Friday, April 21, 2017

Vino el Amor #130; Thursday April 20, 2017: RIP Sheriff Brian Gutierrez

We begin where we left off yesterday with a little more information. Brian tells Marta that he didn’t know Marta’s family was in town that day Marcos was arrested. He admitted that Lilian told him to deport them. She forgives him and tells him she loves him too.
Paramedics finally arrive after what has seemed like forever to come get Brian’s body and tape up the crime scene. Marta continues to cry and tell Carito that she lost her family for so many years because it was Lilian’s fault.

Meanwhile, at Casa Robles, Sonia tells Lilian that she has more things to do since Marta isn’t working. Lilian looks forward to getting rid of Marta, but if she comes back to work, she will give Marta more work. Sonia leaves Lilian with her wine.

David knocks at the door at SB Vineyard and wants to talk to Luciana. Miguel leaves them to talk.

David: “I didn’t know I needed permission to talk to you.”
Luciana: “Miguel just wants to protect me.”
David: But protect you from what? You don’t need to have protection from me.”
Luciana: “That’s what I used to think until you hurt me so much.”
David: “Well that’s why I came, because I needed to explain myself….
Luciana: “No David, it’s not necessary”
David: “Yes, it is necessary”.
Luciana: “I am very sure that your fiancée would not be happy to know that you are here”
David: (Sighs) “Luciana….Please…”
Luciana: “David, what do you want?”
David: “I want you to know how things are.”
Luciana: What are you referring to David?”
David: “Look things haven’t been easy for me. And much less when I see you holding things in like that.”
Luciana: “Life knows why things happen the way they do. In this case, maybe it is better. It was better that I not wait for you.”
David: “The reason I came to see you is because…because I care about you so much.”
Luciana: “Yeah, sure!”
David: “Please understand. My children need a stable family.”
Luciana: “Yes, a stability that only Grace can give them.“
David: “But they are doing better than they ever have with her!”
Luciana: “But why, but why do you have to get married?”
David: “Don’t cry. I can’t stand to see you crying.”
Luciana: “I don’t understand why you want to hurt me so much. Is it so that I stop loving you? Is that the reason?”
David: “Of course not.”
Luciana: “Well listen to me now. No matter how hard I try to hate you, I cannot do it. And I know I’m a foolish woman but I just can’t stop loving you. And no part of my soul wants to know that you are going to marry another woman.”
David: “Truthfully, I am very sorry. But I believe this is the best thing for my children. And believe me, this is a situation where this takes precedence.
Luciana: “How is this a situation that takes precedence, David?”
David: “All I’m doing is looking out for my children’s well-being and happiness.
Luciana: “You are a coward! Instead of fighting for love, you are taking the low and easy road.”
David: (Now angry) “Well what do you want me to do? Finally there is someone that my children are stable and happy with. Understand that they are the most important to me and my priority.”
Luciana: “How dare you! I’m the one who sacrificed for you so that your children would be well. I thought that when things were better and back to normal that we would have another opportunity to try our relationship again. But it looks like the result was that everything became about Grace.”
David: “My children are doing better than before, understand that!”
Luciana: “I don’t know you anymore, David. At what moment did you change so much?”
David: “No you have changed, look at where we are now!”
Luciana: Yes, because the Luciana that you knew did everything for you. You know what? It’s now OVER! I am tired of crying and suffering over you.
David: “Luciana, I really only wanted to settle things with you, and explain things to you. But it looks like the result is now a lot worse.”
Luciana: “Yes, because in this case, there is no remedy. You surrendered too easily.
David: “Let’s see, well if this is surrendering, then I’m doing it to help my children, for their good, happiness, and for their stability. So if you don’t see that, then you are not understanding.”
Luciana: “Yes, you are right! And you know what? Get out! Get out and don’t ever come back! Go be happy with Grace, but me, please leave me in peace!”
David: “You know what? I think this is for the best.”

Carito and Marta are sitting in Gutierrez’s old office. Carito is very nervous about what the officers are going to ask her. Marta tells her that it’s just because they want to know how Brian died. Carito says, “But what if they think it’s all my fault?” Carito is very afraid and Marta convinces her to tell the truth because Brian kept his word and protected her. Marta also adds that whatever it is that she was hiding, it’s even more important that she tell the truth now for Brian’s memory. Carito becomes even more nervous, wanting to back out. But Marta becomes stern with her and says, “Haven’t you learned your lesson about hiding the truth? On the contrary, if you don’t talk, everything will get worse.” The officer then comes to question Carito.

Carito returns and tells Marta she told the truth. Then it’s Marta’s turn to give her statement.

Fernanda comes to see Tano in the distillery and Fer says she has a lot of things to do. She share with Tano that she told her Tía that she is going to help her with all the details for the wedding. Tano doesn’t look so excited and Fer asks him what is wrong. At first Tano says nothing he’s just busy. Fer pushes and says, “Look, we tell each other everything, can’t you just share with me what you are thinking?” Tano finally lets it out that he isn’t excited about her Tía and the Patrón getting married because Luciana is his friend and he knows Luciana is feeling very hurt right now. Of course Fernanda is not happy about hearing that one and can’t understand why Tano isn’t as happy as she is. FerBrat turns into FerBitch and goes from zero to 100 in two seconds. They start arguing about Tano being on Luciana’s side. He says he’s not on anyone’s side, he just feels badly for his friend. She leaves in a huff.

Juan is getting phone calls about his workers and that they need to be paid. Unfortunately, Juan has a cash flow problem and can’t pay them. The workers don’t want to continue working without pay. Perla asks why and tries to come up with ideas to stall the payment. Juan says, “So why don’t you go out there and tell them!” Perla and Juan get in another argument and Juan tells her to stop being foolish and that things aren’t as simple as she thinks they are.

Back at Casa Robles, Bobby is in the family room watching TV. Tía DisGrace barges in and he explicitly tells her, “I’m watching TV.” But she rudely takes the remote from his hands and turns the TV off. It’s so important for her to talk to Bobby to find out if he is excited about the wedding. He says he really misses Marta and wants her to come back. He says he also misses Luciana and is sad not to see Marta and Luciana. She isn’t too happy to hear that.

Bobby says that Luciana is good and tells Grace not to say bad things about her. So she backs down and changes the subject and says she has a big surprise for him regarding the wedding. The surprise is that she is going to invite Cristiano Ronoldo to the wedding! “So what do you think about that, Bobby?” Of course Bobby gets very excited about that one. Now he can’t wait for the wedding since Cristiano is going to be a guest there. He wants that wedding ASAP.

Sonia finds León to tell him that she just heard that DisGrace and David are getting married. León tells her he already found out. She tells him she can’t understand out of ALL the women in the world who are thousands of times better than Grace, how he can settle on DisGrace. León is just glad that Luciana is away from all this mess. Sonia says there is nothing in this world better than having the one you love by your side. Then they move in for a kiss. Some heckler from behind teases León…

Over at the “outside room” at SB Vineyard, Miguel finds Luciana crying her eyes out. Lu tells him that it’s useless to talk to David since things aren’t going to change. She asks for him to please never allow David to get close to her because every time he gets near her, he hurts her. He consoles her with a hug.

They walk to the MPR and Miguel gives her a pep talk. They talk a little of her father and she says that it’s times like this when she misses her father most. Mig reminds her she still has her mother, León, and himself. Plus she has a lifetime worth of advice that came from her father. He assures her that everything will be fine as they cuddle on that couch. He shares about when Erica passed away and how bad he felt. But now he’s feeling a bit better because Luciana is near. Mig starts to joke a little and they finally have a little laugh.

Juan is calling someone and gets voicemail. Perla comes home and he tells her he’s expecting a phone call (which is a lie).

Fer comes to DisGrace’s room and Fer is down in the dumps after her fight with Tano. She shares with DisGrace about the fight and Grace advises her to be more understanding and not to fight with Tano. She has cleared up Fer’s thinking adeptly with her mind control. Fer says she is so happy that her father is marrying Grace.

David comes into Susan’s office to tell her that his talk with Luciana was a bust. Susan says, “Well what did you expect? Can you imagine how she feels?” David says that they ended by saying things that hurt each other even further. Susan shakes her head and says she is so sorry. David says this is for the best because they are now on their way to forgetting about each other. Susan says, “That’s not going to happen. What will happen is that you will both go into denial about the love you are feeling. And that will follow you all the days of your life.” Dave says, “Well, I’m just going to have to live with the fact that even though I love Luciana, I simply can’t ever be with her.”

Fer comes back to Tano as he is still working. She wants to talk, but he wants to know first if she is still angry. She says no, that she had a talk with her aunt and her Tía made her see that she has no reason to be angry with him. She asks for his forgiveness and tells him she was feeling a bit like a tantrum. They both promise to try to understand each other more.

Carito comes back to the employees’ house and calls Perla. She tells Perla that Juan sent two henchmen to murder her. Perla doesn’t believe her. “Maybe this was something you imagined, Carito.” “No” Carito says, “These two bad guys said they were coming after me, but instead they shot the Sheriff and now the Sheriff is dead!” Carito says that the sheriff is dead because of Juan. Perla says that can’t be. Carito says, “The worst part is that you betrayed me, even when I tried to protect you. But I no longer believe you anymore, Perla!”

When Juan comes home, Perla is very angry with him and tells him that Brian Gutierrez is dead. “Those two idiots you sent to kill Carito, they are dead and now the Sheriff is dead too.” Juan tried to tell her that Carito was a problem, she was a traitor and that’s why he had to call these guys. It was for their protection so Carito wouldn’t expose what Juan was up to. “Are you kidding?” says Perla. “The SHERIFF is dead and the police are not going to stop until they find out who is behind it.” Perla is convinced they are toast and they should leave town.

Lilian is looking for Sonia and says, “Where have you been?” Lilian is not happy that Sonia was seeing León. Lilian says she is going to call Brian so she can come see him. She makes the phone call and finds out he is dead. She starts to collapse with grief. She goes on and on about how much she loved Brian about how all the people she loves die.

While Lil is sitting there crying, Marta comes in to pick a fight with Lilian. Marta tells Lil how Brian died, proclaiming his love for Marta and that he confessed that Lil was the one responsible for deporting Marcos and Luciana. They hurl all kinds of insults, with Lilian saying that Marta was only a bedroom toy for Gutierrez and he really loved Lilian. Marta slaps Lilian a couple of times and tells Lil she is going to PAY for what she did. Marta starts beating up on Lilian on the floor until Bobby and David enter the room…David wants to know what the devil is going on!


Thank you, Cynthia, for recapping this dark, depressing episode.

Lots of yelling and frustration. Perla and Juan yelling. Perla and Carito yelling. Lulu and Dave yelling. Hey, Dave, you made your stupid decision, so why don't you just leave the girl alone. Marta and LIlian yelling.

You know who wasn't yelling... Miguel. He was just being supportive.

Marta and LIlian are disgusting. I have had more than enough of those to harpies. Basta!

And poor GUt in a body bag. Grim.Well,time to watch some kitten and puppy videos.

Thank you Cynthia. Especially the Luciana and David dialog, made me mad all over again.

“You are a coward! Instead of fighting for love, you are taking the low and easy road.”

Luciana honey, David is not different now, you just see the real him.

Where was Ramon?

I laughed so hard, the first 3 things out of Marta's mouth when approaching Lilian was he loved me not you. Those old hags still fighting over a guy.

Hope David fires Marta. Do it for his kids, Marta attacked their grandmother. No wait, that will send her to Adolfo.

Perla isn't totally stupid. Kill the Sonoma County Sheriff and they won't stop.


Thank Yoooouuuuu Cynthia. After this episode I'm in the mood.........For some MORE KILLING. EVERYBODY who was yelling.

Susanlynn: The yelling was ANNOYING!

Kirby: At least Gutierrez confessed to Marta about Lillian having him deport Daddy Munoz & Luciana.

Tofie: You want to bet Carito told the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department about the illegal immigrants smuggling activities ?

Cynthia: You know this likely means Ramon will be getting Marta!


Gracias, Cynthia. I'm so on board with kitten videos.

Perla is still delusional. As to Carito's situation the logical thing (Will it even happen?) would be for the police to check the cell phones of the killers and trace where the photo of her came from. However, with a dozen episodes to go and that not taking enough time to fill it....

Even had Carito called for help immediately Gutierrez would have died in the ambulance. I think one of the bullets hit a lung.

The other cop treated Carito like trash the way he talked to her.

Marta attacked a woman who doesn't give a flying damn about those kids. Lillian deserved ever blow. However, her statement about "Everyone I loves dies" is probably prophetic.

Cynthia, excellent screen shots and the summary was sensational. Enjoyed so many of your comments, especially "Sonia leaves Lilian with her wine".

Thank you for managing to turn this depressing, dismal, disaster of an episode into a beautifully written summary. Your translating the dialogue was wonderful!

So, Marta did still love Brian. I suppose that is part of the reason they killed the character. She would never really be able to move forward with Ramon since she was harboring all the intense feelings for Brian. I'm not going to comment again as to how she could love him after what he did to her family. Did the fact Lilian asked him to negate what he did? Nopis.

And I'm also wondering if Brian's death is paving the way for yet another hookup? tofie, if Lil ends up with Adolfo, I will be beside myself.

“FerBrat turns into FerBitch and goes from zero to 100 in two seconds”. Perfect Cynthia.

Overall, I have been sympathetic to Fernanda. Ignored yet spoiled by her father, desperately missing her mother, she had much to deal with. Yet, your phrase described what occurred perfectly. Bratty behavior is bad enough but she did go into full bitch mode because Tano had the audacity to bring up Luciana. I would like to think she had the grace to feel a bit guilty, but I don’t see a shred of that…

While Miguel’s over possessiveness with Luci has irked me in the past, I am glad he stepped up to ensure Luci wanted to talk with David (although heaven knows why she would). I thought he was great last night Susanlynn. He was protecting his friend, not his property.

And yet things continue to spiral downward. “she has cleared up Fer’s thinking adeptly with her mind control” said it all. Urging her not to fight with Tano was rather inspired. That way, she wasn’t saying anything against Luciana, she simply deflected the issue all together. Further, I loathe that Graciela was completely able to stop Bobby’s missing Marta and Luciana by throwing out Cristiano’s name. She pulls yet another rabbit out of her hat.

“My children are doing better than before, understand that!” I am starting to intensely dislike David. Luci treated his children with nothing but love, affection and respect. He needed to defend his love for Luci to his daughter and stuck with his resolve to send Lili and Gracie away. Fer would have kicked and screamed, but in time, she would have realized Luci is a good person.

So Perla realized Juan put a hit on Carito, yet she proposes running away with Juan, rather than running from Juan.

Things are so ugly right now. We have 2 weeks for the tide to come in and sweep most of these unsavory characters away.

Thank you Cynthia!


Urban, our comments crossed.

Yes, I was also surprised at the police's rather hostile attitude toward Carito. But after thinking it over, I think they are probably feeling she is the reason their sheriff is dead. Not fair and not acceptable, but likely their immediate reaction.


Steve, Yep, fuel for some more maniacal hatred between these two old harpies. Come on menopause, then they will kill each other if they can both hit it at the same time.

Perla actually knows, on a low level, what is going on with NoJuan and Carito etc. She is just too scared (and selfish) to admit it on the surface. Before she dies she will utter the words "I knew it all along."

"...will get Marta." Goody Gum Drops what a prize for a nice, dumb nutless fellow.

Speaking of 'seed free' men. maybe Dud Vid could try to grow at least one, put his foot down, and get to the bottom of the chaos and pestilence befallen the House of Robles. Somebody needs to be in charge, even if it is not the first choice. And speaking of, many times even a wrong choice is better than no choice. But as minted little David is just not up to such manly chores.

Urban, almost ALL logical thinking and actions would destroy this flimsy story. We used to have a sign in Software Development that said:

"If builders built buildings, the way programmers write programs, the first woodpecker who came along would destroy civilization." So No. We can be sure that Gut's bullets miraculously struck the perps cell phones in addition to killing the perps.

Thank you, Cynthia. The recap, screen shots and dialogue are all fantastic!

David: “Look things haven’t been easy for me. And much less when I see you holding things in like that.”

You liar, Dudweed! You've been having a grand time and YOU'RE the one that needs to hold things in!

Luciana: “How dare you! I’m the one who sacrificed for you so that your children would be well. I thought that when things were better and back to normal that we would have another opportunity to try our relationship again. But it looks like the result was that everything became about Grace.” --Cynthia

“My children are doing better than before, understand that!” I am starting to intensely dislike David. Luci treated his children with nothing but love, affection and respect. He needed to defend his love for Luci to his daughter and stuck with his resolve to send Lili and Gracie away. Fer would have kicked and screamed, but in time, she would have realized Luci is a good person.

Yep, little Dudveed, that he couldn't hold in, made him renege on the deal. It WAS a cowards's way out and the easy road. NOT that his priority was his children's stability but that he declined to do the hard work they agreed on as Diana described above.

Luciana told the truth about herself as well:

Luciana: “Well listen to me now. No matter how hard I try to hate you, I cannot do it. And I know I’m a foolish woman but I just can’t stop loving you. And no part of my soul wants to know that you are going to marry another woman.”

And there you have it. We don't need to see the leads actually respect each other, fight for one another or have swoony kisses and bedroom scenes, just one of them needs to whine that they're in love forever, and that's good enough! So, I guess we should stop our whining!

Next: The demise of NonMagic Brian!

Well, Martyra pretty much undid all we accomplished from the blood-borne pathogens staff inservice!

Yah. I knew Marta and Lil would be thrilled to have a new dead man to fight over but Marta didn't waste anytime firing it up, did she? Jeezopete. I wish Lil had gotten some licks in. Marta has no place for self-righteousness, she's a hideous and petty whore:

FERNANDO WAS LILIAN'S HUSBAND and Lil started dating Brian first! WTF is Marta so indignant about. Gosh, I hate one of the bullets didn't hit her!

Kirby, these cows have probably gone through the menopause gate a long time ago. Cessation of menses doesn't necessarily stop hot flashes OR being a BITCH!!

Okay. Something I don't understand is how are they spinning Marta's encouragement to tell the Police "the whole truth"? Does Marta know the whole truth? If she does, why, when Carito came back from interrogation she said, "lo unico que les dije fue que esos tipos fueron armados y llegaron a atacarnos" The only thing I told them was that those two guys were armed and prepared to attack us. . .or were armed and attacked us."

What? The ONLY thing I told them? And then Marta tells her it's always good to tell the truth and that's the same thing she's going to say!

Again, WTF? Did I misunderstand? This should have been a major scene where Carito tells the Police everything she told Brian, information for which he pledged to protect her life and for which he DIED doing so for crying out loud! So, Juan's involvement in the human trafficking and poison wine died with Brian?

Ok, ok. It's not even 9 yet. Whatever. Jeez.

Brian was kind of magic in the end, though, considering how long it took him to croak--and that, completely in the shallow end of the pool here, he kicked off straight into Marta's bloodstained bosom.

That said, Cynthia, thank you so damn much for this recap. I somehow missed or blocked out most of the non-Marta/Lilian/Carito dialogue, so that chat between David and Luciana...y'all know I've been the lone guy on the Patio trying to give David the benefit of the doubt about his motivations, right? Even I can't forking defend this one. For the first time in a while, he came off as truly selfish (or, giving an inch, entirely and epically wrongly obsessed with his children's well-being) and Luciana was completely, totally right in dragging the fork out of him for the whole thing. (But then she kinda went full Marta when she declared that she couldn't stop loving him. Never go full Marta, Luci.)

And that brings us back to Lila's all-too-correct comment that

We don't need to see the leads actually respect each other, fight for one another or have swoony kisses and bedroom scenes, just one of them needs to whine that they're in love forever, and that's good enough!

If there is one specific failing we can point at with this show, this is it. Luciana and David have only sparingly fought for their love (and let's be honest--Luci's done more of the fighting, such as it is), while just about everybody else has fought and generally won theirs--except for Miguel, who basically got handed his on a platter. And Brian, but...well...

How could this have been considered a good idea on the part of the writers? How does this ever even work?

As for Marta...Show has been hardcore about that accidental disconnect between how she's supposed to appear as the wise put-upon nana and hypocritical bitch, so as much as Cynthia Klitbo was rocking her material last night I couldn't help thinking of that. Even when Marta found out that Lilian was the one ultimately responsible for splitting her family up for a decade, that disconnect was still there. Not that Lilian didn't deserve her bitchslaps, but...

OK I guess as things stand now, Carito is Dumb as in can not speak, and NoJuan is off the hook because she is ostensibly too flipping scared to talk ever again. The only plus, is that with NoJuan still running Amok, he can still Rat OUT DisGrace, which would be less probable if he were locked up or dead.

I still say Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam are more believable than this group of space aliens.

Bill, this story is so gee dee frustrating! I ain't mad at them for dragging a story out if that makes them money, but why not drag it out and have it make sense, pick leads who can physically stand each other, or, don't advertise it as one thing and give us another.

This story was about the masterful puppetry of a beautiful but psychotic woman who always fought aimlessly for her mother's love and dominance over her favored sister. This woman finally finds a way to win her mother's favor by replacing the favored sister, a sister favored because she "married well". She tries to steal "the good catch" right from under her sister's nose. That failing, she impulsively kills her sister during an argument about her own sister's husband and then positions herself to invade, mind control and take over him, his children and his entire business empire already significantly deteriorated due to the years-long embezzlement and undermining of her mother and former brother in law's "best friend."

See anything about love in that synopsis?

Frickin' writers!

I give Luciana a pass on honestly declaring her love for David while realizing how foolish she is. Her mother abandoned her, her dear father died unexpectedly, her childhood friend drove her away with his possessive demands and her first foray with love she discovers is lopsided and selfish.

I'm beginning to wonder if Lisa was really a saint. The other women in that family are horrible, especially that young twit Fernanda.

My first exposure to fighting over a boy was in 8th grade. Had to save up to buy my own cheerleader shoes which were promptly ruined with pink liquid hand soap poured inside. A girl on my squad didn't appreciate the attention her bf showed me.

I still don't even know, Lila. Ultimately, the show has been about love...just not in the order we would have expected from the credits:

1. Graciela's obsessive love for David
2. Miguel's all-consuming love for Luciana
3. Lilian's love for squishing Marta (and Sonia, et al.) under her heel
4. Marta's love for her kids...Fernanda, Bobby, Leon, and then Luciana
5. David's trying-to-make-up-for-lost-time love for his kids
6. Perla's blind love for Juan
7. Juan's love for his father (thus, his obsession with revenge)
8. Mark's obsession with Susan
9. Carito's ongoing crush on Miguel
10. Fernanda's love for Tano
11. Miguel and Erica's love for each other
12. Sonia and Leon's love for each other
13. Lilian and Marta's love for Fernando
14. Cesar and Susan's love for each other
15. Lilian and Marta's love for Brian
16. Tano's obsessive love for Susan
17. Ramon's enduring love for Marta
18. Marta's love for her #armoredclogsofdoom
19. David's love for Luciana

Tofie, the cheerleader shoe thing sounds about the maturity level of Lil and crew, just turned deadly.

Good point about Luci, tofie. You softened somewhat on her, didn't you?

...and it occurs to me that Lilian and Marta need to be much higher on that list.

Excellent, Bill! Did I miss Brian's love for Marta on the list? Even though they did a good job clouding up the water about his true feelings and motives.

Ha! Lil and Marta. Indeed! I thought they were going to kiss last night!

So...when's the bridal shower, and will there be gift bags?

Yes Lila I have after all her flipfloping in the beginning and I failed to consider she really had no clue what was happening and the fear of allowing herself to love. She was right to be fearful.

And why I mentioned the shoe incident because it is the maturity level of Marta and Lilian.

Anyway, the shoe incident was also the consequence of my naivete. I went from invisible to popular between 7 and 8th grade and fell for every drop of insincere drivel from the boys. In a bizarre way the girl did me a favor though it was hard because the boy was so cute. was a great accounting of love. I just feel like there should be #20, so may I add ..Lilian's love for a bottle of wine.

Tofie...yikes. .that girl was not liquid soap. Did you retaliate?


It is never easy to be the disfavored child. Been there, but I was way behind my brother and that is a different experience. My brother's death (at the obscenely young age of 24) did nothing to change that. Had he been a sister instead I might have become as psycho as DisGrace.

Which, however, does not excuse any of her actions.

Lillian is likely to end up alone at the end of this tale. She has ruined any chance she had of having anything resembling a loving relationship with DisGrace. She should have been encouraging her in her art instead of harping on her not being married to a man of money and status. However, that might not have helped because DisGrace's obsession is truly off the charts.

Susanlynn, you're so right about Lillian's affair with the bottle.

Getting hot on the patio...

“why not drag it out and have it make sense, pick leads who can physically stand each other, or, don't advertise it as one thing and give us another”. Hear, hear, Lila.

“Luciana and David have only sparingly fought for their love (and let's be honest--Luci's done more of the fighting, such as it is”. Sigh. So true Bill.

“I give Luciana a pass on honestly declaring her love for David while realizing how foolish she is”. I do too tofie. She is one of the few remaining characters I like.

“DisGrace's obsession is truly off the charts” – yes Urban. Totally! And I was sorry to read about your brother – a great loss at a young age.

Kirby, I would actually be happy to see Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam at this point.

Susanlynn, Lili does love her wine, doesn't she?

Great fun today all.


Thanks, Cynthia. Love the screenshots as usual. "She has cleared up Fer’s thinking adeptly with her mind control." LOL!! That and her profoundly wisdomful advice.

David: "I needed to explain myself" Hey David, if you really loved Luciana, you would give a little more thought to what SHE needs. It's not all about you. I hope when you finally come crawling back to her on the shards of your broken life, she gives him bus fare and sends him home.

When Luciana kicked David out, I wished that she would literally kick him. Or at least slam the door on his butt.

Poor Susan has to hear all about their every transaction. She should also get a job somewhere else.

Soooooo... Marta loves dead Brian. What does this mean for Ramon? Probably nothing.

FerBrat is bratty again. What a surprise. This girl has never once failed to get anything she wanted. Good luck to you, Tano.

Grace must be losing her mind if she thinks a boy would rather talk about her wedding than watch TV. Sure she'll get Cristiano... last time she needed something from him she had to beg Joselo to call his agent. Joselo is now out of the picture.

Miguel and Luciana on the couch! Oh, if that sofa could talk. (It would say "wash me")

"[Lilian] goes on and on about how much she loved Brian about how all the people she loves die." OK, Lil, what is the common denominator in this equation? Right, it's you. Have some more wine.

The Marta/Lil smackdown was awesome, except I don't think it went far enough. And tonight I recap Bobby's reaction!

ChristianOH attendance at the wedding: DisLyinLittleBitch, (Oh Nooooo Mr. Bill, there wasn't a Gee in that one) has no intention of even mentioning Christiano the Futbal player again until it comes up near the wedding at which time it will not matter. All she wanted to do was get BooB on board at that MOMENT.

She knows she can promise the world, if she will never be held to deliver. I have noticed that is one of her tools, to make all sorts of promises when she knows that she can not be held to fulfill them, or the delivery date is far enough in the future. It is a common ploy used by dishonest humans.

" And tonight I recap Bobby's reaction!" and hopefully BooB will attempt to recruit Marta as Goalie on his team.

Susanlynn, I told our coach, other girls saw her do it, and the girls parents replaced my shoes instead of kicking her off the squad. Didn't make life any easier for me but the next year she didn't make the squad and I did. For me, I stayed away from guys with gf's thereafter.

Julie...yeah, when Lu and Miguel sat down on THAT sofa, I thought ....gee, Miguel , are we going to get a flashback? The sofa of good times.

Tofie...having had two girlfriends who went after my beau, I would say that was a good ending. It isn't good to lose a friend over a boy. Sisters before misters . p s. One of them asked me for his address at the last class reunion.Really???

One more day, perhaps tonight and Miguel and Luciana will be using the couch. No other reason for them to be at his vineyard, Erika dead and David marrying Graciela.

Ah, Tofie! You bring up an interesting prospect: Marta going to Adolfo. Naturally, Adolfo will find her irresistible. I love it. She and Lil are condemned to squabble for the rest of their lives.

I didn't know dishwashing liquid could be weaponized! :-(

What was with the cops being so nasty to Carito? She didn't shoot the sheriff! No wonder she was afraid to tell them the rest of her info.

If we are talking Looney Tunes characters, I nominate Pepe Le Pew because this STINKS! And David can be Foghorn Leghorn, because he's a chick- I say a CHICKEN.

Bill: "Never go full Marta, Luci." Amen! At least Luci knows that she's foolish. As for loving David forever, it will surprise her just how brief "forever" can be.

Oh Shoot ! My BAD. I remembered seeing approximately the same "Moves" as Martrya demonstrated last night, but thinking it over more clearly, it is HOCKEY, not FUtbaL where you yank off the helmet and slide them across the ice and beat the daylights out of them. But both sports have Goalies, which threw me off, WAY off.

Oh well, It appears Marta has some 'Splainin to do. I am sure Lil and DisGoinToDaChapel will help gloss this over as Marta lovingly helping Lillian fight off a swarm of Malaria mosquitoes and all will be forgiven. Marta will stay, because deep inside the two constant companions Lil has are Ripple one liters and Marta the punching bag.

BooB will be at school telling all his prepubescent buddies:

"Yeah, you shoulda' seen it, My Gramma and my Nanna going at it like a couple Mud Wrestlers, I just wish they were younger and Hot, and didn't wear so many clothes like the girls on that site you sneaked and found on your phone, Charlie..".

Oh no. Now, I didn't say girls didn't come after my guy. I found out after a "break" from my Big Man on Campus high school bf, to attend different universities, he easily found comfort with friends and acquaintances (also discovered he'd done it before), all the while guilting me into remaining unattached.

Like I said, ask LuLu his last name in a year. It will be 'Um, Marbles, Rubles, Rollins, um it started with a R, or maybe W , no M for sure, M, yeah."

It is difficult to determine whether Fernando cheated on Marta because he was a womanizer or whether she was just a bitch. Since we never actually saw him (only a single photo) we will never truly know. Marta does not deserve all the blame for that relationship.

The writers deserve tons of blame for not making this story clear.

The cop who mistreated Carito should know better. You don't get information out of someone like her by making her more afraid than she already is.

BTW, I love Pepe LePew. I'll bet this is his baby picture.

Julie..oh, Foghorn Leghorn was my dad's favorite cartoon character. He was always saying to me, " You're a nice boy, but you're a little dumb." He thought that was very funny...and I have to admit , so did l.

Pepe was a pretty romantic little stinker. There was never any ambiguity about how he felt about someJuan.

The baby picture is awesome. Couldn't have done better myself.

Urban...maybe both of those scenarios were true..Fernando was a womanizer AND Lilian was a bitch. Lilian must have been perfecting her bitter bitchiness over a lifetime. I am thankful that she is not in my orbit.

I think growing up I identified more with cartoon characters than real people.

(That may explain a LOT)

Yes, Pepe was stinky but lusty. It happens.

I think that Marta definitely won that round with Lilian. She went BSC on Lilian. Times.

However, we need to get back to Disguised who does not care a fig ...or a grape... about any of these happenings because she is now Bridezilla planning her weddddinnggg.

Here's one of a baby skunk and a fennec fox.

Urban I hope they don't wind up like Miggy and LucI. :-)

Goin' to the chapel and we're gonna get married
Gee, I really love you
And we're gonna get married
Goin' to the chapel of love

Spring is here, the sky is blue, whoa-oh-oh
Birds all sing as if they knew
Today's the day we'll say "I do"
And we'll never be lonely anymore

Goin' to the chapel and we're gonna get married
Gee, I already taste you
And I'll have you
Roasting on the spit before dark

Spring is here, the sky is blue, whoa-oh-oh
Birds all sing as if they knew
Today's the day I'll denut you
And Field Dress you like the
Tasty critter you are dummy.

Urban: OMG THAT IS SO CUTE!!! *melt*

I forgot Pepe was romantic. Never mind. He can't be the VEA mascot. We'll save him for a stinker that has some romance in it.

Speaking of identifying with cartoon characters, the Pink Panther was my imaginary best friend. He didn't talk, but I guess we communicated telepathically. Or maybe his body language was expressive enough.

I still identify a little with Butters Stotch.

It's quite clever of Graciela knowing exactly what to dangle in front of Bobby to garner enthusiasm. Works for daddy and works for Bobby. Mindless boys.


Kirby..great lyrics.I will be singing that all day as I go about my chores.

Hey, now that we have seen the Marta \ Lilian matchup with the obvious winner, will we get to see a faceoff between Lu and Discovered . Lu could take her , in fact, she might take her face off. Lu is fierce. Maybe a tag team..Lu and Marta against Disowned and Mommy Dearest Lilian.

Tofie..yes, Disprozac is very adept at manipulating everyone..except maybe Lilian .

Miguel is being so gracious and understanding as Lu moans and groans about Dave doing her wrong. Hello ! Miguel's fiancee just DIED, girl. And still, he is there listening to you go on and in about Dave.

UA: FerBrat's Karma is coming SOON!


Urban, love Pepe's baby picture! So sweet.

"He can't be the VEA mascot. We'll save him for a stinker that has some romance in it" Perhaps that IS for the best Julie :)


Susanlynn, yes, it was a bit uncomfortable watching Luci pour her heart out while Miguel listened so sweetly.

I hope that their friendship stays strong. Miguel is very vulnerable. I don't want him to reach out to her in grief for any more consolation other than a hug. I don't sense that happening at the moment, but Luci has always been his Achilles heel.


I don't see that, either. At least not in the immediate future.

Carito still needs to be afraid of Juan and if she didn't talk she can't be protected. This means that anyone around her will be in danger. I don't want to see her die but I also don't want her to get Miguel.

Urban..I agree . I cannot see Miguel ending up with little mouse Carito after first being smitten by Lu and then in the sofa with confident Erica.

Thanks everyone! Glad you enjoyed the recap, it WAS depressing to write about because everyone seemed to be fighting and yelling at each other. The only ones that *almost* got into it were Sonia and León, but they ended up lovey-dovey right away. It was the only scene I found happy and entertaining, especially when that one worker behind them started teasing León.

Urban that’s true, we just don’t know that much about Fernando, but we have to assume he was unhappily married to Lilian. There was an episode where Lilian admitted to Grace that Marta had an affair with Fernando (it was at the hospital, after Fer sprained her ankle from her drunken fall off the ladder/roof) and Grace just wasn’t surprised at all. She told Lilian something like, “Well what did you expect? All you ever did was run around with your friends and spend lots of money. You were never around for him.” At that time, Grace seems to have hinted that Lilian was a very self-absorbed woman who didn’t pay much attention to her husband or her daughters. Maybe Fernando had money, but perhaps Lil’s objective in life was to be a rich socialite. She probably spent a lot of money to appear much wealthier than they actually were. So when he died, he left them in debt. He seems to have gotten back at Lilian by leaving her an apartment in Grace’s name.

I was disappointed at Marta’s behavior. She shouldn’t come in to beat up Lilian because she should have a lot more sense than that. Those two acted like they were trying out for the WWE and it sure was not very entertaining to me. I felt like screaming at both of them to just give it up and move on. What Marta should have done was calmly go to David and let him know what Brian’s dying words were to her. It would have been much more effective, instead of her stupid knee-jerk reaction to get even with Lilian.

I transcribed David and Luciana’s conversation because I felt it was important to know what a coward David really is. Luciana knows darn well that their relationship could have been put on hold temporarily till Fernanda went off to college. He was weak and felt bamboozled into staying with DisGrace, making it a serious relationship ONLY BECAUSE Bobby caught them in bed together. Somehow I think that DisGrace’s objective was to be caught, that’s why she was careless and nearly forcibly seduced David with her sneaky, underhanded ways. She knew that if she got David between the sheets she could manipulate everything to her advantage. It’s all she really needed to do.


Urban, I am sorry for your loss.

Thank you for the sweet baby skunks and the fox. Simply precious!

DisGoinToDaChapel. Good one, Kirbo!


The only time Dave seemed to recognize he was being manipulated and actually objected was the press conference. A dim light bulb went off over his head for a moment and I thought that might be an opening to a full realization that he was being bamboozled, but NO!

I wouldn't be surprised if DG could make him believe Lisa's murder was an accident or even her fault!

Oh, also loved the variation on "Goin' to the Chapel!"

Urban, I didn't see your baby skunk photo. When I clicked on the hyperlink, it just gave me a gray square.

Last evening, there was a baby possum in my backyard eating an orange that fell to the ground. My friend asked me what that little animal was and I told her that it was a possum. She had never seen one before. I showed her a picture of what they look like when they are grown up and boy are they ugly. I told her that if the baby was around my yard, mama possum couldn't be very far away. Baby possum was kind of cute, but I'm sure mama possum is scary.

Kirby, I was laughing at your "Going to the Chapel". Good job!


Susanlynn: Good point about DG turning into Bridezilla! We are in for a ride when that happens. She will make the perfect Bridezilla I think because we have gotten a taste of her meltdowns before. I see her going through a never ending meltdown if things aren't going her way in the wedding planning. I wonder if David will see that this is not normal wedding jitters? Gosh, she shouldn't have any wedding jitters since she has been so obsessed with him so long. She finally is getting her "prize".

Cynthia...I just heard that possums which we have around here and are super creepy, get ticks all over them and then eat them. So..Go possums because lime disease is a big problem here.

UA: I hate to break it to you buddy, but Carito is highly likely to get the Miguel Prize since Erika is deceased.


Cynthia...Grace is ecstatic about finally getting DAve , and I am sure that she wants a big, fancy wedding . Everything revolves around Grace. I got a kick out of her thinking that Booboo would be interested in her wedding. Yeah, boys his age are all about planning weddings.

Possum, not my favorite animal. Years ago, my dog got into a fight with one and had deep cuts around her neck. Horrible. And they're so stupid, it just stands there staring, like it wants you to hit it with a shovel which was what I planned to do if it ever came back. I even bought a shovel for the occasion. But it didn't come back.
The End

I am not so sure that DG will turn into Bridezilla. At least not with David. I'm sure she wants to have a nice wingding, but I think her priority is making sure she gets married. If she pushes David too hard, the little night-light bulb might go on over his head again. Maybe not enough to make him call the wedding off, but enough to make her nervous. She needs to keep him happy for now.

And if she went bridezilla on Fernanda I think she'd be in trouble.

Now, if you mean bridezilla in terms of how she treats Sonia and/or Marta, then maybe.

But if you mean bridezilla in terms of how she treats Lil, I'd bank on it. Graciela is just about the worst punishment any parent could ask for.

Thanks, Cynthia. Great job. I'm so glad you included the detailed conversation between David and Luciana.

Let me see, so David wanted Luciana to say, "I totally understand why you are marrying a woman you don't love and rejecting me in order to please your grown "me-me-me!" daughter and your son, who adores me, can meet Cristiano Ronaldo. Now that you put it that way, after you marry, drop on by anytime and I'll accept whatever crumbs you give me."

Julie, I can totally see DisGrace going Bridezilla on Lilian and Sonia. But like a shape-shifting demon, I'll bet she can have a tantrum, then turn right around and act honey dripping sweet if David appears or if Fernanda appears.

Yeah... I'd like to see a few more of Gracie's Trix rabbit/Cocoa Puffs cuckoo freakouts.

But for the moment, I'm dying to see how Marta explains to David why she was beating on his double-mother-in-law.

Julie...Good point. Grace evidently is clever enough and must have somehow heard my mother one of the million times she said, "You catch more flies with sugar than you do with vinegar." Even though my mother never followed her in advice.;-) I especially liked your nightlight bulb analogy. Spot on.


Hee hee! Dudveed is really blessed, isn't he?

Susanlynn, my only reply to the sugar and vinegar advice is that I do not want ANY flies.

And some kinds of flies love vinegar.

But yes, Gracie has that one down to a science. She even knows how to handle different types of flies. It is quite a skill.

The deal was done soon as Graciela let David have some possom and that, he failed to acknowledge with Luciana blaming everything on having a happy family.

Yeah with that wife and MIL you don't need STDs, cancer,or Heart Disease, but Alzheimers might be be a blessing

Julie..Yes, Grace is the ultimate fly Wrangler...Whisperer? She knows just what buttons to push for everyone she wants to manipulate.

As for the sugar and vinegar..My mother-in-law used to make a delicious salad dressing with sugar, vinegar and mayo.

I cannot wait to see everyone's reaction to the bombshell that is waiting to drop. There will be moaning, groaning,sighing, crying, yelling, screaming, flailing, hair pulling. It is going to be epic.

Niecie..Yes, that is exactly what DUmbunny DAve expected Lu to say because He is a DUmbunny. I am going to be so mad when Lu goes to comfort him after the BIG REVEAL and all his stupidity is forgiven. Uk.

You got it, Susanlynn! Wailing and gnashing of teeth! I can take all the madness they're dishing out in anticipation of that moment! Hell, it ought to be worth several episodes!

Then the Yellow Banana is off limits to her

I would like Luci to save David's life and then realize that she doesn't love him any more. Then he can beg all he wants to, and she will ride off into the sunset without him.

Cynthia, I agree that Marta went about this the wrong way. Had Leon been with her things might have played out differently.

I'm sure that CK thought to herself that the trauma of witnessing someone die like that is more than enough to provoke such behavior. Her worst problem beyond this point is going to be wondering why he waited so long to tell her about this.

What Marta did was just an escalation of the taunts thrown at Lilian for 20 years. She's been in her face before but this time couldn't wait to rub it in Brian loved her. Marta said it three times and Lilian defended herself so Marta lost it. Lilian telling Brian to deport her and her family was an afterthought.

Cynthia,good episode.It's like a yellin bomb blewup in this episode.
Fer yellin at tano.
Perla yellin at juan.
Lucy yellin at dave.
Marta screaming at Brian not to die.
Dave yellin at them two Ol geezers to tell him "What the hell is going on in His house". And even if marta even told him the truth, would he even believe Her, since his family is so very very Well adjusted now. I think
He'll take lil's side. He's just that
Dumb. Look at how easy his ferbraty little princess talked him into thinkin he should marry Tia succubus.
He probably thinks it was his idea.

Fer expects everyone to be happy about
That disastrous marriage from hell. I
Think she should go to college and latch on to some other unsuspecting...
No nobody deserves that.

I want to see David's fake happiness go bleeewwwy. Who let's there kid and
Manipulating in-laws scramble his brains like that. He probably thinks he came up with the idea to marry that succubus. He's that dumb.No that would
Be the spoiled princess. " I just want to know that you and booby will be taken care of while I'm at college. I
Really don't like that spoiled brat.

Thank you Cynthia. Good recap.


Why didn't drive to the presinct instead of walking so far? That's just

Nina: I'm interested to see what will Perla's Karma be ?


Nina, the only thing I can think of is that the writers just weren't creative enough to come up with another scenario so that there would be a shootout that would leave Brian dead. Of course in reality, Brian would have driven the women to the police station. But these thugs didn't seem to care about the fact that Carito was with police, so I would have written a scenario where the thugs do this right in front of the police station just as everyone is getting out of the car. It sounds plausible.

Steve: Poor Perla, she is so deceived. She thought Juan would be her ticket to a wonderful life. It sure has seemed to have gotten her to a place where there is no turning back from because she is so deeply involved in this with Juan.

I just thought of something. Fer said "I just want to know that you and booby will be taken care of while I'm at college." What is that supposed to mean? Does she think that she's taking care of them now??

She could be confused, considering she was being told at one point that since her mother's death she was "the lady of the house."

Oh, cooking, cleaning, washing dishes ,helping with homework, packing lunches. Oh wait..that was Marta and Sonia. They're still around, Fer.

I doubt that Fernanda knows how to cook. And if DisGrace succeeds in marrying David I'll bet she will hang up her own spatula and ladle.

I don't think DG has ever cooked anything in her life. Doesn't Lil have Sonia do all of Grace's cooking, too?

I think that Grace just stands around the kitchen bossing Sonia around as she prepares the meals and getting in Sonia's way. ...and maybe sampling the food. Then, she makes her grand entrance into the dining room and tells the faaammmiiillly that she hopes that they enjoy the food that it took her hours to prepare for them. #poser

I wish that either Booboo or Fern would ask Auntie Awesome to give them a cooking lesson. Heh.#flimflamflan

Ah! Remember in Querida Enemiga, Lorena taught Sara how to cook risotto, and it was the only thing Sara knew how to cook, and she got her own cooking show because of it?? You can get a lot of mileage out of one recipe.

What would be the one dish that DG can cook? Scrambled pork brains, for example?

Julie..I forgot about Sarah's TV show. You have a memory like Vivi. I, on the other hand, forget the details of most telenovelas that I watch with the exception of my three favorites. As for one dish being your claim to fame, I don't know what Grace's would be , but I know mine...corn pudding.


..not French toast...just regular toast. However, GourmetGrace would give it a fancy schmancy name.

Toast makes sense... and it's perfect for someone living on a vineyard.

When it's an extra special occasion, toast with cold cereal.

She "made" pancakes for Booby last week - perhaps she's the one who put the blueberries on top. Steady hands!

My memory is nowhere as good as Vivi's, but the risotto thing from QE is lodged in my mind so firmly that I actually remember it every time I think about risotto. I'm not sure why. Maybe because I think risotto is easy (tricky, but not difficult) and couldn't believe Sara could win anything by making it.

Toast with peanut butter would be a solid breakfast for a growing boy. Yeah, about those pancakes she "made" for Booboo....

Oohh..toast with cinnamon sugar...and hot chocolate. Toast could be Grace's thing.

She could toast some french bread... that's a sort of french toast.

...and put a little good cheese on too. Voila..gourmet luncheon food. Right now, we are eating raisin bread for breakfast around here....another option for Grace

She can gouge little dents into each slice of bread and press the raisins in. Brilliant!

Do you think DG took lessons on how to use a toaster?

Cynthia....Maybe Sonia can give her a toaster tutorial.

GourmetGrace would give it a fancy schmancy name.

Burnt Toast?

Faaamillly Style Burnt Toast

You're Toast (Your toast)

Toad's Toast


Toasted Bread

Oh, and

Family's T O A S T !

Flinch Toast..........Final Answer


Kirby..I'll toast to that !!! ...groan.....

Seems like y'all ready for a new episode! ;-)

Cannot wait to see what happens tonight. I've got toast !

My program guide says Nosotros Los Guapos, but my eyes say Rosa de Guadalupe. Which almost makes me wish for the Guapos show.

Here is a consolation photo of a genuine guapo.

Susan you did say your specialty is CORN pudding?

Then I would submit it is to die FER.



I'm only at :35. Not thrilling yet...

0:39 it has taken an intriguing turn.

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