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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#2): La Doña, El Capo, & más: Week of April 17, 2017


Here's Page 2 for the week.  The current telenovelas are as follows (all times are Eastern Daylight Time):

• 10:30AM-12PM—Corazón Valiente
• 12PM-2PM—Amar es Primavera
• 8-10PM—La Doña
• 10PM—El Capo

Everyone is welcome to join in the conversation.  Since discussions of all the Telemundo novelas share the same page, please remember to put the name of the telenovela you're referring to at the top of your post, so readers can easily find the conversations they're looking for.

By common agreement, this group DOES NOT discuss previews, trailers, or any other plot information not found in a current or past episode of the current production. Spoilers WILL be removed by the admin. This includes reference to earlier productions of the story, and even the original novel. Thanks for your cooperation!

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The first two episodes of Guerra de Idolos are already available on Telemundo's website.

Starting Monday GDI will air for 2hrs n on Tuesday it will air at 9pm/8c

Tuesday May 2, LQDC2 will premiere at 10pm/9c

Schedule will b like this:
8pm/7c El Capo new time slot
9pm/8c GDI
10pm/9c LQDC2


1.) OJ Braulio & Daddy Cabral still on the loose. Where is the DEA, FBI & CIA ?

2.) FAKE NEWS Leticia getting the 3rd Degree from one of the bosses at the TV station.

3.) Monica telling Dr. Adolfo she's just not that into you!

4.) Dr. Adolfo gets into a hissy fit & leaves!

5.) IsaBrat also getting into a hissy fit with Diego over Lydia: Dude needs to pick a girl & STICK WITH IT!

6.) AG & her Voodoo Buddy Lucio doing some secret séance special for Saul's recovery in the secret chamber.

7.) Monica finding out from the hotel lady the helicopter ride & candle-light dinner was all AG's plan, which pisses Monica off!

8.) Regina looking at the computer as Daddy Cabral calls her.

9.) Daniel & Regina talking: don't tell me the producers pushing them together YUCK!

10.) Valeria keeps rubbing her stomach whenever she's with Lopez, Margarita, Mama Aguirre & Co., at the Foundation.

11.) IsaBrat & Regina get chewed out by Monica over AG!

12.) Monica & AG get into another confrontation!

13.) Daddy Cabral & Braulio seem to have wiretapped AG's office & watching her from the laptop.

14.) The Alarms at Sandoval Construction goes off, forcing everyone else to vacate the premises'.

15.) Daniel & Regina at one of the cemeteries in the DF. Once again, grass is growing UGH!

16.) Lopez watches as FAKE NEWS Leticia & Lydia speak to one of the women.


La Doña

wow, thanks Steve, that is quite a list! let's see if I can add some color, although the captions were a bit off last night and I missed some of the longer chants like Leticia's plea to air her broadcast, with even a reference to how the Taliban treat their women.

yep, Adolfo in his unprofessional mode is a bit to whiny and yep, Monica spent the whole date thinking of Saul, and yes, the Altagracia connection ripped it, I think Monica told AG she wouldn't be seeing Adolfo again.

that infusion they are giving Saul, must be the spiritual slant on induced coma, to give him time to heal, they say.

I'm kind of liking Daniel as the middle-of-the-road guy, his life is at more risk than anyone.

and in Saul's awake moments AG is pouring in her secret life with the pics in the bat cave, ah and Regina finally makes her way there, threatening Matamoros to call the cops, but what will she do?

Diego wanting to move in with Lydia is making waves, he wants to quit school so he can pay the bills, hmm, but Lydia says if he does, they're done.

so AG lays it out for Regina, "Saul is mine", don't know if they have given him the love potion yet, and the last time he was awake, he realizes he is being drugged and wants out of there.

Braulio sneaks into the Sandoval offices and Rafael hooks up to the security system.

Rafael's plan to get Regina to turn on AG isn't cracking the bond they have so Braulio drops the bomb, and they lead her, with Daniel as the driver, to the grave of Isabela's father, who was dead and buried (by the date on the tombstone) like a week before when AG supposedly confronted him about Regina being pregnant and him wanting run.

nasty school Isabela goes to as she is labeled a skank because all her boyfriends dump her, but Diego turns things around with a solid punch to the biggest guy, telling all Isabela dumped him, and that she is the best friend any person could ever want, Isabela has another open mouth fly catching moment.

I think the ladies have narrowed down that AG has Saul, but the mystery kidnapped girl calls and has escaped, Monica goes to meet her alone, except Leticia insists on coming, she knows how these things go down from her early days as a reporter, and Lopez sneaks along in the distance, and yep here come the guys that kidnapped her.

Braulio and Rafael are watching AG at work from a laptop, and the earthquake ?? alarm goes off, AG is annoyed but tells all to do the drill, while she goes back to work, and when alone, Rafael is on her with his gun.


Has it ever been revealed who is the father of Isabela? Surely it wasn't one of the Monkeys, was it?


Thanks so much, Deb! I always knew that AG must have had something to do with the "disappearance" of Isabela's dad. It fits perfectly with her desire to control Regina's life and to keep her tied to her side.

GoBlueFan- Regina was not raped by the Monkeys. She fell in love with this Orlando dude not long after and got pregnant, despite AG trying to beat it into her head that ALL men are bad and that they can't trust them. Then of course she was proven right when Regina's novio "left" after learning she was pregnant. I never thought that story sounded true, and now we know that AG was responsible for the guy's disappearance and death. So now Regina knows AG is responsible for the death of both the men she has ever loved-- Orlando and Felipe.

LA DoÑA: Muchas gracias to Steve and to deb for getting us rolling on this roller coaster.

"...Isabela has another open mouth fly catching moment." LOL! I feel so sorry for her, I hope they can give her a consolation prize at the end of all this, poor thing. I'm not so fond of Lydia's noodgy-ness though. I suppose she's entitled after what she's been through, but she's not terribly understanding of what HE's been through either. At least with Isabrat, they have a culture in common, but will she ever grow up?

Has anyone ever been able to figure out how they keep that bat cave up and running. There must be an entire separate staff to maintain that thing with all the candles. So, I guess we are to assume that Saul is receiving only alternative medicine for his life-threatening injuries. With magical potions mixed in to keep him mixed up.

Glad Daniel's still functioning. I never hated him, and thought he had done his best to atone. At least he has a conscience. And Rafa, now that he's wearing a hoodie, just looks like a goon.

At this point, AG is so-o-o-o guilty of horrendous crimes that there will be no happily ever after for her. All I can think of is Josselyn's demise at the end of Mundo de Fieras. Edith Gonzales was a drop dead gorgeous villain, but she had to die, and it was pretty dramatic.


LXV: Could Dr. Adolfo be IsaBrat's consolation prize ?

I'm wondering who's going to be the one to expose AG's crimes to the world ? Regina is on the edge considering that Daddy Cabral told her that AG was the one, who gave the order to whack Felipe.



Vivi: Should I add this Orlando guy to the Body Count ?


La Doña

Many thanks to Steve, deb, Vivi, and LXV for moving the conversation along in very helpful and interesting ways. I can't say more, since I haven't even seen the episodes yet, and I'm probably not going to have a chance to see yesterday's and today's until Sunday or Monday. So I'm especially grateful for all you've said about what's happening.


Juanita: I'm still worried for Valeria & Lopez because OJ Braulio is still on the warpath.


La Doña

David Chocarro - "el final es tan secreto que prácticamente nadie del elenco lo sabe".
ref: people en espanol

(the end is so secret that practically nobody on the cast knows it).



THANKS FOR QUICKIE.. comments it helps..

yes the $50. a piller.. easy!! saul needs to chill out... they were right to heal/disinfect him in house..

regina, its your game!!!

.. Lydia deserves all she can and more, she is a poor girl with no $$$ /education..fall backs.. she has no resources to recoop from life trauma.. just hard knock life.

Leticia ,WTF... how come she hasn't paid... oh yeah ,she works for FPhonY/NEWSPEAK... so she really fits in..UNTIL SHE BUCkS/CHAFFS at the mold...and she wonders why the industry tell her to stay in her place..

ratfael can you lease kill your wife, how come she is not getting social stigma, wife of a killer???.


La Fan, Frifish Night, La Fan Dance of Death
3 days before the Heave-Ho (Apr 24) of La Fan Fans from this blogspot. LOL. Of course since there are so few "customers" posting on these threads, one would think that the leaders would want people posting instead of ghosting. But the heart knoweth its own bitterness, & a stranger doth not meddle with its joy.

There continue an avalanche of uploads on La Fan on YouTube, but for some reason Channel Jenny B055, having uploaded 126 videos specializing on the Romance of Adriana & Diego and 199 videos following what Jenny designates caps 70-118, has apparently stopped the uploads. This leaves the YouTube viewer with having to look elsewhere. But I saw enough to the 2nd half to satisfy me.

Those who want to enjoy comedy in telenovelas can go to YouTube for Betty La Fea, and (the Argentine) Enrique Torres telenovelas like Muneca Brava, Perla Negra, & Amarte Asi -- or the really unusual & looney Amanda O, a kind of quasi dystopia, like no other telenovela I ever saw, which I think also is posted on YouTube with English subtitles. Also I shud mention La Viuda de Blanco & El Cuerpo del Deseo by Julio Jimenez, where the stories go on for quite a while like a comedy then suddenly turn tragic. For really black humor, there is La Casa de al Lado, where the villain (Miguel Varoni) wins at the end -- that one might be the ultimate body-count telenovela.


Doña Nobis Pacem Pacem

The monkeys. To see & hear those guys sing, you would never dream that they could have been so evil to La Doña. The show should have a 2nd gang called The Beatles.

Now if La Dona is administering an aphrodisiac to David ChackUpsky (concocted with the help of a gypsy named Ruth with a golden tooth) they should be playing in the background, Love Potion #9.

So what is it? Does the Dona get the galan in this version? Or will they show her taken away by the 3 fates as in King Arthur a la Dona Barbara?


LA dona: thanks Deb for your amazing recap. I wonder how Regina will fend for herself and her daughter seeing she has always lived a sheltered life. First with AG, then with Felipe.


HALIMACANDY: AG secretly raping a drugged Saul inside her secret chamber as they're both naked.

Enoch: OJ Braulio still on the loose. WTF ? Don't tell me Braulio will pull a Borgetti & launch a big fatal explosion in the Gran Final (see what happened on UniMas' "Mujeres De Negro").

My personal thoughts:

1.) HOLY EXPLETIVE! AG carved up Daddy Cabral as he tried to rape her again when she grabbed a mailing knife & carved up his throat.

2.) Matamoros (Teo 2.0) comes in AG's office & sees Daddy Cabral's dead body & asks what happened.

3.) Meanwhile, outside of Sandoval Construction, one of AG's personal secretaries sees OJ Braulio & tells one of the staff members to call law enforcement. Braulio drives off.

4.) In the secret hideout, Braulio plays the video of Daddy Cabral's murder on his laptop & likely sends the video to Regina.

5.) Super Hero Cop Karen & Jorge arrive at Sandoval Construction & asking questions about what happened earlier. AG comes up with another BS story.

6.) Inside the Sandoval mansion, a completely naked Saul wakes up inside the secret chamber & tries to escape unsuccessfully. AG's Voodoo Buddy Lucio catches him & drugs him up some more, knocking Saul unconscious.

7.) AG naked gets frisky with an unconscious Saul. No commentary here

8.) Lydia, Valeria, Margarita, Monica & FAKE NEWS Leticia talk to one of the Smuggler Girls at the Foundation.

9.) Regina & IsaBrat having a mother & daughter moment.

10.) Lopez & Valeria having a conversation in bed.

11.) Mama Aguirre wants to know where Saul is because she never heard back from him. Monica decides to help in order to find him.

12.) Interesting to know what did they do with Daddy Cabral's body.

13.) Regina watches the video of AG whacking Daddy Cabral as Braulio calls her with his usual threats.

14.) Why is Valeria alone in the house with everyone else at the Foundation ? Something odd & dangerous lurking since Braulio is in the warpath.

15.) Valeria & FAKE NEWS Leticia talking on the phone.

16.) Monica & Mama Aguirre asks Regina & IsaBrat they've seen Saul. However, Monica & Mama Aguirre run up to AG's room & opens the secret chamber.

17.) When Monica sees what's going on, she goes completely beast-mode on AG: calling her everything but the kid of God.

18.) Daniel & Mama Aguirre carry a drugged-out Saul downstairs.

19.) I did enjoy Monica messing up AG's Voodoo candles & stuff :) . Later, Regina shows the video of AG whacking Daddy Cabral & goes beast-mode too. She also says she knows that AG had Felipe whacked.

20.) IsaBrat overhears the ugly argument between AG & Regina. Later, Regina & IsaBrat move out of the Sandoval mansion & moved to Monica's house.


La Dona: Steve, good job.


Chinelo: I'm hoping that Gran Final doesn't turn out like UniMas' "Mujeres De Negro".


La Doña

thanks so much Steve!

do they really have earthquake alarms?

yep, Rafael couldn't resist one last fling as a monkey, AG slit his throat just like he killed her mom.

Regina slips in to see Karen to get the scoop on Orlando, he was arrested and killed in prison soon after, but gives Karen little info back.

Karen and Jorge swing by to question AG on Saul's disappearance, she misses Rafael's blood spatters on the chair and doesn't even question why AG's face is all bruised.

it was just a couple of guys walking along and not the kidnappers so that worked out well with the mystery caller, and Margarita stayed close to Yuridia later on once she was safe, comforting her, and gets her to spill about her kidnappers.

Diego swings by the house and tells Valeria and Lopez the rest of the Braulio story, that he will be coming for Valeria and the baby.

interesting ceremony, Saul looked a bit druggy but Lucio said he had to be awake, and then to AG's part which I think included keeping him aroused, did she talk about how everyone has a dark side and how passionate it would be when they explored his, or something, did anyone follow this, but then he found some strength somewhere and broke from the spell, that he could never be all in so to speak, Lucio explained it to AG later as he is too much like you, of course whatever hold she had on him was broken when Monica burst in the room and starts calling AG a witch, and I'm picturing her with a few missing teeth, a pointy hat and maybe a broom, yep, she even looked like a witch, but she claimed this is what kept her going and kept her safe all these years.

Braulio got chased away before Rafael was killed but his laptop got the recording which he feeds to Regina's phone.

and when Saul is taken away, Regina has everyone else leave the room so she can have a chat with AG, I'm thinking not another one, and was surprised when she whipped out her phone and showed the recording of AG killing Rafael, and that pretty much said it all.

while the bat cave was in chaos Lydia and Isabela had a chance to talk, and Monica in passing tells Isabela she has a big house if she ever needs a place to stay.

Regina and Isa are off to a hotel, but the next morning show up on Monica's doorstep, Monica tells them to take their pick of rooms.

AG is totally defeated but Lucio gets her back on her feet and off to work, where she finds the cameras that Braulio planted, one is recording so she talks to him, she wants to meet face to face.

the guys, Saul and Lopez, tag along with Karen and company to raid the kidnappers house, professional Karen has it all worked out but Saul has other ideas, (I wonder if Karen has ever thought about just shooting him), he goes to the front door to act as a client, the worry here is how to get the girls out without anyone being hurt.

so if I got this right there are only 4 one-hour shows left, the early slot, tue, wed, fri, and monday.


This comment has been removed by the author.

This week Telemundo is treating us to a scheduling nightmare, so sit tight. Here is what I have been able to construct from my various sources. No telling how accurate it will turn out to be (all times are Eastern Daylight Time):

• 10:30AM-noon — Corazon Valientes
• 12-2PM — Amar es Primavera
• 8-9PM — NO La Doña; preempted for a special edition of Caso Cerrado (?)
• 9-10PM — Guerra de Idolos
• 10-11PM — El Capo

• 10:30AM-noon — Corazon Valientes
• 12-2PM — Guerra de Idolos (2 hours)
• 8-9PM — La Doña
• 9-10PM — Guerra de Idolos (1 hour)
• 10-11PM — El Capo

• 10:30AM-noon — Corazon Valientes
• 12-2PM — Amar es Primavera
• 8-9PM — La Doña
• 9-10PM — Guerra de Idolos
• 10-11PM — El Capo

• 10:30AM-noon — Corazon Valientes
• 12-1PM — Amar es Primavera
• 1-2PM – Guerra de Idolos
• 7-11PM — Premios Billboard Latin music awards (starts after the evening news)– all evening shows preempted

• 10:30AM-noon — Corazon Valientes
• 12-1PM — Amar es Primavera (only one hour)
• 8-9PM — La Doña
• 9-10PM — Guerra de Idolos
• 10-11PM — El Capo

I checked ahead to the following week and they are showing La Dona in its usual spot Monday but gone on Tues. So we can assume that Mon., May 1st, is the Gran Final. (Thanks Telemundo for being so forthcoming, nobody here needs to plan their lives or anything). Also, Guerra will be moving into 9-10 with the new Centauro starting Tues at 10. But I'll leave all that to Juanita to figure out when the time comes.

The above info is what I am planning to post on tomorrow's new page, but since deb mentioned the end of La Doña in her comment, I thought it might help to put it up a little early.


LXV: I'm getting a bad vibe Valeria & Lopez will not be among the living because Braulio is gunning for them!



LXV- I'm thinking that "Guerra de ídolos" will probably premiere for 2 hours, as is shown on

btw- from, the "Guerra de Idolos" playlist of music was posted by telemundo on youtube, here,


LA FAN & Telinmundo's Scheduling Announcements

In the past I have been somewhat annoyed with Telinmundo's failure to announce what they are going to put on & when. Of course it all comes free to us, so they don't really owe us anything (except honest non-fake news if they's gonna do that). But I recall that I saw not announcements whatever on certain telenovelas, on their website, like the rerun of Amarte Asi or the rerun of Daniela. Daniela was snuck on the air w/ half hour segments at 3AM! practically engulfed by Caracol cream ads multiple hours long. I can't imagine anyone watching a caracol cream infomercial lasting 3 hours!

But why Telinmundo has failed to promote their programs much is beyond me.

Now having an extra long Caso Cerrado to me is asco, as it appears to be highly fake with insufficient connection to legal reality & outrageous topics, like "I want to marry my horse"; then they bring in the horse & have a vet testify following by a supposed psychologist woman "She is suffering from a Mr. Ed hippos complex" -- not to mention silly background music to illustrate how La Doctora (doubt she has any PhD; yeah I know that in Colombia it is largely a title of respect) is reaching down to some wretch to help poor-little-girl sym pathetically. But at least they don't have some guy held down in his chair by brutes while some woman hits him (Laura). At whom do they aim these programs? Teen age girls when they come home from school?

You reckon the extra long Caso will have Lucas & Vale, bringing in the rest of the cast of La Fan in turn?

Corazon Valientes & La Fan.

You do realize that they stuck CV into La Fan a tad? They brought in the male protag & had him & Ximena Duque almost rekindle the romance from CV (briefly, kind of an inside joke for those who had seen CV).

I guess I shud lay off mentioning La Fan as midnight is approaching after which time those who mention La Fan here turn into pumpkins.

La Dona

As this TN is winding down, I just finished 5 episodes of "Dona Barbara" with Edith Gonzalez in the lead role. I am enjoying the show so far. Dona Barbara does't dwell on the violent scenes as La Dona seems to do, and because I am watching on Hulu, I can watch as much as I want.


The Guerra de Idolos premiere is tonight 8-10pm (so no Doña or Caso Cerrado at 8), or you can watch the 2 episodes online already (with no commercials if you have Adblock Plus installed).

May 2 is when El Capo moves to 8pm so that Centauro can have the 10pm slot. GDI stays at 9pm. (which is odd - seems like El Capo is more violent than GDI, which is why it was at 10pm to start with...)

La Doña

I'm finally caught up on the last four episodes. Thanks very much, Steve, for your helpful list of what happened on Friday. I especially liked your description of Mónica going "completely beast-mode" on AG. I got somewhat nervous when Mónica started messing with AG's voodoo candles. I half expected a fire that might destroy the house and, perhaps, some of the people present. But I guess an event like that would more likely occur on the novella's final episode.

deb, thanks so much for the intriguing quote from David Chocarro ("el final es tan secreto que prácticamente nadie del elenco lo sabe"). Can't wait to see whether it lives up to its billing. And, of course, muchísimas gracias for the excellent recap. As inept as the police have been, I was nonetheless surprised that Karen and Jorge missed the blood (in spite of AG's meaningful looks at Matamoros) and, even more surprising, Karen's not even asking AG about the rather prominent bruises. Karen should stop spending so much time in the police station. The standard police ineptness there must be contagious.

LXV, thanks muchly for the advance look at this week's schedule and the heads-up about the challenges awaiting me re next week's.

TELEMUNDO: the schedule is a moving target. I just updated the new page before it goes live. "J" is correct. Guerra de Idolos goes from 8-10 tonight.

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