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La Piloto #39, 4-28-2017: Flight To Freedom So Near and Yet So Far•

Yolanda’s attempts to get into the helicopter are foiled by Castro who’s been sent to guard it.  She pretends she’s only there getting extra buckets for watering.  Col. SantaMaria catches her there and screams at her to get back into the tent.

Los Lucio are traveling to meet El Senador; John’s flying and Zulima asks him to teach her to fly.  To shut her up he tells her it’s not for everyone.  She whines that he taught Yolanda.  Well, Yo! was born to fly, he tells her.  However, when they get back he’ll give her a chance and if she has what it takes he’ll take her on.  (That shuts her up, at least, whether the intent or not.)  And he leaves her in charge of the ranch while they’re gone.

At the prison, Bette is unwillingly introduced to her roommate’s deplorables.  She excuses herself to get a bit of fresher air.

In Villa Antigua meanwhile, Raul talks to Bette’s “legal adviser”and explains that she’s not been part of the Lucio gang, didn’t commit any atrocities or do anything crooked.  In fact, she actually turned state’s evidence and yet somehow got sent to prison.  The PD says he’ll look into it but it will take quite a bit of time –-weeks and/or months--and it will take $$$$.

Back in Tres Fuegos. DEA Dave and Monica have a long heart-to-heart.  She’s upset that the cartels have taken not only her parents from her but now also her sister.  She has nothing and no one left of family and is going to resign her position with the police.  He says it’s not her fault this happened.  It’s the way they work.  He doesn’t want her to give up her job.  She does, though.

Cañengo and Arley are now guests of the federales at the main prison in El D.F., aka Mexico City.  Arley shows Can the ropes.  A bit later, Arley is brought in to be questioned by Dave—even given a reduction in sentence if he cooperates.  Dave also gets the story from Mena that Yoli died in a plane crash.  The cartel lawyer shows up just as Mena tells Dave to stick his offer where the sun don’t shine.

Back in the Colombian jungle at the army base, Col. S&M questions Castro about Yoli’s being near the copter.  Castro says he can only report on what he saw and it was only her anxious to get the buckets to assist in putting out the fire.  He’s interrupted by a radio message from Rubio informing him they found something in the area of Caicedo’s abandoned jeep.  The colonel heads out to see for himself.

Cindy’s mother goes to the police department asking for word about Lisbet and Raul’s overheard her and tells her she’s in a jail in M.C.  He offers to give her a message but has to leave temporarily.  Sindy’s mama sneaks out of the station and tells Amanda who locates her and chats by phone.

In Altamirada, an agent is at Flor’s house and calls Dave to advise him it seems no one’s there.  The place looks empty.  He then looks inside the window and tells Dave it seems there’s something hidden behind a sofa.  He breaks in and  reports it’s Flor’s dead body and by the smell of things, she’s been that way for quite a few days or longer.
Somewhere along the way, Rubio and the Colonel have a conversation about Caicedo being the most likely candidate as responsible for the grenade attack that was supposed to kill la piloto.   Yoli overhears and learns that Teresa died—most likely murdered—with a couple bullets to the chest.  The Colonel doesn’t think it’s unusual for a whore to be involved with something that could get her killed.

In Mexico City, los Lucio are finally introduced to and received warmly by El Senador and Las Sombras’ inner circle.  [la cúpula]  The Senator congratulates them on their latest endeavors and because they’ve become the best producers in the region.  If El Senador becomes president they’re going to need a huge capital infusion for greasing palms.  It’s three times the work but they’re going to get all the business in Centro and South America and in the Caribbean.  Plus they get to use the mansion as their new base of operations.

Back at the army base, Yoli chats it up with Col. S&M while tending to his burns and scratches.  She asks him about Teresa’s death and he wonders why it’s of interest to her.  She pretends no special reason, just that one day you’re alive and the next you’re not.  S&M warns her that better be the reason.

Dave has another agent check into Yoli’s flight and learns that she’s believed dead as “nobody survived” her plane crash.  He informs Rosalba who has a big cry over it and over Flor’s untimely and definitely provoked passing.

Yoli looks on as the Colonel walks the helicopter pilot back to his machine.  She races out and yells at the Colonel or the pilot or both.  I can’t be sure of what she tells S&M the reason was—she thought she knew him???  But he gets after her for it.

In the tent [carpa] S&M is upset that the pilot might have seen her and outside of that base she does not exist—and that’s what he tells the new male nurse who arrived to take over at the clinic.  The medic wants to ask for some supplies and S&M informs him he’ll have to wait for it all till the helicopter returns—in five months.

Dave cries over Yoli’s memory as she thinks back to the two different men in her life.  Dave then gets a call from the agency telling him he’s been called back to The States.  The Lucio case has been closed.

Olivia is driving the van to Guatemala.  She needs better directions to the new hideout for the Lucios’ gang. Oscar’s toy-boy fakes needing to go to the bathroom and as soon as the old officer unchains him from the table Toy Boy attacks and shoots him dead.  Liv stops the van.  Old Dude Officer shoots Toy Boy dead and then dies himself.
 Liv buries him on the side of the highway.  She feels a ton of guilt about getting the old man killed.

At the new hideout in Guatemala, one of the guards brings in Roberto.  Christian is there, she says, but he has no idea that his big sis is still alive.  Rob lies that he killed her, but Zuli says stop lying.  She spoke to her on the phone and knows better; and Oscar and John both know he lied about killing her.  He’s in deep doo doo when they return.

In Colombia again, Yoli asks to be posted in the infirmary if she’s going to be at the post for a while.  S&M agrees and then takes a call from the general.  The helicopter pilot reported seeing a woman at the base.  Col. S&M lies that it was only one of the local whores.  She’s there as one way to keep up the general moral of the troops.  Uhhhh yeah?  Well, the general may be on his way or will call back with further instructions….


Looking forward to it Jardinera!

I was sorely disappointed with last night's episode. Positive developments on Thursday, finally, all for naught on Friday.

Carvivlie - Ditto what you said.

Yolanda and Viewerville are badly in need of a victory.

A shame that all the Good Samaratins are quickly dispatched. Rosalba's neighbor, Teresa, and now Olmedo. I didn't expect him to go down so soon.

I guess the subplot of the other characters still has to develop before Yolanda escapes. We were wondering where Yolanda would go as she was not aware of the betrayal by Zulima.

How bout zuli wanting flying lessons. I hope John finds out what she did...takes her for a lesson and kicks her out the plane without a chute


I'm hoping Zuli crash and burns with the lessons. Yoli was very far ahead of her when John started giving lessons. Also it will remind John that Zuli isn't Yoli.

She will prob have her broom just in case.

You are so right Carvivlie. Those lessons...if they happen will only hurt zuli's efforts to replace yoli.

I hope yoli doesnt have to suffer thru 5 mos more in that hellish camp. I hate the writers teased us with the helicopter getaway. However it happens...please happen soon..Im tired of Mi Col.

I hope Yoli doesn't have five months of being in this'prison'. I think she kinda likes the Colonel S&M, based on how she took the information about his secret wife and daughter, so maybe it is not as bad as it would seem.

He's not a bad looking guy, and he is smiten with Yoli. I noticed the other night her guard called her Bombshell.

I suspect she will gain everyone's trust and use that to escape again. She has started working in the infirmary, and is almost like a celebrity around there, with her looks and smarts.

Colonel S&M could be worse, but Yoli is the slave and he's the enslaver. She would never have chosen this if she were free. There is absolutely no future in this for her. Colonel S&M is pretty smart (though dumb about Caicedo) and the alpha male, but he's a fool if he thinks Yoli accepts her status and doesn't spend every alone moment scheming how to escape. My take on her reaction to his having a wife and daughter is surprise cause she sleeps with him every night and didn't know. But bottomline is she made a pact with the devil and she's smart to try to find out more about him to know his weakness and use it to defeat him.

Niecie true. And S&M does have his weaknesses, as evidenced by how wrong he was about Caicedo, who Yoli pegged right away.

It will be cool to see our little smarty outsmart the Alpha.

Hi all! Finally got the recap up now. When I can I like to wait for the CC version, but OD hasn't had it up til Sunday so that's why the delay.

ITA about Zuli crashing and burning while trying to learn to fly--or John kicking her out of the plane without a parachute. She deserves it, what with the massare of Zeki's family and her betrayal of Yolanda and the other attendants.

I wonder what's in store for Col. S&M now that he's gotten a report of a woman on the base.

Thanks Jardinera!
With Teresa's death, how many people have died, strangers, trying to help Yoli?
Anon: agree I can't take 5 more months of Yoli in Col.
I hope Rob does the right thing and gets Christian free and both escape before Lucios get back.

Thanks Jardinera. Carvivlie, even though it is boring to watch Yolanda trying to survive in S&M's camp, I think that she is safer there for now while John is still deceived by Zulima. As for wishing what would happen to Zulima, maybe the Colombian military could shoot down her plane and she could join Yolanda as S&M's prisoner. I cannot think of anything bad enough fate for her.

Yesterday, I lamented about Yoli being stuck for another 5 mos and having to deal with Mi Col.. I forgot to sign as me...Nett

Anyway, Kirby....not sure if I'm missing your tone, but I think you're a little too rough on Yoli and her situation. Make no mistake about, while she is a criminal...she is being held by an worse criminal...Mi Col. who is abusing his authority with her...hiring prostitutes...using extortion and stealing. Anyway, Yoli is doing what she has to do go survive. She had no intention of sleeping with him but was forced to based on what she see's is the lesser of two evils. She's showed no signs of enjoying her time with him in any way...she's just biding her time and gaining his trust while she plots her escape.


Thanks, Jardinera. Fine recap of this sober episode. As always I appreciate the vocab.

So Olivia is left with Olmeda's Winnebago and all his guns and ammo.

The Lucios don't exactly fit in with the high society La Sombra folks. At one point John and Oscar were whispering to each other while seated at the dining table with everybody.

I was hoping the narco who claimed Yolanda was dead would send Oscar a photo of his Guadalupe necklace proof, so John would somehow see it on his phone. But I guess not.

Thanks Jardinera. It must be frustrating to have to wait for these episodes to show up on On Demand. Univision pulling out of its deal with Hulu has certainly made life harder for the recappers.

Lizbeth, the willowy blonde, able to dig deep trenches to bury people??!!! Have a hard time believing that, but hey, it's just a story.

Sorry to hear that Yolanda is still stuck with le Colonel. But at least she can be of some use in the infirmary in addition to her sexual duties.

Despierta America just showed a preview for LP which gives a lot away. My BIG mouth is sealed. Must see TV tonight.

Judy B: Yolanda is now a sex slave ?

We know Univision won't show the graphic sex scenes.


Yes she is a happy little sex slave for Col SM

No they just show them having a cigarette. :-)

Hi Piloto fans. I've finally caught up. Despite all the carnage and collateral damage, I'm fascinated by the story. Dave and Yoli are growing further and further apart. I don't think there can be any reconciliation now, unless his going back to the States foretells Yoli getting sent to the U.S. for prosecution.

Isn't it interesting that each hideaway the Lucio's find is lower and lower on the housing market scale? Now they are so far away from everything, how do they manage to keep all their compadres in line and in communication. Where do they get their endless supplies of telephones. I've never seen a single one of them having to recharge the batteries.

Of course, Oscar telling John he couldn't use phones was so he could filter any information that came through. One thing nags at me, though, if Os took Jo's phone away and he's using brand new ones that aren't registered, how come he was able to take Teresa's phone call? It's just a story, eh, Judy? Maybe he took John's phone away but kept it. The scenes don't make that very clear.

Yolanda ran out and yelled at the helicopter pilot (whom Col. S&M called Capitan) on purpose. She wanted to be outed. I think she told S&M (what a brilliant moniker, BTW) that she wanted the pilot to remember to bring antibiotics the next time. Then she found out he wouldn't be back for 5 mos.

I hate seeing Liz unprotected. Women in prison can be just as ruthless and violent as men.

Zuli deserves being slathered in honey and chained to a tree near some particularly aggressive ants. Then, John can sit and watch. Ooops, that wouldn't work, because if Zuli goes down, she's going to sing like a bird beforehand and squeal on Os. Of course, Os, with a face only a mother could love during his toddler years, can deny and claim she's lying and crick his neck a couple of times and call John, Buddy.

How will John feel when he finds out his own brother has been betraying him.

Alfredo and Jardinera--I should mind my manners. I was so excited to be all caught up I forgot to thank you for the heroic jobs you two have been doing on this tn. If it hadn't been for SuperAlfie starting us off, this would have been a forgotten one on Caray. Thank you, mucho, mucho.

Kirby--I don't think Yoli is S&M's "happy little sex slave." I have never seen her smiling or enjoying what she's having to do to stay alive for one more day of plotting her escape. I can't think of any circumstances where "happy" goes with "sex slave." Sorry, but those are my feelings and I needed to express them.

Good for you. I know she is not happy about it. Kind of a figure of speech but it sure brings the hater comments out. And she is ni a sex slave in the classic sense. Sex Slave is typically meant forced prostitution and we have already proven she is not prostituting herself because I was taken to task about suggesting she had. Yiu can't have it both ways girls. You can not CHOOSE to be have sex rather than some equally distasteful alternative and be a slave. Sorry.

Good for you. I know she is not happy about it. Kind of a figure of speech but it sure brings the hater comments out. And she is ni a sex slave in the classic sense. Sex Slave is typically meant forced prostitution and we have already proven she is not prostituting herself because I was taken to task about suggesting she had. Yiu can't have it both ways girls. You can not CHOOSE to be have sex rather than some equally distasteful alternative and be a slave. Sorry.

I think this show is going to leave a lot of loose ends, like Zuli's involvement with the death of Zeki's family. I can see John never finding out the true extent of Zuli and Oscar's betrayal and treatment of Yoli.

Kirby--You didn't have to hit me twice with your response. I have a dentist appt. in about 15 min., so I'm not sure how cogently I can reply.

I don't see Yoli as having it both ways. Yes, she chose to survive by willingly submitting to sex with someone who has not only a great deal of authority over her, but has the power over her of life or death. Wouldn't you? There is at present, no other way out for her. She needs to bide her time to think of alternative ways to escape. She has her body and that is a useful tool to trade for other options. Sex slaves don't have that option. They can only hope to stay alive.

A sex slave is used by multiple people without benefit of pay, as prostitutes are. Prostitutes very often have made it careers, perhaps not seeing any other way out either, but at least they get paid--although probably abused by their pimps, too.

Ok, gotta go.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Hi Ok. Definitely Yo! was forced into complying with S&M's implicit requirement for getting along with him during her "internment". It was the last thing she wanted to do, and lost whatever respect for him she may have had with the spider and the phone call from his family.

That is as a leader....

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