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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#2): La Fan, La Doña, El Chema, & más: Week of February 27, 2017


Here's Page 2 for the week.  The current telenovelas are as follows (all times are Eastern Standard Time):

• 10:30AM-noon — Mujeres Ambiciosas
• 12-2PM — Amar es Primavera
• 8PM — La Fan
• 9PM — La Doña
• 10PM — El Chema

Everyone is welcome to join in the conversation.  Since discussions of all the Telemundo novelas share the same page, please remember to put the name of the telenovela you're referring to at the top of your post, so readers can easily find the conversations they're looking for.  Also, please do not discuss previews, trailers, or any other plot information not found in a current or past episode.

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LA FAN #33 3/2/17 Thursday

Part 1

Lucas really enjoys and appreciates the attention of Vale and of his Lucas Locas fans. Vale tells him he deserves to win the award. It also turns out to be a great press opportunity for him.

Salma tells Estefanía her demand is a no go: there is no way she is going to stay away from Lucas no matter what. Estefanía promises to find out who she is visiting in jail.

At the café, a conflicted Eloísa is talking to Miguel about how complicated things are with Carlos especially since Diego is interested in his daughter when Carlos appears proclaiming that he will not let Eloísa go. He explains he is not the kind of man that would have ever ordered those guys to beat up Diego. The guys involved were fired. She forgives him and they declare their love for each other. He wants her to move in with him ASAP.

At work, an angry Benicio confronts Adriana about her standing him up the night before. She tells him the truth that she was with Diego and breaks up with him. Benicio sees Diego and reminds him that a woman like Adriana will never end up, with a guy like him. In no time flat, Benicio is putting the moves on Miriam and kissing her. They like each other. She drives him crazy.

On the set, Lucas finds out from his "Franco voting" director that Franco Villar has a very good chance of winning the award. As a matter of fact he is ahead of him in votes. Poor Lucas does not want to believe that. Vale keeps voting for Lucas but the voting totals are too close for comfort with Franco a full percentage point ahead of Lucas most of the time. Lucasnis worried that he won't win..Bale tries to give him a pep talk the best she can.

Estefanía visits Lucas and is all over him on the set. He tells her he has no time for her. He leaves with Vale. She calls her "Papi" for help. Gabriel asks what help she is asking for. Estefanía explains that she is going to destroy his client(Lucas) and his ex (Salma). She tells himhe won't be stopping it either. Gabriel is more than happy to butt out.

Jessica tells Miriam she is looking for apartments for her and Diego to move into so she will be moving out. Miriam tells her to take it a little more slowly. Well, she doesn't and when she gives Diego a choice of three apartments, he tells her they aren't getting married or living together.

Estefanía returns to tell Lucas that he has big problems. She shows him the photo of Salma's ex in jail as well as HIS own photo from jail. Lucas is upset. Vale is very surprised. He hit a photographer who ended up in the hospital. Nobody knew about it because Lucas paid them off to keep it quiet. How did she get a hold of the photo? She paid more than he did. He is going to lose his only chance to be the "galán" of the year. Lucas looks like he is ready to cry.

Diego asks Adriana if she left Benicio for him. Nope. She saw no future for herself and Benicio just like she sees no future for her and Diego. Anyway, he has a novia and she does not like her father going with his mother. Diego does not like that either.


Part 2

Everyone is constantly voting on their phones for somebody but who knows who. Lucas cannot get ahead of his nemesis.

Lucas complains to Gabriel about his prison photo getting out. Gabriel thought he had paid enough. Well, Estefanía paid more. If it gets out he will not be winning any award so he is ready to do whatever is necessary somthat the photo does not see the light of day. They chuckle.

At the café, Diego is complaining to his mother about her relationship with Carlos. Miguel does not like Carlos either but it is their mother's decision to make. It is her life. She says that she is only "considering" moving in with him. Suddenly Carlos appears and Eloísa leaves on his arm.

Estefanía arrives at Lucas' place. He called her to come to an agreement. If the photo gets out, he is done for being violent and ending up in prison. So, she need to tell him what exactly she wants . . . She smiles. After a good dramatic performance on Lucas' part to win her over, she says she will do everything to help him win. They kiss.

Adriana stops by the studio to visit her mother who is living there while looking for another place to live. Felicitas starts to go on about poor Carlos being like a kid in love because he has no idea of what Eloísa really is: a moneydigger and a liar. She don't want to have to bring it up and didn't before because she didn't want to hurt Adriana but Eloísa's son Diego (her model and other things) is just like his mother. Adriana wouldn't believe the things he was capable of doing just to get money to pay off his mother's debt. Diego has no scruples. He approached her knowing she was Adriana's mother. She gave him what he wanted because of how wonderful he was with her and the nights they spent together! Nevertheless, she quit him as soon as she found out about Adriana and him. Adriana is upset.

Gabriel visits Vale one more time. Tomás is off by a friend's house. The topic goes to Lucía and. Gabriel is going to tell her the whole truth about what happened. How could have Lucía left Lucas for another guy. Gabriel says that she didn't. Lucía was hopelessly in love with Lucas. She left Lucas because she discovered the real Lucas Duarte: a man who only loves himself.

Diego is still trying to make Jessica understand that he is not serious about her and she keeps twisting it back around to him being in love with her. He has to pull her lips off of his.



Part 3

Gabriel continues to make Lucas out as the bad guy in his relationship with Lucía and how she finally realized it and left him for Tomas' father who unfortunately left her too. Vale professes her love for Lucas but she is done with him.Gabriel hopes she finds somebody that can love her, respect her and never leave her. The disconcerting part is that Gabriel keeps grabbing Vale's hand. He also kisses her on the cheek before he leaves.

At Lucas', Estefanía has gotten up and is wrapped in a sheet as Lucas is still sleeping. She takes a series of selfies of both of them together. She the makes a call to her "love" (Franco?) saying the award is all his.

Adriana stops by her mother's studio where her mother is living until she finds a new place. Felicitas tells Adriana that Carlos will find out that Eloísa is not who she seems. She is really a gold digger and a liar. Her son Diego is much the same. He was her model and other things. . . Adriana would not believe the things he did to get money to pay his mother's debts. Felicitas gave him the money because he was so great with her but as soon as she found out that he and Adriana had a thing, she cut him off. Adriana is devastated. Her mother didn"t tell her the truth about her "relationship" with Diego earlier because she did not want to hurt her. (Sure)

At Carlos', Carlos tells Eloísa that it is probably better that their children Diego and Adriana are not together. She asks him if that might have anything to do with her son being poor. He insists that is not what he meant. She does not look too sure. Later she gets a tour and meets Natalia the maid. Carlos reiterates how he really wants Eloísa to move in sooner or later with him, no "them."

It is the day of the awards and Vale stops by Lucas' to see if he needs some help. She gives him his schedule. To her surprise, Lucas wants her to accompany him to the awards ceremony. He needs her at his side. She has to buy a new dress and accompany him as the great winner's novia.

Adriana calls Diego into her office. She has bought what her conniving mother was selling. She slaps the poor guy and screams how much she hates him as she is shaking him. She now knows everything. Everything about what? She calls him a gold digger just like his mother who will take her father for everything he has. She will not allow it. He will not allow her to talk about his mother that way. He wants to explain. She throws him out of her offfice.

Gabriel is at his psychologist's office moaning about Lucas Duarte always winning everything. Vale is such a wonderful woman. She adores Lucas. What does Gabriel deserve? Lucas Duarte's life!

Diego goes to see Felicitas to ask her why? She did it to separate him from Adriana. (Punto/period/full stop) Diego says that she speaks with so much hatred about Adriana it is as if she weren't even her own daughter(!!!!)

Adriana comes home and tells Carlos in no uncertain terms that if Eloísa comes to live in their house, he can forget about her. She will move to Europe and he will never see her again.

Lucas is at Vale's in his white tux waiting to leave for the ceremony when Vale appears ina beautiful red lace dress. He is not the best of novios but is a great actor in her eyes. Suddenly there is a knock at the door. It is Gabriel saying it is all over. He shows him his phone with a photo of him and Estefanía out there on social media. He says he is ruined.



The liars in residence: Estefanía, Gabriel, and Felicitas sure were active and very successful. For me the worst was Felicitas. I wonder what will come of the Diego comment about the hatred Felicitas shows Adriana as if she weren't her own daughter. It is hard to believe it was a throw away comment with the little pause and look from Felicitas after it was delivered. Hmmmmm. . .

I felt sorry for Diego under two very different kinds of physical attacks: having to peel his lips off of those of Jessica who has turned deaf and stupid and then having to endure a slapping and shaking from Adriana. He should swear off both of them..

Does Adriana EVER smile, look happy, pleased or anything but pissed? We haven't seen any other expression on her stoic face for too long a time.

Vale and Lucas were really cute together.

Just too much to like and comment on!

Would Eloísa just tell the truth already! LOL


La Fan

Thanks Jarifa! I also think the line about Adriana not being Felicitas' daughter might foreshadow something. Maybe Felicitas kidnapped her as a baby and she is not Carlos' daughter either.

I don't get what Diego sees in Adriana anymore since she believes every bad thing about him. She hates her mother yet she's willing to believe her lies. Makes total sense...



Jarifa- Wonderfully detailed recap! Thank you.

Well, it was quite a surprise to learn Stefi's whole plan was to discredit Lucas, so that her real actor boyfriend could win the galan of the year prize. If all she wanted to do was get Lucas in bed to get that photo, she really didn't need to work that hard. The man is easy. Will this very public display of "cheating" allow Vale to finally break up with Lucas in public? Or will she have to do the political wife "stand by your man" thing, and keep up the ruse even longer?

I agree with you all about Adriana. Diego should give up on her because she's always willing to think the worst of him. And now his mother too. That should be the last straw.



AG just put a contract HIT out on Monica!

Meanwhile, Braulio burned Ximena's corpse & her personal affects!

Valeria (I don't see her being among the living when this TN ends) just told Lopez to SHOVE IT!



Thank you, Jarifa!!!

Diego needs to give up on Adriana, but isn't this yet another type of standard telenovela plot? Gah...

Gabriel sliming all over Vale just makes me cringe. Run, Vale! Run!

Estefanía's sheet was so artistically draped that it looked like an evening gown. LOL
When she called her "papi" for help, earlier in the episode, I was hoping Quique would be her dad.

Lucas is such a .... whatever the male version of slut would be. He'll sleep with anyone. He needs to learn to keep his zipper zipped.


La Fan

wow, Jarifa! from your post times it must have been a late night, and such a fine job you do with these recaps.

everytime we turn around, there is Carlos walking into the never-busy cafe, interesting scene being greeted by Miguel and Diego, one with a baseball bat size rolling pin and the other with a cake knife.

love how everyone that knows Lucas' (except his fans) are voting against him.

ha! and when Miriam tells Jessica to give Diego some time, she asks if an hour will be enough, loved the 2X ff scenes.

hmm, did Felice fake a baby, she is very conscious of her body or maybe she can't have kids at all, she did say she couldn't give Carlos the son he wanted, wow, no wonder she hates Eloisa.

Natalia is such a great housekeeper, she just slides right into whatever is going on, will we see Eloisa bringing her tea.



Jarifa: The big question is how long before Braulio goes after Mama Aguirre ? You know it's coming at some point!

If I were y'all, better be concerned for the following people:
1.) Lydia

2.) Margarita

3.) Monica

4.) Regina

5.) Karen: she's going to do something that will get herself whacked.



I forgot to also include Lopez too, because he keeps pushing the envelope. Considering that Lopez's wife & kid could be in danger too.


La Doña

I was out last night and so only got to see the episode just now. Wow! I will try to post a recap ASAP.


Juanita: Looking forward to the recap from Thursday because tonight's going to be UPPING THE ANTE.


La Doña - Capítulo 68 - Jueves 1/3

Valeria renders her verdice: M&M are free! Among the good guys, there's general rejoicing. However, AG, watching on TV, is furious. And Valeria, back in the judge's chambers, is unstrung. She keeps saying to Lopecito, "I didn't do what AG ordered me to do! She's going to come after me. She's going to have revenge!" (se va a descobrar todo). When Saúl comes to thank her, she tells him she has just signed her death sentence. Saúl tells her she shouldn't go home, she should go to a hotel. She wants to go home.

Braulio is busy stuffing Ximena's body into the hotel cleanup cart when he gets a phone call. He sees it's from Rafael and doesn't answer. He then finds some sulfuric acid. We are spared from seeing the results of his discovery.

Mónica bids goodbye to the other prisoners. She says she will talk to her lawyer about his helping them (Shades of Eva la Trailera). On her way out, she walks past evil stabber chick, who glares at her (more shades of ETT).

Saúl, Azucena, Yesenia, Jorge, Lydia, Magdalena, and Gustavo wait impatiently outside the jail. Finally, M&M come out. Hugs all around. Gustavo asks Mónica to say something about her experience. She says it was the worst injustice she's experienced in her life. Gustavo then asks whether she suspects that someone was responsible for her detention. Yes, replies Mónica, looking at his recorder, a woman who believes that she can do whatever she pleases with the laws (que puede hacer lo que le de la regalada gana con las leyes). Yesenia interrupts and tells Gustavo that Mónica has to go see her sick father in the hospital and doesn't want any trouble. Matamoros is watching, unseen.

Lopecito brings Valeria and Diego to their house. Lopecito suggests that she gather some things and go to a hotel where she can have police protection [yeah, right, from Gabino and his men?]. Another car drives up. AG and two men get out. AG tells Lopecito to leave. He says he's a gentleman and will protect Valeria. Diego says he too doesn't want to leave his mother alone with AG. AG makes fun of Diego's sudden acquisition of manhood. She again tells Lopecito to leave and Diego to go into the house. Amazingly, both seem to do as she says. She then tells Valeria that she (AG) is just beginning what her men will finish: "You know what I do to those who betray me." Valeria blurts out, "Don't touch me, I'm pregnant!" AG tells her she should have thought of the baby before she freed Mónica. Valeria tells her she did think of the baby. "I didn't want my children to be ashamed of me. And for the same reason, I don't want to continue working for you. I resign." AG tells her that she, AG, decides when and where she gets rid of useless people like Valeria. But first, she's going to see if the pregnancy is a lie. She'll be watching Valeria carefully. "From now on, you'll live in fear. You'll never know when I will pay you back for what you've done."

Daniel tells Rafael about his meeting with Francisco. Francisco thinks D and R are paranoid and that they've made up this theory about AG. D told Francisco that he had let AG live 20 years ago in Veracruz, but F replied that although he's never met AG, he knows who she is, and she could never be the same chica they abused. Rafael wishes Francisco had seen her rage about Valeria. If she's that furious at Valeria, Rafael can imagine how she'd be with them.

Saúl tells Yesenia that AG came to see him to show him proof that Braulio was with his father when he fell, and that AG insists she wasn't with them, she was with you, Yesenia. Yesenia continues to claim that she wasn't with AG.

La Doña - Cap. 68 - Jueves 2/3

Lopecito didn't really leave, he just moved the car out of site and waited until AG left. Valeria informs him that she's going to tell Braulio that she's pregnant with his (B's) child. Lopecito is upset. She says that the point right now is to survive. She tells him, "I know you love me and you know I love you." He asks how long they are going to hide their love. She doesn't know. Everything is out of control. She pleads with him to leave.

Lázaro wants Mónica to tell him who set her up. Was it Gabino? Mónica first claims she doesn't know who it was, but Lázaro persists, asking why she's lying to him. She finally tells him it was Gabino, on AG's orders. Lázaro wants to know why AG wants to harm her. Mónica at last admits, "She hates me because we're in love with the same man: Saúl." Lázaro pleads with her to go away from the neighborhood.

Matamoros has found out which hospital Mónica's father is in. AG and Matamoros arrive at the hospital. They spot Saúl sitting in a corridor near what turns out to be Lázaro's room. Mónica comes out and hugs Saúl, as AG watches, unseen.
Saúl offers to take Mónica away from the hospital and to stay with her. They have a p-r-o-l-o-n-g-e-d kiss, as AG continues to watch. Saúl tells Mónica they will complete their interrupted conjugal visit in a more appropriate setting. They laugh, and AG mutters that they are both traitors and they're laughing at her. Saúl and Mónica leave. AG tells Matamoros that she knows from the look of desire on Saúl's face that he and Mónica are going to sleep together. She wants Matamoros to stay with her but to have the two bodyguards find out where Saúl and Mónica are going.

Matamoros notices how upset AG is [wow, if even the robot notices....]. He asks if she wants him to take care of Saúl and Mónica. "No, just find out where they are. I'll handle things." AG wants to see Lázaro. One time she told Mónica that her father would pay if she continued defying her (si ella me seguía retando). "I want to attack Mónica's weak spots. The weakest is likely to be her father."

Braulio is tossing stuff from Ximena's wallet into a fire. Rafael calls again. This time, Braulio answers. Rafael tells him that Valeria freed M&M, and AG is furious. "She's also angry at you because you aren't man enough to control your crazy wife." Leticia overhears Rafael say this and takes issue with him.

Valeria tells Diego she's pregnant but hasn't yet told Braulio. Diego is pleased at the thought of an hermanito but worries that Valeria will now feel obliged to stay with Braulio even though she doesn't love him. He tells his mother, "I don't want the baby to grow up with an abusive father, as I had to."

Mónica and Saúl come to the rather nice house where Lázaro, Yesenia, and Mónica had been living. They make fun of the way it's decorated. Mónica claims it's Yesenia's taste. They kiss, etc. And more etc.

Leticia calls Valeria to warn her that Braulio knows about the verdict. Rafael grabs the phone away and tells her not to meddle in this matter. Leticia points out that Braulio is an abuser. Rafael replies that Braulio has to control Valeria or else worse things will happen. Leticia is enraged that Rafael supports violence against women (she should only know!), and she's also fed up with AG.

La Fan. Excellent, very complete recap, Jarifa! Whoa! I was amazed that Estafanía was working on behalf of Franco. I had the same thought about Quique, Doris, and it's still not impossible. Lucas is almost sympathetic in his desire to be galán of the year. So insecure! Maybe that explains some of his male sluttishness too. Jarifa: Love your "He has to pull her lips off his." Yep, that is what happens. I too wondered if that "as if she weren't even her own daughter" was some kind of clue. Miguel is so much more mature than Diego--even if he's younger. I don't understand how Adriana can possibly believe Felicitas about Diego, and she is certainly acting like a spoiled brat. Abandon both her father and the company in a fit of despecho? Maybe she is her mother's daughter after all.

La Doña - Cap. 68 - Jueves 3/3

AG calls Gabino to report that she saw Saúl and Mónica kissing and making out in public (en pleno faje). AG claims that Mónica provoked him, and that she, AG, felt sorry for Gabino, who had always regarded Mónica as a saint. Now, Mónica is laughing at Gabino and sleeping with someone else. "You have to teach her a lesson." AG will let him know where to find Mónica as soon as the men who are following her report back. Gabino says that this time he will make Mónica understand not by words but by force [this time?]

Felipe gives Regina a check that she can use to help Lázaro. Felipe explains that AG took the money that she had given them, and he (Felipe) likes Lázaro and knows that Regina is worried about her niece, Mónica. [I'm quite confused about this scene. How did Felipe get this money, and what does it have to do with AG's having taken back the money she had given to Yesenia and Lázaro?]

AG enters Lázaro's room, leaving Matamoros standing guard outside the door. Lázaro can't see, and keeps saying "Mónica, hija." AG finally speaks and puts her hand over his mouth so he can't cry out. She reminds him that he told her her daughter was dead, and now he's saying Mónica is his daughter. "Who is Mónica?" she asks. We watch her face as the truth begins to dawn on her. "No! She can't be my daughter!"

Yesenia sees Matamoros outside Lázaro's room. He tries to prevent her from entering. Just then, Felipe and Regina arrive, and Felipe grabs Matamoros from behind. Yesenia enters Lázaro's room. AG keeps demanding to know who Mónica is. Regina enters and says, "We lied to you. I wanted to protect my niece, and so we decided to lie to you. But now there's no point. It's true, Altagracia, Mónica is that daughter that you didn't want to see when she was born. Mónica is your daughter." End of episode.


Juanita: Good recap. My thoughts:

1.) Valeria did Lopez a favor in telling him to leave because she did indeed sign her own death warrant by letting Monica & Margarita free.

2.) It's 100% likely that Braulio dissolved Ximena's body with sulfuric acid.

3.) Laughed at your comment regarding FAKE NEWS Leticia "You should only know!"

4.) Regina & Felipe to the rescue LOL. They both better watch out too!

5.) Margarita staying with Mama Aguirre is nice, but I'm worried about them too because they're not out of danger.

6.) Saul & Monica getting their freak on inside the hospital WOW!

7.) Any odds that the Doctor & Margarita somehow become a couple in the end ? If Margarita doesn't get whacked before then.

8.) AG questioning Diego's manhood was disturbing. If AG was a man, I would've punched her hard!

9.) Regina's Maury Povich moment!

10.) Meanwhile, I want the remaining Monkeys to destroy AG's empire so bad!


I cannot wait for the awards ceremony. Will the Lucas Locas have the power to garner enough votes with their incessant compulsive voting for Lucas to win in spite of the photos? Most of the votes should have been in by the time the photo went viral. Or will Lucas be thrown into the depths of despair with a loss which will only heighten his insecurity about his talent and appeal??? It should be a good one tonight!!!

La Doña

Thanks, Steve. I didn't interpret Valeria's asking Lopecito to leave as "go away and don't come back." After all, she had just told him that she loved him and she knew that he loved her. I thought she was just asking him to go away at that moment (so that neither Diego nor a possibly returning Braulio would see him).

Yes, I think you're right about the sulfuric acid. I'm glad whatever Braulio did was done off stage.

I was surprised that Felipe was able to overpower Matamoros, who I assume is both younger and much better trained than Felipe. It's perhaps believable that Felipe could overcome him momentarily thanks to coming up from behind, but I would have expected Matamoros to quickly get the upper hand and then come into the room to deal with Yesenia.

Yes, AG's remark to Diego about his newly discovered manhood was nasty, but probably no nastier than the things she says to lots of other people. Let's face it, she's a nasty piece of work.


Juanita: I'm looking forward for Karma to come bite AG sooner or later for all of the horrible things she's done.

If one of the remaining Monkeys finish the job & kill AG, I'd be thrilled (sorry because I can't get past AG murdering an innocent man & having Monica & Maggie put in prison).



Jarifa, I agree, it will be interesting to see if Lucas wins the galán contest. Must see TV! 😊


LA DOÑA: Thank you Juanita. You really pulled that great recap together in a couple of hours? With dichos and vocab! And just the right amount of snark and irony.

When Lopecito asks Valeria how long they are going to hide their love, is he thinking about the wife & child he's already got? Or are they just chopped liver?

AG's invincibility will fall to her jealousy. She's showing weakness now It seems improbable to me. And the thing about Matamoros falling to the presumably weaker power of Felipe is just another example of the sloppiness in this script. I'm getting tired of having to shore up the plot's ill-logic.

Again, kudos. On re-reading, I see you did not miss a single detail.


Juanita- Thank you so much for this fantastic recap!

Well, Valeria did the right thing, but she seems determined to get herself killed by staying to face AG and Braulio on her own. Does she really think learning she's pregnant will deter Brau from beating the baby out of her? That's awfully naive.

I was so disgusted hearing AG egg on her own personal Monkey (Gabino) to rape/beat/kill Monica for daring to not respond to his advances and instead fall for another man. Does she even hear herself? How in the hell does she continue to go off about how Daniel and the other Monkeys deserve the worst for what they did to her, yet sends her men to regularly do the same to others? Ack!

Well, the maternity cat is out of the bag now, and that magically makes it not ok to subject her child, the product of rape, to being raped. That's rich! Hypocrite.



Vivi: I'm expecting Braulio to violently beat Valeria, causing her to lose the baby. Diego better stand up to his evil father.

LXV: Time to start the new hashtag: #DIEAGDIE!

AG's obsession over Saul & jealousy of Monica is likely to cause the remaining Monkeys Alliance to retaliate on AG's uppity expletive.

At this point, I'm pulling for the Monkeys!

La Doña

Thanks so much, LXV and Vivi, for your great comments. LXV, I especially liked your statement "AG's invincibility will fall to her jealousy."

Vivi, you make a great point about AG's hypocritically using Gabino as her own personal Monkey.

I wonder how Braulio will respond to Valeria's pregnancy. He seems to have recognized that AG had used him, so it's possible he'll be less upset that Valeria didn't carry out AG's orders, and possibly pleased at the pregnancy as evidence of his manhood. Then again, he is a homicidal maniac.

DONA, EPIS. #. 68
that recap had me thinking a lot abt the storyline/premise/ projection over the next few long do we have??

WELL, let’s see how this will work out, in relation to the central premise, which is to capture and kill monkees

AG=HIGH CRAP, now knows about her daughter! will the grandparent spirits come into her heart!!

IN TRUE SOAP OPERA FASHION. All of which seem to me to be a consolidation of all the players in this game before the MONKEY DANCE!

FAMILY REUNION, LORD HAVE MERCY!! Scary!! But really funny when you think about the family dinner!! AG will you bring Monica into the family business!! she is your heir! isabrat you are out, the teenager will face off, really it should have happen sooner, who cares now!!,

Poor Saul he won’t know who to screw 1st, a real farce!

Lazaro doesn’t have long, his death will change Monica position, reconciliation at the funeral, live with your mother?!

Braulio has left the planet, so the pregnancy will not really help but it may cause his death at the hand of….Valeria???

Leticia may be the lynch pin to blow Rafael’s cover, the monkey tattoo? Emilio please go to jail, Leticia didn't know her husband was a male chauv.-pig!! and a sadist, girl ! really, how long have you been married?

Gabino,ok,so youare a sick pig! but you are going to die because you know to much!!

I want somebody to go to jail and pay for their crimes… Matamoros may die by Braulio’s hand if he kissed Dona.

Rafael, now has leverage over AG with Monica, I see some possibilities, kidnapping, and hostages with mama Azucena and whoever is left alive... REGINA, and ISABRAT.


LA DONA: Halimacandy, I luv luv luv your speculations, but I nearly spit my wine all over the computer at: "Poor Saul he won’t know who to screw 1st, a real farce!"

LA FAN #34

The recap will be up mañana sometime. ; )

LA FAN #34 (Friday episode)

Jarifa - you are a saint to write these recaps! I look forward to your take on this wild and crazy episode. What am I saying??? They are all wild and crazy!

OMG the Don King hair on Don Giovanni! LOLz! 😆😆😆

Franco Villa puckering his mouth like a Zoolander model! 😜



HALIMACANDY: I still don't see Mama Aguirre or Monica being among the living based on Yesenia's tarot cards reading!

LXV: The Monkeys plotting a revenge coup d'état against AG & I LOVE IT!

LA FAN #34. 3/3/17 Friday

Part 1

The awards ceremony provides the backdrop for tonight's episode. Lucas is all upset about the photo. Vale tells him to calm down because she knows how she is going to save the situation. Lucas is just desperate thinking he will have lost it for the third --Gabriel corrects him --fourth time. Hearing that Lucas might lose, perks up a reluctant Tomás who is being forced to go. Vale, Lucas, Gabriel, and Tomâs end up going to the ceremony together.

Diego is complaining to Felícitas at her studio about lying to Adriana about them having a relationship. What was for her to gain? She'll tell him sometime but right now she wants him away from her daughter. He also should tell his mother to watch it because if she tries to take her place, she will talk. He has no idea about the things that his mother has not told him. Diego defends his mother and leaves.

Yes, Adriana is threatening Carlos because she can. He asks: Why can't he live his life? She is just informing him that if Eloísa comes to live there, she will be going back to the place she never should have left.

Jessica tells Miriam she has backed off on pressuring Diego.

Agustín informs Salma that Lucas is about to lose it all. She decides she hates Lucas and Estefanía. Agustín wants her to turn the page to the next chapter of her life. She guesses that that is him. That is a no go she is sorry to say because she is in love with that filthy rat Lucas.

Diego confides in his brother Miguel how Felícitas lied to Adriana saying they were together. He does not know what is going on. The only thing Diego can think of doing is getting his mother away from those people; separating her from Carlos some how. Diego thinks he also needs to let Adriana go because there will never be anything serious between them. There are so many things that separate them. Miguel suggest that Jessica is one of those things. Diego can only think of Adriana. Miguel reminds him that Jessica loves him just as he is. Diego decides he has to forget Adriana.

Benicio pays Carlos a visit. He tells him Adriana wants to go back to Europe. Benicio thinks it may be for the best. Her feelings for Diego are a lot stronger than they thought. Just when he was re-making his life, Carlos will have to go back to work at the company if Adriana leaves. He has always hoped Benicio would marry Adriana and end up being president. Carlos wants Benicio to talk Adriana into letting him be happy. Benicio will talk to her but isn't promising anything.

The Lucas entourage arrives at the award ceremony. Vale tries to calm him down saying she will let nothing harm him. Of course, Tomás wants to leave being the kid he is. Lucas is convinced he is going to lose. They are going to rob him of his prize. Vale tries to calm him down.

Miguel talks to Adriana. He tells her not to go to Europe. She reminds him that is her father's decision. Benicio loves her is ready to do whatever she wants so she does not go.

Gabriel tells the press that Lucas will say nothing until after the ceremony. They want to know about the cheating. Vale jumps in and says nobody cheated on anybody. It was just a plan to make Lucas look bad, to hurt him but that is not going to happen. Maybe they should ask Franco Villar what it feels like to be cheated on. Vale knows her novio but maybe he does not know what his novia is doing.

La Doña

will post a short summary after Jarifa's post.


LA FAN #34

Part 2

Adriana is confused. She wants to get away from Castro but can't. Just moving will not solve the problem. What about having to sit with him at a family dinner? If she needs more distance, why not come live with him.

Diego asks about Miguel having a girlfriend. That is something he would rather not talk about. Diego suggests Miriam as "a choice". Miguel will think about it. It is time to move on from those great loves of the past.

At the awards ceremony, the Lucas Locas are taunting the Franco Villar fans as Vale and Estefanía taunt each other. Insults all around.

At home Salma is all sad with Lucas not having invited her to the awards ceremony. Rodrigo will keep her company watching the awards on tv so she will not get too sad. They sit together on the couch and eat popcorn ready to watch Lucas lose agaikn. Salma says she has won loads of awards. She suddenly jumps up with an idea.

Adriana does not know how Benicio could offer her such s thing knowing how she does not love him. Benicio is in love with her and is betting wha she feels for Diego is not love. He then ups the ante and asks her to marry him. Then they can move, go on a trip, plan a life together . . . Even though it moves her that he loves her, she can give him nothing in return. He knows that someday she will be his wife and if not he will have done everything possible to make that happen. Adriana promises she will think about it. he just does not want to lose her. If she wants to tell him, he is a great friend, better to say nothing.

Back at the awards ceremony, Lucas and Gabriel have bumped into don Giovannni. Gabriel introduces him as the person who helped them buy his last awards. as a matte of fact, they are still making payments to him. He also keeps his mouth shut. Lucas asks if they can still do something. Don Giovanni just looks and smiles. (Was that a slight nod we saw?)May the best man wins are Lucas' parting words.

Vale and Estefanía start to argue again and Gabriel reminds them that the press is around. Estefanía rubs it is when she says that the ad campaign was part of her plan. She would never ever use a young man like Franco for a dandruff product. She is saving him for men's fragrances.

All of the nominees have to sit next to each other at the ceremony. The program for "El galán del año" starts. It is Lucas Duarte, Guillermo Uribe and Franco Villar . With all three seated on stage the crowd cheers.

Felícitas is bringing Ignacio up to date. He cannot believe he told her daughter a lie. She is maknig the same mistake she made before. She does not care. She just wants her away from Diego. Ignacio wonders if she is doing it for Adriana's own good or because she likes Diego herself. Both is her answer.

Adriana is in the living room when Carlos comes in and asks him if he asked Benicio to convince her to stay. He sheepishly agrees saying he would do anything for her. Even break up with Eloísa. He pleads with for her not to ask that of him. He has a right to be happy. She leaves the house.

Back at the ceremony, the master of ceremonies announces which galán came in third: Guillermo Uribe. Each of the two remaining candidates has to tell the audience why they should vote for him. While Franco is talking you can hear Vale booing in the background. When it is Lucas' turn, he tells the fans not to vote for him but to vote for someone who really deserves the recognition: Vale. He has her come up on stage with him. The fans go crazy. Now the fans in the auditorium and those at home will get to vote for which of the final two they want to win. The fans go crazy. Lucas and Franco taunt each other as Vale and Estefanía get their respective fans cheering.


LA FAN #34

Part 3

Finally, Miguel gets his nerve up to call Miriam. He says he wants to talk to her and gets all bent out of shape because she can't today because of he awards show. Miguel thinks that his calling was a mistake. Diego says to call her back tomorrow. Miguel did not like the way she rejected him.(now isn't Miguel the little prima donna?)

Benicio brings his pops Ignacio up to date. Carlos did make it very clear if Adriana goes back to Europe, Carlos will be going back to work at the company. The only way Carlos would accept him heading ip the company is if he married Adriana. Ignacio tells him to go look for another job. Benicio does not give up that easily but he does not think that Adriana will take him up on his proposal. Pops tells him he will just have to resign himself to the situation. No, he just needs Ignacio to help him get Diego definitively out of his and Adriana's life Will he?

Back at the ceremony, everyone is cheering and voting.

Suddenly, Salma comes out on stage to tell the truth. Vale is shocked. Gabriel is laughing. Salma says that Lucas is a fake. Lucas tries to get her off stage but the master of ceremonies thinks they can enjoy this a bit. Lucas says that the truth is she has been jilted because their relationship ended because of Vale. He does not love her anymore. Salma disagrees. Jessica, Miriam and Eloísa do not know what is going on. Before she can say more, Vale races up on the stage to shut her up. She tells her to leave her novio alone unless she wants to end up bald! Vale's friends yell to pull out her hair, peck out her eyes. They call security to remove her. She tries to start talking again and the Lucas Locas start yelling for them to take her out. Finally she is removed. The show must go on and it does when the master of ceremonies calls Vale a fan read for an hing and Lucas kisses her full on the mouth in front of everybody. Jessica and Gabriel are shocked. Everyone else cheers. Gabriel manages to meet Salma on her way out. She is sick of Lucas and his lies. he loves him and hates him at the same time. Gabriel reminds her that Vale and Lucas are separated and he is going to keep it that way. it sure didn't look like that to her tonight. He tells her if she thinks she is going to win Lucas back by doing things like she did tonight, she is on the wrong track.

A stumbling falling drunk Felícitas turns up at the cafe to see Diego. She is all over him. He does not want to see her again. Not possible because he owes her a lot of money and she is there to collect. She keeps falling off the chair and on to the floor. Diego asks her to go home. She wants him to just forget about her daughter. She will take him to infinity and beyond. (just like Buzz Lightyear?) Of course, while Diego is trying to keep Felícitas from hitting the floor by trying to hold her up, Adriana walks in. Surprise! (Adriana has her same old same old expression on her face so who knows how she is feeling)

Back to the ceremony and the master of ceremony has the name of winner. Salma appears and interrupts with face palms all around. She wants to apologize to them all and Vale in particular and then Lucas. She gives a wonderful performance and gets a standing ovation. Finally, who is the winner???? (we have to wait until next time)


Thank you Jarifa for a great recap! I can't believe we have to wait until Monday to learn who is Galan del año. Gaaahhhhh!

Let's hope Felicitas has a chofer and that she did not drive herself to the cafe in that condition. 😲


La Doña 69

it's a honeymoonlike glow for Monica and Saul at Yesenia's rented mini mansion.

AG finally gets it, Monica is her daughter, she frantically dials up her love crazed robo cop Gabino to shut him down but he has passed the point of no return, gun cocked and Monica in his sights (not sure how this would work since he has orders to not hurt Saul) but wait, AG has gotten a hold of her guys who have their guns cocked and at Gabino's head, and quietly walk him out of the house.

Judge Valeria's plan works, AG has backed off because she is pregnant and now so has Braulio, what? (must be the calm after the kill) who surprises us with morals, yes he's tough on Diego, because he wants him to be stronger, but loves him just the same, and moves out of the bedroom so Valeria will be more at ease.

clingy Lopecito (a freak in the sheets as his wife once described him) is trying to deal with a sense of rejection with Valeria telling Braulio the baby is his, gets a cold splash of reality when his wife comes home, she gets it, he's not leaving she is, your turn caring for our son.

Yesenia swings by the love nest, Saul declares that he and Monica are an item, Yesenia puts a chill in the air, Monica throws out it's just like the Tarot cards said, the cards are complicated Yesenia adds.

Gabino, the lug, manages to put his emotions back in the box, and reports to his side boss Rafael, spills on AG's change of heart with Monica.

it's morning and Regina swings by the mansion, a short hello/goodbye to her daughter who is off to school, we'll talk later, and on to the bat cave, and poor, poor, AG, she loves/hates/almost killed her daughter, but hey, she wants nothing (or maybe everything) to do with her, they have NO history together, Regina comforts her.

Valeria gives an update, as newslady Leticia curiously peers into the world of her friend, really?

no one has broken the news to Monica, (and no one is running to the front of the line), as Yesenia tries once more to put distance between Monica and AG, Monica vows to make AG pay, (this couldn't be good)

Felipe hangs with Laz offering his support, (and not a drink between them).

Braulio is at the mansion bright and early, waits for AG to finish with Regina, NOT, and is outside her door listening to them talk, of course he already knows Monica is her daughter, but now he knows AG knows... (reminding him of yet another time he betrayed her perhaps)


La Doña

Wow! Thanks so much, deb, for this delightful recap. I love your wording, esp. "(must be the calm after the kill)." Also, "no one has broken the news to Monica, (and no one is running to the front of the line)." I wonder how long Braulio will be able to stay off the violence, his drug of choice.

La Fan

wonderful recap Jarifa, you are a sweetheart!

love the Galan contest, (is that a cable channel "Dramavision"), maybe Telemundo will have one.

don't know how it came out in spanish but did Vale call Estefanía a "duck faced botox barbie"?

Salma's performances are always first rate whether in private or public!

is Franco a clone?


La Fan. Thanks for the wonderful recap, Jarifa. I don't know how you do it day after day. Interesting how the usually honest Vale is willing to lie to help Lucas win the prize. That awards ceremony was hilarious--especially Salma's interventions. Such a parody of all the melodramatic suspense devices in "serious" telenovelas--including our having to wait for the contest results for the Monday episode. And there seemed to be a second round of voting--kind of like the phone-in voting of a contest like "Dancing with the Stars." When the third-place galan winner speaks, we get an idea of what is at stake for Lucas. He's getting to be just a little old to play lead romantic roles. The primer galan award could postpone the day when he has to play dads, bosses, drug lords, funny uncles or neighbors, etc.

LA DOÑA Thanks so much deb you had me ROTFL over your descriptions. "...must be the calm after the kill" This business with Braulio is SOOO implausible. I could shriek!

Love how you described AG's emotional turmoil over the big reveal. I'm completely baffled about what these writers want us to believe. Does she or doesn't she? Even she doesn't know for sure.

"...Leticia curiously peers into the world of her friend, really?" Really? I love how you put that.

It's good that the two X-men (as in "ex" men) Laz & Phil have a support group.



Thanks for the kind comments, everyone. Truth be told I almost threw in the towel recapping this one a few times this week. The old iPad has gotten touchy since the last system update and I lost about a half a dozen sections of recap during this week. I would touch the screen to continue typing and Poof! everything would just disappear and had to be completely redone. Anyway, I will be writing more but shorter parts/sections. Also, since I do not want to come across as a recapping " hog,". if anyone wants to do a night even if it be as a one time thing or an experiment just let me know. Right now, I have the time so recapping this much has not been a problem. I will let you know when something comes up. I am so happy we have such a fun patio for this one. It really makes it more fun.


doris, don Giovanni with the Don King hair was really something else. Lucas kept on sticking his foot in it talking to him, though . Poor Lucas is so pathetic and desperate. I never have seen Zoolander. I really need to catch it some time. Everyone is always referring to it.

deb, the "Dramavision" thing was a hoot!

SpanProf, there definitely was a reference to Lucas being past his prime. Somehow, I can't see him surviving the obligatory change of roles with time.

Miguel sure acted like a big baby when Miriam would not just drop everything because he suddenly wanted to talk to her. It looks like HE is high maintenance.

It seems like Diego might have to watch his back for real this time.

I loved Vale coming to Lucas' defense and of course the kiss.

They would have to make us wait until Monday.


Jarifa - writing a recap on an iPad is beyond my patience. You deserve many kudos! Hubby's 5+ yr old iPad 2 has not been the same since the last iOS10 upgrade; i.e. pretty much useless. It will be replaced this summer.

"Dramavision" cracked me up, too. This show is such a gem.


ratings La fan La Dona El Chema

mon 1.0M 1.6M 2.1M
tues 1.1M 1.4M 1.9M
wed 0.953M 1.5M 1.9M
thur 1.1M 1.6M 1.6M
fri 1.0M 1.7M 1.9M

I wouldn't say la Fan is doing that bad.

btw, someone was doing a spectacular job of keeping up the Telemundo pages, no longer, but by backtracking I found their source on ratings.


Thanks, Deb, for doing the research. Interesting.


Thank you, Jarifa! I'm doubly grateful knowing your tech challenges!

Vale sure is getting good at this lying/acting stuff. But I did enjoy her telling off Stefi in front of the press and in private.

It's becoming a bigger theme each episode that Lucas' insecurities are growing as each day he hurdles closer to being placed in the "father" role and out of the young galan role. Truth be told, in real life it would be Salma going through this first, and she would not still be playing the young virginal protagonist at her age.

I wonder who Miguel's great love was who broke his heart and made him so skittish about getting into another relationship. No one seems to know who this mystery person was. He seems to have inherited his father's secretive nature.

Diego should have let Feli fall flat on her butt. Enough of both mother and daughter.

And continuing with keeping things all in the family, the awards MC is Angelica's real life husband. Was it weird for him standing right there when "Lucas" laid that big smooch on her?


Thanks so much, deb! You caught it all in very few words.

I was not buying Brau's nice guy (let me move to another bedroom; I love Diego) act, AT ALL. Either the writers are smoking something, or you guys are right that it was just the calm after the kill. He exorcised his violent impulses for the moment, by having taken out all his rage at women on Ximena.

And while Brau was in a post-kill stupor, Saul was in a post-sex stupor. I had to laugh when last episode AG told Matamoros that she knew that look on Saul's face, when he was about to get some. Dude didn't want to get out of bed/the bubble bath to eat, or go visit Laz, or even go to work.

AG was the biggest mess of all. I was getting whiplash during her talk with Regina about her feelings for Monica. Does she want to protect or kill the girl for taking her man? I don't even think she knows.


And though this was always going to be the premise of this story, I'm really grossed out by the fact that Saul has now slept with both mother and daughter, and not that far apart. I have to admit that it's also skeevy to me that Felipe has slept with two sisters; Laz has slept with aunt and niece; and that the common denominator in all of these situations is AG. Blech!


Vivi, Very interesting info on Angélica's husband. What fun!

ITA that Diego needs to deliver the old "¡Basta ya! to both mother and daughter. Hey, Adriana can drive her mother home and leave him in peace.

LA DONA: Vivi, I couldn't agree more. I have that same feeling of revulsion. And I know they wanted the audience to appreciate the beautiful lovemaking between Saül and Monica; I just turned away, it was so repellent. Do these writers think we have no values, that we'd fall for anything. I'm just not buying what they're selling in this show.

I'm much more interested in the hideous dilemma facing Valeria, who I am rooting for to stay strong, smart and alive (with her bebe intact, even though it could possibly be the spawn of Satan). I adore Diego and Lydia and can't wait til he sweeps that curtain of bangs away from his face.. And I'm kind of fascinated to see how the evil-doers of yore resolve their increasingly complicated fates. Rafa is starting to fray at the edges of his finely tailored public relational image. The penitent Dan doesn't seem all that real to me.

And Braulio is so all-over the place, he needs a strait-jacket y pronto. Yesenia has cleaned up her appearance, but I can't bring myself to believe in her LUV for decrepit ol'Laz.

As for Altagracia, she's irredeemable to me, despite my knowing the genesis of her terrible pain. All the glycerin shed over the discovery of her hija just isn't enough for me after the pain she has caused innocent people. None of this plot is very convincing.

Emiliano has been lying pretty low of late. And Leticia is starting to challenge their status quo. I'm sure things will perk up on the domestic front as Rafa starts losing his carefully controlled sh*t in public.

I'm in for the long (or maybe short?) haul on this one, but it's not my cup of tea.


LXV: Let's see how long FAKE NEWS Leticia ends up when all of the dirty secrets are revealed to the world to see.


Daniel: He's probably the only one, who'll end up in prison.

Braulio: He's going to whack Lopez: trust me on that!


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