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A Que no Me Dejas, the filler episode #129, 03/14/17

This was a totally boring episode.

 Jaime and Gisela: Gisela meets Jaime for lunch and gets right to the point: she wants a divorce. They don't want the same things any more and heck, they don't even sleep together. Gisela admits they have a wonderful family but that's not enough, Jaime asks her to reconsider but she says she wont. They agree to take things slowly so that Jaime can talk things out with Fabricio. Le sigh, this could all have been avoided had Jaime told his wife that he has CANCER.

Leonel goes to visit Junior:

And tells him off for getting caught drinking in public, *that* is not how a Madrigal behaves. Leo tells Tobias that now Gonzalo will be getting a restraining order to keep them apart and that everything could have been avoided if Tobias hadn't acted like a dumb ass. Tobias tells Leo that if he's just there to insult him he can see himself out.

Tobias is bored and contacts Adriana, but she ignores him.

*Hey, does Chelo have no regular clothes? She's still wearing that godawful service uniform.*

Hi, my name is Julieta and I'm a crazy person:

Julieta pays a visit to Adriana at school, Adriana is not happy with the her because she says that no one can see them together, Julieta says she just wants to spend time with her and let's it slip that she was spying on her. Adriana starts to see the shades of crazy and tells her aunt she does not like the way Julieta clings to her.

*Umm, Adriana, hi, your aunt killed your father because she was obsessed with him, in short your aunt is crazy and odds are she'll kidnap you and keep you as her own personal pet*

Fabricio is worried about Adriana's safety so he texts Paulina and asks to meet with her so he can tell her that Adriana is secretly seeing Julieta.

Paulina has the feels:

She tells Fernanda that her feeling towards Mau have changed.

Alexis tells Mau to clear things up with Valentina because Fernanda now thinks he's the one who writes the blog.

Alexis and Fernanda bond and he comes close to telling her he has the warm and fuzzies for her.

In France Deborah again refuses to do to help Angelica. Why does the staff at this hospital speak perfect Spanish?

*Free Osvaldo!*

Now to the thing that almost made my head explode:

Ileana runs to Gonzalo and tells him that Mica misunderstood what happened with Raquel. It was not her intention to say/do anything to harm Raquel. I'm so upset that the writers did not show us what Ileana said to Gonzalo, because how could she have put a spin on this? Raquel knew nothing about Nuria killing Camilo, what possible reason could Ileana have had to leak that information? Think Gonzalo, think! Anyhoo, Mica gets a talking to from Gonzalo and Beto discourages her from telling Gonzalo about Ileana possibly having a relationship with Leonel. Beto, you are stupid!

Later Ileana shows up at the Murat home and ORDERS Mica to get the guest bedroom ready for her, she also tells her to get used to her place in the home. Vitch, naaaaaaaaaaw.

Now we know why Leo wanted info on the hotel staff, he found a young lady who works in the kitchen.Her mother is ill and needs a bone marrow transplant, the donor is in the US and she has no way to pay for the trip and treatment. Leonel has a solution: She can work for him and he will give her the money she needs. What's the work? He wants her to drop ammonia on the food that will be served at Mau's lunch!

Juju- This was definitely a set-up episode for the crap that's going to go down at Mau's big event. I hope it's a big old crazy mess, like the boda de sangre was, but less bloody.

Jaime needs a big old whack upside his big tumorous head. Can he really not see why Gisela is really asking for a divorce?

The ridiculous part of Leonel scolding Tobias is that he didn't scold him for underage drinking with ONE kidney. He just scolded him for doing it in public, and said he would have gotten him a hotel room to get his illegal/dangerous drink on with hotties, had he told daddy-dearest first. Well, ok then. I don't know how Chelo hasn't slapped both her disrespectful kid AND his sperm-donor yet.

Gracias, Juju. This was a filler episode but with two important steps:

1. Ileana presuming that she even has a place in the Murat mansion.
2. Leonel paying someone to put ammonia into the banquet food.

Beto is really asleep at the switch for this one because Gonzalo needs to know about this. He still hasn't caught on to Ileana and Carolina being gold diggers but now is when he has to find out.

Rene is still working his way into Gonzalo's good graces but I'm not sure he even knows that those two are out to fleece rich men. Nor am I sure he would try to protect the inheritance he thinks he deserves based on past behavior toward Gonzalo.

Juju: It was good!

Vivi: Gisela sure does need to give Jaime one huge SLAP!

UA: The Gonz still does NOT know about the GOLD DIGGERS Ileana & Carolina, Beto should've told the Gonz about this.


Thanks for the recap!

Jaime seemed a little too calm about the divorce.

I almost thought Rene was looking at Illeana like his next older lady target. Speaking of Illeana, ummm she was pretty nasty to Mica. I think that a lot of servants on these shows don't like to say anything in fear of losing their jobs, but does Mica really think that Gonzalo would fire her for telling Illeana off like she deserves? Maybe he would have done it a long time ago but I doubt he would do it now, especially if Mica opened her mouth and told him about everything that Illeana is up to. I just cannot stand to see people disrespected like that, which is one reason that Chelo actually annoys me because she lets Tobias talk to her any type of way. At least Beto isn't afraid to lay down the law with Tobias. Chelo needs to put on her big girl panties and tell that dumb ass how it is.

Princesa--This is certainly a slow-moving royal carriage, but you skipped right along with a briskly written recap. Thank you. I really have nothing to say, other than they certainly know how to drag things out.

I'm still liking all the characters and loving Gonzo and Leo, but there's just so much There There that isn't There. 'Cmon, writers, speed it up.

Thanks again, everybody. I've enjoyed the past conversations, especially over the ewwww factor of Val and Mau. Although cousins, they are very distant cousins--but not direct (blood thins out after awhile).

Gonzo and Edgar were already distant cousins - cohort no. 1. Mau is Edgar's son, Paulina is Gonzo's daughter. Cohort no. 2--they are the still distant cousins. Paulina has Valentina, so they are not in the same cohort; they would be even more distant cousins, Once Removed because they are on different generational levels. In genealogy, the "removed" part is often very confusing.

I know because I'm part of that type of family. The cousin who is closest in age to me is really my 2nd cousin, once removed. His mother and I were 2d cousins, although she was much older than I was. Her grandmother and my grandfather were siblings.

I don't think Edgar and Gonzo were that biologically close to begin with.

I know I'm in the minority here, but I really don't have much of a problem with the two of them falling in love (if they finally do and admit it). They were not raised together, especially during their "awakening" years. It doesn't matter that Mau always had special feelings for Val. I think it was Paulina who encouraged them to think of each other as siblings. It was natural for her to treat them that way, since she and Camilo legally adopted Mau, but it did not necessarily change how Mau felt about her.

That said, I agree the story would have had as much of a dramatic impact if they had each found different partners, trials and tribulations, leaning on each other, helping each other, caring for each other AS siblings and best friends, but we have what we have.

Oh, JuJu, could you change the two places where you used Paulina instead of Valentina in your recap? It might be confusing to later readers. Let me know if you'd like me to do it.

Thanks, Juju! Amen, Meeks! I'm done feeling sorry for Chelo, this "Mother as doormat because my child is so special" thing is so old. A woman doesn't lose her humanity when she gives birth. Chelo's hang-dog face ever since she found out Tobias was not her son is tiring. She needs to be saying, "Praise the Lord!" Tobi can die for all I care!

Again, somebody else I don't feel sorry for is Jaime. He must've had this kind of idiotic thinking before this brain tumor. Idiot!

Wait a minute. . .Chelo had a hang-dog face before she found out Tobias is not her son because he is such a jerk to her! Let him go, Chelo!

Thank you so much, Juju! I've always appreciated the Moreno team's ability to stretch things out and do a filler episode but still make it all worthwhile.

ITA Lila! Omg Chelo and Beto are WAYYYYY too nice. Tobias treats them like the worst dirt in the world and they are always there to help. Nothing wrong with that but they have to learn when to let go. Right now, they know TObias is out of harm's way so they should bow out and leave and let him learn from his mistakes. But as they say, "people are masochists."

I feel bad for Jaime. He's sick, people deal with it in different ways.

So that is Leonel's ultimate plan. He still hash;'t received the money for the shares though, has he thought about that? He won't get even half the price for the shares if they're still his when he ruins the banquet.

I'm conflicted because while Valentina and Mauricio are weird, I like the pairings elsewhere. Tbh, Fernanda and Alana are cute but I never felt that spark, now Fernanda and Alexis, hubba hubba.

Juju, short and precisely to the point.
Let's see....sluty goldigger,craziass
Aunt,stupid miaplaced one kidneyed boy
Dumb overtanned bald guy, and a whole cast of blind people who cant see that
They're being bamboozled by people they think they can trust.
I really like alexis and fer together.
Alan is sweet but theres no chemistry
There. Just let's be friends stuff.Im
Kinda warmin up to Val and mau..kinda.
Poor rayray, why'd they have to give
Her Alzheimer's? They could have just
Let her have memory lose from a car wreck.Shes totally defenceless against
That heartless Murat wonnable.I'll be glad to See all the anvils fall where they may.

Thanks Juju.

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