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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#1): La Doña, El Capo, & más: Week of April 17, 2017

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• 10:30AM-12PM—Corazón Valiente
• 12-2PM—Amar es Primavera
• 8-10PM—La Doña
* 10PM--El Capo

There has been a change in the morning novela lineup.. Corazón Valiente has replaced Mujeres Ambiciosas in the 10:30AM-12PM slot.  Amar es Primavera continues from 12-2PM.

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La Doña

Since I won't be able to do a recap of tomorrow's (Tuesday's) episodes, I'll try to do one tonight.


Juanita: Will Saul & the Good Guys rescue Monica & Tia Yesenia from OJ Braulio ?

Who will join the ever-growing Body Count tonight ?



I just saw the gran final of LA FAN and it was such a satisfying ending of one of the most enjoyable and funny novelas I have seen in a long time. Here is hoping that Telemundo plays the second part at some future date. I loved the first part but think what I saw of the second part was even better. I would love to see the second part it in its entirety sometime. I like happy endings and this was happy all around.




Monica rips another hole in Dona's as*!!YOU'RE POISON and everything dies around you..

and didn't sad sack Saul ,defend the funky diva???

later Azucena .. stepped to funky diva ass and puts her in check.. when you go to jail wench , we gonna party and celebrate at the jail house!!

funky diva ,swears she gonna beat the rap...confidence baby!

WTF!! BRAULIO escapes, ok... but Leticia is alive..!! dude , you didn't clock that heifer!!..
the Braulio hooks up with ratfael... ok ,so it's on!!

I feel good abt them conjoining forces.. devil and wolfman.. sounds like aplan

la dona,

Det. Karen, you are playing too close to the book.. that may get you killed..

Leticia , so you want to drop a dime.. cause your behind was put in check.. placing a hot /loaded clock, upside your fat head must have woke you up..

I still love my husband ,but 'f' that ..I am gonna sing like a bird...

. Braulio should have at least, beat your ass , on GP!! missed opportunity..I would say!!

what's the paln to capture la dona... I won't bet nothing , this show is flying by...

dang!! this is some messed up mess!!?

la dona- family is this is last week??


La Doña - Capítulo 107 - Lunes 1/2

Braulio has Yesenia tied up and has his gun pointed at Mónica. He calls AG and tells her he's going to kill her daughter, Mónica. Both Yesenia and AG try to convince him that Mónica means nothing to AG but he doesn't believe them. Yesenia is trying to free her hands that have been tied behind her back. She succeeds just as Braulio is about to shoot, and she throws herself in front of Mónica and is struck by the bullet Braulio intended for Mónica. Yesenia remembers the dream she had where her dead sister-in-law told her another person would have to die. Yesenia asks who, and her sister-in-law whispers the answer. This time, we hear the sister-in-law's response: "It's you," she tells Yesenia. AG, still on the phone with Braulio, hears the gunshot and assumes that he has killed Mónica.

Saúl is racing to get to where Braulio is holding Mónica and Yesenia. Mónica, devastated at Yesenia's death, gets in Braulio's face and tells him to shoot her. Saúl arrives, grabs Braulio from behind, and the two of them fight, first hand to hand and then with guns. Braulio seems to be winning when Karen and her men arrive. They momentarily subdue Braulio, but he manages to take one of the police hostage and flees with the hostage.

AG arrives. Mónica wants nothing to do with her. She blames AG for the deaths of both Lázaro and Yesenia. She tells AG, "I had a good life before I met you. You filled me with anger and hatred." AG tries to defend herself, but Mónica tells her that what happened in Veracruz doesn't justify all the harm that AG has done. AG is evil, she says, and has killed all the people Mónica most loved: Lázaro and Yesenia. AG protests, "I gave up Saúl for you. The man I loved."

While in a store, Braulio sees the video of the shooting of Felipe and Gustavo, including the clear view of Rafael putting away his rifle and fleeing the scene. He decides to find Rafael. Rafael calls Leticia to say that he loves her. He doesn't realize that Braulio has found her and has a gun pointed at her head. Braulio takes the phone and tells him "If you don't want me to kill Leticia, you and I have to meet." Rafael agrees to meet with him.

When they meet, Braulio assures Rafael that he doesn't want to hurt him or his wife. He has figured out that AG got Rafael to get rid of Felipe and Gustavo, and then she betrayed him. Rafael tells him he's right. Braulio says AG treated him the same way. He devoted himself to carrying out AG's every wish, killing for her, and she rewarded him by handing him over to the police and to Saúl. He proposes that Rafael and he join forces to do in AG. The two of them know her weak points, her habits. All they need is a plan.

Marcos informs Diego that Lydia has left to try to cross the border into the United States. A worried Diego calls Margarita to try to get information about how Lydia plans to go and how to find her. He tells Valeria he's going to find Lydia. Valeria is very upset about his plan, both because it's dangerous and because she'd prefer he forget about Lydia in favor of Isabela.

AG informs Regina that Braulio has killed Yesenia. (Regina is apparently the only person who hasn't already heard about this.) AG also tells Regina that Mónica blames her (AG) for Yesenia's death. Moreover, Mónica made this accusation in the presence of Saúl, and he did nothing. He stayed with Mónica.

Mónica is with Saúl at his mother's place. He's comforting her. She's uncomfortable. He tells her he knows that she has a relationship with Adolfo, and he respects that. She cries, and he holds her close. There's a knock at the door. It's Adolfo. He tells her how sorry he is about Yesenia, and the two of them embrace. Saúl looks on in dismay/confusion/uncertainty/disappointment.

La Doña - Capítulo 107 - Lunes 2/2

Saúl enters AG's bedroom. She wakes up. He tells her that she's the one he really wants. She responds that everyone tries to separate them, but they will be together. They kiss passionately...and then AG really wakes up. Apparently, Saúl's visit and all that he told her was just her dreaming.

Adolfo suggests to Mónica that they go far away, together. He asks her to marry him. She turns him down, saying that she can't accept for the wrong reasons. Adolfo says that the problem is she wants to be with Saúl. Mónica gets annoyed that he's bringing this up yet again.

Braulio tells Rafael that he's been hiding out in Elena's house, but he has to find a new place to hide. What's with Elena? asks Rafael. Don't ask, responds Braulio. [Steve, looks like you've got yet another name to add to your body count.]

The lawyer who had read Lázaro's will to Yesenia and Mónica now comes looking for Mónica to tell her about Yesenia's final wish. Mónica is her sole heir. But she must use the money for herself: for travel, for education, etc. She can't give it away. Mónica is not pleased. She feels that the money has been a curse.

Daniel stands across the street from the Foundation. One of the children from the Foundation sees him and greets him warmly. However, her mother yells at him to stay away from her daughter, he's an evil person. Other people from the Foundation come outside, see Daniel, and berate him. [Given the years he has devoted himself to these women, their stinging rejection of him doesn't ring true for me.]

Adolfo comes to see AG. She tells him that he made a mistake proposing marriage when Mónica was in mourning. Adolfo insists that the real problem is Saúl, and he was hoping AG could help. [Yeah, right]

Lydia has been told that she'll be taking several different buses to get to and across the border. She comes looking for a guy known as "el conejo" and finds that she will not have an individual coyote to help her, she'll simply be part of a group. A nasty-looking guy arrives and yells at everyone to get into the van. They leave. Diego arrives and shows a photo of Lydia, asking whether anyone has seen her. No one admits to having done so.

AG and Matamoros agree that Daniel is the only one who could put her in jail. Matamoros suggests dealing with him ASAP. AG calls Daniel, who has been drinking heavily and remembering all the rejections of people who had previously liked him, including Mónica and Saúl. Daniel assures AG that her secret is safe with him, because he's going to do what she had told him he should, he's going to kill himself. He tells AG that she's the only woman he has ever loved, and he asks her forgiveness. He holds a rope in his hand as he's talking on the phone.

The van in which Lydia and the others are traveling is stopped by several vans of armed men. Very likely they are involved in human trafficking. They separate the men from the women, and one man grabs Lydia. Just then, Diego arrives. He takes a rock and slams the rock into the guy's head.

Daniel hangs himself. Just as he does so, AG and Matamoros arrive. Matamoros asks whether they should save him. We'll have to wait until tomorrow for any response.


Via uploaders I was able to follow the plot to the end. Talk about pulling out the stops on the telenovela conventions: 1) they pushed the unknown mistaken parentage pretty far; Jarifa was correct that the papa of Vale turned out to be Tito, which 2) saved the protags from the bro/sis incest thing. 3) They did the routine where someone pulls a gun; 2 struggle over the gun; bang; pause where we can't tell who got shot, cause they both may look like they got shot, or the wrong person may put on the "I got shot face; finally we see who got shot -- the got rid of a villainess that way; 4) someone who was "dead" turns out to be alive; but 5) to really take the cake they did they ol' hereditary lunar routine! Vale & Tito had the same lunar under the bloomer.

These uploads may well disappear in large. ONe of the main one channels uploading has disappeared completely, what was its name? Something like "Fairy Town." There is a rather similar channel, also using numbers in the 80's instead of the numbers past 100. I don't know how many different cap numbering systems there are. Apparently Gala TV's last episode is labeled 128 by some, but one calls it 129. I wonder if this is due to different TV stations putting it out with different numbers somehow.

The 80's channel uses the annoying picture in picture (window in window) system with the outer window having a constantly moving background to boggle the eyes. I have searched unsuccessfully for an explanation for why a number of YouTube channels are using that system instead of the normal full screen. I got tired of it and switched to watching full screen channels which seemed to have scenes instead of the whole caps. I could go to the trouble to make a cardboard cut out to cover up everything but the actual video (block out the annoying background outer window). Then I wud tape that over my monitor screen.

They missed a couple of opportunities: 1) Lucia should have accidentally burned herself & her accomplice up with the gasoline; 2) Octomom! Adriana only had quintuplets!

They waxed religious with Diego, doing a kind of Heaven Can Wait routine where he came back from coma / near death experience on a divine mission delivered to him on a (white?) cell phone. So Diego was carrying around a Bible as a parody of a Man of God opposing standard sinful activities in telenovelas.


La Fan > Jarifa

Thanks again for the effort & helpfulness of your recaps, Jarifa.

Our "best" uploader Jenny B055 stopped uploading with her cap 118 -- maybe she will finish it yet. I think her caps are complete. I looked for the Fairy ? channel which seemed to have complete caps, but it had disappeared. I watched some of what seemed to be full caps on Channel "Colors SML," but those videos have also disappeared about 2 hours after I watched them! So the YouTube eraser is active. I suppose Telemundo wants to sell La Fan around the world & doesn't want free watching. I watched most of the last caps on the channel of Fabiola Pérez who posts them as "La Fan - Escenas del capitulo ___." These are rather long, but I don't think complete.




1.) Daddy Sandoval

2.) Mama Sandoval

3.) Cesar

4.) Guillermo Contreras

5.) Homeless Guy violently beaten to death by Braulio

6.) Miguel Preciado (Monkey #1)

7.) Mama Vasquez

8.) The Prostitute

9.) Felipe's Bodyguard

10.) Colonel Cespedes' wife

11.) Daddy Aguirre

12.) Clarita Aguirre

13.) Colonel Alejandro Cespedes (Monkey #2)

14.) Perita The Prison Girl

15.) Ximena Urdaneta: She signed her own death warrant by aligning with Braulio & should've stayed with Spain.

16.) Francisco's Bodyguard

17.) Francisco's Henchman

18.) Francisco Vega (Monkey #3)

19.) Emiliano Cabral

20.) Chief Deputy Gabino Dominguez: Chess-Nuts roasting on an open fire!

21.) Lazaro Hernandez: AKA Monica's beloved Jefe.

22.) Interior Department Deputy Secretary Felipe Valenzuela

23.) Gustavo Jimenez AKA The Uppity Journalist

24.) Elena Lopez: She brought this on herself & was WARNED!

25.) The Medical Examiner

26.) Hotel Busboy Octavio

27.) The 3 Nightclub Punks

28.) Yesenia Sandoval-Hernandez: RIP. I'm going to miss her voodoo magic stuff.

29.) Daniel Llamas ? (Monkey #4)


Enoch, you are welcome. I have had so much fun with this one. Yesterday afternoon a short time after the Mexican broadcast (La fan was on from 1-3 CST), there was an "escenas del gran final" offering that I found just doing a YouTube search for "La fan gran final" It turned out to be most of (the most important parts, anyway) of the gran final. Thanks to you, too, for posting all of the viewing possibilities for us! I hope you get to see el gran final after all the watching you have invested in this novela. It was well worth it. All in all, I think they squeezed in any telenovela plot twist possible or at least the most fun ones. If Telemundo puts on part 2 sometime, I will be there watching. Remember "La cucaracha"!

La Doña

Wow, Steve, your list is impressive and growing by the day! One more victim you can add is the policeman Braulio took hostage when he escaped from the place where he had tied up and then killed Yesenia. I think the cop's name is Guillen, or something like that. Karen was quite upset later in the episode when they found Guillen's body. (I meant to include that in the recap, but I forgot.)

La Fan. Thanks so much for all your wonderful recaps, Jarifa! Due to work constraints, I am up to Jenny BO55's episode 79, but hope to watch all she has. I notice there's a La Fan Estrellas with recaps of all the episodes, and if worst comes to worst, I can find out exactly how it ends that way. I may not be back to Telemundo, because the tn they're advertising for 7PM doesn't look all that appealing.

La Doña

thanks so much for the wonderful recap Juanita!

loved the way Monica really drilled AG for all the misery she has brought into everyone's life around her, coupled by AG's, you just don't appreciate the things I do for you.

didn't really care for how there is always a man around to straighten the ladies out, like Lopez at the police station, or Jorge with Karen and Saul with Monica.

has Adolfo ever had a girlfriend, and of course Saul has taken Monica back to his place to stay.

yes Karen losing one of her men, no one seems to consider that while doing her job she has to keep wild man Saul in check, who is hopping around making animal noises and shooting a gun.

interesting scene where Rafael and wolfman meet, Braulio has been out of the loop and didn't know who the fifth monkey was, let alone that Monica, who he just tried to kill, is Rafael's daughter, but they quickly forgive each other.

not sure why Saul insisted on interpreting Yesenia's will for Monica.

what a crazy border crossing scene, not a good sign when everyone ends up where there are a bunch of crosses planted in the ground.

I think Matamoros' comment on Daniel was something like, "are we here to save him or watch him die?"


LA Doña: thanks you Juanita. That was a brilliant tour-de-force. You said something that rang so true for me, about Daniel: "...their stinging rejection of him doesn't ring true for me." Just about every development in this fracaso doesn't ring true. They are pulling at straws to force the plot forward. And Saul is still backing and frothing. (ed note: that is the autocorrect version of what I was really going to say,but I'll stick with it.) And the unholy pact between the two arch-villains can't come to a good end. They detest each other and will each use the other to achieve their own goals.

The Adolfo complication is endlessly frustrating. This character is so poorly depicted. Nobody with an ounce of sensitivity would press his suit at a time like that. Are we expected to feel any sympathy for him?

After the horrifying Yesenia death scene, I would say the next best thing in last night's episode was when Diego came to the rescue. At least they gave us some kind of satisfying cliff hanger, about characters we can care about. The rest of them, meh!

I'm more on edge about that than about finding out whether or not Daniel succeeded in hanging himself. And I'm getting more than fed up with the big cameos for AG when she has a weepy or conflicted moment. I'm sick to death of her, of her crappy wig and bodacious tatas staring us in the face every episode.

Your recap did more than justice to this horrible hodgepodge. ¡Gracias de nuevo!

La Fan >Jarifa, SpanProf

Channel "Julian" has the final.

BTW, they brought in the Cucaracha song again; sung/warbled by KiKe;
have u noticed how they censor out the line about Marijuana (le falta marijuana a funar), using like "La La la?"


La Fan >SpanProf

Where can one find the recaps of "La Fan Estrellas"?

Once in a while someone is so devoted to a telenovela that extensive or even the complete script is written out. That was done for Betty La Fea (both in Spanish & English) & Corazon Salvaje (Edith Gonazalez version). For Muneca Brava a great task of producing subtitles in English was done. I think that is still on YouTube. For La Fan I had difficulty understanding a lot of dialog, since while I am good at understanding Spanish spoken slowly & distinctly, when someone like Begoña Narváez (high energy actriz) emotionally blathers out at 90 mph, I get lost. Gabriel Porras is more likely to enunciate his words.

La Fan Mas Confusion de Capitulos; Justin Case

Now I note where a Gala TV site has posted: "Capítulo 62: Las mentiras de Salma" (the gambit of Salma trying to tar Lucas as a sodomite with Justin Case). That is a totally new system to me; what are there? 10 different cap systems? This cap 62 would be one of the last caps, perhaps what is called elsewhere cap 124 & elsewhere around cap 88.

One touch of humor brot in at the end was an explanation of the name of "Justin Case." It was "explained" as that he was ready to help a woman give birth to her baby Just In Case there was no doctor or mid-wife available! While it seemed that Jessica never got a swollen panza during her pregnancy (except for one fantasy), suddenly she gave birth. But Justin Case was there to deliver the baby for her.

La Doña

Many thanks, deb and LXV. I loved your comments

deb, even when you're not recapping, you come up with amazing descriptions. I'm thinking especially of your account of Saúl "who is hopping around making animal noises and shooting a gun." Yes! Also your on-target question/observation "has Adolfo ever had a girlfriend." As for Saúl's insisting on interpreting Yesenia's will, I assumed he was simply looking for any excuse to be with Mónica and perhaps be a bit helpful.

LXV, I've always turned off autocorrect mechanisms, but your priceless description of Saúl "backing and frothing" may make me reconsider. I loved it! I should add that I share your impatience with the novela and most of its characters. I've been on Team Adolfo for quite a while, but last night was almost more than I could stand. As you said, " Nobody with an ounce of sensitivity would press his suit at a time like that. Are we expected to feel any sympathy for him?" He seemed too pitiful to be anyone's galan. For me, his going to whine to AG was the last straw.


Juanita: I'll update the Body Count following lunch.


SpanProf, I am off the Telemundo wagon and back to Unimás with La candidata on 5/2 at 8:00. High political drama but only 61 episodes. Yay! That is being followed at 9:00 by El bienamado which has been advertised as lighter comedic fare. I hope to watch that one too. Nothing on Univision for me. : (

Enoch, yep, they sure cut out the marijuana que fumar. So funny. I laughed so hard at Justin delivering Jessica's baby. Did you get to the part about Adriana having quintuplets?


La Fan. Enoch: I just google La Fan telemundo and La Fan Las Estrellas is one of the possibilities that comes up. Supposedly you can see the episodes too, though they don't play on my computer, but there's a summary of each episode below the video link.

La Fan. Jarifa: I have been watching Vino el amor, silly though it is--partly to see the scenes of downtown Sonoma. :) Unlike Napa, Sonoma was a genuine Spanish town with a plaza and some surviving Spanish/Mexican buildings. The fourth-grade field trip was to the Sonoma mission and General Vallejo's home. I think I get Unimas and will check out those 2 novelas.


BODY COUNT (Updated):

1.) Daddy Sandoval

2.) Mama Sandoval

3.) Cesar

4.) Guillermo Contreras

5.) Homeless Guy violently beaten to death by Braulio

6.) Miguel Preciado (Monkey #1)

7.) Mama Vasquez

8.) The Prostitute

9.) Felipe's Bodyguard

10.) Colonel Cespedes' wife

11.) Daddy Aguirre

12.) Clarita Aguirre

13.) Colonel Alejandro Cespedes (Monkey #2)

14.) Perita the Prison Girl

15.) Ximena Urdaneta: She signed her own death warrant by aligning with OJ Braulio & should've stayed put in Spain!

16.) Francisco's Bodyguard

17.) Francisco's Henchman

18.) Francisco Vega (Monkey #3)

19.) Emiliano Cabral

20.) Chief Deputy Gabino Dominguez: Chess-Nuts Roasting On An Open Fire!

21.) Lazaro Hernandez AKA Monica's Beloved Jefe

22.) Interior Department Deputy Secretary Felipe Valenzuela

23.) Gustavo Jimenez AKA the Uppity Journalist

24.) Elena Lopez: She was WARNED not to align herself with Braulio! She brought this on herself.

25.) The Medical Examiner

26.) Hotel Busboy Octavio

27.) The 3 Nightclub Punks

28.) Yesenia Sandoval-Hernandez AKA Tia Yesenia: I'll miss your Voodoo Magic Tricks.

29.) Daniel Llamas ? (Monkey #4)

30.) Officer Guillen


LA Dona. Juanita as usual, you did an amazing recap. LXV, I thought I was the only one who noticed AG horrible wig and constant b-baring. Seems no top or blouse can cover her up. Adolfo's insensitivity to Yessinia's death was a low blow.


Chinelo: Dr. Adolfo showing signs of Braulio 2.0 with his insensitivity & obsessive behavior. You want to bet he starts beating on Monica next if she doesn't do what he wants ?



HALIMACANDY: Super Hero Cop Karen better WATCH HER BACK because if she keeps confronting AG again, don't be shocked if our Super Hero Cop suffers the same fate like Felipe & Gustavo.


la dona

Juanita!! you have it going on!!!great recap,..
gheewiz, we need it, cause this is flying bye bye

deb , you had me laughing OMG... tee hee!!
steve: I GIVE UP..
DANNY BABY.. HAS TO LIVE, why he thought everybody was never gonna find out...
the parent /women have been betrayed twice!!

Funky him big momma, lay him on those'tatas''LOL..?!? AND SAVE HIM!!



Juanita- That was just a fantastic recap. Sadly, I have lost all enthusiasm for this show. It just feels like it's dragging at this point, and characters I used to like are getting on my nerves.

- Street-smart Lydia, is suddenly acting like a naive idiot.
- Sensitive/kind Adolfo has morphed into an insensitive, possessive jerk. (Least believable chance and so obviously a plot device to make Saul look better.)
- Monica's continued stubbornness about the money makes me want to slap her.

Deb- I agree with you about being annoyed that the women constantly need to be rescued/supported by the men. Even badass Karen is now always leaning on Jorge for support. I still like her though. It was actually Saul's fault that Brau escaped. Saul (a civilian) coming in with a gun pointed at Braulio caused both Karen and the cop holding Brau to be distracted long enough to get the advantage. Who the hell does Saul think he is? So annoying!

RIP, Yesenia!


Typo: Least believable change (not chance)...

La Fan >Jarifa

"Adriana having quintuplets" Yes, I saw pretty much the rest of the telenovela picking up after where Jenny B055 left off. But I thot they blew it; she should have been Octomom II. Of course Natalia would have helped her care for them. I don't know that anything now interests me. Another narco? if you've seen 1, haven't you seen them all? Another Cinderella unknown/mistaken parentage, false embarrassment circo, no.

Enoch, Octomom II! Now, that would have been a novel idea.

I am not a big narco fan either. A couple of years back I saw the two seasons of The Bridge on FX which gave me all the narco entertainment I will ever need.. The telenovela landscape seems to be in an odd state of transition but to what, who knows?


“La Querida del Centauro", hmm, according to a Telemundo news release, this will be airing in the 10pm slot.



Vivi: Dr. Adolfo is showing signs of becoming a mini-Braulio when he gets possessive & controlling Monica's every moves. I wouldn't be surprised if he punches or GULP: rapes her.

HALIMACANDY: Regina still has no damn idea that AG was the one, who ordered Felipe's assassination. When that comes out, you can bet Regina will be the one to start AG's downfall.

I mean, I just cannot see AG getting away with everything in the end here.

AG Addict Saul (who can't make a decision to pick which woman he wants) seems to be an IDIOT. First, he loves AG, then he wants Monica, then he goes back to AG (sound familiar on Univision's "Vino El Amor" with Sonoma County, CA Sheriff Brian "I'm Ashamed of Being Latino" Gutierrez jumping between Marta & Lillian AKA Deborah Sanders 2.0).



REGINA is an IDIOT.. she has a problem with danny ? since when??.

SHE is DUE for a wake up- call…! Do you realize your life is in danger??
Braulio is gunning for ya’ll! Right??

Aldofo was right to put Monic in check, he called her on her B.S... Denial….
Valeria is afraid for Diego to go to the frontier, it’s safer than around his dad... scruffy was like “yeah, get going!! See ya!!!

Aldofo really painted an excellent picture of sad sack…Saul waiting for an off chance of laying all over those tatas!!....aldofo may not be the man, but he is real...

Danny was at the end of his rope [sorry]… Funky diva saved him...why? just let him go into the luz…ok Danny must still have some use… and he also hasn’t sign all the paper work she needs to get the foundation together for Monica… just saying?.

Dona, was the woman for him always, she really marked him for life…! 1 and she may be responding, girl, be nice! Break-him-off-some-before his dies…so the man can die happy….
Ok... they can die together. Works -4-me...

Lydia and Diego, ok... he is now a man, and can protect his woman, and he is going to need all the guts he can muster...if his dad shows up…

American dreamy music.. beside, you are handling$$$ ..You’re rich, you have the cash to get visas!!!

Valeria/scruffy are in trouble…. Elena, what happen to her? I would love to see her crazy, loudmouth self-crying and begging, hey..! Hard –head-makes-a-soft-behind!

Azucena, you are awesome! Well, I guess we will be having the funeral from hell?????



My personal thoughts on last night:

1.) AG barges in the Foundation & successfully manages to out-coach the Good Guys there once again!

2.) Monica, Saul, Mama Aguirre, Margarita, Valeria & Lopez are like WTH ?

3.) AG & the Construction Crew start discussing major renovations to the Foundation.

4.) Monica goes completely nuts on AG for doing this. Now AG managed to manipulate the kids at the Foundation too SMH.

5.) Braulio & Daddy Cabral plotting a massive holy takeover & bloody coup d'état.

6.) Daniel survived & is now working for AG. What a fall from grace.... AG's lapdog!

7.) Dr. Adolfo shows up at the Foundation..... to once again manipulate Monica & kisses her while Saul is forced to watch as AG is smirking evil (DIE AG DIE).

8.) Daddy Cabral puts a gun to Regina's head & threatens to whack her on the spot.

9.) Lydia explains she does NOT speak English at all. I'm assuming since her family moved to the US, they're likely speaking English at some point.

10.) Diego & Lydia in another steamy sex scene as the US music is being played in English talking about keeping big secrets.

11.) Nice close-up of Diego penetrating Lydia.

12.) Regina shows up at Sandoval Construction & one of AG's secretaries talks to her.

13.) Later, Regina demands to see videos of what transpired on the day of Felipe's assassination. However, she finds out several of the videos have been altered.

14.) Looks like Regina is going to be the key to AG's downfall!

15.) Mama Aguirre sees right through AG's BULL Expletive & calls her out.... Be careful Mama Aguirre: remember when Felipe called out AG ?

16.) Super Hero Cop Karen & Jorge holding each other.





La Fan

Thanks for the link to watch the gran final! I was expecting a little bit more but maybe that's just because I'm still watching the Diego/Adriana scenes (I just got to Willy appearing) and haven't really followed what else happened in the second half.

How in the world did Miriam and Gabriel end up together? Isn't he twice her age?

La Doña 111

Saul pleads his case with Monica, dump Adolfo and give me a go, Monica is dumbfounded, yes Monica doesn't love Adolfo enough to marry him, but she likes his company, she tries to explain liking two guys, but you already know that with me and AG, or do you get a pass because you are a man, Margarita appears and breaks it up.

Adolfo drops by AG for some more coaching, he's cooled things with Monica, tomorrow's his birthday and they will be spending the day together as will AG and Saul, just like AG planned.

Regina drills Daniel on what he knows about AG's involvement with Rafael in killing Felipe, but Dan plays it middle of the road, sure Rafael told him the same thing he told Regina, but he always lies.

Lopez needs to identify Elena's remains, or the pieces, (say, how does everyone know Braulio killed her).

Margo leans on Monica for really loving Saul and not Adolfo.

Regina arrives home in a nasty mood with AG on her about where she was.

and Braulio is shaking things up at their away home where Diego and Lydia have been spending time, he's come for some money he has stashed and finds them in bed, lots of gun to the head stuff but Diego is not backing down and puts himself between Braulio and Lydia, Braulio has Diego tie her to a chair as they recover his money, and a final speech before he goes since he will probably never see Diego again, he can see that Diego has become a man, he's proud of him, and sorry for what he did to Lydia, he will never hurt her again, they need not fear him, he asks forgiveness, he also says he never loved Valeria, the only person he has ever loved (I thought he would say himself) is Diego, and also the baby Valeria is carrying, if it is his, he lowers his gun and goes for a hug, maybe a touch, since Diego has backed away.

touching story, but Diego unties Lydia and they are out of there.

Adolfo, in suit and tie comes to pick up Monica for her surprise date, she changes into something nice.

Diego and Lydia end up at Karens office, along with Valeria, Lopez, Saul, and tell their story, and when leaving are joined by Leticia who asks for forgiveness.

Saul waits for AG at an abandoned building that will be torn down for some Foundation expansion, AG has chosen Daniel to drive today and Saul is not liking them together (looks like jealousy to me) Daniel waits by the car as they go inside.

Jorge drops Lydia off at the Foundation where she reunites with Margarita and Azucena.

Braulio and Rafael have followed AG and this is the perfect place to kill both her and Saul, but they argue over how, Rafael wants to pop them, Braulio wants them to suffer.


La Doña 112

Monica and Adolfo await the limo for their date as Monica flashes on the limo for Yesenia's wedding (I guess so many people are dying why bother with the funerals)

Rafael distracts Daniel while Braulio clunks him on the head, they shovel him into their trunk and check on Saul/AG, Braulio has a plan, there are explosives there for the demo of the building and Braulio plants a charge under the floor where AG and Saul are chatting and drinking champagne, wow, and down they come, Saul falls on something and is bleeding, and pushes AG out from under a falling timber that knocks him down again, is he dead?

as AG tries to get a reaction, their faces morph different, I'm thinking this is a young AG / Cesar moment, when she is about to lose her lover again.

junior detective Regina pretends to be AG and gets the phone company to email her AG's phone records, lots of calls the day Felipe died and most to/from Rafael.

Diego skips out on Lydia, he has something he has to do, and shows at Isabela's doorstep, she's a brat, kicks him out, and cries when he leaves.

Saul comes around and promises AG they will make it (but he's the one that is hurt) he wonders if Daniel was in on this, if not, then where is he.

Adolfo brings Monica to a helicopter where they take a scenic flight, ending in a small soccer field, er, one of AG's ranches where there is a meal set up at a table under a tree, Adolfo wonders where the band is and warns the servants not to mention AG at all, he talks to Monica about his life as she flashes on a much different romantic dinner date with Saul.

Braulio and Rafael have beat feet out of there and when clear stop and drag Daniel out of the trunk, Braulio wants to kill him but Rafael knows Dan to be loyal, and we get an insight into his plan, he wants Dan to get Regina to turn on AG for Felipe's killing so Monica will understand it wasn't his fault (good luck with that) but Dan gets the drop on him, shoots Braulio, and is off.

Saul is sinking fast (is he dying) while AG confesses, she killed Miguel and Cespedes, and once again how meeting Saul has changed her life.

Leticia wants to do a story on the Foundation.

Dan makes his way to a public phone and calls Matamoros who picks him up, Mata is livid, if AG is dead I will kill you, Dan tells him why bother, I'll kill myself.

they make it to the building as AG is screaming for help, is Saul dead?


LA DONA: Thanks deb, that was a very satisfying recap.

"junior detective Regina" LOL, for the first time in her sheltered life she does some meaningful work.

I'm glad Diego saw it as a priority to break it off officially with Isabrat. He's a pretty stand-up guy.

"Saul is sinking fast (is he dying)" ...we can only hope!

This train wreck is speeding toward it's gran final.



LXV: Maybe Dr. Adolfo should end up with IsaBrat (when Monica likely dumps him).


My personal thoughts:

1.) Details of Elena being chopped up like that was WTH! Braulio dissolved Ximena with sulfuric acid & hearing this ?

2.) Lopez is devastated by the news developments of Elena's grisly death as Valeria comforts The Scruffy.

3.) FAKE NEWS Leticia begging for forgiveness ? Bitch please!

4.) Super Hero Cop Karen & Jorge still investigating.

5.) I'm glad Diego said GOODBYE FELICIA to IsaBrat! Now he & Lydia can focus on being together.

6.) Guessing we won't see Amalia Vega again.

7.) Braulio & Daddy Cabral still on the run. Their unsuccessful Bay of Pigs attempt on AG & AG Addict Saul was like EH!

8.) Lydia now working with Monica & Margarita at the Foundation. Mama Aguirre & possibly Madga works there too.

9.) Matamoros (Teo 2.0) goes off on Daniel.

10.) Surprised that nobody else besides Regina & few others found AG's secret witchcraft chamber.

11.) Dr. Adolfo taking Monica to a secret undisclosed location for a private lunch or dinner somewhere.

12.) Looking forward to seeing those APB Aletrs for Daddy Cabral & Braulio all over the country.


La Dona

I thought it was amusing to see that when Yesenia's wedding party were posing for photographs (in the flashback scene), they all said "Cheese" in English. Is this common in Mexico?

La Doña

Magnificent recap, deb! One of your best!! There were so many gems I enjoyed, such as "junior detective Regina" and "the only person he has ever loved (I thought he would say himself)."

I thought the writers did well to have AG flash back to Cesar's death. Also, Mónica's flashback to a dinner with Saúl as she dines with an increasingly inept Adolfo makes it clear, I fear, that she's going to end up with Saúl (arrgh), whether we in Viewerville like it or not. Unless of course he really does die (as LXV said, we can only hope!).


Deb- The recap was just wonderful. Thank you.

It's a little late in the game for Regina to finally stand up to her big sister, but I'm not sure what's the point. So many other people know AG has killed people. What does Regina figuring out that AG ordered Felipe's death change, other than her MAYBE finally deciding to move out of the mansion for good. By the way, did Felipe leave a will? Did Regina get his money/properties?

I too found the young AG/Cesar flashbacks to be an effective way to show AG's fear over losing Saul. But I have to admit that I was really distracted by how much worse AG's wig looked when covered in dust. :)

I feel like Diego should have emphasized to Karen, Valeria,and everyone how Braulio promised to stay away from Diego, but wouldn't make the same promise about the baby. To me, that sounded like he would be stalking (possibly kidnapping) Valeria in the near future. And of course, if he then finds out the baby is Lopecito's, that means she's in grave danger.


La Doña

thanks guys!

is he dead yet?

is there anyone in this show that isn't feeling guilty for something that they did or didn't do (besides AG and Matamoros of course).

I was thinking La Doña ends when La Querida Centauro begins, but it looks like that is replacing El Capo, and next week it looks like no La Doña on Monday for a 2 hour Guerra de Idolos and no show on Thursday for the music awards, but interesting that the one hour La Doña is taking the early slot at 8, but wait, on Tuesday may 2 the schedule shows El Capo replacing La Doña in the 8 pm slot, I guess we'll wait and see.



Vivi: Valeria & Lopez are NOT out of danger since Braulio is still on the loose.

I wouldn't be surprised if both Valeria & Lopez get whacked before the Gran Final.

La dona
Steve if only that would happen.. 'too much to ask for!!

only thepoor and the good die on these darn shows..
the rich get to live on!! B***SH**

diego and Braulio had a dad/son moment ..sort-of... but it was good ,wolf man told the boy, abt his sick/posessive affection , love...let the healing begin...from a distance...

Braulio loves his children , the new one..'s coming.. she and scuffy are just Netflix and chilling[ sex/foot rubs] like it's all good????

Braulio can take valeria and fly away.. I was hoping diego would let the cat -out-of-the -bag!!
Poor chopped-up elena, creepy and ..sick..

I could help laughing when scruffy exclaimed ''body-what body..??!!

monica n aldofo.. he is still 10x the man saul is, love that lunch !!! paid by dona!! but awesome!!

saul and funky diva.. she is getting ready to claim her man... she putting the Vulcan- 'mind- melt'.. on him

regina, she is coming-0ut-of pocket! I like watching her jump-bad with dona...but too little too late!!

and Leticia is not in jail for colluding with a criminal???

Daniel in rescue mode.... they get there and is Braulio and ratfael heading to the ranch .. where monica is at ???

dang, I miss Yesenia n lazaro...

regina, what do you want, you are not gonna do anything with the information.anyway??

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