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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#2): La Doña, El Capo, & más: Week of April 10, 2017


Here's Page 2 for the week.  The current telenovelas are as follows (all times are Eastern Daylight Time):

• 10:30AM-noon — Mujeres Ambiciosas
• 12-2PM — Amar es Primavera
• 8-10PM — La Doña (preempted Friday for a religious special Santiago Apostál)
• 10PM — El Capo

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"La Querida del Centauro" estreno martes 2 may.


La Doña - Capítulos 104 y 105 - Jueves 1/2

AG tells Regina that she respects Regina's feelings for Felipe. AG will be willing to give up one of her projects that Felipe opposes as long as he keeps quiet about the Monkeys. Regina assures her that Felipe has agreed to do so. Regina and AG watch on television as Felipe prepares to give a speech. Suddenly, Felipe is hit by a gunshot, and so too is his journalist friend Gustavo. Though the television doesn't show Matamoros, he's present and films both the shootings and Rafael's packing up his rifle and leaving the scene.

The amnio performed on Valeria reveals that Lopecito is the father of the child she's expecting. Diego is worried that if Braulio learns that he's not the father, neither Valeria nor the baby will be safe.

Daniel announces to the people at the foundation that he is leaving. He won't say exactly what he has done that makes him feel he must leave. He announces that he has asked Saúl and Mónica to be in charge of the Foundation. Mónica is very reluctant, especially since it means working with Saúl, but she finally agrees.

Karen discovers fingerprints of Miguel Preciado and Alejandro Céspedes in AG's basement. She and Jorge confront AG. After asking Jorge to leave, AG admits to Karen that yes, she was abused 20 years ago in Veracruz, but no, she had nothing to do with the disappearance and/or death of Miguel Preciado and Alejandro Céspedes. Indeed, she does not know the identity of the masked men who abused her. She also tells Karen that lots of her trusted employees had access to the basement. After a short pause, she "realizes" that it could well have been Braulio, who was her lawyer and her right-hand man. Karen replies that it's unlikely that Braulio acted alone, and she thinks AG was his accomplice. AG denies this and asks Karen to leave. After Karen leaves, AG calls a high-placed official (perhaps the governor), tells him Karen has been bothering her, and asks that Karen be reined in.

Braulio is hiding at Elena's house. He puts a knife to her throat and tells her that if she doesn't cooperate, he'll kill her.

Regina goes to the hospital to find out how Felipe is. Adolfo informs her that Felipe had no vital signs when he arrived, and there was nothing they could do. He died. Regina is totally devastated, both at Felipe's death and her strong suspicion that AG was responsible for his murder. She collapses and is hospitalized. At the hospital, AG gives a statement to Leticia about not resting until Felipe's killer is caught and spends the rest of his life in prison. Saúl hears her say this and says to himself, "I hope it wasn't you, Altagracia." He confronts AG, but she of course indignantly denies his accusations.

Several days pass (días después). Regina is still in bed and often unconscious, but she's now at AG's. Isabela is also staying there, and AG uses this opportunity to regain her niece's affection and trust.

Braulio is still hiding at Elena's, but he has now tied her up and gagged her. He is preparing to take revenge on all the people who he sees as having betrayed him.

At the Foundation, a man tries to get access to the woman he abused. Mónica and other women try to stop him. Saúl arrives just in time, tackles the guy, and turns him over to the police. Mónica and Saúl come up with ideas to help the Foundation become better known. Mónica suggests a telephone hotline that people can use anonymously; Saúl suggests a web page. Saúl kisses her--of course, at the very moment that Adolfo arrives at the Foundation to drop off some medications. Saúl tells him not to blame Mónica, it was all his (Saúl's) fault. Adolfo doesn't find this reassuring.

La Doña - Capítulos 104 y 105 - Jueves 2/2

After several days of trying, Lopecito finally succeeds in reaching Elena. With Braulio standing over her, she tells him she's been busy reading and cooking. This non-reader and non-cook is clearly trying to signal that something is wrong. Lopecito finds what she says strange, but he doesn't seem alarmed. He says he wants her to sign the divorce papers, but she says it's not a good time. He then asks whether he should come over. As far as we know, she doesn't answer.

Braulio starts on his quest for vengeance. He lies in wait for the coroner who testified against him at the trial. He stabs him repeatedly and leaves his corpse lying where people will find it. Next on his list is the waiter at the hotel where Braulio drugged and raped Lydia. He strangles him.

Saúl makes an impassioned plea to Karen and Jorge about the need to protect people from Braulio. He mentions all the people who testified against him at the trial, and also AG, who didn't attend the trial and didn't help him once he was accused.

Yesenia asks AG whether she killed Felipe. AG says of course not, I was watching Felipe on TV when it happened. Yesenia points out that AG could easily have given orders that Felipe be killed. Yesenia mentions Guillermo as a likely victim of such orders. She says it's quite a coincidence that Felipe and Gustavo, the two people who were looking for evidence against AG, were gunned down at the same time.

Adolfo talks to AG about the relationship between Mónica and Saúl. She advises him to propose marriage. He tells her he wanted to, but each time she changed the subject. AG then suggests that Adolfo take Mónica far away, and she offers him money to help. He's not comfortable with her suggestion, but he agrees to think about it.

Karen comes back into the office in a rage. Her boss has told her to stop her investigation of AG. She is furious that AG is able to pull all the strings and get whatever she wants.

Jorge comes into the office and tells her to look at an anonymous video that a number of people have just received. Karen, Jorge, and Saúl watch the video as the camera moves from the murder of Felipe and Gustavo to the rooftop where a clearly recognizable Rafael is packing up his gun and fleeing. End of episode.

La Doña

According to tonight's broadcast, there will be an episode of La Doña tomorrow (Friday) at 9 PM. I don't know whether that's an error, or whether zap2it got the schedule wrong.

Also, I've just found out that I probably can't do a Tuesday recap next week. I might be able to do one on Monday, but not on Tuesday. Real Life is beginning to get in the way.

La Dona: Juanita you did a terrific reacap. Seems AG is getting away with every wrong she has done. Killing Felipe was a daft move even though he had it coming. Rafael will be gone soon.


Juanita: I'm not surprised that both Felipe & Gustavo the investigation journalist both got whacked.

What pissed me off was that they buried Felipe in the same cemetery, where the grass is growing UGH.

My personal thoughts:

1.) I strongly believe it's safe to say Elena got whacked by Braulio because we never saw her again.

2.) The Medical Examiner & Hotel Waiter got whacked violently by Braulio wasn't surprising.

3.) Lopez revealed to be the Baby Daddy of Valeria's baby is nice. However, I'm agreeing with Diego, Braulio will gunning for them next.

4.) Regina & Isabella moving back to AG's NOT GOOD. I mean, know that Regina deep down knows that AG whacked Felipe, I'm wondering if Regina will be the key to AG's downfall.

5.) Super Hero Cop Karen: I feel for you girl. Getting told by the Governor to stop investigating AG would piss me off too.

6.) Daddy Cabral snuck back to his office quickly after the assassinations.

7.) Saul, Jorge & Super Hero Karen watch the video of Daddy Cabral running away with the sniper following the shooting.

8.) Diego & Isabella kissing at Prep Boarding School.

9.) Lydia still intent on crossing into the US. I'm getting a bad feeling Braulio will confront her & whack her.

10.) Valeria now working for the Foundation with Lopez, Saul, Monica & Margarita.

11.) Tia Yesenia is super brave confronting AG. However, she better watch her back too.

12.) FAKE NEWS Leticia has no idea that Daddy Cabral was the one, who whacked Felipe & Gustavo. I'm looking forward to seeing her reaction when the video by Matamoros (Teo 2.0) leaks out.

13.) Daddy Cabral confronts Monica again: UH-OH!

14.) Braulio will likely also come after Mama Aguirre as well.


La Doña

Thanks, Chinelo, for your kind words about the recap. Yes, right now AG seems to be getting away with everything, but I suspect that won't last much longer. Too many people are aware or suspicious. She can't do away with all of them. As for Felipe, I don't agree with you about his having it coming. He was foolish in taunting AG, but he did nothing that would justify his being murdered. Of course, AG wouldn't agree :-).

Steve, thanks very much for your helpful and interesting comments. I'm especially glad you added a number of things that the rather brief recap omitted. And you've got me wondering too whether Regina will be the key to AG's downfall.

La Doña

thanks so much Juanita!

I really enjoy your recaps, and you do such a wonderful job on these shorter ones getting the whole essence of the story across.

there sure is a lot of drama in this story, and some very well acted out scenes, but at this point I really don't care, is there even a glimmer of hope for anyone, Isabela seems to be the only happy character which doesn't fare well for her, and talk about a surprise ending, what would work for me is to have a new character appear (maybe with a magic wand) and straighten all these people out, and make things well.

but then again this is taken from the story of Doña Bárbara, otherwise known as la devoradora de hombres (man-eater).

and this thing where they take every scene up to a point, then move on usually concluding it later, but not always, is really starting to bug me.

let's see

Braulio with a bag full of guns is killing everyone mostly with his hands, did he say the next victim will be a person that didn't testify against him?

good move on AG's part releasing the video anonymously.

what was the deal with Rafael's secretary, she seemed like she could care less what he wanted.

interesting that Adolfo actually punched Saul.

and yes, way to much grass at the cemetery.

btw, it looks like Zap2it is now showing 1 hour of La Doña tonight plus El Capo.



Thanks so much, Juanita! I didn't see the episode, but now I feel like I have. Did Gustavo die too?

If AG doesn't want anyone connecting her to the deaths/disappearances of the first two Monkeys, she's going to have to kill a LOT of people. I want Braulio to spill the beans on ALL the people she's killed/had killed in order to get her way, not just those worthless Monkeys.

La Doña

Thanks very much, deb and Vivi, for your kind remarks about the recap and your great comments about the episodes. I too am pretty fed up with the novela, especially having to deal with it for two hours at a stretch. I almost fell asleep last night. Deb, if Braulio said his next victim would be someone who didn't testify against him, I missed that (along with so much else!). And thanks for the heads-up about the change on zap2it. When I checked, there was no La Doña scheduled for tonight. But the change agrees with what was announced at the end of the episodes last night: La Doña at 9, El Capo at 10.

Vivi, the bullet looked as if it hit Gustavo in the area of the heart, so I am assuming that he died, but I don't recall anyone in the novela saying definitely that he died. And yes, I suppose it would serve AG right to be brought down by Braulio, whom she depended on and walked all over for so many years. I just hope his testimony isn't the result of a huge plea deal.

La Doña

Juanita, when they go drama anymore, I snooze too, although Saul's justifications sometimes amuse me, this guy is really falling apart.

although on Thursday night when AG and Saul clashed there was an interesting conversation, as Saul's relationship with Monica he considered it love, but not so with AG, that was more about passion and this came out in that he was "trying" to think more in the long term, getting married and having kids, something his dad's death caused him to consider, and not with me, AG snapped back, and he somehow managed to leave without kissing her.

looks like with Centauro starting 2 may we have 1 more week of double shows, one week of singles, with the music awards on the 27th.


la dona

thank you every one for recapps and comments cause this thing is flying by...bye bye!! there is a one hour show? what time?

I agree and will bet even money Braulio and dona get each other in a love- death grip , he has his loving hands aroung her neck and she shoots him in the heart and then they die in each others arms.. the devil and his wife , then the karma spirits slide in ,to drag them both to hell...!!


La Doña

Halimacandy, yes, there's apparently a one-hour episode being broadcast tonight at 9 PM.

LA DOÑA Good Friday Alert!!! La Dona will air for one hour tonight from 9-10PM EDT.

la dona

La Dona family..Blessing !!-

Thanks ....
....have a Blessed Good Friday, everybody are in my prayers for the holy-days!![God Willing!]

geeweez-if only the Lord could help the idiots at telemundo,,, they are beyound salvation!!

Ashe-Peace !!

LA DONA: Thanks all for the fabulous recaps and discussion. sorry to be so out of it, but I'm recovering from a traumatic root canal this afternoon. I'm glad the show is only one hour tonight, as that is all I can tolerate.

La Doña

Wow, deb, you were so right! Tonight's episode started with some key scenes from last night's, and the first one was Braulio saying that his next victim will be someone who didn't testify against him but is someone important to many of those who betrayed him. Had I caught that last night, I'd have been able to take a good guess at who he had in mind.


1.) Lopez & Saul went to Elena's house & search everywhere, but cannot find her. I'm still betting that Braulio whacked her.

2.) Looks like Lydia is hell-bent on moving to the US as she's bidding goodbye to Monica & Margarita.

3.) Body Count increased again last night with Daddy Cabral whacking the 3 Nightclub Punks.

4.) Regina & Isabella being manipulated by AG all over again: FAST FORWARD.

5.) Not surprised that Tia Yesenia was kidnapped by Braulio in broad daylight.

6.) Daddy Cabral living in some dump-ass motel is a big fall from living in the Buji mansion to this very quickly.

7.) Valeria & Diego inform FAKE NEWS Leticia about Daddy Cabral whacking both Felipe & Gustavo including OJ Braulio escaping from prison.

8.) Dr. Adolfo thinks he's being stood up by Monica at the extravagant restaurant.

9.) Meanwhile, Dr. Adolfo speaks to other people while he's got time on his hands.

10.) Monica gets a phone call, who assumes is from Tia Yesenia, but Braulio answers the phone.

11.) Looks like Tia Yesenia is tied up in the warehouse somewhere outside of the DF.

12.) Monica runs towards Tia Yesenia, but Braulio points a gun at our loveable Hot Princess (nickname for Monica).

13.) AG inside her office: ZZZZZZ.

14.) Super Hero Cop Karen & Jorge likely get notified about Elena being missing & others in danger by Braulio.

15.) Expecting the inevitable sex escapade between Diego & Isabella at some point.

16.) Margarita got her own desk in the Foundation.



1.) Daddy Sandoval

2.) Mama Sandoval

3.) Cesar

4.) Guillermo Contreras

5.) Homeless Guy violently beaten to death by Braulio

6.) Miguel Preciado (Monkey #1)

7.) Mama Vasquez

8.) The Prostitute

9.) Felipe's bodyguard

10.) Colonel Cespedes' wife

11.) Daddy Aguirre

12.) Clarita Aguirre

13.) Colonel Alejandro Cespedes (Monkey #2)

14.) Perita the Prison Girl

15.) Ximena Urdaneta

16.) Francisco's Bodyguard

17.) Francisco's Henchman

18.) Francisco Vega (Monkey #3)

19.) Emiliano Cabral

20.) Chief Deputy Gabino Dominguez

21.) Lazaro Hernandez AKA Monica's favorite Jefe

22.) Interior Deputy Secretary Felipe Valenzuela

23.) Gustavo Jimenez AKA the Uppity Journalist

24.) Elena Lopez ?

25.) The Medical Examiner

26.) Hotel Busboy Octavio

27.) The 3 Nightclub Punks

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