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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#2): La Doña, El Capo, & más: Week of April 3, 2017


Here's Page 2 for the week.  The current telenovelas are as follows (all times are Eastern Daylight Time):

• 10:30AM-12PM—Amar es Primavera
• 12PM-2PM—Mujeres Ambiciosas
• 8-10PM—La Doña
• 10PM—El Capo

Please note the changes that have taken place this week: La Doña now runs for two hours each day, and El Capo debuted at the 10PM slot on Tuesday.

Everyone is welcome to join in the conversation.  Since discussions of all the Telemundo novelas share the same page, please remember to put the name of the telenovela you're referring to at the top of your post, so readers can easily find the conversations they're looking for.

By common agreement, this group DOES NOT discuss previews, trailers, or any other plot information not found in a current or past episode of the current production. Spoilers WILL be removed by the admin. This includes reference to earlier productions of the story, and even the original novel. Thanks for your cooperation!

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1.) Monica goes beast-mode on Daniel by calling him a fraud & phony because of his reveal of being with the Monkeys & involvement in the murder of AG's parents & Cesar in Veracruz 20+ years ago.

She slaps him like multiple times in front of the kids at the Foundation.

2.) Saul goes off on Daniel too. He also tries to choke him to death. I'm assuming Saul kinda knew that Daniel was with the Monkeys Alliance from the get-go.

3.) Valeria & Lopez doing their love-fest in her house. Surprised they didn't have sex right there in the closet.

4.) Daddy Cabral & FAKE NEWS Leticia arguing about him possibly being the Baby Daddy of Monica. We need Maury Povich to confirm this.

5.) Regina being very brave talking bout FAKE NEWS Leticia about Daddy Cabral's whereabouts..... While he's hiding behind the secret staircase.

6.) Matamoros (Teo 2.0) informing AG that Daniel escaped from the torture chamber. He informs AG about it. She figures out Daddy Cabral helped him.

7.) Diego & Lydia talking at his part-time job.

8.) Isabella is happy to find out Monica is her cousin!

9.) Margarita talking to Marcos ? Isabella isn't going to be happy about that!

10.) Guessing Lopez & Saul might run Daniel's Foundation when Daniel goes to prison (if AG or Daddy Cabral don't whack him before then).

11.) Who enjoyed the make-out session between Super Hero Cop Karen & Jorge ?

12.) Margarita & Lydia looked sexy at the wedding of Lazaro & Yesenia!


La Dona

Is anyone here watching this telenovela on the DirecTVNow streaming service?

I am currently streaming my TV shows using Sony Playstation Vue, and it does not offer Telemundo or Univision. Plus Hulu just dropped all Univision shows.

If you are streaming this program on DirecTVNow, are the English closed captions available?


Saturday 6 PM.
I saw the announcement, April 8, Sat, 6PM. I don't know for what time zone the 6 PM is.
The announcement was a clip on YOuTube. Will they continue the show on Saturdays? I can't see them doing a rerun on Saturdays. But
There are strange things done in the midnight sun,
By the men who moil for gold;
The arctic lights have seen strange sights,
AS would make your blood run cold. (poetry of Robert Service)

I have been watching it on YouTube.
Will they air the uncut caps?


Beware of Russians Hacking Telemundo! LOL

I saw the announcement of La Fan 6 PM Sabado. But, it does not show on TitanTV.
And this could be just a rerun of the final episode -- they have done like this before.
With Victoria they offered an alternate ending. In the regular first ending, Victoria ended by going off with Mauricio Ochmann to kiss on the beach, probably in Spain.
In the alternative, she just let Mauricio go off to Europe (to join with Adriana Campos Jumalay/Yumalay little Indian girl of Zorro? -- all this before Begonia). Kindwhile, Victoria just continued schmoozling with her female friends & (I guess) running her pastry business, coddling her pet cow, continuing the Cold Shoulder towards Reekums, her abominable X, aka Arturo Peniche.

Now it would surprise me if they ran an alternative ending on Saturday.


LA FAN spin off

I just got a great & sad surprise. To my amazement I just learned that Adriana Compos died about 2 years ago in a car accident. She was so young to die. Wikipedia says:

"Campos died on 3 November 2015, when her husband, businessman Carlos Rincón, lost control of the vehicle he was driving and it went into the Río Cauca in Peñalisa.[3] within the jurisdiction of the municipality of Salgar near Bolombolo, southwest of the Department of Antioquia."

Death can come a any time. We never know how much time we have left in this life.


Thank you for the alerts, Enoch. I will keep a watch on the cable provider's guide.


DOna: GoBlueFan

As to watching telenovelas by alternative sources (aside from USA Broadcast), I have rarely seen any closed captions available, except on Telemundo's own website. Youtube offers machine generated captions which you can activate, but what I have seen of them is very poor (seems they cain't hardly understand Spanish as well as I can). Rarely you can see subtitles with a few telenovelas, like Muneca Brava, where some people did a might effort to produce them, then put the telenovela on YouTube with subtitles in English. Corazon Salvaje & Betty La Fea have the scripts written out, I think, largely both in Spanish & in English -- a big project by devotees of the telenovelas. But those scripts are not pasted over the picture -- separate text files.

La Fan. I too have been watching it on youtube, 1 youtube Jenny BO55 episode a day. I also checked out Vino el amor last night on Univisión. It's set in Sonoma, CA! I'm from Napa originally, but we had cousins who lived in Sonoma. I hafta say: Telenovela Sonoma is even more hilarious than Telenovela Houston!

La Fan

I'm lost! Help! What number is the final episode and what is the best source to view it on You Tube? Have been looking online but can't figure it out and cannot believe how this was all left hanging by
Telemundo in my town. Yeesh!!!

La Fan. Doña Felipa: I started Jenny BO55 youtube with episode 71-1, which seems to pick up a little bit after the Salma revelations. There are 3 to for parts in each of her episodes, and they seem to pick up most of the plot, but maybe not everything. After watching 1 Univisión episode of Vino el amor, I find it hard to believe that that novela is going strong all the way to the end while Telemundo's La Fan was canceled in the middle of its run. Yeesh indeed!

La Fan four parts, that is


Enoch, nothing is on my cable schedule for Telemundo yet for Sat. evening. I will have to see what pops up later.

Very funny, SpanProf.

So far so good online. Not necessarily complete episodes or all in order, but I am enjoying what I am seeing and as of the afternoon, my main question after Telemundo 54 was answered.

Dona Felipa, Telemundo went up to 54. The numbering online does not necessarily match. It is sort of trial and error. I have not found one best source and have been watching among a few.

La Fan

Enoch, and the others who want to continue La Fan.
The connecting point is cap55 on Gala TV without cuts. from 44:44
All of capitulos are on this site and the final capitulo will be on 12 April in Mexico
Have fun!


Who's ready for the wedding of Lazaro & Yesenia ?


la dona
so the sh*t done-hit -the-fan! MAURY!!

I am glad Monica called Daniel on his dirty secrets...its a lie ! all a lie!!...the foundation was built on a lie.. double trauma for the women...

They are gonna have to fly in Iyvana from Oprah!! women leading women's healing is needed here, men leading women groups made no sense any way!!

Leticia is right to refuse ratfael's request, leave that girl alone... but it will soon be time for them both to crash and burn,,,

Leticia or Valeria as women rights advocate ! since when???She is all about status/social standing.
Letica/Valeria .... ain't Oprah!

I can't seen either one in the role of suddenly expounding and facilitating social /analysis of femi-cide within inter sectionality feminist didactics and its historical/political gender dynamics as actualized within the patriarchal system and the cultural legacy of latin American capitalism/slavery and exploitation of indigenous women ....just saying..!
nope I don't see way!

Rafael is trying to I.D. -DNA?? this is crazy?!?
he is cray cray!! Leticia, you have to stop the madness!!


STEVE: don't kill nobody TONIGHT!!

El Capo

I've been watching this and it's kind of interesting, as far as Telemundo narcos go it's light on the drama and violence, and the production is different, it was written by Gustavo Bolívar who did Sin Senos.

the story is about a narco, wanted dead or alive, who has been hiding out at a hacienda in the jungle, when one day the military show up, him and his best guys plus his wife who happened to be there, and his girlfriend, who is also writing his biography, escape through a tunnel, then into a hollow tree and another tunnel leading into a bunker that is under a lake swarming with crocodiles, his wife freaks and is sedated while everyone forgets to check for her cellphone as everyone else shuts theirs down pulling out the battery and sim cards, so the military find nothing but pick up on this one phone.

and so the characters are being developed by back stories as the military hunts, keying in on that cellphone signal from the lake, they now have divers but not sure what to do with the crocs, which appear to be environmentally protected.


La Dona

Was there a show Friday night? My local Telemundo channel in Columbus OH broadcast 3 hours of a crime reality show (e.g. "Alaskan state troopers" rounding up stolen snowmobiles).

La Fan

The Saturday 6PM airing of La Fan may possibly be for Puerto Rico only.

I went to the site to which Alejo referred above and saw a full version of the boda capitulo which ended the show in the USA. Actually it ran about 1 1/2 hours, so it was a double capitulo & in high definition/ It is labeled as episode 55 on that site. However, I also had a lot of dangerous interaction with that site which was trying from time to time to get me to download things like Flash Player updates. Finally when it seemed to be trying to install a DMG file on my Mac (which is an installation program), instead of clicking on anything, I shut down the whole browser. Never click on any such popups as say you have a virus, or update your flash player. With Mac that should be done only from the Systems Preferences pane on the Mac. So I think that site is a possible source of malware. You get spontaneous hijacking of the window you are watching to something else.

So, after watching the connecting episode, the boda & its aftermath in full with Salma's attack & its aftermath, I would do the rest of watching on Jenny B055 YouTube channel (high def) and with many other sites that have La Fan uploads; last I saw into cap 116.


La Fan

I posted a lot of links to La Fan sites on YouTube already, so I won't repost them. Those who want the links bad enough can go back to last week's posts. The numbering systems have a lot of variation. What is called Ep 54 La Boda, fin with Telemundo USA, 55 on that TusNovelas site, is about cap 69 using the capitulo system of Jenny B055. While there are fragments here & there of what follows the Telmundo USA end, that dangerous TusNovelas site is the only place I have found what looks like a complete (uncut) edition both of the Boda capitulo & its aftermath.


1.) The wedding of Lazaro & Yesenia is here. Plus, the ceremony took place in the Hood.

2.) Everyone showed up including Valeria & Lopez. Saul, the AG Addict was cooped-up inside his apartment.

3.) Don't Margarita, Lydia & Monica look beautiful with their sexy hairstyles ? My wife, Alicia had that dress Margarita was wearing.

4.) Dr. Adolfo showed up at the wedding much to Saul's chargin.

5.) Daniel needs help from the ladies at the Foundation to avoid being captured by AG's Cointelpro Group.

6.) AG went with the short hair & blonde look (is this her natural hair in real life ?)

7.) The Party in the Hood! Super Hero Cop Karen & Jorge were there too. Diego, on the other hand, is in a bad mood & gets drunk obviously as Isabella is there to help him.

8.) AG meets a mysterious man in downtown DF at some major Buji function.

9.) Inside the hotel room, the mysterious man takes off the robe & the camera nearly shows some of the buttocks as AG looks like she wants to have sex with the guy.

10.) She has flashbacks of her escapades with Saul.

11.) Saul has flashbacks about knocking up mother & daughter (AG & Monica).

12.) Daniel calls Daddy Cabral & informs him that Monica wants nothing to do with either of them. YOU THINK ???????

13.) Lydia, once again, goes off on Diego & also puts Isabella on full-blast.

14.) Another member of AG's Cointelpro Group shows up at Daniel's Foundation.

15.) Lazaro & Yesenia enjoy the honeymoon, etc.,

16.) Daddy Cabral shows up at Monica's house.

17.) FAKE NEWS Leticia tells Daniel that Daddy Cabral is obsessed with Monica.

18.) Daddy Cabral pulls a Darth Vader on Monica: "I'M YOUR FATHER!!!"

19.) Monica reads the Maury Povich DNA testing results & freaks out!

La Doña

Many thanks, Steve, for your very helpful recap. I haven't yet watched the episodes but now at least I have a good idea of what to expect. Question: what DNA results did Mónica read and freak out about? Did Rafael have himself tested and have his results compared with those on file for Mónica? Actually, that would make some sense, since the two of them have been enemies since the moment they first met!

La Dona: I can't believe AG is still after Daniel. And how on earth dis Rafael expect to win Monica over? Saul wants to eat his cake and have it. How can a man be so indecisive?

La Dona: I can't believe AG is still after Daniel. And how on earth dis Rafael expect to win Monica over? Saul wants to eat his cake and have it. How can a man be so indecisive?

La Fan

This is another site with all the episodes of La Fan, like mentioned before, Capitulo 55 is 2 episode capitulo, the Telemundo final ends at about the 45 minute mark. The continuation of the novela follows.

I use Mozilla Firefox with Adblocker plus enabled. The site has many options of viewing the video. I always use Option 2 and have not had any pop ups as of yet.

Good Luck

This comment has been removed by the author.


Continues to be uploaded on YouTube, now we have cap 118 on channel "Jenny B055". high quality with clear audio Jenny. Also posted is an adelanto of cap 119. Yet I have not found anyone advertising the end of the Telenovela on Gala TV, which I would expect to be cap 120. With double episodes that would imply that it would end on GalaTV tomorrow (Monday). But the adelanto did not look like any ending.

The cap numbers continue to befuddle me. Anonymous said above, "Capitulo 55 is 2 episode capitulo," referring to the caps of The last Telemundo cap was 54 which had the bodacious boda followed by Salma's attack on the marriage. Yet it is comprised by what a couple of sites call cap 55. If they were uploading double cap episodes, and calling them 1 cap, you would expect they got to the boda at their cap 27 (2x27 = 54).

Do you know why the Lone Ranger killed Tonto?
He found out what Qemo Sabe meant.

DONA NOBIS PACEM PACEM; Steve, Vot Der Dumboozle!?

you posted: "11.) Saul has flashbacks about knocking up mother & daughter (AG & Monica)."

Talk about incest & "I'm my own grandpa" -- know the song by Homer & Jethro? If you have not heard it & have a sense of humor, go hear it on YouTube (use a charted version).

I have only watched a little of Dona & Dona Barbara (Edith Gonzalez).

R U telling me that the papel played by David ChacUpSky (isn't that Saul?) has gone & knocked up a mother & daughter in one telenovela? Wouldn't that be a first? If boys were born, the kids would be 1/2 brothers, but AG's son would also be a 1/2 brother of Monica. If Saul married AG, then Monica's son could have his step mother for his grandma. AG's son would be both a 1/2 brother to Monica and a 1/2 brother to Monica's son. AG's son would be a 1/2 uncle of his 1/2 brother (who is also the 1/2 nephew of AG's son).

Watching LA FAN on questionable sites:

The problem is not just pop-up ads for malware, but spontaneous hijacking, like being suddenly moved to a URL one has not attempted to reach. IMHO my computer is much safer by watching on YouTube.

LA DOÑA: @Enoch, nobody's pregnant yet. And I'm fairly certain AG is savvy enough to be taking care of things on her end. As for Monica? Who knows? It's an ugly idea, but my hunch is, they aren't going there. I think Steve is using the term "knock up" fairly loosely. All the other ladies in the show seem to be pretty dopey about the ramifications of unprotected sex, except Lydia and it was forced on her, and they most likely offered her a morning after pill when she went for her examination. As for Valeria, well that was just dumb, but perhaps an unconscious rebellion of sorts. She's getting to be a certain age and I know my own mother went for "just one more" when she was 40.



Has there ever been a telenovela when a female did not get pregnant? I need to add that to my list of telenovela conventions. Nobody's in the family way yet really? You speak of using the term "knock up" fairly loosely -- that sounds like saying that one is a little pregnant!

So next time I write a telenovela I will have an evil doctor give the girl who wanted a morning after pill, a pill that produces octuplets. I shud add that to telenovela conventions: The doctor is a scoundrel who was paid off by the antagonist to give false diagnoses, false DNA report, declare someone insane who is sane, tell someone he is sterile when he is fertile, give a report of spontaneous abortion to cover a false claim of pregnancy, issue false cause of death, tell some woman that her child died in birth (to give the child to someone else), etc.


FYI: If you are an Angélica María (Angélica Vale's real life mother) fan, she appears in the second part. : )

LA DONA: @ Enoch; I'm not the one using that term, It is Steve. However, Ximena did get knocked up and we assume the baby daddy is her nice boyfriend Lopecito, not her evil husband Braulio. You rarely see a novela that doesn't end on big boda with lotsa babies on the way. Alborada, 2006, (my first) ended with a veritable crowd scene of fertility. Friday night's didn't count, because Yessy & Laz are senior citizens. Monica's not talking, she has too much else to figure out right now. But if she was, in fact, a virgen with Saül, we can expect almost anything. I was not at all comfortable with her backward glances during her pa's wedding (which I thought for a moment was going to turn into a funeral).

LA DOÑA: whoops, I meant Valeria, NOT Ximena! Ximena is dead, thanks to Braulio.

LXV: & Mucho AFAN

I hope Ximena is not dead. That would be wrinkle in the La Fan story
(Ximena Duque LOL). Some famous actors have indeed died young. Lorena Rojas, what's her name in Venezuela (murdered visiting her home country), & Adriana Campos.

Apparently now the last caps of La Fan aired via Gala TV have been uploaded in high definition on Youtube channnel Jenny B055. The Adelanto for 119 is there too. That implies that Monday should be 119-120, double, but apparently that is not the end of the show.



What does the community want to do about posting on La Fan now?

The Telemundo story is over, doubtful that it will ever be shown.
Should we dispense with the anti-Spoiler rule now & comment freely on the Gala TV caps? on the understanding that there is no longer anything to spoil?

Or shall we just stop commenting on La Fan here because someone watching it via uploaded caps from Gala TV might read something that would be a spoiler to that person?

I assume that those of us who are watching the continuation by YouTube or some other source of internet uploads, will not be in the same place in the story. I myself have watched the whole continuation now, with possibly missing parts.

Another possibility would be to confine our comments to what has recaps published, though as of now nobody is posting recaps for the continuation -- & I am not sure that anyone wants to do all that work.

Another possibility would be that the moderator would daily post the capitulo limit (using Jenny's numbers???) on which we may comment?

My own choice would be just to forget the spoiler rule altogether in this unique situation and freely discuss the continued story.


La Fan

Jarifa, thanks a lot for telling me that it is really Valentina's mama in the continuation. And that is an example of a helpful comment I would like to read & dispense with the spoiler rule. I thought that the story line with Vale's mother was quite clever. Perhaps if the start of the show had been as good as the latter part, it would have had higher ratings. I am now guessing that Vale may end up owning the empresa of Carlos & Adriana. I wonder how far they will carry out the theme of Arsenic & Old Lace -- black comedy.

La Fan

Of course we could limit the spoiler rule to prohibit posts that reveal what is in advance of Jenny B055's uploads, now through cap 118. Actually I don't know anyway to access the plot in advance of what GalaTV has put out & has thus been uploaded onto the internet.

La Fan

Actually since I kind of jumped through much or Temporada 1, I don't know how Don Qui Que the mafioso, ended up owning the empresa in part. Perhaps someone could explain that to me.

La Doña

Just a heads-up that I will not be able to do a recap of tomorrow's (Tuesday's) episode. I'm not sure whether I'll be able to do any recap this week. If someone wants to step in and do one on Tuesday, that would be great.

LA FAN: César Mora?

Do my eyes deceive me or did I see César Mora, very short actor, on (hidden) stilts around cap 116? In Betty La Fea there were 2 short abogados (I call them Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee), the principle abogado was played by César Mora, who also played Sgt Garcia in Zorro. I refer to the new character who is a mafia don. The plot seems to incorporate inside jokes now, inside in the sense that you have to be familiar with other Telenovelas to appreciate them.

La Fan. I'm just happy to get my daily fix of Angélica Vale and Gabriel Porras--even if he is playing a semi-bad guy.

Enoch: I'm getting sick & tired of seeing the "La Fan" crap anyways.


Now that Monica knows Daddy Cabral is her father, how will this lead to several ramifications for everyone down the road ?


Enoch, I just remember the tweedle dee tweedle dum pair from LFMB. You are so right about the inside jokes. This second half really is jampacked with action. Again, I missed the same part about exactly who does own the shipping company. Oh, well.

SpanProf, ITA! If they ever show it on Telemundo I will watch it again but if this is it, I am okay with what I am finding as long as I get to see the gran final.


La Dona#102

Felipe, I hope you have some body watching your back! Literally...

Monica as head of a foundation, ok, with university training, why not... she has to find all the women therapist she can in meanwhile, what’s the mission statement: castrate rapist!!

Yes Karen is P.O’Ed at Saul and scruffy and yes, I was happy when Karen chew another hole in that a**...

Ratfael, is seeing the ghost/ demons of death past, The public and kin of the victim will tear him apart!!

When they find out abt him and Danny boy, they will bring out the lynching ropes!! It was cute she mention him being at the bottom of a gang bang in jail! Works for me!! Hand me the popcorn!!

Steve :streamy marco /margarita sex , on their honeymoon!! that' abt it!but anything but saul !please

***don't kill nobody until the holiday!please

Money-honey, Yesenia & Monica got paid, but bigmouth ,stop tripping.. that's your dad's money!!
Braulio is heading to scruffy and vacuous valeria..poor Diego
, and I wonder if isabrat will just happen to be there! how convenient?!?

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