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La Piloto #9 3.17.17: In Which Yolanda Finds Out The Truth...

• Zulima goes to answer the door as John hides in the bedroom. Yolanda is sorry that she came unannounced but she needs a favor. She notices that Zulima is nervous and asks if she has someone there. Zulima tells her it’s no one she knows and Yolanda asks if she can take Miami shipment. Zulima asks that they talk about it on the way over to the airline and Yolanda agrees and goes to wait outside. Zulima goes to her room and gives John the keys to her apartment and asks her to lock up. John asks her what Yolanda is doing there but Zulima will update him later. She leaves and John calls his men to asks them why they didn’t call when they saw Yolanda. They tell him they thought he had invited her,
• In the car, Zulima explains that the Miami shipment is special and Yolanda confirms that it’s a lot of money and wants to do it. Zulima makes her promise that if something goes wrong, she will take full responsibility. Yolanda asks her why she thinks something will but Zulima makes her promise either way.
• Dalberto wakes up from his alarm and looks for Yolanda but finds his apartment empty. He then receives a call from John, who wants him at the airline in 40 minutes so Zeki can give him instructions. He asks Dalberto to be on his toes since this is his test run. Dalberto agrees and hangs up.

• In his car, Arley follows the truck to the airline airstrip to ensue it is safely deposited on the plane. He receives a cal from Nene who tells him that Bam-Bam woke up. Arley will be there soon to talk to him.
• In the safe house, Bam-Bam is trying to say something but all he can do is cough.
• In CAA, the airline employees get the merchandise on the plane. They store the bags with the drugs in the back where the flight attendants can find them.
• Zulima calls Dalberto and tells him his flight is #9865 and the merchandise is on the plane. He asks if she’s going with him but she tells him that another girl is going.
• Yolanda gets on the plane and Lizbeth and Amanda ask her what she’s doing there. She tells them that she switched shifts with Zulima. Yolanda sees Amanda preparing a concoction and asks her what she’s doing. Amanda tells her that she’s getting the first aid kid ready as she always does but it’s weird since they asked her to put on gloves and everything.
• Yolanda goes in the back and sees the man sorting and storing the drugs. She calls Zulima and chides her for withholding information. Zulima reminds her she told her the shipment was special and she promised not to leaving her hanging. Yolanda agrees.
• Zeki opens his gate to leave his house when Adela, his wife, comes and hands him some documents. He kisses her goodbye and leaves as Ernesto watches from afar. Ernesto calls Zulima and asks her what the next step is. He laughs at what she says.
• The flight attendants are getting ready for the flight. Dalberto asks Amanda that he has to make a call outside as the girls help the customers. He calls Becker to tell him his flight number and that he’s going to Miami with one of the flight attendants. He asks that they arrest her too since she’s possibly implicated. He then notices the truck from when he was captive and gives Becker the plates so they can follow it.
• Adela comes out of the house and Ernesto stops her. He asks if she’s Zeki’s wife and smiles.
• On the flight, Yolanda walks over to Dalberto and he is surprised to see her there. She tells him that she came to help him and he starts to sweat. A customer then asks for water and he goes to the back to get it. Yolanda follows and closes the curtains. She asks if he’s okay because he looks nervous and then supposes that he is because of the shipment. She laughs and tells him everything will be okay; when they get to Miami, they will go rent a car and the instructions on when and where to drop off the shipment will be there. The car will also have a cell phone and that’s important so they can be in constant contact with the Lucios. Yolanda then asks if he knows what they are and pulls out one of the thermos with the hidden crystals. He confirms that they are methamphetamines and they cause hallucinations but Yolanda thinks they are pretty. He tells her that no matter what happens, he wants her to know that last night was special. She thanks him for making her feel safe and protected and apologizes for leaving this morning but she didn’t want to wake him. She left early to go talk to Zulima about trading shifts because she didn’t want him to do his first job alone. She smiles and they kiss.
• On the other side of the plane, Lizbeth tells the Olivia that everything is ready and to tell the co-pilot they will leave the shipment where they always do. Olivia confesses that she always gets nervous on the flights they have shipments.
• Becker is launching the operation with all the bells and whistles. Frank, an agent, tells him that they don’t have enough agents to cover the mission on the ground so he asks him to call the judge in Miami.
• Zeki is in his airline office when he receives a call from Adela, who is crying and begs him to do what they ask because they have the children. Zulima gets on the phone and tells him to go to her apartment ASAP or his family gets hurt.
• On the flight, Dalberto tells Yolanda that he can take the merchandise alone because he doesn’t want her to risk herself but she reminds him that they are a team. Lizbeth calls her over and she goes as Dalberto to stress.
• John calls Homeland Security and tells them that Alberto Diaz is carrying illegal drugs in a red backpack and hangs up. He tells his men that everything is read for their star flight attendant…
• In Zulima’s apartment, Zeki is tied up in a dining room char. Zulima calls John and he chides her for not being on the flight but she explains that she found out Zeki is an informant for the DEA and couldn’t go. Zeki tries to defend himself but she points a gun at him and tells John that she heard him talking to the DEA and tied him up. She begs John to come soon.
• Moments later, John tells his men that they need to empty out everything from the warehouse and ranch before the DEA comes and finds their merchandise.
• Zeki asks Zulima why she did it when he gave her everything but she screams that he only gave her crumbs and she’s tied of him treating her like dirt. She chides him for promising her the world and not making good on his word. He calls her a liar and a cheat but she reminds him that he still had good times with her. She then shows him a video of his kidnapped family and tells him she’s anything and everything but a liar. Zeki begs her to let them go but she prefers to negotiate and asks him to tell John that was going to turn him in and that he worked with Hector or she can tell the man that has his family that they don’t need them anymore. Zeki calls her cheap but she reminds him that she was cheap and that’s why all this is happening to him.
• Arley comes to the safe house and finds Bam-Bam delirious. Nene confirms that he’s worse and can’t even control his bowel movements anymore. Arley puts a napkin to his nose, breathes through his mouth and throws a cup of water on Bam-Bam, who wakes up asking for some water. Arley asks him what happened at the hospital but his phone rings before he can get an answer. John asks Arley to go to Zulima’s apartment immediately and Arley obliges. Arley tells Nene that when Bam-Bam says something to call him ASAP and to change his diaper. He leaves
• The plane arrives in Miami and Yolanda and Dalberto walk up to the security checkpoint. Yolanda passes without issue but Dalberto is stopped by security. They ask him to come with them as Yolanda watches, scared.
• Arley searches Zulima’s apartment and finds no wires, etc. and calls John to tell him that he can come up. He then tells Zeki to behave himself when he talks to his boss. John comes in and Zulima thanks him for being there. John asks her what happened and Zulima asks him to talk in private. His men leave them alone and Zulima confesses that Zeki came in the morning to sleep with her and then he went into the bathroom and she hear him talking to a DEA agent. He told the agent that he was tired of being a mole and wanted to turn in the Lucios so his family and he could go to the Bahamas. She then confirms that his family is out of the county already and John begs Zeki to tell him it’s a lie but Zeki confirms it’s true. John punches him and chides him for his traitor. He asks Arley to come in and take Zeki to the warehouse so he can torture him till he talks. They put a black hood over his head and take him away. John then congratulates Zulima and asks about the shipment from this morning. She confirms Yolanda is going it and he then tells her to come with them since the police is coming soon. She asks him if she can take some stuff and he leaves her to pack. She takes the time to call Ernesto and asks that he watch Zeki’s family. If she doesn’t call in an hour, he knows what to do.
• John calls the Miami airline security and confirms that Dalberto has been arrested and all is going according to plan. He smiles and tells his men that not all is in bad news as they were able to get their shipment to Miami and get rid of Dalberto.
• In airline detention, Dalberto explains that he’s Dave Mejia, a DEA agent and they have to let him go because he’s uncover. He asks the policeman to call Becker and confirm it’s true. They do and Dalberto explains to Becker that John Lucio blew the whistle on him on purpose and Becker will help him get out of the situation but he needs to be careful. If the Lucios find out the DEA got him off, they will know the truth and move against him. When he’s hung up, Becker asks his agent to call the DEA FL Director.
• Yolanda is walking around the airport, waiting for Dalberto. She looks around, nervously, wondering when and if she’s going to get out.
• A DEA representative comes and apologizes to Dalberto for their mistake; the police had no idea he was a DEA agent. Dalberto He grabs his gun, the drugs, and his badge and goes to walk out but the DEA agent explains that Becker asked them to follow him. Dalberto has that they maintain their distance as to not blow his cover.
• Becker is looking at the operation when Ortega comes. He chides for showing up when she’s still recuperating but she explains that she wouldn’t leave him or Dalberto alone. She then asks how everything went in Miami and Becker explains that they had a hiccup but Dalberto and Yolanda are on their way to deliver the shipment. Ortega says it should’ve been Zulima but Becker explains that there must’ve been a change since now Yolanda is with hm. Becker then receives an update on the truck. The agents are following it but he asks that they maintain their distance till they reach their destination. Ortega asks if it’s the same one from when Dalberto was detained and Becker confirms it is. Ortega wants to be part of the operation and Becker asks her to please be careful.
• John calls Oscar and tells him that he needs to go to the warehouse now and clean everything up because Zeki is a traitor. Oscar is shocked but John tells him to get a move on and he will take care of the ranch. Oscar then asks about the Miami shipment and John confirms everything is going good.
• Yolanda is exiting the airport when Dalberto comes and tells her that luckily, the police didn’t search anything but they have to go now. They go off to rent the car as the DEA agent follows.
• In the rental company, Dalberto opens the glove compartment, takes out the cell phone and removes the battery. He stashes it in his jacket as Yolanda signs all the documents pertaining to the rental. She then comes and retrieves the cell phone and direction form the glove compartment.
• At the ranch, the Lucio’s men are working on getting all the guns, drugs, etc., out of there.
• Zulima arrives at the warehouse and is smoking a cigarette in front Zeki, who has his hangs tied over his head, and blowing smoke in his face. Zeki Arley comes and asks her if it excites her to see these things. She doesn’t answer and he asks her to leave and to not tell Amanda anything so she doesn’t get the wrong impression. Zulima obliges and Arley begins to beat Zeki.
• The truck arrives at the warehouse and the men begin to unload the shipment. From the street, rooftops and adjacent buildings, Lucio men watch everything closely.
• Ortega and a DEA agent knock out the man standing watch on the top floor of the adjacent building and surround the warehouse. She radios her men and tells them that there are a lot more Lucio men than anticipated. She receives a call from Becker and explains that they need help. Becker redirects his forces to the warehouse and informs her that two agents are following Dalberto and Yolanda.
• Dalberto and Yolanda arrive at the Colombian restaurant listed on the card that the Lucios left for them. He asks her to stay inside but she insists on going and walk inside. The DEA agents come and confirm the location with Becker. He asks that they act as clients and monitor the transaction.
• Oscar is directing his men at the warehouse and asks them to move Zeki. Arley comes and tells him Bam-Bam passed away but before he did he confessed that Dalberto was the DEA agent who attacked him in the hospital. Oscar can’t believe it and immediately calls John. John can’t believe that Zeki knew the truth and didn’t tell them. Oscar asks him what he wants to do with Zeki and John confirms that he knows exactly what to do and asks that they meet at the hanger afterwards because the DEA are going to be all over them soon. John confirms that he’s at the ranch taking care of things but he will meet him soon. Oscar hangs up and points his gun at Zeki.
• John calls the police and asks that they take care of Dalberto before taking him to jail but they inform him that they had to let him go. John curses his luck and then calls Yolanda, who doesn’t answer. His men inform him that everything is ready and they leave.
• Yolanda and Dalberto sit down at the table with their contact, which tells Yolanda a cheesy pickup line. She doesn’t understand so she gets right down to business and asks about the money. He opens his bag and Yolanda goes to see it but he stops her and asks her for the drugs. She takes out them out of each bag and shows him but notices that Dalberto’s shipment has been opened. She thought they didn’t search him but Dalberto doesn’t respond and instead takes out his gun and announces that he’s DA agent, Dave Mejia and point his gun at them.
• Oscar and Arley continue to torture Zeki by placing a plastic bag over his head and he should kill him over his betrayal but he won’t. He tells Zeki that they found out about Dalberto and hits with the butt of his gun.
• Yolanda wants to know why Dave never told her he was an DEA agent but they can’t as a shoot out ensues in the restaurant. She grabs one of the backpacks and runs into the kitchen to hid behind one of the walls.
• At the same time, the DEA agents out the warehouse begin to shoot at Lucio’s men. Oscar and Arley hear the shoots and run away as Zeki uses the distraction to untie him. Ortega asks for backup but they are undermanned.
• The DEA agents storm the Colombian restaurant as well and Dalberto manages to shoot one of the men that was their contact. Yolanda, who is freaking out in the kitchen, finds an exit and runs outside. Before she can get to safety, the contact grabs her, stuff her in his car and they drive away…


Thanks so much, Alfredo! So glad I got to read this before heading out of town.

The crap really hit the fan, and I don't see how Yoli forgives Dalberto after this. He should have told her in the car in front of the restaurant that he was DEA to prevent her from going inside. In her eyes, he lied to/deceived her, seduced and slept with her, entrapped her (letting her lead the money for drugs exchange), and then tried to arrest her at gun point! No apology will be enough.

And Zuli's evil ramps up even further, as she tries to rise in the ranks. Wow. She nearly got rid of both Yoli and Zeki, and got in good with John, all at once.

Looks like we go into a whole new phase of events next week (which I'll miss). How will Yoli get out of Miami/the US? Will Zeki be able to save himself and his family? Will Dave get taken off the mission? He's certainly not undercover anymore.

You're doing yeoman's work on this Alfredo. Knocking out recap after recap...and aren't we lucky to have you!?

This was another nail-biting, stomach-clenching episode. When it's over, most of the characters, our star recapper and I fear a lot of the viewers will be dead or thoroughly exhausted. What a wild ride.

This show is perfect for adrenaline-junkies and every bit as exciting as the NCAA right now.

Thanks for all your hard work. I always get too emotionally involved, so of course I'm grieving the loss of loving trust between Dave and Yolanda, and the rise of wicked bruja Zulima. But so it goes...(Heck, I'm even bummed by the loss of romance between Yolanda and John Luis...those tentative first kisses and smiles were very sweet)

Hi Alfredo,

Thanks again for another stellar recap! I missed this episode, but I felt I didn't need to watch it after reading your detailed, action-packed retelling!

And hello to Vivi and Judy B from the Lo Que La Vida Me Robó days! Also anyone else, too!

Is this show considered a novela or a series? Both? I'm a little confused about how/why what is what? Is it strictly an episode number designation?
Also, does anyone know how many episodes this is supposed to be?

Thanks, Alfredo. Terrific job.

So surprised Dalberto's cover is blown so soon.

I don't get how Yoli volunteered to take this gig for Zulima in order to accompany Dalberto on his first run, since Dalberto didn't get the order from John to do it until after she'd left Dalberto's apartment. Seems something got missed in the editing.

John ratting out Dalberto to DEA seems dumb to me. DEA is already investigating CAA, so wouldn't this flight attendant bust make them dig even more? He's putting the personal over business.

Zulima has got to go. Crazy that no one sees how cunning she is, except now poor Zeki. Zeki may be a louse, but he was willing to sacrifice himself for his family.

Julia, nice to see your hear! I enjoyed your recaps on LQLVMR.


Yes, great to have you back. So many former "crew members" have disappeared from the blog line and we miss them all. But due to family crises I disappeared for a while as well. Stuff happens.

Someone said that there are 80 episodes. That's all I know. But so far, each one leaves me breathless, I must say!

On the radio this morning NPR was doing a report on cash. In the US $100 bills used to only make up 10@ of the bills in circulation. Now they make up 80%. And most are in banks in Florida, Texas and California. Yeah, bingo, the drug trade.

Although with what grocery bills come to today, if I paid cash, $100 bills would no doubt be handy!

You're welcome, Vivi, JudyB, Julia and Niecie! So nice to see you here again :)

Before I forget: Dalberto first found out about the Miami job when he was tied up in the warehouse and Yolanda was able to save him. John mentioned there was a big job coming up in Miami and it would be his test run. That morning, Yolanda came to her apartment to find Ernesto and that's when he stole the money. At work that morning, in the locker room, Zeki asked took Amanda off the job and told them that Dalberto would go with Zulima. That night she slept with Dalberto and the next morning Zulima found out they were carrying drugs and she worried about the possible jail time. That's when Yolanda came and asked to change shifts and afterward Dalberto got the call from John that everything was ready. He thought it was going to be ZUlima which is why h began to sweat when he saw it was Yolanda. Hope this helps and sorry to be so long winded but it's a plot line that was slowly developing during the last few episodes.

Julia, various articles have said it's going to be 80 episodes (thank god!) but as far as is it a series or novela, I will never really understands because series can have 100 and novelas can have 60 but it's still considered one or the other. I think it's dumb but w.e. for awards shows it's necessary.

Yolanda can't catch a break, huh? I wonder if Dalberto will have to arrest her now or will take pity because he knows her story and the rest of the girls. It shouldn't does not look good for him for her perspective… :( Does this mean trusting men is forever out the window?

Is it weird to say I love Zulima? The actress is doing an great job and the writing is so good for her and I know she's evil but as they say, your hero is only as good as the villain they are fighting. I look forward to the day Yolanda finds out the truth and she and Zulima go head to head for control of the drug business with John in the back as a lackey.

Yay! La Piloto has landed on Caray. Can't wait to read it. I needed this DESPERATELY! Alfredo, you are a godsend, truly.

Another epic recap Alfredo!

Zulima may have eclipsed John now for evilness.

I do wish John would be a bit smarter. I mean Zulima just the same day said she wanted to run the airline and give Zeki the boot. Now all of a sudden she has evidence against him. Granted she was able to make Zeki take the fall to save his family but John should have been a bit more suspect. Even finding out that Dave was DEA didn't raise suspicions of Zeki and Zuli.

Dave's betrayal may have Yoli running into John's arms or her running away from all men completely.

Thank you, Alfredo. Every little detail turns out to be important. I'm so glad you are on this one. Why *would* Amanda need gloves to prepare the usual medical kit--I missed that. I thought she was fixing herself a calmante for the flight.

I had no idea who was following the truck or why. I thought one of the barrels had alas, poor decomposed Yorick in it. That was a big truck for just a suitcase full of drugs.

I was just listening to Freakanomics Radio on the drug cartels needing lots of clean cash in large bills to hide their dealings, but at the same time, banks are handing out clean bills in large quantities without tracing them and a large percentage ends up in the hands of the drug cartels. In other words, with cash, the gov. and the banks are complicit. Hmmm. And, they named Miami as the biggest entry point for most of the drugs coming up from Central and South America. Poor Yolanda and her flight attendants who want more money for better living and figured this is the way--for a short while, which they don't know is a lifetime with jail or death at the end. Some, like Zuli are in it for fun and profit, others, like Amanda, kind of get roped into it.

Carvivle, yep, Zulima is a cold b*tch in a heavenly body and beautiful face. Yepes is nailing this role.


Julia--Read Stevey's Awards Review. There he tries to explain the difference between a Series and a Novela. In the end, he just throws up his hands.

Vivi--Come back soon!

Hah! and I were listening to the same NPR show this morning. Yes, dovetailed well with our story.

Thanks, Alfredo. I'm amazed how you keep up with all the machinations of the plot. It was driving me crazy how Yoli took the Miami job to be with Dalberto.

Just a thought to add to Friday's episode (yeah, watching it again with the help of Alfredo's crib sheet).

John tells Dalberto this is his test run. Then, when John calls Homeland Security he tells them that Alberto Diaz is carrying illegal drugs in a red backpack. He intends for Dalberto to be taken aside for questioning by Customs.

The real test is that if he's NOT a mole, he'll be arrested and that's the end of Dalberto's career in the Organization. If they let him GO, then John will know immediately that he's one of THEM.

At one point, when John heard Yolanda was on the same flight, I thought I heard him say something about killing two birds with one stone and the delivery was in good hands, or something to that effect. In other words, he still trusts Yolanda to proceed with the exchange and get the money for the Lucios.

Has anyone noticed that Oscar has one stiff leg and drags it a bit when he walks? I wonder if we'll get the back story on that. Interesting quirk.

You're welcome Anita and Carvivlie!

I hadn't thought of either of your possibilities but it makes sense. Carvivlie, Zulima did say Zeki was not trustworthy only a few hours before the reveal so if John was thinking with his head, maybe he would see through the charade but even if he thought it, Zeki still "confessed" so it's a done deal. I hope he stays a few more episodes and plots his revenge on Zulima. He's a sleaze ball but he's a far sleaze ball and Zulima deserves payback.

Anita, that thought didn't even cross my mind but that also makes sense. They did find out he was a DEA agent from Bam-Bam so I wonder if we'll ever know or if it will be one of those mysteries. I'm more interested in the first aid kit. This show has proven that nothing is introduced just because so I wonder what that means for future flights? And is Amanda the only one that does it?

Niecie, recapping helps to keep track of the events a lot because I have to udnerstand them first before I write them down for others to ubderstand. I personally love developing plotlines like that one because it shows me the writers have a goal and plan in mind and ate taking us on this journey full speed ahead.

Niecie: The look on Yolanda's face was PRICELESS!

Can you say Facebook Meme ?

Anita, I've noticed Oscar's stiff leg walk too and wondered whether it's his knee or foot causing it.

It seems he drag it so that's usually a knee cap problem, right? When the ligament is wasted (or shot off) and it can't grow back so the knee can't bend.

Wow're sounding very "orthopedic"! Who knows? maybe we'll eventually get a back story on that.

Haha! I guess I learned more in biology and anatomy than I thought. Yeah, I hope we do.

I'm really surprised that Dave was found out so quickly. I mean we are only within the first 10 episodes and his cover is blown. I'm hoping that means we are in for quite a lot of action.

I am disappointed that Oscar won't have the chance to test if Dave is gay. Those two make a hot couple!

And it's going to get crazier because we are still in 2014. We still have to get to 2016 and beyond when Yolanda is flying planes by herself and getting arrested by the Colombian military. I wonder where everyone else is in that scenario?

Alfredo: Considering that the DEA & FBI are on the case.

Oh Alfredo I didn't even realize that there was a time jump that needs to happen. I didn't know we were two years behind where we first saw Yoli. Wow we do have a lot to get through. For all we know, she is running the whole thing!

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