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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#2): La Fan, La Doña, El Chema, & más: Week of March 6, 2017


Here's Page 2 for the week.  The current telenovelas are as follows (all times are Eastern Standard Time--but not for long!):

• 10:30AM-12PM—Amar es Primavera
• 12PM-2PM—Mujeres Ambiciosas
• 8PM—La Fan
• 9PM—La Doña
• 10PM—El Chema

Everyone is welcome to join in the conversation.  Since discussions of all the Telemundo novelas share the same page, please remember to put the name of the telenovela you're referring to at the top of your post, so readers can easily find the conversations they're looking for.  Also, please do not discuss previews, trailers, or any other plot information not found in a current or past episode.

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I am not sure how to comment on this site now. I guess there is no one doing daily summaries on La Fan??? I couldn't even find any comments on La Fan. Is there a discussion on La Fan here?

For what it's worth, for any telenovela it shud be standard procedure to guess what R the unknown/mistaken parentages which will come to light. At this point, ~ capitulo 38, we may observe that La Fan is running 2 hardly related telenovelas under one title, with 2 sets of protagonists. To me the Cinderfellow story of Diego & Adriana is more interesting than the title story line. I speculate that eventually there will be a connection between the 2 stories, however. My guess is that La Fan will turn out to be the 1/2 sister of Adriana, who will turn out to have the same mother as La Fan -- Felicitas, the public latrine slut "mother" will turn out not to be biological mother of Adriana. I don't know if there is anyone here to discuss the telenovela with.


Enoch- Have you been checking the Telemundo posts? Jarifa has been recapping La Fan every day. This is the 2nd post for Telemundo this week that was only just put up this evening to carry us through the weekend. Here is the 1st post for the week where you'll find the recaps and comments for the Mon-Wed episodes:

LA FAN #38 3/9/17 Thursday

Part 1

Justin the director reports that the gossip about Vale has become viral on th internet. Vale is angry and suspects Salma. Salma denies any involvement. Vale warns her that she will make sure whoever it was who was trying to be funny, does not feel like joking again.

Jessica who is truly cray cray tells Diego that the pregnancy test was negative but then that it was a cheap test and probably wasn't right so she will have to get another one because she knows she is pregnant and on and on and on. Poor Diego.

Benicio is so happy that Adriana has accepted his proposal, He will make her so happy. He loves her. Funny but he tells her later that they should keep their wedding plans secret. He does not want the employees thinking he gets special treatment. Really?

Part of the truth comes out: Eloísa informs Carlos that she did not tell her children the truth about when she met him; that she was still married to their father and that she just could not avoid falling in love with him. She has always felt very guilty because of it and because her husband loved her so much he forgave her. Carlos still loves her now and it is kissy face time.

Lucas ask Vale what will become of him. Vale says no big deal. After the storm, comes the clam. That whichndoes not kill you makes you stronger. He does not want to hear anymore of her corny sayings. Vale asks what is to become of her. Well, she is not an actor like him. No, she isn't but she has her friends, a son, a reputation, He just does not see it. Well, it is important to her and maybe it is time formLucas to think about somebody other than himself.. Thatnis amhardmone for Lucas right now. Gabriel comes in laughing but after hearing the distress of Vale and Lucas he asks them if he should deny the story. Lucas first says yes and then gets hesitant saying saying maybe that would not be necessary because who is going to believe that Vale would leave him for Gabriel. Vale cannot believe what he is saying. Gabriel tells him that maybe he doesn't think so but plenty of people who believe it would be possible. Gabriel further bursts his bubble by telling him that thenpublic,thinks he is a jerk and that is why Vale left him.

Agustín guesses correctly that Salma was the one who started the rumor. Salma tells him that she does not love him.

Part 2

Carlos still wants to move ahead with Eloísa. The happiness of her boys comes first. Maybe they can wait until things calm down a bit. Carlos brings up their age as a motivational factor to do things now. She sees their love as maybe being an impossible love simce there are so many things blocking their way. He hopes sooner or they will be able to live together. She hopes so.

Ignacio visits Felícitas in her studio. He gives her a file that he made investigating Miguel. Felícitas is pleased. It is clear that Ignacio has the hots for Felícitas. The feeling is not mutual.

Benicio is still taking Miriam out for dinner to a Vietnamese restaurant tonight. She has never been. He says that that is the idea. With him she can try all of these "unknown" things including what happens after the third date.

Salma wants Lucas to just put out a statement: Lucas left Vale and out of spite she went to have a relationship with Gabriel.He is not interested He knows everyone likes Vale and does not want to have to deal with that criticism. Who was responsible for startling the rumor anyway? According to the journalist Carrizo, he says it was Vale who called him. Vale is shocked.. She insists she did not do it. Why would a journalist lie? Unfortunately Lucas is easily manipulated and does not believe her. Vale is off to see Carrizo so he can tell her to her face that she called him..

Diego goes to the company to pick up his liquidation and of course runs into Adriana. Adriana says she has apologized to him so what does she have to do to make things right? She really doesn't know? He won't tell her. No, he is not getting married and he is not igoomg to be a father.

Lucas is a nervous wreck talking with Salma. It is his end as a star, a leadin man, becaiuse his novia his fan has left him for his best friend. Salma reminds him that Vale is not his novia and Gabriel is not his best friend. Why not just tell everyone that he left Vale because he is in love with Salma. That would be logical. Then he can add that out of spite Vale jumped in the arms of his best friend. He again says he cannot say that because Vale does not deserve it. Salma tells him to open his eyes before it is too late.

Vale crashes a meeting that Carrizo is in to confront him on her being the source of the gossip. It is just him and her and at first he is calling for photographers to film it all but quickly he is going to be calling for the police if Vale does not let go of his necktie. Vale gives him an ultimatum: take back the lie that she called him or face the consequences. She is leaving but as far as he is concerned: she was never there.


Part 3

Salma tells Lucas she wants him to get Vale out of her life once and for all.

Diego sees Adriana outside of her car. She thought he had gotten his liquidation and was gone. He is there so he can see her for the last time. He wonders what went wrong between them. She says there was never anything between them. She like a magnet for him. He cannot stay away. At this point, Adriana announces that she is going to marry Benicio. She suggests he lives his life and she will live hers. Diego tells her that she can marry whoever she wants but she will always be in his skin and in his heart. She brings up her mother and a friend having his baby one more time. He tells her to do what she wants because she will always be his "presi" and he will miss her. He was going to buy a suit to wear to the wedding but of course he won't be invited. Adriana says she could not get married if he were there. That sentence gives him renewed hope and soon it is kissy face time. Then her alarm goes off because she was pressed against her vehicle. It takes a while until it goes off. Adriana tells him never to kiss her again. So he isn't coming back to work. Does he not want to set the record straight Where is his pride?

At work, Benicio is reminding Miriam to be formal when entering his office. He further explains being formal outside of his office not necessarily in his office. He cannot wait for their date because of her and he kisses her.

A woman arrives at Felícitas' studio. Felícitas says she will explain why she asked her over. She wants to talk to her about some body she knows very well: Miguel Castro.

Vale is surrounded by the press on the street. She keeps telling them the same thing and they keep asking the same thing one more time. The truth once and for all: She has nothing going on with Gabriel and she is not Lucas Duarte's novia. Lucas is not happy.

Vale arrives at Lucas' dressing room with some good news: the interview is all set up for tonight on "Novelas hoy". Vale soon arrives saying she took care of it all by telling the truth. What truth? asks Lucas. The truth is that she is going out with neither Gabriel nor Lucas.


Correction Part 3 last paragraph. SALMA arrives at . . .

Part 4

Benicio picks up Miriam. He says she looks pretty. She didn't know what to put on since she doesn't have a lot of clothing. He is willing to solve that problem for her by taking her shopping and buying her whatever she wants. She says no thanks because it is not her birthday or Christmas or anything. She looks uncomfortable. Next, he asks that they keep their dates a secret so there are no problems at work. She agrees but looks uncomfortable again. He is counting their dates. . . She looks uncomfortable.

Diego is reiterating his money problems with Felícitas with Miguel. There are no easy solutions for that one. When a woman gets an idea in her head, she just runs with it. It turns out that that is what Patricia (Miguel's mystery woman) was like. Miguel will not be talking about her. That is a story that belongs in the past.

Lucas and Salma arrive at Carrizo's show. Carrizo makes it clear that the invitation was for Lucas and not for Salma. She will watch from a corner.

There is a knock on the door at Vale's place. It is Gabriel with dessert. Vale invites him to stay for supper and the two of them along with Tomás watch Lucas on Carrizo's show.

Carrizo says they are there tonight to find out about the novela behind the novela: the triangle between Lucas, la fan and Martincito. Before you know it, Lucas is explaining how a real novela is so much more than a "web" novela. With so many lies out there, Lucas is here to clear things up and tell the truth. Suddenly, Salma is no longer in her corner and is draped over the back of the sofa where Lucas is sitting. She continues explaining how Lucas left the fan for her. That is the only truth. The fan was just a fling. She was just a pause in their love story.

Vale is shocked. Lucas didn't drop her. She calls Salma a liar. She knows what she is gong to do.

Felícitas drops by to see Carlos. She's all chatty. She has something to tell him. He says nothing.

There is a knock at the door of the café. Miguel goes to get it. Surprise! It is Patricia.

It is late at the office and Adriana is leaving a message for Benicio. (Wonder why he can't pick up his phone?) Diego walks in. He has decided to come back to work. It is only because of his pride, his dignity because he does not want his name soiled by the company. She says that they can take care of the paperwork tomorrow. He will be back tomorrow as a worker but he is there tonight to bid her farewell as a lover. He grabs her and kisses her.

The interview on Carrizo's show continues in good humor until Vale make her way on stage. She is there to tell the truth once and for all. She is not lying anymore. She and Lucas did not break up because of Salma. Gabriel is not between them either. What is between her and Lucas is a GHOST!



Some questions:

Will Eloísa ever tell Carlos that he has a son let alone tell the son that Carlos is his father? She is just a bag of very slow moving surprises!
Will Jessica actually take another pregnancy test? Could it end up positive?
Will Miriam follow her gut feelings and not go out with Benicio again?
What kind of mischief is Felícitas up to with drafting Patricia into service?
Will Diego and Adriana just drive to Vegas and get married already or even just a room? It isn't far.

I was very disappointed in how quickly Lucas could believe that Vale was the one who created the latest gossip.
I loved how Vale took the situation in her own hands and also Carrizo's tie. Ha!

La Fan

Jarifa, wow, I'm in awe of your dedication to get out these amazing recaps every day!
and such a wonderful job of capturing all the action.

interesting, that I can't see the end of the story from here, could it be that the whole cast walks out and takes a bow?

ok, but for now what's with Patricia walking back into Miguel's life, what is Felicitas up to, and why is the so sensible Miguel wishing for that part of his life to be over?

loving how Diego rings Adriana's bell.

and Miriam's take on things that she shows us with her expressions.

Vale is sure stomping right into the world of novela gossip.


La Fan

Thanks as always, Jarifa, for the recaps!

Loved how Adriana was treating marriage like a boring business transaction. I'm still wondering if Benicio will end up being good by the end and actually falling for Miriam. It doesn't seem like he's that evil; his father is just a bad influence.

How did Miguel have a relationship with Patricia with none of his friends or family knowing about it?

I definitely don't think Jessica is pregnant but she's going to keep claiming/pretending like she is.

The info that Felicitas got about Miguel said he was the hijo menor de Eloisa so at least that's confirmed on the show.


1.) OPERATION COINTELPRO still ongoing by Matamoros & Co.,

2.) FAKE NEWS Leticia being pressured to spill what she's doing by Rafael.

3.) Fired Girl Valeria being the uppity hypocrite when she's hostile towards Lydia being with Diego.

4.) Monica & AG clashing.

5.) Yesenia having those nightmare dreams about Monica getting whacked & bloodied.

6.) Saul still ADDICTED to AG: He just can't kick the bad habit (just like Yago being addicted to SARA on "Yago").

7.) REVENGE OF THE MONKEYS is on baby! Looking forward to seeing what Francisco's got cooking up against the uppity AG.

As far as I'm concerned, FINISH THE JOB this time!

La Fan. I too admire your dedication to the rest of the fans of La Fan with your wonderful recaps, Jarifa. Great comments by all! I was surprised that Jessi admitted to Diego that the pregnancy test was negative--but she's still delusional. I will still opt for her not really being pregnant--but I suppose it could go either way. Oh boy! Benicio is digging a hole for himself with the Adriana and Miriam relationships. And, oh, oh. He wants to be the "sugar daddy" of a respectable woman like Miriam? I don't think so. Building yourself up to be dumped, Benicio, and it serves you right! Lucas, Vale, Gabe, Salma, the gossip columnists--the plot just keeps getting thicker and thicker. I agree. Hilarious interaction between Vale and Carrizo. That is one tough lady!


Jarifa- I haven't had the chance to watch this episode yet, but your great recap has me looking forward to it.

So, we finally meet Miguel's mystery ex. Why does Feli think this will cause problems, I wonder?

LA DONA, Thursday Episode, Part 1:

AG might have dropped the mic when she detailed for Monica the passion Saul feels, and shows for her in the bedroom, but Monica gets her turn too. She points out that no one loves AG and that she’s all alone. Even her sister left her, and all she has are her paid hench-people around her. This definitely gets to AG, and a bit of her vulnerable side shows through. She insists all she’s trying to do is help Monica by paying for her father’s experimental treatment. Monica’s not buying it, and pointed out how AG had her thrown in jail. AG says she did that because she thought Monica had conspired with Yesenia to lie to Saul about her role in Jaime’s death. Monica’s not buying that story either.

Outside, Isabela argues with high Emiliano in front of his car. She refuses to drive with him in this state. He wants to go back to his place so that they can get frisky. She says no, and he starts forcing himself on her, just in time for Monica to exit and give Emi a lesson on no meaning NO! She whacks him upside the head, drawing blood, shoves him off Isa, and whacks him again when he continues to be aggressive. She realizes he’s the jerk who ran over Lydia. Pea brained Isa defends him (!), and tells Monica off. Emi leaves. Monica tells the “little girl” to respect herself and not to let any man disrespect her. The too-late guards come to ask what the yelling was about, and Moni and Isa pretend nothing happened and they’re BFF.

At home, Yesenia wakes from a nightmare with the same vision she’s had about a bloody, badly injured/dead Monica lying in a dirt field. She panics because Monica has not come home yet, nor called. She knows Monica is in grave danger. When Monica gets home, she tells her about the dream and begs her to be careful.

Over in the hood, Diego drapes his arm around Lydia, as he sings her praises to his mother. He knows the two women he most loves with get to love each other too. Both women smile, but don’t say anything. In the bedroom, Margarita tells Leticia more of the details Miguel bragged about while he held her prisoner—there were 5 Monkeys; all rich and powerful men now; their families and wives ignorant of their dirty past.

Leticia goes home and can’t even look Rafael in the eye. She says she’s not feeling well and will sleep in the guest bedroom. Rafael is NOT happy about this.

The next day, at breakfast Rafael demands to know what’s up with her, but Leticia continues to be evasive. He asks why she hasn’t yet released the story on Felipe. Leticia says she’s tired of framing innocent people for AG. They start to argue, but stop when Emi comes in with his bruised, bleeding head. He lies that Monica just came out of nowhere and threw a rock at his head. Rafa is livid. He vows to teach that uppity Monica a lesson. When he leaves, Leticia insists on the truth. She doesn’t believe Monica would have done that, without provocation. Emi admits to forcing himself on Isa, which is why Monica attacked him. Leticia is shocked—can’t believe this is the way her son thinks, wonders if his father taught him that. He says life/society taught him that. Only the strong (man) gets ahead. The reason he’s good at sports, and why Isa chose him over weak Diego, is because he’s aggressive/a fighter. When a woman says no, what she means is yes or maybe. Leticia is appalled, and tells him what SHE expects of him and how to treat women, regardless of what society says. She questions him about what his father has said about his old friends. Emi mentions the tattoo they all had. Leticia asks him not to mention they spoke about it to Rafa.

After spending the night in jail, Braulio calls AG. He doesn’t get any sympathy or promises to help him. Later, Valeria comes to visit him. She points out that he didn’t call her and she had to find out from the neighbor that he was arrested. She mocks him that his believed AG hasn’t lifted a finger to help him. She turns the offer to use the funds he has stashed away, and then demands a divorce.


LA DONA, Thursday Episode, Part 2:

Yesenia does a healing ritual for Lazaro, but he doesn’t want to participate, since he doesn’t believe.

Francisco learns from his wife that she’s struck up a friendship with Rafael’s wife, Leticia, who wants to do a story on her. He forbids her to do it, or to see Leticia again. It’s obvious that he’s the king of his domain. His wife doesn’t argue.

AG learns exactly who Francisco Vega is from Matamoros. She now knows that he’s a horse lover, with a collection of thoroughbreds, like herself. That’s how she’s going to approach him.

Saul goes to see AG at home and apologizes for not believing her about killing his dad. She lays on a major guilt trip, and then teases Saul by getting this close to kissing him and pulling away. She wants to know what he wants—for her to forgive him or for them to get back to the way things were? She’s not going to forgive him if he doesn’t come with the apology. She tells him that she’ll accept, if he comes to see her tonight, in the first place he saw her naked and they made love—her ranch. She’ll be waiting. Saul looks conflicted, and horny. What’s new?

Saul takes Lopez (and his baby) to the foundation after he learns Lopez lost his job, along with Valeria. Daniel welcomes him to the staff—Saul needs help with all the legal stuff, and he trusts Lopez, so Dan does too. Monica is there giving music lessons to the kids. Saul can’t take his eyes off her, but also looks really guilty. As soon as they have alone time, Saul tells Monica he just went to see AG. Monica does NOT looked pleased. -End of episode.


This was from memory, so feel free to add anything I missed. That was supposed to be "beloved AG" in the Brau-Valeria scene, and she turns down the offer.

La Doña

Many thanks, Vivi, for another marvellous recap. Clear, concise, and complete. And amusing, as in "Saul looks conflicted, and horny. What’s new?" So true!

I was impressed that AG was able to come up with such a plausible excuse for having Mónica thrown into jail (i.e., thinking that Mónica had conspired with Yesenia about AG's involvement in Jaime's death). Perhaps because I thought AG's excuse was so good, I was even more surprised when Mónica rejected it out of hand. I guess Mónica wants nothing less than a showdown with AG about Saúl, and she's getting her wish, for better or for worse.

La Fan. And once again, the writers tease us that Eloísa is going to tell Carlos her big secret--that he is Miguel's father--when it's only that she didn't tell her sons that she had an affair with him while married to her husband.

La Doña

thanks so much Vivi,
your recaps are such a treat!

"conflicted, and horny" Saul? I think that is written under his picture in his highschool yearbook.

I think Francisco's races his horses, where he hangs with the guys, like others have poker nights or meet at gentleman's clubs or so he tells his wife, where I think AG is headed, she is on this one before Francisco and Daniel can connect the dots.

AG has been sporting a hardened and evil (kick the dog when you get home) look for weeks now, but last night Monica cracked it, as you said, showing her vulnerable side, (Aracely Arámbula does emotions better than anyone) once Saul submits, she'll walk all over him.

anytime Emi is given the chance we see that he might be a nice person, caught up in doing what he thinks is right.

Lydia and Valeria best buds? might be a while.

Emi taking on all the tough guys at school, Monica sure made it look easy putting him down, and as upset as he was, I think it was Rafael that pledged to get even.



Thanks Juanita and Deb. Deb- Yes, AG wants to get right on reeling Francisco in, before he and Dan can compare notes. Little does she know that they already have, and Francisco's on alert for her.

"Rafa is livid. He vows to teach that uppity Monica a lesson." Sorry if I didn't make it clear that it's Rafa who's vowing to teach Monica a lesson. Emi looked pretty ashamed to have been beaten by a girl-- not even admitting that Monica put a beat down on him at close range, instead of throwing a rock from afar. I'll give him the fact that Monica came from out of nowhere and had the element of surprise, and that he was high and dopey. But still, her toughness from the streets beat his prep-school boy athleticism.


Deb: Which is why I still do NOT see Monica being among the living when this TN finally ends!

What does Rafael have planned for Monica ?

A.) Hiring a sniper to kill her

B.) Torture chamber

C.) Gabino violently rapes her to death

D.) Sulfuric acid (see Ximena)

La Doña

no, no, you did good Vivi, I just got stuck on that part of the show in how it was all Rafael, Emi just kind of sitting there, I think it was even Rafa that threw out the name Monica as the person of interest.



Jarifa - Thank you for the Wednesday and Thursday episode recaps! I'm halfway through Wednesday's and hope to catch up and see all of Thursday's episode. Thank you again!!!


Deb: Looking forward to seeing Francisco bashing AG in the head with the pitchfork & I'm going to LOVE IT!




Thanks to everyone stopping by the patio! It sure makes watching this even more fun.

deb, I liked your comment about not being able to see the end if the story from here. ITA. Anything could happen.

J, so true about Adriana treating marriage like a boring business transaction. It always slays me that everyone has to be paired up no matter what.

SpanProf, "sugar daddy" is an apt description of what Benicio would be. When he was talking to Miriam about buying her clothing, etc. , it triggered the "ick" factor.

Well, it seems like Patricia's return is going to be a big deal. I cannot wait to find out why.


Steve- There are plenty of people who have the right to try to get even with AG for the wrongs she's done them. The Monkeys are NOT included on that list. I don't want any of the Monkeys to get the upper hand over AG (unfortunately the intro and even the advances this week have given some of that away). I hope AG tears down every single one of them for the murder of her parents and novio, and her rape (without hurting any innocent people in the process), before she gets her own anvil for her own misdeeds.


Daniel still needs to face his punishment, I wonder how it will go for his Karma ?

A.) Torture chamber by AG & Matamoros (Teo 2.0)

B.) AG shoots him to death

C.) Prison once his reputation in the community is destroyed in the likelihood of his secrets exposed.

I agree with you, Daniel IS a coward despite trying to make amends from that horrible night in Veracruz.


Telemundo / La Fan

Maritza Bustamante (Lucía) is pregnant!


LA FAN #39 Friday recap will be up sometime on Saturday.

IMHO: This telenovela reportedly was finished in December, 2016; so it must not be very long or they really rushed production. In addition to Telemundo, Gala TV has been showing this telenovela. I thought Gala was part of Univision, but now it looks like Gala is under Televisa, Mexico. (As I recall there is some ownership between Televisa & Univision, like K-Mart & Sears.) I found on Youtube episodes way ahead of where we are in Telemundo now. The most advancef episode is capitulo 79 on YouTube. So if you want spoilers, you can watch some on YouTube. My guess is that the capitulos in the 70's range are from Gala TV, Mexico. Maybe Gala TV has already finished airing this telenovela, which has had rather low USA ratings on Telemundo. If I had helped with the writing, you might see some problem every time Adriana & Diego try to smooch: like the table collapses or they slip on a banana peal. When he was peeping Tom cleaing the windows, he should have fallen off his ropes completely to land on a large cactus grove below. It is supposed to be a comedy, but I don't find much funny in it.

I am unaware of many successful telenovela comedies. BLF was the best I have seen. Amarte Asi was pretty much a comedy. I have seen 2 telenovelas by Julio Jiménez (La Viuda de Blanco & El Cuerpo del Deseo) which began and lasted a long time largely as comedy, but then suddenly turned into tragedy -- no more laughing. Maybe that sort of plot is a genre of its own.

It has been reported that Miguel Baloney's wife, Catherine SinYChokey is going to have some role in the show eventually. But they already have 1 overtly lewd woman villain in the story, that is, lewd beyond common telenovela promiscuity. One wonders if Catherine will give Felicitas competition. I suppose Catherine could enter the story as the bio-mother of both Vale & Adriana. But who knows, I read where Catherine & Miguel were recently baptized in the Jordan River. Now if these 2 had some kind of conversion that would be interesting.

Sorry, I should have headed my comments with LA FAN above

Patty Descends on the novela.
I thought they intimated that Diego's brother (can't recall his name) knocked her up, though she was married to somebody else. This was a big movement in the plot; we thought that brother was a Clark Kent type, reserved, bashful, a good boy -- now he is an adulterer.

Felicitas has some complot with Patty. Felicitas' target is probably Eloisa with whom Carlos has had an adulterous relationship, leading to Felicitas getting the heave ho. It seems intimated that Miguel is the father of Patty's son (he looks MIguel). So that makes Carlos probably the grandfather of the son of MIguel & Patty. But how is Felicitas going to gain out of this situation? Is it a lie made up by Felicitas, lie that Patty's son is Miguel's son? But what would F gain from that lie? Does F want Miguel to be forced to marry Patricia; then Patricia moves in with a young child whom Eloisa would feel responsible to help raise?

I am thinking that probably Felicitas does not know that Eloisa hatched Miguel by adultery with Carlos. Thus she doesn't know that to make MIguel the papa of Patricia's child would also make Carlos the grandfather. So F may be shooting herself in the foot here by promoting a lie about Miguel having spawned the child of Patricia -- if it is a lie.

As they say in Spanish, ¿Qemo sabe?

La Fan: I still find this novella extremely boring and ridiculous. If it's meant to be a comedy, then the producers did a bad jo because there's nothing comic about it. After watching the first few episodes, I just gave up. I've watched several comedies, and this doesn't fit the bill at all. The acting is so unnatural,and fake, especially that of Lucas who is supposed to be one of the lead characters.

La Fan: I still find this novella extremely boring and ridiculous. If it's meant to be a comedy, then the producers did a bad jo because there's nothing comic about it. After watching the first few episodes, I just gave up. I've watched several comedies, and this doesn't fit the bill at all. The acting is so unnatural,and fake, especially that of Lucas who is supposed to be one of the lead characters.


1.) Rafael scolding FAKE NEWS Leticia.

2.) Lopez working with Saul at Daniel's foundation. Once again: Saul & Lopez have no idea that Daniel is one of the remaining Monkeys!

3.) Francisco puts uppity AG in her place by whacking her across the head with a pitchfork! GOOD :)

4.) Matamoros (Teo 2.0) gets knocked out by Francisco's cronies!


La Fan

They filmed from July to December last year so it was the same timeframe as other 120 episode TNs. Some just don't start airing until after production has wrapped. Quien es Quien was the same. La Fan is meant to be more of a sitcom and it's over the top because it's poking fun at normal telenovela tropes. I think it's hilarious. It's my favorite TN now. Comedic TNs never seem to have much success though, which is a shame because then we're stuck with the typical dramatic or narco stories. Gala has been showing two episodes a day in Mexico so they are much further along than us.


And here I thought the episodes we are getting on Telemundo have not been seen elsewhere.

Hopefully there will be no spoilers posted here.

I will also curb my Crockpot Theories so that they are not mistaken for spoilers.


Doris, we love your Crockpot Theories. Don't give them up.! If some of them come true, so be it. That is part of the fun discussing these novelas. We know you do not post spoilers.

LA FAN #39 3/10/17 Friday

Part 1

Back on the gossip show, Vale insists that any other reason for the Lucas and Vale breakup is false. It was a ghost that came between them. It had nothing to do with Gabriel or Salma. It is very private and she won't be saying anymore except that neither Lucas or she was unfaithful. Lucas has no comment. They all argue about it but Vale sticks to the truth: the ghost was the cause. Lucas and Vale's breakup. Their romance is over. Vale and Salma almost come to blows as they are leaving. Lucas insists on taking Vale home.

Jessica is watching the show with Tomás. She tries calling Diego but he is not answering . . .because he and Adriana are making love on her desk. When they are done, Adriana tells him this is goodbye. Neither Jessica or Benicio deserve iit. Adriana asks him if he is coming back to work at the company or not. He needs the money to pay back mother, so yes. He wants her to know he is not for sale and he never had anything going on with her mother.,

Eloísa has her antennae out with Patricia's. She goes to get Patricia a cup of coffee and something sweet. Miguel wants to know why Patricia is there since they had agreed not to see each other. Isn't he happy to se her? Didn't he ever tell his family about her? No. Eloísa sits down to chit chat with both of them. She asks why Miguel stopped hanging around with Gustavo Patricia's son when they got along so well. Miguel blames life, work. Eloísa next asks about how Patricia's hubby is doing. He is doing just fine. And her son? He has grown up to be quite a man: just like Miguel! Miguel asks for a few moments alone with Patricia. He calls her an uncomfortable memory from the past. For her, he is hope for the future. It turns out she is separated. She is a free woman. She will be in contact. When she leaves, Eloísa gives Miguel the third degree. Why was he so uncomfortable with her sitting at the table? She knows something is up but Miguel is not talking.

Miriam and Benicio are on their second date. They talk and she mentions she has never travelled. He brings up tomorrow being their landmark third date. Miriam looks uncomfortable. She does not understand. Tomorrow is special. He will take her on her first trip tomorrow to make it very special. They kiss.

Jessica is still cray cray and has Bob read her Tarot cards to see if she is pregnant. He sees twins in her future. When she tells Miriam and Vale she is pregnant with twins, they both ask her if she had an ultrasound. No. She trusts Bob's readings more.



The acting of the Lucas papel is meant to be a cariciature of a telenovela galan. For some it will be "tain't funny, McGee." But I note that someone above finds the show funny -- we all have different tastes. I am glad that someone gets joy out of it. Should we define this telenovela as a series of snits punctuated by sexual frenzies?

I once made a long list of telenovela conventions (tropes): unknown/mistaken parentage, 2 brothers after 1 woman, 2 sisters after 1 man, (both of those at once), absolute identical twins, dead person isn't dead, amnesia, dead person appears to sweetheart, ends with wedding, fainting means pregnancy, male protag is promiscuous (but female accepts his history), flechado: enamoration has no explanation (just happens beyond anyone's control); woman says no, but smooches like a smooching machine once the galan puts a liplock on her (liberal colleges would charge him with rape); woman can freely slap man (out of style since the 1930's in Hollywood), group of people fooling around in a mansion, cinderella/cinderfellow, no one gets herpes, there is an evil novia allied with her evil parent, good guys never call 911 or the cops, a simple accusation w/out proof puts someone in jail, the hero must be shot (seriously knifed, run-over, etc.); the hero cannot beat up the bad guy, attempt to murder sends victim to hospital where another attempt is made, hospitals do not have call buttons which the patient could push to call for help, legal la la land, no one ever locks a door when doing sex, when a knock is heard at a door the idiot inside opens the door without checking on who it is, plot is advanced by lies, all characters lie from start finish, plot is advanced by overhearing a conversation; after a siignficant event happens, we get to see/hear it repeated over & over by flashbacks & people reporting it to each other like on the phone or in a sidewalk cafe, class conflict (rich vs poor), no middle class stories, confounded cell phones interrupt everything; people demanding to know where X went & what X did, someone has a peculiar lunar, narcolepsy, after galan is shot, the bullets (or the wound) dissolve & vaporize after a day or two; when a guy is shot, stabbed, or run over, his beloved grabs him & shakes his body around instead of calling for an ambulance, the characters gesture outrageously with utensils at the table, blackmail/chataje; as opposed to Hollywood, sex leads to pregnancy, the out of date concept is perpetuated that someone needs to "give a divorce," as if you couldn't readily get a divorce.

Thanks for the summary, Janifa. IMHO:

Classically if a witch or prophet predicts something, it will take place -- can't be avoided, tho it might be sneaky like "If Croesus attacks the Persians, he will destroy a great army" (Delphic Oracle), but the army turned out to be that of Croesus!. I don't know how often telenovelas stick to this convention. I recall in La Casa de al Lado it seemed that a prediction did not come to pass. A witch saw a murder, which ended up being her own murder (not that of Catherine SinYChoke who asked), but then Catherine was warned not to lose a special necklace (like a talisman), which was broken -- but nothing bad seemed to come of it, unless Catherine's murder much later in the story was the result.

So we have what looks like a prediction (or a psychic knowledge) about twins, from a guy who looked like a crackpot to me. I don't think he said who would get the twins though. So what do you think? Should we expect the Tarot cards to have given the snaggle-tooth truth, which must happen? Could the twins he his own twins, if he is a woman pretending to be a man? Interesting how a woman pretends to be a man, then the media speaks of him as if he were a man, then announces how a man is pregnant!!! He might have his baby in a Target female restroom.


Part 2

Lucas takes Vale home and quickly Tomás is up wanting to know the truth. Is the ghost his mother.? Yes. He wants to know what relationship his mother had with Lucas. Lucas says he loved her. Tomás becomes enraged telling Lucas that he must have done something really terrible to his mother for him to leave her. He made his mother suffer and now is doing the same thing to Vale. He wants him out of their lives and out of their house. He storms off to his room. Vale tells Lucas that maybe Tomás is right. She will always be Lucas' fan but from a distance. She opens the door for Lucas.

Gabriel has taken Salma home. She does not get how any man let alone a man like Lucas could ever be interested in a woman like Vale. She is so common. Gabriel tells her everyone finds Vale adorable except for her. Any man would be happy to be at Vale's side. Salma warns him that Vale is just a wolf in sheep's clothing. Salma loves Lucas whether he is famous or not. Gabriel reminds her that nothing matters to Lucas except his own fame. As for Gabriel, he is just taking back what was/is always his. Salma asks if that includes Vale. Gabriel asks her what does SHE think and laughs. Later, Salma tells Rodrigo that all is fair in love and war when he says he saw what she had to say about Vale in the magazines. He does not think that is right because Vale is such a good person.

Adriana comes home thinking about the sex she just had with Diego. Carlos asks if she is late because of work. She does not lie this time (yay!). She is late because of Diego. She will not live her life lying like he did with her mother (really? Is that not what she is doing?) She is marrying someone she does not love to get away from Diego. Yes, she did ask Diego to come back to work at the company because if she never saw him again it would be as if there were no air to breathe. Carlos says it sounds like much more than a fling. This is the closest thing to love she has ever felt in her whole life.

Miguel tells Diego the whole Patricia story. He had an affair with his friend Gustavo's mom. He was eighteen at the time. He never got over her and that is why he has no interest in Miriam. Neither he or Patricia were brave enough to tell their families what had happened. They drink.

Patricia checks in with Felícitas. She did what Felícitas asked of her. As long as Patricia follows her instructions, Felicitas will not tell the truth to her son. Fair deal, right?

Bob comes over with Jessica to read Vale's cards. The death card comes up. It spooks Bob and he leaves immediately followed by Jessica. Vale is left wondering.


Part 3

Gabriel comes over to Lucas' house. Lucas is not feeling well. It looks like he could be having a heart attack. Gabriel is calling for an ambulance when Lucas pops up and says he was just rehearsing for the novela. Gabriel tells him to drop dead.

Benicio stops by Adriana's after his date with Miriam. He tells her he was out playing poker with the guys. He brings her flowers and chocolates and wants to set a date for the wedding. He wants to get married ASAP. How about in a month? She agrees.

The next day at work, Ignacio has paid Benicio a visit. BennicomthNks him saying thatnduentomhis help he will now end up with the company. Miriam barges in. Benicio scolds her for not knocking first. He introduces her to Ignacio. She introduces herself as Benicio's novia.

Diego sees Adriana in her office. He is back at work. She announces that she is marrying Benicio in a month. Things are moving so fast, Diego,asks if she is pregnant. No she is not pregnant. Neither is his girlfriend. He agrees to take a loan from her to get Felícitas off his back. They will set it up so he can pay her back with a payroll deduction each month. He wants themloan to be with interest and all legal.

Things are not good on the set. Justin the director has an announcement. The novela only scored 1 rating point. That is the worst of all time in the history of television. (Hmmmmmmm. . . Is my only comment). Lucas is upset. It is a disaster. Will they all be out of work? The reason that the low ratings is that there is a boycott of the show because the public is not happy that Lucas and Vale broke up. Salma blames that "nobody" Vale. Justin blames both that "nobody" Lucas and that "nobody" Vale.


Part 4

Vale wants to talk to Jessica about the novela and how responsible she feels. Now Jessica knows what the death card was referring to. It was referring to the death of the novela. So if Bob was right about the "death" of the novela, he has to be right about her having twins, right? Vale's "harta" (fed up) expression is priceless as Jessica blathers on.

Patricia meets Miguel in a park. She admits she made a big mistake going to see him but she loved seeing him. Anyway, they are soon kissing again.

El fin
Gabriel and Lucas are reading the news about the low ratings on the web. Lucas is afraid of getting cancelled. He wants to die. The network execs are hysterical. The people turned their back on them. Vale comes in to tell Lucas that the best for them is to definitively break off any contact between them. She will stop being his assistant and only work on the web novel. Lucas says thatnwill sink him. She thinks that after a while people will get used to not seeing them together and things will go back to normal. Suddenly Lucas is clutching his chest and is In distress. Vale wants to call for medical help. Gabriel tells her it is just the same old same old. Lucas just pulled this act on him last night. Vale is afraid it is a heart attack. Gabriel escorts her out as Lucas is left suffering on the floor.

Whoopsie . . . The "El fin" is in the wrong place but no way to edit.

Another great episode!

I wonder if anybody had a camera out in the park when Miguel was kisssing Patricia. . . .

I dare say that Vale's solution was really lame. IMHO at this point, the only way to fix the situation is for her to pretend to be Lucas' novia until the end of the novela,whether she likes it or is comfortable with it or if Tomás likes it or not.

That is all for now.

La Fan. Another excellent recap, Jarifa! Bob has already shown himself to be an incompetent hypnotist and medium, as Vale notes, so his tarot card prediction that Jessi is pregnant and expecting twins is very likely bogus as well. Salma's scheme has backfired--the fans would not rather see Lucas with her than Vale, and it serves her right that they're boycotting! Lucas has probably not had a heart attack, just because Gabe had said a little earlier in the episode that he is prone to anxiety attacks, which I think was a preparation for this supposed heart attack as well. Besides, he's one of the 2 main characters, so he can't die. Nice use of "the boy who cried wolf" motif though No third date, Miriam! Patricia is the actress who played Silvana's old friend who has the hots for Manuel in Silvana sin lana. I love this novela, too. Not over the top like a lot of the Telemundo and Univision comedies, splendidly plotted, and frequently subtle and snarky in its parodies of tn conventions.

La Fan. Btw, Enoch, could you be Steve Boudreaux in disguise? :)

La Fan

can't thank you enough Jarifa, I am tu fan, Jarifa locas !!!

turnip the beet!

I remember Patricia (Dad Dager) from Paloma in "Marido En Alquiler" and the abused wife in "Relaciones Peligrosas", not sure about "Silvana". but at this point the old novelas all blend together.

so is Patricia giving Miguel the straight story, or is it a line out of Felicitas' playbook?

Bob is always freaking himself out with his own predictions, so funny!


La Fan

Thanks for the recap, Jarifa!

I'm still confused as to why Adriana is marrying Benicio... I mean, I know it's to keep the plot going, but what exactly is her reason why she and Diego can't be together? Does she still believe her mother? Or is it the social class difference? Especially after her talk with her father, it makes no sense to me.

SpanProf, the actress who plays Patricia was Paloma in Marido en Alquiler.

La Fan. Well, sure looked like that actress in Silvana. Maybe it's just the very artificial looking hair dye that they were wearing. :)


Thanks so much, Jarifa! So Miguel was seduced by his best friend's married mother when he was barely legal? That would certainly impact future relationships. No wonder he closed himself off afterwards.

Now, Frank didn't say "twins", he said two babies. That could mean be babies born to two different mothers, or anything, really. But I don't think Jesi is pregnant at all.


Thank you, Jarifa! I can't wait to watch this one, just to see Bob the Tarot Card Reader. LOL!!! WHAT will his next talent be? Must see TV.

By now, I think tarot cards count as a telenovela trope.


La Doña

Thanks to Steve for getting the discussion started. Here are some other things I remember.

Mónica tells Saúl that if he wants to be with her, he can't continue to see AG. Mónica says, "If you don't come to my house tonight, I'll know you've chosen AG."

Yesenia and Lázaro have some good moments together. He asks her to marry him, and she accepts.

Leticia shows the doctored recording that shows Felipe accepting a large bribe in return for future favors. AG, watching on TV, calls Rafael to congratulate him on Leticia's performance. Felipe arrives at the studio, surprisingly unperturbed. Very soon afterwards, the president of the company calls Leticia and tells her to interview Felipe. She reluctantly does so. Felipe gets her to play the real recording (the one he made secretly), which the station's engineer says has not been altered. Felipe points out that Leticia did no research about Atuñez before playing his video. Leticia is toast. Regina reminds Rafael that her sister gets quite bent out of shape when someone fails to fulfill her expectations. Regina wishes him good luck and adds, "you're going to need it."

After the recording fiasco, Leticia gives Rafael the cold shoulder. She's fed up with him and with his subservience to AG. When Leticia tells Rafael about Emiliano's fighting at school and his almost forcing himself on Isabela the night before, Rafael's main worry is what AG's response will be if she finds out how Emiliano treated her niece.

Saúl tells Lopecito about his dilemma: both AG and Mónica expect him to come to their house that night. For Lopecito, the choice is obvious: Mónica is an angel, AG a demon. For Saúl, matters seem a lot less clear.

AG tells Matamoros she wants to confront Francisco Vega alone. Matamoros thinks she's moving too fast, but he drives her there and remains in the car. AG flirts and toys with Vega. She doesn't realize that he already knows about her seeking revenge on the Monkeys. They talk in the stable where he keeps his horses. He pitches hay to one of the horses and then quickly turns and strikes AG in the head with the pitchfork. As she's lying unconscious, her phone rings. Francisco answers it but says nothing. He hears Matamoros say he is waiting in the car. Francisco then tells two of his men to find Matamoros. They do so.

Saúl is at his mother's house. He's all spiffed up for a date. Azucena asks: "Are you going to see Mónica or AG?" We'll have to wait until Monday to get the answer.

LA DONA: Brilliantly understated Juanita! Another triumph of a recap. "For Saúl, matters seem a lot less clear." I'm cracking up over here, this guy is unbelievable: he's supposed to be the love interest? On what planet??? Leticia better watch her step, but I'm thinking she's as powerful as she looks, once she makes up her mind what's right. She's no wilting violet, like Ximena. I love how Rafa is shorter than she (although I'm sure her heels are part of the equation). And AG, how stupid was she to walk into that situation. She should have taken notice when Francisco picked up the pitchfork. The only thing I'm liking right now is how strong and sassy Monica has become. It didn't serve her well in jail, but she's talking truth to power (as they say) and doing a fine job of it. Power is taking notice.

La Doña

Muchas gracias, LXV. I loved your "He's supposed to be the love interest? On what planet???" I know it's highly likely that the interplanetary lover will triumph, but I'm still rooting for Dr. Adolfo.

I think this was capítulo 74 or thereabouts. I'm not sure I see how this novela still has >40 capítulos to go.

La Doña

wonderful recap Juanita!

yep, I guess it all comes down to who Saul goes a courting to.

let's see,

high five's all around at Leticia's news flash crashing Felipe, then AG leaves without getting "the rest of the story" as Paul Harvey used to say. yes, Rafael should be shaking in his boots, he tried to call her but...

as if the fact that Rafael threw Leticia's career out the window doesn't matter, another news flash, it matters to her.

(and yes LXV, I too like that Leticia towers over Rafael)

I keep wondering what Laz might have that Yesenia might inherit.

and then there are the kids, Emi spends the better part of a day apologizing to Isa, did we hear a little of what his mother told him, "no means no", as Diego arrives to hear the part where Emi tried to force her, and a first for him as this leads to that and Diego knocks Emi to the ground, of course Emi won't reciprocate to his friend and it's off to the principles office, Emi is first up, "I'm no snitch" he tells Diego, I think Isa is still stuck on the part where Emi said earlier that Diego liked her, "did you really?" she asks, duh, "before I had a girlfriend", Diego answers, "now I like you like you like me, as friends", oh!

and who is this Francisco guy, so his horse won, and the betting money from all his buddies is tied up in ?? women / drugs / laundering / what? anyone get this, why did AG have to interrupt, and he didn't seem to know who she was till she gave her name, bonk! (this would have hit me harder if Steve hadn't given it away earlier) but I don't think this was planned by him, just like the two guys hanging in his shadows that took care of Matamoros, I think this is business as usual for Francisco.

and we close out the show with Saul buttoning up his pants so he can answer the door.

so, say Saul goes to see AG, not there, stoodup and blown it with Monica, bummer, but wait, maybe he can still make it back to Monica's...

or say he goes to see Monica, and AG doesn't know he didn't show...

or does he go to that little cafe with Lopecito and they drink all night?



Thank you so much, Juanita! And Deb, thanks to you for some extra details.

Deb- Yes, there was talk about trafficking women among Francisco and his pals, after they got on him about how much he bets (and loses) on the horses. This guy might be the worst Monkey yet. Or maybe he and Miguel are tied. Seems like they both never lost the taste for abusing and exploiting women.

The stable scene was already pretty spoiled since it's been in the credits since the beginning. Let's see how AG and Matamoros get out of this mess.

Best part of the episode was Felipe's smackdown of Leticia and Rafael on live television. I was getting worried that he was being too confident, but he pulled some strings and made it happen. Good for him! Is this the final straw for Leticia?

Worst part of the episode was watching Saul backslide (back to doubting all the things everyone tells him about AG) and dither about who to stick his penis in. Sorry to be blunt, but that's what it amounts to. Loved both Dan and Lopez pointing out that in a competition between AG and Monica, it's a no-brainer, it's Monica. Duh! Too bad Saul's brain is in his penis.

La Doña

Fantastic comments, deb! I especially liked "'now I like you like you like me, as friends', oh!" and your quite plausible alternative scenarios of what Saúl winds up doing that night.

I confess I found AG's coming on to Francisco the way she did rather puzzling. I would think that even if he weren't already aware of who she is and what she's up to, her behavior would make him wary. ???

LOL. "SpanProf said...La Fan. Btw, Enoch, could you be Steve Boudreaux in disguise? :)"

No. Ay Caray! I am Enoch in disguise! a fugitive from the defunct Telenovela-World.

Someone asked why (que beneficio?) for Adriana to marry with Beneficio. Didn't she say it was to help her stay away from Castro? Since it is supposed to be a comedy, I guess they don't need much reason. They both like sushi? & pretend to like opera?

BTW, has it ever been indicated where this story is supposed to be taking place? USA or Mexico?
BTW, my dog is snoring.


I done it again; left off the in my afan I left the LA FAN above

i'm led to believe francisco might rape AG again, i remember in dona barbara(2008) she was raped by one of her rapists again when she came for revenge.


Enoch, I am a repeat offender when it comes to leaving the show name off the comment. I confess! Welcome to the club! The show is supposed to be in LA.

SpanProf, I sure am thinking and hoping Jessica is not pregnant. That story line is getting a little tedious.

Vivi, yep, it was seduction but at least they made him "barely" legal as you mentioned. The problem is then when you think about that it becomes very creepy as if she had her eye on him earlier.

deb, you are so funny! Thanks! Great point about Patricia. How much of her script is pure Felícitas.

J, I am wondering, too, exactly why Adriana is marrying Benicio. Marrying Benicio sure seems extreme to me just to stay away from Diego.

doris, you will have to add the Tarot cards to your trope list. I just saw the Tarot card thing in Tres veces Ana.



A question: why does Lucas' smile always look like he is grimacing at the same time? Too funny!


Jarifa- That's exactly why it's creepy. This young man/kid has been your son's best friend for years, and then suddenly when he turns 18 you fall in love with him? That predator had her eye on him WAY before that, and was just waiting for the day she could jump him and not go to jail for it. Eloisa has every reason to rip her to pieces when she finds out, even though it's now years later and Miguel is well into adulthood. It's the principal of the thing. But I'm sure the writers will try to make it seem that she doesn't have a right to get mad about that big secret since she's been keeping the secret of Miguel's true paternity. I'm already calling bs on that. One has nothing to do with the other.


Anon12:24- Let's try to stay away from mentioning ahead of time plot points from the last Dona Barbara that might spoil the surprise of plot developments in this version.

La Doña and La Fan

I just want to reinforce the point Vivi just made. The policy on the Telemundo side of CarayCaray is to avoid including any spoilers (i.e., anything that might spoil the surprise of plot development in the current version). Thus, please do not mention anything you haven't seen in a current or past episode of the present novela. Trailers, avances, past versions of the novela, and what may have already been shown in other countries are all off limits.

Thanks very much for your understanding and cooperation.

La Doña

Juanita- for what it's worth, I find this version of "Doña Bárbara" to be fairly unique, you may even find the original 1943 movie (spanish captions) quite interesting, with the exception of the ending which may or maynot be a spoiler, so I would advise skipping that part till we are done.

no revenge of the rapists and the daughter is cast out with her father to a shack somewhere nearby to grow up wild, but not unknown, the galan comes across her, takes her into his home to clean her up, educate, and tame her, of course she has starry eyes for this older man, who treats her like a daughter.

the novela follows the movie but is expanded from 2 hours to 191.

our story is similar to the novela but in a different setting, different characters, and different plot lines, and I'm guessing a different ending (although the basic story which we all have gotten by now, is the same)


Hi all, I'm coming to this novela completely without any background info and would really appreciate not hearing about previous versions. I realize it is a very old story and most viewers have already gone a round or two with different versions in the past, but am looking forward to every bit of suspense I can get from the current production. I hope I'm not stepping on anybody's toes here. And I do appreciate everybody's contributions. So can we please wait until the last episode for a post mortem about the differences.

La Fan. In case someone hasn't suggested it (and someone probably has), how about putting Patricia in a trope for "older woman who has the hots for someone totally inappropriate"? Of course due to Felicitas's intervention more than that seems to be going on here.

La Doña

sorry, I do appreciate your viewpoint, go ahead and delete my post.


LA DONA: no apologies, deb. And thank you for your graciousness. You are such a generous & astute contributor, I'd hate you to think you weren't appreciated for all you give.



"A question: why does Lucas' smile always look like he is grimacing at the same time? "
Answer: because he is a shallow jerk, and he knows it. (LOL) Here's to his redemption!

Another fun episode with Bob the Tarot Card reader!!! This guy just cracks me up.

Miguel's old love affair with Patty triggered the old "Summer of '42" movie theme in my head ... I don't know why.

What I want to know (because my beanie hat fell off) is how did Felicitas know about Miguel & Patty?

"Turnip the Beets"
"Pajamas All Day"

Miguel's shirt makes me think of parameciums.

Span Prof says: "putting Patricia in a trope for 'older woman who has the hots for someone totally inappropriate?'" Great observation; I had not thought of that. Those who saw El Cuerpo del Deseo would have seen a great, over the top example of an older woman making a fool out of herself over a younger man, tho the the premise of the story was that El Cuerpo had such a cuerpo that all women were immediately overcome by lust for him whenever they laid eyes on him -- a male fantasy. Amarte Asi had a similar story line. So add another trope, conventional telenovela theme to my very long list.

Someone above expressed doubt on the pregnancy of Jessica. Of course what is more trope than the novia pretending to be embarassed to keep her man? In Amarte Asi the novia was not pregnant, so eventually she had to become disembarasada, which she did by falling down stairs & blaming it on the Cinderella. In the case of La Fan, Jessica took a test, & it came out negative. I don't think we are obligated to believe the fortune teller & his Tarot cards.

Someone remarked at the grimace of Lucas when he smiles. It reminds me of Catherine SinYChoky who has specialized in smiling while crying in sorrow.

Now for those who want to do this, I note that all of the story of Adriana & Diego may be on YouTube already -- not sure if it extends to the end. The chapter markers provided do not correspond to Telenovela capitulos -- not sure why; maybe they are Gala TV capitulos. This one starts with "23-1," at some point ahead of where we are in the Telemundo story. There are I think 58 uploaded videos on Adriana & Diego (Heart symbol in red). So if you want to leap ahead in the story, you can. For me it is not much of a spoiler since I think I am seeing the essential story in chronological order, bit by bit, as if I saw it on Telemundo stretched out. I think there is very little about the story of La Fan & Lucas in this play list or most of it. Of course I will not reveal what I see here.

PlayList on YouTube for Adriana & Diego's romance:


Doris- I love those pjs that Vale and Tomas wear. Seems that "turnip the beet" is quite common on t-shirts and such, except that lettuce is usually a part of the play on words-- "lettuce turnip the beet." :)


VIVI - "Lettuce turnip the beet" - - - LOL!!! I just love that. Clearly I don't go shopping often enough.

La Fan

The capitulo numbering is confusing since Gala is numbering the double episodes as one, so both Telemundo and Gala label their episodes as the same number. Both networks aired episode 39 on Friday, but Gala's episode 39 will eventually be our episodes 77-78 (I think). Just something to be aware of if you check Twitter/Youtube. I acccidentally came across spoilers because of this thinking that it was referring to Telemundo's episodes. Plus some people are uploading scenes to Youtube from Gala using Telemundo's numbering, just to make it more confusing.

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