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La Piloto #35, 4-24-2017: De La Tarantula Y La Traición (About Tarantulas and Betrayal)

Castro finds traces of blood on some leaves/branches in the jungle.  Col. SantaMarina determines the troops need to head west to find her on the road.  Sure enough, Sanmarco (?) and his posse are headed the same way.  Yolanda is boxed in by the army and the gang of narco-guerreros.  Col. S&M approaches as Yoli’s being drug into the back of the narcos’ truck and shooting begins.  The only one of them left to tell the tale is Richard.

The colonel takes Yoli back to the base and punishes her.  They take her to a mausoleum looking building and lay her on a slab.  They chain her down and place a tarantula on her.  Col. S&M says he’ll give her the antidote at the right time.  They light a fire to make it hot as hades in there and leave her.

Meanwhile Capt. Arguelles picks up Zulima and takes her to “someplace safe.”

Also, across town, Cindy’s mom and Amanda get word that Sindy is dead due to an auto slamming into her.

Oscar thinks they’ve been abandoned but John thinks things will turn out fine.  Suddenly Oscar gets a call from Lt. Ortega.  John says he knew Vergara would come through.  She gives them the route out after ordering all the police and DEA to the south side of the blockade and freeing up the north side for the others to make their way through the woods unhindered.

Monica returns after a bit and tells John she had just spoken to the chief of police in Villa Antigua and they have to let Simpson go due to lack of proper evidence. She cannot stay and has to handle the paperwork in town DEA Dave is speechless. “—B-b-but it’s not part of your duties.  You should stay here.”   Trust her, she says.  She leaves.

John and Oscar let the townspeople leave but keep Christian captive and they head out the north end of the property.  A gun battle ensues, but they make it through and leave some cash for Robert, Carlita and Oscar’s toy-boy guerrero to “get some new clothes” to pass themselves off with on their way back to the meeting place/safe house.

Dave gets word from the other agents in the gun battle that they cannot protect the north end.  Arguelles is supposed to have put his men there and Ortega ordered them ALL to the south entrance.  Again Dave is dumbfounded as Los Lucio and Christian get into a truck and all are seen by the helicopter (I assume) as leaving.  It’s more “Curses!” and “Foiled again!”  for poor ol’ doofus Dave.

Meanwhile, Simp-sone, Cañengo and Arley are let go.

Back in Colombia, Castro reports that the tarantula has bitten Yoli and she’s ready.  S&M goes in and extracts a promise never to run away again and he learns that the narcos meant to kill her as a traitor.

Simp-sone calls Montgomery and advises he’s been let go.  Montgomery tells Dean to meet Vergara in Tres Fuegos.  He’s got a “situation” there he needs help with.  Dean doesn’t realize it but that “situation” is probably going to be him.

Olivia and her mom discuss some ex-military retired friend of her dad’s that she wants to contact for help.  Mama says no, the guy is a paranoid and has too many guns and things lying around in order to keep himself protected.

At the same time, Raul has asked for a backup patrol to take Hacienda El Bolchas, where Los Lucio and Zuli and Pops have taken refuge.  Oscar starts to take aim, but Pops tells him as long as he’s alive they’re not to touch a single hair on his son’s head.  Oscar pulls back…for now.

Raul has to high-tail it and runs back to the DEA location where he learns that the Lucio brothers have managed to get away.

Back at the base in Columbia, Col. S&M “advises” the prostitutes during breakfast to keep mum.  “—Nothing out of the ordinary happened here.  Got it?” Col. S&M a bit later has the narcos’ bodies gotten rid of so the government snoops [fisgono=snoop/fisgonear=go nosing about, looking into] won’t have anything to look into.  He also (I think) says he wants to know why those guerreros were after Yoli. He then sends the whores back to town. And, when they are leaving, #1 prostitute (Vanessa?) goes back to the jail window and gets John Lucio’s personal phone # to call and give him a heads up about where she is.

Dave and the agents enter Aero Tours and start checking for whatever information they can come across in the computers, etc. Raul and Bette appear.  Raul reports that his papi works for The Dark Side and has all along.  Dave now blames Arguelles as the one who helped the Lucio brothers escape—and with all their goodies in tact.  Bette says they won’t stop until she is dead also.  Dave promises to take care of things for her. Yoli isn’t there either like he thought she’d be.

Back at the base, Yoli has a nightmare about the Narco Boss from the local narco-cienda finding her at the base and shooting her in the head.  She startles awake and asks Castro for a glass of water. He tells her that, yes, the other women have left. He says then that he’s going to give her a bit of free advice: around there everyone does what the man wants and she’d better make her peace with that and get on his good side or else.


I like that Raul is protecting Bette but why take her outbon the mission...I was baffled.

Nine lives Yoli just used up number 5 so she better be carful...shes running low. I knew Col had something sadistic in mind fornher torture...but glad I didnt have to suffer through another sexual assault. Yoli is tough. Wonder what her true escape will be like.

Arley will bite the dust eventually butbhis character is engaging so glad hes still around for lil while longer.

Monica needs to fess up soon or shes lostnto me. Her sis will either die soon or forever be a pawn which doesnt bode well for her either way.


Thanks Jardinera!!!

I'll see the episode tonight but gosh what a depressing episode. I can't believe Yoli is right back again. I'm so bored with her in Colombia.

How in the world did Arley get to go free? Simpson I can kinda see how they worked it but there is a ton of evidence against Arley. The whole police department saw his gun at Bette's head!!!

I'm getting frustrated with all of the near misses and three steps back for every inch forward.


I turned over to the news at the spider woman part. Stupid. I have a short fuse after VEA. If it is a struggle to believe a human could do something I am outta there.

OMG! The same ole, same ole!

Yolanda getting punished GEEZ!

I'm assuming Univision cut out the graphic sexual assault, rape, etc.,


It’s more “Curses!” and “Foiled again!” for poor ol’ doofus Dave.

Well put, Jardinera. Thanks for the recap of the total mayhem and WTF of this violent telenovela. You and Alfredo both deserve combat pay, but all I can off is my thanks. So GRACIAS!

Audience is going to get tired (I already am) of no forward movement in plot. Each episode feels like a rehash since Yoli landed in Colombia.

Thanks, Jardinera. Terrific recap and vocab too. I second It’s more “Curses!” and “Foiled again!” for poor ol’ doofus Dave.

There is no way a police officer would just leave in the middle of a shootout (no matter what higher up ordered it) unless there's another shootout to scramble to. Monica's reasoning was soooo weak. Think, Dave, think.

Yoli's continued abuse and nobody even starting to suspect Zuli are frustrating. But the cast is doing a great job. Col. S&M is bringing just the right menace and arrogance, not over the top -- aside from the tarantulas, but that's the writers. But I'll take tarantulas over her being forced to get naked any day.

Dumb of Raul to have Lizbeth riding with him, but then there’s nobody he can trust to protect her while he’s away if he can’t even trust his own father.

I think we all agree...no more near misses in getting Yoli out of her current bind...though we know another one is coming.

I guess Zuli is a main character so she's going to be around for a while but that doesn't mean John doesn't have to know the truth about her. I want to see her on the run ....fighting her way thru a jungle and suffering thru a snake bike. Oh wait...she's a snake herself so she's probably immunune to a bite from her own kind.

Thx for the recap Jardinera'


Nett: I wouldn't be surprised if they drag this TN out for the remainder of this year.


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