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Vino el Amor #122-123 (Univision 114) Thursday, April 13, 2017: As the Stomach Turns

David and Luciana continue arguing and she leaves her report with him and walks out.

Marta’s back hurts as she is overworked. Sonia tries to help her out with the sheet folding.

At the SB Vineyard, Miggy and Adolfo talk about Luciana’s troubles with David. Adolfo offers to talk to David but Miguel advises against it.

Luciana goes over to Susan and tells her about what happened with David. Susan is sympathetic but tries to reason with Luciana about how strict David is. Lu thinks it’s very unfair how David is treating her regarding how she is helping Miguel. She talks about leaving David’s vineyard since he says he doesn’t need her. She leaves the office.

David, Bobby, Fernanda, and DisGrace plan a “family outing.” They return and Bobby is very happy since they went to the movies. Bobby tells Marta he doesn’t need her to tuck him in because Tía and his dad are going to read him a bedtime story.

Marta comes to the employees’ house and Ramon notices how tired Marta is and gives her a cup of tea. She complains about how Lil is treating her and not letting her see the children and giving her nothing but housework.

Lu comes to the SB vineyard and tells Miguel what happened with David. Mig feels responsible and takes the blame. But Lu says its Dave’s selfishness and nothing else. Miguel tells Luciana that she is more than welcome over there. Later she talks to Adolf regarding what should be done at that vineyard. Adolfo is very grateful for her help and tells her that he should talk to David about how much he appreciates her. Lu says no, it’s not necessary.

David and Grace read Bobby some dumb bedtime story that is more like for a five year old. They finish, tuck him in. Bobby tells them these are the best times of his life.

Luciana, León, and Tano are at the employees’ house. Tano says he know the patrón has been angry with her. León thinks it’s because she wasn’t there when he looked for her. She tells them that when she brought her report to David, she thought it was very strange that her report and what David came up with were quite similar. León said, “Well maybe it’s because the two of you think alike.” But Luciana says, “It still is very strange that both reports were just about identical.” But then Tano speaks up with what actually happened. He said that he was the one who told Grace about the plague expenses and everything else.

Now Luciana is angry to find out that DisGrace stole her ideas. She wants to tell David but Tano and León don’t think she should tell him. León says that it (Grace stealing her ideas) would never have happened if Lu were around and not helping Miguel.

Later, DisGrace brings out a bottle of wine from Spain to get Dave drunk. [Is there anything else in that wine?] She slinks behind him rubbing his shoulders. He thanks her for all her help. She leads him to his bedroom and seduces him. [I am glad Univision seems to have shortened this stomach turning event and did not subject us to the whole sordid thing shown on Mexican television.]

Cesar and Susan talk about Dave and Luciana. Then he tells Susan that they are very lucky to have found out that they should be together.

Next morning Luciana finds Tano up early studying. She couldn’t sleep because of all the problems. Tano tells her he feels badly about what he told DisGrace, but he didn’t think she had any bad intentions. Lu knows better. First Grace did it with the children, now she’s doing it with her work.

Ramon comes to make breakfast and Lu tells him that she notices how well he treats her mother. Tano says that his dad practically lives for what Marta wants. Marta comes downstairs and Ramón serves her breakfast. “Café de olla por me reina”, says Ramón.

Same early morning at the Robles home, Bobby walks in to Dave’s bedroom. Both DisGrace and Dave are caught off-guard needless to say. Dave is very embarrassed and gets dressed to go speak to Bobby and Fernanda. DisGrace wants to go with Dave when he talks to the children but he says it’s better if he does it alone.

Lilian is wondering why no one has come down for breakfast yet. Sonia doesn’t know and neither does Marta. Marta wants to know what to do with all the breakfast, but Lil says to serve her only. Then she starts in on a laundry list of Cinderella chores for Marta. Lilian begins to laugh wickedly.

Finally DisGrace comes downstairs in a bright green pastel colored dress. She gleefully announces to her mother that she spend the night with David. At first Lil is very happy for her, but when DisGrace mentions that Bobby walked in on them this morning, Lil is very angry and says, “How could you be so stupid?” Lil lambastes Grace for her impulsivity and not thinking things through.

Dave comes to Bobby’s room to have that talk. “Why were you sleeping my Tía, Dad?” Dave says, “Well son, Grace and I were up late last night and she just happened to sleep in my room.” Bobby is smarter than that so he says, “But isn’t that what parents are supposed to do? Or is it that you are liking my aunt? Dad, I just don’t understand you.” Dave says, “I need to talk to both you and Fernanda as soon as she is ready.”

Meanwhile downstairs, DisGrace is getting very antsy about what’s happening with Dave and the kiddos. Lil tells her she needs to stay downstairs and wait it all out. Lil says, “When are you ever going to learn?”

Lu shares with Susan how DisGrace stole her ideas for her report.  She wants to tell David, but she’s afraid of another fight. Lu finishes up some work, Susan thinks she’s done a good job, so she suggests that Lu take it to David. But Lu does not want to. Lu is tired of being hurt.

Juan gets a call from a client cancelling an order. Juan is very upset! Perla and Juan start arguing. He says Perla is not helping anything but she says, “Well what do you expect me to do?” She tells him maybe he can get more clients but he just mocks her. He talks to another client named Aaron and wants to know why he’s cancelling. Juan finds out that David has been advising everyone not to do business with Juan. He’s done with everyone, especially with David.

David and Bobby go to Fernanda’s room to talk. He announces to them his new love interest and that it’s their Tía. Obviously, this will make Fernanda happy.
[End of 122]

The conversation continues with Fernanda telling David she is happy, but Bobby asks, “But are you in love with her?” Funny, Dave doesn’t say he is, he just says, “I’m very grateful to your aunt for all she has done for us. It’s just very important for me to be with someone who is good for you.” Bobby says, “Well Dad, I just want to see you happy.” But David stares off in the distance and doesn’t look very happy.

At Juan’s apartment, Juan keeps muttering, “Kill him, kill him, kill him, yes, I’m going to KILL HIM!” He is starting to go into full meltdown. Perla tries to tell him to forget it all and he won’t hear of it. He continues spiraling down saying he will kill David.

Finally David comes downstairs and asks Grace to wait for him in the bedroom and he asks Marta to take the children to school. He comes in and tells her that he told the children and they are in agreement with their relationship. The only one who doesn’t look so happy is David.

Now it’s Grace’s turn to tell the children and she goes on and on about how important they are and how much she missed them all when she was in Spain. She looks like she is becoming the all loving soccer mom. Fernanda says she believes her mother is at peace knowing that Grace is there with them. After David leaves, Fernanda shows how ecstatic she is.

Bobby announces to Marta how the “family” is celebrating today of his dad’s new relationship with Grace. He shares how he saw them in the morning and how they slept together because they love each other. Marta looks at him sadly with disbelief.

Luciana talks to the workers about the details regarding what to do after the plague and how the soil can dry out. She and León talk and he advises her to talk with David about her report. Later, she and Susan start talking about the situation and how much she needs David. She says there is not one minute during the day that she doesn’t miss David. She plans to tell David about what happened with her report and that Grace stole her ideas.

Lu finds David in his office and she gives him some work details and a report. She says something she wants to tell him, but he says he has something he wants to tell her first. He wants her to hear it from him first before anyone else can tell her. He finally tells her that he’s decided to have a relationship with Grace. He says it’s for the kids and they are very happy with her. Lu asks him if he stopped loving her. But he says he has to do what is best for his children. Of course Luciana starts crying and says she never wants to have anything to do with him from here on out.

Juan’s phone rings again and it’s another cancellation. Perla answers, she offers a discount, but they decline. Juan continues with his meltdown.

Miguel and Adolfo talk in the MPR and Miguel is complaining about all the extra expenses they have incurred. Adolfo says that they will recoup their expenses with the new wine they will be selling.

Luciana comes back to the employees house, finds León and tells him what happened. She has lost David forever now as he is in a relationship with DisGrace. “I’ve lost the love of my life and I cannot live with this pain.” Marta comes in and she cries to her mother. Marta says to leave David in the past because things are now very serious. Lu asks why. Marta gives her the worst news: David and DisGrace are sleeping together. She cries some more.

Dave comes to see Susan and makes work reassignments, giving Susan Luciana’s duties. He tells Susan that Luciana is furious with him because he’s now with DisGrace.

Tano comes looking for Luciana. He just found out that from Fernanda that David and DisGrace are having a relationship and wanted to know if Luciana already knew. Susan assures him she does know, that’s why she left work for the day. Tano feels badly for Luciana and hopes that she will be okay.

At dinner the “family” gathers and Marta is having trouble and she stumbles in with a tray because her back is going out. They play video game and are having fun. Marta comes in with a bowl of popcorn for them, Lilian takes it and purposely lets it drop to the floor! Marta goes to try to clean up but her back gives out and she’s in a lot of pain. David tells Marta to rest and take a week’s vacation. Marta is obviously in a lot of pain.

Gutierrez goes to the SB Vineyard to see Adolfo. He is encouraging Adolfo to press charges against Juan. Adolfo doesn’t want to and wants to let Erica rest in peace. Pressing charges won’t bring Erica back. Gutierrez believes that Juan should pay for what he did. Adolfo is puzzled because he thought Juan and Gut were friends. But Gut says there is something “fishy” about Juan and he has to follow the law.

Luciana and León are in town and Lu orders a bottle of tequila to nurse her woes. She plans to not even say David’s name because he doesn’t deserve it. Sonia joins them and León and Sonia become very lovey dovey. They all drink together.

Back at the house, David tells Marta again that she needs to take a week off and rest. But Marta is not happy about it because she would rather be fired than being told she can’t see the children.

The trio of Sonia, León, and Luciana get back to the employees’ house [I hope they took a cab or Uber as they were pretty drunk]. Luciana says she is going to tell David that she still loves him. Sonia does not think it is a good idea and advises her against it. But Luciana says that David needs to hear that she will always love him. “I don’t care if he’s in bed with someone else. He has to know that I still love him.”


Cynthia I enjoyed your recap. Oh the affairs of the heart make for very interesting
tales. Luciana should have stayed close to David in the first place. If you move just one little inch someone else will squeeze in and move you out. But oh well, this is a soap opera and there have to be all these ups and downs to make it good. Until the maybe so-called happy ending. Keep up the good work on the recaps.

Cynthia: Your recap said it all!

Al: Luciana should just go move to San Antonio, TX or somewhere in getting away from the mess for awhile.

I'm looking forward to seeing the look on DIVA David's face when it's revealed that Graciela whacked Lisa.


Thank you Cynthia.

Kimberly really looks different without red lacquer lips.

Irina does a good drunk but I knew that already when she did a party girl addict in PyP.

I feel sorry for Luciana. The circling descent wasn't a controlled landing but a death spiral.


Thanks, Cynthia. Your title nails it. Great recap and screenshots.

Luciana, you dodged a bullet. I knew David was an idiot, but now Bobby is too with the way he's treating Marta. Basta with the whole family.

I am so hoping Juan tells David the truth about DisGrace, complete with whatever he's got on that phone.

Good work, Cynthia.

My stomach turned when this tale took this turn, especially since poor little Bobby walked into the bedroom and saw them in bed together. At least this didn't defile the Lisa Shrine (which I suspect still has all the furniture in place).

Obviously nobody taught the kids that you don't enter a parent's bedroom without knocking. Even more obviously sleeping with the succubus is going to make the shock of her crime even greater when that hits. David needs a shrink now but he will need one even more when that happens.

And I now join the ranks who believe that Luciana should just cut her losses, update her resume, and leave. For David to fall into this trap makes him too stupid to breed anymore. The FerBrat is going away to college (maybe) and Bobby would have been happy with Luciana for a stepmother. He is smart enough to see that his father isn't happy. He's nowhere near as selfish and blind as his sister and doesn't want his father to be unhappy.

Thank you very much Cynthia! You got THE episode. Well, we knew it was going to happen and I'm glad it's over.

Fernanda says she believes her mother is at peace knowing that Grace is there with them.

These writers have managed to make me feel unsympathetic for Fer and Dumb-ass for being victims of the murderer of their mother and wife. Amazing. I can't WAIT for them to find out and when they do, I feel like I won't even feel sorry for Fer. Bien hecho, Graciaela, you are a master! Well, Fer is a selfish child and Dave is a numbskull so maybe you're not a master after all.

Marta got to say "I told you so" and the stretched-mouthed heffa had a chance to tell DUH-veed that this was all part of a master plan, including sending her supposedly beloved Bowbee off to boarding school but, nah, she'd rather be right so she let it happen.

Not to take DUD-veed off the hook: he wouldn't have listened to Marta anyway, he wanted that skank, probably since college days. He didn't flush DisGrace down the toilet even when Lisa was alive. There was a scene where Lisa was distraught about DG's open flirtation with DUMB-veed and he did nothing about it. Surely this encouraged psycho DG and we all know how that ended down by the muddy river. I RELISH the reveal. I want to see him crumble to the floor, prostrate with shock and grief. I'd much rather he choked DG to death in front of the children but he's too much of a wimp for that.

We know Luciana's position as well:

Luciana says that David needs to hear that she will always love him. “I don’t care if he’s in bed with someone else. He has to know that I still love him.”

I know Luci is one of the few that has DG's number but I don't think murder ever crossed her mind. How will SHE take the news? After shock I'm sure she'll be all solicitous tenderness with Dave. Not sure why she's so in love with him. For weeks he's been priming her to be the side piece.

Oh well, it IS a soap. Welcome Al! Thanks again, Cynthia!


Thank You Thank You Ms. Cynthia.

I see now why Luci's hair has looked so dirty lately. She has had her head all the way up her ass.

She and DisGonarrhea have been battling for that ultimate prize of all time Disfunctional Brain Dave, and he has been mysteriously distancing himself from her as DisGonadeater moves in closer to David and declares open war on Luci to her face..

She is shocked that she lost the man prize contest too? Puleeeeze. If you didn't see that coming you are probably surprised e--very--fripping morning that the Sun comes up Dummy.

What was even more fun than David and his Sleepover was watching Big Mean Strong Arrogant Hateful NoJuan (NoActualNuts) whimpering like a hungry puppy when a couple customers canceled on him. Did it never occur to him that TWO might play that game? Although David's attack was hardly in the league with NoJuan's excavations of water pipes. Time for show and tell boys.

Succ-ubus looked funny without the war paint. I was a bit cornfuzed though. Where did all that Stop Sign paint go? Maybe in David's beard? He sure licked it off in a hurry. Maybe he ate it? When I have done that, the first time I came up for air I looked like I was in a chicken wing eating contest.

Perfect title, Cynthia. As always, the big chunks that Univision took out are filling in a lot of gaps.

So there was MORE to that scene with David and Grace? *shudder* What I saw was enough. I, for one, am going to need a support group.

LOL the Cinderella chores!

What is so great about cafe de olla? I've tried making it and it never tastes right. Is there a trick to it? Or is it an acquired taste?

Grace said that impulsivity is what got her to where she is now. I imagine that impulsivity will also get her to where she ends up.

Juan was very Jokery last night. He's starting to really lose it.

"He tells Susan that Luciana is furious with him because he’s now with DisGrace." Well, that's only part of the reason she's furious. He never did ask her what she wanted to tell him.

I was a little surprised when Gut came to Adolfo, but Gut has consistently put his sheriff responsibilities ahead of his personal concerns... which is why I was so confused when he detained Ramon. The writers really screwed that up.

"I hope they took a cab or Uber as they were pretty drunk." I wondered how they got home, too. We never see anyone in a car, ever.

So Luci's going to drunkenly confess her love. Right. No way can that go wrong!

Niecie: I'm also agreeing with you on Bobby. I had high hopes for him, but he's also an IDIOT!

Graciela pulled off the biggest & successful scheme ever! I've got to hand it to her, she was consistent.

Luciana: Time for you to PACK YOUR BAGS & move back to Mexico!


Kirby, just have some nice, hot Cheddar Bay biscuits on hand to fix that chicken wing problem the next time it happens.

Julie, I do hope Sonia prevents her from doing that. She needs to be kept away from David until she sobers up. Luciana losing her dignity would be painful to watch.

Grace said that impulsivity is what got her to where she is now. I imagine that impulsivity will also get her to where she ends up. That's for sure.

"he wanted that skank, probably since college days. He didn't flush DisGrace down the toilet even when Lisa was alive. There was a scene where Lisa was distraught about DG's open flirtation with DUMB-veed and he did nothing about it"

Lila, yes he did. Total disrespect toward the mother of his children. In retrospect Lisa was a fool and David's groupie killed her. At least in death Lisa's suffering ended.

When David finds out he needs to keep his mouth shut, protect the kids and live with his choice.

Tofie: I'm so going to be looking forward to seeing Karma hitting David, FerBrat, Bobby & Deborah Sanders 2.0 when the truth about Graciela whacking Lisa is revealed!

UA: Speaking of Luciana, you want to bet she sleeps with Miguel to get revenge ?


Urban: "Luciana should just cut her losses, update her resume, and leave" Yes! We will throw her a party, sing Freebird, and move on to the next thing. I'm sure a lot of wineries would be thrilled to hire someone from the team that took third place in the regional wine competition. Like, for example, the fourth place winner. (Or she could go to work for Adolfo, but that might be weird for her and Miguel.)

When is someone going to point out to David that he doesn't look happy? He kept describing the relationship as "giving myself a chance with Grace." Marta sounded more enthusiastic about Ramon.

"I see now why Luci's hair has looked so dirty lately. She has had her head all the way up her ass." Shame on you, Kirby. You made me choke on my coffee.

I wondered what happened to Grace's lipstick, too. It obviously doesn't come off easily, but now it's all gone without a trace. Maybe it isn't lipstick. Maybe the color in her lips fades after she feeds.

I want Cheddar Bay biscuits, but there is no Red Lobster anywhere near here.

DisGonarrhea, DisGonadeater. Good ones, Kirb!

Yah, DG DID declare war in Luci's face and Lil outlined the whole plan to Marta's hearing. If Marta had not been against Luci and DUD-veed being together, the two of them coulda nixed this whole thing from "go." But Marta doesn't really know Luci and she's incapable of listening to her and only sees herself and FERNAAAAHNDO in EVERY situation. I've heard her call his name more than Marcos.

But no, Luci and Marta couldn't stopped that train...DUD was a-hankerin' for DG and he knows it. And Luci, girl, I told you to leave. It's sad that you roundly lost to DisGrateful and the only reason you're going to get him back is because she murdered his wife and will end up dead (probably self-inflicted) or in jail.

If the writers pulled a surprise switcheroo and Luci ended up with Miguel (because we KNOW they have to pair people off), I wouldn't even be upset.

Julie, you can make them yourself. I recommend a slight increase on the seasoning.

I can't stand Miguel either and think Luciana shouldn't settle for either guy. She can do so much better. She should go work with the second place vineyard.

The only thing that finally got Marta's attention is she is now in exile without access to her children. No problem telling Luciana to stay away from David or suffer Graciela's attacks but make her scrub a few floors and stop a sammich delivery she's a martyr.

Lila: "Marta ... only sees herself and FERNAAAAHNDO in EVERY situation. I've heard her call his name more than Marcos." You're right. She rarely talks about Marcos.

Maybe David would have listened to Marta and maybe he wouldn't, but we'll never know because Marta didn't even try. If she tells him, there's maybe a 5% chance he hears her, and a slightly higher chance that he thinks about it later after it sinks in. But if she doesn't tell him, there's a 0% chance he hears her. So... play the odds, Marta.

I'm not blaming Boby for accepting the relationship. Grace has behaved very well with him lately, as far as he knows. And he apparently understands that he doesn't get to pick his father's girlfriends (even though David basically invited him to nix the relationship), so he probably wouldn't protest even if he disapproved. But he did keep asking David if he was happy, which shows that Boby is still smarter than his father!

She needs to be kept away from David until she sobers up. Luciana losing her dignity would be painful to watch.--Urban

That's right! OMG! I hope they don't, but they will probably go there and DG's firey red lips will be skint back in the biggest grin as she berates Luci in front of a dopey stone-faced DOH-veed!

When David finds out he needs to keep his mouth shut, protect the kids and live with his choice. --Tofie

Hey, that's even righter! He SHOULD try to shield his kids! I hadn't thought of that but I don't think that will happen. Jeezopete, if Luci decides to stay, she's going to not only have to pull Brain-DEAD-veed out of tremendous funk of shock, guilt and depression, the kids psyches are going to be pretty much jacked up, too!

Just don't hire Dr. Evil Martin Mull Anderson! OK, comments are popping, this is fun but I got to go do stuff and use this as a reward!


At Yi Yi--Yuck! My first day home and I had to watch two animals groping each other? What, besides testosterone was raging through David head and body? If Bobby hadn't caught them, he probably would have told DisG that it was a mistake and she needs to leave. What a Wimp. He asks his children to accept a relationship he hasn't wanted for months. You all just can't imagine how let down I feel, after waiting 14 days for the Luci-David rift to be mended and this happens? And, in the Ultimos Capitulos? Not even Semanas anymore? Spare me the bitter untruthiness to all this.

Cynthia--I don't know if I can bear to read the recap, but for you, I will. Until later, Peeps. Have a lot of reading to do. (Enjoyed Paris/Seine trip with my daughter thoroughly, but glad to be back home.)

Half of me wants Sonia to hold Luci back, but the other half of me wants to see crazy-drunk undignified Luci go in there and deliver her soggy speech. With or without the succubus present, it's all good. Luci hasn't been blunt enough with David. When it comes to emotions, you have to really spell things out for him, explain it with apples, demonstrate it with dollies.

I am having biscuits this weekend. Oh yes I am.

David's lost. Fer not only passed her SAT, she got an A+ in Master Bitch domination through blackmail class with Grace and with Marta, DG, Lil and Luci falling all over each other to do everything for Bowbee except wipe his butt (and that could be off camera), he's learning to be a brain-dead user like his dad.

This is going to be Luci's family.

You're right, Kirby. Did they show the mini-meltdown DG had with Lil where she accused Lil of wishing SHE had died instead of Lisa? She ran away and had a flashback of the murder. That's a crucial scene. I don't feel any remorse in her memories but rather a "oh, fudge. . .I might have a small problem with the rocking thing."

When DisGrace said to her Mom that her impulses got her to her recent successes you could see it in her eyes she was thinking of RockinLisa.

OT Found a pic of DisGrace without makeup

Climb every mountain,
use every trick,
follow every impulse
until you win his...heart!

(Hey, it was either that or "[BLEEP] the rainbow." And you have my sympathies, Cynthia.)

Ahead of anything else, it needs to be said: Kimberly Dos Ramos and Gabriel Soto were far more into David and Graciela's slightly tipsy boink (edited as it was, AIUI--as dy77 put it last night, the real villains in this show are Univision's bloody editors) than we've ever seen from GS and Irina Baeva. That bizarre realization somehow tempered the impact of this bit of mindblowing forkery...perhaps thankfully, because (deep breath)


We're in the twilight of the show. The chief protagonist, who has inadvertently been shown to sort of fumble through his personal life (which hits a little close to home because I've been a fumbler, if nowhere near this level), and who had previously declared his undying love for the other protagonist, started dating the one woman the other protagonist kind of hates on the DL in the name of "what's best for my family" and finally boinked her. And it's after this that he finally manned up enough to tell his true, theo-forking-retically, love that he's dating said other woman and urges her to "understand" him.

Luciana's response was actually surprisingly restrained, IMHO. She would have been in her right to smack the taste out of David's mouth merely for her being the last to know about the "dating," let alone the other crap. This is where she should be running the other way at full speed to Vinedo Santa Barbara, or just to a hotel room in Sonoma to get her head together while burning a David effigy...hell, this should have occurred about thirty episodes before it did so everything else makes even the faintest sense. But no, this shirt gets busted out nineteen episodes (8-9 in Univision time?) before the end of the show. On one level I get the apparent idea--Luciana has to be the one who saves David, somehow, from the evil temptress who's been manipulating him almost literally for the entire show, so she can finally be with her true love. The problem is that I don't trust the show to get the execution right--not in the time we have left--since at this point we have to get through

1. Graciela being revealed as Lisa's murderer.
2. Graciela's general manipulation of, well, everybody except Lilian.
3. Lilian's involvement with Juan's embezzlement from the vineyard and Magic Brian deporting Marcos and Luciana (maybe more so the former at this point, I don't even know any more).
4. Juan's karma payback for the plague, Watergate, the embezzlement, and migrant trafficking.
5. Whatever the fork happens with Miguel and Adolfo over at VSB.
6. Whatever the smaller fork happens with Magic Brian.
7. The theoretical happy endings for Marta and Ramon, Cesar and Susan, maybe Ferzilla and Poodle Hair, and Best Couple Sonia and Leon.

If the show went full-on El Talisman and we got Juan going down in a shootout with the police while rocking THE HAIR (and you Patio gals remember that, right?), that might salvage some of this. Maybe. It's still a shame, though, that I'm not looking forward to any of the happy endings save Best Couple. More and more I'm just here to see how the villains check out in the end.

DisGrace has mood swings or something like that and they are getting "wider". She goes from on top of the world thinking "Look at this shit I just pulled, Sucks to not be me." to "Oh Fudge, I didn't see that one coming, STFU Mom.

Welcome back, Anita! "You all just can't imagine how let down I feel, after waiting 14 days for the Luci-David rift to be mended and this happens?" Sorry, that's a fine welcome home, isn't it? And David's decisions are actually getting worse instead of better.


Erythromycin or old faithful penicillin

David's going to need therapy for sure. No doubt Grace can introduce him to a great psychiatrist.

That covers the physical side of banging a succubus that killed your wife, Kirby. I think we'll need electroshock therapy for the mental side...


! ! !

we missed you more than I bet you missed US. ! :-)

Of course I missed you all. Did not miss the shenanigans going on that we are negatively addicted to. It brings out the best in us.

But wait a minute--Adolfo says let Erika rest in peace? Is she 6ft under, as the inhaler predicted for us? Inquiring minds need to know, because Miguel and Adolfo are behaving so normally. Is she gone and forgotten already? When was the funeral? I have a lot to catch up on, I see.

In some Lover's eyes David would be damaged goods now and there is no turning back. Like when TN chicks catch their boyfriend with Mom.

And seriously, really, do you want to be with a dolt, Luci? This man has spent a lot of time in the gym or gulping pills, but he has not shown himself to be worth a nickel at anything else. DisGrace's 'Morning After' glow is even suspect, it reminded me more of a hyena napping after a kill.

Yes, Anita she died the most elaborate death you could imagine in Miguel's arms. If you don't speak Spanish you might believe she gave a State of the Union address and Miggs gave the Opposing party's response.

Adolfo is still grieving, Miggy is wondering if all that Victoria Secret shit he just bought will fit Luci.

David doesn't deserve saving and what is he unhappy about? To finally realize he hurt Luciana or she might leave now and he'll have to work? Seems to me his family life is coming together as planned with the added benefit of a bed mate he desires and he can always hire another young woman to play with on the side.

David is an idiot tourist wanting that perfect selfie and steps in front of a bus.

Wow! Bill at 10:05. Ima haf to save that for lunch! Yowzer! Great discussion, compliments of DisGrazin'inDavid'sgrass!

Bill you are right. No surprise there.! It looks like we are in for another typical TN "Shotgun Ending". I HATE it the way they do that. I have tried to get into the Spanish mind set to appreciate it, but it just does not work for me.

Can't they just dribble it out over a little more time? They have plenty of punishment to go around, just look at your list.

She should just have a bright red T-shirt made with DisGotIt across the implants.

We still have 18 or so episodes left to go. That IS a lot of time by TN standards, and Juan is already on the cusp of Joker-mode, so the pandemonium looks to be starting soon.

David never truly desired DisGrace. We don't know whether he boinked her while they were in college; the writers were never clear about that. He has been forcing himself, thinking that he needs to do what he thinks his children want. He looked seriously miserable through both of these episodes. Why the hell is he punishing himself when all he has to do is wait until FerBrat goes away to college?

Actually, if the series were to run long enough for that she would hear about Luciana from DisGrace or Lillian on Skype and come back to enroll in a local university to stick around and break up that relationship. Stupid little vitch.

Cynthia, this was outstanding. From your perfect title, to fantastic screen shots to superb recap.

I'm going to rouse myself from the hangover shock and disgust of last night to make a few coherent comments.

"[I am glad Univision seems to have shortened this stomach turning event and did not subject us to the whole sordid thing shown on Mexican television.]" Yes, but the image of David and Graciela grappling is unfortunately seared on my brain.

Luci had a free fall from the high wire, yet the safety net, her family, was no where to be seen. “Bobby tells them these are the best times of his life” and “León says that it (Grace stealing her ideas) would never have happened if Lu were around and not helping Miguel”..

I was hoping that Marta would have given David a piece of her mind when she found out David was sleeping with Graciela but a simple stare was all she mustered?

Luci is achingly alone. Even Susan seemed to scold her for spending so much time at Adolfo's.

Way too many exceptional comments this morning to list them all but Lila, your "For weeks he's been priming her to be the side piece", Bill's "Luciana's response was actually surprisingly restrained" and Urban's poignant "And I now join the ranks who believe that Luciana should just cut her losses, update her resume, and leave" all struck a chord with me.

Anita, welcome back amiga. I'm sorry you returned to such an unholy, unsavory mess.

Nothing that could possibly transpire will ever make me believe or accept Luci and David's reconciliation. It is just too late.

Except for Sonia, Ramon, Adolfo and Miguel (and of course Luci), just about everyone else is out of my favor and good graces.

Cynthia, this was wonderful. thank you.


That was sort of the cherry on top, UA: David's "stoic face" giving way to that rather impressive "I'm in Hell" face when he more-or-less officially started dating Graciela. It doesn't help his current situation one damn bit, especially since Hell meant banging the Succubus, but it was funny.

This is nothing we haven't seen before, but the writers haven't given us anything to make us believe in in most of these characters. They're getting no more than a D+ for this series.

If Bobby hadn't caught them, he probably would have told DisG that it was a mistake and she needs to leave. What a Wimp.

Anita, welcome back! You pinpointed what was bugging me deep down but couldn't get out. David was in no way confident about moving forward with DisGrace, but makes like he's all in with his family for appearance's sake. Let him stay with DisGrace for the next 50 years to keep up appearances, while Fer is off somewhere living her life with Tano and Bobby is out of state on a soccer team.

I get the vibe with DUD that he did want DG, or let me say, his loins wanted DG, and that's all. I think he's been wanting to break off a piece of that but Lisa was in the way. Of course, he'd never admit that but he acted on it once, that kiss in Spain. That's why he never got rid of the hoe. If the writers didn't want to convey that and instead cast him as such a DEVOTED DAD that he sacrificed the REAL love of his life for his kids, they failed. He let Grace rope him in and then he was going to have his side chick, Luciana, the same way Dead Daddy-in-Law had Marta.

Wouldn't be enough Lysol for him to wash his ass in for me to take him back!


Welcome home, Anita! It's been maddening around here! Some of us (sheepish grin) have gotten down-right potty-mouthed, rude, and been talking under David's clothes we're so mad!


Thank you Cynthia!

Things I liked in last night's episode: Luciana when she's drunk and spunky, Grace's green dress.

That's about it.

David is a moron and at this point I don't know why either lady obsesses over him.

I don't think David is that selfish to try to have Luciana as a side chick. He isn't uncaring like his suegro must have been. He's not made like that although many women who have been cheated on think all men are like that. And Luciana would not be content to be a side piece.

He is, however, very foolish to not take account of the damage he will do to himself with this decision.

Ditto what Urban said about Luci being a side chick. It took forever for him to even go to bed with her once. It took Grace forever to get in his pants after trying nearly every trick in the book. He does not take this stuff casually.

And if he suggested something like that to Luci, I think she'd sock him.

Oh, it would've been couched in lots of star-crossed lover angst and "if loving you is wrong, I don't want to do right," and holding out for when they could get away from Grace. Luci's dignity is already slipping, I'm not sure she wouldn't have accepted such a status and I can see stupid Marta helping her justify it because that's what happened with her and FERNAAAAAAHNDO!

Only thing that would stop Luci from being a side chick is Grace would kill her ass.

una mujer es capaz de cualquier cosa por amor

I could see either of them saying that.

David will make sleeping with Graciela Luciana's fault. He already told her he wanted to be angry with her.

Well, where to begin.....

First, thanks so much , Cynthia, for biting the bullet, girding your loins and recapping that traumatic episode. You are a strong woman.

Second... I fell asleep last night after a long, busy day of work and family, and God must be punishing me for something because I woke up when Dave and Grace were standing facing each other in the bedroom. Now, let me describe the scene as one who does not understand much dialogue. Okay, there was Dave looking like someone had just driven over his dog or he was getting ready for riot canal. Then, he suddenly lunged at Grace who in contrast was beaming with expectation and victory... squeeeeee , and the next thing I saw was them horizontal....and then..THAT happened. Did anyone time it? Two minutes for TheBigEvent. Ugh. I got a stomachache. Then, Bobby opened the door because...Dave. Dumb as a rock did not think to lock the door before the unholy alliance. Although, truth to tell, probably every parent forgets to lock the door...once. Then, you remember ..lesson learned. I, too, noticed that after that wicked quickie, Grace was devoid of makeup. How? Maybe in the deleted scenes ...well, some kind of makeup removing something happened.

Dave, I hate much. Not only should Luci run for the hills, no woman should ever be with him again...not even cards or a should be over for him. As a side note, I think those bits and pieces that many have been mentioningbhere just might have evaporated. I think Grace could do that. #ihopeso.

Great recap Cynthia. The end of it made up for the crapy way david dumped
Lucy.I hope she goes in there and wakes him and succubus up with aspeech
And then turn around turn off the lite
Walks out and close the door. Shes fun
When she's drunk.
Poor little bobee. He thinks his life is the best ever now. He'll wake up outta That twight zone. Soon.

Did y'all see fer's face.Shes not that that happy. And everytime David gets
Near kissing distance of the succubus
He looks like he's fighting diarrhea.
I hope he took a good shower the next
Morning. Poor stupid man that he is.
David comes into Susan's office with
That"I stepped in some sh*t just now &
I need you to help me clean it off" look.And he know he stepped in it too.

I'm kinda surprised they didn't play the baby Card with lucy, ya know,after the nite of Passion they had. I hope they don't do that with the ghost in red lipstick.
She don't need to be nobody's moma.Im
Sure Lucy won't mind raising that baby
With dud-veed after gracie's demise.

Tano, bless his blind heart,"maybe she
(Grace) had good intentions". He can't
Help it.He don't have none of his dads
I would like to see Lucy and Marta leave. They're not happy there. And so
David can get a good asskickin,and the
Blinders can come off. Then he can see
All the craziness that's been fall In down On him for the pass 24+ years. Stupid Blind vineyard man.

Lil is just plain evil. She'll get her
Anvils. And they are many.

Juan is looking pretty crazy.I wouldnt
Be to surprised if she got killed because of Her stubborn ignorance where this man Is concerned.I wouldn't be surprised if he offed himself like his father did as he was probably crazy too. Look How Juan is acting, that probably also happened before his dad off himself.

This is fixin to get ubber ugly.
Thank you Cynthia. You hit it girl.

Ok, folks, using David as our punching bag is great for getting out our frustrations. Here's my rant on NoJuan (how I wish there were noJuan at all): I get absolutely exasperated when the supposed villain begins to get berserk (Kill Him, Kill Him, lower lip sticking out and shaking). He's been cunning about his revenge, staying on the DL for nearly 20 years while skimming profits and moving on to harsher means. NOW? NOW the writers have him going down the Loony-Tune Road to don a white jacket and check in to a padded hotel room? Can't they think of anything else? How about a bomb that backfires? How about poison he meant for DudVid but accidentally drinks himself? How about a dip near the river and Perla and Carito steal his clothes and he dies of frostbite (well, maybe he can't in sunny, warm California), but at least have something besides CrayCray take him out.

Yes, BillC. El Tal's CrayCray Tony, at least, went out in a blaze of glory. But wasn't Pedro Ibarra a lot like our David? Dud-in-the-Head? I remember Rafael Novoa's "Thank God this is Over" look of relief at the very end? Everybody on the Patio noticed it. (That and the green tongue.)

We should make lists of the best worst telenovelas we've seen to share. El Tal and VEA are now at the top of my list for dribble and drabble.


TAL*MART Grand Finale Sale. No Refunds. All Sales Are, Por Fin, Wait For It, Final
Clothing and T-Shirt Department

For Mike ONLY—Special order tee that says, “I can’t believe I watched the first 1/4.”

New tee with “I can't believe I watched the whole thing!” (or summer porch banner)

New tee with “I'm SO glad it is over!" (also as a coffee mug, heck, make it a banner)

New tee with “I didn’t watch the whole thing, but enjoyed the recaps”

New tee with “They killed Renato! You bastards”

New tee with “Rafa can't possibly be as happy as WE are”

New tee with “Who’s Your Daddy?” (also mugs, ball point pens, and tote bags)

New tee with “POR FIN”

New tee with “The Few - The Slightly Abashed - The Talismaniacs! All for one and one for Alternate Fresno,” designed by Blue Lass

New tee with “The Few, The Proud – The Mighty Bashed, The Slightly Abashed - The Talismaniacs,” modified design by Anita

Cropped leather jacket (à la Lucrazy) with "Talismaniacs Raisin Hell" embroidered on the back


I wonder, if Graciela gets pregnant, will Marta be asked to stay on as nanny. Lilian won't like it but Graciela will.

Cynthia, I love your photos. The one of Dave🐇 and Grace 💄 spooning almost made me hurl.

Regarding the birds and bees talk that Disappointing Dave gave nine going on four year old Booby, here's what Dumbbunny actually should have told Bob. "When two people really love each other...or when when one person is a she conniving, desperate, immoral shedevil 😈and the other is a stupid, easily led manchild🐀 ..they sometimes end up in bed together. It happens."

Tofie..yes, I did not see anyone pausing for birth control. Awful idea..Grace as a mother.

Hey, I don't think that EVERYONE in Sonoma has heard about the sexual encounter ...maybe a billboard or ad in the local pennysaver. Alert the media. Let's have Grace wear a scarlet A and Dave a scarlet D....for Dumbass. Maybe that should be a scarlet S for Dave because folks will just think that a scarlet D is a monogram. Yeah, I want Dave to have the letter S embroidered in all those stupid vests. Or how about a J for Jackass.

Anita...Erica's wake was actually held in the MPR which henceforth will be known as the office\bedroom\living room\funeral parlor or the Erica Memorial MPR.

Also, Anita..I have always dreamed of going to two places.. Hawaii and France. Now, I am a little afraid to go to France , and I hate flying! Hope your trip was wonderful. My older daughter got engaged in Paris.

DisGrace getting pregnant? That would be criminal, indeed.

However, since she wants to get pregnant as much as anyone else wants a case of anthrax I say that if this were to happen -- and there are just enough episodes left to devote a handful to this -- she would probably get an abortion without telling anyone.

More likely she has a Nuvo-ring or something like it that she doesn't have to pay attention to until it needs replacement. Get pregnant and ruin her figure? I can't see her doing that.

I also can't see Lillian being happy about it, either. If she and DisGrace can't wait to ship Bobby off to a boarding school on the other side of the planet I can't see her welcoming a screaming infant into the household. She also knows on some level that DisGrace would be an even worse mother than she was.

I don't know. Grace might like to have a baby to use as leverage with David. It's not as though she'd have to deal with the screaming and crying - that's what the nana is for.

On the other hand, she already has Lisa's kids to use on David.

Urban..good points. The idea of Grace passing in her genes is horrific.

I think Graciela will SAY she is pregnant.

She needs insurance. First, should David to come to his senses and threaten to leave her. And second, to curtail David's wrath should he ever discover her role in Lisa's death.


Diana, I completely agree. That is exactly what she would do.

Excellent point, Diana!


Considering her obsession with David, it wouldn't surprise me if Graciela was perfectly fine with him and him alone knocking her up...knowing she'd Real Housewives delegate it right the fork off to a nanny the microsecond it was out of her womb. But anyone else? Hell no. That said, considering her lack of patience for children and her ego, it's far more likely that she'd simply never let it happen--secure in her belief that now that she's conquered Mount Robles everything else is gravy.

Dave is dead to me. I do not actually want him dead, but I do not want him to end up with Lu. He had his one true love, and he got to finally experience the glory that is Grace after decades of her pawing him that's all he gets. He needs to suffer with the knowledge that the woman he just bunnyhopped with killed his wife. Then, he can be without a mate and celibate for the rest of his days. Enjoy your kids and grandkids, Dave. That's all you more women.
P.s.IB is a good drunk , but she has to be the worst crier ever.

Gracie has adopted a style of dress that all the news, weather, and traffic women wear on TV...tight, sleeveless, solidcolored dresses. It seems to have become a thing here.

As DisGranola (nutty as) has assured Mama Succ that her first order of business as Lady of the House (sic) will be to rid their lives of Marta and Luc, that could be a problem too. David would want Marta to Nanny the new addition.

Gracie would go insane with a baby growing inside her , making her uncomfortable, and ruining her shape. She is too selfish and vain to share her body with a baby. #trustmeshewouldfreakout

Sue, I noticed the NewsBunny dresses replacing the skin tight pants and WHATEVER tops on DisG. Our Blonde Flor-I-Duh Bunnies have something else which has just manifested itself recently. Long blonde hair, but the last about three inches is brown. I thought there was a major hair fail, at first, then it started showing up across several stations.

So, Marta's back hurts? Was that all that was wrong with her?

Not that that couldn't be serious, but I thought she looked dizzy or faint and might have something more dire. Dire enough to render the question of nannyhood moot.

"insane with a baby growing inside her , making her uncomfortable," At the time of birth would the baby know to turn the pitchfork handle first?

Marta was trying to make it up a flight of stairs with a vacuum and a bottle of Windex. Prob has a herniated disc.


Kirby...those dresses have become kind of a uniform on our stations. Last year, the weather woman was pregnant with twins and still wore those tight dresses. It started getting a little scarylooking ,and people criticized her. Now, the other weather woman is very pregnant , but she wears a lot of black dresses with jackets .

Maybe it's Gracie's housewife\June Cleaver look.

Funny how she stopped wearing sensible shoes just before she was assigned the heavy housework. You'd think she would have gone back to the clogs, but no. Maybe she burned them.

I had noticed the plain dresses lately and thought they were mandated by the stations. A lot of them I see appear to be wraps of some kind. Like one size fits all, as the length does not show because they all have that microphone transmitter strapped to a calf.

They are very nondescript, as though to assure I am NOT looking at the Bunny.

Spanish weather girls are NOT INCLUDED in this discussion. Woof Woof.

In Canada, I have noticed that the weather girls have no particular look. They often wear a skirt and blouse..very ordinary in muted colors. I must admit that I made a bunch of those dresses to wear to school..same pattern in different fabrics and colors. They are easy to sew because they are sleeveless and have simple lines and are basically just two pieces, a front and a back. Let's see if the look continues for Grace. It might become her I-finally-nailed-Dave look . It's her upscale young- wife- of -the -vineyard -owner look.

I think those dresses are popular among the TV meteorologists because the plain colors don't interfere with the patterns on the weather map, and the simple cuts don't create any weird or distracting shadows.

There was a particular dress that someone posted to an online forum for TV meteorologists that became very popular - like every woman in the country bought one. It was inexpensive and available on Amazon.

Wow, took two seconds to find on Google - that's how popular it was:

Julie..these A-line dresses were popular. Jackie Kennedy wore them all the time often with a matching jacket or a matching coat.

I meant to say "every female TV meteorologist", not "every woman." LOL. I don't have one!

Well, that dress is a little tighter than Jackie wore. On our channels , the weonen are mostly wearing sleeveless, tight, solid colored dresses. The sleeveless part always gets me as I am watching while wearing about three layers of clothing in the middle of winter during a snowstorm.. Well, we will see what Grace wears tonight now that she has won the prize.

Does any know how many episodes are left?

I think we're going for 141 or 142, so we have 18 or 19 left.

I am looking forward to tonight... I think. I hope Luci doesn't do anything stupid.

I think the actual number is 19. Unless there are more pre-emptions to come we will lose the equivalent of three more to have a finale on Friday, May 5th.

Oh, right. 19 Mexican episodes left. We will see how many Univision will actually let us see!

I'm not sure if Uni's going to keep butchering this poor show or not--if they do, we'll hit the final episode on April 27 barring any preemptions. Maybe they're fully in "put it out of its misery" mode at this point.

Anita: I'm pretty sure the El Tal*Mart would sell out of "POR FIN!" T-shirts in about two seconds in Sonoma (which is probably a ten-minute drive from Alternate Fresno, to be fair). What we probably need here, though, is a "Sonoma Doomsday Anti-Preppers Society (We Just Watch Everything Go To Hell)" T-shirt...

Thank you everyone for all your great comments. As I was working on it last night and going through the shows trying to pick up screen shots, I was noticing how SAD David looked when I would go through frame by frame. Gabe Soto does an excellent job and his expressions are priceless. He almost looked like he was in a trance he did not ask for and was in pain.

As for Bobby coming through the door that way, did anyone ever think to LOCK THE DOOR? I agree Urban, kids shouldn't be able to come into a parent's bedroom and barge in like that. Apparently he never taught Bobby to knock at the door either.

Julie, I caught my spelling error because of your comment about cafe de olla. I was just typing phonetically and didn't check to see if I spelled correctly, so thank you. I've never had cafe de olla myself but a lot of people I know seem to like it.

I agree with a lot of your comments. I've had it with David too. I don't know how a man can be so dumb with no common sense. So why would Luciana want him anyway? She can do much better than David for sure!

Yes, Cynthia - it seems to me that when GS knows what David's supposed to be feeling, he does a great job of showing it. And last night, he looked trapped and dazed.

As for your "spelling error" - I didn't even notice it. You typed it phonetically and I read it phonetically! They've mentioned cafe de olla before, so it was already in my head.

Now that DisGrabbit has consummated her conquest of David, will she proceed to move all her things into his room or the I-Rock Memorial Shrine? Or would that be even too much for her, if such a thing exists?

That Osprey had a fish which was almost too big, so he had to use both feet to hold it and aim it headfirst into the wind. I wanted to see him land with both feet occupied but he outran me.

I-Rock Memorial Shrine hee hee hee!

The opening parallel ribbons where the announcer says Televisa presenta were always blue a few days ago they changed to bright red I wonder why

Yah, I noticed that. Just mixing things up, I guess. Or maybe that's what happened to DG's red lipstick! I like the blue better.

Wuh? I thought they were red all along. (Either that or they were red on another TN and now I see them that way because I remember them that way.) But I like the idea that it's DG's lipstick.

Mmm, seafood!

If it were me, I'd pick out a new room to share with David, if another room is available. He can keep his bachelor digs, and we can seal off the Lisa shrine or whatever. But it's not me - it's Grace. Grace wants what was Lisa's, so I'm guessing she'll be wanting that room as well as any clothes, jewelry, books, uneaten chocolate, tchotchkes, etc. that haven't already been donated.

I am only 11 minutes into the Mexican version so far, which is 5 minutes into the Uni version. The first 20 minutes or so usually take me the longest, though.

Grace is going to go absolutely drunk with power now that she has conquered Dave, who certainly seems all in for her charms. Turns out Dave is all riled up now that he finally gave in . Dave...I hate you.

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