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La Piloto #20, 4-3-17: Zuli's Black Magic Backfires; Amanda Has A Crash-landing

**[Also, just a reminder that HULU+ no longer is carrying LP.  If your cable/satellite service doesn't carry Univision or On Demand with it added then if you are signed up with Univision/UniMas you can stream (for a charge) and you will be able to watch it there.**  --ed.]

The gone gals cannot stomach the rowdies at Olivia’s table.  Yolanda tells them to suck it up. Life could be worse and to ignore it. (I believe—no CC’s and crap audio.)

John calls and asks Yoli what was up with her madre.  She doesn’t know the location of the hideout or anything right? She won’t be talking? Right….. She’d better hope not.  One of the guerreros saw DEA Dave pay a visit.   Yoli goes to the office/back hallway?  and calls to get the 411 on Dave’s visit and to double-check that Mum kept mum.  She warns her that John has threatened they’ll beat her to a pulp [hacer picadillo=make mincemeatof her]  if she does open her trap.  When Yoli walks back into the bar there’s a skirmish with one of the drunk rowdies who’s trying to force Amanda out back.  Yoli has him thrown out but the leader of the pack calls YO! on it and she pulls a gun and aims it as his lower vitals….then at his head.  Try her!  Just try her!  “—We’ll meet again!”  “—Yeah?  You know where I am!”  The gals later gripe at Zulima for not standing up for them as head waitress/bartender.

Zulima suggests a bit later that Yoli try some alternative medicine, aka curandera, witchdoctor stuff to try to heal Rosalba, like they used to do in Zuli’s neighborhood when she was growing up.  Zuli plies her “magic” then turns it into black magic hoping to kill her through her black arts.

That night Yo has bad dreams.  (Zuli or Daverto induced?)

Speaking of which, Dave’s boss arrives in Three Fuegos and he’s still in Altamira.  He’s ordered back immediately.

Yoli looks up Dave on the Internet.  She mentions a bad dream she had the night before about her and John killing the DEA agent.  She doesn’t know if she could really kill the guy if necessary.  Zuli claims that Yoli is in love with the guy.  “—Did you sleep together?”  Yes, she admits she did.  But he apparently did it to use her for information.  As for John?  Well Zuli figures it’s nothing more than gratefulness that Yoli really feels for him.

Oscar walks in just then and accuses Yoli of (trying to contact the feds using the Internet?)  Using his brother—(for what?)……  She screams back and he pulls a gun on her.  John walks in on this and threatens Oscar that if he can’t handle Yoli as his girlfriend then he knows where the door and the highway are.

Rosalba rolls/opens her eyes, but the nurse tells her it probably is just a reflex and nothing more.

Zuli follows O and one of the young guards into the woods and watches them wrestle.  She is found out just as O looks like he’s going to go down on said guard…..  He pulls his gun on her and then tells the guy to walk her back to the main house.

In their bedroom, meanwhile, Yoli asks John to take her away from all this for a bit.  He just happens to know a place.  They go off for the day to a hidden swimming hole nearby and …..giggle it up.
At the same time, Amanda checks her pregnancy test for the umpteenth time to prove she’s preggers.  Rosalba then dies—flatlines for now????

Back in the woods, Zuli says she doesn’t care what she saw or didn’t see—she doesn’t care for Yolanda either and is on his side.  We should work together to get her off the ranch and out of their hair.  Why?  Because she’s so ungrateful.  She came in as a nobody and because she had a pretty face just moved herself right on up with this organization even though Zuli brought her in when she had nothing and has all the experience, and has proven her loyalty and now she’s La Señora of all of this.  No way does that square with Zuli!!

Back at the swimming hole, John is bothered by Yoli’s former relationship with Daverto.  While she was asleep she was calling out his name.

Zuli mentions Yoli’s disloyalty to the organization and how she’s been sleeping with DEA Dave for instance.  “--You got to be kidding!”

Yoli tells John something about she thought they were friends and he betrayed them all, then he and John fought and that must be why she’s been dreaming of him.  She’s frightened for John.

One of the guards walks up to the pond and yells over that they’ve got to come back.  Something has happened to Sra. Rosalba.

Dave has Lopez listen in on Estela’s conversations with herself now while he’s got to head back to meet with the boss.

Zuli and O discuss strategy.  She mentions then some other scuttlebutt.  A month ago in Tres Fuegos, Yoli’s mama showed up.  She brought her here and sent her off, but she didn’t let her go away empty-handed.   Although she mumbles away from the camera to say it, she lets Oscar know that it was Yoli who took scads of cash out of a bag and put it in Mama’s hands.  “—Of course!  That’s the money that was missing out of the Columbian stash!”  Ok.  So Zuli says leave the planning to her and she’ll finish off Yoli.  Best for him to keep his mouth shut—if he flies off the handle around her then their plans get squashed.

Rather than flat lined, Rosie is red-cheeked and wide awake!! It’s like nothing happened.  No faulty speech, no bad headaches, no weakness or clouded memory.  She meets all of the gone gals.  Amanda takes the opportunity to mention now that she’s definitely, o-fficially expecting.  And Arley?????  Oh, for certain he’s going to ask her to marry him and all the rest, right?

Uh, not exactly.  He’s got his sights set on Sin-dy, literally.  Let’s go to Cielito Lindo and have a good time alone.  She decides a table dance is in order.  Celebrate good times……….

Back at the cabin, nobody is to tell Rose that they are in a narcotrafficante hide-out.  It’s a vacation spot.  Yoli, she learns is now a licensed plane pilot.

Head Rowdy –Baldo- tells one of his guys to go back to the bar and pick up their guns for him.  Also, find out who the broad was that got on his case last night.  He wants her brought by the hair and tied up in his bed.

Zuli and Amanda get a lift from one of the guys back to the bar.  Amanda is screwing her courage to give Arley the “good” news.  They walk in and down the hallway to one of the side rooms.  They hear some funny noises.  Amanda opens the door and finds Arley in media res—with his hands all over a very willing Sin-dy.

(My apologies if I really got it all wrong.  Please correct what needs it.  I really caught very little of Oscar and Zuli or of John's telephone or swimming conversations.  It's one thing not to have CC's but not to have a mike in front of the actor's mouths makes me want to pull my hair out.)


Thanks, Jardinera. Great job.

Between Oscar and Zuli, I hope Oscar double-crosses her.

So we are to believe that Yoli is in love with Dave and that's why she's dreaming about him? I think she's feeling more than gratitude for John.

How long before Rosalba realizes the stewardesses are now "gone girls"?


Niecie: When Karma comes back to bite Yolonda, I can see her going to prison & Dave moving on with someone else.


Thanks so much Jardinera (and Aflredo)! Between vacation and then being sick last week, I have fallen so behind on this show. I hope to catch up soon. :)

"Amanda has a crash landing". Oh my. So true. Sorry to see our little lovebird disillusioned so soon. I was hoping Arley was a narco with a heart of gold. Not too realistic, eh?

Well,what next? The usual speech about how she will raise the little dickens all by herself? At least we had one positive: Rosalba woke up in fine fettle.

Thanks for the recap, Jardinera, and thanks Anonymous for the heads up about Netflix. Did indeed find dear ol' Teresa there and we're back in the saddle again. Still wish Netflix or somebody would re-run Amor Real, Alborada and Pasió. Soñor no cuesta nada, verdad?

So sorry to hear you were sick last week Vivi. The aftermath of a fab vacation is often just that. I'm off next week for a holiday with the grandkids. Keep your fingers crossed that I don't come back ailing. Young 'uns are exhausting!

I've been hearing that Univision is planning on showing new TN's later this spring such as "La Candidata".

Judy- Enjoy the time with the grandkids. And don't get sick! :)

Yoli is bound for trouble with John. He asked her straight up if there was anything more between her and Dave. For obvious reasons she lied to him. Unfortunately, Zuli knows the truth and is going to make sure to use it to drive a wedge between Yoli and John. Once John finds out she lied to him not once but twice...and slept with John...no telling how he will react.

Zuli is such an underminding witch. She's trying to plant doubut in Yoli's head...about what she's feeling for JOhn. Yoli could very well love both men...for different reasons. But I must say...so far Zuli's black magic works...in the opposite. I feared Tia would die...but looks like Zuli's magic backfired and Tia woke up....for now anyway.

I'm sure once Tia finds out what is going on....she's going to be the voice of reason for Yoli to take stock of what's she's doing and reconsider this life of crime. I also hope Tia figures out Zuli fast and give Yoli a heads up.

Poor Amanda...she really thought she had a gem...and he was just another louse. I hope she doesn't fall apart...and finds a way to take charge and move herself out that lifestyle with her child.


Thank you so much, Jardinera!

Is it weird that I was rooting for a legit love story in this thing with no lies or weird breakups or double meanings? I was rooting for Arley to be legit and stick with Amanda, if anything so we could see some happiness somehow in all this twisty madness. I can't believe he did it at the bar and with a co-worker too. Obviously respect and class is lost on some people.

I am loving Zulima and Oscar as a united, evil front. Heroes are only as good as their villains and these two take the cake. The dark bruja and the homosexual narco, two peas in a pod.

Dave and Ortega are looking like idiots and I'm scared of the repercussions the Simpson debacle can have on Ortega in the long run.

I want to meet this mysterious Senator already; he's highly connected and as this world continues to grow, the craziness does as well.

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