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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#1): La Fan, La Doña, El Chema, El Capo, & más: Week of April 3, 2017

Welcome to Page #1 (Monday edition) of the Telemundo y Más page, issued twice a week: Mondays at 3:00 PM and Thursdays at 8:00 PM.

Here are the current telenovelas (all times are Eastern Daylight Time):

• 10:30AM-12PM—Amar es Primavera
• 12-2PM—Mujeres Ambiciosas
• 8PM—La Fan (ends on Monday)
• 8-10PM—La Doña (beginning Tuesday, La Doña will run for 2 hours, 8-10PM)
• 10PM—El Chema (ends Monday)
* 10PM--El Capo (begins on Tuesday)

As the above listing indicates, Telemundo will make some major schedule changes this week. La Fan, a big favorite here on Caray, will air its final episode on Monday. Starting Tuesday, La Doña will run for two hours each day, from 8-10PM.  Similarly, El Chema will conclude on Monday. A new narconovela, El Capo, will take over the 10PM slot as of Tuesday. People in search of something light-hearted will apparently have to look elsewhere.

Everyone is welcome to join in the conversation.  Since discussions of all the Telemundo novelas share the same page, please remember to put the name of the telenovela you're referring to at the top of your post, so readers can easily find the conversations they're looking for.

By common agreement, this group DOES NOT discuss previews, trailers, or any other plot information not found in a current or past episode of the current production. Spoilers WILL be removed by the admin. This includes reference to earlier productions of the story, and even the original novel. Thanks for your cooperation!

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El Chema:

Okay. There are certain conventions all three current shows in Telemundo's "narcoverse" tend to adhere to: libidos are more powerful than pickup trucks, the smallest betrayal or defiance usually is repaid tenfold, and most importantly what I think I will now call Death Week: in the last week of episodes, a bunch of characters usually get whacked for whatever reasons real or imagined. El Señor de los Cielos killed two-thirds of its rival cartel overlords and put the protagonist's longtime mujer in a coma, while Señora Acero straight up killed off nearly every "villain" (air quotes required at this point) save the ongoing longtime henchman-turned-wannabe-big-bad in order to introduce new characters good and bad.

And then we get to this show...whose Death Week may be a case for taking a break from all things narco for a while. (I'm not sure if the upcoming El capo will be a narcoverse show. It's not a given, since La querida del Centauro isn't either last I knew.)

One of the major running throughlines for the entire back half of this show has been central antagonist Ricardo Almenar Paiva's desire to punish Regina, Ines's niece, for daring to no longer want to be his side chick due to her love for Chema's friend/partner Red. He openly whacked a guy who had helped Regina and Red flee the country a while back, and going into the last twenty episodes or so he basically set up a long con: he used one of his cohorts, a goofy-looking but rather charismatic man named Nelson, to get close to Regina (who was already feeling distanced from Red since he was always working and she wanted attention). And it worked--Nelson slept with Regina, convinced her to grab her and Red's kids and flee to be with him, and lured her right into Ricardo's clutches.

This is where Death Week comes in. One of the other few narcoverse consistencies up to this point is that, minus the occasional and rare accident, children are usually spared any sort of actual narcotraficante karma recycling. This show basically went "Hold my tequila, por favor..." with that; it didn't happen onscreen, but it still had Nelson literally videotape the murder of Regina's children by his throwing them off a bridge. (This admittedly led to some utterly wrought acting by both Fernando Noriega (Red) and Julieta Grajales (Regina).) And this was right before Ricardo killed Regina, waiting an indeterminate period, and then shipping her severed head and the aforementioned tape to Red.

As we go into tonight's final episode, Ricardo is still alive (he smartly got the fork out of Dodge weeks ago). Nelson? Chema and Red tracked him down, his eyes were gouged out, and he got shot six times--or Killed with a capital K.

On one hand, I'm kind of impressed that after five years Telemundo keeps finding ways to up the proverbial ante in some ways--particularly with this show, which at this point is a prequel to the entire narcoverse as we know it (which has led to some quirky callbacks, or rather call-forwards). On the other hand, between this and Señora Acero--which actually had a man drawn and quartered this past season, which up to last week was the "Okay, God, ew" singular narcoverse moment--while these shows have been blessed with a surprisingly and uniformly good group of actors, I think at this point a certain sort of...violence fatigue?...has set in. In fairness, Telemundo has run all three of its narcoverse shows in a row--as of last week, they've been running for a solid calendar year. I need a break from the narcos. Maybe we all do. Hell, reruns of Alguien te mira would be nice right about now (if nothing else, I can remind myself why Piedad from that show was indeed the worst).

La Doña

Without thinking, I replied a few minutes ago to Gobluefan's question on the page that was about to expire. I'm thus posting my reply here as well:

Gobluefan, starting this Tuesday (April 4), La Doña will run for 2 hours each day. I've been told that schedule will continue until Monday, April 24, when a new novela, Guerra de Idoles, will debut at the 8-9PM time slot. Presumably La Doña will then return to 1 hour (9-10). Unless of course everyone has been killed off by then. :-)

El Capo

Bill, in your very interesting (and depressing) account of the narco universe in the most recent three Telemundo narconovelas, you said that you didn't know whether El Capo was also a narconovela. I'm afraid it sounds as if it is. The one-paragraph synopsis that appears on Telemundo's website includes this sentence:
"Esta impenetrable fortaleza ha sido diseñada para ocultar a José Vicente Solís Armenta, alias El Capo, el líder del narcotráfico más buscado de Centroamérica, quién se ve forzado a la clandestinidad gracias a un periodista que destapó su identidad."

Juanita: mea culpa--I meant I didn't know yet if El capo was set in the narcoverse. If it is, which means it's branching out even further a la Señora Acero, then it's also going to do something the narcoverse has never done before: recast an actor as a new character (in the promos for this show, you may well blink and miss Guillermo Quintanilla, formerly Isidro Robles, as an unidentified military officer).


Juanita: The big question is whether AG finds out Rafael was the one, who hired Gabino to violently attack Monica ?


La Fan

Gabriel Porras said he had a lot of fun doing La Fan!


El Capo

Bill- this is a remake of a Colombian novela by the same name now in it's third season, it has already been run in Mexico under the name "Perseguidos".

it was written by Gustavo Bolívar of "Sin Tetas/Senos no/si hay Paraiso" fame.

I'm curious to see Sara Maldonado (Camelia la Texana) long hair but the sides of her head shaved, and Roberto Mateos.



deb, thanks!

Should I have pizza tonight in honor of the capítulo final?

La Fan

yes, we should all wear pizzas!


I wasn't entirely sure if it was a remake of that narconovela, but I'm not really surprised. That said, if I suck it up for this one, it'll be for Sara Maldonado and Iran Castillo and indeed Roberto Mateos; Gustavo Bolivar is a good writer, but I'm not sure if I have it in me for something potentially even more depressing than our typical narcoverse fare...


Oooh I love the pizza idea for our Gran Fin party! 🍕🍕🍕



Doris, I am sitting here chomping on my pizza right now. We should have planned a menu! 🍕🍕🍕🥗🥗🥗🍷🍷🍷🍹🍹🍹🍰🍰🍰🍮🍮🍮☕️☕️☕️

Well, I thot they wud end it with the wedding, making it look like they lived happily ever after, maybe having borrowed the actual end. But then they upset the apple cart & said that it will be continued. Vot der dumboozle? They ended it & then unended it. Bummer Telemundo. This was the last episode was it not? Yet there was no FIN.

LA FAN #54 4/3/17 Monday

First of all, I want to thank everyone from the Telemundo side of the blog for being so welcoming. It was great getting to know you since some of us had never crossed paths before..

I never thought I would ever recap any novela five nights a week but due to you guys and such an excellent novela, it was always a pleasure. It was wonderful having a patio to watch this with.

As for tonight, it started out so good but left me in the pits. : ( To be continued? Really? When they couldn't even show the full episodes now. Sure . . . I won't be holding my breath.

Anyway, on to the recap!

Part 1

The flamenco act continues. Yay! We got to see more of the silliness of it all. After "María and Paquito" get a standing ovation and are ready to leave, the manager says he is confused because some other musicians arrived saying they were the entertainment. Lucas and Bake tells him they are mistaken because "María and Paquito" were the entertainment.

Gabriel is with Felícitas who has given him Pascual Blanco's number. He calls and Lucía answers. She tells him that Mr. Blanco has died. Gabriel says he is looking to talk to his wife. She tells him that Mr. Blanco never had a wife. When Hanriel gets off the phone he tells that to Felícitas who says Blanco introduced the woman he was with as his wife. Could she be his lover? Gabriel is going to find out.

Obnoxious Jessica is now stuffing her face at Diego and Adriana's. She lies about Miriam having abandoned her and not wanting to be alone if something happens to her and the baby. She decides she is sleeping there. Adriana can help her. Diego acts like a dolt and gives in to her. Adriana looks like she is losing patience.

Carlos is still trying to get Eloísa to move in with him. She wants to talk to Diego and Adriana before she moves in. Carlos says fine but they are all grown up and can do as they wish just like their kids have done. She is also worried about Vale and Lucas. He assures her if they are in love, they will be fine.

Miguel talks to Justin about finding a girl from the masquerade party scene. Can he give him a list of the girls who were the extras? Or can he see the masks? Justin shows him the box of masks and they go looking and trying them on.


La Fan # 54

Part 2

Salma is using her fans in her social networks to assist her in finding Lucas. She informs Gabriel that somebody somewhere must have seen them. Quique and Nicolás stop by. Salama is not happy to see Quique who caused the problem she is now trying to solve. Quique has a plan to find Vale and Lucas: just keep an eye on Tomás and they will have to come get him sooner or later.

Benito tells his father to keep his nose out of his relationship with Miriam or he will not see one cent of Zubizarreta money. Ignacio turns the threat that he made to his advantage with a lie. He only threatened Miriam after she asked him for money to leave Benicio alone.Benicio does not believe him. Ignacio insists he does not know her. She is a gold digger.

Back in Mexico, Lucía is wondering why Gabriel called and what is going on. Lucía wants Damián her accomplice to push up the cremation, talk to her lawyer and get everything in order. She cannot wait to return to LA.

Lucas and Vale are thinking about where they can run away to. It has to be somewhere where Lucas is not known. Africa! Lucas changes his tone a bit when he tells her any place they are together will be "their" place. They sneak outmof the hotel still in their costumes not knowing that Quique and Nicolás are following right behind them.

Felicítas gives Gabriel a call to let him know her contact has confirmed that Pascual has died. He lived with a woman. They were not married. Her name is Úrsula Molinera. She is the woman Felícitas met and who Gabriel has identified as Lucía.

Eloísa brings Tomás home. Lucas and Vale will be there shortly. Carlos wants to call the police. Eloísa is too afraid of Quique to do that. Lucas and Vale arrive. Carlos asks if they are going to call the police and he gets a big "No" because Quique is too dangerous,They are going to have to run far away. To Africa! Poor Lucas calls Africa a country and Tomás has to correct him. As Lucas opens the door to leave, Quique is there pointing a gun at his head. When Vale tells him he is going to have to listen to her, he scratches his own head with the barrel of the gun. (Very funny) Quique finally gives in and tells Lucas and Vale they are getting married tomorrow.


If you want to continue watching the story, search on YouTube for the lowest possible number in 70 and go from there. (I refer to what must be Gala TV numbers). There are a ton of uploads. I haven't yet found what Vale did after Salma bad-mouthed Lucas after what looked like a complete wedding. My guess is that she got the wedding annulled? Maybe they will continue with the legal LA LA that the USA somehow requires a distinct secular civil wedding when a religious wedding is held -- the Vale doesn't do that? Don't annulments require that the Pope approve them -- taking a while? I suppose they won't bother with accuracy on the subject. Now that this show is over for the USA, I suppose that it would be impossible to post a spoiler here, but perhaps someone would object that to disgust the rest of the show (Gala TV 70-109 so far on YOuTube) would be a spoiler for those who want to continue the show watching on YouTube. I am kind of curious as to how Vale & Lucas become unmarried, assuming that such is the case after this non-Fin. Will they send a quick request to the Vatican?


Probably the best place to continue this story is here where one "Jenny B055" uploader has a ton of uploads on LA FAN -- I think they are all arranged in 2 playlists; one of the caps; the other specializing in the romance of Adriana y Diego.

Jenny's uploads are really high quality. What she doesn't upload is probably all available on other channels, if not as high quality.

For Telemundo USA viewers, aside from what we missed from butcher block editing, There will probably be only a small lacuna, missing part which should show Vale rejecting Lucas after their wedding (my guess). Jenny starts with flashbacks from Episode 70 GalaTV & Episode 70-1, though Jenny may have uploaded the whole story line of Adriana y Diego. I haven't yet located a place where we could see the full capitulos of what we missed since they began cutting. I don't know that I will bother.

In my watching I am now fairly near the real ending, at cap 109 Gala TV on YouTube. The producers did a new thing (for me) with a series labeled (by Jenny) "Willy Y Sammy" where they have characters from a previous telenovela intrude into La Fan -- that is, Willy and Sammy are borrowed from Corazon Valiente, Ximena Duque = Sammy and Willy = her galan in the old telenovela apparently. They import Willy from Corazon Valiente into La Fan & Ximena recognizes him as an old friend, kind of a double-meaning thing, with humorous results. Has this ever been done before?

Remember how Adriana was afraid of the cockroach? We thought that was an incident. But they develop that into something really funny in the 100s series of caps.

La Fan #54

Part 3

Bárbara pays Lucía/Úrsula a visit to inform her that she knows that Úrsula being the whore and goldigger that she is mirderedmher father. She is going to have an autopsy done. Lucía/Úrsula insists that her father was old and sometimes things like that just happen. Also, it is a little late for an autopsy because her father is already ashes.

Gabriel is planning a trip to Mexico to see if Úrsula looks like Lucía or what exactly is the story. Felícitas does not look happy. Later at his place, Gabriel is ready to go when Salma storms in to inform him that Lucas and Vale are getting married. Gabriel tells her she is the only one who can stop the wedding. He has to go to Mexico. He is going to go look for Lucía. Salma looks shocked.

It is breakfast at Diego and Adriana's. Jessica is now helping herself to Adriana's clothes since she brought nothing else with her the night before. Diego the dolt says nothing.

Miguel updates Miriam on that mysterious woman from the masquerade party he is trying to find. Benicio stops by and is all accusatory since it is very early in the morning and Miriam is there with Miguel. He implies they were up to something. Miguel leaves. Benicio now thinks that his father was right about her. She asks him to clarify that. His father said she asked him for money to break up with him. He leaves Miriam speechless.

Just a heads up: Some uploads on La Fan say "deleted" already. Telemundo may want to sell this telenovela worldwide & not have it free to watch on YouTube, tho I think the nice thing to do would be to block it only for persons outside the USA.

La Fan

I explain the Willy & Sammy thing; to me it looks like a sort of inside joke for persons who watched Corazon Valiente (which I did not watch) -- so it took me a while to figure out what was going on with this (cameo?) story line.

La Fan #54

Part 4

Bábara is back to call Lucía/Úrsula a whore again and to confirm that Lucía/Úrsula did have her father cremated already. She is more sure than ever that she killed her father. She is going to bring charges against her. she can do what she wants because she will not be able to prove anything. It might be better if Barbara went to go look for a job because what Lucía/Úrsula has found out from Pascual's will is that he didn't even leave a monthly allowance for Barbara. All of his fortune is Lucía/Úrsula's.

Miriam, Eloísa and Jessica are at Vale's place getting her ready for the wedding. They discuss how it is the third time with Lucas. Eloísa says that the third time is the charm. Jessica has to add that they also say bad things come in three's. Jessica borrowed another beautiful dress from the network. Gabriel stops by to tell Vale that he loves her and will always be there for her.

The next scene is at the church where everyone is seated for the wedding. Jessica can't seem to keep her hands off of Diego as she is seated behind him and has to arrange his shirt and suit coat. Adriana complains to Diego about it who says he already talked to Jessica about cooling it. When Adriana tells him it went in one ear and out the other, wimpy Diego gets pissy with her and tells her not to get bent out of shape about it. Everyone is there including Carrizo interviewing Natalia. Even Felícitas is there smiling waiting for Salma to arrive. Salma is at home all dressed and ready to leave when Nicolás arrives to make sure Salma does not get anywhere near the wedding so she cannot spoil it per orders from Quique.



Jarifa – Wow, you got this recap up in warp speed! Thank you for this recap, and ALL the recaps you have written for us. What a big job! Thank you x 10!!!

Well, the third time truly was the charm for Vale & Lucas to marry. This time, it is complete and official. Finally!

Jessica was truly. so. very. annoying. at Diego & Adriana’s place. I wanted to scream, “Boundaries!!!”
But the look on Jessi’s face, when Miguel told her about the girl he boinked at the masquerade party, was priceless! #OMGI didmybestfriendsformercrush!

I recognize the actress who is Pascual’s daughter, Barbara, from Quién es Quién.

I will miss Justin el director. He was a favorite of mine.

Oooooh! Carlos Ponce sighting! Squee!

Well, Telemundo has nothing I want to watch now that La Fan has ended. I am going to watch Mi Adorable Maldición over at Looneyvision. I watched the T’mundo version of it (Bella Calamidades) three years ago and enjoyed it. In today’s episode, MAM started differently, giving us more back story.

I'm calling it a day. Will check in tomorrow.


Doris, LA FAN

Telenovelas are much about boundary violations and enmeshment. Jessica went over the top in a comic papel here.

Yes, Thanks Jarifa for all your work on our behalf.

I don't know if anyone wants to continue posting here on the rest of the Telenovela as seen on YouTube.

La Fan #54

Part 5

Back in Mexico Lucía/Úrsula watches Damián covering the furniture with sheets as she concludes they are ready to leave. Everything that Pascual owned now belongs to her. She tells him as long as he is loyal all is well. Yes, he will be loyal and he also knows how she met Pascual as well as how she changed from Lucía to Úrsula. And now she is going to be Lucía again.

Gabriel arrives in Mexico at the hotel where he runs into Barbara as he is asking questions about her father. No, he did not know him. He is looking for his wife Úrsula Blanco.

Salma gets all seductive with Nicolás and a bottle of champagne which she ends up knocking him out with so she can get to that church ASAP.

Carrizo and his cameras are transmitting the ceremony live as Vale comes done the aisle on the arm of Quique. When they get to the altar, Quique tells Lucas if he makes Vale suffer, he will kill him. Lucas answers he will die if he makes her suffer. The ceremony goes without a hitch and Lucas and Vale are married.

***then we had ten minutes left ***

Lucas and Vale arrive at their hotel room. Lucas isn't even going to take any selfies. The moment is theirs and theirs alone.

At Diego's he comes out of the shower in his shorts and finds that Adriana is gone. He finds a letter. Adriana has decided that sometimes love is not enough. She cannot deal with the whole Jessica thing anymore. She refuses to be the villain. She is going to travel for a while . She loves him like nobody else ever will and for always. Diego takes off in just his shorts for the airport. He sees her going up an escalator amd tries to get her to come back. She sees him but keeps going.

Salma finally gets to the now empty church and finds out that Lucas and Vale got married. She is upset. She has to find Lucas and Vale..

Benicio turns up at Miriam to talk. She has had it with him believing his father over her. She throws him out.

La Fan #54

Part 6

Jessica and Miguel are at a café chatting about the wedding when the topic of the mysterious woman from the masquerade party comes up. He wants Jessica to help him find her. Jessica did not know he was there. Once he explains where he was and how a woman came in and there was this explosion of passion, Jessica realizes that she had sex with Miguel! She does not look too comfortable with that thought. She looks like she is going to get sick.

Back in Mexico, Bárbara takes Gabriel to hire now abandoned father's house. She tells Gabriel Úrsula left. Gabriel finds a photo on the floor. Úrsula/Lucía is in it.

Somewhere in the jungles of Colombia there is a raggedly dressed disheveled Úrsula/Lucía look alike! (WE HAVE TWINS with less than 4 minutes left )! She cries for help from some passing adventurers in the jungle. All she can say is "Lucas" as they come to her aid.

Lucas and Valenare toasting each other in their room and saying beautiful things to each other.

*****this would have been the perfect happy snappy ending to the whole story if they would have just stopped here but no, they couldn't because they had to tack something on to the end so they could say "to be continued"*****

********With less than a minute left*******, Salma is roaming around the halls of the hotel and knocks on Lucas' room . She identifies herself as room service. Lucas lets her in. She has a two prong approach to skewer Lucas and ruin his marriage to Vale. First she tells Vale about how it was all an act between Lucas and her from the beginning because it was all about the ratings, Lucas admits that that is the truth but it all changed when he really fell in love with her. Second, she has the results from the DNA test. Lucas did a DNA test and he is Tomás' father but never bothered to tell her because he never wanted either of them. Vale and Lucas are both crushed. The party is over.

El fin



Jarifa: "*****this would have been the perfect happy snappy ending to the whole story if they would have just stopped here "

ITA regarding the Lucas/Vale story. It shud have ended there. I guess for a comedy they cud have ended the Adriana/Diego story with Jessica moved in.


Enoch, thanks for all of the info. YouTube sure can be be problematical but sometimes is the best option.

doris, I think Jessica's reaction to the realization that she had sex with Miguel had to be one of the best scenes of last night.

More later . . .



1.) Gabino joins the growing Body Count as chestnuts roasted on an open fire!

2.) Monica & Dr. Adolfo in the hospital. Did they insert a hole in Monica's neck to put breathing tube in for her to breathe ?

3.) Saul the AG Addict still in prison as Jorge, Super Hero Cop Karen & Mama Aguirre inform him about the assassination attempt on Monica.

4.) Braulio flaunting his big ego: I can rape, murder & beat whoever I want.

5.) Lopez tells Valeria the truth about Braulio the Sadist raping Lydia, then she goes to see Diego in the DF downtown.

6.) Daddy Cabral canceling his other appointments so he can clean up loose ends: WATCH OUT Daniel Llamas!


La fan:

I drifted away from this show a couple of weeks in, but finding out that Telemundo didn't so much cut it short as split it into two "seasons" (the second of which will likely air either later this year or early next year up here in the States, but has already aired overseas--oh, good job, Telemundo) still kind of pisses me off. You couldn't wait an extra month to get to Guerra de idolos? Were the ratings that bad?

That said...just so I have this right...Lucia was dead. Then she wasn't dead. Then she was this "Ursula," who apparently assumed Lucia's identity and plans to do it again. And now the real Lucia isn't dead. Wow. Just. Wow.


Jarifa- Gracias! I truly appreciate all you have done on this series—single-handedly recapping it every day. If only Telemundo had shown as much loyalty and dedication to its own product, as you did to presenting it to us! To be continued, eh? They really think they’ll be able to get an audience back for this show at some mysterious date?

They did manage quite a few cliffhangers. Evil Ursula/Lucia in the jungle, pretending to be lost/in distress (she was clearly playing it up for that trekking group that “rescued” her), and poised to return to L.A. to reclaim her life as Lucia; Adriana fed up with Diego letting Jessi continue her antics and leaving on a jet plane (good for her!); Jessi realizing that she’s done the bunny hop (in hopes of a pregnancy) with Miguel; Miriam dumping Benito; and of course Vale and Lucas’ fresh marriage being destroyed by Salma’s double whammy news of Lucas’ false intent at the start of the relationship and Tomas’ true paternity (with a lie thrown in about Lucas’ duplicity). Indeed, all these important plot points during a the middle of the tn would usually be labeled “nueva etapa” (new chapter) or some such. But is it enough to draw viewers back if/when Telemundo decides to bring it back, and so many episodes and spoilers of the rest of the tn are available online?

I loved that we got more of Vale and Lucas’ “flamenco” performance. The two of them are hilarious when they work together. It would have actually been fun to see them have more funny adventures together as a couple. Vale looked beautiful in her THIRD wedding dress. Actually, we saw her in five wedding dresses. The other two being the one Lucas dreamed her in before their fake wedding, and the fugly one Jessi had her try on in Lucas’ dressing room.

Am I the only one who’s ever thought that Quique and Natalia should meet and hook up? Those two would be hilarious together. Maybe season two will find someone for Justin. He did seem rather enamored of his new leading man—Carlos Ponce.

La Doña

Thanks very much, Steve, for your helpful list of highlights from last night's episode. Even though I didn't enjoy watching Gabino's death, I confess I did smile at your referring to it as "chestnuts roasted on an open fire."

Here are a few items I can add:

1) Lydia is upset that Diego hasn't come to see her, and that he seems to have bought his father's perverted version of what happened. She says she wants nothing more to do with Diego.

2) After Lopecito tells Valeria what Braulio did, Valeria is determined to join forces with Lopecito and Saúl to destroy Braulio (Tenemos que hundirlo, she says several times).

3) AG is upset at something that Gabino said as he was burning to death. I think he said something about Mónica's being the product of AG's rape. (Is AG upset simply because Gabino knows this? Or because he may have told this to Mónica?) Gabino had already thrown this in Mónica's face when he was attacking her, and we see her in the hospital very painfully remembering his words.

4) AG hires a team of medical specialists to treat Mónica. She has multiple problems, including her lungs and a broken arm that could somehow become very dangerous and require amputation. At one point, we see a doctor working on what seems to be her upper left arm. It looked to me as if the arm ended at more or less the elbow. My guess is that either I hallucinated this or it was deliberately misleading, but who knows.

I'm not at all happy about the series running for two hours a day for the next three weeks. I'm not sure I have five more hours a week to give to this show. :-(
Anyway, I do intend to do some sort of recap of tonight's episode.


Juanita: I'm hoping Monica doesn't have any limbs amputated. The recovery will be long until the Gran Final.

Did I just see Valeria & Diego moving in with FAKE NEWS Leticia ?



While watching AG torture and berate Gabino for his harassment/abuse of Monica, I was not moved. SHE herself used/egged on Gabino’s obsession with Monica, and even gave him orders to abuse/kill her at one point. Pure hypocrisy! Her own private army of Monkeys—Braulio, Rafael, Gabino, and Emiliano, have all at some point raped/abused/beat/accosted the women in her family and “friends” circle. Yet, she nurtured these animals. And when she learns that one of her private Monkeys is actually one of the original Monkeys, will she finally see the error of her ways, her selfishness and hypocrisy, the wrong she has done others?

Not a recap, but continuing what Steve started on main plot points… (Jaunita- Just saw your post but will post this anyway.)

-AG and Matamoros torture and torch Gabino, who at the moment he goes up in flames reveals that he knows AG was raped by a gang and Monica is the result. AG panics, realizing that Gabino likely told Monica this when he tried to kill her, and wondering how/where he got this info. Too late for questions, because Gabino is a charred lump of coal.
-She’s right about what Gabino did, because an intubated Monica wakes up remember the words about her conception echoing in her head. She cries and is distressed and goes into cardiac arrest.
-Yesenia and Regina wait in the hospital and are told nothing. AG calls for updates and sends specialists to the hospital to care for Monica. They operate, and there is talk that Monica’s arm may need to be amputated. They save her, and her arm (we assume). Felipe comforts Laz at home. Yesenia calls Jorge and Karen and tells them Gabino tried to kill Monica and Adolfo, interrupting a near kiss between the two as Karen cries about feeling powerless about the corruption that surrounds her (Azucena lit into her last episode, which was just a bitchy thing to do, I think). Karen and Jorge go to the hospital to interview Yesenia, who says Gabino had disappeared by the time she arrived at the scene. Karen clearly knows Yesenia is hiding something, and she wants to know why Regina in there (She’s my aunt!).
-Saul rages even more in his prison cell when he finds out what happened to Monica, and pleads with Karen (to break the law) and let him out. Thankfully, Karen does not give in.
-Lydia, Margarita and Magda have no idea that Saul is in jail and Monica is in the hospital. They make tortas/sandwiches. She says that Diego is DEAD to her. His abandoning her like that, in the hotel with his father who had just raped her, showed her that he’s just a boy, not a man. (Well said, Lydia!) Magda thinks Lydia should go to the States to her family. Lydia is determined to stay and get on with her life.
-Diego searches for jobs, fruitlessly. No experience and not even a high school degree.
-Lopez convinces Valeria to leave Braulio after he tells her about him raping Lydia. It’s the last straw for her, and she realizes how her weakness has harmed her son. She’ll help Lopez and Saul take Brau down legally. She meets with Diego and they hug it out. They both move in with a grieving Leticia.
-Beat up Brau shows up at AG’s. B: Where have you been? A: None of your biz. What happened to your face? Brau explains that Saul happened to his face, and now he’s in jail. AG is ticked off, but says she won’t get Saul out just yet. It suits her to have him out of her hair at the moment, but she’ll arrange protection for him in jail. She wants to know WHY Saul attacked Brau. Brau tells her his story about Lydia the gold-digger and her “lie” about the drugging and rape. AG is impactada. QUE?! Is he one of those animals who drugs and rapes young girls?! (Yep! Your very own Monkey, AG.) AG seems to realize just who Brau is, and tells him he no longer has her backing.


La Doña

Vivi, I rarely feel like contradicting you, but this time I gotta do it. What you wrote is most definitely a recap, and a very good one, complete with commentary as well as "the facts." Many thanks!!

BTW, I like the new impressionistic version of your photo!

La Fan

what an absolutely marvelous job you did Jarifa, every night, recapping this wonderful story, I thoroughly enjoyed reading them all, thank you so much!


La Fan. Marvelous final recap, Jarifa! I will miss them. I was surprised that Vale was surprised that Lucas's initial interest was just for the ratings of his show, especially since a number of other incidents, like their fake wedding, their so-called breakups and getting-back-togethers, etc., were a pretty clear indication that that was the case--until he genuinely fell in love with her, something which his not going to Italy and his willingness to marry her even though that put him in danger from Quique should have made clear. Also, there must be some way to find out that it was really Gabe who got that DNA analysis of Lucas and Tomás. I think it showed a real lack of respect by Telemundo for its viewing audience when it flashed continurá at the end without giving any indication as to when or if that will happen. If I knew it would continue at some point I wouldn't have to go looking online for subsequent episodes.



1.) Daddy Sandoval

2.) Mama Sandoval

3.) Cesar

4.) Guillermo Contreras

5.) Homeless guy violently beaten to death by Braulio

6.) Miguel Preciado: Monkey #1

7.) Mama Vasquez

8.) The Prostitute

9.) Felipe's bodyguard

10.) Colonel Cespedes' wife

11.) Daddy Aguirre

12.) Clarita Aguirre

13.) Colonel Alejandro Cespedes: Monkey #2

14.) Perita the Prison Girl

15.) Ximena Urdaneta: She should've stayed in Spain!

16.) Francisco's bodyguard

17.) Francisco's henchman

18.) Francisco Vega: Monkey #3

19.) Emiliano Cabral

20.) Chief Deputy Gabino Dominguez


La Doña

thanks guys, what a wonderful 3 part recap from you all!

let's see what I can add,

apparently the area where Gabino took Monica is going to be a new construction site for AG, and AG instructs Matamoros on the ritual of burying Gabino, like with Guillermo, that an animal buried under the new building will make it prosper.

Raf calls Gabino for an update but he isn't there, word has trickled down that he attacked Monica (probably from the complaint AG had Yesenia file) Raf quickly disassociates himself from Gabino, and gets busy.

loved the way AG saw right through Braulio and the look on his face when she fired him.

there was an interesting (but confusing to me) ritual at the end where AG prays for Monica's recovery, interspersed with Yesenia and Regina praying at the chapel, that if Monica dies the father will die also to be with her, and Azucena's plea for Monica's life, after having lost her own daughter, that ends with AG willing to give her own life if it will save Monica.


la dona,
I was watching the monkey wives Valeria and Leticia.. they have to pay with your

public reputation just like Sra. Amelia Vega /the blanca trafficker's wife, they

have to lose everything as well and their social standing, UNLESS THEY JOIN DANIELA FOUNDATION!!

,or this is some B***SH**




Deb: You & I both know full well that Daddy Cabral is not done yet, because he's got loose ends to tie up. If I were you, I might want to say your prayers for Daniel Llamas (who's being tortured in the secret AG chamber at her ranch),because Daniel is likely going to be a loose end that Rafael will get rid of.

I do NOT see Daniel giving up Rafael as the 5th Monkey ever!


HALIMACANDY: Do you want to bet that Braulio & Daddy Cabral join forces to form an unholy alliance ?


El Chema: episode 84 (final de temporada)

or, (Tape Fast-Forward Noise)

I'm rather not sure what to think about (relatively) short, for once:

- Rojo's grief over the murders of Regina and his kids, post-Nelson execution, has turned into a general screw-everything apathy that Chema--still hellbent on finding Ricardo and taking him out--and Elvira can't pull him out of. Even killing Ricardo, as much as he still wants to do it, won't help. It does lead him to build the world's first superdimensional mausoleum (seriously, it looks like an 8x8' building outside but has two floors and a foyer) and fill it with things that remind him of the family he lost, including an admittedly awesome painting of Regina as an angel.

The first FF>> moment in this episode, not counting the mausoleum, occurs after Ricardo's smug-ass cousins invite him to Puerto Vallarta for some fun and "USDA quality meat" of the bipedal kind. Somehow Torito finds out that they're there, tells Chema and Rojo, and they almost literally jump cut to Chema and posse walking into the bar where they were at and lighting up everybody. And yet Ricardo manages to make a hasty escape, but not before hiding in a bathroom and calling Blanca to let her know the score.

Blanca, somewhat sanely, decides that this madness has gone on long enough and calls Amanda in Florida. She wants her to set up a meeting with Chema to work out a truce. Amanda's okay with this, mostly for her mom's sake, and indeed calls Chema; Chema's still hot for Ricardo's blood, but he agrees to a meeting at the Superdimensional Mausoleum.

We take a brief but important detour courtesy of Saul, who last we saw was temporarily rooming with Amanda. Saul, unfortunately, is still an Ariel Lopez Padilla-character-level blazing hot mess--he interrupts Amanda in the shower and briefly tries to have his way with her, which succeeds about as well as anything else he does. Amanda demands he get the fork out of her house, but he ends up faking napping in a chair...coincidentally while Amanda takes that call from Blanca about meeting with Chema. To her credit, however, Amanda notices him and just goes right for her gun (again--she used it on him in the shower) and finally gets him to GTFO.

Somewhere in the middle of all this (I'll have to rewatch this episode, because as far as I could tell it was never really explained) one thing happens: Chema's CIA contact, Henry Chinasky, gets busted. Through that, somehow, Thirsty Girl (a.k.a. Salma Vidal) gets busted for being dirty. Ponce's not too torn up about this in the greater scheme of things, but he gets a gentle I-told-you-so from Clara the Sexy Librarian DA about not trusting her. Which impressively leads to Clara and Ponce talking about love, or not being able to fall into it, and that leads to the two of them getting it on in the name of being FWBs.

Oh, and Tobias? He somewhat randomly shows up at Ponce's field office, after getting a call from Saul, and claims that "no matter what, politicians land on their feet" (something we longtime narcoverse watchers have seen more than once with Ramiro Silva de la Garza). Now, he wants to narc on Ricardo.

Back to the meeting, which does basically go down as planned. Amanda and Blanca show up, Chema and Rojo want Ricardo, Blanca claims he's not even there, the DEA shows up to crash the party--wait, what? Yup, the DEA comes up in force on this; Chema and his personal posse make a hasty exit, along with Blanca and Amanda. No, we don't even see them get completely free and clear.

As it turns out, Ricardo actually was there (whether Blanca knew this, we don't know) observing from a hidden location. Turns out it was indeed dumb for him to come, because on his way out of the cemetery Ponce himself gets the drop on him and hauls him in.

El Chema (final de temporada, #2)

Rojo? Fork it...Sad Nicolas Cage is quietly brooding in the Superdimensional Mausoleum when Ponce pops up to bust him. Rojo goes without any fuss whatsoever, only saying that he wants to be placed in a prison close to the mausoleum. Assuming this is indeed Rojo's exit from the canvas, this makes him something like the ninth or tenth character period to make it out of the narcoverse alive...but at a high cost, a la El Cabo a decade or so later in show time.

And while all this is going on, Oscar Cadena's lieutenant Peluza and Colombian drug guy Tostado on orders from Chema go to Ecuador to make a deal with some new contacts there for some product. Which turns out to be a bust...literally, as said contacts turn out to be the Ecuadorian army.

So all of this leads to Chema and his crew trying to secure a giant container of merchandise somewhere in Mexico--just in time for the DEA and PGE to show up and nail just about everybody, including him. And that leads to the Chema Venegas version of the famous picture of the real El Chapo in that dorky tan baseball cap and jacket. (No, not even Mauricio Ochmann can quite overcome the dorkiness of that ensemble.)

The punctuation mark at the end of this is that Chema, Thirsty, and Chema's lawyer are in a military transport on their way to prison--supposedly, though it's not spelled out, a prison of Chema's choosing. The transport gets stopped mid-transit--by Ponce, rocking a presidential order to take charge of the prisoners. He does, and Chema and company instead end up going to an unidentified prison that looks rather similar to the prison he escaped from in the second episode of the show (which wasn't co-ed, so WTF Thirsty?)--and as Thirsty is escorted off Chema is dropped into general population. With Ricardo, who's been there for a little while.

And after a bit of back-and-forth banter, Ricardo and Chema run up on each other in slo-mo like Neo and Agent Smith in The Matrix Revolutions, throw punches at each other, and HARD CUT TO BLACK AND A CHEMA QUOTE AND COME ON, SHOW!?!?


Thanks to you both, Juanita and Deb. Loved all your reflections. Between all of us, we got everything. Deb, between Yesenia, Regina and AG, Monica had white magic, the Christian God, and black magic, all working together to keep her alive and whole.

Lots of blah blah by AG about the sacrifice of a parent for a child. Still sounds hollow to me at this point, but I do wonder if eventually it means that AG will give her life for Monica's. During AG's little speech during her protection spell, we see Yesenia (who has been like a mother to Monica) and Laz praying and weeping; Valeria uniting with Diego; Leticia with the photo of her dead son; and Lopez caring for his baby while working at the foundation. This episode we also had talk about Lydia's absent parents, Margarita's recently killed mother, and the shadow of Azucena's dead daughter is always present. The theme of parenthood runs central in this show: the sacrifices parents make, the pain of a parent after losing a child, and parents who just f'd it all up, and their kids in the process.

Jenny B055 is now uploading Gala TV cap 110 on YouTube. Using her playlists you should be able to watch most of the continuation of La Fan past the point where it "ended" on Telinmundo. I still haven't found tho the clip that shows what I guess takes place, namely Vale getting an annulment of the wedding she just had at the end of Telemundo.

Jarifa, you are just amazing!!

I have just loved this novela. As for the critics who don’t like the acting style – would they say the Marx Brothers overacted? It’s a genre of comedy, and I think the Fan cast is just splendid, not a dud in the bunch. Even the kids are terrific. I was particularly taken with the Lucas actor, who managed to be an insufferable egomaniac and endearing at the same time. And Angelica Vale is so dear and appealing.

The ending wasn’t chopped beyond comprehension, at least. It made sense. The networks cutting the endings is something that is beyond comprehension. We all wait so long and so eagerly for the ending, and they think somehow that it’s a disposable afterthought.

I was watching A Que No Me Dejas, and we had the luxury of long flashbacks, lingering Significant Looks at the end of the scenes, and things like extensive underwater scuba diving scenes. So nice to see a novela the way it was created, and to be able to enjoy the emotional resonance of each scene instead of the whiplash-inducing andthenthishappenedandthenthishappened cutting. Then guess what! The big Final – they cut the hell out of the final episode, not even giving us the resolution to some story lines. I had to rely on Caray patio people to fill me in on those either from YouTube or from Mexico.

Why oh why do the networks think we don’t want to see the plots wrapped up? I feel like the novelas lately are like bad love affairs – you enjoy the whole thing until you get dumped at the end. Should you invest your emotions in another one?

Back to La Fan – I wish they’d run the second half now. They could put it on at 3:00 a.m. or any time because we all have DVRs, no? Just don’t dump your loyal viewers!


Vivi: I thought the woman with Lydia is her mother ?


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Enoch - your post @ 2:51 pm EDT contains a spoiler.


Steve- Magda, the women with Lydia and Margarita, is a neighbor. Lydia's parents are in the U.S.


Is a guess a spoiler?

I would dearly love to know if Vale gets an annulment or not. If someone finds a clip that answers that question, please share the URL. But don't post the answer here since even though the show is over, some may regard it as a spoiler for a possible future watching or for YouTube viewing in order.

I guess we will not be able to discuss here the continued GalaTV uploads which present the whole story, since everyone would be watching at a different rate, and someone may be counting on watching the 2nd half sometime in the future when Telemundo airs it. I myself doubt that it will ever be aired -- as why would they revive a ratings flop? But for me it doesn't need to be aired since it is at least in large all uploaded on Youtube & at least much of it in high definition.

If anyone finds a clip on YouTube of the short gap between the end of the Telemundo show and the start of the YouTube Uploads (Cap 70-71), I would be thankful if you post the URL. There seems to be a short gap which could answer my question about what Vale does, but I have not found it.


Vivi: Lydia's parents need to get their daughter to the United States then because she's moving on from Diego (who's a PUNK & a coward believing Braulio's lies about the hotel incident).


Thanks you, everyone, for your kind words. The pleasure was mine!

Bill C., yes, with Lucía/ Úrsula the whole thing is just a "wow! " I am curious to see how "Lucía" got stranded in the Colombian jungle.

Vivi, yes, Quique and Natalia together would just be perfecto. IMHO Telemundo does not care about the viewer at all. They are just like all of the other networks. When I think back about how many tv series I have watched faithfully only to be disappointed when they were cancelled with no story completion. This is just more of the same old same old.

SpanProf, at this point I hope to be able to finish this off online and put it to bed (so to speak). If they were really interested in continuing this sometime in the futrure they should have given us a date.

Maggie, ITA they could just put this on at 3:00 a.m. where it would not mess up their programming. They produced it themselves so they own it already. Experiences like this make me more of a fan of the newer shorter 50-70 episode novelas.

Enoch thanks for the info. The info you seek is the same info I have been unable to find. I keep thinking sooner or later it will all come to light.


Enoch - My apologies! I missed the word "guess" when I read your post. Sorry!

El Chema

thanks Bill!

I didn't really watch this but it was on and I saw some parts, and your posts filled in some holes.

I was kind of drawn to Julieta Grajales (Regina) especially after I recognized her as Begoña Narváez's sidekick in "Rosa diamante" who was making a play for Mauricio Ochmann, something in the intense way she acts, but there they never gave her a plot.


La Fan

ah Lucia in the jungle, after I got by the possibility of a twin, I decided that this was to her Plan to return to Tomas and Lucas, she seems to be quite the planner.


La Fan

and she lost her hat!



Deb, this Lucía/Úrsula thing should be a good twist.


deb said " Julieta Grajales (Regina) especially after I recognized her as Begoña Narváez's sidekick in "Rosa diamante" "

Julieta Grajales was the best actor in Rosa Diamante, great sidekick, who never got punished for her comic-evil. Begoña Narváez was not the protagonist, but she took over the story (stole the show), contrary to what I have seen in the Argentine original Perla Negra (which BTW has a very charming entrada song). The protagonist became a sort of MacGuffin character, whose part was neglected by the writers in favor of Begoña's. Begoña Narváez also ended up with the protagonist offscreen, Mauricio Ochmann. Begoña is also a very talented actriz; she has pizzazz.

La Fan
Is Lucia / Ursula a twin / twins?
I do not know. But I just think that if they want to mock telenovelas they really HAVE to stick in the identical twin nonsense (twin played by same actor who then looks absolutely identical). I have never known twins who could not be distinguished after a little experience with the two; they always (so far as I know) do look a little different. But I have never seen a telenovela where they actually used twins for twins. It has been observed that Itati Cantoral had twins when they made La Viuda de Blanco. So they might have used them instead of Alejandro Felipe Flores. I understand that when Gaby Spanic made one telenovela, a scene called for twins fighting each other, & they actually brought in her twin for that scene. Has anyone ever seen a telenovela where they actually used twins for actors?

Well, I shall continue to watch La Fan on YouTube; but there will be no site I know of to discuss it now. I have to wonder how the ratings have gone in Mexico for Gala TV on this.

El Capo

Bill, the Colombian original (first season) was a narconovela but it set a standard Telemundo will be hard-pressed to beat. The pacing, acting and storylines were all superb but what set it apart was the acting by Marlon Moreno. He dominated the series from practically the first moment. Not charisma exactly, but a "force of personality" that could absolutely mesmerize.

Unfortunately, Colombia chose to make sequels which, unfortunately, didn't come close to the original.

P.S. I say this as somebody who has pretty much dropped every other narco-novela (excepting La Reina del Sur) out of boredom or disgust or both.

If anyone is interested in continuing la fan you can watch full episodes online on

La Doña - Capítulos 90-91 - Martes 1/2

This episode occurs "weeks later." Saúl is still in jail. Azucena comes to see him, and he tells her he can't stop thinking about Mónica. Meanwhile, Mónica has made an almost complete recovery and has been released from the hospital with one arm in a sling. Adolfo too has recovered from having been shot.

Lopecito talks with Valeria and Leticia about the lack of concrete evidence tying Braulio to guilt in Jaime's death, Ximena's disappearance, or Lydia's rape.

Karen and Jorge have been searching junkyards without success, looking for remains of Braulio's car. Karen is especially discouraged. Suddenly they find what may be part of the car they've been seeking.

Diego is working with Marcos at a fast food place. Isabela comes to see Diego there. She tells Diego that she has changed, and she has come to feel differently about him. She loves him. Diego tells her that he cares a lot for her, but he doesn't love her. He continues to love Lydia.

Accompanied by Adolfo, Mónica comes to see AG. Mónica asks him to leave her alone with AG. She then confronts AG, tells her she should have the guts to confront her daughter face to face. AG pretends to be mystified, but Mónica tells her that even though Gabino left her half dead, she heard AG call her "hija." AG claims that the badly injured Mónica must have been hallucinating, but finally she admits to Mónica that she's her mother. AG also admits that she married Lázaro to cheat him, and that she was pregnant and let Lázaro believe that he was the father.

Mónica asks about her biological father. She tells AG that Gabino claimed that one of the men who raped AG was the father, and that was why AG wanted nothing to do with her and abandoned her at birth. AG replies that Gabino is a psychopath, and she denies that anyone raped her. She claims that Mónica is the daugher of AG's novio, who died. "If that's the case, why did you abandon me?" asks Mónica. AG replies, "Because you'd get in the way of my ambitions and my desire for power." Mónica tells her that she's going to pay for what she did to Lázaro.

Leticia pleads with Rafael to abandon his hatred of Mónica. When he won't listen, Leticia tells him that Mónica is AG's daughter, and that if he hurts Mónica, AG will kill him. Indeed, if AG even finds out that Rafael ordered Gabino to hurt Mónica, AG will kill him.

Diego comes to Lydia's neighborhood to see her. He runs into Azucena, who essentially tells him to get lost. Diego explains his feelings to Azucena. She tells him that if he truly loves Lydia and wants to win her back, he should do so not with words and promises but with action. He tells her he will testify against his father.

Braulio comes to Leticia's and finds Valeria there. He wants Valeria to return to their house. Valeria refuses and tells him he disgusts her. He accuses her of being jealous. Leticia orders him to leave and threatens, as a well-known television newscaster, to let the world know about Braulio and what he did to Lydia. He leaves.

Rafael goes to the Foundation, looking for Daniel. Lopecito tells him Daniel hasn't been there for some time. Daniel had called and said something about being with a woman. Rafael immediately says Claro, es ella. Lopecito then goes to see Saúl in jail and tells him about Rafael's visit. This prompts Saúl to tell Lopecito about the Monkeys and AG.

La Doña - Capítulos 90-91 - Martes 2/2

AG tells Regina that she doesn't want Mónica to know that she is the child of a rapist and murderer. "I want to protect Mónica, just as our mother protected us."

Just as AG wants to protect Mónica, Mónica wants to protect Lázaro. She tells him that AG said there was no doubt that Mónica carried his blood.

Lydia finally tells Mónica what Braulio did to her. Mónica also finds out that Saúl beat up Braulio because of what he did to Lydia and that Saúl was arrested and has been in jail for weeks.

AG tells Rafael that Mónica is her daughter, and Rafael should not do anything to hurt her. She also tells him that there's one more Monkey. She doesn't know yet who he is, but soon she will. This makes Rafael all the more anxious to find out where AG has hidden Daniel.

AG then goes to her country house, where she's holding Daniel. He's still her prisoner, but he's no longer chained. She uses all her wiles to make him think she wants to be with him, and if he feels so much for her, why doesn't he give her the name of the last Monkey?

Adolfo tells Mónica that she has made him want to be a better person and has filled him with life. He pleads with her to stay with him and not go to see Saúl. He tells her he loves her, and his kisses her passionately. But to no avail. Mónica likes Adolfo very much, but she's off to see Saúl.

Diego, Valeria, and Lopecito are together when suddenly Lopecito's wife Elena appears. She berates Lopecito, refers to Valeria as his lover in front of Diego, and raises questions about the paternity of Valeria's baby. When she and Lopecito are alone, she also tells him that she will return to the house, he should take his things and leave, and he will never see his son again.

Valeria tells Diego about her relationship with Lopecito, all that she values in him, all that he has done for her. She tells Diego that she loves Lopecito.

Mónica comes to see Saúl in jail. She tells him she doesn't want there to be any more lies between them. Saúl asks whether AG said anything about him to Mónica. Mónica realizes that Saúl had gone back to AG and is more upset than ever. She tells him it's not just a question of his having two women: "I'm Altagracia's daughter!" Mónica tells him she can't see him again.

Rafael drives to AG's country house and parks the car where it won't be seen. He gets out, gun drawn, and moves stealthily toward the house. He sees Matamoros standing guard. Rafael waits, and then suddenly he hears a car move, and he sees that Matamoros is no longer in front of the house. Gun in hand, Rafael moves toward the house's entrace. End of episode.


Juanita: Your recap was awesome. Here's my thoughts:

1.) Elena (Lopez's estranged wife) shows up at the Foundation UGH! Can someone whack this expletive ?

2.) Valeria & Lopez defending their love. I'm glad she told Diego though.

3.) FAKE NEWS Leticia telling Daddy Cabral about Monica being AG's daughter WTH ? You do know he's still going to try to whack her right ?

4.) AG Addict Saul still in prison.

5.) Super Hero Cop Karen & Jorge find one of the parts of Ximena's car.

6.) Let's party at Monica's house! Margarita should've kept her mouth shut about Braulio when Lydia went off on her!



Juanita: Daniel is NOT giving up Daddy Cabral as the 5th Monkey no matter what AG does.

I noticed that she gave him change of clothes though.


la dona

Glad to see Daniel is still alive.. and [waiting/hoping to] laying in the[ dona's] 'Cut' to speak..

Leticia still has a job,[how?]..morally indigent, but won't roll over on rafael..ok, her scandal is on the way..this will blow up internationally..same for that nutcase/wimp- Valeria, ahe is co dependent to the nth degree..

Super woman: Azucena, she jumped-bad with braulio, she read-him,THEN, wrote a chapter... she got-all-up-in-that-a**!! MY GIRL!that sister got heart!!
Watch out!! between ,Azucena and Yesenia : GRANNY-POSSE-the old ladies Gansters are holding it down!!

saul ?! what can you say abt sad-sack-saul..he is pitiful!! in jail..

Det.Karen..has common sense as well.. love her with Jorge!!
Magda the mouth.. is she all there??

Diego is too young for Lydia,BUT he is better than broader crossing the wall area.....WTF!!LYDIA ??DO NOT GO WITH COYOTE !!, THAT'S GANG -B**G as a matter of course,hell no,STOP HER!!

Steve : don't kill nobody for a couple of minutes!!

la dona family, thanks for recapps, we gonna get thru this..2 hours??

holy mole!.......

[ on the sneak-tip from the j.o.b]

La Doña

Thanks very much, Steve, for your kind words about the recap and your interesting comments. As for your 3rd point (re Leticia), she said (either to herself or to Valeria, I'm not sure) that she still feels something for Rafael after all these years of what had seemed a happy marriage. She doesn't want AG to kill him, and she fears that if he harms Mónica, he's toast. So she tells him about AG's being Mónica's mother to prevent his hurting Mónica and incurring AG's wrath. In fact, AG also warns Rafael not to hurt Mónica because she's her daughter.

Halimacandy, Leticia still has a job because she has always done AG's bidding. I loved your "Steve: don't kill nobody for a couple of minutes!"


Juanita- Thank you so much for doing an amazing job summing up two hours in 2 posts!

I'm glad that Monica had the proper disgusted response to learning she and her mama have bedded the same man. Knowing Saul went back to her mama's bed after their breakup was the final nail (hopefully). Oh, how I wish she felt something for Adolfo. That guy has literally taken a bullet for her. Can the writers please find someone for him. It looks like even Margarita is about to embark on a romance with Isabela's ex.

Halimacandy- ITA. Lydia should NOT hire a coyote and try to cross the border to go find her parents. A young woman trying to make the crossing alone. Talk about being in danger of being sexually assaulted (or sold into sex slavery)!

Anonymous @9:01pm: when Unimas, then Telefutura, ran the original El capo up here I do remember them focusing at times on how much of a blockbuster it was back in Colombia. Which in hindsight, somewhat funnily, makes me wonder why it took anybody the better part of a decade to remake it (although, somewhat more hilariously, Fox TeleColombia is co-producing this version after doing the original).

That said, after sitting through the first episode of this El capo...I may give it the week to be sure, but I'm not feeling it. I do think I'm burned out on Telemundo's narconovelas at this point (especially since, from appearances, this is going to be followed by the second season of La querida del Centauro) and. I'll probably take a break until the narcoverse kicks back in, presumably with season five of ESDLC.

La Doña

wow, that was such a wonderful recap Juanita, for such a powerful show where so much is revealed!

seems like every character has made a vow to there not being any more secrets and then they lie.

the way AG zeroed in on Braulio I was taken back by the way she blindly trusts Rafael since he saved her life, he continues to choke on Monica being AG's daughter, but hasn't shown us anything but his quest to erase his past, and has it ever occurred to him that maybe he should do away with AG.



"La Querida del Centauro", I've been seeing quite a few promos for this.

"El Capo", I found this to be interesting, imdb cast list here,


Juanita, thank you for an excellent launch into the new, longer episodes. Lucky for us, this one was pretty packed and not a lot of filler. The obvious gap in time was disconcerting, but now we're really moving along. At least we weren't served up a month of Monica lying in a hospital bed. And ¡pobre de Adolfo!...but, I'm not sure I like the idea of men planting smooches all over an unwilling face, no matter how sweet and caring they are.

Saúl is toast. How can they possibly rehabilitate this sad sack of impulsive testosterone?

I thought it was pretty hilarious how Jorge and Karen find the evidence of Braulio's car, in all the gin-joints (oops, junkyard) in Mexico City.

and what deb said: "seems like every character has made a vow to there not being any more secrets and then they lie."

La Doña

Muchas gracias, Vivi and deb, for your enthusiastic responses to the recap and your insightful comments about the episode(s). Vivi, no one was more surprised than I was to find that I could do a 2-hour recap in just two sections. I was also astonished to find I could post it before going to bed. What happened, I think, is that the 2-hour airing liberated me. Normally when I do a Tuesday recap, I watch the episode twice and go back over small parts several more times to try to understand passages that weren't clear. But no way was I was going to do that for a double episode. So once the episodes ended, I simply sat down with my notes and wrote the recap. Y punto.

Deb, I too was struck by the number of lies, including well-meaning ones. I was perhaps equally struck by the times when a character unexpectedly told the truth. For example, AG's account to Mónica about marrying Lázaro to swindle him. And though it's true that AG lies to Mónica about who her father is/was, the lie AG tells about her reason for abandoning Mónica (she'd be an obstacle in AG's pursuit of ambition and power) contains large grains of truth.

La Doña

LXV, the time stamp claims that you posted your message ten minutes before I posted mine. That may well be true, but I didn't see your message until right after I posted my message to Vivi and deb. I was delighted to see yours as well. I agree, "semanas después" is far preferable to endless episodes in the hospital. And I LOVED your description of Saúl: "this sad sack of impulsive testosterone." What a great line! Also your homage to Casablanca ("gin-joints" and "junkyards" even scan the same way).

La Dona

What episode are we currently on? Various sources that I checked said that this show will be either 91 or 95 capitulos.

I noticed no English captions for the past two days. Anyone else notice? I am watching this show on my local Telemundo station, and not through cable or satellite.


Deb: Considering that AG is STUPID enough to still be trusting Daddy Cabral (who's the 5th Monkey).

AG once again, still has NO IDEA that Daddy Cabral is the 5th Monkey & the ringleader of the murderous alliance.



Juanita: But Daddy Cabral still needs his punishment in the biggest way WHEN AG finds out he's the 5th Monkey.

Margarita looking for romance with Marcos ? Isabela kissing Diego in last night's episode means the producers & writers probably want them together now that Lydia is likely fading into the background.


Anonymous claimed above that La Fan could be seen at But that URL does not go anywhere when I try it, neither does go anywhere. It is a rather simple matter to go to YouTube to watch the rest of La Fan, which has now reached the Adelanto for cap 113; last full capitulo uploaded is 110. Many of the uploads are high definition. However, I have not yet located what comes right after the Telemundo USA end, tho not far from it is episode 70 or 71. What doesn't help is that there are obviously different numbering systems used by uploaders, like capitulo 50 for one may not be thee same as capitulo 50 for another; the disparity seems wide.

For Youtube the place to start is with the channel of "Jenny B055"


Thanks! With 110 the last full episode uploaded, we are real close to the gran final which must be broadcasting in Mexico relatively soon.
Should be fun!

La Dona

I am answering my own question. According to the Telemundo web site, La Dona is up to capitulo 91. Wikipedia says there are 91 episodes, which seems unlikely, since we now will be having double episodes for a few weeks. I couldn't find out how many episodes there will be.

La Doña

Gobluefan, I realize that you now know that last night's last episode was 91 (together with 90), but I thought I should point out that on my recap, I indicated that I was covering 90 & 91. Tonight will presumably be episodes 92 and 93. I have no idea how many episodes remain. I guess it depends on what happens when Guerra de Idoles begins on April 24 in the 8 pm slot. Telemundo has started showing trailers for season 2 of La Querida del Centauro. If that starts in the 9 pm slot on April 24, that would mean that La Doña will be finished. But I haven't yet seen any time or date advertised for La Querida.

La Doña and Telemundo

Gobluefan, sorry, I forgot to comment on your question about subtitles/captions. It's often the case that these things are affected by local conditions. I've had captions for the past few days, so the lack of captions isn't on all stations. I know that in the past, I've not had captions when others elsewhere have had them. Have there been any bad weather events where you are? You might try getting in touch with your local Telemundo station and asking them about the lack of captions.


Juanita: Looking forward to seeing IF Lopez & Valeria will make it to the Gran Final.


La Doña 92/93
part 1/2

wow, everything is coming together!

AG breaks the kiss with Daniel (and breaks it off altogether) who won't spill on the 5th monkey, she feels nothing for him, he looks hurt.

Monica takes the time to clean up her tears before leaving the jail but runs into Azucena who begs for her to stay with Saul, Monica drops the bomb, AG is her mother, it's over.

Elena tries to gain control of Lopez and regain what she has lost, because the mother always gets custody, but Lopez the lawyer sets her straight, she is the one who left, she rushes to the house to grab her son, but Lopez has changed the locks, they argue in front of the neighbors, she leaves.

Valeria spills with Diego, her relationship with Lopez, it threw him at first, but he's ok with it.

Rafael breaks into the hacienda, it's empty, no servants, and hasn't been kept up, hmm one door is locked and as he tries to force it, Daniel calls out from the other side, says there must be a hidden key, Rafael finds it.

Braulio shows up at work but AG has banned him, he goes to her house, she sets him straight, she has no respect for him, (or what he did to Yesenia, Ximena, or Lydia) they're done, will he leave or should she chain him up in the basement.

Braulio's car parts have traces of blood, the dna is a match with blood they got from Ximena's parents, she was in his trunk, Jorge and Karen give Saul-in-a-cage the news, Azucena is there, and weeps, Saul is helpless.

Rafael checks out Daniel's basement prison, they have an interesting conversation, should Raf kill him or help him escape, Dan convinces Raf he won't give him up, but he's not leaving until AG forgives him, and oh yea, there is the thing about Monica might be one of their's daughters, Raf says.

Elena has gone straight to Braulio, tells him of Valeria's affair with Lopez, and the father could be either.

is it because Gabino is no longer there, Karen has gotten a warrant for Braulio's arrest.

Yesenia has a dream, her dead sister-in-law, AG's mother, accuses Yesenia of being selfish, using her daughters, and stealing Monica, she wants Yesenia to make things well between Monica and AG.

Karen and Jorge arrive at Braulio's house but he's not there, Braulio arrives at Leticia's house Valeria and Diego are there, now facing his gun, he can't kill Diego, he won't kill Valeria till he finds out who the father is, but Leticia is fair game, he wants Valeria to call Lopez and bring him to the house, she won't so he finds his number on her phone and calls him, come alone.

Yesenia awakes from her nightmare, she and Laz talk about telling Monica the truth, that Laz knows he is not her father, lies always come back, Laz says.

Daniel and Rafael go for a beer and a shot, a classy piano bar, why not, Raf will not harm Monica if she is his daughter, Dan asks if he will if she is Dan's daughter, because I will kill you.

Saul manages to make a late night phone call, and meets alone with AG in another part of the jail, he knows Monica is her daughter and not from her boyfriend, they talk Monkey and Saul throws in Rafael with Daniel meeting with Alejandro.

then on to the angle that is popular tonight, that AG needs to reconcile with her daughter, and AG tells Saul to stay away from Monica, you only love her with half your heart and will only hurt her, oh and it's over between us too.


La Doña 92/93
part 2/2

dummy Lopez, what's taking him so long, finally shows at Leticia's, slides in leaving the door ajar right into Braulio's trap, no quick bullet though, Braulio kicks/punches the crap out of him, Lopez pleads he could care less for Brau's family, it's your kid, let's just all leave, Braulio shows Diego what a coward Lopez is, while Lopez signals Karen and gets the drop on Braulio, and the gun, it's over.

Monica has a nice chat with Margarita, learns about her and Marcos.

AG throws in some doubt on Rafael with Matamoros, I thought they were off to see Daniel to get his reaction, but...

Monica and Yesenia talk marriage, maybe they should move it up, Laz is getting worse.

Felipe walks and talks authority very well, he's arranging an honest judge for Braulio and comes knocking on Saul's cell door with his release for helping in the Braulio investigation, but we all know how corrupt the system is, Felipe shows them how to use the press, and Leticia is back on the job with and the latest on Braulio and his crimes.

Regina works on AG to soften her on Monica when Laz and Yesenia show up with a scrapbook of Monica's early pictures, this is getting to AG who pulls out her tough face, Laz tells her not to lose Monica again.

Diego finally gets his 5 minutes with Lydia, he loves her and asks for forgiveness, but we will never forget, she says, it's over, and leaves him standing there.

Monica takes Margarita to the foundation to see if they will hire her, Daniel appears back from... what?

looks like Braulio is in Saul's old cell, and after Leticia's broadcast it seem his cellmates don't care for women abusers.

Rafael corners Leticia on her way home, he can't sleep and smells of booze, she tries to shine him on, but he says what if Monica is my daughter?

Lydia stops by the foundation, she doesn't know what to do, Monica and Margarita will take her somewhere for coffee and talk, Daniel holds Monica back, and they go to his office, there is something he wants to say, and he may never see her again, he may be her father, her biological father...


La Dona rocks


Deb: The Baby Daddy debate between Daniel & Daddy Cabral begins.... I wasn't surprised that Daniel escaped AG's torture chamber because AG is too distracted with banging Saul.

I see that Lazaro & Yesenia showed pictures of Monica during her childhood years in order to soften AG. I don't think it worked though.

Ayanda: Are we're sure Braulio OJ Simpson is the Baby Daddy of Valeria's baby ?

1.) Valeria & Lopez still together.

2.) Nice bar that Daddy Cabral & Daniel went to.

3.) Looking forward to seeing AG's reaction of Daniel escaping from the Torture Chamber ROFLOL.

4.) Jorge & Super Hero Cop Karen confirmed the news to Saul & Mama Aguirre that Ximena's body was in Braulio's truck & likely dissolved. The development of the news devastated Saul.

However, Ximena signed her own death warrant by aligning with Braulio. She should've stayed in Spain!

5.) FAKE NEWS Leticia reporting on Braulio's arrest!

6.) The kids at the Foundation happy to see Daniel come back.


La Doña

Wow! ¡Guau! Muchísimas gracias, deb, for this absolutely spectacular recap! You captured everything in just 2 succinct and delightful sections.

I've got just about nothing to add to what you've already said. I do remember feeling very frustrated in the scene where Braulio was beating the whatever out of Lopecito. I couldn't/still can't understand why the three onlookers--Leticia, Valeria, and Diego--didn't jump Braulio when his back was turned (as it usually was). My god, Braulio was close to killing the man Valeria supposedly loves. And what happened to the rage Diego felt about what Braulio did to Lydia? ¿QTF?

So now just about everyone in the town knows that Mónica is AG's daughter. I'm surprised Leticia didn't include it in her news broadcast, though perhaps she recognized that there was no point, since everyone already knew.

La Dona: Thank you deb! I realized just how much I missed when I read all the details in your recap. So glad monster man braulio was apprehended before he could do more harm. What are the chances of his getting out now that he has been abandoned by the power elite? And now that Sad Sack Saúl is out and about, YAWN! I wish he would just go away. His jail sentence was a relief to all. (except his mamá, of course) I'm guessing we don't have too much longer to go with this show. Especially with the double episodes.

I wonder how the paternity issue will play out: antler-bashing based on hunches? or will somebody actually do a DNA test, now that the contestants have been identified. Monica's sample is already on record.

And, I don't see redemption for AG, despite the extenuating circumstances. She's left a trail of corpses a mile wide.

I'm hoping the couples end up happily, but this show doesn't seem like the kind that will end in a frothy boda. Maybe Moni will end up with Lydia (LOL).

LA FAN: I found the point of continuation.

De averiguar: Apparently the ending on Telemundo = cap 69 of Gala TV (by Jenny's numbers, "Jenny B055" YouTube channel). I found in an upload of "Escenas de Cap 70" actualmente escendas de 69. La Boda = Cap 69. Telemundo cut what is GalaTV 69. Here is some of it: presented as Escenas de 70 (erroneous name).

So, if you want to watch the continuation after Telemundo's Butcher Block ending, you go to that URL for capitulo 69 (tho it says 70), for 70 has extensive flashbacks of 69. Then you can continue with what Jenny calls 70 or 71 in her playlist.

I am still trying to find cap 69 GalaTV complete, which is the Boda ending of Telemundo. A problem is that there are conflicting number systems. Some of the uploads that are designated in the 60's are in fact before the TElemundo ending.



I still have not found the complete Gala TV cap 69 (at the end of Telemundo USA) which has the Boda. I found a clip of it (which doesn't add to what we saw on Telemundo USA), but noted that it is designated 36! It is called 36 on the channel of zuleka pena of YouTube. So now I am also searching what is posted as cap 36 on YouTube, most of which thus far turns out to be our old Telemundo 36,
not Gala TV 69, part of which is at presented as Escenas de 70 (erroneous name).


Again thank you, Enoch, for going through all of this research trying to help those of us who want to see what happened after that wedding and need that one question tobe answered.

La Fan. Yes, definitely thank you, Enoch, for all your research. I have been starting the Jenny BO55 uploads with 71, and although there are still gaps, especially the part right after Salma's revelations, there seems to be the gist of the rest of the story


LXV: Daddy Cabral will get Braulio OJ Simpson out of prison before too long. I mean he got Daniel out of AG's torture chamber, etc.,



Juanita: FAKE NEWS Leticia & pretty much everyone else knows Monica being AG's daughter. For all we know, the entire world KNOWS ROFLOL.



Many thanks, Deb! Sad-Sack-Saul has been in jail for weeks, and it seems like only his mama missed him.

Not sure how I feel about everyone trying to soften up AG and tap into her maternal instincts, but I'm glad that she's now decided she doesn't want Saul either (and warned him to back off Monica too). Saul had the same dumbfounded face when Monica told him it was over, as he did when AG told him the same thing a few hours later. What? Did he think he would always have them BOTH, just waiting for him?

Just how long was Lopez going to let himself get beaten before he gave the signal to the police? In any case, I knew he must have had backup when Brau whined about how long it took him to arrive, and we saw him leave the security gate ajar. Is this the end of Braulio, or will he manage to get out of jail somehow and wreak havoc.

The whole Dan being free to wander around-- go out for drinks, go to work, without AG or Matamoros being aware, is just silly. I can't believe the spare key to the torture basement is tucked away in the vent. Might as well put a welcome mat down, and put the key under it!

La Dona,
I really enjoyed Dona working over Daniel, ahh !..too bad...he still wants you!!

Than poor Monica getting the one-two punch from Daniel and having to tell him your truth, you are screwing my mother! Monica has been through a lot... sad sack doesn’t deserve you,

Azucena was in for pain, and shock... when Monica told her …your son is having it on with my momma dearest.

Karen and Jorge, when they told Azucena abt Ximena, the women aged 10 years!!

Saul,yea- you are culpable for people dying, you are poison.

But what tinkled me and had laughing was Rafael rescuing Daniel. When Ratfael was looking around at the basement, I could hear his mind saying...where are the bloody chains, cattle prod, water board,,’WTF’.. Daniel was just chilling and catching up on his reading, all his library holds for 2016…

I was not surprised when Rafael pulled a gun… we may have to watch for that in the future as well…

Daniel, why do you think everybody has consciousness and conscientious in their morals ??

Interesting he told Daniel:..’you !!force to rape?’ [An erect -pee-Ni... don’t –lie] .Daniel , nevertheless.. she was the one, after I hit that thing that was a wrap!!??

Monica is identified!!! Ok... so Maury-who-da –baby-daddy??

Danny and Ratfael... talking abt their baby...over a beer, downing shots,chilling man to man…over boiler-makers and a brewski??!?!?....God bless men!!

She's a spit fire just like her old man, no she’s mine...I got the vibe from her energy!!Drunk and talking sh*t???

AG and Braulio, its over.. lady, he is a monster, but without you he is Frankenstein unchained!!
He has already beaten [wife-Yesenia], raped [Lydia] and killed [Ximena] your substitute, he is not going down gently into that goodnight …

Dear,Dr .phil... How do I handle...Transdimensional visitations from the family members ,who have transition:

Nothing like a nice long. [Over-due] .sister –in-law- visit, I have always had issues with you, but tolerated you because you are my husband’s sister… just saying... call D.Phil.’s…

Nothing like spirit world family visits to ...’f’... with you

I am sorry, but, I got no beef with Braulio killing scruffy, sorry, Braulio...I ain’t mad at ya!!Kill him then Valeria, they both deserves to die...Leticia!! Go ahead!!

Damn, Valeria, if you had handed Braulio the phone Karen would have gotten wind of the situation, made the scene. But you tried to jump-bad after the fact!!! After all- the- crap- you- ate, now, you want to fight the man!!

Saul... Dona meet up at the jail, momma he has morals!! Get the ...’F’, outta here, now you have scruples Saul, you funky – sad- sack- of S**t… he is a sad –as*, sucker, pitiful, what good is he??!

Why Saul thinks, he has a right to a women uteri is beyond me, I want to know abt all your live births??
Of course, I understand!

She read him like a book, your d**k wanders, so stop playing with my daughter!! She called him on his B**l-S**t and horny, slutty ways!!

He is good for something, he placed ratfeael in the mix!!!
She had her mind blown….!! Connect the dots!!

Braulio… you have gone off the rails, again! Oh sh* Aqua/’5-O’, the cops got it on –lock-down!! Scruffy, pulled a DOPEFIEND MOVE...He‘s got common sense after all!!Bye-bye Wolf man!!

This show is wrapping up!



la dona

Family..OMG..!! your so funny!! great sense of humor!!

Y'all have me in stitches.. I am laughing so hard

you cracked- me- up with your smart Alex comments!!!

don't stop for a minute!! you've made my day!!!

I need this !!! sorry our show is leaving, boo hoo---

!?? until the sin suenos


I am still trying to fill out the last capitulo on Telemundo USA, the stuff cut out. This would be capitulo 69 following the numbering system of Jenny B055
I discovered a new channel with a lot of clips from LA FAN but in low quality. This channel is named :ucas y vale juan pablo espinosa y angelica vale"
Most of the videos uploaded have only a date for the name; so you don't find much of this by searching on YouTube for "La Fan."
Most of the clips which cover in part the capitulo of the end on Telemundo USA, are titled like "6 marzo de 2017." (nothing else). I haven't finished searching this channel, but thus far the only additional material I have found would related to Qui Qui and to Carlos Ponce (with Miguel Varony) around the wedding event. I wonder if Varony happened to bump into Carlos at the studio & spontaneously invited him to have a little cameo in this telenovela. Here is a link to the channel.



Since it seems to be unavailable thus far I am going to tell you what I have seen of Lucas and Vale after Salma upset their apple cart on the wedding day at the site of their supposed honeymoon. I am judging from incomplete data, but I think what happens in the rest of the capitulo (cut out by Telemundo USA) is

1) Vale rejects Lucas -- tho I saw/heard nothing about actually annuling the wedding (after all Adriana, so far as I have seen, has not yet annuled her wedding -- it is like she just forgets she is married!)

2) Lucas gets on the top of a building & threatens to jump off.

3) Vale accepts Gabriel Porras as her new main-squeeze.

4) Adriana gets fed up & leaves Diego's house. When he gets up in the morning he cannot find her in the house. Then he finds a goodbye note. Then he chases after her in his boxer shorts to a big meeting where she is, oblivous of his state of undress (I don't remember if 4)was shown or not in USA).

LA FAN typo corrected:

I somehow cut off the l on lucas in naming the channel of uploads: I should have put:

I discovered a new channel with a lot of clips from LA FAN but in low quality. This channel is named "lucas y vale juan pablo espinosa y angelica vale",

la dona

ok ..saw Lydia take an independent step...

just watched Daniel back at the foundation..
ok..loving on Monica and supporting Margarita..ok..

ok...just saw the Det Karen press conference and valeria & scruffy declare his love..glad she lost her job...

ok..just saw wolfman Braulio getting his ass kicked in jail.. ok

but Leticia sitting in front of the known world as a face/voice/conscious of the public while her husband is a murder and serial rapist.. oh hell no!!!

time to crash and burn..... Leticia should pay just like sra vega, damn that poor woman knew nothing and had two kids!!

Ratfael told Leticia abt monica ,oh hell no!!! the battle of the baby daddies!!

Daniel played his hand and told the possibility of paternity??!!WTF!! OMG!!



Enoch - #4 on your list was shown on the Telemundo finale. I remember because it seemed a bit over the top that Diego was running theu what looked to me like a airport, but maybe it was an office building lobby, in his boxers.


Diego was running through the airport to catch up to Adriana.

La Fan

Enoch, and the others who want to continue La Fan.
The connecting point is cap55 on Gala TV without cuts. from 44:44
All of capitulos are on this site and the final capitulo will be on 12 April in Mexico
Have fun!



Thanks much for the URL (which is for a .net, not a .tv). I went there and was able (with some difficulty & risk of malware) to watch the link between the end of cap 54 Telemundo USA fin & the continuation as uploaded by Jenny B055 on YouTube. Your site displayed the video in high definition, very good quality. The episode was about 1 1/2 hours long, which indicates a double capitulo -- a stand cap on Telemundo being about 40 minutes long. The problem with that site is that it appears to be a trap to put malware on your computer. I got redirects/hijacks & invitations to click on things like "Update your obsolete Flash Player," the kind of stuff I would never click on. Finally while I was watching the start of what that site calls ep 56, I got a popup that indicates it was about to open a DMG file on my computer (which is a mac installation file). At that point I did not click on anything, but simple closed down my browser altogether.

So, my advice to anyone is to be very careful not to download anything from that site. You don't have to download to watch. Don't give any permission for anything. And after watching that one linking video, go to YouTube to watch this telenovela from Gala TV. Unfortunately, that tusnovelas site is the only place I know of to get the complete story after the Boda with its after attack by Salma.

You are probably going to get hijacked, perhaps a number of times, and taken to a malware offer or some advertisement. At that point, be careful how you get rid of the malware offer & get back to the video. YOu may be able to get back by Xing out the malware offer tab.

On a Mac, never bite on offers to "clean up your mac" or "get rid of a virus," or install an up-to-date flash player. The only way you should update your Adobe flash player is by going to the Adobe Flash Player application in System Preferences accessed from your System Preferences screen.

But thanks again Alejo.

La Fan

I am planning to wait about a day, & then put up a very brief summary of what happened between Vale & Lucas after the Boda of Cap 54 (Telemundo USA fin) in what the site calls cap 55, but which would likely be in cap 69 in the numbering system of Jenny B055 on YouTube. (I don't know how many different & conflicting numbering systems there are for La Fan.) Jenny told me that what happens before she began uploading with cap 70 / 71 (which would be for her cap 69) is part of the original episode/capitulo that had the wedding, but stuff was cut out by Telemundo for USA.

That is, I am planning to put up a very brief summary if Jarifa does not do it -- not that I am asking her to do it (she has already done a lot for us all with her summaries), but I wait for her to give deference to her official recapper status for this telenovela.

Perhaps we need some official guidance now from the management/moderation of this site on posting. Should we now consider the show over & post at will whatever as there is nothing to spoil? Or should we consider the show potentially yet showable & refrain from posting anything at all on the content that follows the Telemundo fin? Or should there be posted (that means work for someone) every day the spoiler threshhold & which numbering system the site is going to follow? (Jenny B055's system?) I.e., as of X day, one may post on the content up through cap Z ???

I suppose that we have to wait at least through Saturday, April 8 to see if Telemundo is going to air it weekly on Saturdays or whenever???

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