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La Piloto #19, 3-31-17: The Shooters Get A Hooters And Dave's Still Got Squat

Part 1 n 2~~

Dave is suspicious about Simpson’s whereabouts at the time Zeki Yilmas was murdered.  However, Simp-sone has a great alibi: he was sleeping with Monica.  Of course Dave is supposedly overreacting and Simpsone makes him feel like a nosey peeping Tomas.

John and Oscar have bought the local watering hole and called it “Beautiful Sky”.  However, their new waitresses, the gone gals, are having problems fitting into their new uniforms: skimpy midriffs and hot pants that barely cover their minuscule bottoms.  Yoli tells them to buck up and she’ll see about talking John into something a bit more concealing and less revealing.  It could be worse…..It is that Oscar wants them so (pardon the possible pun) uptight they end up leaving.  So don’t give in and she’ll try persuading the O’s big bro to get them something else.

Speaking of which, she has a meet with John and Oscar where they tell her she’s in charge of running the day to day in their new place of bidnez.  She’s going to choose who’s in charge of the girls while they’re waitressing.  Well, then her first order of bidnez is getting them warmer outfits.  It’s freezing outside.  Oscar turns her request into a criticism and thus a rude attitude, all things considered.  She hisses back and John stops it all.  O leaves and she asks what’s his problem he’s always got to yell at her, not to mention stripping the girls naked [encuerar]!!  It goes over his head, and he and she make nice. “-- Let’s continue my flying lessons!”

Moni gives another lecture to the team of agents.  “—Get your shit together!”

Lessons commence the next day. While Yoli has fun in the air, the gg’s are suffering through freezing desert nights wearing humiliatingly skimpy duds and getting manhandled by the clientele.  Estela, la Bella Borracha, spends money like it’s water and is so drunk she’s having conversations with an invisible Unky Ernie.

A month later Yoli finally gets her license and her first job flying chemicals to Guatelmala.  Amanda gets her first notion there’s a gnarly mini-Arley bun in the oven.  Arley is having a fun time with one of the other, snotty, waitresses who runs into her in the hallway as Arley races after her.  He runs into Amanda and tries to harness her as well but she refuses.  He seems to love them jealous and resisting.  She starts to complain but he’s called away to something regarding the place’s security.

Unfortunately for Yo, the plastic containers are leaking.  She has to put out fires in the cockpit with her trusty fire extinguisher.  It delays her arrival by a few hours and John is worried. He threatens the mechanic that if she doesn’t make it safely back it’ll be his fault and he’ll pay dearly.

Moni and Daverto discuss the odd situation that none of the guns in the police station seemingly match the bullets used to kill Zeki.  It’s been a month and still there’s zip. Daverto is certain there’s a mole from Las Sombras and that person did Zeki in.  Yet there are no clues and not a trace of anything to point them in any direction.

Speaking of which, Simp-sone, report in with Jorge, the Senator. (North American, South or Central, we have no idea.  He’s just got a white shock of hair and looks tall and lanky.  You guess.)  He confirms he’s been destroying any and all evidence plus he’s got Moni “in the palm of [his] hand.  Jorge El Senador says soon, his bud’s in the DEA will relieve Dave of his post due to lack of results.  Simp-sone will be the next in line to take his place.  Just then Moni shows up for some ice cream in bed.

Back in Altamira, Estela takes a cab home and is met by one of her friends who is only too happy to spend an afternoon sizzling down drinks and gossiping with her.  Dave, though, has one of the DEA agents spying on her and he calls in to say Estela’s finally back.  He tries calling Moni but she is otherwise engaged.

That evening at the bar, Olivia advises Amanda not to get so upset over a man.  They are what they are.  Just look at how Oli herself ran after one and got bupkiss for it.  Amand and they all have a lot on their plates right now and it wouldn’t help.

AND, it seems Oli’s ex comes back looking for her.  Oli’s papi isn’t exactly happy to see him, either.  He says she’s now working for narco-traffickers and he’s thrown her out.

Moni, now getting her clothes on after her roll in the sheets, notices the blood drips on Simp-sone’s boots and mentions it to him.  He lies that it’s from the taxi driver he wounded.  She has a look of doubt on her face.
Yoli continues to struggle with broken down equipment and chemical fires in the cockpit.  She notes that the equipment has loose disconnected wiring--almost as if it’s been purposely disconnected but not fully ripped out.

That evening John is ready to fly over the same route and look for Yoli’s plane which, to Oscar, makes no sense.  His motives though are less than honorable as Viewerville and John are well aware of.  “—hey, Bro’, if the plane crashed then the plane crashed and looking for it at night makes no sense.”  Just then the man waiting on the runway in Guatemala radios that there’s a plane coming in but it has no radio communication.

That plane is Yoli’s and she eventually  makes it to the drop site, picks up her  bag o’ cash, and flies back to Villa Antigua.  She calls John to let him know she’s on the way back.

Dave pays a visit to Estela and gripes at her for not finishing with what she promised.  He tries to get Yolanda’s location from her, but Estela remember her daughter’s threat to tell John and what on of his goons told her about the way John deals with traitors; that’s enough to keep her quiet, which she does.  And yet, where did she get all this cash to spend on glamming herself up and drinking fancy liquor?  Oh, she got a life insurance policy Ernie left her......Why didn't she answer her phone?
A fear of all of it.  He'll pay her lots of money.  He just wants to find her daughter; but she won't accept it now.
~~~~~end partes 1 y 2~~~~~~~~~

parte 3~~~~~~

John wants to celebrate in bed, but Yoli wants to have a couple of drinks at the bar and chat with the gals.  He can warm the sheets for her and she’ll come back in a bit.  

Dave has managed to plant a mike secretly at Estela’s but gets only drunken ravings from her so far.  Bored, he tries locating Simp-sone.  Not happy with Moni and Sim always in bed when he needs to discuss business.  “—You’re leaving.  Pack your bags.  You’ll learn that having my right hand [man/woman] on honeymoon constantly is useless.”  He informs her about finding Estela and that she’d know except she’d had her phone off when he tried calling her earlier.  Her personal life is hers, yes, unless it interferes with her professional one--and therefore his, he advises her.  Moni chats with Sim right after and says they still have zero to go on.

John leaves the bar and leaves Yoli’s protection in the hands of  a new guerrero. As they drive off a neighboring bunch of rowdies drives in and go inside the bar looking for booze, bimbos and brawling.  Looks like they’ve come to the right place—or is it?


Although I hate that Hulu waits for the end of the week to upload multiple La Piloto episodes, Hulu is fast becoming a treasure trove of Spanish entertainment. Here is some info from the web site Cord Cutters about Hulu:

"Hulu has been aggressively adding new programming in recent years. Now it is branching out into Spanish language-based programming.
Yesterday Hulu announced that it has struck a deal with Telemundo and Sony Pictures Television to bring Spanish programming to Hulu.
Now Hulu subscribers will have access to hundreds of movies and TV shows including popular telenovelas, Pedro Almodóvar films, and other Spanish language programming. Full libraries of hit series such as La Reina del Sur and popular films The Skin I Live In, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, All About My Mother, and more are now available on Hulu.
With the Sony Pictures Television deal, Hulu has acquired the rights to a selection of telenovelas and teleseries including Lady, La Vendendora de Rosas, Doña Barbara, and comedy series Los Beltran and crime dramas El Mariachi, Metastasis, and En la Boca del Lobo. The deal also encompasses feature films El Mariachi and The Secret in Their Eyes and acclaimed films from Academy Award-winning director Pedro Almodóvar."


Glad to hear that. I wish they would also include the Carla Estrada telenovelas like Amor Real, Alborada (it was briefly there) and Pasión. I would give anything to see those in entirety again.

All the episodes are now gone with the exception of the latest. What is up?

I think we should all complain to Hulu. They do respond to phone or email queries.

I haven't subscribed to hulu for a couple of years now, but at one time they were known to abruptly 'disappear' telenovelas. So if you are 2/3 through a show and hopelessly addicted, one day you go to get your fix and it's not there. Anyone know if they still do that?

I think they would do it when a network such as Univision started to broadcast a tn and didn't want episodes on hulu simultaneously. For whatever reason, it was rather off-putting, to say the least.

I just checked Hulu again, and noticed that like La Piloto, Hulu removed all episodes of "Vino El Amor" except for the latest one.

Either this is a new policy, or their software is buggy!

Just went to the Hulu site and saw this in the Help section:

As of March 31st, a number of Univision shows will no longer be available on our service. We're always looking to improve our video library and we want to make sure you get the best content available out there. Learn more about our Spanish-language programming. When you click on the Learn More link, you get this message which basically says La Piloto will no longer be offered:

A number of Univision shows are no longer available on Hulu as of March 31st, 2017.

Although 23 Univision shows have expired, we're excited to have recently acquired the rights to many popular telenovelas, reality shows, and many more Spanish-language movies. We hope you like the new series and films we have added to the Latino section.

The following shows are no longer available or expiring soon:

A que no me dejas (available through April 17)
Amores con trampa
Despertar contigo
El Chavo animado
El color de la pasión
La banda
La piloto
La viuda negra
Lo imperdonable
Lo que la vida me robó
Mi corazón es tuyo
Mujeres de negro
Pasión y poder
Pequeños gigantes (available through April 13)
Por siempre Joan Sebastian
Premio lo nuestro
Sueño de amor
Tres veces Ana
Un camino hacia el destino
Vino el amor
Yo no creo en los hombres


I think the deal with Uni and Hulu expired and Uni probably didnt want to renew since viewers kept watching in hulu instead of live but thats going to backfire since viewing habits are different, etc.

At the same time Hulu added a lot of quality content from other countries ( already found some and added to my watchlist) and Telemundo. The same as Telemundo has done with Netflix and once again Uni is left out in the cold because they want to be the bratty child.

This definitely sucks as far as recapping.

Thanks for the update. I do have Univision On Demand which has been slow, but certain to be there. Netflix has brought on a lot of the top Univision primetime telenovelas recently. Shame to lose Hulu plus as a resource.

Thanks Jardinera. Always enjoy the way you tell a story. Sorry to hear our galan Arly is not quite the White Knight he briefly appeared to be. And really sorry that Hulu pulled all the Univsion shows! A friend and I have been re-watching Teresa and I guess now we're high and dry. Dang. That was a good telenovela.

How does Univision on Demand work? I'm a complete doofus when it comes to navigating TV. Ah well, another learning opportunity.

Thanks amiga.

Ahah! Judith! It comes with your cable--as an added expense, but if you're nice you can wheedle the price down or you can bulldoze an threaten and get it. Unfortunately, cable has a way of disintegrating and reprogramming takes place almost everytime I try watching it via Xfinity.

Ya know, Viewerville was wondering if Yoli wore that hot pants captain's uniform to get her flying license-- and if so, how good a pilot is she really? Or is that just to please and celebrate with John????? A miniskirt would have been just as revealing and more likely than hot pants. Or is that jus' me bein' a grinch?????

GlobuefanOH we owe you for that bit of news. Thanks for the heads up! I don't know if they'd care about lil' ol' us writing in to complain but go for it!

Alfredo said that he found some Telemundo content on Hulu.

With their new "reorganization", I checked and do not see La Dona or Le Fan, or any other current Telemundo telenovela on Hulu.

Hey GoBlue. I meant older Telemundo novelas like Dona Barbara and Bajo El Mismo Cielo.

Well, I did fine la Piloto on On Demand Jardinera. But when I clicked on the episode, after a moderately long wait, it said la Piloto not available. Try again. Man, what a shell game! Color me frustrated and cranky (nothing new there).

What? Really? I got to try this!


Jud: I go to Latino>Telenovelas>La Piloto. I totally bypass Univision. Don't know if it makes a difference, but.....

In Xfinity On Demand.

Unplug your cable connection and sometimes that works to reset it. Otherwise, call your provider is the most I can help.


JudyB, you can still watch Teresa on Netflix.

Really? Thanks Anonymous. And Jardinera, I did find the episode you recapped, finally, on Hulu. So now Color me Confused. (but very happy to know that I can still find Teresa, si Dios quiere)

Thanks, Jardinera. Great title and recap. Oscar wants them so (pardon the possible pun) uptight they end up leaving - ha!

Poor Dave staking out Estela’s and listening to her asinine phone yaps looked like he’d rather be in a shootout.

I'm back to square one with Arley. I thought he was sleazy at first, but then he seemed to care for Amanda. Turns out, he just likes to bunny hop. Jerk.

Oh how the stewardesses have fallen. They use to look so proud and cool in their airline uniforms.

Monica, you're sleeping with a guy that won't even wash the blood off his shoes. Eeeoow!

Niecie: I'm not going to be surprised when Simpson whacks Monica if she figures out he's corrupt!


Neicie... Monica has no clue that Simpson is the killer and he came to her...probably to get info...and to have an alibi. She has no reason to suspect him so she has no reason to grab the shoes for a DNA test. She is going to feel so stupid when all this comes to light....if she survives....because I agree with Steve...Simpson won't hesitate to kill her if he needs to.

I too feel sorry for Dave....having to listen to that lush Estella. I was so hoping her screen time had ended when she went back home with the bag full of loot...but unfortunately, she's going to stick around for awhile. Guess she still has importance to the plot.

So...Yoli is going to have a high adventure every epi...oh well. I didn't see the reason for the chemical leak and near fire...except for Yoli to continue to show off her thinking skills. And I know she looks out for "the girls"...but I don't see why she made a big deal about staying behind at the club to share things with them. I think John should have know 1st about the fire above anyone else. But I see her staying behind set's things up for her next adventure.

Still good TV although I'm tired of the gun fights.


Niece: "Monica, you're sleeping with a guy that won't even wash the blood off his shoes. Eeeoow! " Ick-k-k-k-k!! Good catch! I was too tied up in getting this thing up that that thought never bubbled all the way to the top. And Moni is soooo thankful to have some macho dude --make that ANY dude-- pay attention to her that she stays stooooopid.

Forgot to mention how much I loved the title! Only you kid...only you!

Finally caught up on last week's episodes!!!! Thank you Alfredo and Jardinera!!!!

First off, sad Zeki died because combined with Ernie's death, there is no one to connect Zuli to that poor families' murder.

Oscar needs to get laid. All of the guys around him are and they are all less tense than he is. I blame some of his aggression towards Yoli on that fact. Do I expect this show to show two men kissing, let alone engaging in sex, NO, but they could infer it.

Yoli seems pretty happy in her life of crime as long as she is flying.

Now that Amanda is preggers and Olivia's bf has shown up, I'm wondering how long any of these girls remain alive.

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