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La Piloto #27 4.12.17: In Which Yolanda Does a Good Deed...

• Moreno’s man, Richard, goes inside Amparo’s prison and finds her still tied up. He tells her that it will all be over soon and leaves. As soon as he’s gone, she reveals a knife in her hands and cuts the ropes that bind her.
• The girls and Zulima run out the backdoor of the bar and hide in the backyard.
• Inside, Cindy tells Dave that she has no information on the men that died but Capitan Arguelles should have all that info. Arugelles confirms that all the dead bodies are in the morgue and Dave asks her what is behind the back door. Cindy explains that the door leads to the warehouse and administrative office and Simpson offers to search it. Ortega goes with him and Dave tells Cindy that he is just asking some preliminary questions so she needn’t be nervous. She nods and he reiterates that she doesn’t know Omar Nieves and then asks her about Olivia Nieves. Cindy doesn’t know that name either.
• The girls wonder what they are going to do since they don’t have cell phones to call anyone and Olivia reminds them that this is why they needed them. Amanda hopes Cindy doesn’t say anything to the DEA but Zulima is sure she won’t because she is as guilty as the rest of them. Lizbeth thinks she makes them sound like criminal but Zulima reaffirms that they aren’t saints.

• Dave takes samples of around the bar as Cindy looks on. Ortega and Simpson come back and confirm that everything seems normal. Dave things that things are most abnormal when they appear normal. Arguelles tells Dave that he has the suspicion that he doesn’t trust his or his agent’s work but they already showed him the list of those that were killed in the shootout and Omar Nieves was not one of them. He wonders if he died in another part of Villa Antigua but Dave reiterates that he won’t stop investigating for the time being. Ortega offers her support and tells Arguelles that Omar came to the bar looking for his daughter, Olivia as Dave reminds him that Olivia works for the Lucios. Dave then asks Cindy about Yolanda and Arguelles remembers when Eladio told him about Yolanda. Cindy tells Dave she doesn’t know her either.
• In Colombia, Moreno tells Yolanda that the money has been counted and it’s all there. He shows her the merchandise and she is surprised at the sheer amount. Moreno then asks his man to grab a couple of guys and load the merchandise into Yolanda’s plane. He obliges and then Moreno asks Yolanda if she will join him for lunch. Yolanda agrees and Moreno offers her some beers but Yolanda refuses. Moreno leaves it for next time and they shake hands.
• The Lucio bodyguards eat lunch with Arley when one of them asks Roberto if he would like some more before throwing more beans on his plate and dirtying his shirt. Roberto is silent and the bodyguard wonders how Roberto got the job because it’s usually reserved for men. Arley observes from a distance as Roberto asks the bodyguard if he would prefer he break his nose but the bodyguard tells him to drop the attitude because he may catch him by surprise. Roberto tells him that his mother told him the same thing last night and a fight breaks out. They wrestle on the floor as Arley starts taking bets.
• Just then, John and Oscar come out of the office and break up the fight. Oscar asks the other bodyguards to take them away and lock them up until they’re ready to deal with it. John then asks Arley about the security perimeter and Arley confirms that there is nothing out of the norm except for a tow truck on the bridge by the river. John thanks him and then receives a call from one of his men that a plane is coming through for a new coat of paint. John thanks him and tells Arley to take care of it and to stop the little fights they just witnessed before they start. Arley obliges and leaves.
• Dave and Ortega come out of the bar and they wonder what they are going to do now since they have no new clues. Dave confirms he will take the blood samples he took to the lab soon. Arguelles then receives a call from Raul, who confirms they found a body by the bridge. Arguelles confirms he is on his way and the DEA agents offer to come with him. Arguelles hesitates but eventually gets in and drives away.
• The girls go back into the bar and hound Cindy for information. Cindy tells them that they asked about Olivia, Omar, the Lucios and Yolanda but she didn’t tell them anything. Zulima chides Olivia for putting the police are their trial and Olivia worries that Oscar may kill her now. Lizbeth doesn’t think they need to say anything more than the DEA is continuing their investigation and Zulima agrees, after some hesitation. Cindy asks if they are every going to tell her the truth but Zulima warns her to be quiet because Cielito Lindo is managed by some powerful narcos.
• Over lunch, and as the men load the merchandise into the truck of the car, Moreno shows Yolanda a map and explains the route back to the airstrip. Moreno asks that she be careful because there are a lot of wondering eyes on the road back and they can catch her by surprise. Yolanda nods and then Moreno asks what happened to her driver. She explains that robbers tried to steal the money on her way over and they killed the driver. Moreno now understands why she needed a map and asks if she needs one of his men to go with her. Yolanda is okay by herself but Moreno warns her that as soon as she’s out of his lands, he can’t help her. He then calls Richard and asks him to reach out to Pinto to confirm if the coast is clear. Richard obliges.
• Canengo asks Rosalba to not be mad at him because he’s only following orders from her niece. Rosalba asks if she’s in danger but Canengo tells her to look at it as a precautionary measure. Rosalba then asks if he’s hungry and tells him there’s a sandwich stand nearby they can go to. He offers to help her with the groceries and they go.
• Richard tells Moreno that the truck is loaded and the coast is clear. He tells Yolanda that she’s always welcome in his home and she nods before going to the truck and getting in. Just then, Moreno’s men inform him that Amparo has escaped and he runs off as Yolanda drives away. Moreno gets to the room and notices the rope is cut; he tells his men the rope didn’t cut itself. Moreno sends his men to find Amparo no matter what.
• Outside the house, Amparo is waiting in a wooded area when Yolanda stops the truck and asks her to get in. Amparo runs to her and gets in before they race off.
• The DEA and Arguelles arrive at the bridge and Raul informs them that it was probably El Bochas and they need to do something because too many people are already dead. Dave agrees and then looks up at the sky and sees a plane landing. He asks Raul about AiroTours and Raul confirms it’s a business that rents airplanes but they were closed for a while before opening it again. Dave asks to be taken there and Arguelles drives off.
• The pilot lands in the airstrip and Arley tells the men to load it up ASAP.
• Zulima walks into the administrative office and calls John to tell him that Dave and the DEA came by the bar asking for them. They are all in a local police car right now so he should be careful. John wonders how they found them and Zulima suggests Yolanda sold them out. He nods and hangs up and tells Oscar and Carlina. Oscar tells him that Yolanda sold them out and he told them. They ready their guns and go.
• The DEA look at the airstrip and notice that it’s really small. They then go off to investigate as the loaded plane takes off. John comes with Oscar and Carlina and they tell Arley the DEA has found them. Arley wants to call back the plane but Oscar tells him the DEA can’t know the plane is theirs. John chides him for not telling him the DEA was on its way but Arley didn’t know they were on their way. Oscar grabs the walkie-talkie and asks his men if the DEA is coming their way and they confirm they are. Oscar wants to run but John prefers to stay and fight. Oscar tells him to not be stubborn but John cocks him gun and waits.
• In a separate car driven by Raul, Simpson and Ortega drive to AiroTours as Simpson takes out his phone and tries to make a call. He tells her that Dave is exaggerating as not every airstrip is used for drug trafficking or the Lucios but Ortega reminds him there’s nothing wrong with checking it out. She then asks him whom he’s calling but Simpson tells her it’s nothing and puts the phone away. Ortega looks at him from the backseat.
• A Lucio guard sees the car pass by and informs Arley. Arley and John are ready to fight since it’s only one car but Oscar tells him they need to hide and form a good plan. In her cabin, Carlina packs some things and leaves.
• Yolanda stops to look at the map as Amparo thanks her. Yolanda tells her not to thank her yet as they still have to get out of Colombia. Amparo returns her knife and Yolanda asks her how long she’s been there. Amparo confirms that she’s been there for 3 days and they were going to kill her. Yolanda tells her she couldn’t leave her there and Amparo asks her for her name. Yolanda prefers she doesn’t know that and they drive off.
• Ortega and Simpson arrive at AiroTours and introduce themselves to Arziza, “the man in charge.” He explains that he’s alone in the business and his wife has disappeared and continue to ramble on as the Lucios, Roberto and Arley hide in a nearby shack, observing everything. Arley points their gun at them and John tells Oscar that they should take advantage of the situation and kill them now that there’s so few of them. Oscar tells him today is not the day
• Dave comes and introduces himself to Arziza, who confirms AiroTours is a plane rental company. Ortega asks if they can search the place but Arziza would like a warrant. Ortega can get one in a few minutes but Dave thinks he should let them through if everything’s in order. Arziza agrees to let them search then and the DEA begin their search.
• Dave walks into the main house and has a look around both floors.
• Outside, Simpson and Ortega search the cabins but find them clean. They go outside and Simpson tells her that her sixth sense is failing. Dave comes and asks if they found anything but they shake their heads. Dave thinks the Lucios are still involved despite the lack of proof.
• Oscar confirms they found nothing and John goes to the window and looks on with Arley.
• Arziza brings the Ortega the proof that he’s the owner and she takes it to Dave, who tells her that he feels something is not right. He looks at the papers.
• Yolanda gets close to her destination and they see Moreno’s men have blocked off the road. Yolanda tells Amparo to hide in the back and makes her way over. The leader of the men tells the others to not fire as Moreno wants Yolanda alive but, as soon as they part in the road, Yolanda speeds off. Amparo asks her what’s happening and Yolanda confirms they are chasing them. Amparo wants to run into the woods but Yolanda tells her to stay put, as they will kill her if she gets out of the car.
• Moreno’s men manage to get in front of Yolanda’s car and block the road. They identify themselves and Yolanda tells them that she thought they were the men who tried to rob her in the morning. The leader asks if she saw a woman running through the streets but Yolanda has only seen them. The leader asks her to open the truck and she obliges. They find nothing and he apologies for the inconvenience. They leave.
• Dave asks Ortega what she thought of Arziza and she confirms that he may be lying but they need proof. Simpson thinks hey are wasting their time but Dave is quiet. They say their goodbyes to the Arguelles men and Dave asks them to keep the place under surveillance for a while. They agree and the DEA a drives away.
• In the shack, John sends Roberto to find out what the DEA told Arziza and then asks Arley to give the order to surveillance the area and look out for Yolanda’s plane. Oscar asks John if he finally sees the truth about Yolanda: after she spoke with the DEA they appear. John confirms that Yolanda is in deep trouble.
• Yolanda stops the truck close to the airstrip and helps Amparo out of her hiding place in the trunk. Amparo stretches her legs and thanks her once again. Amparo knows she has her reasons for being in the drug business but she doesn’t understand them. Either way, should she ever need anything in Colombia, she can count on her. Yolanda thanks her too and they hug before getting back in the truck.
• Rosalba and Canengo drink some coffees in the restaurant and Rosalba asks if he knows John Lucio and how long he’s worked for him. Canengo confirms that it’s been a few years and Rosalba asks if John has had a lot of women. Canengo confirms he has but is quiet when he notices Rosalba’s face. Rosalba thanks him for telling her the truth but Canengo confirms that he’s never seen John so in love. Rosalba just hopes Yolanda doesn’t end up in more trouble because of John. Canengo confirms that John will always take care of her.
• John gets drunk in his office and cries and Oscar comforts him. John wonders why Yolanda betrayed him when all he did was love her. Oscar tells him that what’s important is that he finally sees her for what she really is. He reiterates that they will be together as brothers forever and no one will ever break that bond. John nods and Oscar asks him what he plans to do with Yolanda. John confirms that she will be up in the sky like she always dreamed of and calls Pito to tell him something.
• In Colombia, Pito doesn’t understand what John is asking for but John confirms that he wants him to knock down Yolanda’s plane. Pito asks what he does with the merchandise but John doesn’t care about that, as everything should appear normal. Pito agrees to keep him informed of what happens and hangs up. Pito opens up the engine and cuts and rewires some wires before closing it back up.
• Oscar tells John to get a hold of himself as he’s falling down drunk and John asks him to please tell the Colombian Air Force that a plane will be taking off from the airstrip full of cocaine. John wants to make sure if the plane doesn’t fall down then the military will take care of Yolanda. Oscar agrees but reminds John they are one and they should always be together because they are Lucios. Oscar hugs him and John remembers the last time he saw Yolanda on the airstrip when she promised to do everything for him and their love. John cries hysterically.
• Dave arrives at the federal station and confirm with Garrido that they found nothing but have blood samples from the bar shootout that they are sending to the lab to be analyzed. Arguelles and Raul take their leave as Dave asks Garrido if he has any pictures of Los Bochas. Dave goes off but Ortega follows Simpson, who has received a call and walked away.
• Yolanda arrives at the airstrip and calls John to tell him the trip was hard but she’s now safe and on her way back. She calls him my love and he’s taken aback but the new pet name. She tells him that it came out and he comments that she picked a curious time to be all lovey-dovey. She asks if he’s okay but he confirms that everything is okay but he’s tired. She thanks him again and will see him soon. John wishes her luck and hangs up.
• Pito confirms that everything has been loaded into the plane and Yolanda thanks him. She will see him soon and gets into the plane.
• Outside the station, Simpson updates Montgomery on the situation because he couldn’t text him sooner. Montgomery is pissed that no one informed of the situation and he had to endure the wrath of Oscar Lucio. Simpson thinks he needs better Intel and Montgomery didn’t know either but confirms Simpson has to do a better job. Simpson hangs up and storms back inside the station without noticing that Ortega was listening behind a nearby van.
• Yolanda is flying the plane full of cocaine back to Mexico. She takes out her gun and puts it on top of the map when she receives a message from the Colombian Air Force, asking her to reroute her plane to the nearest air base. Yolanda is shocked that they saw her because she’s flying low but the Air Force confirms they know she’s carrying drugs and needs to land ASAP. Yolanda doesn’t stop and kisses her necklace. She remembers when her father gave it to her and keeps repeating: “everything will be fine.” An air force plane appears and follows her as she remembers when John told her the Colombian trip would be dangerous. She looks back to see if someone is following her but continues to pilot the plane…


Thanks, Alfredo. Great recap as usual! I missed a lot of this last night.

It’s strange. Dave is the good guy, but I’m just not feeling him right now. It’s John I’m concerned about. How will he feel when he realizes Yoli is not a traitor? I want to see Yoli and John back together, so I can see Oscar and Zulima miserable.

Yolanda certainly has nerves of steel. Something tells me we haven't seen the last of Amparo. I'm guessing she will turn up when Yoli needs help the most.

Thx for the great recap Alfredo.

Neicie...I agree with you regarding Amparo. She'll be there for Yoli as a character witness or to help her out if a jam.

That crying seen with John said so much about how he really feels about Yoli. Too bad the guy he loves and trust the most is deceiving him. I hope he finds out the truth about Zuli and Oscar's betrayal. Unfortnately might be too late to bring Yoli back to him.

And how selfish of Oscar to tear his brother apart like that. He deserves a good beat down for that. And Zuli as well. Cant wait to see Johns reaction to the truth.


You're welcome, Niecie and Nett! Sorry I was so absent yesterday but we were having a mess over at the MdN patio, if any of you watch that one.

Is it me or has there been a lot of chess plays going on lately but not a lot of actual movement?

I also think that Amparo will come back when Yolanda needs her but I'm anxious to get to 2016 already, if I'm being honest. There is a lot of ground to cover and something's got to give. I'm hoping Yolanda makes a triumphant return and sticks it to Zulima and OScar but I doubt because the plan has work out too well and even her friends have even solidified her grave by not telling John the truth about Olivia's father.

I'm hoping Yolanda at least finds out the truth about Zulima and can take her head on instead of continuing to trust her and her magic.

I want Lizbeth and raul to become what I wanted Amanda and Arley to become and am interested in where the whole Roberto debacle goes. At least Ortega and Dave have managed to keep Simpson at bay. For how long, who know?

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