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Vino el Amor, Lunes 4/17/17 Chapter 126: When All Sex Fails, Play the Victim & Chapter 127: Surrogate and Departing Daughters

When we last saw the madness in the vineyard, Luciana had knocked on the door and seen the deliberate deshabille of Gracie, who did this deliberately to vex her. Luciana apologized to David, said she would not seek him out again, wished them happiness, and left. David started to follow her only to be shrieked at by Gracie, who gave herself credit for such sexual witchcraft that she could not believe that he would still think that way of Luciana.
                   “I needed to talk to her about today's activities in the vineyard.”
That's only an excuse! Don't make that face at me.”
Don't look at me like that. You know that Luciana is very important to the vineyard.”
To the vineyard? Or to you? Because if she were only your employee she wouldn't come into this house at this hour like this or worse talk to you the way she does.”
Because she always –”
Until there was something between you but now you are with me and should put her in her place.”
Don't carry on like this, please.”
But I don't understand why she affects you too much because nothing I do is enough for you to forget her.” [And this could be true for the rest of your miserable lives.]

Lillian sat in her room, staring into space. Sonia came in to ask what was wrong. She played the victim, saying that nobody cared about her. She finally said that Brian gave her her walking papers. She claimed it was Marta's fault. Sonia ignored that and told her that Brian was the one who lost. Lillian started crying like a high school girl being ignored by the quarterback. She then went on that he hated her for what she had done. She said she didn't want anything and asked Sonia to leave her alone. [The real shock is that she wasn't trying to be imperious about it.] Sonia left, looking back one either in shock or concern. Lillian continued to cry.

David and Gracie's argument went on.
I realized I adored you and showed you I did and you still prefer her –”
Things aren't like that –”
Yes, they are because you are showing me that –”
I explained to you why!” he shouted.
I don't understand why you are hurting me like this.” She was playing the victim again. “Did I annoy you, David? Tell me!”
Then therefore tell me what I have to do to make you forget Luciana. If I've been doing something wrong –”
You haven't done anything wrong, Graciela. It was never my intention to hurt you.”
I don't know. I guess I'm just not enough for you. If you want Luciana don't think you can have me.”
She sashayed out of the room. David said nothing, but seemed to realize that he had somehow screwed up big time.

Luciana returned to the employees' quarters. She had managed to withhold her tears until she got away from David and the succubus who had been draining all his life out of him. Only then did she ask herself why he preferred her and say that she could not take seeing him with Gracie.

León took his morning coffee alone while he read Sonia's manuscript. Tano came out with his class notes. León told him he was reading Sonia's novel and that nobody else knows she had written one. Tano was curious and asked about it.
Well, once upon a time in a vineyard....”

In the main house Gracie had not yet come down for breakfast. The others sat at the breakfast table waiting for her. Bobby said he was famished and Fernanda said they had to wait for their aunt. Carito came in with David's platter and Fernanda asked whether her aunt had helped with breakfast. Carito answered “No, and I haven't seen your aunt all morning.”
Maybe she got up before us, as usual,” said David.
How odd,” said Lillian. “Grace always makes breakfast at this hour. She wouldn't go out. Is she alright?”
David hesitated slightly.
Well, maybe it's because last night we argued, but I didn't think it was a big deal.” As he sipped his juice, however, his expression said otherwise.
Are you serious, Papa?” asked Fernanda. “Everything was fine. What happened?”
Daughter, it was something between Graciela and me.”
Papa, please share that with us.”
Fernanda, please don't interfere.”
Now we're starting like before. I'll go talk to my aunt.” She rose from the table.
Fernanda,” he began, but she was already halfway to the stairs.

Luciana stood in the vineyard, her sadness visible. Susan arrived and she told her what happened the night before. She explained she couldn't take it anymore. She didn't know what to do but every time she became more angry about it.

Bobby asked his father not to be angry with his aunt. David told him not to worry, all would be well. Lillian asked him if he was done eating and when he said he was she excused him from the table. As he left, she told David she had advice for him. “Grace loves you. She gave up everything for you. I hope you make things right with her.”
I'm sorry, Señora, but I think you're exaggerating things.”
Tell me what happened.”
I saw Luciana and Graciela was annoyed.”
David, women are most vulnerable when we surrender our hearts. Grace knows perfectly well what Luciana means to you. I beg you to understand.”
I'm trying to put things right but you know your daughter. She doesn't want to talk about it with me.”
She is hurt, David. She gave up everything for this family and nothing changes. She live here at your side and worries that people think she is only your lover. Grace loves you. The only thing I ask is that you not hurt her. And please, show her she is important to you....if she really is.”
I'll talk with her later. Thanks for the advice.”
He looked at her directly. He looked grateful, but not enthusiastic.

Fernanda was in Gracie's room being a buttinsky. Gracie was playing hard to get with answers to her questions, saying she didn't want it to affect her. [In a pig's eye she didn't.] Fernanda asked whether it was Luciana's fault and with tears that were at least partially reptilian Gracie said “Nothing I do for your father is good enough, Fernanda.” She went back into yet another version of her sales pitch, going on about how she could be dumped any minute. When Fernanda allowed her to lean on her shoulder she stopped crying. Her face was like stone, but Fernanda didn't see it.

León went into the kitchen to tell Sonia how much he loved her book. That it was the best he'd ever read. He began encouraging her to get it published.

David went out into the vineyard and met up with Luciana and Susan. Another game of telephone ensued when Luciana asked Susan to give David the report. Susan did, telling him that there was no evidence of the plague. No larvae were present. He was happy to hear this. Luciana, without facing him, finally said “So I hop you value my work.”

It almost looked like Fernanda and Gracie had switched roles with Fernanda telling her aunt not to talk like that and Gracie saying that she didn't have a formal relationship with David. That he would sooner or later ditch her for Luciana, thus breaking her heart. She made some convincing-looking tears, spouting platitudes and finishing with saying that if it didn't work out with David she couldn't stay.
Fernanda embraced Gracie, saying that this won't happen. [As the flies on the wall are hoping it is a prophesy.]

The absurdly childish game of telephone in the vineyard finally stopped when David said “Enough. This can't go on anymore.” Susan agreed and took her leave before Luciana could object.
You know your work is valued. You know you are an essential element to this vineyard.”
Yes, of course,” Luciana said, sarcastically. “For the vineyard, nothing else.”
Of course not.”
At times it's hard understand, like last night.”
Luciana what happened last night –”
You know, David, I don't want to hear any more. From what I can see you are very happy with Graciela. I don't want your explanations.” She walked away from him.

Bobby went into his sister's room, telling her that he was afraid that their father and aunt were fighting. He didn't want his father to shut himself away from them again. Fernanda said this would not happen but that Aunt Gracie was upset and said she might leave. Bobby said he didn't want that and Fernanda said she didn't either and she was going to talk with their father.

Lillian asked Gracie if she wasn't making a big tragedy out of a few lines. Gracie smiled and said that this was just how she handles David. How men can't resist a woman's tears. Lillian wasn't so sure because she had never seen Luciana do such a thing.
Oh, but she doesn't have what I have,” Gracie said.
But in my opinion you don't have anything secured. There was no stability last night.”
He was following her but I stopped him.”
That was bad, daughter. The day that he follows her you can destroy her. Not before.” [Can someone clarify this?]

David's kids found him in the study and told them that they were worried. He told them that this was a matter between Gracie and himself. The kids went on about how they don't want them to fight and that they don't want things to go back to what they had been before. David told them that this would not happen [although he looks on his way to it]. He told them he would talk to Gracie. Fernanda reminded him to tell her she was important to him. He looked up, but he certainly did not look happy.

Juan went home angry because David had filed a counter-suit and now he was liable for all the expenses that David had fighting the plague. That meant that he needed to go back into the human trafficking business to make the necessary diner. Perla didn't like this and refused to participate. He told her that the alternative was to lose everything.

David tried to tell his children to lay off but Fernanda just gave a re-written version of Lillian's pitch about Gracie's sacrifices and how he should be grateful. He told them that he had always been honest with Gracie. Bobby repeated that they didn't want things to be as they were before when he was always annoyed and scolding them. Fernanda continued with making Gracie feel valued, etc. Es la misa tonteria con palabras differentes. David said he would talk to Gracie.

Luciana was at Santa Barbara with a report for Adolfo on clients wanting his new wine. He was pleased and tried to give her a check for her efforts. She returned it, saying she could not accept it.

David knocked on Gracie's door. He apologized when she let him in, but she did not accept it graciously. She told him it was no good because “You don't feel anything real for me.” [It's a shame se never got that message for real, isn't it?]
Please, don't see it that way. I love you [Yo te quiero].”
Yes, you care for me but I have failed to win your love.”
Graciela, you've been good to me and the children and you gave up everything for them and when I tell you you have my affection for that I'm sincere.”
Yes, but it's not enough, David, and I know I can't obligate you to love me as I love you but it hurts that I do what I do for you and it's never enough for you.”
Please, Graciela, don't say that.”
Of course it's true, David. It hurts the children more. They were so happy seeing us together . If this doesn't work out you will have to be the one to tell them because I won't provoke their pain.”

Adolfo and Miguel convinced Luciana to accept the check with Adolfo telling her he valued her help.

Graciela, I want this to work.”
Yes, it's very easy to say this when I'm the only one who is working at this relationship.”
I've been going my part.”
Really? I don't like that you work so much.”
What do you want me to say to make you feel more secure?”
That you respect me as your woman. Give me my place as the partner I am now.”
You feel I haven't done that.”
Yes, David. I've told you that it looks like Luciana is more important than me and it's better if I leave because there is nothing more that I can do here.” [Unfortunately, we know she doesn't mean a word of that.]
Don't think that. I don't want you to leave.”
Then show me that. I don't ask much; I'm not that kind of woman.” [Liar, liar, pants on fire.]
No, no, of course not.”
I will stay at your side surrendering my love to you but realize that if you hurt me I will leave this house.”
I will do something to this respect.”
I don't want to hurt you. That was never my intention.”
Really? So you need to find the best way not to hurt me any more.” [Really, who says such things?] She looked like a little girl about to cry her eyes out.
I see. I'll leave you alone.”
He walked out. As soon as the door was closed she brightened and almost laughed.

León prepared a large envelope to send Sonia's manuscript to a publisher. [León, maybe you should tell Sonia?] Marta came down in time to see this. He told her it was a surprise he was making for Sonia. Marta told him how proud she was of him and happy that he found the woman of his dreams. They decided to go out for ice cream.

Miguel visited Luciana in the vineyard to ask her to come to work at Santa Barbara. He said she didn't deserve what she was going through. She agreed to think about it.

Fernanda read Bobby a bedtime story. Graciela came into Bobby's room unannounced and cried again about leaving because their father didn't value her. They hugged her, each from a side, and she silently congratuated herself on how successful she was at mind control.

David talked to Cesar about this latest development. He was feeling guilty. Cesar reminded him that Gracie was caring for the children to benefit herself by getting him. David mentioned her sacrifices and his in the name of the children's happiness. He didn't know what to do now. Cesar was getting impatient as he told David to think things over carefully because he could someday regret sacrificing the happiness he would know with Luciana.

Gracie tucked Bobby in bed, continuing her performance from before, complete with crocodile tears.

Luciana was having tea when Marta came down and they talked about her pain. Luciana said it was like David was a different person. [Don't tell me; they're adding a subplot of Invasion of the Body Snatchers to this tale!] She told Marta that she got a job offer from Santa Barbara. She didn't know what she was going to do yet. She didn't want to see David and Gracie together day by day but didn't want to leave him and his kids at her not-so-tender mercies. [Marta, now is the time to talk about that Boarding School Threat.]

The following morning Carito told David that she was told to bring the kids' breakfast into the game room. She told him in appropriately embarrassed tones that the kids were angry with him and didn't want to sit at the breakfast table with him.
That isn't possible,” he said.

Luciana talked with León in the vineyard, asking him how much he wanted to start his own business. He told her he so wanted to because he wanted to marry Sonia. She gave him the check that Adolfo gave her.

David went into the game room, asking his children why they didn't want to eat breakfast with him. They said they didn't like that Tia Succubus was sad. He tried once again to explain that this was a matter between him and Graciela but as they kept talking they told him everything she told them, including her threat of departure. He didn't flip out but Fernanda's last line was “Don't let this happen to our family.”

León tried to decline the money but Luciana persuaded him to accept. She just wanted him to be happy.

David's kids reminded him of what they owed to their succubus aunt. Fernanda's SAT score, Bobby in the soccer school, etc., and please don't let her leave.
Don't let her leave because my aunt is the only person who can make us happy in this house” was the theme of this pitch.
David caved and said he would talk to her.

The lawyer who drew up Erika's will visited Santa Barbara and Miguel signed the relevant document. He now owns half of the entire vineyard.

Juan finished up a phone call and told Perla that there was a group of immigrants arriving ASAP. She asked him what they were going to do such as where to put them and what they would have to do if any were sick. His non-answer indicated that he had no contingencies for this.

Adolfo was pleased that Miguel accepted his inheritance.

David went out into the vineyard to talk to Luciana. He asked her to come to his office from now on to talk about work matters. She accused him of doing this to protect the fragile little succubus. He answered that it was better for both of them. She answered that she will not take this any longer and will leave. “That is better for all of us.”

Chapter 127: Surrogate and Departing Daughters

David told Luciana she could not leave. All he asked is for her to come to the office. However, Luciana told him that things were no longer the same and that everything about the vineyard reminded her of him. She could not take this anymore. He asked her to think about it. [Which shows that Gracie has sucked out his IQ points to barely survival levels.] Luciana walked away from him.

Perla told Juan she could not do this again. He would not take no for an answer. He also insisted that she strong-arm persuade Carito to get involved. The first group would be arriving that day.

León showed the check to Tano and told him that he could open his business. Tano was excited for him and León asked his help with locations. Tano suggested that Marta help him because she is suc a good cook.

Luciana and Susan talked in the distillery office. Luciana told her about the latest development and said she had finally reached her limit. She had to leave because she could not continue to suffer like this.

David told the succubus what he had just done. “Oh, you did this for me? Oh, you didn't have to do that. Thanks!” She ended with a carefully choreographed kiss on the cheek which failed to make him even begin to crack a smile.

Susan foolishly tried to persuade Luciana not to make a hasty decision and to think about it. Luciana told her she had to leave so that Gracie wouldn't have the pleasure of taunting her anymore. Susan said that David only asked her not to come to the house, but Luciana pointed out that Gracie would come to the office to play her sick little game. That she was a bitch, so Luciana hated her. Susan understood this and told her she hoped she didn't leave town and that she would be there for her.

David told Gracie that he realized that he had been making a mistake in how he had been treating her. She put on the happy face and said she was there with him forever. She only wanted him to love her as she loved him. He said that that's what he was there for. She said she didn't like when they fought. She thanked him for talking to Luciana and promised that they wouldn't fight again. She started pawing his shoulders and he didn't even look her in the eye.

Carito was cleaning the employees' kitchen when her cell rang. She glanced at it, continued putting things on the table, and finally shut it off. At the other end Perla realized that Carito was not going to answer. Juan was there next to her telling her that she had to control Carito. If she didn't answer Perla was to go to the vineyard to talk to her. They started fighting about this
Marta returned to the kitchen and realized that something was wrong. She got Carito to tell her that Perla was trying to reach her and she didn't want to talk to her. Marta commented that she always had a bad vibe from Perla and couldn't understand why Carito had been such good friends with her. Carito told her that she had always felt alone and thought Perla was a good friend. Marta said that life always brings in the truth and she could not understand why Perla was still with Juan after everything that had happened. She had finally concluded that Perla was merely selfish and concerned only with what would happen to herself. Carito nodded in agreement.

Lillian was reading in her room when Gracie entered and gloated over her latest victory. “Luciana can no longer come into the house.”
Really?” This actually caused Lillian to close the book and look at her nasty spawn. They continued to congratulate themselves on finally getting Luciana and Marta out of their lives.

Luciana was in town and ran into Adolfo. He saw how sad she was and realized that she had had a problem with David. He didn't ask for details, but said that “If you were my daughter I would want you to be happy” and then said that she was needed in his vineyard. He offered her a job.

Carito continued not to answer Perla and Juan got angry. He demanded to know why Perla was protecting her. She answered “Because she is my friend” but Juan tried to turn this around to say that Carito was not a true friend if she would not help. After his intimidating answer Perla caved, saying she would talk to her if she had to go over there to do it. He walked away, drink in hand, and Perla was biting her lip.

Fernanda came into the distillery where Tano was packing bottles into the partitioned boxes. They kissed and she said she had to talk. She told him that her dad and her aunt had been fighting and this was a big problem “for the family.” He told her to calm down and allow them to work it out. Whatever happened it wouldn't change how her father felt for her. Fernanda didn't buy this, saying she didn't want them to break up. Tano told her he loved her and didn't like seeing her unhappy. They kissed. [Tano, you really need someone who is at your level; Fernanda is still a spoiled little brat.]

Luciana accepted Adolfo's offer. Her reluctance had been based on the prospect of leaving her family and that her father's ashes had even been scattered in Bodega Los Angeles. She had felt very alone after her father died. He told her she would be happy working for him. She hugged him. [Methinks he is looking to replace Erika.]

Fernanda and Bobby were in the game room. She told him she knew nothing and was still worried. Right on cue Gracie came in with two giant ice cream sundaes and her usual blood-red smile that was a near-perfect match to her blood-red dress. She announced to them that everything was alright between her and their father. The kids hugged her. She told them she was still waiting for a more formal position but that now her father would “give her her place.” She thanked them for their help.

Marta wasn't sure of her ability to cook for León's business, but he was very encouraging. Luciana walked into this conversation and told them that she was leaving the vineyard. Marta looked surprised. She told her to think about it, but Luciana told them that she could not see David and Gracie together. She didn't want David to see her cry or to see Gracie gloat over her suffering. León told her he would help and she could always count on him and their mother. Marta seconded that and both hugged her.

Bobby took out a DVD and asked Gracie to watch a movie with them. She looked at the cover and lied about said how much she liked spending time with them. [What's with the pillow on her lap? I get the ones on the kids'] David watched from the doorway for a few seconds, then walked in. The kids got up and hugged him. The whole “happy family” routine yadda yadda yadda. Gracie led him to the couch where he sat next to Fernanda. When he did slightly smile it was at the kids.

The following morning Susan walked into the distillery office and saw some files on the desk. Luciana came in with a large container of paperwork and told her she was leaving. She thanked her for all her help while she was there. They hugged. Susan made her promise that she would do whatever it took to make her happy.

Adolfo was taking things off the office shelf. He told Miguel he was preparing it for Luciana because she was coming to work for them. Miguel looked as though he didn't quite believe it.

Luciana found David in the vineyard. He noticed she had a backpack and she told him she was leaving. He asked whether she was sure and she told him where she was going. His first thought was that she was going to work with Miguel. He accepted her decision but they had one last argument over their jealousies. He could not stand to see her with Miguel but she accused him of being selfish at expecting her to stay when she was banished from the house and could not stand to see him with Gracie. She had decided it was time to see to her own needs and leave.

Adolfo and Miguel talked about Luciana and how much they appreciated her. She would be good for them after losing Erika.

Susan talked with Ramón and Tano about Luciana's departure. Ramón had heard this from Marta already. Tano recognized how difficult it was for Luciana to stay considering the circumstances. Susan wasn't sure how they were going to make up the deficit of work but they would have to do it.

David wished happiness for Luciana and she told him she hoped he would never regret this. She walked away from him. He called her name and she paused for a moment. Then she continued walking without looking back.

Carito finally answered her phone while she was cooking in the main house kitchen. She claimed work when Perla asked why she didn't talk to her. She explained that Marta is on vacation and she is taking her place in the main house. Further that Sra Lillian was “very special” and would lose it if she saw her talking on the phone. This ended without talk of her getting involved with the human trafficking and Juan giving Perla hell over that. [So what else is new?]

David went back into the house in a bad mood. Bobby heard him enter and realized his mood. He asked why and David told him that things in the vineyard were getting complicated because Luciana decided to leave.

Carito ran back to the employees' building and took out the mop and bucket. She was afraid of falling behind in her work. Marta took the mop from her and said she would help. She needed a distraction because she was sad. Carito figured out the reason and looked as though she was about to whine about Luciana being with Miguel. However, she didn't for a change. Instead she told Marta she would be there for her if she needed to talk because she was a good person.

David told Bobby that Luciana went to work at Vinedo Santa Barbara and that it was her decision. Bobby asked if he could see her and David told him he could. He could talk to her on the phone or see her in town. Bobby hoped Luciana would have time for him because he really missed her. He also missed Marta, “but at least we have Aunt Graciela to take care of us.”
Yes, son.”
But David did not look happy about this.

Gracie was in her room doing her nails. Lillian walked in without knocking and asked why she wasn't doing something that would please David. Gracie was totally confident that she had David by the cojones but Lillian told her that she should not be overconfident. Marta might be gone and Luciana on her way but she should not rest on her laurels. She needed to get a commitment from David. Gracie said “Little by little” but that wasn't good enough for Lillian. Gracie was sure she was a hair away from convincing David that she would be the perfect wife for him.

Luciana arrived at SB and Miguel told her they were preparing the study for her. She said she didn't need him to do that, she had all she needed. He was happy she was there.

Lillian told Gracie she needed to be affectionate yet distant with David. Gracie's response was that she had finally learned how to control David. Lillian reminded her that David likes women with initiative. Fernanda would be going off to college soon and Grace had limited tolerance for Bobby. Grace seemed to agree with her [Can someone please translate that line? I had a skip in the playback] so Lillian said that it was imperative that Gracie convince David that she would make the perfect wife for him.

Miguel and Adolfo did their best to make Luciana feel welcome. Adolfo said to her “Don't just think of this as your job; think of this as your home.”

Montage over indicate the passage of some time (I'm guessing maybe two months). Luciana working with Miguel and Adolfo, David with Susan, Juan yelling at someone over the phone, then at Perla. Gracie and David in town with Bobby, León and Sonia kissing at the breakfast table in the employees' kitchen.

David and Susan were walking in the vineyard. He asked whether she knew anything about Luciana. She replied that she talks to her and Luciana seemed content. She asked if he was happy with Graciela and he said yes. “We each have found our way,” he said. Again, no smile. He said he was glad to hear that Luciana was happy after everything she suffered.

Perla told Juan she couldn't take it anymore. It was too much work for her. Juan hounded her about Carito and again she defended Carito because of her workload. Juan then said there was too much money at stake and if she continued to refuse he would treat her as Mark did. [If that isn't enough to make her cut and run she is a bigger idiot than we all thought.]

Fernanda went into David's office to tell him that she was accepted at the college of her choice thanks to everyone's help. He hugged her, telling her he was proud of her.

Luciana and Miguel talked shop about cutting expenses and that they would need to talk to Adolfo. There also were contracts to sign. Adolfo came in saying that Miguel had the authority to do that because he is also an owner. Luciana smiled at this, knowing that this was one of Miguel's dreams.

More of the same from David and Fernanda which ended with her telling him that she didn't want to leave before knowing that he was taken care of. She asked if he had considered finally marrying Aunt Succubus. He told her yes. He had thought of the possibility. He still looked like he was about to face the hangman.


I took extra time today because somehow it seemed important to get in all the verbal acrobatics that DisGrace did to David in this episode.

Slicing and dicing during Ultimas Semanas is a Class A Felony.

#127 will follow when completed.

I think tomorrow will be the last episode they combine

WOW Urban, you got every Dishonest, DisCeitful, DesPicable, DisTorted word DisGrace slathered onto DisDumb and left him DisOriented. You kinda halfway want to feel sorry for ole Dave, like feeling bad when you see someone whacking themselves in the noggin with a big hammer, meh, maybe not.

In DisGrace's defense, you do what you are good at. SHE is Good at that. Dave you are a Dolt. Those roids do some messed up shit to you.

Well Hi Alex. Welcome to the trainwreck. Enjoy

Good morning. Thank you, Urban. No time to read the recap now, but I love the title!!!;-) see you later.

When the truth about Graciela whacking Lisa is revealed, I'm going to be looking forward to seeing Diva David, FerBrat & Idiot Bobby begging Luciana to forgive her.


Urban, colorful, vivid and masterful. Superb.

Thank you for taking such care with this episode. Your conversation translations added so much.

Too many favorites to list but "deliberate deshabille of Gracie" and "absurdly childish game of telephone" were among many favorites. "She didn't want to see David and Gracie together day by day but didn't want to leave him and his kids at her not-so-tender mercies" is side bar worthy.

For a show I've felt rather indifferent about recently (primarily due to the editing), my heart really went out to Luci last night. I kept thinking she MUST have hit rock bottom, but no. She is still circling the drain, waiting to be sucked into the vortex created by the evil Graciela.

I don't believe there has ever been a character so perfectly manipulative as Graciela. She has cunningly preyed on every single soft spot and weakness of David and his children perfectly. Guilting David, eliciting sympathy and support from Fernanda and Bobby - her deviousness knows no bounds.

"Cesar reminded him that Gracie was caring for the children to benefit herself by getting him". Such true powerful words only to be negated by David's perception Graciela has sacrificed everything for him. Ack.

"Dishonest, DisCeitful, DesPicable, Distorted" spot on Kirby...

The only bright lights were Adolfo and Miguel (boy, I didn't think I'd be saying that). Adolfo is generous and kind. How unfair he lost his daughter! And I like Miguel so much better now that he is no longer possessive of and jealous around Luci. I sense a real "family" in the making.

So, I thought Adolfo was making room for Luci in the all purpose room. But then Miguel was sitting behind the desk (?) All that room yet all the activity occurs in a dilapidated, too small room...

"She gave him the check that Adolfo gave her". Luci continues to be kind hearted, even though her own heart has been shattered.

I will say again that nothing that can occur could possibly make me root for or accept David and Luci reuniting.

Urban, this was excellent. Thank you again for your generous time!


Thank You again for the extra work you did to get ALL DisGrace's fake "Laying it on Thick" manipulations of DumVid . One minute her heart is 'breaking' because DudVid does not Luuuurve her as much as she Luuurrves him. And the hurt is so deep because DudVid does not show it. Hmmm, now let me think, how could he show it ,how? Maybe if he bought her a.......let me think......

The next minute she is high fiveing MomSuccubus about her great 'win' like this is a basketball game. You want to say her anvil can't be too big, but really what she needs is an unending rain of smaller anvils to torment her the rest of her days and remove what little sanity she now seems to have.

I don't even feel sorry for Dud. He retired and left Luc running the show, and she has left and he is still not back on the job. This leaves Ram, Tan, and Sue scratching their heads about how to share her work. Ummmm, hello folks, the dumb is spreading. Ever think of suggesting to Dumbo that we need a replacement?

Drive out the one crucial employee without a replacement waiting in the wings? No contingency plan? Let the brain trust move next door to the vineyard which used to be the competition? USED, to be, because your dumbass aint in the running anymore. Boob N'Fur are gonna be pretty impressed with Dum N'Come when the house is in foreclosure and Daddy can't sleep at night worrying about bills. Instead of a trip to a trendy restaurant and a movie with a side trip to the Video Game store and Victoria's Secret, you will be going to Goodwill. Luuuurrrrvvve that Tia.Kids.

My neighbor's 12 year old is a better manager. Thankfully he is not bedding DisGrace, maybe that is why. This whole Stepford Faaaaaammmmiiiilllllyyyy is going to have a lot of egg on their faces. Every one of them. I hope somebody has told the chickens to kick it, we are gonna need a LOT of eggs.

When I see David, Graciela, Bobby and Fer enjoying "family movie night" (which seems to occur every episode), I always scratch my head.

I don't have children, yet between a 12 plus hour daily work/commute and everyday living, I don't get to sit down and leisurely watch movies every night. I seriously doubt working parents can indulge in that either.

Yet, Graciela does "pass the popcorn" well. Even though you know when she pretends to be watching, the wheels in her cunning little brain are feverishly plotting her next move.

"Ever think of suggesting to Dumbo that we need a replacement?" said it all Kirby. As you noted, David STILL doesn't realize how crucial Luciana has been to his success and how her loss will certainly lead to his vineyard's downfall.


Diana, Adolfo is looking like the true hero in this sob story. He is kind, generous, genuine, loving, and sincere.

It is amazing what some sleeves did for Miggs. He looks and acts like a grownup now. Wow he fell in shit and walked out smelling like a rose didn't he? In a few short weeks woos the dying chick, she leaves him half of a vineyard, and look at him now. Adolfo needed to contest the will.

Kirby: When the truth about Graciela whacking Lisa comes out, FerBrat & Bobby will have to accept that Luciana will be their stepmother one way or another!

Cougar Sonia & Leon the Cub need steamy sex scenes!

This show requires a painful suspension of belief to go along with the story.

Luci should have left long ago. Now she finally did, and the remaining THREE KEY Employees are left to decide how to cope? Maybe "Um...Boss...YOU got a litttle problem YOU and DisGums need to look at.

Mind you in every one of the many calamities befallen the LA Vines there was a frantic search for Luci to "figure out" a solution. Everything which took at least three brain cells, she did it. Acid in the wine, pesticide poisoning, water shortage,laying pipe (he he), larva plague, wine competition, scheduling, finances, cost containment, condom machine in the men's room empty, she worked 24/7 keeping that place afloat, barely.


I don't think David will become bankrupt but he will have to wake up to the possibility.

DisGrace doesn't think about these things. She somehow seems to think that money grows on trees. It's a shame we didn't see what her childhood was like. They couldn't have been truly poor but I doubt that they lived in luxury. She relies too much on her beauty and doesn't realize that this is something she won't have forever. What brain cells she has are solely devoted to manipulating other people.

People for whom she cannot have any respect.

Thank you UA and look forward to 127.

"How men can't resist a woman's tears"

Hahahaha, they can't!

Until Cesar pointed out Friday it never occurred to David that Luciana was flesh and bone with emotions and may be in pain. Yet, he is sensitive to Graciela's discomfort immediately banishing Luciana from the house and this after she saw and smelled what went on the night before. David is a spoiled boy taking, breaking and discarding.

Hope David finds out how Lisa got that nasty bump on her head after he marries Graciela.

I still don't like Miguel and do not want Luciana to carry his water any more than she should David's. Luciana is an independent individual and shouldn't take a demotion to be their little woman, ring or not. I know it impressed Luciana when she found out Miguel is an owner but hope she doesn't make his dream come true.

Makes me happy Luciana kept her self respect in reserve and bounced. Finally.

I find it really creepy, though Dave doesn't, his gf and daughter discuss his relationship in so much detail. Hope the girl talk has a limit.


Would the writers really scar a child like Bobby and reveal to him that his new favorite aunt wacked his mom.

I so hate that Luci still pines for David after this. Regardless of the big reveal I hope she moves on to someone new....Miguel is too whiny.


Welcome to our new arrivals! Please hang out with us during the upcoming series.

Bobby is not as fragile as his age would imply. He has been getting a lot of support from David and others. He has good and loyal friends. He has a good instinct about his father not being as happy as he should be. He is almost the healthiest character in this story.

We have seen writers do worse in the past with regard to children. The villana of PEAM put her own daughter at serious risk more than once and the children in LQLVMR were locked in dog cages and left in a field by the villain to possibly die in a nasty explosion that would also kill at least one of their fathers. Not to mention the verbal abuse in other series.

I left this comment on the Karmageddon page, but after last night's episode, I feel compelled to repeat myself.

I wish DudVeed had been added to the list of characters needing a Karmageddon and a good sized anvil. His treatment of Luci has, throughout, been condescending, arrogant, selfish, and lacking in love, companionship and support (not that Luci was all warm and fuzzy herself).

He should have recognized from the very beginning he was dealing with a very young girl, book smart, but lacking experience with men (or boys). She was full of spunk and high spirits who had a crush on him, although technically paired off with her childhood friend and confidant. One kiss and she fell for him. With that one kiss, he strung her along for the better part of 126 episodes. He killed all that was good in her by messing with her head (i.e. "we can't be together right now, but wait around and we'll see what happens") and taking her to bed with no follow-up. This is no galan. He needs an anvil.

After keeping Gracie away from him physically and emotionally with great resolve, and even disgust, he collapsed and fell into her bucket of slime, based on Faaaaamily Togetherness--which seems to consist of popcorn and a DVD of Boobee's choice.

How dare he formalize his relationship with DisGracefulness, giving him permission to fornicate like a dog smelling a bitch in heat for the good of the Faaaaamily and turn around and tell Luci he doesn't want her to leave the Vineyard. What does he want her for? Not for traditional Faaaamily values, certainly.

Anita you put into words perfectly how I feel and agree David is due a Karmageddon. He treated her way worse than Perla or Carito ever did.

Amen Sister Anita. Go tell it on the Mountain. I couldn't have said it as well.

He may not be in Luuuurrvvee with DisGrace, but his tail was sure wagging the other night. WOOF.

Urban, my oversight. Thank you for this recap. Can't wait for the next full chapter. Except for what they cut, we can use our imaginations and your words to fill it out into a double header (where no one wins).

Kirby--Keeping that condom machine filled was at the top of her to-do list, I'm sure.

About DisGraceful--Regardless of her background, what we see is what we get. What SHE does not realize, is that there is something in this country called DIVORCE, were her transgressions revealed to David. On that she's not thinking ahead. Although tears and banshee ripping out of hair might detain him. My advice would be to settle back with a bowl of *buttered* popcorn and watch the show without getting involved. Can't wait to see what he does when Gut cuffs her and hauls her off to jail. Unless, of course someone else gets to her first (Mommy?) and ROCKS her in the noggin.

I think that when David learns that Gracie killed Lisa that will be punishment enough.

Nobody likes to realize that they've been foolish, stupid, blind, and monumentally manipulated which is what he will have to face. He will also have to comfort his children which will not be easy because their pain will be just as great.

This is never addressed in telenovelas, but the nuclear families that we see so often are like David's: He's an only child with no siblings, no cousins, and no living parents. He's also a widower and the mother and sister of his deceased wife will shortly be unmasked for the greedy bitches they are. That is a kind of isolation that many if not most people dread. Living in the middle of a vineyard makes that feel even worse. David has Cesar as a best friend, but if he makes the mistake of marrying DisGrace she will try to isolate him from Cesar.

More later. I need to finish #127 and post it. It will be quick and dirty, not like #1126.

Still reading the recap, but I just read this, "She (LU) doesn't have what I have." What's that Gracie? ..A horrific secret...An STD..Or a Huuugge ego???

Maybe all three of those.

Thank you Urbanita! Thank you so much for the tremendous amount of detail you put into what, for me, were the two most painful episodes of this travesty I have ever watched. No kidding, I was feeling an overall sense of dread, annoyance, anger and desperation all at the same time. I thought it was something I ate until the show went off and *poof* the feeling vanished. It is BEYOND inappropriate how Furbrain and Booby are all up in DUMBASS and DisGiddyup's "relationship."

Furbrain: Dad, I don't think you're satisfying Tia the way she needs. She gave up everything to be here and have you servicing her every six hours. I don't want her to leave. Maybe Dr. Anderson can get you some Viagra.

Booby: Yah, Dad. When I came in the room and saw you two in bed, you were sleeping! That's not what Moms and Dads are supposed to do in bed, is it?

Furbrain: Dad, I think me and Booby need to watch next time to make sure you take care of Tia the way she deserves. Now go in there and tell her. We're not going to watch another movie with you until we can be sure.

THIS makes as much sense as the BULLSHIT they served us last night!

Vino el Amor? Vino el Psychopath! This is the story of how an underachieving, spoiled, entitled idiot subjected himself and his family to emotional deconstruction by the same person who killed his wife, his much better half and obvious brains of the vineyard empire. Because of his stupidity, insensitivity to his wife's clear understanding of her sister's intentions and yes, LUST, he refused to banish suckyabush - YES, I said it -- and her momma from his life and he deserves everything he gets. I also hope he is married as well when he finds out what DisGravedigger did.

What's more disgusting than all of that? That Luci will happily run back to that imploded mess with all three of those idiots clinging to each other, wailing and quivering in the drapery-drawn big house and begin picking up the pieces.

Some of us have wondered where our old friends are that used to hang out on the Caray Patio. Maybe they were sickened by the kind of swill they feed us here. I appreciate y'all. I couldn't watch this without you. It sickens me, yet I cannot look away.

Muchisimas Gracias, Urban!

How dare he formalize his relationship with DisGracefulness, giving him permission to fornicate like a dog smelling a bitch in heat for the good of the Faaaaamily and turn around and tell Luci he doesn't want her to leave the Vineyard. What does he want her for? Not for traditional Faaaamily values, certainly.

Amen, Anita! I feel you! Well said. David IS a villain in this and I'm going to enjoy the anvil he gets when he finds out the TRUTH! I just hate that Luci will "take him back." I say that in quotes because she never really had him! Worse "galan" EVA! The only thing he could do worse is "allow" Disgusting to kill Luci or the kids!

Urban..Maybe Grace thinks that money grows on grapevines.

I used to have a plaque with these words in it : "Everyone needs someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for. " For Grace, the answer to all three of those points is Dave !

Dave, I hate you more and more with each episode. Letting FErn run your love life is so pathetic. I do not want LU to end up with you.

See LU. See LU run. Run, LU, run. Get away from Dysfunctional Dave and those two harpies. Geez.


That's actually an extremely good point, UA, and almost literally the one big thing saving David from being completely irredeemable (IMO): he's basically a good guy, if reactionary, who was set upon literally on all sides--his ex-bestie Juan, his mother-in-law, his girlfriend-slash-sister-in-law-slash-girlfriend-again, his daughter, in an indirect way his ex-bestie's grungy bestie, the weather, a psychiatrist sicced on him and his daughter by the aforementioned sister-girlfriend-in-law, his ex-field manager the minute his longtime crush came back into his life, and on at least one occasion the weather. This doesn't mean the writers didn't utterly FUBAR nearly all of this, however; David being the put-upon galan is fine, it's normal, but they virtually never let up on him. Even Miguel got a break every so often (which probably counts towards his stealth galan status), let alone every other male character on the show except maybe Brian and God only knows what the fork Show was trying to do with him.

In a sense, the character was isolated in- and out-of-show and kept in this pit of despair without a clear light at the end...except for the, what, four episodes where David and Luciana were actually a couple?

Yup LiLaaa, like a film of a fatal auto accident, you know you are going to hell for watching the reruns, but you can't look away.

DisGraveDigger is good.

Maybe DisGraveDweller too.

The comforting thing, is that little bitch has probably never enjoyed it a time in her life and probably never will. It is just another tool in her toolbox.
Lies, murder, victimhood, gaslighting, sex, theft, fake tears,

Like "hammer, drill, pliers, vise grips, level, electrical tape,....wasp spray.........Check...let's get to work."

Lila..YIKES..And yes...That was truthiness .

Dave is a dog in so, so many ways. I would not want him. However, I would take Miguel despite the way many here dislike him. I think that he is a good guy and a handsome guy. Maybe it's because he looks a little like my dad , a very good-looking man who loved the land. Plus , ADolfo would make a great , loving adopted father-in-law. Toneach his own. As for DAve...Nunca Jamaica for me.

Thanks for #126, Urban! I'm definitely on board with blaming Body Snatchers for David's behavior.

"León, maybe you should tell Sonia?" Yes, there might be legal issues around submitting a manuscript without the author's permission.

Did anyone else notice that both David and Juan (and possibly Miguel) were wearing similar shirts? Like there was a sale at the shirt store in Sonoma that day.

“How odd,” said Lillian. “Grace always makes breakfast at this hour." --and yet, breakfast was made. It's a miracle!

When David was advised to do something to show Grace how important she was to him, I thought he should get her a super-ugly bracelet.

I should think it would be exhausting to be as fake as DisGrace is. But she is good. She pretty much had the kids plotting against their own father.

I was thinking about something Lil said Friday night - that Grace accomplished (with the kids) in a very short time what Marta couldn't do in years. It is true. By pretty much forcing the kids on David constantly, she brought the family together. Marta never did that.

I'm glad Luci got out before Grace made David fire her, but it's not unreasonable to tell one's employee not to visit the house. There was some discussion of Luci working at SB but continuing to live at LA - that was very odd.

Good point, Kirby. Everything and everybody is a tool for DisGrace. Uuuf! Such an odious character!

Susanlynn, I've criticized Miguel but I don't mind him at all. I'm glad they haven't had him trying to re-mack on Luci. That would be tacky given that Erica just died but these writers seem to love tacky more than tact.

Great 127 UA. Thank you.

"Methinks he is looking to replace Erika"

Reading made me mad all over again.

Julie..I missed the matching shirts because I was surfing between Vino, THe VOice, DWTs, and The WEdding episode of OUtlander. I think I might have a little ADD.

You know,we might be masochists because we have been watching for weeks as LIlian, Juan, and Grace cast their evil spells over Dave and his kids . I watch these shows to escape harsh reality ...And the nightly news. However,now the telenovelas are starting to stress me out. I hope this type of show with characters with no redeeming qualities has not become the trend. I liked telenovelas because the line between good and evil used to be distinct, and in the end, bad was punished and good was rewarded which is not always the case in real life. Now......

Julie...."and yet breakfast was made. it's a miracle!" Hahaha ...Yes,miracle of miracles!!!

I can't wait till they make Sonia's novel into a movie.

Nett: It's not that the writers would scar a child like Bobby by revealing that his aunt killed his mom. It's just that if he doesn't hear it from his father or other close relative, he will hear about it at school because it will definitely be on the news. Remember, Gracie is "famous" enough to have a press conference where people actually showed up. So this won't be a secret. I hope he has a chance to say something about it to her face.

Regarding David, I would be happy if he dumped DG BEFORE finding out she killed Lisa. It might be too much to hope, but I would like it.

Susanlynn - the "She doesn't have what I have" line - I thought the same thing. A mind control parasite? A zombie curse? A pointy rock?

I have a lot of ADD, but just following from one super-short scene to the next had me maxed out. But tonight I have more of a conflict because Prison Break is on too. Also an X-Files rerun, which shouldn't tempt me, but it always does.

Lila, stop making me LOL with your alternative dialog for the kids. (No, don't stop!)

I still haven't read 127 yet. Later...

Maybe Sonia's novel could become a TN.

However, keep in mind that it was loosely based on Marta's story.

#127 added.

Bill, you are right. David got it from all angles and there was no relief in sight. Worse than Rogelio in LQNPA and he was in a wheelchair. But he was played by Jorge Salinas...

If Luciana and David do reunite it better be after a year from DisGrace's fall.

"I appreciate y'all. I couldn't watch this without you. It sickens me, yet I cannot look away".

Ditto Lila! Gracias.


"I think that when David learns that Gracie killed Lisa that will be punishment enough".

Urban, my head tells me you are absolutely right.

My heart tells me otherwise...

I don't think David is a bad man. Life has not been easy for him. However, just because one's own life has been devastated, should not give you the power to inflict the same on others. Luci was a young, impressionable girl. He gave her little. All in all, his treatment of Luci has been fairly unforgiveable. However, as I always say, if the hurt/wronged party can forgive, who am I not to as well?

That does not mean I will be celebrating (if indeed they do reunite). I will be resigned. Period.


Oh Julie, I saw Juan's monkeys!

I also saw several elephants in various stages of trunk raising.

Some interesting bric-a-brac.


Thanks for 127, Urban. I found this half much more enjoyable to watch. 126 had me clenching my teeth.

I am not sure about the pillows on the laps, but I do find it more comfortable and better for my posture if I can rest my arms on a pillow instead of in my lap. I don't know if that's why she was doing it, though. Maybe it's to keep the hem of her skirt from riding up.

"Susan foolishly tried to persuade Luciana not to make a hasty decision" - a strange change of mind, considering on Friday she seemed to think that Luci needed to get away. At any rate, hasty decisions are Luci's specialty.

Funny that it's Adolfo, not Miguel, who is looking to replace Erika. Luci and Mig finally seemed to be on the same (platonic) page last night. At least I hope so.

However, at the beginning of this episode or the other one when Luci was explaining a sales strategy to Adolfo and Miguel, I thought that was going WAY too far in "helping" a competing vineyard. So it's really for the best that she's working there for real!

That poor multipurpose room. Until recently I wasn't even sure Adolfo's vineyard had an outdoor component. I thought some day the camera would pull back to reveal grapevines growing in pots in the parts of the room we hadn't seen before.

Cool, Diana - now I need to look for the elephants!

Diana, mi corazon, we're all resigned to our collective fate at this point. We are all Carito, this fakakta show is Mark, and it's got a knife to our throat and yelling about how we're not going to deny it but we can't help snickering because of the horrible accent...

I have to go to work...Boo...But SOnia's novel made me think of an older history teacher I used to teach with who wrote a steamy historical romance novel. We were all shocked, amazed, and impressed !!! Elinor!!!!

Finally got to read 127.

Urban, another insightful summary. I particularly enjoyed "[Which shows that Gracie has sucked out his IQ points to barely survival levels]" and "[Methinks he is looking to replace Erika]" were excellent.

“Susan wasn't sure how they were going to make up the deficit of work”. She certainly has cause for concern because of course Luci was not only the heart of the operations, but the soul as well.

"Adolfo said to her “Don't just think of this as your job; think of this as your home.” Can I just please say (again) how much I love this man??

I found myself trying to see what the title of Lili's red book was, but the camera did not comply. Has she given up on trying to cultivate her Boston accent? Apparently so.

I'm starting to see why Juan and Mark were friends. Juan's clearly visible primal fear is showing him to be capable of being every bit the abuser as Mark was. He likely had the same instincts as Mark but was much better at controlling them. Until now.

Bill, I fear this is the end of the line for Carito. I've felt all along it would be she rather than Perla who doesn't survive. We will have to wait and see.

Thanks again Urban.


I think that within an industry there needs to be a balance between cooperation and competition. I cut Luciana total slack for the combined situation of the plague that affected Adolfo's vineyard worse than David's because of the future risk to David's vineyard and for the sales strategy because Adolfo was still prostrate with grief over losing his daughter (who probably knew more about this than Miguel would have).

California wine has often been perceived as inferior to European imports and this perception needs to go where it deserves to. According to this chart the US is #4 in the world. I'm surprised we don't produce more, in fact.

Adolfo is a Gem.

Thanks for 127 Urb! Really. Can't thank you enough.

[What's with the pillow on her lap? I get the ones on the kids']

It's a defensive move to keep from showing one's fanny in the little triangle between the thighs when one is wearing a "dress" that is more like a tight camisole. I've noticed lots of the actresses doing it.

David wished happiness for Luciana and she told him she hoped he would never regret this. She walked away from him. He called her name and she paused for a moment. Then she continued walking without looking back.

I was yelling at Luci through the tv, "DON'T STOP!!! DON'T LOOK BACK!"

Juan then said there was too much money at stake and if she continued to refuse he would treat her as Mark did. [If that isn't enough to make her cut and run she is a bigger idiot than we all thought.]

Thanks for confirming that! I took it as, ". .you're going to end up like Mark!" WTF! Perla can't be THAT stupid! He just threatened her life! And what proof do we have that it was skidMark that killed Coyote? Juan's a killer and Perla is an animated corpse!!

More of the same from David and Fernanda which ended with her telling him that she didn't want to leave before knowing that he was taken care of.*

*See the REAL conversation Furbrain and Booby had with DUMB-veed in my comment at 10:11.


UA, I thought Luci absolutely did the right thing in trying to help Adolfo.

Adolfo and Erica helped David when he needed it. Then, everything fell apart for Adolfo.

Agree that competition is fine in the proper forum - trying to obtain restaurant endorsements, the "real" wine competition, etc. Competition can be healthy and can spark creativity.

However, David and Adolfo are neighbors (if not friends). Supporting each other in times of tragedy and grief (personal and professional) is simply the right thing to do. By helping and making others better, we are challenged to raise the bar ourselves.

I applauded Luci for helping so unselfishly. However, as Julie sagely noted above, it is probably better that Luci is actually now working for them. Their advantage, David's loss.


When David was advised to do something to show Grace how important she was to him, I thought he should get her a super-ugly bracelet.

How about this one? She can get a "bead" for everyone she gaslights or kills.

I should think it would be exhausting to be as fake as DisGrace is. But she is good. She pretty much had the kids plotting against their own father.

I have often said that to pretend to be stupid and helpless to attract a man would carry the punishment of one of two burdens:

1. It becomes a straitjacket you have to break out of.... only to be outed as a liar
2. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy

There is no winning with this.

Many women who marry abusive men could probably say later that he went from Jekyll to Hyde after the ceremony or the honeymoon. Gracie would be like this. Notice how she rolls her eyes or looks vacant when she is not eye to eye with either David or his kids.

Lila: This is your universal truth about Vino, "...these writers seem to love tacky more than tact."

The Monkeys--I think they were also in MEPS, on the dumb daddy's desk. But then again, I could be wrong, there were a lot of men, dumb and otherwise, and desks in the tns I've watched.

Who could have guessed after our first look at Adolfo (and the unfortunate name association) that he would turn out to be the best "Gem" and substitute father. I had my doubts, though, when he started romancing Lil, but I forgive him now. He wanted someone approximately his own age to be a companion, to travel, etc. and leave the vineyard business to Erika after she returned. He didn't deserve to have his only child die--no matter how close he and Miggy got. Lil or Marta were the only candidates on the horizon. He just didn't look far enough from his vineyard look-out tower where he met folks until the Multi-Purpose Room was ready.

I certainly hope Miggy has disinfected the couch before Luci moves in. Yeah, I thought it was odd he'd be clearing of shelves to make room for Luci--what is she going to put there, bric-a-brac or report folders?

Tofie: Let's see how long Luciana stays far away from that chaotic house before the end of this TN.


Urban--"California wine has often been perceived as inferior to European imports."

We must not forget that California vines saved Europe's vineyards many decades back. Any wine we get from Europe likely has California roots. It must be the water or the bugs!

If you want to know more than you need to know, read this essay. The climactic solution to the plague comes near the end.


I know about how our vines rescued European ones (I think it was mostly France, oddly enough) so the alleged superiority of European wines among wine snobs of any country is still a head-scratcher to me.

I first heard of New York's Wine Week when I dined in a participating restaurant at lunch with an ad sales rep. There were four pieces of stemware at each place setting and all the wine was free. My boss and I had a blast.

Anita, yes, Adolfo is wonderful.

How unfortunate his only shortcoming is "He just didn't look far enough from his vineyard look-out tower where he met folks until the Multi-Purpose Room was ready". :)

Erica's passing seems truly to have left him alone. I don't believe everyone needs to be paired up, but in his case, I wish him someone wonderful.


Notice how she rolls her eyes or looks vacant when she is not eye to eye with either David or his kids.

Very creepy, indeed, Urban. If Dave could put in some closed circuit cameras and observe DG's movements, conversations with Lil and interactions with the faaaammmmily, he'd be freaked out and have critter control remove that feral heffa in a heartbeat! Too bad he'll look back with 20/20 rear view vision and finally see the psychotic puppet mistress she really is.

Anybody else notice David scratching his beard a lot lately, especially on the left side. I think he must have beard cooties. No wonder IB doesn't want to kiss him!

Ah yes, Urban, the charm bracelet. She's going to need a bigger one if she has a bead for every victim. She won't be able to lift her arm.

I didn't object to Luciana helping Adolfo in general - I just thought the sales plan was going too far because it assists SB in competing with LA.

Anita, thanks for figuring out where I must have seen the wise monkeys.
On the newly emptied shelf, Luci can put her bandana wristlet collection. Or she can do like me and put her Happy Meal toys there.

Some kinds of grapes grow only in certain regions. Aside from that, however, regional snobbery about wine strikes me as extremely silly. I doubt that most wine drinkers have a sensitive enough palate to tell the difference.

Lila, I think David's itchy face is caused by his beard wanting to crawl off to avoid DisGrace.

Urban, just finished the recap. Wonderful, as always (and I always have to say it, truthfully).

I think GS was chosen for this role for his ability not to smile. Of course there has been little to smile or laugh about in this "fakata" of a "trainwreck," so it was easy coasting for him.

Lila, maybe he's just tired of the beard. At the Premios, he was clean shaven. I noticed he didn't seem too relaxed when the "queens" made him get up and dance. I think GS is just an uptight guy. What a difference from his role in Refugio and La Verdad Oculta. I wonder if he has reflected on how his image changed over the course of Vino. I would love to hear his take on the role. I do miss the apres final Cristina Show with the cast. She was a marvelous interviewer.

Just an aside to get off my chest. Some episodes back, David is telling Luci about her considering leaving the vineyard....he's saying how much her father loved this land and the vineyard and producing the wine and how he taught her all he knew, so this vineyard was in her fingers, like DNA or something.

Where did he get this idea? At age 10 Luci was either in school or playing hide and seek with Miguel and irritating the hell out of Lilian. We never saw her working at her father's side. Luci's love for her father and reverence for the cultivation of grapes at the vineyard where her father was the capitaz came from longing to be with family and childhood friends. I seem to recall when she first showed up with the box of ashes, it was not her intention to stay. Miguel and David persuaded her to accept a position with L.A.

It's hard, after 10 more years to recapture the life you left as a child, no matter how well prepared you are for a career. As I recall, also, her degree and background was in agronomy, generally, not oenology specifically. I guess she was lucky to have her father's notebooks in that little back pack she arrived with.

David is still a dunce.

Her background is in agronomy with specialties in soil quality, irrigation, pesticides, oenology, and sales. It was a really great school.

And vending machine maintenance.

Oops, forgot about the vending machines. And kiddie soccer, too. It was an EXCELLENT school.

Back on April 8, Diana, you said, "If David and Luci do get together, I will not be excited because I just don't believe in them as a couple. It could be something will occur to change the tide, but it would have to be a huge tidal wave for me at this late date."

One of the reasons we all feel this way is that most of the scenes where David and Luci have been together, they've been arguing, spitting insults, criticizing each other for various faults or failures in the other, work or personal, jealousy and staying apart until he can fix things with his Faaaamily.

We've had too few scenes to show they really care for each other and will work together to overcome the barriers to their happiness and/or success or the vineyard. That's what we needed to believe in them. They don't have to be kissing or making love for us to believe they are a couple. This "we love each other and we are each other's own true love" hasn't been in evidence. What we get is a negation of that declaration as Dudveed lets her down, one more time. And we certainly didn't need palm-melds as a substitute for their togetherness.

I was fooled by that first kiss on the patio, which I recapped. I was sure this was going to be the beginning of a beautiful romance, her confusion over Miggy's approach to love and the feelings she got from David's first kiss. I was staking my reputation as a recapper on that first kiss. Wow, how wrong I was. This has degenerated into not caring whether they are together or not at the end. How sad.


Julie--Her diploma came from a Mexican school and you know how Lil, Gut and others feel about "those" people. As far as Lil is concerned, her curricula should have included floor mopping and serving meals correctly to her betters.

Anita, your reputation as a recapper will not be hurt by any of this. (What happens on the VEA patio stays on the VEA patio!!) It's not your fault (or any of ours) that the writers either willfully misled us or simply failed to communicate what they intended.

Kirby--Missed all the duck avatars because once you change it, it goes back and changes all of them. (I'm still plowing through April 8 comments--all 203 of them.)

...and for the record, Anita, I care very much whether Lu and Duh are together or not at the end. I vote NOT!

Maybe Adolfo has a long-lost son that he forgot about, who will come back to the vineyard and marry Luciana. That would be ridiculous, but still preferable to having her go back to Duh.

And I am very sad that David became such a Duh. For the longest time I thought I saw little flashes of galan potential in him, here and there, but now I believe that was only an optical illusion.

Anita, these earlier comments really struck a chord:

He should have recognized from the very beginning he was dealing with a very young girl, book smart, but lacking experience with men (or boys). She was full of spunk and high spirits who had a crush on him, although technically paired off with her childhood friend and confidant. One kiss and she fell for him. With that one kiss, he strung her along for the better part of 126 episodes. He killed all that was good in her by messing with her head (i.e. "we can't be together right now, but wait around and we'll see what happens") and taking her to bed with no follow-up.

This is what gives me the feeling that Luci has fallen into a trap that parents worry about when their kids first go off on their own. Her "relationship" with David feels like something she should be ashamed of and that would pain Marcos if he could see it. It really feels like that old (I'm sure out-moded) concept of a "fallen woman."

I could get over this feeling if they'd shown us Luci and Dave were a strong couple, despite the age and class and ethnic (?) difference but I agree with you but we had NOTHING to go on:

We've had too few scenes to show they really care for each other and will work together to overcome the barriers to their happiness and/or success or the vineyard. That's what we needed to believe in them.

It was bait and switch, Anita. It wasn't a love story at all. It's a story about how a parasitic narcissist and her psychotic daughter stalked, home invaded and destroyed a family! Your reputation as a Recapper is sterling as is your prose and sage observations!

I have a rant about Martha. I'll put it in a different comment.

Precisely, Anita. The show drew out their initial feuding-and-fussing-but-fiending-a-little-bit stage far longer than it should have to begin with (and used it as a crutch more often than it should have), on top of its never really allowing them to be a couple apart from the period when they actually got it on. Let alone the ongoing accidental character assassination of one David "My vest closet is my happy place" Robles. Even Pedro and Camila from El Talisman didn't have the writers gunning for them that hard, and that show was a trainwreck on wax.

Anita, you are so right. There was no history on which Luci and David could build a solid relationship.

Their foundation of bickering and jealousy quickly crumbled. There was no sharing of their dreams, or aspirations. It should not be surprising that the fiery passion we hoped to see never materialized. Never have the kisses been so stingy. We never once felt that these two shared the desire to stay together, despite whatever obstacles are thrown in their path.

That first kiss led to much anticipation - we all felt it. To be disappointed is one thing, but to be indifferent to how this ends is indeed very sad.


And vending machine maintenance.

My older daughter gave me that bracelet for my birthday a couple years ago , and she and her sister give me beads on different occasions. The only problem is that it has a very unusual clasp that makes it hard to put on by myself. Grace could have it filled quickly if she got a bead for every lie she has told

As for wine, I cannot drink it because it just makes me sleepy and flushed. Years ago, two other teachers and I went for lunch at the home of a very classy French student. First, she was ticked because nobody wanted a cocktail .(we all had kids we had to get off the bus in a few hours.) Then, at LUNCH , she had a small and large wine glass at each place. I held up the smaller glass , and she told me it was the wrong glass for the the white wine I asked for. She had several courses , including a leg of lamb and a flan..for lunch! I may buy a bottle of wine to celebrate this finale.

Julie..did you get the tiny Barbie in one of your Happy Meals?

You're not going to the principal's office, the school board wants to see you.

Lila--On April 10 (same episode), you said, " Luci surrenders to David and loses not only her "innocence" but something of her exuberance and independence. Marcos would see through DG's manipulation and would probably encourage Luci to leave the marionette DUHveed and the tangled, dysfunctional dynamics of LA vineyards behind."

I hadn't read this before I made my own similar comment earlier today. I guess the writers and directors are getting one thing right--WE are all thinking the same thing about their characters. The big question is do they know it or are they sitting with the Three Monkeys in Juan's apartment, completely clueless as to the effect their characters are having on us?

GS was Alonso in Querida Enimiga , supposedly the lead, but he had one expression..confused. We called him Alonslow because...slow. He did not get the girl in the end. The best that I have ever seen him is in that movie with Fernando Colunga a few years ago. The title was something like The Thief Who Steals from the Thief . He actually smiled in that one and had a love interest. Maybe Fernando just makes everyone look good.

Wow, Anita. You are dedicated, my dear! I appreciate that immensely that you're reading all the comments.

Yes, your comment today struck me because I felt the same thing. I don't know what these writers are thinking or smoking! I don't know what influences them when they put these stories together. I don't know if these "love" stories reflect their own lives or how they think love is expressed these days, I don't know. This is just one in a string of novelas that have infuriated and frustrated me with this bait and switch and keeping the lovers apart in what is supposed to be a story about deep, abiding love. Not only is the anger and frustration there, but like many others of you, I will relish the revelation of what should be something we all dread being inflicted upon the galan. They've killed these "lovers" for me.

Lila. Maybe it is a sign of the times. Maybe people no longer believe in true love. Que lastima.

Susanlynn, I've liked Gabe in everything he's been in. I think he (and Irina for the most part) are following the director's instructions. I sometimes get the feeling there is dialog the actor wants to say but stifles himself.

Hopefully, your school board meeting won't last too long :)

Also, I am glad Luci is smiling again. I would too if I were in Adolfo'ss company.


I just checked on the series' writers and one of them seems to have no real history at Televisa; his previous work was in Chile. The two women both worked on:

Pasion y Poder
La Malquerida
Corona de Lagrimas
Codigo Postal

One of the female writers worked on LQNPA so we know where the irrigation scheme came from. The other worked on Teresa.

Are Televisa and other networks getting e-mails from viewers saying that romance is passe or that love doesn't really exist? I have known a few people who actually believe this.

Urban..I don't know what is happening to telenovelas, but many here have noticed a change lately.

I think that the writing on thus show has been terrible..and perhaps the directing. What message are we supposed to be getting?

Usually viewers want the leads to be together at the finale, but I do not want that. It is going to feel very weird if David and Lu end up together. I can't relate to either of them and wouldn't want to be them.


Diana: "Never have the kisses been so stingy." Remember the swine flu outbreak a few years ago? It affected MEPS. There was a memo or something around Televisa that they would be limiting to "essential kisses only." This during a Colunga TN with Silvia Navarro, Lucero, Sergio Sendel, Ariadne Diaz, and Carlos de la Mota. Technically, MEPS might have been more stingy with kisses than VEA - but at least the kisses were good.

Urban, even if they were being told by viewers that romance is passe, a reasonable person would interpret that to mean that they need more variety in the things they produce. I would be okay with that. I'd hate to think it would be construed to mean that nobody wants to see traditional TNs any more. And it should extra-certainly not be construed to mean that it's okay to produce something that looks like a traditional TN, but is actually a cynical pile of potato-peelings.

Susanlynn, I never got a tiny Barbie. I don't get a lot of Happy Meals, but sometimes they are just what I need. I still have what appears to be an albino Smurf that I got a few years ago. I don't know what his story is. I got a Powerpuff Girl not too long ago, and she's HUGE. Years ago, I had a blue Power Ranger, but I lost him in a car wreck.

...and suddenly the most interesting thing in this thread is an albino Smurf. (Is he a friend of Mark's? Is he a lost migrant? Is he Cesar's psychiatrist friend? Is he the owner of Sunny Fields?)

I would rather see Luciana just walk away from all of Sonoma at this point, but my gut says she will have to save the day first.

Right now I'm angry enough with the writers to say that the right ending would be for Luciana to save David's arse one more time -- this time from the Succubus -- and then say to him afterwards:

"You know, David, you're not strong enough or smart enough to be the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. I need someone who can see through a shallow, viscious user like Graciela and a lazy, greedy one like Lillian. Someone who doesn't let his bratty daughter dictate his love life. That's the man who can defend his true love. You didn't make the cut in the end."

...and walk away for the last time. Cesar will overhear this, pick up two shot glasses and the tequila bottle, and direct David back to the study.

And how on earth would anyone think that Lillian could make any argument about "scandal" when people living together WBC (without benefit of clergy) has not been a scandal for at least three decades?

I think you're right, Susanlynn. It's like novelas cum clockwork orange: spineless, ethically ambiguous galans, leading ladies that get raped by their galans father, incestuous and near-incestuous liaisons, murderous manipulative rivals for the lead's affection getting more face time than the supposed main couple. The story is advertised as a scrumptious meal and we're given something from a ziploc bag that's been smashed in the cook's back pocket instead.

My Marta rant: Did you see what she chose to say when Luciana told her how hard it is to see DUDveed with DisGameplayer. "Yes, it's so hard to see someone you love with someone else!" Obviously, she wasn't talking about Marcos! She was talking about seeing FERNAAAAAHNDO with HIS WIFE, Lilian! Is that how y'all took that? What a low down skank to say that to her daughter, to Marcos' daughter! I have negative zippo respect for this. . .person. Uuuuf! I bet Ramon is so much of a gentleman, he's not even going to try to go down that well-traveled road until he marries her! She doesn't deserve him!

Ok, rant over! ;D

OMG Julie, I forgot about the swine flu and effect on MEPS (which I saw! Yes, the quality of kisses were sublime, if not the quantity. Alas, I cannot say the same here. Sigh.

Urban, I love your ending.

"...and suddenly the most interesting thing in this thread is an albino Smurf. (Is he a friend of Mark's?" Bill, I just belly laughed. Good thing I've worked OT and can leave now...


I'm also wondering something else. Whenever I first described DisGrace as a succubus, did the writers or the actors read that? David looks so lifeless right now unless he's with the kids. When he's getting jiggy with DisGrace he looks... driven. Like he's thinking about something else.

OK, that was a bit egotistical of me. I guess I'm giving myself too much credit.

I like your ending, Urban. I'd even be happy to supply the tequila. And right about Lilian's "scandal" thing. I wondered who would buy an argument like that.

Lila, I did wonder last night if Ramon and Marta were finally getting it on, or if she was still holding him off. I did NOT blink at what she said to Luciana, mostly because I now sorta tune out their conversations (except when recapping) because Marta never says anything I like.

I thought Marta could have been talking about Lil and Gut

Julie: Univision will likely continue cutting out important scenes for the remainder of this TN including the Gran Final when that time comes.

UA: Karma is coming for Diva Dave & the Uppity BRATS (FerBrat & Bobby the Idiot).

Kirby: Perla & Juan cooking up another illegal immigrant smuggling scheme again ? Haven't they learned from the last time ?


Diana: It's highly likely that Carito & Miguel will be endgame at this point. It sucks yes, but that's the likelihood of what's going on now.


Urbanita! Amen, sister, to your speech to David from Luci. Maybe I'll just save this, watch up until the ANVIL smashing through his 6-inch thick skull to crush his walnut-sized brain and then cut it off and imagine Luci giving him that speech.

I'd bet money the writers and actors read some of this, From our really sharp recappers.

Steve: Perla has actually learned it's nojuan who can't learn about the immigrants

Perla learned her lesson about the immigrants. Unfortunately, she did not learn her lesson about Juan.

I found out the albino Smurf's name is Hackus (it's written on the bottom of his foot) and he isn't technically a Smurf. He's a Naughty. I don't know what that means, but it sounds like trouble. If he messes with Buttercup he'll find himself in the trash.

Urban, regarding the succubus thing, it's possible that they intended to create a succubus character and you recognized her as such. The question is, if they were able to accurately communicate that, why couldn't they also accurately communicate... oh never mind, I'll just get mad again.

This comment has been removed by the author.

The writer's breakroom watercooler.

"Hey Demetriousolo, you won't believe what I wrote into the episode for that Abortion Vino personnel screwed me with."
"Man those strokes on Caray will blow a gasket tomorrow. This will be fun. Be sure and read it"

This comment has been removed by the author.

Blogger does. I am not posting twice. Blogger is somehow doing it. I am on my phone and that is when it does it.

Julie, that is so true. (4:28)

The whole relationship between Juan and Perla has the highest Ick Factor in this series. She was 8 or 9 years old in the opening episode and Juan was an adult working for David. There wasn't any scenario under which she would go away for the next 14 years (like Luciana) and have her return as an adult. He saw her grow up.

That wasn't true of David and Luciana so no real Ick Factor (except for Marta, but that was only natural). However, I don't get that Miguel would be in love with her after knowing her for so long. Neither of these situations is ideal. The only way David and Luciana could be together will be after Fernanda is in college and the two succubi are gone.

I am on the normal computer now. I have seen that double post silliness with blogger and mobile connections off and on for years. Google has made a half hearted run at solving it for as long, but it still stops by to say hi now and then.

This reel-in of DudVid is getting boring. The previews promise more, but it aint happenin yet. She has set the hook, reeled him in and has him on deck with a gaff in his gill. All that is left is to winch him up by the tail fin and weigh him.

How many more episodes before we see whether this is catch and release or if he is going into the ice locker?

Come ooooonnnnn, we have been going in circles so long I am past dizzy.

I think Miguel was in "love" with Luciana because during her absence, he was able to mentally transform her into his ideal woman. I've found that it is much, much easier to pretend that someone is who you'd like them to be when it's long distance.

I've asked myself what it would take for me to be in favor of Luci going back to David, and I think the answer is "a new car." I want a self-parking sedan with a hybrid engine and 4-wheel drive. And good speakers. And a little trapdoor under the license plate that dispenses about a dozen small caltrops if I push a button on the dashboard (nowhere near any other buttons).

"Hey gimme a bite of that frog !"

"Get outta here."

"Come on, just a taste, I never could catch one of those jumpin litttle shits, What's it taste like.?"

"Just like chicken, Get out a here, I'll peck your eyes out."


Thanks, Urban. Haven't read the recap yet, but I'm looking forward to your writing (the story itself, not so much). But then I missed watching last night, so maybe David's brain started kicking in. Yeah, right.


At least your photos are something interesting to look at, Kirby.

I just know that after Disgamey is unmasked as a stone cold killer, Luci is going to rush to comfort Dave. I so do not want to see that , but I suppose the writers will want to reward Dave for all the crap that they have heaped on him. In literature , there is something called the hero's journey in which the hero overcomes many obstacles to transform into a better man at the end of the story . think of Odysseus and his voyage to return home. I will not accept that in this show because Dave was just too oblivious and spaced out almost all the time . He kept letting Grabby grab him in front of his wife. Then, he withdrew in grief . Most of the time, he seemed almost lazy and lethargic even after Lu arrived to open the curtains literally and figuratively . Whatever happens to wind this mess up is going to be too little and too late for me. I need to see a smart, proactive, positive hero throughout the entire show no matter what troubles befall him which is what the real life, everyday heroes around us do.

Julie..I don't know if a car would do it for me...maybe a trip to Hawaii. I would have to go to an airport and get on a plane. I changed my mind. I'll take a red Mustang , please.

Susanlynn, just demand a trip to Hawaii on a private jet. No hassles, no scorpions, no snakes, no bloodthirsty armrests.

I won't be able to read tonight's recap until later tomorrow as I have to be in at 6 tomorrow for an all day meeting. Ack.

I know we can't mention the previews, but if what I saw was any indication, something big might happen tonight.

Julie, a new car it is for the deigning to take David prize. Sigh.

I'll take a loaded Ford Taurus.


Kirby, love the eagles? Hawks?


Diana ..we all know what you will be thinking about during that all day meeting. Courage. Stay hydrated. Take snacks. I will be teaching modal auxiliaries. I'll see you tomorrow night.

Oooh, modal auxillaries. I am impressed. Although I had an idea what a verb is :), I had never heard the term. I learned long ago, be honest and don't pretend to know what you don't. It's served me well, as I love learning new things! One of the many reasons I so enjoy the patio.

Thanks Susanlynn!


Julie: At least No-Game Cesar & Susan are going to be together from here on out.


Mother Red Shouldered Hawk and Junior looking on from our right, begging for food. Thanks Sue.

Modal Auxilliaries?? They wanted an extra $1100 for those on my last car,. I told them I'd pass, the one before it didn't have them and ran fine in the rain, the windows would just fog up sometimes. Pa. Dutch they have an expression when you don't understand something that translates as " I had one too ,but the wheels fell off."

I LIKE that. And there would be lots of times to use it for ME.

These people better not waste an hour of my busy life just for me to see jewelry.

We are on lap 498 of a 500 lap race and EVERYBODY is 50 laps down.

That's impossible, but so is this show.

Urban, this is an outstanding recap. But O so sickening. The David part. He
Is just pitiful, and dumb, just a big
Sack of stupid. Everytime fer or booby
Mentions him being with Tia succubus,
He looks like he's filled his pants.
And that big fat lie he told susan"yes
I'm happy with the succubus". Luciana is happy cuz she's out of the cesspool
That is Santa Barbara wines Inc.

I guess feranada is blinded. She and
Boob boy are so encredibly selfish.And
Booby is a child but he's a selfish little snot. They need to brake him outta that. That won't happen.
So the succubus has won. Momentarily. The Fall for grace,from grace will be hard. She better enjoy her victories,
They won't last. Poor stupid David. He
Can't help it, he's had alot of stuff
To shoulder. But some of the stuff he could have nipped in the bud but he decided to walk around looking like a sausage face.
If I didn't think that D&L would end up together in the end, I'd love to see Lucy and Miguel together. Adolfo is such a sweet man and he would love
For lucy and the mig to give him grand
Wine babies. Ok its on. Bye!

Thank you Urban.

"sausage face" ??
Thanks, Nina.

Urban thank you for your super recapping today. I'm just sorry that I didn't get a chance to weigh in earlier and thank you. It's just been a very busy day for me at work. Enjoyed everyone's comments too. My stomach is turning just thinking about David getting married to hat succubus. I hope it doesn't happen! I'm hoping DisGrace ends up in prison before it can happen.

Urban, I didn't mean your recap was sickening, the episode was sickening. Your recap was great.You made it all very kristal clear.Like cynthia my day was very busy with work also,I didn't get to comment earlier like I usually do. You done good baby:) Thank you.

Julie I said "sausage face" because I couldn't think of nothing else to say.
Hes frustrating to no end with his Ol
Sratchy beard. Think sausage with a beard, Lol. Ok I'm tired I need to go to bed. Good nite yall.

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