Thursday, March 16, 2017

Vino el Amor #94; Wednesday, March 15, 2017: Vino la Verdad

As we left off yesterday, the truth comes out about Marta’s affair with Fernando. Luciana, standing in the living room is shocked at what she hears and says, “Mamá?” Fernanda also looks up and says, “Nana, what is happening?” Lil angrily looks at Marta and says, “Now they all know who you really are! And now they understand why I am the way I am with you!” Marta just looks down and is now looking ashamed and doesn’t know what to say.  Fernanda is just shocked. Lil comes running down the stairs saying, “She took my husband away from me just to hurt me!” Luciana looks up at Lil and says, “Señora, please!” Lil just looks at Luciana and tells her, “As much as it hurts to say the truth, your mother destroyed my marriage. She went with my husband KNOWING he was married to me and she didn’t care.” Marta comes out to Lu saying, “No, no, no, it wasn’t like that at all. I swear they weren’t.” But Lil goes on, “I didn’t say anything. I suffered alone with this. And why?” (Lil looks at Fernanda) “Because of you dear. I didn’t want to destroy your illusions.” Marta tries to get out of it by saying she only said those words to annoy Lilian and goes on to say, “I’m simply not capable of doing those things.” 

She goes to Luciana and says, “Please don’t believe these things.” Luciana shakes her head and steps back, not believing what is happening but looking very disgusted. Fernanda cries, “Nana…how could you do this?” Marta tried to tell Fernanda the same, “you’ve misunderstood me...” but she sinks back in her father’s protective arms and rejects Marta. “It’s not true!” Marta cries. “Marta please”, says Lil. “You need to accept the consequences of your actions. No one will believe your lies now.” Marta looks at everyone with tears in her eyes.

David tries to take Fer to her room and Lil says, “It’s good for her to know these things because I can’t go on hiding these things. I’ve felt destroyed over it.” Luciana yells at Marta and says, “Why don’t you say anything? Is everything she is saying true? Answer me mother!” David asks Lu to calm down. Then Lil turns to Fernanda and says, “Now do you understand how hurt I was when you preferred your grandpa’s mistress instead of me?” She turns back to Marta and says, “And you know what? The worst part like the way you destroyed my family, Luciana is about to destroy my daughter Lisa’s family. The both of you are exactly the same.” [There is no way this can be so because Fernando and Marta were MARRIED TO OTHER PEOPLE and David and Luciana are SINGLE.]

David sends Fer to her room and tells Marta how disappointed he is in her. “Fer needed to come home to some peace, not this!” “Lil turns to Marta and tells her that now her family found that she is not crazy after all. She looks at Lu and says, “Don’t follow your mother’s bad example.” Luciana turns to her mother and tearfully says, “Please tell me that none of this is true.”

At Santa Barbara Vineyard, Miguel and Erica are talking and she shares that Lilian said negative things about Mig with Adolfo. Miggy isn’t surprised and says she’s always been like that. Erica is worried because of her father listening to Lilian. Mig says, “Oh come on, don’t worry about it.” Erica goes on to lament about why, after Mig has left David’s vineyard, does someone like Lilian come and try to stir things up and throw dirt on you?” Mig says, “Okay, I really don’t care, but the only thing I do care about is that I’m right with you. And right now I’m working with you and I’m feeling so much better.” Erica smiles and says, “Well you have the best nurse, don’t you?”

David goes to check on Fer. She tells him that she feels like her whole life and everything she believed is ending. David assures her that is not the case and that she has her whole life ahead of her. Fer asks, “Is all of that true, what Nana and Grandma were saying?” David says, “None of this should affect you. This is something Grandma and Marta have to work out for themselves.” “But how can I not let this affect me”, says Fer. Dave says, “Look we cannot go around making judgments.” Fer says, “I can’t believe that my nana was Grandpa’s mistress? How could she do a thing like that? Here I was defending my nana against Grandma, but it was really Grandma who was suffering. And now I find out that Grandma had a good reason.” Fernanda goes on to say she doesn’t want anything more except to be far away from what has happened.

In the kitchen, Luciana wants the truth from her mother. Marta tearfully tells her that it’s true, Fernando was going to leave Lilian for her. He was very unhappy with Lilian and that’s why he was going to leave. He was tired of her. Lu looks at Marta and says, “So were you tired of Dad too? He was a good man. He got up early every morning while still dark to get me ready for school. He was the best man in the world and he loved you! He missed you every day of his life until he died. How could you do this to him?” Marta says, “During that time, your father was working a lot and Fernando was so charming. I don’t know how or when I fell in love with Fernando.” Luciana isn’t buying it and is still angry. Luciana says, “I don’t think you know what love is. Now I know what you were talking about when you spoke of forbidden love when I was seeing David. And that’s the reason you didn’t want me with him.” Marta responds, “Yes, daughter, because I didn’t want the same thing to happen to you.” But Lu says, “The difference is that I’m single and YOU were married to my father! And don’t tell me about different kinds of love. Because love is faithful and loyal. It is not like what you did!” Marta tries to respond but Lu doesn’t want to listen. “I don’t want to listen to another word now, Mother! I don’t want to know anything more.” Then Luciana walks out while Marta continues to cry.

 David talks to Lilian about how Fer is affected by all this. He asks why she has never told him any of this. Lil says, “Because I love my grandchildren. But now that you know the truth, you need to make Marta leave this house. When I found out about you and Luciana, it made me fear what happened to me and how my family was destroyed. Now the same thing is happening here.” David says, “No it’s not the same.” “Yes it is the same”, says Lil. “Marta wanted to steal what was mine and Luciana wants to steal what belonged to Lisa. Marta wants to be the grandmother to my grandchildren. But my grandchildren already have a grandmother and that is me.”

David said, “No that is not a good reason to throw Marta out. She has not failed us once in her work and she has been very good to my children. She gave more love to them than I was able to give them.” Lil says, “Well of course because she has everything here and it was convenient. Don’t you think it was strange that she didn’t want to leave after her family was deported?” Dave says, “Look there were a lot of other reasons she didn’t leave. I’m sorry about what’s happening but I cannot involve myself or respond to this.” Lil then says, “Is that the example you want to set for your children? Fernanda doesn’t want to see her and probably not Bobby either when he finds out. It seems like right now you should be on my side.” David says, “I’m going to ask you that since so much time has passed, to be prudent and not say anything to Bobby about this.” Lil then says, “You know what is sad? That you are doing this for Luciana and not really for Bobby.” Dave says, “Now don’t misunderstand. What Marta did in the past was wrong. But none of this has nothing to do with how she performs her job duties.” Lil answers, “Why can’t you understand me?” But Dave says, “Truthfully, I’m very sorry.” He walks away.

Luciana comes in to the employees’ house and tells the whole sordid story to León. He is shocked and says that their mother loved their father and insists it must be a mistake. Luciana says she doesn’t know what to think anymore. León says, “Did she really admit to having an affair with that man?” Luciana retells the story and then tells him that now Lilian says that she is just like her mother and that she wants to destroy David’s family. Pretty soon Marta comes through the door. “Luciana, Leon, we all need to talk.” But León tearfully says, “How could you have done a thing like this, Mom?” They continue to read her the riot act while she asks for their understanding. Lu says, “My father was never with another woman all those years. How could you have betrayed him? I don’t know how he would have handled it if he ever found out.” Marta begs their forgiveness, but León refuses. Lu says, “All these years I thought you were Lilian’s victim. But now I realize how much worse things were.”

At Juan’s apartment, he kisses Perla tells her that he is waiting on something to be confirmed to him that will pit him against David. Perla says, “Aren’t you going to tell me what that is? You never tell me anything!” Juan tells her it’s because she doesn’t know how to keep her mouth shut and mentions what happened with Carito. Perla says, “I can’t believe after all this you would have any doubt in me. And if you can’t believe in me, I’ll just leave you and live in peace.”  

Lil gleefully discusses the day’s happening with DisGrace, but laments about how David won’t be throwing Marta out of the house. DisGrace says, “Well, no matter. It used to be that Fernanda only trusted Marta. Now with her out of Fer’s good graces, she will only trust the two of us.” Lil then warns DisGrace not to keep pressuring or stressing Fernanda out. “This is not a game” says Lil. DisGrace laughs and says she has everything under control. And not to worry, you have destroyed Marta in front of everyone.”  

DisGrace comes to Fer’s room asking how she is feeling. “I feel just awful, Tía. I just can’t understand how my nana was capable of having an affair with my grandpa.” DisGrace then says to her, “Oh don’t be like that. I know you loved her a lot and you defended her a lot. Now you found out that she deceived you.” Fer then says, “It’s so unfair that I cannot trust anyone. My nana, who has taken care of me since I was a baby did this.”  DisGrace says, “Oh but you can always count on me. I can help you with whatever it is you want and everything.” Fer then says, “But I just feel awful about this.” Grace reminds her about how she preferred Marta over her grandmother. “You need to talk to your grandmother because she needs your support now more than ever. She always suspected something went on but now that Marta admitted her treachery, she was so hurt. But your grandmother is strong, she will get over this quickly.” Then what comes out of Fer’s mouth is nearly prophetic. “Tía, you wouldn’t keep a secret from me now, would you?” DisGrace says, “No, I will always be sincere with you. And you too, you’ll also do the same for me, right?” Fer answers, “Yes, and you are the ONLY person that I can really trust.” She hugs her Tía.

Fer comes to Lil’s room and tells her how sorry she is because of all the time she was on Marta’s side. Lil says, “It’s not your fault that Marta is a liar. She knows how to fool people, when in fact she is a traitor.” “Yes, I realize that now. Forgive me for all that and I promise everything will be different now. I will be trusting only you and my Tía from now on”, says Fer.

Luciana is working in the cava when David comes in. He asks her how she is and she says she is sad, disillusioned and feels very badly. Lu can’t figure out how her mother was capable of such a thing. “It’s very simple”, Lu says, “My mother cheated on my father. After all these years I find out that my mother destroyed Lilian’s marriage. Now how do I show my face around Lilian after all this time?” David then says, “Don’t worry, because both Lilian and Grace will be moving out of the house soon.” Lu then says, “I don’t think I can ever forgive my mother.” David says, “Try to understand your mother and put yourself in her shoes. She is suffering too. Think about it.”

León and Lu talk some more and do some more rehashing. Marta comes downstairs and Luciana tells her that this is too much for them. They need to have distance between them and they want nothing to do with her. Marta says, “Very well, if that is your decision, I respect that. All I need to do now is resign my position with David. I’m going to leave here too.”

Leon asks if she’s thought about this well. She says yes, it’s the best thing since everyone is judging her without know really what happened. “Of course”, says Marta, “Maybe this is what I deserve.” Luciana agrees. Marta goes on to say that this is more painful than the day she found out their father died. “Yes”, says Luciana, “But this time it’s your fault.” León says, “Maybe it’s not such a good idea. Where will you go and where will you live?” [He is starting to get second thoughts about all this.] Marta goes on to explain, “It just hurts too much to have to live here with everyone judging me and losing the love of my children. This is the worst thing in the world, to lose your children’s love because it tears at your soul. I wish you could understand that at the time things with your father were not going well. Then Fernando came along and I stupidly fell for him.” “León then asks, “Then what was it that you felt for Dad?” Marta assures him she did love Marcos. But she felt a passion for Fernando and that’s what she wanted to warn Luciana about, that this kind of passion can lead to bad consequences. Luciana then says, “But Mom, this was a MARRIED man, big difference!” Marta says she was very young back then and the only man she ever was with was their father. “I didn’t know anything about life!” Lu says, “Say what you will, but none of this justifies anything!” Before turning around to walk out, Marta cries, “I’m only telling you this so you can try to understand what I went through.”

Lil and Grace talk some in Lil’s room. She gloats some more and says, “Everyone used to think of Marta as a martyr. Now everyone knows she’s just a shrew.” Grace says, “Like mother like daughter!”

Marta comes to David’s office to tell him she’s leaving and it’s for the best. He tells her that he told Lilian that they should leave if they can’t handle her being there. Marta cries, David hugs her. He tells Marta not to leave and to stay till things calm down. He assures her that with time, things will change. Dave says that he knows his children need her very much. But then Fer walks in….”No Marta, I don’t need you here. And I don’t want to see you again. You were the only one I trusted and you turned out to be a liar.” David intervenes and tells Fer that this is something between her grandmother and Marta. She tried to touch her but Fer shuns her. David informs Fer that Grace and Grandma are still going to move out and she throws another tantrum.

Someone comes to Juan’s door. A worker says he’s done with the work, so Juan pays him. “Hey, you took out all the piping, right?” The worker says, “Of course we did.” Juan is very happy and tells Perla he has no competition. “What are you talking about”, says Perla. Juan says, “Now David will have to pay back what I have suffered here.” Perla says, “You know what? I’m tired of your secrets.” “Oh yeah”, says Juan, “I’m now getting very tired of your complaints. I told you just to trust me, ok?”

Detective Torres comes to Juan’s apartment to ask more questions. He says that he can’t find any evidence to implicate Miguel.

Marta and Ramón stroll through town and she tells him the story and he is surprisingly understanding about the whole thing. He’s like, “Well things like that just happen.” He relates how his marriage to Tano’s mom went down the tubes and she left him for another man. But he admits his part in the whole thing too. He did nothing to try to win her back. He just let her go. “The important thing is” says Ramón, “is that I’m not going to judge you. Your kids have to understand that family love is the most important thing in the world.”

Out in the vineyard, Luciana and David discuss more about what happened. They describe how complicated things have gotten. Dave says Lu is the best thing that ever happened to him. However, Luciana has come to the conclusion that they cannot be together anymore and that best thing is to end their relationship. 


After all that hashing and re-hashing of Marta's story with her affair with Fernando, did anyone catch any kind of repentance? Did she say anywhere that she was sorry? I saw her asking forgiveness of Luciana and Leon, but not exactly an "I'm so sorry that I committed this act." Maybe I missed it?

First, awesome retelling Cynthia and to answer your question. No, Marta continued to blame everyone else and justified what she did and tried to make Ramon, Luciana, Fernanda and Luciana feel sorry for her.

I think Marta's twisted logic and duplicity has left it's mark on Luciana along with all the guilt she piled on her back.

Well, David has two more bail on him. Marta and Luciana. Hope Cesar hangs in there.

Luciana should make sure Miguel will be with her before breaking up with David. I'm pretty sure Miguel will bail on Erika but just to be on the safe side.

Oh boy, Ramon is an idiot.


Cynthia, your words evoked very powerful images, "she sinks back in her father’s protective arms and rejects Marta", and "She tells him that she feels like her whole life and everything she believed is ending" in particular.

Thank you for your superb conversation translations. The recap was amazing.

Because of my own father's infidelity, I am likely a far harsher critic than many. That said, now, in my older years, I do understand that things happen. Mistakes are made. Still, Marta was married to a good and kind man. Could there have been a terrible side we did not see? Unlikely. Perhaps her saving grace was that she did not leave her family to be with Fernando. A bit of salve only for a gaping wound.

While I agree with you Cynthia in that Marta did not appear to verbally say she was sorry, I felt her tears conveyed that.

"Don’t you think it was strange that she didn’t want to leave after her family was deported?” I can't blame Lili for calling the question. What I cannot figure out is why she waited this long?? She doesn't have ESP, she didn't know Lucia was downstairs and that David and Fernanda just returned. Her revealed secret was impeccably (though unwittingly) timed.

Luci, was banished to live her childhood years with her father, the only parent she really had in her formative years. Of course she is devastated. I would be too.

As you noted, Leon's hurt and anger already seems to be subsiding as he seems to be rethinking Marta's departure.

Where were Sonia and Bobby when we needed them? I was actually very relieved Bobby missed all this.

While we all knew (another) Luci/David breakup was coming, I can't fault her for backing off. Fernanda was enough reason for her to leave him, this unbearable, unexpected hurt was too much for her. She needs her friends - Susan and yes, Miguel. I think we all fear what will happen next.

And I have to say, I love Ramon. He is kind, caring and utterly supportive. He still loves Marta, despite what she has done. Isn't that what love is supposed to be?

Cynthia, thank you for your superb recounting of this very sad episode.


Good work, Cynthia.

Marta said she was young and foolish. That is an acknowledgement of error. However, the story still lacks detail apart from her admission that Marcos was her Miguel. This says that she was really too young to get married at the time and she caved to an emotional need she felt when Marcos worked too many hours and thereby can be regarded as having neglected her.

We still don't know exactly when this happened.

One thing that occurred to me last night when I logged off. It hasn't been mentioned in a long time but Lillian didn't live continuously in David's home. When she showed up for a birthday celebration in the prologue it was mentioned that Lisa didn't like having her there for extended periods of time. She may have been the favored daughter but there had to have been a reason for this. Therefore it wasn't like Lillian was there all the time and she and Marta were at each other's throats for 18 years. Lillian moved in full time after Lisa's death and past the point where she would have had to deal with the sometime drudgery of grandparenthood, something she has admitted not liking.

As to David not knowing about the affair, there was no reason for him to know before this. I don't know if Lisa knew, but I'm not sure when DisGrace found out.

Speaking of DisGrace, did she appear to have a more natural complexion on your screens? She did on mine and that was a surprise. The facial expression in your screenshot says what her true feelings are. She doesn't give an damn about Fernanda at all.

Lillian's expression when she hugged the FerBrat was satisfaction at having pulled off her goal of alienating the girl from Marta.

More after coffee.

You make some excellent point UA.

I wasn't aware (or forgot) Lili wasn't a constant presence in the household all these years. Thank you for noting that. I believe though Lisa died about 2 plus years ago, is that right? I am still surprised Lili waited all this time to retaliate.

Any pity I would normally have felt for Lili quickly dissipated because she used the news to devastate her granddaughter, her own flesh and blood. And of course, you were dead on regarding DisGrace "She doesn't give a damn about Fernanda at all".


Thank You Cynthia. Your Recap was well worth an hour of my time, the actual show, meh...

Marta should have said as loud as possible...... "I am sooo Sorry......that I got caught."

FerBrat is aptly named and I just hope she is prepared for the same level of forgiveness and expiration dates to be applied to herself. She forgives noJuan and has the memory of an elephant,

Well, I think there can be no denying we have yet another Eladio in the making.
Presto Changeo and the new loving doting Gramma Lilly appears with fresh eyes. It was not many episodes back when her grandchildren were maybe one level above cockroaches on her love ladder, now the greatest joy in her life is actually NOT in a mirror? But rather ironically her Granbaby FerBrat who Succubus daughter Dis is preparring to sacrifice to the mental health Gods in exchange for DisGrace to have her umpteenth shot at her prey.

OK it is a show, right?

The reason Marta's extramarital affair ended is because Fernando died.

I understand young and dumb and losing yourself in passion but Marta cultivated a pious victim persona. While I have no problem with not wanting to disclose the affair, I do when she used the affair in an ongoing feud with a romantic rival and used the doomed affair as anecdotal evidence to destroy Luciana's relationship with David. I don't feel sorry for her at all. For what does she deserve sympathy? For being caught in full taunt?

Diana, I agree with you and understand Luciana feeling the need to back off but I do not agree with Luciana that the world's problems are caused because they are together. It obviously is better for Luciana to run and hide, from the guilt she carries unjustifiably and the baggage that comes with David. Hate it for David that she can't hang and his life will only get tougher when Juan brings the hammer down. David is on his own and apparently radioactive.

Tofie your instincts have been on the money all along. When the going gets rough the fluff gets going.
Does anybody wonder if Luci will go streaking back to Miggy? 3....2...1...sheeooonnmmm like a bottle rocket.

I hope for the sake of the show both Luci and Erika are preggers, that will give us another week or two of blubbering and crying and hand wringing.

"Luci, how could you be, so soon? I have dreamed about us starting a faaamily for so many years."

Umm..ah...Miggy it will probably have a beard...ya know what I'm sayin.

Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja Woo Hoo.

Diana, that's right.

Lisa died two years and change ago and David checked out mentally and emotionally. Lillian assumed the position of Head of Household and hired Sonia with the intent of having her usurp Marta's place as nanny and general dogsbody. The kids never took to Sonia, though and for a long time she was very awkward with them. This seems now to have been more about inexperience than distaste.

We know nothing of Sonia's backstory, BTW. There have been no clues about it.

OK enough soap opera silliness.

Does anyJuan know what NoJuan has cooking? I assume he has filled in the well on his land which supplies David water, or started a construction project which conveniently cuts the pipes or something. The worker came last night to report that the work was finished and to collect the bill.

Advice to Perla: Threats to leave NoJuan and SkidMark are about like pulling out a pistol and waving it around. It will get you shot. By the same token, say nothing, get your shit, leave, and disappear. Forewarned is forearmed.

And steal that little Hello Kitty cell phone

Cynthia, thank you for that detailed recap of all the crazy and those excellent screencaps. You captured Disgracie's true essence! That perfect, porcelain face has the most amazingly revealing expressions . I think on top of everything else that Lion Cub has pink eye. That one eye was very red.I had to look away because my eyes started watering .

Well, great timing for that cat fight on the balcony..just as Fern is returning from the hospital after almost dying from pills and alcohol....nice grandma and Nana .

And again with the yelling . I like the way Fern just barged into her dad's office as he was talking to Marta.

Poor Ramon..just a port in the storm.

However, my most favorite part was sad Marta clomping down the stairs in those black clogs..Clomp..Clomp...Clomp.

Gracias a ti for this, Cynthia. A lot of the dialogue whooshed by me out of context (Univision's CC3 has been wonky off and on all week with this show, of course right when it actually gets good).

That said y'all beat me to it regarding Marta's infidelity coming out: apart from final confirmation that she indeed cheated on Marcos the Sainted, as much as Cynthia Klitbo rocked the scenes she got, it does occur to me that Marta only ever apologized for the whole thing once IIRC. The rest of the time, she tried to explain it and by extension that her experience was why she didn't want Luciana to follow in her footsteps...which in a bubble is perfectly fine, but otherwise here was drowned out by the clomp clomp clomp of the #clogsofthefisherman'shypocriticalbitchwife (apologies to Charles Mingus). And, worse, it really does make Lilian look better--somewhat--even while Lil's gloating about Marta's halo imploding and figuratively tearing Fernanda away from her. (And since neither Graciela nor Lilian really made any of this about Fernando apart from Lil going "Mine mine mine!", well...that may add fuel to Marta's claim that Fernando wasn't all that happy with Lil.)

Interestingly, during Marta's first conversation with Leon and Luciana, if CC3 was right Marta did say that "things were more complicated than [they] knew." I'm still debating as to whether or not that's an allusion to a possible incoming Paternity Rug Pull or just angst.

OTOH: David's sanity tour continued if somewhat checked, since he basically went "I'm not going to get involved in this, it's not my problem apart from how it could affect Fer--and Marta's never hurt her." That was almost blessedly welcome in the face of Lil's full court press. And Ramon just being Marta's friend and also not judging her was a nice touch (if perhaps telegraphed, since he's been jonesing for her for the majority of the show).

And having missed exactly why that henchman showed up at Juan's the first time around: my assumption is that Juan had the irrigation piping cut to Bodega de Los Angeles, and he plans to either force David to pay through the nose or drive him out of business. This probably should have occurred one episode later, though, since it sort of got drowned out by the Marta Palacios Woe Is Me Tour '17.

Marta's black feet things, are they orthopedic or something? The ones I see around town are flatter and have velcro.

She doesn't think she is wearing stripper stacks does she?

DisGrace has a new little thing she must be doing just for us, When she has administered another dose of mental Stricknine to FerBrat, she looks over Fer and gives a little 'Hrmpfh' smirk as though to plaster a sticker on FerDummy's back that says "SUCKA!".

Bill I know it sounds like blasphemy, but would it just be cheaper for David to have a drilling company come in and put down a well? We have talked about this before, but he has not heard us. If that is the 'Evil Grand Ruin of David" plan, Bobby could have cooked up something with a better chance of success. SusanLynn knows someone to call.

Clomp clomp went on later to go into a lot of detail to her ? kids about FerPlayer and her affair, and nothing big came out. In essence she just said she was in love and he was in Rut and she was soo deceived and hurt by him. She thought he was leaving Lil and did not know he was 'dying' to get away from Lil. I didn't see any hint about a kid or pregnancy or sneaky hints like she is famous for. Urban hashed out a fairly believable time line recently that seems to preclude any paternity questions.

Bad advice : David says to Luci : "Try to understand your mother , and put yourself in her shoes." No, Luci, no..don't do that.

I don't think this rehabilitates Lilian in any way and she proves to be as manipulative as Marta using her new found martyrdom.

Both women expected a financial gain with Fernando. Marta admitted as much saying she wanted to give her children a better life as one justification while Lilian used the children and now the grandchildren as leverage.

Bill, I caught Marta's comment too and believe it could mean paternity but I fail to understand how that absolves her of the responsibility she and Fernando share. I see how she will use it later, however. It is also possible Lilian had a hand in Fernando's demise but just because Lilian is a heifer doesn't mean both are not cows.

I don't think Lilian's rehabilitation is the same as Eladio's in PyP. Eladio was really sorry and contrite and wanted to be a better man, admitting his misdeeds and sincerely trying to make amends. That doesn't mean he deserved the forgiveness he got. Lilian is still a joker, a smoker, mid-night toker and a vile racist.


Tofie..I completely agree . I am glad that neither Lilian or Marta are in my orbit. Nobody in that family is going to be free or happy while these two control the atmosphere. Eladio's change was too abrupt to be believable , but the writers did have him appearing to be trying to be a better man. Lilian is still nasty and bitter, and I do not think that will ever change. Now, she is just basking in her triumph of finslly exposing the affair. Well, maybe discovering that her daughter killed her other daughter will take the wind out of her sails. I always get upset over these folks who waste their lives .

Oh I agree Tofie, I am just looking at the bill of goods the writers are about to try to sell us, not the facts.

I think I see them thinking they can pull this "Well, look at her, she had her reasons, and look how she Looooves them kids." number on us. And I'm not buying it either.

Steve Miller, thank you.

Thanks, Cynthia. Extra thanks for pointing out that Luci/Dave are in no way parallel with Fernanda/Marta. And the screen cap of Disgrace smirking while holding Fernanda was perfect.

No, Marta expressed no remorse. I heard regret for her error, that things didn't work out for her. But her tears were for shame at being exposed. I didn't see an expression of shame for what she had done.

"I don’t know how or when I fell in love with Fernando." Well that's a convenient way of obscuring the timeline! But it sounds like Luciana, at least, was already born.

I'm skeptical of Lil's claim that she kept silent about the cheating for Fernanda's benefit, since she didn't hesitate to torture Fer with it after Marta blabbed.

But I think there is more to this story than we've been told.

So, Grandma and Tia are still being kicked out! Yay!! Or maybe they won't be now that Marta is leaving... boo.

Where will Marta go? And if Luci dumps Dave, will she stay on at the vineyard as an employee? Or go to work for Adolfo? Or Juan (laugh)? Is there room in this story for yet a third vineyard? Annoyed but not surprised that she is bailing on David when he needs her.

And in all fairness to Marta's clogs, I wear army boots to work when there's snow on the ground. But in all fairness to me, I think they look way cooler than clogs.

I also wear clogs sometimes, I think they're considered chef clogs or nurse clogs or something, and they are kind of orthopedic. The soles are wide (and clunky) for much better support than any "shapely" shoe. But I still think my clogs are better looking than Marta's.

Does Lil play her music in the sun?

I checked... my clogs are Sanitas. I looked online, and they make clogs with skulls on them. I WANT THESE.

Without ever seeing them, Julie, I know your #regulargirlclogs have to be better than Marta's. Even the most "stylish" clogs have a certain "Okay...I guess...?" look to them, while Marta's #blocksofsolidifiedbrokendreamsbutwecallthemclogs literally look like the platform part of a porn starlet's super-high CFMPs with the heel chopped off and a strap stuck on.

And I'm inclined to think that for the most part Lilian kept quiet about Fernando's affair on general principle--we've seen that on some level it does still hurt her to think about it, even if it's just in the usual "How dare she take that from me!" way.

Hehehe, Kirby and Julie you told on yourself catching my Steve Miller reference

Oyez, todos - Watched the episode and excuse me, had to laugh at Marta's desperation. Haven't read the recp yet, haven't read the comments, but I went to sleep thinking about the BIG reveal and woke up thinking that after ALL the buildup over 94 episodes, that was the LAMEST reveal in all my tn viewing history.

I really expected a really scandalous, even terror-filled, twisted mystery (I still like Kirby's idea that they are lesbians and Fernando found Lil and Marta in bed together).

Unless Marta is STILL hiding something, this is not worth 20 years of seeing each other's faces in the same house, neither for Lil nor for Marta. Lil should have moved to the San Diego apartment--wasn't she there once--and Marta should have highed herself off to Mexico to lie in the bed she'd originally made for herself.

No wonder Luci and Leon were disillusioned, as was Fer. OK, on with the shew [not a sic].

Wow, Cynthia, this is STELLAR! Thank you so much.

Well, I said my piece yesterday. I haven't read all the comments but tofie at 8:35 pretty much speaks my heart!

For Davaid and Erica, I hope she doesn't go running back to Miguel and I hope he doesn't receive her with open arms. I hope this was just a cliff hanger/teaser and that David will talk her off the ledge with some hugs and some of those teeth-baring kisses they apparently like.


Anita, I think Marta is STILL hiding something.

(And I always thought it was "on with the shoe")

"just because Lilian is a heifer doesn't mean both are not cows".

Well, now. And there you have it. :)

Diana (still smiling tofie)

Lilian is still a joker, a smoker, mid-night toker and a vile racist.

Best line of the week, Tofie. I completely agree with it.

Julie, Marta said something about going to Mexico. She is in no emotional shape to work for the moment. However, she will probably be the next Mrs Ramon at the end of the series.

Everyone -- including Luciana -- has made the point that these situations are not comparable. David is a widower and Luciana is single. She's also educated in ways that Marta isn't (and I suspect Lillian wasn't) and therefore has the upward mobility that Marta may envy on an unconscious level. The same upward mobility as Lisa and DisGracie had in their time.

That David still wants Lil and DisGrace to leave is a good thing. Here's hoping he can stick to his resolve.

Julie..Dave is not very good at firing or evicting folks. I don't think that Disgrace or Lilian are planning to go anywhere . I am also wondering where Marta will go because it seems that everyone she knows lives in the vineyard.

Lillian's MIC DROP BOMB: destroying Marta with the dirty little secret about Marta's escapade with Don Fernando.


I don't think David is going to put up any resistance to Luci leaving.

He's seemed gravely contemplative (well, more so than usual if that's even possible).

I believe he does love Luci but seemed to be wrestling with his own conscience. Her leaving just made it easier for him.

We'll see if I'm wrong tonight.


Tofie: You're right about Lillian's outright blatant racism.

Just like Deborah Sanders' racism in Telemundo's "Bajo El Mismo Cielo", where she viciously treated her own AUNT like a slave, even burning her with a hot iron!


Who we fooling? Of course Luciana will run back to Miguel. How timely his jealous meltdown and her guilt that kept her from telling Miguel she loved David. Do we really think she would dump David if she wasn't certain she could bring the back burner to boil?

Luciana almost used the same words and delivery with David in ending it as with Miguel before. She needs practice.

Cynthia--before I get going on the comments, thank you for this horribly disappointing episode. Your brilliant writing still shines through the muddy murk.

Urban--I must quote you from yesterday's comments, "I personally think they were making this up as they went along rather than thinking about it in advance and planning the revelations along the way. It's all about Leaving Our Options Open In Case the Ratings Fall." How right you are.

Thanks, Cynthia. Great recap of an episode that took soooo long coming.

Luciana and Leon's reaction is understandable, but they'll forgive their mom cause they're made that way. Nice to see David and Ramon give Marta support. I don't like her, but she's not evil.

To me, the worst thing Marta's done is try to glom her life onto Luciana. Luciana is bright, educated, and assertive and not in some backstreet affair with a married man who seemed to have promised her nothing. If Fernando had offered to leave Marta for Lil, Marta would've crowed about it but she didn't.

I don't blame Luciana for wanting to take a break. She's young. David's got about 20 more years of experience and should be patient. No doubt Luciana and Miguel will be caught in a hug or something that get's misconstrued, but Luciana just isn't into Miguel that way.

OK so the two old heifers still hate each other, as does almost all of Sonoma now.
Luci is dumping David as she has been a commercial away from for 24 episodes.

But what does Goodbye Mr. Lips have planned for David? I don't think I am being racist when I seem to be rooting more for a few of the men than the women in this show. And poor David needs an ally or the grace ( ? ) of God right now.

They have him thinking his spoiled little brat daughter tried to off herself and it was of course his fault.
The world championship Wine Building Competition is approaching and the only one who remembers is bad hair Soo--San.
He has laready had to talk to Sonia about sneaking behind his back on behalf of his bratty daughter.
His reliable loveable Nanny is not so much.
A yeomanlike scraping has still not dislodged the two human barnacles from his house with no success in sight.
The flaky teenager he was banging the other day is probably going to the other vineyard and dragging his heart along in her wake.
And his former right hand employee is hell bent to destroy him.

The boy needs a miracle or a gun.

Niecie..I agree. Marta is not evil. She has made some bad decisions , and she should have let Luci make her own decisions. It is hard to let your children grow up and make decisions on their own , especially when those decisions do not look wise to you. Sometimes, you just have to let go and let them learn from mistakes...abd akways always be there for them. #beentheredonethatnearlykilledme

Hope this doesn't post twice. Thanks, UA, for the reminder of how Lilian came to live at Dave's. That is a valuable refresher!

"Goodbye Mr. Lips" ..yes, those lips. I know you lied..your lips are moving. Anyone know those lyrics?

I agree ,Dave cannot catch a break. EVerybody just keeps harshing his mellow.The poor guy finally takes off his vest and gets one. ...maybe two... moments of afternoon delight after more than two years of abstinence , and hits the proverbial fan . I hope that Dave doesn't close those drapes and fall back into depression again . Bobby, where are you? Stay under that bed . Maybe that Lisa Memorial Bedroom Shrine should not have been disturbed. It seems to have unleashed some bad when they opened King Tut's tomb .

Have the writers complete!y forgotten about the Soosan\MessyMark storyline. Those abusive husband stories fill the news in real life. Locally, a woman had a restraining order against a former boyfriend, and four days after it went into effect, he killed her and then himself in her upperclass suburban neighborhood. All the telenovela writers have to do is read the newspapers because real life is often stranger and scarier than fiction. In fact, pick anyone you know who has lived for awhile, and yuou could probably find enough angst to write a telenovela .

I'm so lazy today: Niecie at 11:53...AMEN! I like your perspective on Luci and Dave's break-up! To be somewhat earthy about it, I think Erica and Dave may have christened Miguel and Luci's sex/love lives and that bond is going to draw them back even if there is a brief clinging to each other. As a matter of fact, I think if Luci seeks Miguel out, he'll send her back to Dave unless he's a total hypocrite. He sure seems to be into Erica. I also think Dave WILL be patient, tell Luci he understands she needs a break and he will wait for her because he loves her deeply.

Ah want some romance up in this piece, ya hear?

Cynthia, this was fantastic. Thank you!

I think Luciana has a good instinct (to break up with David) but for the wrong reason (the going has gotten tough).

I was actually most impressed with David last night. That never happens, but I thought he was pretty reasonable and logical throughout for once.

I think Ramon is just happy to have a chance to show what a great mate he can be for Marta.

I wish the writers would just forget Mark and Susan period. But yeah, their plot has been abruptly dropped. My working theory on this show is that the writers got into David's poisoned Two Buck Chuck at different points.

From the interaction between Lil and DG, after the BIG reveal, I got the impression Lil was not all that broken up about her family being broken up or that Fernando cheated on her. Marta claimed she was very young--so, did she have both children already? It is very possible the writers do intend to have one of her children be Fernando's. But that still doesn't explain both births taking place in Mexico.

So, we still don't know HOW long this affair went on; WHEN Fernando died; HOW he died. Maybe this is still a secret to be revealed. Hope it's better than this one was.

Urban, their timeline still does not fit into the story--as given so far. We've been handed a lot of data, none of which forms a perfect backstory.

Also, Urban, thanks for reminding us that Lil did not live at the rancho continuously. However, in the first couple of episodes she was certainly there, harassing Luciana. Luci and David were already aware of her nasty personality.

Conclusion: There is still not enough revealed for us to figure it all out. Geesh.

(Give me Mujeres de Negro over Vino at this point. The reveals started from the first couple of minutes and it hasn't let us down yet.)

It is another snowday for the schools around here due to drifting snow on the rural back roads . However, it is sunny and clear, so I hear drip drip drip. Remember that spring is springing on Monday . wheeee...

I feel sorry for and worried about Dave. Disgrace has been keeping a pretty low profile right now, but if Luci backs away now, are we going to have her getting all handsy with Dave again. Plus more bleating about how the most important thing is faammiillyyy. She will bring up how Marta hurt her faammiillyy by having an affair with dad ,so Luci is cut from that same floral cloth and is not worthy of Dave's magnificent daviness. I cannot wait for Juan to do whatever he plans to do with that cellphone.

I know Lil said in her most famous line of dialog, that Marta only wanted Fernando in order to support her children. If this is true and one of those kids is Fernando's (or both), it's possible that Marta already had one child and was pregnant with the other and that's how Lil could refer to them in the plural.

I'm flummoxed on how Lisa and David did not know anything of these goings on under their noses. Either that, or this happened nowhere near the rancho. But that does NOT fit the story. Let me add WHERE to the lines of HOW, WHEN, above.

(OK, calm down Anita, it's just a tn, it's just a tn.)

I just thought of something. Luci says, how could you do this to my father who got up early to get me ready for school. From this, I assumed that Luci was already born during the affair - but actually Luci doesn't know when the affair was either, so it's still possible that she's Fernando's child.

It does sound as if it took place before the deportation, though, because Marta said that Marcos was working all the time (not that he was a thousand miles away or whatever).

The only thing left to nail Marta would be to find out Marcos was infertile, but he's dead and I'm left with mere suppositions.

Niecie, like you and Susanlynn, I don't think Marta is evil.

I don't have a tremendous amount of sympathy for her now because her reason for the affair seems rather empty and doesn't resonate. And apparently, it isn't sitting well with her children either.

I think both children are kind and loving and that they will forgive Marta. Leon already has one foot in the forgiveness door. All my pity is going to Luci and Leon. The best Marta is getting from me is a cold shoulder.

Luci will need more time. Not only for the betrayal she is experiencing, but for what she perceives as unforgivable treachery against the father whom she adored. The fact that Marta likened Luci's situation to hers was unwarranted, unfair and unrelated.


I keep forgetting that David would have no reason to suspect anything was going on with Marta since it happened when Lisa and Graciela were younger and didn't involve his immediate family. My question is where did Marcos work at the time and how was Fernando and Lilian in their orbit? Did Marcos work for David's father and Marta a house girl?

Tofie, I don't even think we know that this didn't happen at the vineyard while Marcos was working there but was too busy to keep track of his wife.

It's true that Lil hasn't lived there continuously, but it's possible that she did for a while, shortly after David and Lisa were married. It's also possible that Fernando was living there without Lil. I mean, seriously, it's all pretty much wide open at this point.

Of course, if this all happened at the vineyard, then it's probably after Luci and Leon were born, since they were allegedly both born in Mexico.

In my 1:23 comment, of course I did not mean Luci and David--it was Luci and Miguel as children. I'm sure those who saw it didn't misunderstand.

I don't know how I missed UA's crack about the writers making this up as they went, but Marta's story more than just about anything short of the migrant trafficking mess really does seem to indicate that. Or that the writers were hellbent on dragging it out secondary to everything else, which is just as bad if not possibly worse. (Not sure if it's worse overall than the #disasterareaclogs or the ongoing silliness regarding the Sonoma PD in general, but it's a damned close third at least.)

"I don't have a tremendous amount of sympathy for her now because her reason for the affair seems rather empty and doesn't resonate. And apparently, it isn't sitting well with her children either."

Well said. She almost literally said Marcos was working a lot and it just happened, AIUI, which in English-language soap terms is the de facto excuse for the vast majority of infidelities. It probably hurt her case more than it helped it because it's so hackneyed, and Luciana and Leon's jumping immediately to Marta betraying their father and trying to (incorrectly) compare her situation to her daughter's is the one thing that made sense besides Lilian immediately trying to use the whole thing for capital with David and her anti-Palacios agenda.

And, yet, we still don't even know all the specifics. That's the hilariously forked up part of all this.

Bill: "And, yet, we still don't even know all the specifics. That's the hilariously forked up part of all this."

Yeah. That's why I feel like there's going to be a second reveal that's supposed to blow our minds, because right now we're supposed to be satisfied that we've heard the whole story. I doubt that we have. If we have, then the writing is even worse than I thought... and I didn't think it was very good.

Thank you all for such great comments! We are up to 52 comments and it’s not even noon yet for me. 

Anyway, I was trying to figure out if Marta was sorry for having the affair or if she is just making excuses for it because she was exposed. I know she is crying and trying to rationalize the whole thing, but I just don’t see any real sorrowfulness on her part for getting involved with a married man while she was married at the same time. It just seems to me you can’t make excuses for that. And for heaven’s sake, she has no business comparing her situation to Luciana and David. Its’ not even apples and oranges. It’s more like oranges compared to junk food.

I think Luciana and León would be more forgiving of Marta had she said something like this and I’m making this up as I go along because I think I would accept this from my parents had they done something like this:

“Kids, you both were very small children when we came to the USA. Your dad started working very long hours and I was very lonely because I had no friends. Then Don Fernando started coming on to me and I was flattered. I didn’t realize he was taking advantage of my loneliness till much afterward. I have since found out that he was a womanizer and I was nothing special to him, he was simply a predator seeking his own satisfaction with a younger woman. I foolishly fell for him and was too embarrassed to tell your father because I was afraid he would be so hurt that he would divorce me, so I kept it secret all these years. I didn’t want anyone to find out about this but Lilian kept bringing it up. I am ashamed and embarrassed that you had to find out this way. I did not want your father’s memory to be brought up with such hurt like this. I made a stupid mistake and I just don’t want you to hold it against me for the rest of my life.”

If she had said something like that instead of the “Fernando and I were so in love!” kind of thing, I think her children would have been a lot more understanding. Or she could have told her kids that Marcos knew about it and forgave her and that would have been the end of that one as she could have said, “Your father forgave me for this long ago. If he were here now, he’d tell you to forgive me too.” Marcos is dead, so there is no verifying it anyway, but it’s a way to mend things with her children.


I guess that kids have a hard enough time dealing with the fact that their parents have sex , so the idea that a parent had sex with someone else must be hard to wrap your head around let alone forgive . The lesson here is that decisions you make can have long lasting effects through the years. Marta was wrong in what she did . It has taken awhile for the truth to come out, but let's face it somehow it eventually does . I always marvel at the way people think that they can keep things hidden forever.

While everyone's distracted by the Lillian Sanders & Marta Munoz drama, Juan & OJ Mark cooking up sinister schemes.

APB Alert for Carito!

Steve..You are right. Dave has been too busy with all his family dramalama (thanks dy77) to keep an eye on his former bff . Poor Dave.

I am sure that when that worker came to Juan's apartment to tell him that all the piping was removed, those were the water pipes that allowed for the water to flow to David's vineyard. Juan's scheme is to put David out of business with a useless vineyard. But he can order trucks to bring in water. Expensive, but doable.

David needs to sue for that one and go to court to have them reinstalled. Seems to me that should be considered some type of easement.

Cynthia. Easement. In the human world, anything which is crucial to your life or way of life or existence is generally written down and agreed on rather than hanging solely on a handshake or a phone call.

As evidenced by the "Evil Grand Ruin of David" plan things like this are not left to the mood of an adjoining landowner, leaving all the Davids of the world to lay awake at night thinking "Sheezo I hope that new guy doesn't notice all those pipes."

You writers better come up with something believable, as I have already given you writers an abundance of gifts of belief in the impossible.

I hope Erika catches Miggy and Luci slurping around on each other. It is about time for her to get a dose of reality. And if those two DO get into a fight I hope they tear each other's clothes off. There hasn't been much for us carburetor and spark plug people.

For NoJuan to supposedly be an attorney Juan would think he has a legal angle that we haven't considered, or he is just one of the dumb Juans.

Because on the surface this looks like a hairbrained scheme at best. I mean legal action, an existing easement, water trucks, a well, pump water out of Lisa's River of Death, there is a bunch of water there, is it on David's land? If not it is within walking distance and he has at least foot traffic access to it..

Does Dave even have a new lawyer yet? Or is he going to wait for Lilian to recommend one?

No shoot. The only one who has been reliable without an agenda is good ole Cesar. He seems to have his own life outside these loony toons, with the hospital and patients and all, but David could (and has) picked less beneficial friends. You just know Doctor Cesar knows a trustworthy lawyer.


Kirby: It's almost a formality that No-Game Cesar & Susan are going to be together.

Tano: You're stuck with FerBrat buddy!


You think Steve? If Bad Hair Soo-San goes from SkidMark to Cesar:

That is a helluva upgrade.
Not like from a Chevy to an Oldsmobile.

More like a skateboard to an Oldsmobile

Steve I am looking forward to Luci prissing over to Erika's place now to hang out with her old former, oops, wait, now again BFF Miggy. That should be an entertaining catfight. Now that Luci has found it in her heart to let her love go for the sake of his kids (and some unfinishid business with Miggy) now that she knows WHAT dat bidness is awl 'bout.

I will believe her altruism if she keeps her mouth off what is now Erika's property. We assume Erika properly and thoroughly 'marked' it the other night.

I may be wrong and Luci could always try as she could to assure Erika that she and Miggs are simply childhood friends , in her eyes at least, and that she wishes them the best and will try not to get in the way. San Francisco's newest visitor, Miggy, may see it differently, of course, and think this may be his last chance to claim what is rightfully (in his hayseed size brain) his.

Then the ride could get a bit bumpy

Tano is young and full of hope and energy, he can afford to rehabilitate a few crazies like FerBrat. I just hope he knows that flaky fruit stuff is strictly catch and release.


Cynthia--This is your best line of the day, "And for heaven’s sake, she has no business comparing her situation to Luciana and David. Its’ not even apples and oranges. It’s more like oranges compared to junk food." Well done, put a fork in it.

Every love story has a dip it. This is
David's and lucy's. And this dip has a
Lot of bugs and maggots in it,juan,lil
Discrazy,marked off,Dr.Nutjob,the brat
And just all out interfearance. Come
On happy ending.
The situation in not the same, Davy and Lucy are single. Marty and ferny were not. Get it straight lil. That
Marriage was over but marta's wasn't.
And marcos was a good hard Workin man, husband. But kinda dropped the ball in not Payin attention to the wife. Ferny
Took care of the wife. Not good.

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