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La Piloto #23 4.6.17: In Which Everyone Plots Against Yolanda...

• Zulima takes the phone away from Oscar to make sure Yolanda called Dave. She laughs and calls Yolanda an idiot for doing so.
• Roberto gets into Omar’s car and leaves but doesn’t notice Omar following him in a motorcycle.
• Olivia tells Lizbeth that she’s worried about seeing Roberto because she would have to confess the truth about where she works and what she does. Lizbeth reminds her that that’s their reality and he has to accept it. Olivia agrees and then asks her about the guy from the bar, Raul Arguelles. She smiles.
• Raul and his father, Arguelles, investigate the road shootout from Yolanda’s kidnapping attempt. Raul wants to investigate personally but his father will handle it but it was probably related to drug trafficking. He sends Raul on his way and looks at the blood on the floor.
• Yolanda and Carlina load Rosalba onto the plane as Lizbeth comes and gives her the jacket she left at the cabin. She thanks her and John comes to wish her a safe flight. She thanks him and then he tells John that he hopes she’s well. Rosalba reminds him to take care of Yolanda and not let anything happen to her. John agrees and Yolanda goes to take off.

• In the plane, Yolanda shows Rosalba various bottoms and what they do and how they affect the flight. Rosalba laments the fact that she’s flying under this these circumstances but is happy to see her flying either way. Yolanda agrees and they continue their flight.
• John is working on a pane with his men in the hanger when Oscar comes and tells the men to leave. He tells John that he heard Yolanda talking on the phone a while ago and John chides him for spying. Oscar tells him that this is important: Yolanda was talking to a DEA agent. John laughs but Oscar shows him the call registry and tells him to call the most recent number she dialed so he can be sure.
• Ortega and Dave discuss the fact that the man who killed Lopez was in Estela’s house to kill her. Ortega is sure that man won’t stop till he finds her but sadly no one has any idea where she is right now. Dave’s phone rings and asks if it’s Yolanda. There is no answer and John hangs up.
• John shakes his head and can’t believe Yolanda would betray him after everything. Oscar is not going to say “I told you so” but they need a plan of retaliate; whatever John decides to do about the situation, he will be there at his side. Oscar then leaves John to his thoughts.
• Rosalba tells Yolanda that she flies really well, like she had been flying for a while. Yolanda is happy to that she is proud of at least that. Rosalba asks that they get along since it’s their last day hanging out before they go their separate ways for a while. Yolanda agrees.
• Dave runs out of his office, flustered, with Ortega in tow. Dave confesses that she called earlier to ask for protection for her aunt if she turned herself in and Ortega chides him for not telling her. Dave is sorry because he meant to but he doesn’t trust Simpson or Ortega’s proximity to him.
• The plane hits some turbulence and Rosalba is having a freak out. Yolanda begs her to please calm down, as they will be landing soon.
• In his room, John paces, drink in hand, thinking about Yolanda. Oscar reminds him that he never trusted Yolanda and John wonders if she’s there to turn them into the DEA or if she likes Dave Mejia. Oscar thinks it’s both but it’s a betrayal either way and they need a plan because Yolanda can come back with the DEA soon. John wants to double security and watch Yolanda to find out what she plans to do. John suggests they call Canengo, who is on the plane on the plane with Yolanda, and Oscar agrees. Oscar then suggests they beat the truth out of her and Rosalba but John just wants to watch her for now. He then asks Oscar to bring Zulima and Oscar obliges.
• Yolanda finally lands the plane safely and Rosalba is happy. She helps Rosalba, who’s happy to be back on land, out of the plane. Rosalba doesn’t want Yolanda to expose herself further by taking her home personally but Yolanda reminds her that the police or DEA could be watching it so she has to go to make sure she’s safe. Rosalba agrees and they get into the truck.
• Dave wonders why Yolanda called but didn’t answer. Ortega wonders if someone is threatening her and that’s why she hesitated to turn herself in and that has to do with Estela. She then suggests that they could be threatening her with Rosalba, since they haven’t heard from her since they took her out of the hospital. Dave is scared because Zeki is already dead and Estela has a price on her head so Yolanda can be the next target. They don’t notice Simpson hearing everything from outside the door.
• Oscar brings Zulima and John asks her to tell her everything she knows about Yolanda. Zulima explains she met her at a bar, introduced her to CAA, she dreams about being a pilot but she doesn’t know her life in detail. Oscar asks if Yolanda ever asked Zulima about their partners and Zulima confirms that she asked about El Cartel de las Sombras. John then asks if she knows what type of relationship Yolanda and Dave have and Zulima confirms that while she’s never confirmed she loves him, she’s sure she’s liked him a lot since they slept together. John is silent and then asks Zulima to leave. She obliges and Oscar asks that he let him kill Yolanda. John shakes his head; he asks Oscar to call Vergara and have his contact at the DEA find out everything about Dave and Yolanda’s relationship. Oscar leaves to do so and John calls Canengo and asks him where he is. Canengo confirms they are on their way to Rosalba’s house and John asks him to watch her closely and report back to him ASAP. He hangs up and John slumps his head.
• Vergara calls Simpson and reminds him that he still hasn’t killed Estela and he will never meet the Senator if he doesn’t do as he’s told. Simpson explains that Estela is no longer in Altamirano and Vergara explains that he killed Lopez and now Dave is on his trail. Either way, Estela is now on the loose and knows she is in danger so she may go to the DEA to ask for help. Simpson promises he will find and kill her ASAP. Vergara then asks if he knows about the call Yolanda made to Dave and confirms he didn’t. Vergara asks him to find out everything he knows and hangs up.
• Rosalba is dying to get home and Yolanda asks her to be patient as they will be there soon. Rosalba wonders how they will open the door since Rosalba lost the keys but Canengo reminds her that a gun works perfectly to unlock anything but Yolanda asks him to put it away as Rosalba is scared.
• Ortega and Dave converse with their agent in Altamirano who has located Rosalba’s house. Dave wants him to go inside the house ASAP but Ortega reminds him they don’t have a warrant and asks the agent to confirm that no one is inside. The agent knocks on the door and Estela, who is in the kitchen, immediately goes down to the floor and prays they didn’t find her. The agent confirms no one is answering and there is a pile of bills by the door so no one is there. Ortega asks the agents to go home for now but watch the house daily, starting tomorrow. They leave and Estela thanks her lucky stars they did.
• Later, Ortega tells Dave that she thinks watching Rosalba’s house is a waste of time since Yolanda knows they are looking for her and won’t likely come back to that house.
• Ironically, Yolanda and Rosalba have arrived at her house and Yolanda tells Canengo to climb the fence and open it for them. Estela sees them arrive and curses her luck. Canengo opens the fence and helps Yolanda with Rosalba. Estela tries to hide as they go inside.
• John receives a call from Vergara who informs him his contact had no idea Dave and Yolanda had talked. Oscar reminds him they found the call to Dave on her phone and John called the number personally and confirmed it was Dave. John suggests that it may be nothing if no one at the DEA knows about it. Zulima comes and confirms either situation is bad because she’s talking to Dave either way. John is tying to find an explanation for Yolanda’s actions but Oscar reminds him that she betrayed them. Zulima laments the fact that she has caused all this chaos but she also more information to relate: Olivia talked with her boyfriend and is thinking of leaving. John wants to know how she got a cell phone and Zulima confirms that Yolanda lent it to her. John is pissed and asks Oscar to look for Arley as Zulima laments the fact that she introduced Yolanda to them in the first place.
• Olivia walks to the meeting place she agreed to with Roberto as Roberto drives to the same destination.
• Yolanda sits Rosalba down in the dining room table as Estela hides in one of the bedrooms. Rosalba wonders if all her bills are late and Yolanda goes to check and confirms there is water but no gas. She then notices the backdoor open, which Rosalba doesn’t remember if she closed or not. Yolanda asks if anything’s missing but Rosalba confirms there isn’t but Yolanda asks Canengo to go buy new locks just in case. Once alone, Yolanda gives Rosalba a wad of cash but Rosalba doesn’t want it because it’s dirty money. Yolanda reminds her that she started working at CAA as a flight attendant, before she knew anything, but Rosalba will keep the money and do with it as she wishes.
• Oscar is polishing his gun with Zulima comes and gives her back Yolanda’s cell phone. She wonders how she will give back the phone without her suspecting anything. Zulima then asks him what he heard and Oscar explains that Yolanda tried to turn herself in and they laugh at her sudden attack of honesty but wonder if she will turn them in. Oscar confirms that she’s not a rat but John is disappointed to know she spoke with Dave. Oscar then receives a walkie-talkie message and goes off as Zulima looks at Yolanda’s phone.
• Eladio asks him men to grab all their guns and load them into the truck. He readies his own gun as Capitan Arguelles comes and tells him that he must be careful because the police found out what happened during the kidnapping attempt and, should something like that happen again, they will start to suspect something. Eladio asks him to calm down because that’s why he pays him, to make sure the police don’t incriminate him or anyone in his organization. One of his men comes and confirms they are ready to go; Eladio hopes the new owners are docile so they don’t have to be rough with them. Capitan Arguelles asks if he will receive a cut from that but Eladio asks him not to be so greedy as that can cause trouble for him in the future.
• Later, Eladio’s men arrive at the touring company and ask to speak to the owner and they are led inside where Oscar and John grab him and confirm they were the men that killed Canola at the bridge. They laugh at the fact that they asked him for money and suggest they kill him but the men ask that they forget everything. The Lucios ask them who sent them but the men are silent so Oscar calls his men over to kill one of them. The remaining one confirms El Bochas sent him and the Lucios asks that he take them.
• Later, Oscar goes in one car with Eladio’s man as John follows behind in a second car. John radios Oscar and tells him that if El Bochas doesn’t play ball, they shoot him dead and that’s one less problem.
• Yolanda goes into Rosalba’s bedroom and closes a window as Estela hides under the bed, praying. Yolanda reminds Rosalba to always check if anyone knocks and to please close everything up tight when she’s home and when she’s not. Rosalba then asks what she does should the police come and Yolanda reminds her that she doesn’t know anything or anyone.
• Dave, Ortega and Simpson go over their failings. There are no clues to the Lucios whereabouts and anyone that can help them is either dead or disappeared.
• Eladio’s man suddenly stops the car and runs out but Oscar shoots him dead. John chides him for killing the only lead they had to find el Bochas. Oscar wanted to scare him but oh well…they order their men to put the body in the truck and sink the truck in the river. John reminds Oscar that they have to find El Bochas and Oscar promises they will…


Wow Alfredo, sounds like another brutal episode. But you did an excellent job pulling all the various strands of the story together. Will be out of touch for a while, but thanks again for all the work you do for CarayCaray.

Is anyone here watching this telenovela on the DirecTVNow streaming service?

I am currently streaming my TV shows using Sony Playstation Vue, and it does not offer Telemundo or Univision. Plus Hulu just dropped all Univision shows.

If you are streaming this program on DirecTVNow, are the English closed captions available?

Another winner Alfredo!!!

The fact that John is searching for reasons to believe in Yoli gives me some hope that Oscar and Zulima won't win. I know it is a long shot. If she would just be honest with him she would be okay. A lot of this is of her own making. John truly cares about her and I know he is an awful criminal but I can't help but like the guy he has become with her. I wish both of them were smarter and could see Oscar and Zulima for what they are.

Thanks, Alfredo. Always fun reading your recaps.

Carvivlie, ITA about John. Poor guy is getting it from all sides, including Yolanda, and still trying to figures things out instead of flying off the handle. But I swear when he rolled his eyes upwards after Zulima and Oscar left the room, I got a very dark vibe from him.

I can't figure out the logic of Estela and then Rosalba and Yoli heading back to the old homestead. Why not take the money and start afresh somewhere else? So frustrating that Yoli doesn't realize Estela is hiding in the house. For pete's sake, check the fridge, the ashtrays, the bathroom, under the bed...

Niecie, Yoli's actions just don't make sense. You are so right. If she is worried about Rosalba then have her set up in some other place. I mean I can understand Rosalba just wants to be in her home but why did Yoli go? She should know the DEA has all of these places staked out. The only time her head is working is when a gun is in her face or shots are flying at her. She is a space cadet at all other times. I'm watching the episode tonight so didn't see eye roll. I'll get a better sense of his mood once I watch.

I think Zuli has even more plans for Yoli's cell.

Alfredo: What's the Body Count for this TN ? I've lost count.


Youre welcome, JudyB, Carvivlie and Niecie!

Hope to see you soon, JudyB, when Yolanda is a full fledged piloto.

GoBlue, I think Uni is throwing their yearly temper youd be better off DVRing, watxhing love or watching the shows online.

Steve, I lost track but its definitely been a lot.

Carvivlie and Niecie, you are both right about John. If he were the boss of any other business, he'd be a stand up guy because he clearly has a clear code of conduct and rules he adheres to. Oscar steps those boindaries and gets away with it because hes Johns brother as does Yolanda but he forgives her because shes his woman but if Yolanda continues to lie....I doubt there will be any saving this relationship.

Its funny how even Oscar knows Yolanda is not a rat but he just doesnt want her there.

Oh! Raul Arguelles was the man Lizbeh met at the bar but I didnt remember any relationship between him and Capitan Arguelles beforehand. The police in close proximity is going to cause all sorts of trouble.

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