wondering why he was not invited to the wedding. She tells him how quick it all happened. In spite of the snub he still likes her a lot and will stop by soon to celebrate her happiness. She makes sure it isn't right now and hangs up. Since the fans want to see the passion in between Lucas and Vale, Lucas and Vale get cozy in their robes and profess their love for each other. Then Lucas goes to open a bottle of champagne for them to enjoy. Of course, the cork hits him in the eye. Tomás reappears to announce that he is going to live with Gabriel. Vale has to choose between him or Lucas. She leaves Lucas to talk to him. This situation is even made worse when Lucas is playing his wedding DVD and Carrizo recognizes that the judge is an actor. Carrizo was suspicious when Tomâs said the wedding was a fake and now this. Lucas goes into self preservation mode and Vale is right there with him. They were conned. They are innocent. Maybe the judge has a twin brother? Carrizo will have his people get right on it and they all leave. Lucas has a plan. He is going to get ahead of the story by getting him and Vale on the nightly news. Gabriel and Tomás see their broadcast. No, Lucas and Vale are not married. They were conned. The culprit in all of this is his manager (now ex manager) Gabriel who is in love with his wife Vale.



Part 2

Gabriel will pay for this! Lucas keeps Vale from making any comments by kissing her. When Gabriel hears this he is furious. Lucas has damaged his reputation. Tomás tríes to calm him down. At least they aren't married so Lucas won't be living at his house, Gabriel wants to confront Lucas. Tomás suggests that they enjoy the pizza and plan their revenge on Lucas..

Vale and Lucas get back to her place and he gets all lovey dovey. She tells him the cameras aren't recording, so whatnis all this. Lucas admits he is not pretending. They deserve a night for them alone. After all of the lies, he is ready for a little reality. He kisses her. She kisses him back as he dances her into the bedroom. In their next scene, they are both in their pijamas. Lucas is in bed and dares Vale to sleep in the same bed with him because he thinks she is afraid to let her self get carried away . . . With the temptation . . . No, she is not afraid and builds a wall of pillows between them. She turns on her side and goes to sleep. Later she is awakened to Lucas taking a bunch of selfies of them in bed together. He even has messed up her hair. Vale objects and beats him with a pillow. What does he want the photos for?

Agustín brings Salma the good news that the wedding was indeed a fake. According to Salma, Lucas got into all of these problems because he is involved with that nobody. He never had a problem when he was with Salma. She is only interested in getting back what was hers: Lucas. Earlier in the day, Nicolás made breakfast for himself, Rodrigo and Salma. She said she had no interest in playing the happy family. Nicolás reminded her eventhough they may not be happy they were family. Rodrigo wanted her to stay because this is a Sunday he had been dreaming about for ages.

Eloísa has a chance to finally tell everybody the truth but fails to do so again. Carlos comes to see her saying he knows the truth about Miguel: he is adopted. She agrees and tells him a story about finding him, etc. Carlos says he was hoping Miguel was his son. When Miguel overhears he was adopted and asks Eloísa to tell him the truth, she tells him he was not adopted. What he heard with Carlos was a misunderstanding. Miguel is her son.

Diego is taking action and insisting he go to a clinic with Jessica so she can get a pregnancy test. If she is pregnant, he will marry her to give his child(ren) a home.




Part 3

Adriana tells her dad Carlos she has decided to move her wedding up to next week. She needs to get away from Diego. He tells her it is not a good idea to marry a man she does not love. Diego pays her a visit to profess his love for her inspite of their entanglements with Jessica and Benicio. He loves her with her whole heart. He knows that if she marrries Benicio she will be thinking about him when she is sleeping with Benicio. It is not his fault that he was born into a different social class. He wants to die by her side. He truly loves her. They kiss and kiss. She tells him that what they have between them is just craziness. Well, it is the best craziness he has ever experienced. The next morning Carlos asks Adriana if she loves Diego. Yes, she does with her whole heart. She never knew she could love anyone as much as she loves him. Carlos looks worried.

Benicio drops the bomb over dinner with Miriam: he has to marry Adriana. He feels so horrible but he has to do it to save his family. His father is ill, blah, blah, blah. . . So what does that have to do with marrying Adriana? He is very ill and the treatments are very expensive. He cannot condemn his father to death. Miriam is upset.

Patricia stops by to see Felicitas to tell her she has fulfilled her end of the deal and now is hoping Felicítas will do the same. No problem. Felícitas just wanted to bother Eloísa. Patricia says her son Gistavo is arriving tomorrow. Patricia manages to talk Miguel into one last night together before Gustavo's arrival. When they awaken the next morning, Miguel is upset because he will be late to work at the café. The next thing we know is that Gustavo has arrived. He is in the house and so is Miguel. Whoopsie!

When Lucas and Vale get to work in the morning, Carrizo and his crew are still along for the ride. Justin the director is not pleased. When Lucas sees Gabriel he goes to punch him out but ends up knocking out (?) Carrizo instead. Vale says Lucas killed him!



What a fun episode! I really noticed the background music tonight. The whistling with Lucas trying to talk Vale to sleep in the same bed with him fit the whole situation so well.

More mañana!


What a catastrophe was el reality Feliz Domingo con La Familia Duarte, but so funny from the beginning to the end.

And Quique came back! :D


Yes, Quique is always a welcome addition. Lucas with his eyepatch just added to the goofiness.

La Doña - Capítulo 80 - Lunes 1/2

Since no one has posted a recap, I thought I'd mention some of what I remember and hope others will add to/correct it.

AG proposes a deal with Francisco. She'll give him the names of people she has told, but first he has to guarantee the safety of Rafael and Matamoros. Francisco is fed up and starts to choke AG.

Meanwhile, Braulio has snuck into the building and frees a tied-up Matamoros. After Matamoros assures him he can shoot with his non-injured left hand, Braulio gives him a gun. The two go off to try to find where in the building AG is being held.

Saúl and Karen arrive. They surprise Francisco's two thugs outside the building. A short fight ensues. One thug gets away and enters the building, but Karen shoots the other one. Saúl and Karen then enter the building.

Francisco seems to be close to choking AG to death when he hears a gun shot. He stops choking her. The thug appears, tells him that people, possibly the police, are trying to get in. Francisco tosses him a spare gun, but his aim is bad and Rafael catches the gun instead. Rafael shoots the thug. Rafael and Francisco then point their guns at each other. When Francisco points the gun at AG, Francisco shoots him in the chest. AG then takes the gun from Rafael. She tells the dying Francisco that she had wanted him to suffer more, but now his family will have to pay instead. She then shoots him in the head.

Braulio and Matamoros enter the area where AG is. He unchains her. I think she tells him to take Daniel away but keep him alive. He and Matamoros leave. Saúl arrives. AG tells him she didn't shoot Francisco in cold blood, she has spent three days simply trying to stay alive. Rafael tells Saúl that apparently Francisco had some kind of debt and was demanding money.

Braulio and the wounded Daniel escape through a window. Matamoros is about to follow them, but Karen comes upon him, her gun drawn. He doesn't resist but points out that he has lost a lot of blood.

AG and Rafael are taken to what is apparently The Only Hospital in Mexico City (TOHIMC). Leticia is about to leave TOHIMC accompanied by Valeria, and of course they run into Saúl and Karen, who are waiting to hear about AG's condition. Saúl tells them that AG is here, badly bruised, and that Rafael is also here. Karen tells them that the company that kidnapped AG was headed by an entrepreneur named Francisco Vega. Hearing this, Leticia almost faints. She then goes off to Rafael's room.

Braulio puts Daniel in chains, probably in the place AG has used to torture and kill Preciado and Céspedes. Braulio is unhappy that AG insisted that Daniel be kept alive. Daniel says that he saved AG's life in Veracruz, but Braulio points out that he raped her.

As word spreads, more people arrive at TOHIMC. First, Regina and Felipe, then Gustavo, then Mónica and Yesenia.

In Rafael's room, Leticia is very upset. She still loves him, but he's clearly still involved with the Monkeys. She asks him what AG has to do with the Monkeys.

La Doña - Capítulo 80 - Lunes 2/2

Saúl and Regina are in AG's room. AG is unconscious. A nurse comes in and asks to talk to a family member. Regina leaves with the nurse. Saúl then unburdens himself to the unconscious AG. Mónica is coming to AG's room to find Saúl. Of course, the door to the room is ajar, and she arrives just as Saúl is telling AG that he continues to be in love with her, but he also loves and adores Mónica. He never dreamed that he could love two women so strongly at the same time. A very distressed Mónica leaves without making her presence known.

It's possible that all doors in TOHIMC must be left ajar. Emiliano approaches Rafael's room as Leticia is telling him that a policewoman (Karen) is becoming suspicious. Emiliano hears Rafael says he'll take care of the policewoman. How? asks Leticia. Will you have her killed? Or will you kill her yourself, the way you raped and killed those women in Veracruz? She accuses him of being a psychopath and says at times she has wondered whether it's hereditary. She tells Rafael, "Emiliano thinks I'm an egoist who threw you out of the house, but I'd rather he think that than know the truth about you." Like Mónica, a very upset Emiliano leaves without making his presence known.

Emiliano goes outside the hospital and throws up. Yesenia and Mónica see this and go over to him. Emiliano remembers when he tried to force himself on Isabela and Mónica stopped him. He tells Mónica, "You were right, I'm dangerous, I'm like him. But I'm not an assassin" (referring to Rafael, though the reference isn't clear to Mónica or Yesenia). Mónica thinks perhaps he's upset at having run over Lydia, and she tries to assure him that she knows it was an accident. He tells her his family is falling apart and it's his fault. Mónica assures him that yes, his family may have problems, but he's not to blame. She tells him that he can get his life in order, he's only 18, there's plenty of time. He seems heartened by what she says. She continues, "You have a wonderful novia, you should help her and treat her with respect."

Dr. Adolfo, Regina, and Saúl are in AG's room. Adolfo wants them to leave (especially Saúl) so he can examine AG without distraction. Regina urges Saúl to comply with Adolfo's request. Just then AG regains consciousness and asks that Saúl remain. Very reluctantly, Adolfo agrees. He and Regina leave. AG expresses her gratitude to Saúl for risking his life to save her. She says that he must have started worrying when he didn't find her at the hacienda. Saúl admits that he didn't go to the hacienda, he only learned about the kidnapping days later from a phone call. AG is taken aback. "You didn't go to the hacienda? What happened? Where were you?" End of episode.


Juanita: Time for Daniel Llamas to face his punishment!

3 Monkeys down, 2 (Daniel & Rafael) more to go!



Juanita: It's now time get worried for Karen the Super Hero Policewoman!


La Doña

wow, wonderful recap Juanita !!!

let's see what I can add,

Leticia, at the hospital seems to have been affected by recent events and we find out later she realizes that she still loves Rafael and doesn't want to separate him from Emi, so for now in a conversation with Valeria she denies Rafael's involvement with a gang, and covers for him.

as Karen pleads that they wait for backup, Saul abandons all logic and charges in, she fortunately has a second gun to give him, but it is her (the trained police woman) who shoots the guard, later we learn that Saul was right, AG was moments away from death when Karen's shot startled Francisco, he saved her life.

good move by AG getting Daniel and Braulio out of there, Braulio later voices his regrets at not being able to kill Daniel for what he has done to AG, he wanted to be the one that saved AG, not Daniel.

interesting scene where Rafael and Francisco with guns pointed confront each other, Franco moves on putting his gun on AG, but Rafael shoots him in the chest, hmm is Rafael saving AG or is this calculated to let him go on with his current life. (and then there is the daughter)

but AG's only hesitation, after she confirms his tattoo, is that Franco hasn't suffered enough before she shoots him in the forehead, interesting that Franco is known for his gambling debts as the explanation for the kidnap.

and so it's off the the hospital with all,

I kept trying to remember why Leticia knew Franco, ah, his wife told of his tattoo.

Lopez asks Valeria why Braulio isn't here?

Karen wants to know why Rafael being kidnapped for three days wasn't known/reported by his wife, but Saul puts her questioning off for another time, Emi on the other hand remembers talking to his father on the phone earlier that night.

awkward moment for Adolfo when Saul won't leave AG's side at the hospital.

and Leticia realizing Rafael is once again involved with the Monkeys wants an explanation right now, unfortunately Emi overhears their conversation although Rafael isn't talking.

does AG wonder who made the call that brought Saul, as we wait for Saul's explanation as to why he didn't go to meet AG...


La Fan

another lovely recap Jarifa !!!

you are really bringing this story alive for us all!

alas, a little to many forced smiles in last night's show for me, my cheeks were beginning to hurt.

so Vale is lying all the time now, and Lucas kept her in line by reminding her the wedding was her idea.

I guess Sundays are Salma days, as she would not be denied, who would have guessed Lucas turned his life into a reality show, this guy never knows when to quit, it really has been Gabriel that has made his career by reining him him all the time.


La Doña

Wow, thanks very much, deb, for adding so many important items and explanations. Between our two recapitos, people should have a pretty good idea of what happened in last night's episode.

La Fan. Another excellent recap, Jarifa! So much happened in this episode! I loved how Lucas actually purred while he was trying to get Vale to agree to be filmed. That twin brother suggestion about the "judge" was hilarious, and so telenovela! The wall of pillows between Lucas and Vale reminded me of the "wall of Jericho" in "It Happened One Night." Benicio is such a creep! Marrying Adriana for her money so that he can save his father's life, indeed! I hope Miriam isn't gullible enough to believe him. I thought Tomás was hilariously snarky and clever in his plotting with Gabriel. I cracked up when Salma came to the apartment and kissed Lucas so passionately, also when she was making snide comments about the size of the apartment.

SpanProf, perfect comparison to "It Happened One Night" . Funny that both Lucas and Clark Gable share that wily "Felix the Cat look", too! I hope that Miriam goes with her gut and realizes how full of it Benicio really is. On we go!


Deb: Looking forward to seeing Rafael's plans against Karen & Monica!



Thank you for another great recap, Jarifa!

AAaarrrrrrgggggh, mateys, Lucas was rather hawt in that eye patch. LOL

Seriously, Lucas needs and intervention and a 6-month stay at some sort of treatment facility for camera lens addicts.

Here is the list of telenovela tropes that I've made, so far. Please feel free to add or change anything. Some questions:
--- Have we had the standard telenovela cervical collar yet?
--- Is the eyepatch really a trope, or just my imagination?

The standard lies, liars, eavesdropping
Fake pregnancy (Vale-to hide Quique’s jewels; Jessica *knows* she is pregnant because she feels nauseous the day after a big party.)
Amnesia (Vale)
Hospital visits (Vale – twice)
Gotas de doom (Salma for Vale but Lucas drank instead)(FanPablo to Vale)
Attempted seduction (Miriam/Miguel—FAIL!, Jessica/Diego---FAIL!)
OTT gay guy (Bob, the stylist/hypnotist, Just In Case, the director)
Slutty rich woman (Felicitas w/her models)
Betrayal (where do we begin?? Felicitas: Adri/Oscar) (Gabe: Lucia/Lucas)
Who is my real father? a/k/a Name That Dad (Tomas, Miguel )
Adultery (Felicitas Z, Carlos Z)
Late mortgage, impending foreclosure (Elo’s Café)
DNA test
False DNA test results given
Kidnapping (PabloVale)
Temporary blindness (Lucas from anti-dandruff spray)
Tarot Card reading (Bob predicts a death and twins)
CougarTown (Patty/Miguel affair) (Felicitas/her many male models)
Catfight (Eloisa/Felicitas)
Fake wedding officiant (Lucas/Vale)
Eye patch (Lucas)

doris, I do agree that Lucas did look good in that eye patch. I have to admit when he is not making faces or trying to "emote", he is a good looking guy. Thank you so much for updating your trope list. It is so comprehensive! I cannot wait to see what is up tonight.

GREAT recap, Jarifa!!

I haven’t visited the Fan patio as yet, so I’ve missed the recaps and comments, but I just love this show. All the actors are terrific, and the story line is fun. I had seen earlier on Wikipedia that this show had very bad ratings – true? That’s not up on Wikipedia any more..

But the main reason I’m checking in is that I was shocked to see “ultimos capitulos” – true???? It seems like there’s plenty of story left and that it’s too early to resolve things. Wikipedia says there are 110 episodes – were they half-hour ones?

I’m bummed that it’s about to be over!

Maggie, welcome to the patio! Yes, the ratings have been bad here. I do not know about in Mexico where it is being shown in a double episode block.The original # mentioned somewhere sometime was supposed to be 120 but there has been nothing officially from Telemundo except the announcement of "Últimos capítulos". So, your guess is as good as mine. : (


HALIMACANDY: You might want to get worried for Karen because since she's hell-bent on investigating the Monkeys & the Veracruz Incident 20+ years ago, she's got a huge target painted on her back!

Daniel: It was nice knowing you brother, but you're a Monkey: Your days are numbered buddy!

Gabino IS BACK! Get worried for Monica because she's about to become Ambar 2.0 & get whacked!


La Dona#80 Mon.
Who- da- thunk- it! Dona was rescued by a flunky lawyer and nondescript cop!! WTF!
Frankenstein has bit the dust and nobody is gonna cover up the story from Det. Karen’s end,
Rafael: were you made/busted/ cover blown?? Guess not! You still can be on Maury in the bid for ‘WHO-DA-BABY-DADDY’

Frank, going to miss you, such a build up and so worth it! Frankenstein Vega’s wife and family may be in for a shock but I think his wife had an inkling! The wife may been in denial or terrorized by his bullying, let’s see the outcome!

Dona was right- the family will pay!! It’s not their sin, but they will be smeared, I hope the wife picks up the crusade, the Traffik Cabal?!! Is she is danger. She can name names...!

Leticia & Valeria in hospital during Rafae'sl admittance,both still co-signing each other’s denial-S***..Leticia is still looking for what end?

So, Daniel, close call–almost, Braulio has a moral standard, only in regard to AG, she is his personal and spiritual compass,in a sick crazy sadistic world.

Monica: you really found out what’s the deal with putz, Damn, he spilled his guts to Dona and Monica had to get her heart broke.

Everybody was got turned out, in this episode.

The fallout:
Monica gee! Sorry, but you wanted that a**-hole, auntie Yesenia told you ,Dona told you in graphic detail,…then, you made excuses for him , even when he ran over you to get to her……nobody could get pass your bigmouth... I feel for you... anyway, you are just a young innocent girl.
I know he is not the man for you. Will you have love/romance/relationship wherein the only way you have the man, was only if your rival is dead??

Emi: if you get some drugs and O.D. Your parents are culpable for your relapse. Emi is the weak link…. He can get sky-high, live - on Facebook and spill his guts abt his dad!

Steve, yes!! I think you got it right!


LA FAN # 46 Tuesday 10/21/17

Just when you think there is not going to be much . . . this novela is on fire again! Tonight it was "últimas semanas" rather than "episodios". It made me feel better. Anyway, so many developments, so little time. . .

Part 1

As Carrizo is on the floor Justin the director decides they are going to have to hide his body. As they are pushing him around on a cart, he falls off and wakes up. He only was unconscious. He is ready to fight Lucas. Vale calms him down. Suddenly Carrizo is taken with her. They take Carrizo to Lucas' where he rests on Lucas' bed decorated with the Lucas pillows. Lucas wants Bale to convince him not to sue Lucas.

Jessica and Miguel go to the clinic for the pregnancy test.

Miguel hides in the bedroom as Patricia goes out to talk to her son Gustavo in the living room. They leave for the café to visit Miguel which gives Miguel a chance to get there, too. When they all arrive, it is reunion time at the café.

Quique gives Nicolás (one of his underlings it turns out) a job to do: give a warning to Gabriel Bustamante who ruined Vale's wedding. It turns out Quique helped get Nicolás out of jail early. Nicolás recognizes who Gabriel is when Quique says he is Lucas' manager. Yeah, Lucas the dude that works with Salma. (LOL)

Salma points out to Gabriel that in the papers they are blaming him for the big wedding mess saying he did it because he is in love with Vale. He won't deny it. He loves her and will end up with her. Salma wonders if Lucas loves her, too.

In Benicio's office, Miriam tells Benicio she cannot continue working there knowing he is going to marry Adriana. She feels something for him. He says he does for her, too. He is going to marry another butmloves her. They kiss. Adriana arrives at work and heads for Benicio's office and just misses the kiss. Benicio talks about all he has planned for the wedding. She wants to talk about business.


La Doña

As usual, I hope to have tonight's recap posted sometime tomorrow morning.

LA FAN #46

Part 2

Carrizo is critical of Lucas to Vale having covered him in the pres all these years. Vale tells him the the opposite is true. If only he knew Lucas better. Well, it turns out that Carrizo wants to know Vale better. He will not file charges against Lucas if Vale spends a night of love with him. Lucas tells her to agree to it and they will pull off a fake night of love just like the fake wedding.

Salma, who has realized that Lucas will do anything to keep his fame and that she loves him more than her career, threatens Lucas with telling the whole truth if he gets close to Vale.

When Patricia and Gustavo leave the café, Eloísa asks Miguel where he spent the night. He refuses to tell her. He has his secrets like she has hers.

Nicolás arrives at Gabriel's place on a motorcycle. He is waiting for Gabriel at his place with a gun. He surprises Gabriel but soon botches it all. He was warning Gabriel to stay out of Vale's life. Suddenly, Gabriel has the gun, makes him take off his ski mask, and asks to be taken to his boss Quique. Gabriel explains to Quique that he did not ruin Vale's wedding. It was all planned to be a fake wedding.

Jessica has an envelope with the pregnancy test results. She wants Diego to read the results to her. He opens the envelope and reads the results and leaves. She does not know he has gone straight to Adriana's. He feels Adriana that Jessica is pregnant. Diego just feels confused. Adriana says it must be hard knowing he is going to be a dad. It is not that. It is hard losing her. He has to let her go because Jessica needs a man by her side and Adriana needs a guy that can be 100% for her. Adriana tells Diego HE was that guy for her. Miguel goes and tells Jessica the results. She is ecstatic.

Miriam gets herself out of any kind of serious relationship with Miguel by telling him that if he feels confused at all it is better that he be alone. He thanks her for being so understanding.

Salma is sick of Nicolás living there but tells Agustín she is putting up with it for Rodrigo's sake. She asks Agustín to keep it a secret so Lucas does not find out. Later Salma strikes out with Lucas but is pleased when she hears about a night of love between Carrizo and Vale that Lucas is planning.

LA FAN # 46

Part 3

Ariana tells her dad that her wedding will take place next week. There is no reason to fight for her love with Diego's novia being pregnant. Their love is impossible.

At Vale's, she is talking to Tomás who doesn't like how she puts up with Lucas and all of his lies. Nevertheless, Tomás and Vale love each other. He goes to bed. Gabriel comes over to tell Vale about how Quique wanted to kill him.

The next day, Felícitas asks Eloísa if she was aware that Miguel had an affair with a much older woman who was the mother of a friend. Well, she is back in town. Her name is Patricia. All of this is news to Eloísa.

At the studio Gabriel and Lucas are at it again. This time it is about Lucas turning over Vale to Carrizo. Justin wants to know why they couldn't turn him over to Carrizo. Lucas says he is not turning over Bale to anyone.

Quique pays a visit to Vale. She explains everything about the wedding to him and that she did it because she loves Lucas so much. Quique only wants to make her happy. If she loves Lucas so much he can arrange for Lucas to marry her. No, that is okay, she and Lucas can never be together because he is up there on his pedestal.

Salma is seen in Lucas' dressing room exchanging one little glass bottle for another. Gabriel comes in expressing concern that Bake could get hurt in Lucas' plan for Carrizo. Salma says no worries because Lucas is real good at anything that has to do with lies or farces.

Vale tells Carrizo that she accepts his night of love deal.

LA FAN #46

Part 4

Miguel is talking to Adriana at work who is upset with what is going on with him. Miguel suddenly has an idea of what Bonnwas talking about when he saw two babies. Adriana does not believe in seers like Bob. Well, Miguel thinks that Bob might have been right. Jessica has one baby and Adriana could have the other . . .

The "night of love" starts at 6:00 at Carrizo's house. Lucas tells Vale to calm down because he has it all under control and hands her the little glass bottle from his dressing room. It is a sedative she can put in Carrizo's drink and he will be out like a light. As soon as he is asleep, Lucas and Bob will be right there.

Salma is bragging to Agustín about how happy she is that she switched out the sedative because now Vale will get what she deserves. Agustín is appalled.

Jessica finds out that Benicio is getting married when she thought he was Miriam's novio. Benicio tells her it is much more complicated. They will talk another time because Adriana has just arrived on the scene. Later Benicio stops by to talk about wedding plans. Adriana is not up for that as she is nauseous and throwing up. When her mother hears she is sick to her stomach she asks her if she is pregnant.

Miguel comes clean to his mother about Patricia. She sees him as a victim. He sees himself as a man who had a real love with Patricia. Later Patricia stops by saying she does not want to give him up. They kiss. Gustavo sees them.

Outside of Carrizo's in a car are Lucas and Bob. Suddenly Gabriel shows up to help out Vale as usual. Lucas has it all under control so Gabriel can go. Gabriel does not trust Lucas so he will be staying. Inside Bale and Carrizo are having beers and the bottom line is that eventhough Vale has put in what she thought was the sedative, nothing is happening except that Carrizo is ready for the love to begin.
She convinces him to go was up because she likes her men real clean. This gives her a chance to call Lucas and to tell him nothing happened with the sedative. Lucas begs her not to go through with it. Carrizo comes out in spotted leopard underwear. Suddenly Vale has an idea to give the whole experience a little spice. He is all ears. Bob, Lucas and Gabriel manage to get into the house. Theynfind Carrizo spread eagle tied to the bed. That all enter the bedroom. He is all Bob's! Bob gets on the bed in his shorts with Carrizo and Lucas takes all sorts of compromising photos of the two of them together.

La fan #46

Part 5

Diego pays a visit to Adriana. This time he has brought her something in a white paper bag. It is a pregnancy test. She insists she is not pregnant. Diego mentions Bob again. She insists she is not having his child. Benicio's? She never had sex with Benicio.

Gabriel goes to Salma to blame her for switching out the sedative. Quickly the topic turns to Nicolás who comes out of his room when he hears Gabriel yelling. Gabriel tells Salma that Nicolás is in with bad company working with a mafioso. Nicolás says his intention was never to kill Gabriel but just break a couple of his ribs which is his specialty. The topic goes to Lucas. Gabriel knows Lucas' weakness is Vale because he loves her so very much. He and Salma need to take advantage of that.

Lucas and Vale arrive at her place. He is so grateful for what she did for him. Carrizo will not be filing any charges now. Vale would do anything for him. They really kiss this time. Tomás comes out of his room and is upset that Lucas is back. Vale tries to explain that in spite of everything she and Lucas love each other. Tomás does not believe it and storms off to his room. Tomás offers to go talk to Tomás. He also would do anything for Vale. He asks if she is ready and they call out to Tomás. He does not answer. Vale goes to Tomás' room but he is gone.


Wow! The return of Bob! Always in a new role.

More mañana!

On YouTube now there are fragments of the show at least into cap 94 from Gala TV. In particular there are isolated series about Adriana & Diego. I am watching all of these possible. It looks to me like they are going to butcher La Fan & end it quick for low ratings. I figure that a lot of the stuff on YouTube will never be shown in USA by Telinmundo & that what is being uploaded onto YouTube is may be removed on copyright grounds before too long. So at least right now I can see a collage of a lot of the show.

LA FAN above -- I done it again -- forgot the title. BTW, I don't suppose it is possible for Caray Caray to keep the Telemundo telenovelas in distinct groups is it? I don't complain -- you do provide a good free service for us, & I thank you.


As to the # of episodes, I saw a claim of a mininum of 120 on the En.Wickedpedia, which is no authority of course. Telemundo has run telenovelas generally with about 40 minutes of show & 20 minutes of ads & stuff (like in 4 breaks). Of course someone may have changed the predicted number of episdoes there since I saw it.

Sometimes they can run a long entrada & eat up quite a bit of time with the entrada. Gala TV I think has used 2 hour slots -- donno about ad lengths with them in Mexico. So I wonder how they number the capitulos, since they have got to 94 on YouTube (not whole capitulos, but avances, some long, & extracts, maybe as long as 1/4 of the episode. You would think that Gala TV 94 would be = to Telemundo 188! Or is Gala numbering each hour as a different capitulo?

Then I think there are a couple of uploaders who specialize in extracting the segments on the romance of Adrina & Diego. Most recently they have put the lastest up as 42-1, 42-2, 42-3. But I don't know what 42 means -- It obviously is ahead of where we are with Telemundo in the USA, but Telemundo's episodes are well beyond 42 now.

Whatever, I do anticipate a butcher job. I am reminded of Pecadora (Litzy) which got butcher-cut for low ratings, and cut after the mid point when the plot started to get really interesting. So I never got to see a lot of Pecadora because it got the butcher knife.


Doris on Tropes:

OK Doris. Let me add that they have now gone beyond the obligatory homosexual papel. Actually about the only person in the show who seems funny to me is Catherine SinYChoky's husband Baloney. Now if you want to bring out the old identical twin routine (super identical twin), who would you nominate for the papel? Should they have 2 Vales fighting over Lucas? Will Benificio y Miguel end up being brothers becs they gots to have 2 brothers after 1 woman, if not 2 sisters after 1 man -- yikes, should Ximena-Adriana & Begonia-Jessica turn out to be sisters? How about Samia (fugitive from Los Platiados) & Felicitas being sisters?

Saul, Saul, Saul... I dunno what to say or think. Monica honey u had it coming. Wonder what AG would do to Rafael when she finds out he's a monkey too


Yes, Enoch, it is a mess trying to get any info out there. There sure are a lot of bits and pieces on the tube if you don't mind spoilers. This is just so typical of usual tv shenanigans. No info. Same old same old. Anyway, it will be interesting to see how it plays out.


Thank you again, Jarifa, for another great recap.

What a madcap romp of an episode! This may have been the funniest one yet. The background/incidental music was excellent, again.

Bob the Dog Whisperer! OMG, I laughed so hard that my other half heard me two rooms away.

Bob Of Many Talents is just a hoot. And . . . he saw two babies, so looks like Adriana might be pregnant??? Poor Diego!

I'm having trouble believing Jessi is really preggers. Does not appear that she faked the test, either. Perhaps the blood vials were accidentally switched at the lab? (fingers crossed on this one)


Loved Jessica's pink "BLESS THIS MESS" nightshirt. So appropriate!


doris, this episode was packed with action!! I sure would love to see Jessica not pregnant. Who knows? It seems anything can happen and does.

My favorite funny part last night was Justin asking why it could not be him instead of Vale that Lucas was willing to offer up to Carrizo. Justin was just so serious.



I know! LOL

IMO, Justin steals every scene he is in. He commands my attention. And Justin's black toupe is just so awful. LOL. I have a strong feeling Varoni is spoofing some of the directors he has known, or known of, during his career.

La Fan

The episode numbers are confusing since both Gala and Telemundo started airing La Fan on the same day, but shortly after the first few episodes, Gala started showing two episodes a day (I think at episode 5) but labelling them as only one episode. So both Gala and Telemundo aired their own episodes #46 Tuesday, but Gala's 46 is actually somewhere around Telemundo's 90. Some people on Youtube have been using Gala's numbers while others have been using Telemundo's numbers for the clips of the Gala episodes they upload.

J, thanks for the info.


MaameAdowa: AG is too trusting with Rafael. I'm betting Braulio tortures Daniel, who will eventually spill the beans that Rafael IS the leader of the Monkeys Alliance.

Juanita: Hoping Emiliano is not dead, just paralyzed from the motorcycle accident.



HALIMACANDY: Rafael's obsession of getting revenge on Monica seems to be the norm.

Plus, Valeria might have all but signed Monica's death warrant when she blurted out about seeing her with Emiliano outside the hospital.

Tia Yesenia WARNED Monica's ignorant, dumb expletive that Saul is just not that into you girl! How many times did Yesenia warn this brat ?

The Young Doctor is likely to be her knight & shining armor unless Monica gets whacked (see Ambar in "Yago").


La Doña - Capítulo 81 - Martes 1/3

Saúl tells AG that he didn't go to the hacienda; he went to Mónica's house. AG tells him that he's made his decision, and she doesn't need him. The person who really saved her was Rafael, whom she had underestimated. She has Braulio as her lawyer; he and Matamoros can protect her, and Rafael can support her totally (a ciegas, blindly). She doesn't need Saúl, and she doesn't want to see him again.

Karen and Jorge examine a record of Rafael's cell phone calls. Jorge points out that the phone call Saúl received about the kidnapping was made from Rafael's phone. Also, although Emiliano made many unanswered calls to Rafael, last night one was answered and they spoke for a minute. All this happened while Rafael was supposedly kidnapped.

In his hospital room, Rafael tells Leticia that his shooting Francisco saved AG and saved Leticia. Rafael explains to a puzzled Leticia that Francisco wanted to kill anyone who knew about his past. If he found out that she knew, he'd have killed her.

Meanwhile, a very disturbed Emiliano is unable to explain to Mónica what's troubling him. The discussion becomes heated, and along comes Gabino. Emiliano tells both of them to leave him in peace and leaves. Gabino comes on again to Mónica and tells her that eventually she'll regret all her insults and contempt for him. She asks whether he's going to put her in prison again for that. He laughs and tells her that there are other places and other times when he can make her completely now. He can take her with him; Saúl's not around to protect her. Yesenia comes out with Valeria just in time and yells at Gabino. Valeria asks where Emiliano is, and Gabino tells her that Emiliano and Mónica were arguing and then he left. Mónica and Yesenia leave as well.

Karen comes to Rafael's hospital room, tells Leticia not to leave, and asks Rafael why he spoke with his son on his cell phone. He replies that the kidnappers didn't want to arouse suspicion, so they eventually had him answer one of Emiliano's calls. Karen asks why she didn't ask him for help. Rafael replies that he didn't want to involve his son; moreover, the kidnappers had a pistol at his head while he spoke. Gabino comes into the hospital room and reminds Karen that Rafael was kidnapped and almost lost his life; she should respect Rafael's condition.

A distraught Emiliano comes to see Isabela. He tells her he needs her. He says "I have bad blood. I can never escape from it." He wants the two of them to go far away, he wants to escape from everything. Isabela tells him she doesn't know what's wrong, but escaping isn't the way to solve problems, neither on his motorcycle nor with drugs. She senses that something is troubling him very deeply and asks him to tell her what it is. Emiliano says he wants to be different, to repair all the bad things that he has done, but he doesn't know how. She is the only good thing that he has. He says, "You love me, right? Just as I love you." Isabela hesitantly replies that it's not his fault, it's hers, she confused chemistry with love. She will always be his friend, but she's not his novia. He then becomes angry and abusive. He grabs her. She says she's not going to let him treat her like this [I guess she's taken Mónica's advice to heart.]. He recalls his mother calling his father a psychopath and her wondering whether it was hereditary. Emiliano leaves.

The scene shifts briefly to a chained Daniel watching a chirping black bird that flies into the room. It's apparently the same black bird that drove Alejandro Céspedes crazy, but it doesn't seem to be having that effect on Daniel, at least not yet.

La Doña - Capítulo 81 - Martes 2/3

In the hospital, Lopecito tells Saúl that he saw Mónica there. She came with Yesenia. Saúl asks why she left. Lopecito replies that he doesn't know, he thought Saúl would know. Mónica came into the emergency room and then left very depressed (salió bastante achicopalada). She looked as if she wanted to cry. Saúl is astonished, but he quickly realizes that Mónica must have overheard what he said to AG. "I said things to her while she was unconscious, things I never would have said if she had been awake."

At home with Yesenia and Margarita, Mónica refuses to answer a call from Saúl. She tells a puzzled Margarita that her relationship with Saúl is over. Indeed, it never existed. Yesenia agrees, saying that Mónica deserves a man who loves only her, who she can give her heart to with her eyes closed. Mónica tells Margarita, "Yesenia is right, Saúl was never for me. Moreover, I could never a man who loves two women. And a woman who loves herself and respects herself can't accept this." Mónica wants to stay away from Saúl, forget him. Saúl tries again to call her. Yesenia answers and tells him that Mónica doesn't want to talk to him, not after what he said. Don't call her again. Leave her alone.

Leticia worries about where Emiliano is. Valeria tells her that apparently he had been outside with Mónica, but he left. Leticia tries to call him, but he doesn't answer.

Rafael tells Gabino that Karen is meddling in things she shouldn't. Gabino assures him he'll watch her. Rafael says watching isn't enough, Gabino needs to be on top of her so that she doesn't ask questions she shouldn't and doesn't bother my son or my wife. It's a very delicate situation. Gabino asks whether they took much money from AG. Rafael admits that the kidnapping wasn't for money. He tells Gabino that Francisco Vega was one of those who raped AG years ago in Veracruz, and that he, Rafael, saved AG. He had asked Gabino to investigate what happened in Veracruz so that he could protect AG. Gabino seems to be puzzled by what Rafael is saying. Rafael tells him that to protect AG and to watch our backs we have to investigate something else, and he wants Gabino to do the investigating of this extremely confidential matter. He tells Gabino about the daughter that resulted from AG's rape. He wants Gabino to find out where the daughter is, someone who now must be about 20 years old.

A drugged Emiliano is at a party. He calls Rafael but gets his answering machine. He leaves a message saying "She says I'm like you. She hates you. And I hate you. I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!" He gets up to leave. The friend throwing the party tells him he can stay in the guest room, but Emiliano just wants to leave. He gets on his motorcycle and races off.

Leticia is at home. Valeria is with her. Leticia is worried about where Emiliano is and why he isn't at home. She hears someone at the door and thinks it's her son, but it's Rafael. He's been released from the hospital and wants to talk to Emiliano. He's surprised that his son didn't come to see him in the hospital. The police have his cell phone so he doesn't know whether Emiliano has called him. Leticia tells him Emiliano isn't there.

We see Emiliano racing at top speed on the highway. He gets a call from Rafael, who asks him to come home and then tells him that a policewoman has been asking why he called Emiliano. Rafael wants Emiliano to know what to say, they have to tell her the same thing. Emiliano is angry that Rafael is always worried about covering himself. He abruptly ends the call and drives the motorcycle wildly across lanes of traffic and into a barrier. He plunges a great distance down to another road. [It's quite possible that he has deliberately tried to kill himself.]

La Doña - Capítulo 81 - Martes 3/3

Leticia and Rafael argue about Emiliano. Valeria intercedes, and Rafael says what's important is to know why Emiliano left the hospital. It eventually comes out that he was talking outside the hospital with Mónica. That sets Rafael off. Everything is Mónica's fault. "Mónica spoke ill of me, ill of us. Because of that beggar (pordiosera), Emiliano is very upset."

The next morning, AG wakes up in her hospital room. She sees a man sleeping by her bedside and says "Saúl?" Oops, it's Braulio. He has slept there all night, but he wonders whether it was worth it, since all she can think about is Saúl.

Saúl has slept in his car parked outside the house where Mónica et al. are living. When he sees Margarita come out, he approaches and asks her to call Mónica, he needs to clarify matters. Margarita tells him Mónica doesn't want to speak to him. He pleads with her and then threatens to go to the house, thus bothering the sick Lázaro. To prevent this, Margarita agrees to call Mónica.

Meanwhile, Yesenia is telling Mónica that she has to appear strong in front of others. They shouldn't see what's going on in her soul. Mónica tells her that people say you can see the soul through the eyes. Yesenia will deal with that via putting makeup on Mónica. She tells Mónica that she has to feel beautiful, that she has to look in the mirror and say, "How pretty I am. I deserve the best." You don't want people to pity you. Mónica agrees. Yesenia tells her that in addition to being a witch, she has little beauty secrets.

Braulio and Matamoros (with his arm bandaged and in a sling) are standing at AG's bedside in the hospital. She tells them that they are the only men who have been loyal to her. She gives special thanks to Matamoros and asks how things went with the police. He tells her he gave the same story: it was a kidnapping for money. Braulio tells her he has Daniel in the hacienda's basement. She mentions that Daniel has saved her life twice, but if he was at the kidnapping, it's because he was involved. Braulio agrees and wants to know when they can kill Daniel. AG says that first they need the name of the fifth Monkey.

The fifth Monkey is continuing to rant to Leticia about Mónica. He learns that Gabino told Valeria that he saw Emiliano arguing with Mónica.

Gabino tells Karen that he's going to be watching her to be sure she doesn't contaminate the case. While they're talking, Amalia Vega comes to the police station very upset. She wants to see her husband's body. She thinks everyone is wrong about him. Gabino tells her that her husband tortured people, so it's not surprising that one day he'd be stained with blood. Karen is appalled at Gabino's lack of discretion. Karen asks Amalia whether she knows AG. Amalia says she knows of her but has never met her. Karen tells her that there's evidence that her husband did know her. Karen tells her there were other victims in the kidnapping. Matamoros. And Rafael Cabral. Amalia is stunned to hear Rafael's name and admits that she knows him.

AG tells Braulio that she told Rafael about the Monkeys, the rape, and the daughter that resulted. She also tells him that she killed Francisco, nothing more. She wanted him to suffer more, like Miguel and Alejandro. She told him that his family would have to pay. Braulio asks whether she's going to kill Vega's wife and daughters. Of course not, AG replies. I just said that so he would die in anguish.

Margarita calls Mónica and gives the phone to Saúl. Mónica tells him to meet her at the cafe at the corner in 20 minutes. She arrives, Saúl tells her she looks beautiful. She says that she agreed to meet with him only because it's the last time they're going to see each other. End of episode.

La Fan. Superb recap of a wonderful episode, Jarifa! Lucas', Bob's, Gabe's, Salma's and Vale's machinations with Carrizo were farce at it's finest--and he certainly had them coming! Wow! Diego may be fathering 2 babies at once? I'm not surprised at Jessi, since she more or less wanted to trap Diego, but I thought Adriana had more sense. And it's especially surprising since Diego is so insistent that he always used protection. Mafioso though he is, Quique's concern for Vale is kind of touching. And now we know how Nick got out early--the L.A. justice system is corrupt! :) Agustín is right to be appalled at Salma's behavior, and it's not the first time. Why does he continue to put up with it? He must be masochistic!

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LA DONA: "[It's quite possible that he has deliberately tried to kill himself.]" Ya think? Juanita you are the queen of understatement. I think this Emiliano actor is doing an excellent job of making us detest his callow, impulsive egoism and at the same time feeling a small shred of pity for his situation. (well, maybe he's overacting just a little,) But I'm glad they're giving him a bit of a cameo here. Would rather see more of Diego if I had my druthers.

Boy is that Ralph a SNAKE! His kid called him on it practically his last breath (I'm assuming no one would survive a crash like that).

I still can't figure what these writers are doing with Saúl. They've painted an extremely unattractive, craven adolescent.

And I'm not liking the aggressive return of Gabino. And look at the pot calling the kettle black: contaminating the case by yapping unproven details to the widow.

Thank you for another stellar recap!

La Doña

thank you ever so much Juanita!

I can really appreciate the time you take to dig out all of the little details and get it right, you write the most wonderful recaps.

Rafael sure looked beat up in the hospital, did anyone notice his lamb's blood?

he seems to be reverting to his Monkey mode, with his disdain for poor young girls like Monica, I'm surprised he left Leticia, I thought he would just stay in HIS home, there does seem to be something there he wants to salvage.

that was an interesting phone thingy Emi used on his moto, usually when a guy is unconscious/dead under a bridge the people that find him want his wallet and such.

these episodes start out in the action of the day, then there is a night, then we start a new day, and we are still waiting to hear about Emiliano.

Gabino the lug sure is a big lump everyone has to walk around, at least he doesn't come with a swarm of policemen, he sure let Monica know he can take her anytime he wants.

Saul is becoming just a guy looking for a burning building to run into.



SpanProf, I am so glad they brought back Quique. He seems to genuinely like Vale and treats like Family . I couldn't believe that Nicolás was one of his minions. That was a good surprise!

Just a thought, won't it be fun if Monica turned out to be Rafael's daughter? How do you live knowing u killed or could have killed ur own child


It wasn't surprising anymore that Nicolas was in jail, given his bumbling the Gabriel warning---
Gabe: give your boss a message
Nico: eh, do you have a pen? I don't have one on me.

Carizzo's leopard print briefs ... how did Vale keep a straight face? 😂



I'm so sad, because this episode was 3 or 4 in 1, but it was a "fair tailorwork". I understand everything in spite of feeling missing or shortened parts.
My favourite scenes were where Bob was on my screen.
Nicolas seems to be not a skillful criminal.
I was frightened because of Lucas plan giving Vale to Carrizo, but he had a saving idea with the drops.

Gracias Jarifa your detailed recap. Fabulous.


LXV: Did you see Gabino's body language when Mama Vega came into Karen's office wanting to know the details about Francisco's death & her knowledge of the Monkeys ?

It read: "HOLY S****".

MaameAdowa: Monica is now targeted by Rafael for assassination. I wonder how will he go after her ? Rape & whack her or have her dissolved in sulfuric acid ?

Deb: The doctors did NOT check the lamb blood because they're either incompetent or bribed by him since he's one of the most powerful lawyers in Mexico!


LA FAN con afan

If you want to see a funny episode, I recommend you go to one uploaded by zuleyka pena (who has a series of uploads on Adriana y Diego on YouTube. This would be a spoiler for those watching on Telemundo now.

This is labeled capitulo 43-3 (Gala TV) , but is an episode in advance of where we are in the Telemundo airing -- so it would be a spoiler if you want to watch it all in order (you may not be able to watch it all anyway, if they butcher it to end it quick).

this YouTube uploader zuleyka pena has a series of uploads (with Gala TV capitulo numbers?), probably all in advance of where we are on Telemundo, yet lower numbers. So I am befuddled, if we have Gala episodes in the 40's ahead of where we are in Telemundo & also Gala episodes in the 70's & up to 94 (if in fragments often). I wonder if Gala TV numbered the episodes differently for different local TV stations???


La Fan

J: Thanks for your explanation of the episode numbers. I am not sure how a Gala uploader would know that a given Gala episode would be cap 94 on Telemundo -- moreover, the cap numbers surely will change if they butcher the show. but J, your explanation is the best one I have seen. So tnx for it.

Aside: I have long thot that capitulo numbers will vary given on what nation is airing the show and that the content of a capitulo will vary depending upon how many advertisements they have to get it. I figure that they put out some optional scenes which are designated as deletable so that networks or stations can cut out stuff to allow for more or less ads. (my guess)

La Doña

Muchas gracias, LXV and deb, for your kind remarks about the recap and your really interesting comments about the episode.

LXV, I agree with you about Emiliano's ability to make us simultaneously dislike and sympathize with him. I don't know how much praise should go to the actor and how much to the writers. Hmmm...given the crappy job the writers have done on so much else, perhaps the actor deserves all the credit. Like you, though, I'd prefer to see more of Diego. As for Saúl, your description of him as "an extremely unattractive, craven adolescent" hits the mark. [Though I do find him nice to look at :-) ]

deb, I also love your take on Saúl: "Saul is becoming just a guy looking for a burning building to run into." Bingo! And I too was surprised that the group that gathered around Emiliano's body didn't immediately start looking for what they could take: wallet, watch, etc. It wasn't as if they seemed all that interested in calling for help. Though help was probably beside the point. As for the lamb's blood, I think the reason the doctors didn't pay much attention to it is that it was just on his clothes and perhaps his skin, there was no wound associated with any of the blood.


Alejo, I share your appreciation of Bob because he is lake a chameleon: always being able to adapt to what is needed in a "fringey" kind of way.

If last night's episode was a slice and dice, I liked it: plenty of action. I get bored easily. :(

Thanks for stopping by everybody!

La Fan

I'm not sure if the Gala uploaders are calculating the Telemundo numbers correctly because the double eps started with 5, so that means their 46 would be our 87 and 88. I don't think Gala is editing out anything so I'm not sure how that jorge orion uploader is already at avances for 94. It's all very confusing. :/

Unfortunately, it seems that Telemundo is cutting up the episodes. According to viewers on Twitter, our episode 46 was the original 47-49.

If you've got a Mexican VPN (I use TunnelBear), you can watch the latest Gala episodes here and read a summary of what happens: They're usually a few days slow in uploading the latest ones, and there are usually only around 4 available.

LA DONA, you are so right Juanita! About the lambs blood (thanks deb for bringing it up) it brings home the point that Ralphie is just playing a big scam. No harm to him; he's even more lethal now that he has to protect what reputation he has left. Everybody from the widow Vega on up is standing in line to witness his fall. And when AG finds out! woo-hoo, watch out.


Juanita: I believe that Emiliano survived the motorcycle accident somehow.

LXV: I'm going to be seeing the look on AG's face when she finds out that Rafael is the leader of the Monkeys!



LXV: Daniel has pretty much accepted his fate at this point!


La Dona #81
Ok! Dona, now you are with sappy Saul, and he still looking like a sad sack of@#$% ...! Saul stop putting Monica’s name in your mouth.. stand up.. man- the-.’F’-up. .

---Boo hoo!You’re trying to hurt me with those sarcastic regards, I know you don’t mean it don’t throw other men in my face !! Dona...I want to be your friend?!Glad- Dona is fed up with you?

-Det. Karen, and reporter Guillermo, barrio-friend…you have questions that are going to bust this wide open.,

-Rafael, begging for understanding, his sins are horrifying Leticia, why me-OMG!! Why me!!-Then the heifer tried to run-ruff-shod over Karen, Gabino ran interference, with his creepy goofy face.

Steve: Det. Karen, is on the scent, she won’t die, because somebody with authority has to make an arrest at the end of the show! And that aint Gabino.

--Monica looked like she was two second off Gabino’s a**, after Saul B***S***, she is ready to tear the joint up/lay into Saul at least!--Yesenia, told him ...’my ass’... Valeria looked like she wanted to wipe him off her jimmy-choos!

-Gabino will find out abt Monica! He is gonna die with that knowledge, he will get to greedy and try a Dope Fiend- move of cash for a**!! Or just blow her mind and rock/blow up her world to hurt her.

--Daniel is in penance mode, that bird is a sign!! Soul travel. But Daniel ain’t leaving with this daddy issue unresolved. He can’t die yet!

--Saul copping plea to Monica....’ baby I never would told Dona, how she is the love of my life, spilled my guts, or reveal the inner most depths of heart, if her [legs] eyes were open’!
Monica, don’t play second fiddle to anybody not even super b*t*h.

-After Monica gets her mom revelation [vindictive bastard-Gabino –I bet even $$] will she take her mother’s lover back? Keep it in the family!! Sloppy seconds—Yucky- yuck!

-Team Yesenia, auntie, block-that-cop, Where’s your pride! Thank you- get her out of that axe man grunge shirt for –god- sake , back–off- two timer, , and if Monica wants to contact you she will. Maybe

-Then some classic,timeless,oldschool advice: beat your face and fake-it-till-you-make-it, never –let- the- bastard –see- you- crying…let him see other- men drooling over you, let him see what he blew.

--It was hilarious watching Braulio sulk thru the hospital to avoid his wife,

-- Emi world is crashing, so what... sins of the father… he was at the party getting- it-on- like- popcorn
High as a kite, calling his dad, and cussing him out... and that’s a wrap, Leticia should have put him in rehab, two suicide attempts ago!! Bye!! Hitting the road with choir chorus and with all the angst within a classic surreal Fellini shot…

--Dona, still giving orders, even with Percocet’s! And morphine drip!
--Daniel will give up the info…but he has leverage with the DNA- baby info!!! No that would blow Rafael cover…

--Rafael can blame everybody but himself for his failures…Monica is not at the rich-dopers party, getting high, poppin pills, passing joint, doing lick, snorting or hitting up with dude.WTF’!

--Valeria, can you shut the ...’f’ up!! As soon as a domineering male speak, you ask how high!

---The wife [Amelia] had the shock of her life when tactful gabino tells her...” didn’t you notice when he came home a blood drenched and excited, smelling like whupped /ravished/ violated virgins!
He talked to her the way the cops talk to the poor, like dogs, no compassion, lady,wife of criminal..-Sra.Capo wife-Where the hell is your lawyer [traffic partner maybe?]
--He looked sacred when Rafael’s name came up and Karen caught the vibe.


LA FAN #47 Wednesday 3/22/17

Another super stuffed episode!

Part 1

Vale feels so worried and guilty that Tomás (age 12) has run away. He left her a note telling her not to look for him and to be happy with that fool Lucas Duarte. Vale should not look for him because he will be with his real family. They track him down and It turns out that he went to his "grandfather's" house and meets Vale at the police station. When he gets there he tells Vale that his "grandfather" told him he was not his real grandfather. Lucas hears that and makes a mental note of it. Later he tells Gabriel he is going to find out who Tomás' father really is not like Gabriel. Finally Vale and Tomás are home alone and are planning a nice time just the two of them like in the old days. Tomás just wants some alone time with Vale. Tomás gets all bent out of shape again when Lucas appears. They all leave together in Lucas' car to get some lunch. Tomás does not want to be there. Vale always chooses Lucas over him. When the car comes to a stop Tomás jumps out. Vale and Lucas goafter him. When Tomás runs into traffic, Lucas risks his own life to shove him out of the way of traffic. Tomás is totally impressed and grateful that Lucas would do that for him. They hug and all is well.

Gustavo is surprised to say in the least when he sees his mother and Miguel kissing. As far as he is concerned, they are dead to him. Patricia leaves.

Diego is still arguing the merits of Adriana taking the pregnancy test. She insists she is not pregnant. He leaves the bag with the test behind. He then breaks the news to Jessica that he does not want to marry her. They do not need a shot gun wedding because she is pregnant. At work the next day, Diego asks about the pregnancy test and Adriana tells him it was negative. He then thinks back how Jessica's test was negative but then her clinic test was positive. He thinks Adriana should go get a test at a clinic just to be sure. She is not going to do that. No discussion. He will come by for her early tomorrow morning and take her himself. No! Their relationship is over. She is getting married in two days. He has a novia and two babies on the way.

Gabriel is still talking with Quique (Salma is there, too) explaining how such a good woman like Vale should not be with an egotistical guy like Lucas. He suggests that since Quique likes Vale so much he should do something to stop Lucas. So what do they want him to do? asks Quique. Quique already has a plan but refuses to share it with Gabriel. Gabriel starts to wonder if Quique is thinking of really killing Lucas. He then tells Salma that Quique and Nicolás are going to kill Lucas. She had better talk to Nicolás. They can't let them kill Lucas.


LA FAN # 47

Part 2

Lucas, Vale and Tomás get to the network studios when Lucas gets a threatening phone call. He tells Vale that he has a business call and will be in shortlly. The truth of the matter is that Quique has sent Nicolás to kidnap Lucas and bring him in. So that is what Nicolás does. He approaches Lucas with a gun and walks him to a car? Van? SUV? Pickup truck? We never see the vehicle but the next thing we see is Lucas being delivered to Quique with a hood covering his head. In the meantime Salma does in all upset saying that somebody saw Lucas leaving the parking lot accompanied by a man. She is afraid they are going to kill Lucas. Later she tells Vale that Quique has Lucas so Vale leaves to save him. Back at Quique's, he is telling Lucas he was not pleased with the fake wedding. Lucas says it was Vale's idea not his. Vale did it because she loves him unconditionally with all of her heart. For Quique that is the rub because Lucas does not love Vale. Lucas wonders about that. He is sure he doesn't and for that reason he has to walk away from her. Lucas begs him not to make him do that. Then Quique appeals to Lucas' ego. He has an offer he cannot refuse. He has a film contract for Lucas. The movie will be made in Sicily and give him international exposure. Lucas is all excited and accepts the offer. Quique knew it. He really does not love Vale. He does not deserve her. Vale shows up at Quique's all upset he was going to kill Lucas. No, he just wants her to be happy. He gave the leading man what he deserves: fame. Quique laughs.

Patricia visits Miguel at the café. Gustavo is going back to Boston. Eloísa comes out to give them heck. Miguel goes to talk to Gustavo who is just disgusted by his mother and Miguel. Patricia appears to tell Miguel she is going back east with Gustavo.



Part 3

Lucas arrives on the set all happymabout his new film contract and getting his chance on th big screen. Where is Vale? Tomás says she went to save him from death. Lucas is "Italianizing himself" in the mirror when Vale walks in so happy that he is alive. Quique did not hurt him; he gave him a passport to his dreams. He is going to make a movie in Sicily! Vale tells Jessica that she feels that Lucía has finally given her permission to have a love affair with Lucas. She is overjoyed and free. Jessica is happy for her. Lucas stops by to pay her visit. She wants to tell him about the dream (?) she had (that we know nothing about) and how happy he is going to be. He has something to tell her first. He has the contract and has to show her a clause that stipulates that he cannot have a girlfriend of any kind for two years. If he does not fulfill that condition, there is no movie. Lucas is the happiest he has been in his whole life. There is nothing more important for him than going to film that movie in Italy. Vale asks: not even her?

Miguel asks Patricia why she bothered coming if she just was going to leave. She says she did it because of Felícitas Zubizarreta. Miguel goes to tell Felícitas off only to find out he is Carlos' son.

Carlos goes to see Eloísa to give her a final chance to tell him the truth before Felícitas does. He tells her the time has come to just tell him already. So, she tells him Miguel is his son and surprise! surprise! He is okay with it. She begs him not to tell Miguel. He cannot promise that.

Diego stops by to see Adriana only to find out from Natalia that she has left to get a blood test. Natalia noticed the pregnancy test and if Adriana is pregnant, he and Adriana should get married because Adriana has never looked at anyone the way she looks at him. The clinic she went to is close by.

LA FAN #47

Part 4

Gabriel goes to payb Quique a visit to explain that he just wanted Lucas away from Vale but not dead. Quique says he did not kill Lucas. He offered him a real contract. Quique has very important connections in Italy. The contract is not a trap. The trap is Lucas' ego. Lucas is his own trap. He tells Gabriel about a clause in the contract that states that Lucas cannot have any kind of girlfriend for two years so Vale cannot be with him. Gabriel has to call him a genius! Later Gabriel gives Salma the good news: Vale cannot go to Italy with Lucas. Gabriel is happy that Vale will be free for him.

Vale is all excited and talking to Jessica. She evidently had a dream(we never saw it or heard about it) where Lucía gives her permission to have a relationship with Lucas. She called Lucas to come over so she could tell him. Lucas Arrives and tells her he has something he wants to tell her first. He has worked so hard his whole career and now he has the chance of a lifetime in Italy with the movie. He takes out the contract and shows her the no girlfriends of any kind clause. Eventhough he feels so much for her, she does not want to go back to being his novia because of those Lucía dreams. So, their relationship isn't really affected one way or the other. Vale looks crushed but manages a smile. What did Vale want to tell him ? Nothing important. They leave for work.

Diego surprises Adriana at the clinic. He insists on staying until after her test.

Miguel returns to the café but has nothing to say tomEloísa and Carlos.

LA FAN #47

Part 5

Vale tells Jessica the bad news about Lucas and Italy and the no girlfriends of any kind clause. She is upset. Jessica is shocked.

After the pregnancy test, Adriana admits to Diego that she is scared. He tells her not to be. If she is pregnant, he will marry her.

Gabriel is on the scene to add his two cents to the Lucas contract problem. He does not like seeing her upset. Vale says she is afraid of losing Lucas. What does he expect? He says she never really has had Lucas. Has she not realized that Lucas only thinks of himself and nobody else? He is the only one who exists. Vale reminds him that Lucía was important for Lucas and that Lucas told her that Lucía cheated on him. Gabriel remembers asking Lucía to swear to never leave him. She swore to never leave him. Then he saw her with Lucas. Gabriel goes on to say that Vale knew Lucía and knows Lucas: who does she think would cheat on who?

Finally Miguel talks. He tells Eloísa he was out attending to his business. He notices Carlos is there again. Carlos says he is there to be with the love of his life. Miguel goes to his room.

Gabriel tells Lucas about all of the changes that are going to have to be made because he is leaving while the novela is still filming. Lucas does not care until Gabriel tells him he will most likely take over Lucas' role since he is already doing the web novela. Gabriel is going to end up with the leading role and his "fan"? Gabriel hopes so.,

Carlos asks Felícitas why she hid Eloísa's letter all those year. Why all the hatred? She wants to know why so much love. Why did she stay with him so many years while he was cheating on her? Carlos makes it clear that knowing Eloísa had his child only makes him love Eloísa more.


"Unfortunately, it seems that Telemundo is cutting up the episodes. According to viewers on Twitter, our episode 46 was the original 47-49.

If you've got a Mexican VPN (I use TunnelBear), you can watch the latest Gala episodes here and read a summary of what happens:"

Thanks a lot for the comments, J. What Twitter account do you refer to? I guess I can go & poke around. Is it #LaFan ?

Are you using a free proxy? I guess I will check out TunnelBear. Fortunately IMHO there is plenty one can cut out of a telenovela, non-essential stuff, fillers. My experience in having watched & recorded Amarte Asi in 2005, then watching again when it was rerun in 2008 (afternoon slot), was that they seemed ham-handed in editing it, even cutting out some of the best scenes on the rerun.

LA FAN #47

Part 6

Eloísa tells all of her friends that Miguel is Carlos' son.

Diego tells Miguel that Eloísa told him Miguel was Carlos' son before Felicítas told Miguel.

Lucas goes to see Quique and asks why he offered him the contract., Quique says it is a good business opportunity. Just that? Salma arrives. He decides to tell Lucas the truth. It was done to separate him and Vale. The whole contract is real but his intention was to separate him and Vale. If now knowing the truth he does not like the proposal, Quique can rip it up. Lucas does not want that. If Lucas really loves Vale, wants to marry her, make her happy what do they need the contract for anyway. Lucas screams No!

Jessica is giving Vale advice to enjoy and take advantage of her moments with Lucas as if they were the last ones. Jessica tells her there is only one place she should be right now and it is not at home or with her friend. Vale gets it!

Benicio is preparing his apartment for a visitor with rose petals on the floor. It is Miriam who has decided to say "yes" to him in spite of everything.

Carlos tells Adriana about Miguel being his son.she says he is her half brother and Diego is the brother of her half brother. Carlos notices the envelope on the couch. Adriana confesses it has the results of a pregnancy test. Yes, it would be Diego's if she is pregnant. Either she is going to open it, or Carlos will.

Vale arrives at Lucas' place to bid him farewell with a night of love. It seems that Salma had the same idea and got there first. Salma tells him to choose who it is going to be.




Another great Angélica Vale scene when Lucas is telling her about going to Italy and her not wanting to be his novia so it is really no big deal.

More mañana.

La Doña 82

Saul desperately works on Monica to sell his take on things, (he could listen to what she has to say first) she's not buying it, she heard what he said to AG, she won't live in Ag's shadow, it's over.

Rafael visits AG, and resumes his questioning (like back at the pool) he wants to know about Daniel, where he is, what's to become of him, AG dead ends him, so it's on to the daughter, who is she, where is she, AG trusts him because he saved her life, but he's pushing it a bit, the daughter is personal, don't ever ask about her again, she says.

Karen's interview with Amalia keeps getting derailed by the big lug Gabino throwing in his 2 cents, and he manages to rattle her with the news that the police know Francisco had gambling debts and he trafficked in women, but Karen does get out of her that she didn't know AG but had met Rafael and later Leticia. (hmm, Rafael's name keeps popping up)

Gustavo corners Amalia on the way out, he wants an interview, and sells the point of telling her side of the story, (also points out the oddity that there are no other media here when the place should be crawling with reporters) he gives her a ride home while they talk, what's this, her house is part of a police investigation, she and her daughters are evicted, as we see Braulio handing over some large bills to the guy in charge.

Adolfo shows to take Laz to the clinic, Yesenia detours, something about the gas bill, Monica has returned and will go, Laz is less than happy, he can't see but the hospital smells like death.

Valeria is with Leticia at her place when Leti gets the call, the police, an accident, Emiliano is dead, Leticia folds.

Valeria calls Rafael, still at AG's side, to come home, but Leticia's rants in the background make it clear to him that Emi has died, Regina comes to see AG and walks into the news, heads to the school to tell Isabela, lets Yesenia know as they pass in the hallway.

Yesenia has come to see AG, who has taken Emi's death like any other read in a newspaper, and wants to know what Yesenia is up to, have you taken out a life insurance policy on Laz yet, Yesenia claims she has changed, she is here to make sure AG keeps her end of the bargain, not to hurt Monica, because Monica has broken it off with Saul and will no longer be a problem, AG pries out the details, Monica heard Saul tell AG he loved her when she was sedated, the gears are turning.

the doc and Monica wait for Laz's tests, she spills about breaking with Saul, he checks on Laz and when he returns tells Monica they want a dna sample from her.

Leticia and Rafael show up at the morgue to identify the body, (which is all stitched up like Frankenstein).

Regina picks up Isabela at school early and asks for Diego as well, tells of Emiliano's death right there in the hallway where everyone else hears, Isabela says it's all her fault and collapses to the floor.

Daniel, chained to the wall, wants to know what's up but isn't getting any answers, Braulio has arrived and wants Dan to call the foundation and give them a reason he isn't around, (or they will all die, I think is how he put it) he calls, Saul answers, Dan is spending a couple of days with a girl he met, and when he is on the phone with a young girl at the foundation, Braulio cuts him off (how did Braulio put it, Saul is like a never ending bunch of questions once he gets started so better to keep it short)

Matamoros and Braulio walk away telling Daniel no more talk till AG gets here, when will that be he asks, no answer...

Leticia is a wreck, clutching Emi she wails that it is all her fault he died, she wasn't there for him, she let Rafael spoil him, buy him the moto... but is left in disbelief when Rafael calmly states that it is all Monica's fault, while a couple guys arrive to drag her away, what? while Rafael, now alone over Emi's body, vows death to Monica.


LA don: Deb, thanks for a wonderful recap. I didn't get to watch it, buy this had brought me up to speed.


Thank you, Jarifa, for the recap!!!

I must have been asleep at the wheel with prior episode, because Tomas trying to find his abuelo blindsided me. Whaaaaa-at? Or else T'mundo edited & spliced that?

Quique's movie contract offer to Lucas is truly pure genius.

Ol' Felicitas just couldn't wait to drop that bomb on Miguel.

doris, there were a couple of things that were a surprise that I think were a result of the slice and dice. There was what you mentioned about the "abuelo" and also Vale having a dream where Lucía gives her permission to be with Lucas. Did I miss that?

ITA about Quique and his genius plan. I also liked that he had the upper hand re Gabriel. Have I ever mentioned I cannot stand Gabriel?

Hmmm. . . It was interesting seeing more of the Gabriel/Lucía experience but I would have rather seen Vale's latest dream (of course if I did not nod off during it)

Whatever, I am sure it will be another action packed, don't miss a word type of viewing experience tonight. I am not complaining because the plots sure are moving.



We were not shown Vale's dream. You got everything in your recap.


Thanks, doris!

Really Rafael?? Dyu live in some kinda alternate world where nothing is never your fault? Now it's Monica??? *throwing my hands up in despair* i give up already.. Just die, a painful death too


Thanks Jarifa!

The editing is making things a little confusing, but at least the plot is advancing quickly. I still would have preferred for Telemundo to move it to two hours in the afternoon instead of cutting up the episodes.

Enoch, I normally check out the hashtags #lafan and #lafanmx on Twitter to see what people are saying. Tunnelbear is free for 1.5GB of data per month (with their Twitter promotion, otherwise it's 500MB), and they have over a dozen countries available. I think the normal monthly price is only $5 for unlimited data.

La Doña

Terrific recap, deb! I love how you pack so much into such well-chosen words.

I think AG may be becoming suspicious of Rafael, even tho she now trusts him more than before. He doesn't know how to be indirect in getting the information he wants, nor does he seem to know when to stop asking questions.

I fear we haven't seen the last of Gabino's menacing. He's likely the person Rafael will entrust with doing in Mónica, though I suppose it's possible that Rafael may decide to off her himself. Hmmm...if so, could Gabino possibly be the one to come to her aid? Yikes!

It looks as if Mónica may soon find out that she's not Lázaro's biological child, thanks to the dna test the hospital has requested. I wonder how any of this relates (if at all) to why AG wants to see Lázaro.

One last question: how did Telemundo ever get the infant that plays Lopecito's son to cry and say "mamá" over and over again? The child seems too young to be able to follow those kinds of instructions.


Upfronts are scheduled for May 15, 2017 where they will announce Telemundo programming for May 2017 to April 2018. I haven't heard any news of upcoming novelas besides Guerra de Idolos - just a few biopics on Jenni Rivera, Nicky Jam, and José José.

The telenovelas included in the 2016-17 upfronts that haven't aired yet include the 5th season of El Señor de los Cielos, the 2nd season of La Querida del Centauro, and Hugo Chavez, El Comandante.

El Capo starts April 4, but it wasn't even included in last year's upfronts so who knows what else they decided to change.


The Body Count:

1.) Daddy Sandoval

2.) Mama Sandoval

3.) Cesar

4.) Guillermo Contreras

5.) Homeless guy violently beaten up by Braulio

6.) Miguel Preciado (Monkey #1)

7.) Mama Vasquez

8.) The Prostitute

9.) Felipe's bodyguard

10.) Colonel Cespedes' wife

11.) Daddy Aguirre

12.) Clarita Aguirre

13.) Colonel Alejandro Cespedes (Monkey #2)

14.) Perita the Prison Girl

15.) Ximena Urdaneta

16.) Francisco's bodyguard

17.) Francisco's henchman

18.) Francisco Vega (Monkey #3)

19.) Emiliano Cabral


La Doña

thanks all!

Juanita- thanks for throwing in the part about AG wanting to see Lazaro, that was kind of strange and she wouldn't say why, but she was insistent.



Deb: Rafael wants revenge for Emiliano's death, so we see him going after Monica with violent & deadly results.

The big question is whether Daniel will spill the beans to AG that Rafael is the 5th Monkey & leader of the violent murderous group ?

HALIMACANDY: The black bird is a cautionary sign when it flew by Daniel. His days are numbered regardless.


La Fan. Another great recap, Jarifa! It seems to me that they must have cut out a fairly lengthy search for Tomás, including contacting the police, and probably a scene or 2 between Tomás and his "grandfather." They also seem to have condensed Lucas' kidnapping by Nick, Vale's second, more approving dream from Lucía, and an additional scene or 2 between Miriam and Benicio, in which she agreed to have sex with him even if he's marrying Adriana. Also, I thought some of the Miguel parentage stuff was a little rushed, but maybe not. The cuts put the novela right on the verge of being confusing without crossing it. Enough, already! I have a feeling that the things going on behind the scenes at Telemundo are almost a tense as in the tn itself. Sort of meta. That said, what kind of crummy tests does the pharmacy Diego frequents have? Why did Jessi get her blood test results instantly while Adriana had to wait? Lucas' selfish reaction to the film contract was predictable, but his risking his own life to save Tomás's was a ray of hope for him as a person.

LA DONA Thanks deb for another rolling recap. I don't know how you do it! You manage to get everything in with an economy of well-selected words.

The moment I knew Emiliano was dead (I started out thinking they would string us along with a protracted case of Intensive Care), that was when I knew (of course it is complete speculation on my part) that Monica is the daughter of Ralphie. I foresee a drama around his determination to destroy his only remaining child, only to discover at the final moment what he has done. Just a hunch, folks. He is totally deranged at this point. And why on earth was Emiliano who fell from great height at high speed, why was his body completely intact without a scratch, except for the Y-shaped autopsy incision? That was some mighty protective helmet to keep him unscathed.

So now that Monica's DNA is a matter of record, let's guess who figures out what first. She still thinks Laz is her Pa; and pretty much everybody else knows he isn't, except Ralph & Dan. Can't remember if Braulio & Mata were let in on the secret. And Saúl? what does he know? Clueless, verdád? And maybe the sweetheart doctór. And of course, Mónica herself. I can see this show going on for a bit more on the strength of this next plot development.



LXV: Time to play Maury Povich, "WHO'S THE BABY DADDY ?"

A.) Rafael Cabral

B.) Daniel Llamas: will AG let him live considering he was being initiated into the Monkeys Alliance 20+ years ago in Veracruz when he raped AG ?

I'm betting Rafael hires Gabino to whack Monica or Braulio kills her himself.



some different slants,

1) except for shows such as "Avenida Brasil" I believe all shows (some quite excellent) not first run on Telemundo have had poor ratings, (this doesn't fare well for "El Capo" which has been run in Mexico).

and yes there are ways to get around "not shown in your country" stuff to watch on the internet which is done by masking where you are and VPN (virtual private networks) do this by originating your location from them, (btw, Opera has a VPN built in with various locations to choose from, this may work as well).

2) Telemundo's success over the past years has been credited to Joshua Mintz (Maritza Rodriguez husband) innovated approach to programing including such hits as "La Reina del Sur" but he left the network about a year ago for Azteca.

3) the actors at Telemundo have voted overwhelmingly to join SAG-AFTRA, the screen actors union but how this will all shake out is still up in the air but it does seem Telemundo is reluctant to do a large production in the U.S.


La Doña

thanks LXV!

at last the dna test, I'm guessing the first revelation will be Laz is not Monica's dad, but will anyone tell Monica?

lets see what we know,

who knows Monica is AG's daughter
(Matamoros, not sure, he doesn't ask questions).

who knows a Monkey is the father
(Rafael and Daniel know but not that it's Monica).

and hasn't Gabino been given the task of tracking down the daughter?

additions / corrections ?


Thank you, deb, for your interesting comments. As for ratings, TV is going to have to come to grips with much lower ratings because of the variety of programs that are offered across a multitude of platforms. They are no longer the only players in town. Even though they have tweaked the rating system it does not fit what exists in reality. For example, I do almost all of my TV viewing on demand days/weeks after the original programming aired and stream content from the Internet . It is time for the entertainment industry to become creative in measuring their success with audiences.

JARIFA - well said re: ratings!

La Fan. Quique's wisdom in testing Lucas's love for Vale is almost Biblical. And it doesn't even have to involve any violence or threat of violence.


SpanProf - Yep, I kept thinking of King Solomon and the baby. :-o


SpanProf, you sure hit it on the head with almost "Biblical". I like how we are surprised by the characters. I never would have thought Quique to be so wise.

la dona

Telemundo in the house!!

Deb: you had me busting a gut, with your list...OMG!!

you are really on point!! thanks!! death is poppyn' off!!
steve ,don't kill nobody for a minute!!

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