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La Piloto #32 4.19.17: In Which Yolanda Defends Her Dignity…

• Santamaria demands Yolanda take off her clothes and she remembers when Ernesto raped her 4 years ago. She grabs Santamaria’s gun from his desk and points it at him. Santamaria laughs and suggests she listen to him and they’ll get along fine. He approaches Yolanda and takes the gun away. She tries to run but Santamaria grabs her and demands she get naked. He lets her go so she can do so.
• Lizbeth tells Capitan Arguelles that she needs to talk to Raul but he confirms that Raul may not come back today. He offers to help and asks her to come to his office so they can talk. He checks out her as he walks behind her and opens the door.
• Olivia asks a man at a roadside taco stand if he’s going to Tres Fuegos and he confirms he is in a little bit and she may be able to help him since his car’s been stalling. Olivia agrees and he asks her if she wants some food. She nods and they sit down to eat. They ask about her wound but Olivia tells them she’s fine.
• Christian tells Monica that he will get his revenge on the ones who killed his father and hangs up. She tries to call him back and doesn’t notice Simpson listening from behind a wall.

• Lizbeth tells Arguelles what happened to her and her friends and breaks down because she doesn’t know if they are alive or dead. She asks to speak to Monica and begs Arguelles to help her report the Lucios. Arguelles tells her that he will talk to Monica but just needs her to wait in his office. Lizbeth agrees.
• Cindy and Arley come out of the warehouse, post coitus. He tells her that she was better than ever and smiles but Cindy is quiet. He then receives a call from Arguelles, who tells her Lizbeth is in the station and wants to report the Lucios to the DEA. Arley tells him to watch her so she doesn’t talk to anyone while he gets there. Zulima hears everything and asks him where he’s going but Arley tells her to mind her own business, since neither of them work for each other. Zulima reminds her that she’s John’s new woman and demands to know what happened. Arley explains that Roberto didn’t kill Lizbeth and he doesn’t know about Olivia either but Amanda is surely dead because he killed her personally. He warns Zulima to not mess with her because she’s not any woman but Arley reminds her that he’s also dangerous. They quietly smile at each other and Arley tells her to find out if she’s really John’s woman before she puts her foot in her mouth. He walks away laughing and neither notice that Cindy has heard everything from behind the bar.
• Amanda’s condition worsens and Cindy’s mother grabs the phone and calls someone.
• Yolanda has undressed herself and Santamaria asks her where her boyfriend is because he hasn’t seen him even trying to rescue her. Yolanda is quiet and Santamaria reminds her that only he can protect her.
• Raul comes and takes Lizbeth to his office. She is happy to see him because she waited a while and though he wasn’t coming in. Raul asks her who told her that because he always comes after making his rounds. Lizbeth tells him it was his father as Arguelles comes and asks him what he’s doing there. Raul tells him he came to write up a report and saw Lizbeth in his office so he brought her over. Arguelles was under the impression that Raul had left the city but Raul tells him he did not. Arguelles apologizes for the mistake and informs Lizbeth that Monica is in a meeting so he wasn’t able to talk to her until she is free. Raul asks why she’s trying to contact Monica but they are both silent.
• Flor gives Rosalba some tea as Dave comes and informs them that he started the process so they can enter witness protection. Estela needs assurences that they will maintain their lifestyles because she won’t allow the DEA to put them in any old house. Dave tells her he will make sure that they have the proper accommodations and then asks Rosalba what she thinks about their plans. Rosalba wants Dave to ensure Yolanda’s wellbeing. Dave tells her Yolanda is his number 1 priority but Estela wants to know if there is anything they can sign to make sure he doesn’t go back on his word. Rosalba doesn’t need to sign anything though because she trusts him but Estela wants to sign something before confessing anything.
• Zulima gives the new girls their uniforms and tells them that she needs them smiling and accommodating. They go off to change and Zulima notices that Cindy is distracted. She asks her what’s wrong and Cindy explains that she’s feeling tired but Zulima reminds her that she needs her sharp because she will be the new manager.
• The doctor gives Cindy’s mother the pills for Amanda and tells her to follow his instructions to the T so Amanda can get better. She thanks him and he leaves. Cindy’s mother then explains that the doctor suggested they leave the bullet in her arm for now because it would be more dangerous to tae it out. Amanda agrees and then asks about her baby; Cindy’s mother confirms that the baby is all right. Amanda smiles and confesses that she wanted to have an abortion when she found out but now she will do anything to protect him and make sure he is born. Cindy’s mother tells her that they will have to go to the doctor eventually but Amanda reminds her she can’t leave. Cindy’s mother suggests they call a doctor they trust though so he can monitor her and confesses that she knows how to lose a child so she will help her with hers. Amanda thanks her.
• Santamaria pulls Yolanda closer and tears start to pull in her eyes as he forces her arms apart. She suddenly screams no and slaps him. Santamaria slams her against the wall and starts to choke her before throwing her on the bed. She hurriedly covers herself as Santamaria throws her clothes at her and demands she leave. Yolanda runs out of the office.
• Oscar is celebrating Roberto’s first kill with a shot of tequila. He congratulates Roberto on killing Olivia and Lizbeth but Roberto is quiet. They drink the shot and Oscar tells Roberto that his trial period is over and he is now part of the gang, he’s family. Roberto tells him that he’s there for whatever he needs so Oscar tells them that he wants El Bochas kneeled in front of him by tonight. Roberto nods as Oscar’s phone rings. It’s Simpson who tells him that Christian is on his way to Cielito Lindo presumably to avenge his father’s death. Oscar laughs it off and wonders what the kid’s plan is. Simpson doesn’t know and Oscar asks if Monica has asked again about AeroTours. Simpson confirms she hasn’t and offers to take care of the Christian problem but Oscar can handle it. He then reminds Simpson to keep an eye out for Rosalba and Dave. Simpson understands and they hang up.
• Simpson then connects his phone to the charger and leaves the office. Monica sees him leave and immediately stands up to go check the recent calls. She writes down the recent number and walks out as Simpson comes and asks if she needs anything. Monica asks if he has heard anything about Dave but Simpson confirms he hasn’t and she thanks him before leaving.
• The soldiers throw Yolanda back in her cell and close the doors. Santamaria comes and reminds her that how she is treated in the base depends on her; she rejected him and these are the consequences. Yolanda is quiet.
• Arley meets with Capitan Arguelles, in his car, outside the station. Arguelles wants to know how he takes Lizbeth out of the station when Raul put her in a cell for protection. He suggests that they wait till nightfall when there is a skeleton crew and it will be easier to get rid of her. Arley shakes his head, they can’t wait that long because she will be able to talk to the DEA in the mean time. He demands Arguelles help him get inside to help Lizbeth but Arguelles is wary because Raul is there. Arley just needs 10 minutes to kill her and Arguelles agrees; he will meet Arley at the emergency exit in 5 minutes and warns Arley that nothing should happen to Raul. Arley agrees ad Arguelles leaves.
• From inside a cell, Lizbeth asks Raul if it’s a good idea she stays at the station. Raul reminds her the Lucios have eyes everywhere but he can control who goes in or out of the station so she’ll be safe. Arguelles comes and tells them he wasn’t able to get in touch with Monica and asks Raul what he is going to do. Raul decides to call Dave to tell him the Lucios are in AeroTours but Arguelles stops him and explains that they are not sure they can trust the DEA yet. Raul nods and Arguelles asks him for help with tomorrow rounds. Raul tells Lizbeth he will be right back and leaves.
• Oscar orders Roberto to find Christian at the bar and get rid of him without any more mess or fuss. Roberto agrees and leaves. John comes and Oscar explains that Roberto is going to kill Christian, who came to avenge his father’s death. John laughs and asks him how he found out. Oscar reveals they called him but John reminds that he said they couldn’t use their phones. Oscar tells him he used a new phone because there are some things they can’t neglect. John agrees and asks about Rosalba. Oscar confirms they are still looking for her but he doesn’t think she’ll talk as long as Yolanda is with them. John worries that she will find out Yolanda isn’t with them and talk to the police. Oscar agrees and John tells him he will ground the airplanes for now because he has a bad feeling. Oscar asks if they are leaving and John confesses they might.
• Rosalba tells Dave everything about AeroTours and explains that Yolanda is the only one who knows how to fly but the rest of the girls live there as well and help out how they can. Dave asks if when she was there she saw the Lucios. Rosalba nods and confesses she saw them all the time. Dave realizes AeroTours is their hideout and no mere flying company. Estela reminds him that they are in danger and asks when they will leave Altamirano. Dave tells her he put in the order a few hours ago and she should be patient.
• Dave receives a call from Monica and steps outside to take it. She tells him she saw Simpson talking on the phone and was able to write down the number before he erased it. She gives Dave the number and he confirms it is Oscar’s. Monica quietly gasps and calls Simpson a POS. Dave then reveals that AeroTours, per Rosalba’s confession, is the Lucio’s new home base. Monica knew they were right and Dave orders her to put together a tactical team to go arrest them. He also tells her to lock up Simpson and take away his cell phone. Monica agrees and Dave asks for her to help him speed up the process on the witness protection. Monica will take care of it all and they hang up.
• Yolanda is in her cell, thinking about how strange it was that the Colombian air force caught her when she was flying below their radar. She kisses her medallion.
• Simpson walks outside the station and calls Montgomery to inform him that Dave and Monica are planning something because they are acting strange. Montgomery thinks they don’t trust Simpson any more and he agrees because they are pushing him away. He orders Simpson to maintain his cool while they find out what is going on in Altamirano. He hangs up and erases the call as Monica comes with policemen and arrests Simpson. She takes away his cell phone and tries to maintain her composure as they take him away.
• Later, Simpson asks Monica why he is in a cell and Monica calls him a traitor. Simpson is confused but Monica asks him not to lie anymore because they now know the truth. Simpson reminds her that they know each other but Monica thought she did but she now knows she didn’t and leaves.
• Arguelles gathers all the men in the main office and gives them instructions as Raul goes to a corner and pulls out his phone to call Monica.
• Monica has gathered some men to go find Christian at the bar and instructs the men to bring him back alive, no matter what. She warns the men that the Lucios or their men may be there so they should be careful. They leave and Monica receives a call from Raul, who tells him that his father has been trying to call her to no avail. She tells him she has no calls from his father but asks Raul how she can help. Raul confirms that the Lucios are hiding at AeroTours in Villa Antigua and Monica tells him that she sent men to that location. She then asks how he found out and Raul explains that Lizbeth told him at the San Miguel police station. He then tells Monica that the Lucios tried to kill Lizbeth while Olivia and Amanda are possibly dead. He confirms they have no news of Yolanda or Zulima but he called her to see if the DEA can offer Lizbeth protection. Monica will take care of it but asks Raul to be vigilant because the Lucios have men everywhere. Raul agrees and hangs up.
• Cindy and Zulima count all the bottles at the bar. Cindy answers Zulima’s questions coldly as Zulima looks at her, wondering what is wrong. There is a knock on the door and Zulima orders Cindy to answer it. Cindy looks through the windows and tells Zulima that it’s the police. Zulima asks her to open the door and hides. Cindy obliges and two policemen ask if they have seen a kid named Christian Nieves. Cindy confirms they haven’t because she’s been there since the morning. The policemen will make a few rounds around and then come back. Cindy will help any way she can and the policemen go.
• Outside, they get into their car as Christian observes them from the side of the bar.
• Yolanda continues to kiss her medallion and pray. She then hears music and screaming and goes to see what the commotion is. At least 10 women walk up the entrance and all the soldiers cheer and thank Santamaria. One of the women, Teresa, goes up to Santamaria and asks if he will let her spoil him tonight. Santamaria shakes his head and tells her that it would have to be another time. Teresa tells him she has the thong he loves but Santamaria pushes her away. She leaves as Rubio comes and laments the fact that he couldn’t have Yolanda. Santamaria is quiet as Yolanda shakes her head at the endless parade of women.
• The truck of the men Olivia is riding with stalls and he asks her for some water. While he fills up the reservoir, he asks Olivia if she has a husband or boyfriend. Olivia confesses she had a boyfriend but doesn’t anymore; the man tells her that he’s probably not worth crying over and asks if she wants to pass by a hospital or police station to report what happened. Olivia prefers to help him so they can get home ASAP. The man agrees and continues to fill the reservoir.
• Roberto arrives at the bar and Christian runs to him, happy to see him. Roberto tells him to get in the car so they can go for help but Christian is apprehensive. Jose, Oscar’s previous right hand man, gets out of the car as Roberto pushes Christian inside the car at gunpoint. Christian obliges and Jose drives away.
• Arley arrives at the police station and goes directly to the elevator and up to the cells.
• Arguelles continues to give his men orders as Raul looks at his watch. He turns out briefly and sees Arley making his way to the cells. He opens the door and goes to check it out.
• Lizbeth looks up in the cell and sees Arley making his way to her. Arley puts a silencer on his gun, sad that Lizbeth isn’t happy to see him. He points his gun at her as Raul comes up behind him and tells him to drop the gun. Lizbeth begins to cry as Arley turns around and points his gun at Raul. Arguelles comes and asks Raul to walk away but Raul shakes him off. Arley shoots Arguelles and warns Raul that he and Lizbeth are next. Raul asks him to drop his gun again as more policemen come and surround Arley. They all point their guns at him.
• The military officers are having themselves a party filled with all sorts of debauchery. Yolanda quietly observes the goings on.
• The policemen open a cell and throw Arley in as Raul goes to call an ambulance for his father. Arley destroys his cell phone and then tells Lizbeth that she escaped once but she won’t be so lucky next time. Lizbeth call him a loser who couldn’t kill a woman but Arley laughs.
• One of the men Monica sent to watch AeroTours see Roberto and Jose arrive with Christian. Roberto orders him to walk and pushes him along. The agent radios the other men.
• Moments later, Christian is tied up and John comes to talk to him. He commands Christian for his bravery because he came alone to avenge his father and asks if he has anything to say. Christian asks about Olivia and Oscar asks him if Roberto didn’t tell him what he did to Olivia. Christian shakes his head so Oscar reveals his sister, like his father, is praying in heaven. Christian swears that he will kill them all but the Lucios are quiet. Oscar kicks Christian down and unties him, challenging him to try and kill them. Christian runs to Roberto and begins to punch him but Roberto gets the upper hand and begins to choke him until Oscar kicks him off. The Lucios again commend him on his bravery again and order Roberto and Jose to hang Christian in the forest. They oblige and Roberto puts the noose over Christian’s neck as Jose pulls him up. The agent sees as Christian begins to slowly choke…


Sorry this is sooooo late, fellow pilotos, but today was one of those days and I couldn't get to the recap in the morning.

Thank you all in advance for stopping by because things continue to heat up. Someone mentioned before that this novela is now like a road chase movie but I like how it has had different stages and continues to surprise. I can't wait for Yolanda to get out of Colombia because that is when the real fun will begin!

My goodness Alfredo...each of these episodes seems more gruesome...or potentially gruesome than the last. And sorry that you were having a crazy "dia pesado" but appreciate the resumen all the more.

Glad that Yolanda did not have to submit to the sadistic Capitán for now, but neither was she turned over to the hoi-polloi soldiers. Perhaps he will come to appreciate her feisty spirit the way John did (for a while).

Where's Vivi by the way? Is she traveling again? Lady has itchy feet!

Hey JudyB! Glad to see you back :) This novela is hard to watch, no so much recap because that's more impersonal in some ways, but those visuals. The near rape was disgusting, not to mention the manhandling.

Regarding Vivi: I think she just came back, I saw her briefly in the MdN patio but haven't gotten an chance to talk to her.

Thanks Alfredo!!!

Story is so dark now. At least blondie is safe for the moment but I wouldn't be surprised if Arley finds a way to kill her and get out. I'm hoping that Raul finds out about papa dearest. Arley in jail helps Cindy and Amanda so I hope he stays for awhile. I'm sure the Lucios will break him out soon.

So have we decided if Roberto is a bad guy or just playing one? I thought he looked upset when he shot Olivia because it seemed to be an accident.

Yoli in Colombia is boring and is it bad to want her back by John's side? I sooo want John to find out the truth about Oscar and Zulima. I know it is too late for him but having a complex baddie adds more juice to the story.

Tough epi to watch....because I didn't know which wayward girl would fall pray to her next victimizer...more importantly...I couldn't stomach another rape scene...let alone of Yoli. Glad crisis' for now. I sure hope Yoli's appeal for help works out tonight.

So Raul's dad got shot. I only want dad to survive so his son can find out that dad is a lowlife.

So...did anyone else notice that John has questioned Oscar a few time now. Can't wait for him to put it together and figure out his brother is a lousy jealous person who went to great extremes to get rid of Yoli. And of course I want Zuli to suffer much. She is heartless.


Alfredo, thanks so much. That was a tough episode, especially right before bedtime. But I'm so glad to be getting the AA treatment with your recap.

On the positive side, the only way to go is up for all the Gone Girls. Amidst all the horrible things that happened last night, I did enjoy when the good police son and other officers suddenly surrounded Arley and when Monica and her crew arrested Simpson.

Carvivlie, you're not alone hoping for a John-Yolanda reunion. Me too. Those two were good together and she made him a better man. But John has slipped into the abyss and I don't think he's coming back. John is the smarter of the two brothers, so I hate that Oscar is outfoxing him.

My guess is Roberto thought the narco life would be glamorous and exciting -- what a fool. Since Olivia's dad was okay with him as her boyfriend, I'm thinking he was a nice guy 9 to 5er that got bored. Now the fool has shot his own girlfriend, is participating in his cunado's torture, and soon going to have a very special bond with Oscar.

Writers, please please, find a special way to make the colonel pay. A bullet is not enough.

Got to give it to the Gone Girls and Cindy they are thinking and doing what they have to to survive.

Alfredo I do not believe I have ever followed a show you recapped, so Hello, and thanks

So what are we to learn so far? Nice guys finish last, and Nice Bad guys finish behind Bad Bad guys?

My Life Coach never mentioned anything like that !

I assume Yoli having helped the councilwoman to escape is the setup for Karma to let the hooker help Yoli escape.

You're welcome, Carvivlie, Nett, Niecie!

I have to admit that I am no longer on either side of John or Dave because one is a traitor and the other is clueless.

John doesn't deserve Yolanda anymore, on the most basic level, because he committed the ultimate dumb galan sin, believe anyone but the person you "love/like" and then proceed to try and kill her without even talking to her. Sorry bud!

As for Dave, he is trying way too hard to bring Yolanda back to the "light." She can make her own choices, good or bad, Mr. DEA Agent and you breathing down her neck is not going to help.

Now I am interested in how Yolanda finds her way back to either of them because that's a sign of good writing, which this series has soon a lot of since it began (except for superhuman Yoli) lol!

Right now, there are a lot of moving pieces and the Lucios may leave again so I wonder if we're in for another adventure across Mexico or if this is where the final stand begins. In a perfect world, Yolanda finds a way to take control of the cartels in Colombia (and that will make the pay off for that particular detour worth it) and then come back to Mexico to take on the Lucios. That draws the attention of Las Sombras management and she vows to take all of it off their hands like the bad ass she is. But that's just me ;)

Welcome, Kirby! So glad to see a fresh face here. Put your seatbelt on because this ride is bumpy.

Yeah AA I like this one. Killing every night instead of waiting till Ultinas Semanas


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