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La Piloto #22 4.5.17: In Which Yolanda Tries To Do The Right Thing...

• Rosalba is okay with Yolanda’s silence but she wants to leave ASAP so that she doesn’t see Yolanda’s self-destruction. Yolanda agrees and goes to prepare her departure right away. Rosalba does ask that she think about it because she could’ve died today and the next person could be her. Yolanda promises to protect her and apologizes for disappointing her.
• Amanda runs into Cindy in the Cielito Lindo bathroom. Cindy doesn’t want to fight but Amanda has other ideas. She takes out a pair of scissors, slams her against the wall and starts cutting her hair.
• The Lucios and Arley load up into their cars outside the bar and John reiterates to Zulima that he’s the boss of this place and she has to report back to him. She agrees and Oscar suggests they put a couple of their men inside as customers just in case. John agrees and asks Arley to put all the confiscated guns in their warehouse and find out who the men are. They try to leave but Lizbeth runs to Arley to tell him Amanda is fighting in the bathroom with Cindy.
• In the bathroom, Olivia tries to separate the women when Arley, Zulima and Lizbeth come. They all grab Amanda and she drops the scissors. Zulima thinks these spectacles are embarrassing and they take Amanda away. Arley then confirms with Cindy that Amanda only cut her hair and walks away, annoyed.

• Dave arrives in the Tres Fuegos airport as Ortega calls him to inquire on Simpson, who she has been waiting for at least 2 hours. He has no idea where he is but he knows he has a reputation for disappearing. Ortega apologizes for calling and then hears the intercom announcing flights. She asks Dave about his whereabouts but he is quiet. She realizes he doesn’t trust her but he does and tells her he went to see Estela again. She reminds him that she’s always there to help and hangs up.
• Vergara, Simpson and Montgomery confirm that Simpson is still on the team. Vergara then confirms that he will meet the Senator real soon but first they need to get rid of Estela because she’s a loose end. He explains that a plane will take him to Altamirano so that he can shut her up. Simpson agrees.
• Yolanda is in bed, thinking about all Rosalba told her and all that Dave told her. John comes and she quickly wipes away her tears while asking about Canola. John confirms his body is on his way home and chides her for not telling him that happened at the bar. She then asks him how he feels about her sleeping with Dave and John confirms he’s still not over it and storms out.
• Cindy and Amanda are bartending on eggshells. Cindy gets to the bar and Zulima asks her to go home and take tomorrow off so the atmosphere can calm down and she will still get paid for a full day. Cindy is surprised but Zulima explains that she can be on her side and help her, if she is loyal to only her. Cindy wants to know what she can do and Zulima asks her to watch the girls’ every move. Cindy agrees and leaves.
• Dave arrives at Estela’s house and gets in the car with Lopez, who confirms there is nothing new to report. A taxi then arrives and Dave tells Lopez that he will follow her to see where she is going and leaves.
• Down the streets, Estela puts on makeup in the taxi, oblivious, as Dave follows. The taxi picks up Emiliano, the nephew of her comadre, Flor, outside a bar and they kiss as the taxi leaves again.
• Yolanda dreams she walks through the house and finds Rosalba with her throat slashed and Oscar pointing a gun to her head. She wakes up and goes off to check on her as John pretends to sleep.
• Estela and Emiliano are in a motel, sleeping together, as Dave waits outside. They make a date for next week because it’s getting late and Flor will get suspicious. Emiliano then asks Estela for the money she promised because he needs a new TV and Estela obliges. Just then, Dave walks inside and asks where Yolanda is. Estela shakes her head so Dave tells her she has two options: he takes them to the police station and everyone in Altamirano finds out what she did or she can tell him where Yolanda is.
• Ortega turns off her TV and wonders where Simpson is. At this point she’s drunk and depressed so she falls into bed as her phone rings. It’s Simpson, who apologizes for being late but Montgomery asked for a tour of Tres Fuegos. He asks her to forgive him and sets a date for tomorrow night.
• Estela agrees and reveals that Yolanda is in South Altamirano, in a house, but she doesn’t know where it’s located. Dave’s phone rings and it is Lopez, who explains that there is movement inside Estela’s house but it’s not her. Dave confirms he’s with her and asks Lope to go inside the house to see what’s going on. He then takes Estela with him and leaves.
• Zulima arrives at the cabin to find Yolanda on the couch, drinking tea. Zulima tells her that Amanda fought Cindy in the bathroom but thank god that John didn’t see or hear anything. Yolanda thinks that John will kick them out at any time because he’s getting tired of the problem but Zulima reminds her that she’s his woman, so she’s safe. Yolanda explains that she’s not safe either because he doesn’t talk to her anymore; since he found out about Dave, things have not been the same. Zulima tells her to give him time and show him that she can be his right hand man, replacing Oscar. Yolanda doesn’t think so but Zulima has a plan: she found out from a worker that the Lucios are on the outs with El Cartel de las Sombras and she should repair their relationship and everyone will be happy. Yolanda thanks her for the idea and then Zulima leaves.
• Dave and Estela arrive at Estela’s house and Dave goes inside after asking Estela to stay in the house. He finds Lopez dead inside as a shooter runs pass the living room and fires. Dave follows the shooter outside the house and to the edge of the property but the assailant has left on a motorcycle. He asks for backup to find it but Simpson stashes it a few moments later and walks back on foot.
• Dave goes back to his car outside the house but finds it empty. He goes inside the house and screams her name but doesn’t find her. He calls the police and reports Lopez’s death and the escaped shooter.
• The next day, Rosalba prays for Yolanda, who hears everything from outside the door, to find her way. Yolanda silently closes the door and leaves her to it.
• In the station, Simpson apologizes again and goes to kiss Ortega but she is not into the PDA. Dave arrives and asks if the Lucios have a direct contact at the station since they are always one step ahead. Ortega asks him what happened and Dave explains that Lopez is dead because they were probably after Estela. Ortega wants to know why he comes to scream at her and asks that he investigate her if he doesn’t trust her. Dave apologizes as Simpson walks out and explains that Estela escaped again so they are back where they started. He then receives a call form Yolanda, who asks if she turns herself in, will her aunt be protected.
• Moments later, Dave goes into his office and starts to record and trace the call. Dave explains that she would need to collaborate and turn the Lucios in so she and Rosalba can be protected. Yolanda explains that the deal only includes her and Dave tells her that he can help her but he doesn’t want to lie: she will go to jail for a long time for drug trafficking and Ernesto’s murder. Yolanda asks why he still believes she killed Ernesto and Dave reiterates that he knows it was in self-defense but Yolanda asks him to drop it and hangs up. Yolanda doesn’t realize that Oscar heard everything.
• Later, Oscar asks Zulima to get him Yolanda’s phone but doesn’t tell her why. Zulima tells him she will try.
• Yolanda comforts Amanda in her room as Zulima comes in, shocked that Amanda is still crying her eyes out. Zulima sits down next to them and slowly slithers to Yolanda’s phone. Amanda wants to leave so she doesn’t have to see Arley or Cindy anymore but Yolanda asks her to wait. Amanda agrees and Yolanda leaves, almost without her cell phone, but Amanda reminds her much to Zulima’s annoyance. Yolanda thanks them and leaves as Zulima tells Amanda to get control of herself.
• Olivia goes to check her email on the touring business computers when Lizbeth comes and reminds her that they are being watched and should be careful. Olivia just wants to check her email but instead goes to her FB page equivalent to check on Christian. She then sees a message from Roberto on her wall, which explains that he was deported to Mexico and is going to her house to look for her. She gets excited and asks Lizbeth to help her get Yolanda’s untraceable phone to call Roberto.
• Yolanda tells Rosalba that she will take her back to Altamirano on a phone. Rosalba is quiet and Yolanda apologizes for the life she chose but she can’t leave, no matter how hard she tries. Either way, she has to be loyal to John, who has helped her with everything. Rosalba asks if her freedom is worth it and Yolanda reminds her that her friends also need her and she can’t leave them. Rosalba agrees and reminds her that she never wanted her father’s life for her but there is always a way to right the ship but it has to be her decision.
• Margot, Olivia’s mother, brings a tray to Roberto and Christian and Roberto asks for more things, much to Omar’s chagrin. Omar wants to know when he will eave and stop bothering them and Roberto explains that he will as soon as Olivia appears. Omar prays that Ortega finds her, fast. Christian tells them that Ortega is beautiful and can’t wait to see her again as his phone rings and Lizbeth pretends to be with the Spanish consulate, calling for Roberto. Christian hands him the phone and Olivia reveals that it’s her calling.
• Roberto pretends to talk with the consulate and goes off to have some privacy. Olivia chides him for disappearing on her years ago and now he wants to talk to her. Roberto will explain everything but he needs to see her first. They make a date for tomorrow at the Metropolitan Cathedral in Guadalajara and Olivia hangs up. Yolanda begs her to not to something stupid because they can’t leave but Olivia shakes her head and puts the phone away in Yolanda’s jacket, next to Zulima.
• Omar asks him what happened and Roberto tells him that they needed some documents to make his deportation official. He then asks Omar for his motorcycle, to deliver the papers, and Omar agrees so that he can leave them alone. Roberto thanks him and leaves.
• Eladio, Mr. Baldie himself, receives a message from Capitan Arguelles, who tells him that they have not been able to find any information on Yolanda. Eladio wants them to pressure the administrator of Cielito Lindo so that she can tell them where their guns and Yolanda are. Arguelles then reveals that the abandoned tourist business and airstrip have reopened and Eladio thinks they should visit to welcome them and ask for a fee for using his air space and land.
• Lizbeth warns Olivia not to run off to go see Roberto but she needs to know why he disappeared and prefers not to talk about the subject any more. They all drop it and Yolanda leaves to go fix some things for aunt, who is leaving to Altamirano because she found out the truth about her current employment. Zulima takes the opportunity to take Yolanda’s phone from her jacket without her noticing and then leaves to go to the “bathroom.”
• Yolanda goes to John’s office and he confirms everything’s ready for her departure. She thanks him and goes to leave when he asks her to hang back. He asks Yolanda what guarantee he has that Rosalba won’t tell the DEA where they are and Yolanda confirms that he has her word and her aunt’s because that woman is like her mother and would hate to see her in jail. John is going to watch her regardless, just in case Dave finds her, and they have to move. Yolanda agrees and ask that his men be discreet when they watch her. John agrees and Yolanda thanks him. John then gives her a kiss and asks for a smile because he’s only doing this to take care of her. She nods and leaves to pilot the plane.
• Later, Oscar is playing pool when Zulima brings him Yolanda’s cell phone. He congratulates her on a job well done and explains that he wanted to see her outgoing call so he can show John that she called Dave Mejia. Oscar wonder how angry John will be when he finds out…


Thanks, Alfredo. Great job. Zulima sits down next to them and slowly slithers to Yolanda’s phone. Isn't it strange how no one notices what a serpent Zulima is.

Estela and her boy toy. Too funny. Well, at least Estela is determined to let the good times roll.

The pot thickens. If Simpson’s kills Estela, Yolanda could think the Lucios did it. Ugh.

Shame on Yoli for taking any advice from Zulima. Of everybody in the narco world, John has been the most upright with her, not Zulima.

I'm not seeing how Olivia's boyfriend, her dad, and brother fit in, but their normalcy is a contrast to the shady stuff.

I picked up on the same wonderful phrase that Niecie did..."slowly slithers to Yolanda's phone". Great turn of phrase, Alfredo. As always, many thanks for keeping us up to date on the trials and tribulations of our Yolanda. Reminds me of that old nursery rhyme "Wednesday's child is full of woe." No doubt our Yolanda was born on a Wednesday, poor child.

Thanks Alfredo!

Yoli really knows how to self sabotage. I was disappointed that Oscar with the phone was at the end of the episode since it was in the previous night's avances.

Can't wait to watch this one so I can see the "slither"!


Alfredo: I liked your title in the recap, but I still don't see Yolonda doing anything right considering since the beginning of this TN, it's been one disaster after another.

Carvivile: How high is the corruption inside the DEA ? We know Simpson's corrupt, etc.,

Niecie: It's looking like Estela gets whacked by Simpson.


Thank you so much, Niecie, JudyB, Carvivlie and Steve!

By the right thing, I meant that she tried to turn herself in, but stopped when Dave told her to betray the Lucios. I like to think there's two Yolanda and they are both loyal to whoever they are loyal to but there is no way to reconcile these two Yolandas into one. At least not yet.

The DEA is full of corruption, which is why I assume, Dave and Ortega will have to eventually create a makeshift team in the future when we finally get to 2016, instead of current 2014.

I feel bad for Ortega, who will be the most hurt in all this, but Amanda is getting on my nerves. Arley is a douche but you knew that and attacking Cindy in the bathroom is not helping matters.

I loved the scene where Zulima reached for the phone, she was like a literal spider waiting to pounce. No one notices she is evil because she tells the truth, a twisted truth most of the time, but it's the truth. When she lies, she knows that she has a plan b to fall back up on and knows when to lie and to who. She knows she can't lie to Oscar so she uses him as an accomplice. She knows she can lie to Yolanda about her black magic because if Rosalba lived, she would be a hero, and if she didn't, they see tried to help. And she's right to think that Yolanda would be safe if John were to kick them out…that is, until the cell phone debacle begins.

I used to watch the advances but they are so spoiler sometimes and I'd rather just go along for the ride ;)

Oh, as for Olivia's family: I think the writers are opening up potential storylines as the series goes on. ROberto could be shady or not but Olivia doesn't think when he's around so he could cause a lot of trouble. Like Amanda's baby or Yolanda's aunt and mother, they are Achilles heels for our characters. I'm wondering where Lizbeth's story is going since she met that guy at bar and that's the last we heard.

I laughed when Eladio said he was going to charge the new tenants of Villa Antigua a free for using their land and air space...ha!

Thank you Alfredo as always. I too loved Alfredo's choice of words: slowly slithers to the phone. Yoli's world is about to start closing in on her re: Oscar & Zulima and of course thru some of her own actions. They don't really like each other but they have one common goal which unites them. Alfredo if I remember correctly the guy that Lizbeth is crushing on is one of the federales they showed towards the end of last nites epi. Lets see where that goes

You're welcome, Roxangisel! Oh, I didn't notice that...was it part of the episode or the previews? Who was he with? The bar was so dark I wouldn't recognize him either way but I don't want to miss an important plot point.

Steve, I think Alfredo is right and the corruption goes to the top. I can see Dave being kicked out, Simpson taking over, and Dave trying to be a one man DEA. Monica will probably be thrown over by Simpson at that point too so maybe they will join forces to bring down the DEA and the Lucios.

We are only a quarter of the way through so there has to be some tangential story lines. We will see where they go.

I think Yoli is going to be in deep deep trouble tonight.

Alfredo It was towards the end of last nite's epi one of the last two or three scenes. He was only on camera for a short time which is why I'm not 100% sure but the first thing out of my mouth was 'that looks like the guy from the bar' hmmmmmmmmm lol

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