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La Piloto #25, 4-10-17: Aftermath Of The Bloodbath

John finds Oscar on the front steps and races the unconscious Oscar somewhere so Carlita can take care of Oscar.  (He should pay her way through med school, me thinks, by now to show his appreciation.)  Yo leaves Zulima in charge of the bar and cleaning it up; she orders them to claim to police it was only their drunken customers fighting amongst themselves.

Liv screams at Arley for killing Papi.  He screams back.  He wants to off Roberto also.  Yo tells off Arley re: Liv and shooting her daddy, not to mention trying to kill Rob now also.  He has to back down.

Rosalba and Estela are nowhere around home as it’s reported to DEA Dave in Tres Fuegos.

Handsome Cop (Capt.? Lt.? Raul Arguelles) talks to Bette and she gives the company line to him.  Nope, none of the gone girls or others is wounded.  Just a fight between drunken customers.

Pop Renta-Cop is in command of the police who are overseing the damage.  He complains how everybody is clamming up.  Zuli introduces herself as the administrator and has a convo with Pop in her office.  “--Let’s be frank.  I saw myself Oscar Lucio entering this place.  “—Who? What? Dunno him.”  “—Don’t play dumb with me. This place is a front for drugs and guns. Capt. Cutiepie reports nothing but 5 dead bodies only.  (Ah seems that Pop is Raul’s papi.)  They’ll—all the gone gals-- have to testify.  Zuli sweetly says anytime and anyplace you wish.  We’re ready to comply.

Afterward her roll in bed with Simp-sone, Monica thinks back to the bloodstain on Simpson’s boot.  She starts searching for that boot.  He walks in on her.  She lies about what she’s doing.

At the same time, Dave has sweat-filled nightmares and bad dreams (ok, maybe a few wet ones too) about Yoli wasting her life on the drug trade and drug lords.

Olivia’s mom gets a call from the funeral home that has her hubby’s body.  The son takes out his papi’s gun and thinks hate-filled, deadly thoughts.

Next morning Moni comes in bummed out.  She and Daverto discuss her suspicions about Dean. She tells him about the bloody boot and how now that pair of his boots is missing from the apartment.  It makes her uncomfortable because the story doesn’t square. It does for Dave. “--Dean is the mole.”  Dave gets a call from Liv’s mom, Margot, just then, telling him that her husband’s body has just shown up.  He and Moni race over to talk with her.

In Villa Antigua, we learn that Oscar’s alive and recuperating. Olivia’s sleeping in, and poor Capi got killed during the fracas.  It falls to Yoli to fly the money to Columbia instead while John looks after things in Hideaway Haven.  (She will make a trip to see Liv’s Mom and pay her respects?)

Zuli takes advantage of Oscar’s recuperative beauty sleep to put a get-well spell on him.

Liv’s brother goes to the funeral home and demands at gunpoint to know from the funeral director who left his dad’s body for them.  Dave walks in on the two of them just as the director tells him he only knows the body came from Villa Antigua.  Dave then talks Kid Brother down and tells him to think of his mama and not to make things any worse than they already are.  Moni and Dave figure Roberto is still with Liv for whatever reason.  He tells her that the body came from Villa Antigua so that must be where Yoli and Los Lucio are hiding out.

John tells Yo it’ll be just as dangerous with the army there on her every move probably.  She’ll have to get in and get out.  How much dinero are they dealing with here?   Five million dollars, American.  She asks who are they dealing with, Las Sombras Cartel?  He immediately gets suspicious of her asking so many questions.

Cynthia notes when Arley drives off with the cash in the truck and hides.  (Funny how her hair has suddenly grown extensions again in such a short time.  Viewerville thought she’d have cut her hair short to make up for the mess Amanda left her with.)

Back at the funeral home, Dave wants more details from the funeral director, but he skirts around everything.  He doesn’t work for the Lucios but he doesn’t want problems.  They arrest him anyway.  Moni then gets a call from the director of the DEA denying them any further funds for agents until they can prove where the Lucios are (I think).  They get local officers only to assist them.

Back in Villa Antigua, Pops is having a chat with Eladio and reporting in while Bully Boy eats his breakfast.  He reports what Zuli told him.  Baldy tells him she played Pops for a fool.  Pops reminds him that he himself was the one who shot Oscar Lucio full of lead to save his sorry skin.  Otherwise, he’d be worm food by the river bank by now.  “--Well, then, at least you killed him, right?”  Pops says it’s hard to say.  Eladio’s RHM (right hand man) suggests smoothing things over with them.  No way!  It would look like cowardice at this point to everybody who knows Eladio and his Bully Boys.

John gives Yoli last minute pointers.  He adds a reminder and a warning that there better not be another call out on her cell again.  That call cost Liv her father’s life and gawd knows how many problems.  It can’t happen again.  She promises it won’t.  Arley arrives with the bag of cash and something about a copilot and Yoli’s keeping her eyes on the prize.(?)  Arley asks what’s to do with that Roberto kid.  “--Get rid of him, but be discreet about it.” “—It’s as good as done, pariente.  Pan comido.”

Roberto has a looks around the place but is stopped from entering the office by none other than el SuperMan de Oscar who is miraculously up and about just hours after sustaining 3 bullets in his back.  (Must be Zuli’s fantabulous black magic!)  “Ok, I’m ready to blow your head off.  Now why did you come here?  To ask permission to leave with your little girlfriend?” Rob says he only wants a job.  Liv’s got nothing to do with it.  He’s a fan-boy and has always wanted to work with his organization. (Quick thinking,Robbie!  But are you sure?) Just then Arley arrives looking for Rob with guerreros in tow.  Gotta take care of Roberto, orders of John, but cannot find him.  “—He’s with me.  I’ll take charge of him from here.  You’re fine.  Just leave things to me.”

Liv’s crying her eyes out and wants desperately to speak with her mother.  Yoli warns her she cannot use the phone again.  John will kill them all if that happens.  But, of course, Liv promises he’d never find out.  Zuli looks on and Viewerville wonders what she’s planning, all things considered.

At the funeral home, the wake takes place.  All of a sudden Margot gets a call from Liv.  Kid Brother overhears it.  “  Thank gawd you’ve reappeared!  I have horrible news for you, Olivia!  You’re father’s dead!”  “—I know, mama!  Forgive me!  It’s my fault for telling Roberto where I was and how to find me!  Daddy followed him and found me!”  She cannot tell her where she is.  Margot tells her it’s Villa Antigua, right?  Liv asks who told her this.  The funeral director.  She’s going to be pursued and end up in jail…..

Outside, Zuli and Yoli are discussing what happened and if she thinks “they” are coming back.  (Police or who?)  Yoli says of course they are coming back.  Liv walks up and gives Yoli back her cell.  She wants them all to leave.  Yoli says when she comes back they’ll discuss it again, but it’s not the right time just now.

John gives Yoli a special cell phone to show her coordinates.  She’s to hand the merchandise over to a guy name Salvador at his hacienda.  Then she’s to come right back.  Ok. She will.  But, why has he started calling her by her name instead of her nickname, Morra?  Dunno.  Anyway, she’s grateful for all he’s taught her and for the great confidence she’s placing in her.  Everything she’s doing for him now is for the two of them both.  As she gets into the plane he says to himself, “--Don’t betray me, Yolanda or it’s going to be really bad for us.”


It's up and in full. Originally I'd cut off half when posting so try again if it didn't make sense.


Great job Jardineria and thank you. Amen on the Lucio's paying for Carlina's med school! We knew Oscar wasn't going anywhere but it was quite surprising to see him up and about. Oscar is suspicious of everyone but Roberto's fandom and I suspect his nice looks has him curious. Zuli is always lurking taking everything in. Felt bad about Olivia's Dad but she's totally to blame for gibing out the address. Yoli once again thinks w her heart and effs up in the process. How many times has that phone gotten her in trouble? Finally Simpson is exposed but the illicit higher ups will continue to roadblock Dave & Monica. The ride continues.

Roxangisel: Now that Simpson's exposed as being part of the corruption, we all know the higher-up's will continue to hold many roadblocks against Dave.

I wouldn't be surprised if Simpson's one of the spies working for Yolonda's BF.


Thanks, Jardinera. At the same time, Dave has sweat-filled nightmares and bad dreams (ok, maybe a few wet ones too) - lol. I love the light you bring to this darkening tale.

Honestly, John has given Yoli every possible clue that she's on shaky ground. The man has a heart. I like Yoli, but I'm starting to feel like she was always the smartest one in the room but the bunch she hung with weren't too sharp. She is too confident as the leader of the gone girls.

Oscar's snug little leather jacket must've been bullet proof. It's nuts for him to be bouncing around like this. So Roberto has caught his eye?

Thanks Jardinera!!!!

Yoli is clueless unless bullets are flying at her. That seems to be the only time she does well in the "thought process" department. I mean John warned her and she still gives the phone to Liv? Granted, she doesn't know that John knows she called Dave but she knows their is tension so what is she doing? Her freaking life is at stake so who cares if Liv can't call her mom!!!! AHHHHHH

Uh oh Roberto is going to regret everything if Oscar makes him prove his loyalty in a carnal way. I was hoping Oscar would be out of it for awhile. I guess Zuli's crazy voodoo does work sometimes.

Steve, I don't think Simpson works for the Lucios directly but works for the guy that hired the Lucios. I think he is two calls away from the Lucios.


Jardenera...thanks for the great recap.

I've seen enuf TNs to know better about Oscar going down for the count so soon......but hey...he got shot square on in the back he shouldnt' still be breathing..let along walking around......he at least should still be bedridden. Oh well...

Yoli needs a good smack upside her head but she'd still miss that as a sign...I fear. John is acting squirely ...he told her what not to do with the phone...she see's brought about an innocent person's death.... and her phone was missing for several hours....and yet she does it again...she lets her guard down...and allows her phone to get used again. If only I had someone else to root for....I would give up on her. She knows who she's surrounded herself with and how whimsical they can be about life...and she's still jeopardizing hers...and others by being nice at the wrong time and not forthright she needs to be. And Zuli saw it all so we know she's going to let it be known some how.

So....looks like Livi's boyfriend....is a candidate to become Oscar's boytoy....this is going to be interesting.

Speaking of interesting...now both John and Oscar have an untouchable... that's likely to bring more tension and aggravation than they're worth.

Digging the unknown hunk of a cop... He's one to watch... and probably the only good guy and that town.



So I just watched the episode and wondered what would happen if Oscar fell in love with Roberto? Could be interesting. ..

Thank you so much, Jardinera! I was finally able to catch up and it was another exciting couple of episodes.

The weird trust dance that John and Yolanda have is about to blow up and I fear John may hear or see something and misinterpret it. Is he the galan of this thing because hes sure behaving like one?

Poor Omar bit that is sure to fuel christians anger and Olivias. Not to mention if robert and Oscar do amount to something romantic as Carvivlie said. Thats sure to be an interesting dynamic at least.

Raul is definitely in the dark about his fathers dealings but its funny to see the police working against our "heroes" to help the rival narco organization.

Arley has become so annoying this past week...ugh

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