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La Piloto #36 4.25.17: In Which Yolanda Does What's Necessary to Survive...

• In Atlamirano, Flor arrives home to find two men at her doorstep. They ask her about Rosalba and Estela but Flor confirms that she doesn’t know them nor has have ever lived in her house. She tries to go inside but the men take out a gun and point it at her back before forcing their way inside the house to confirm what she told them is true. One of the men sits Flor down as another searches the whole house. Flor repeats that she doesn’t know who the women are nor have they lived there as the men searching the house comes back and confirms that they are not there. The man points a gun at Flor’s head and Flor confirms that a DEA agent came, took them and is going to help both women leave the country. The man smiles.
• In Tres Fuegos, Olivia goes to Olmedo’s trailer and knocks on his door but no one is home. A man comes up behind her, fires a warning shot and asks who sent her to kill him.
• In Villa Antigua, Carmen and Amanda lament Cindy’s passing. Carmen confirms that she died of blow to the head when they ran her over. Carmen begins to cry and wonders what Cindy was even doing on the street where she died and at 6 am. Amanda looks at her and Carmen confirms it was near the bar but Cindy should’ve come straight home to tell her what she found out about. Amanda nods and Carmen vows to avenge her daughter’s death. Amanda shakes her head and warns her it will be dangerous and she should let it go. Carmen cries in Amanda’s arms.

• Olivia begs Olmedo to lower the gun because she’s not there to kill him. In fact, she is the daughter of Omar Nieves, his old partner. Olmedo suddenly remembers and asks her where Omar is. Olivia confirms her father is dead and Olmedo laments his passing. He then asks her what she needs and Olivia explains that her brother was kidnapped by narcos and she needs his help to find him. Olmedo tells her he came to the right place but she needs to tell him when she last heard of Christian. He takes her inside the trailer so they can talk.
• In Las Palmas, Colombia, at a bar, Salvador’s men ask around and confirm that the girls that went to the military base would have come from there. His men are impatient because the girls haven’t arrived but Salvador asks them to be patient and wait.
• In Choco, Colombia, Rubio tells Santamaria that the narcos from the shootout have been buried and the truck has been disposed of. Santamaria asks Rubio to tell the men to forget all that happened in the morning and Rubio nods. Santamaria then explains that they need to tighten up security because Salvador will come for Yolanda soon enough, especially if he wants to kill her, but they will be waiting.
• Teresa and the other girls arrive with Caicedo as Salvador and his men look on. They confirm that the van the girls arrived in is exactly like the one from the shootout that morning. Salvador tells them to wait until they can talk to the girls. At the bar, Teresa grabs a napkin and immediately writes down the number Yolanda gave her as Caicedo tells the bartender that he has some merchandise for him. They both go in the back as Salvador follows them and Teresa goes off to find a pay phone.
• In the backroom, Caicedo gives the bartender the merchandise the military men stole from Salvador as Salvador watches them take hits. He nods and leaves while the bartender gives Caicedo the money for the merchandise. Caicedo makes sure it’s all there, grabs a wad of cash and asks the bartender to take care of the rest while he goes have some fun.
• In the Guatemalan border, the Lucios pay some peasants to keep guard and warn them if they see anything suspicious. He then asks the men to ask their wives for some food and shelter for the night. They go off as Zulima asks John what he plans to do with the planes and the pending deliveries but John tells her to shut up. He then tells his men that they will bide their time until they can make a move. He then asks Oscar to keep Christian safe and close, as they may need him later. Zulima then confesses that Olivia is also alive but doesn’t tell them that she is in Tres Fuegos. The Lucios will leave the girls alone for now but they wonder if they are immortal. John then walks off as Oscar receives a call from Teresa and asks if he is John. Oscar confirms that he is and Teresa explains that she is a friend of Yolanda, who has been kidnapped by the Colombian military at a base in Choco. Oscar tells her that he has been so worried about Yolanda and asks whom he is taking to. Teresa introduces herself and Oscar thanks her for the information before hanging up. Zulima has heard everything too.
• Salvador comes back from the back and tells his men that they may not need the girls after all when he receives a call from Oscar, who chides him for not killing Yolanda like he said he would. Salvador confirms that he tried to kill her that morning but Santamaria got in the way and shot at them, he even lost two men. Oscar confirms that Santamaria has kidnapped Yolanda because a woman named Teresa told him a few minutes ago on Yolanda’s behalf. Salvador tells Oscar that they will need to storm the base then because Yolanda is probably tied up good. Oscar just wanted to tell him so he knows the kind of men Salvador is dealing with but he needs to kill Yolanda and take Teresa too. Salvador reiterates that he will and hangs up. He then asks his men to find out who Teresa is as he keeps a close watch on the bartender and Caicedo.
• Zulima is shocked that Yolanda is still alive but Oscar tells her that she won’t be for long, especially because Santamaria seems like the devil himself.
• Santamaria is in the infirmary with Yolanda, who confirms that Salvador’s men won’t stop until she’s dead. Santamaria thinks she would know more about the narco laws than him but tomorrow morning he will turn her in so the authorities can take care of everything. Yolanda goes to argue but Santamaria stops her. He is tired of her disrespectful attitude despite the fact that he has offered her everything she could ever want. Yolanda tries again but Santamaria thinks she will be better off in prison because they will have a phone from which she can call John so he can rescue her. He thinks that will be better even since the US has stricter drug trafficking laws. Yolanda is quiet and Santamaria asks her to get ready so he can take her back to her cell.
• Lizbeth and Raul talk to Dave about what they know. Lizbeth explains that Arley told them Yolanda came back from Colombia but she doesn’t think it’s true. Dave asks if she left a few days ago and Lizbeth confirms she did. Just then, Lizbeth’s lawyer arrives and she thanks both men for their help. She especially asks Dave to help find Yolanda no matter what. Dave nods and then Raul asks Lizbeth to forgive him for everything. Lizbeth shakes her head and tells him that he saved her and he shouldn’t feel responsible for what his father did. She then kisses him on the cheek and hopes to see him again. Raul hopes so too and then goes to take her to the lawyer. Once alone, Dave calls Monica but only gets her voicemail. He slams the phone down, fustrated.
• Simpson arrives at the Tres Fuegos airport and is intercepted by Monica, who orders him to take her to her sister. Simpson explains that he doesn’t know where her sister is; his instructions were to fly by to Tres Fuegos and wait for instructions. Monica tells him that they will wait together then.
• In Choco, Caicedo drives back to the base when Salvador and his men intercept him on the road. They take Caicedo’s gun and force him out of the jeep at gunpoint. Salvador then proposes a deal: kill Yolanda and he will pay him a lot of money. Caicedo laughs and asks Salvador how much money he is willing to pay. Salvador asks Caicedo to name his price on two conditions: he needs to kill Yolanda in the next 24 hrs and bring him something that will confirm she is dead. Caicedo asks if her head will suffice and Salvador laughs. He confirms that he needs something of Yolanda’s but her head is too much. Caicedo nods but wonders how he can trust Salvador. Salvador gives him a wad of cash to show he can be trusted and they send him on his way.
• Vergara asks his man if he’s heard from Simpson but the men shakes his head. Vergara pulls out his cell and gives Simpson a call.
• Under a highway pass, Monica holds Simpson at gunpoint in a car and asks if the Lucios already escaped. Simpson believes they did and it was all thanks to her. He congratulates her on a job well done but she laments that he sold his soul to the narcos for money. Simpson turns around but Monica asks that he put his hands back on the dashboard. Simpson obliges but confirms that it wasn’t just for money. Monica knows it was because the DEA would never give him a high-ranking position if they knew he was in bed with narcos. Simpson smiles as his phone rings and Monica orders him to answer. He obliges and puts the call on speaker as Vergara asks him where he is because he should be in the warehouse taking care of Sofia. Simpson looks at Monica and confirms that he is on his way. He hangs up and Monica screams that he will take her to her sister right now.
• Olivia looks around Olmedo’s trailer and sees a heavy arsenal of weapons. She asks Olmedo what all the guns are for and he confirms that they need that they will need them if they take on the narcos. He then asks Olivia how far she is willing to go to rescue her brother and she confirms she will do everything she has to.
• Raul laments the fact that the Lucios escaped and it was all because of his father. Dave asks Raul to call his father and ask him to do the right thing. Raul confirms he’s been calling him but his father doesn’t answer. Dave thanks him and then goes to see if he can find Monica because she hasn’t answered her phone. Raul asks if he’s sure he can trust Monica but Dave is quiet. Raul confirms he will try calling his father again and leaves as Dave runs into Garrido. Garrido laments the fact that the operation against the Lucios failed and asks him if he’s heard anything about Monica. Dave asks if she came to talk to him about Simpson but Garrido confirms she did not and he finds it strange that she freed him yesterday with no explanation. Dave is shocked but quiet.
• Monica begs Simpson to take her to Sofia but he doesn’t move. Just then her phone rings and she answers. It’s Dave who wonders where she has been all this time since she hasn’t picked up the phone. Monica doesn’t answer so Dave confirms the Lucios escaped and Arguelles helped them. Monica shakes her head and Dave tells her what Garrido told him about Simpson. Monica apologizes to him and confesses that Sofia has been kidnapped by the Lucios. Simpson suddenly grabs the gun and knocks Monica out against the armrest. The line goes quiet much to Dave’s dismay.
• Santamaria takes Yolanda back to her cell and tries to lock it but Yolanda holds him back. She confirms that he is right about all he said and John will come rescue her, especially after she sold out one of his men. She agrees that he’s the only one that can protect her but Santamaria confirms her apology is too late. He goes to close the door again but she stops him and confesses that she doesn’t want to leave Colombia. Santamaria is taken aback and asks his men to leave them alone. He goes inside the cell and asks her what she means. Yolanda confesses that she has nothing to go back to but begs him to not turn her into the police. He is quiet so she puts her hand on his chest and confirms that she is all his before kissing him.
• Moments later, Santamaria welcomes Yolanda to his office and closes the door. He asks her to get comfortable as he pours himself a drink. She asks for one too but he doesn’t think it would be prudent since she’s taking medication. Yolanda thinks the alcohol won’t kill her if spider venom didn’t and Santamaria smiles. He pours her a drink as well and they toast to their newfound understanding. She pours herself another drink but he asks her to slow down and kisses her hand. She tries to hold back the bile building up in her mouth as she straddles him. Santamaria takes off his jacket and begins to kiss her neck as Yolanda looks away.
• Zulima worries that Yolanda will survive and come back to tell John the truth. Oscar confirms that everything is taken care of and Yolanda will soon be out of their hair. Zulima hopes so and leaves.
• Salvador and his right hand man follow Teresa around the Colombian red light district. They approach her in their car and tell her all about how beautiful she is. Teresa asks if they are taking about her or her friend but Salvador confirms that she is a monument of a woman. Teresa smiles and asks them to come back in an hour because she’s on break right now. Salvador nods and asks if she’s Yolanda’s friend. Teresa plays dumb and asks if he will wait for her. Salvador confirms that he will wait as long as she needs.
• Caicedo arrives at the base and goes to Santamaria’s office. He remembers what Salvador asked him to do and gets close to the door but hears nothing. Inside, Santamaria is having his way with Yolanda.
• Simpson, with Monica in the truck, drives to the warehouse where Sofia is being held. He puts the radio loud to drown out Monica’s screams. Later, he arrives at the warehouse and drags Monica to where Sofia is. Monica tries to run to her but Simpson stops her and reminds her he makes the rules. He then asks Vergara’s man to tie Monica up next to Sofia. Monica tries to talk to Sofia but she is catatonic. Monica wishes Simpson would die as he calls Vergara and confirms he’s at the warehouse but had to bring Monica. Vergara is shocked and Simpson confesses that Monica told Dave the truth. Vergara calls him an idiot and reminds him kidnapping a DEA agent is serious business. Simpson asks him to calm down because he had no other option when Monica caught him by surprise. He then tells Vergara that he will take care of everything so that nothing leads back to them. Vergara hopes so and hangs up.
• John loads and cocks his gun. He tells Arguelles that all their safe houses should have provisions, just in case they have to leave in a hurry. Arguelles is quiet and John asks him what is wrong. Arguelles reminds him that they promised to not hurt Raul but Oscar shot at him the first chance he got. John is quiet but Oscar reminds him it was in self-defense. He then asks Arguelles to be their chief of security and he agrees. The Lucios then shake hands with him and welcome him to the family.
• Post coitus, Santamaria sighs and confirms that it was great but Yolanda is quiet. When she tries to leave, he holds her back and asks where she is going. Yolanda lies back down and caresses his face. She tells him that form now on she is there to please him. He nods, smiles and reminds her to never make him angry either. She agrees and lies on his chest before asking if he is going to turn her into the police. Santamaria chides her for asking such a silly question. Jus then, there is a knock on the door and Santamaria gets dressed. He opens the door to find Rubio, who tells him they have a massive intoxication problem at the base. Santamaria orders Yolanda to stay in his quarters but Rubio suggests he bring her along since she knows about first response and they have no doctors on base…


Thank You Thank You Alfredo...for this recap of a zany episode.

At the least Moni told Dave Mejia her plight, but like a silly twit let Sim –sone overpower/outsmart her and take her prisoner.

And Yoli:
“Would you sleep with me for a million dollars?”
“A million $$$$, um sure, why not, A Million?”
“Well, how about for Ten dollars?”
“Ten, are you crazy, what do you think I am?”
“We've already established what you are, now we are negotiating the price.”

Thx for the recap Alfredo.

Kirby...I was saddened for Yoli that she had to negotiate her body for her life. That was a tough choice that some women dont get to make. So sickening that 99% of the men shes encountered are scum that treat women like a piece if meat. I hope this means her next attempt at freedom will be successful.

I so hate that the Col won that battle wih Yoli. He and his crew are as dirty as the narcos and I hope he doesnt make it till the end. I hate when those sworn to protect are just as bad as the criminals...I find their diplicity even worse.

Im sure we all knew that Oscar would be the one to get Theresa's call. I cant wait for John to find out the truth...just hope we dont have to wait till ultimas semanas.

Well...I dont see a happy ending for Monica and her sis. Either they die or Simpson because too much cover has been blown in that storyline.


Nett: Yeah, things have been bad for Yoli from her teenage years with the scumbag stepfather, and realistically, scumbag Mom too.

I want her to reform scumbag S&M and the two fall for each other then the higher ups find out who she is and S&M get in hot water trying to protect her.

Yeah, is there what? ONE good guy in this whole TN?

And whats with beards, David in VEA and Mejia , Oscar and John here.

And Raul

Thanks, Alfredo. Great title and recap. She tries to hold back the bile building up in her mouth -- you captured Yoli’s anguish and humiliation so well.

Olmedo, with his dementia and prowess with guns, is a welcome fresh face. Didn’t see this twist coming out of Olivia’s escape. Hope she gets Olmedo to train her in guns too.

Monica not keeping her cool at least until she reached her kidnapped sister is nuts. Wished her zoned-out sister had smacked her upside the head for letting Simpson get the jump on her.

Can Viewerville get a break, with Teresa actually outfoxing Salvador? This woman has been on the streets for a while, so maybe she’s got streetsmarts.

Kirby, do you honestly think that old adage "We've already established what you are" applies to someone who's been imprisoned and tortured within an inch of their life?

No way will Yoli fall for Col. S&M. She's all about making her own choices and he gave her none. I certainly didn't sign up to watch her succumb to Helsinki Syndrome. Writers, a good ole jump in time would be fine right about now.

Thank you for the recap. I started to watch this novela as I thought it sounded as if it involved an interesting independent young lady. I had no idea that it would become so violent with the narcos. Sadly this was not the theme of novelas when I watched them a few years ago. I don't know if I have the endurance for all of the violence but I've started to watch them so I'm interested where the story. I appreciate the recaps as I don't always feel like watching all of the tough things that Yolanda has to endure. This is why I appreciate the recaps.


Thanks Alfredo!

What's the point of killing Estela and Ros now? The DEA knows where the Lucios are, or just were. The whole point, I thought, was to kill anyone who knew where they were located. They are now gone from that location.

I think Sofi will die and Monica will live. So far no one from the opening credits has died. I'm still shocked that all of the flight attendants are still alive.

I hate that Yoli had to have sex to survive. After being raped that has to be difficulty.

I too hope that we don't have to wait until ultimas semanas for John to find out the truth but I think that will be the case. I would love to see John and Yoli against Oscar and Zuli.

Thanks for the recap Alredo. Glad I didn't watch this. I would certainly need some brain bleach. Yes, Yolanda is doing what she needs to survive and in most cases, for women, this involves sex, coerced or otherwise. But sounds like this mating was particularly unpleasant.

I'm with Niecie in that I'm hoping for a time jump pronto! And that Teresa will indeed use her street smarts to outwit the baddies.

Niecie. Actually no. It actually was a choice to sleep wuth S&M or go to jail for crimes she committed.

But in this show there are nogoid guys so going into the justice system would be the same as being in her current situation. Remenver S&M was done with her. Like " You are going to be somebody else's problem."

Yes, going to jail for crimes she committed in a corrupt system could easily = death. To quote another old adage "Better the devil you know than the devil you don't know."

NieCie. I like that one.

Wow! Misogynist watching telenovelas, calling Yoli a whore. Disgusting.


Thanks @eekeller for saying what many are ignoring.

Kirby, what movie is that quote from your first post from? I don't think you can use that to describe Yoli. She is in a life/death situation and making the best choices she can at this specific moment.

Carvivlie - I've heard the saying over the years, but your question prompted me to check its origin. Here's a page that looked into it:


Thanks Niecie!!!


Oh Sheezo I didn't plan on starting a firestorm. If she had been pulled over for another crime like DUI would you all see it differently? She had a choice to STAY where this torture was happening or face the consequences of her drug smuggling. As distasteful as it is, there is an element of truth in my tongue in cheek comment now that you all want to discuss it.

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