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La Piloto #26 4.11.17: In Which Yolanda Goes to Colombia...

• Roberto tells Oscar that he wants to work for him, to help, and he suggests that he be his personal bodyguard. Oscar tells him he needs to be concentrated and focused if he’s going to be his bodyguard, not wasting time with girlfriends. Roberto tells him that if he’s talking about Olivia, they are not anything, and Oscar agrees to give him a trial run. Just then, Zulima walks in, without knocking, and is shocked to see Roberto there. Oscar asks her to knock next time and sends Roberto away. Zulima then tells Oscar that he’s looking better but Oscar asks her to mind her own business. Zulima will but reminds him that Roberto is dead meat. Oscar tells her that whatever happens to Roberto from now on is up to him because he’s going to work with him. Zulima laughs and wonders if everyone and Olivia is going to be okay with that but he cocks his gun and she grows quiet. She then tells Oscar that Olivia used Yolanda’s phone again to call her mother and Oscar is surprised at her audacity. Zulima then informs him that the girls are growing restless and asked Yolanda to help them get out of Villa Antigua. She explains that John promised to do so after Yolanda comes back from her trip to Colombia. Oscar thinks John is an idiot for trusting Yolanda and then asks Zulima to leave so he can think.
• Simpson is in his office, frustrated, because he has not been able to get in touch with Ortega or Dave. He asks an agent for their whereabouts and he informs him that they left but didn’t say where.

• John and Oscar meet in their backyard and John chides Oscar for being out of bed. Oscar asks him why he sent Yolanda and John explains that Capi’s death left them without a trusted pilot and he can’t do the job because they have to investigate the one responsible for the bar shootout so that leaves Yolanda. Oscar then it was dumb to trust her with 5 million and let her out of their sights. John tells him Yolanda is on her trial run because he put a locator on her plane and gave her a wired cell phone so they will know if she tries to contact someone or go off course. John promises to personally take care of her if they prove she’s a rat but Oscar doubts it. John reiterates that he trust him and go rest; Oscar obliges.
• Dave and Ortega come out of the police station and lament Christian and Margot’s situation. Simpson comes behind them and asks to go with them but Dave requests that he stay. Ortega tells him they’ll be in touch and they leave. Simpson calls Montgomery immediately.
• The girls clean up at the tourist agency and Lizbeth is mad that they have to be the Lucio’s maids on top of being relegated to Villa Antigua. Zulima thinks it’s better than burying the dead and then notices Olivia and apologizes.
• On the plane, Yolanda receives a radio communication from the military saying she is entering Colombian airspace and must identify herself. Yolanda realizes she’s flying too high and radios back that she is there in error and will be out of Colombian airspace soon. The military still need her to identify herself and Yolanda looks at the picture of her father.
• Olivia asks for Roberto but no one knows where he is. He then comes and Olivia chides him for leaving her alone when she thought he would be there to help her through her grief. Roberto tells her he doesn’t have to explain anything but Olivia tells him that he’s there because of her. Roberto explains that he’s there because he works for the Lucios and Olivia hits him for getting her father killed. Lizbeth separates them as Oscar comes in and asks them what happened. The girls are quiet so he asks them do what they were put on this earth do (cleaning and mopping) and stop crying. He then tells Roberto that he thought Olivia wasn’t his girlfriend and leaves. Roberto does too and leaves the girls to their devices.
• Rosalba comes into her living room to find an already drunk Estela. Rosalba thinks she will never change but Estela reminds her that she drinks to forget things like the fact that Yolanda killed Ernesto. Rosalba asks her how she knows Yolanda was at the hospital at the same thing and Estela confesses that Ortega, who works with Dave Mejia, told her. Rosalba remembers when Yolanda told her that she had to erase the call from Dave Mejia and tells Estela that she’s going out.
• Canengo informs John that Rosalba just left and asks him to follow her. He hangs up and John informs Oscar, who tells him that he still doesn’t trust any of the women in their orbit and thinks they will betray them somehow. John shakes off his comment and radios one of his men to get an update on the Colombian flight. His men informs him that everything looks good so far. John asks for any update and then tells Oscar that he thinks he’s being paranoid about Yolanda. Oscar agrees to drop it but he will sleep with his clothes on and a gun under his pillow just in case.
• Capitan Arguelles tells Eladio that he has to cut their meeting short because he has to go meet with the Federales at the Villa Antigua station. Eladio asks him to be careful because he doesn’t need the police close to his operation. Arguelles tells him not to worry but he first needs to know what they are going to do about the Lucios. Eladio needs Arguelles to locate them first so they can prepare a surprise but Coco is wary of launching any sort of attack as the Lucios are well connected; Arguelles agrees. Eladio reminds him that the Lucios don’t need to know it was his operation that retaliated; they just need a good plan.
• Pito, John’s Colombian contact, informs John that the plane has landed. John is happy to hear it and tells them to keep things moving and hangs up. Yolanda gets out of the plane and gives Pito comments on how beautiful she is.
• Eladio sends Arguelles away and then asks Coco about the men he sent to investigate the tourist company. Coco informs him the men never came back and they probably took the money he gave them and ran away. After a moment, Eladio realizes that the tourist company may be related to the Lucios.
• Yolanda goes by road to the final destination in Colombian. Her driver informs her that they still have 45 minutes and she sits back. As they pass a curve, two men in a motorcycle shoot at them but they manage to get away. The men get on the motorcycle and being to follow them as Yolanda takes out her gun to shoot back. Just then, they shoot the driver in the back and Yolanda tries to get control of the situation. She shoots down the motorcycle and they fall in a patch of grass. She then apologizes to the driver before dumping his body out of the car and driving away.
• Ortega and Dave read about the bar shootout last night as they wait. They are then called in for their appointment.
• Olivia is cleaning up the bloody bar when she thinks about when her father died. She breaks down as the girls go to comfort her but she tells them she can’t do what they’re doing anymore. She swears on her father’s life that Roberto and Arley will pay for what they did. Lizbeth tells her that she will only hurt herself if she does that and they need to wait for Yolanda to help them. Amanda reminds them that they have nothing outside of Villa Antigua.
• Ortega and Dave’s appointment is with Capitan Arguelles and his men, who are there to help them investigate Villa Antigua for signs of the Lucio brothers. Dave informs them that Omar, Olivia’s father, was brought to a funeral home with two bullets in his back and the director told them the body came from Villa Antigua. Arguelles thinks it was a coincidence because they have heard nothing about the Lucios but Ortega asks them about the bar shootout. Arguelles tells them it was a simple disagreement between drunken patrons. Dave asks if he was there and Arguelles confirms he was and they searched everything. Ortega and Dave tell him they want to see the bodies at the morgue first despite Arguelles reservations. He then offers to take them to the morgue personally.
• Yolanda stopped on the road to look at the map John gave her and map her route.
• Dave and Ortega check the list of the dead but the officer in charge, Garrido, confirms that no one named Omar Nieves was reported dead at Villa Antigua. He does confirm that three of the dead had gunpowder on their hands and clothes and assumes that they were Bochas’ men, a local group of narcos. Ortega asks Arguelles about the Bochas’ and he confirms they are on their trial. Garrido then informs them that two of the dead had no traces of gunpowder, only gunshot wounds. Arguelles tells them that it’s common to have collateral damage at these shootouts and they agree. Just then, Simpson arrives and tells them that Montgomery asked him to come and help them out in their investigation and the Villa Antigua station informed him of their whereabouts. Simpson asks if there is a problem but Ortega and Dave are quiet.
• Later, Dave calls Montgomery, who confirms that he sent Simpson to Villa Antigua because he’s there to help them, not be their errand boy. Montgomery confirms that he’s growing tired of his insolence and reiterates that Simpson will stay with them. Dave hangs up and confirms that Simpson stays. Simpson then asks them what the plan is and Dave confirms they are going to Cielito Lindo.
• Cindy rummages through the administrative office at Cielito Lindo when Amanda walks in and asks her what she’s doing there. Cindy goes to say something but Amanda doesn’t care and tells her Zulima is looking for her. Cindy goes to leave but then tells Amanda that Arley swore it was over between them. Amanda asks her to leave before she loses her patience but stops short when she almost faints. Cindy asks if she’s all right but Amanda storms out.
• Moments later, Amanda is throwing up in the bathroom while Lizbeth and Olivia wait outside. When she comes out, Lizbeth tells her that she needs to make a decision but Amanda isn’t sure she wants to have the baby. One thing is for sure: she has to leave Villa Antigua pronto. The girls make a pact to help each other without realizing that Cindy is listening outside.
• Yolanda arrives at Salvador Moreno’s house with the package. The guards let her through. They lead her inside and Yolanda walks in at the tail end of phone call between Moreno and the Senator. They welcome her and Yolanda sees their makeshift cocaine operation before introducing herself. Moreno asks her what she brought them and Yolanda tells them she brought the money so she needs the merchandise. Moreno tells her that they will need to count the money first and then they will give her the merchandise. She asks to call John to inform she will take longer than expected as they count the money but Moreno tells her he will inform John himself.
• At the same time, John calls Yolanda but she doesn’t answer.
• Zulima goes around Cielito Lindo, blessing the place, when they hear a knock on the door. Olivia confirms it’s Raul and Lizbeth offers to talk to him.
• Rosalba calls the DEA but the agent at the station confirms Dave Mejia is not in right now but he can give them a message. She hangs up and continues to walk home from the market as Canengo follows closely.
• Outside the bar and over coffees, Lizbeth asks Raul what he’s doing there. Raul informs her that she assumed someone would be cleaning up and thought he would visit them. Lizbeth nods and then tells him she has to continue cleaning before her boss reprimands her. She tries to go inside but Raul asks for her number at least so he can call her later. Lizbeth asks if she’ll be called to make her statement but Raul admits that he wanted to take her out to eat somewhere nearby. Lizbeth laughs and explains she lost her phone recently and hasn’t bought a new one. Raul offers to give her his phone number then and she can call him when she has a new cell phone. Lizbeth agrees and then says her goodbye and closes the doors.
• Moments later, Arguelles arrives with the DEA and Raul welcomes them. Through the window, Lizbeth informs the girls and they all look out the window and hear what happened. Arguelles explains that they found a body that the funeral director said came from Villa Antigua so they’re there to investigate as well as the shootout. Raul agrees that he’s at their service. Simpson then asks Dave if thinks the Lucios would hide out in plain sight and Dave thinks it’s the best place to hide. Arguelles receives a call that confirms an abandoned truck was found submerged in the river and sends Raul to investigate. Simpson tries to convince Dave that it was only a fight between drunks but Dave wants to investigate. Arguelles knocks on the door but no one answers.
• Inside the bar, the girls freaking out but tell Cindy to go answer the door and tell the police that she knows nothing and has heard nothing.
• Rosalba walks back home slowly when she notices Canengo following her. She goes behind a house quickly and Canengo loses sight of her. Rosalba comes out from behind the building and asks him why he’s there. Canengo confesses that he stayed and Rosalba asks him why he’s watching her.
• Oscar is meditating when John comes and asks him how he’s feeling. Oscar confirms he feels better and wants to find whoever shot him and rip his head off. John confirms they will but he needs to get better so he will get him something to eat.
• As Moreno’s man counts the money, Yolanda asks Moreno if she can go outside to get some air because the chemical smell is getting to her. Moreno tells her she will get used to it and hopes she isn’t trying to escape. Yolanda confirms that she isn’t leaving without the merchandise and Moreno nods. Yolanda thanks him and goes outside.
• Oscar asks John about Yolanda and he confirms that he hasn’t heard of her since Pito confirmed she got to Colombia. Oscar suggests they call Moreno but John doesn’t want to tip the cartel that they may have problems trusting the pilots in their organization. John reminds Oscar to never show their weaknesses. Oscar agrees and is happy to see him concentrated. John then leaves Oscar to meditate.
• Outside, Yolanda breaths in deep and then notices a partially covered in the front yard leading to a house. She follows it and finds a woman hanging from the roof in one of the rooms. She opens the door and the woman introduces herself as Amparo, a councilor of the local government. She begs Yolanda to free her because they are going to kill her. Yolanda tells her that she can’t do anything because then they will kill her. Amparo begs her to help, please.
• Cindy welcome the DEA and Arguelles and confirms that her boss asked her to come and clean up the mess from the shootout. Dave asks if she knows the Lucios and Cindy confirms she does; they talk about them all the time in the news. Dave then asks if she knows Omar Nieves but Cindy confirms she doesn’t know him. Dave tells her that he was assassinated yesterday and he thinks it was in Villa Antigua. Cindy asks if he thinks Omar was assassinated in Cielito Lindo.
• Yolanda asks the woman to be quiet and closes the door but one of Moreno’s men hears a noise and goes to investigate…


THanks Alfredo!!!

Yoli list the cellphone John gave her when she pushed the driver of the van out. I had to suspend belief because she should have seen it or heard it drop. It was so obvious.

I definitely don't trust the drug dealer she is with. I can see him wanting to keep her. She needs to make herself less attractive on these trips to keep the goons away.


Thanks, Alfredo.

Oh, the perils of Yolanda. How is she going to get away with freeing the tied up woman? Will she learn to strap her phone to her body so she doesn't lose it? Will she finally sense that John no longer trusts her?

Roberto isn't adding up for me. I thought Olivia said he was a nice guy. This is a strange way to become a new narco member.

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