Saturday, April 15, 2017

Vino el Amor, #124/125 (Uni #115), Friday Apr 14, 2017: Operation Blushing Bride

Episode 124. Marta's Big Vacation

Luci is determined to tell David to his face how she feels about him. Leon, who is possibly even drunker than Luci, is supportive at first. Sonia has difficulty speaking, and following her own train of thought, but she says it's not a good idea. (Sonia calls Luciana "cuñada." Adorable!) Leon agrees with Sonia, but has to ask why. Sonia reminds them that David is with someone else now. This provokes another burst of grief from Luci.

David tries to tell Marta that he's not firing her. He just wants her to take a vacation because she's tired and he's worried about her. Grace backs him up on this, of course. Marta accuses her of plotting with her mother. Grace says all they've ever done is support Marta. Marta scoffs, but grudgingly agrees to take a couple of weeks off. She hobbles away, and Dave tells Grace he's never seen Marta like this. Grace says Marta will be better after she's rested and then she can be with the kids again.

Juan tells Perla they're in financial trouble. He doesn't think they can find new clients. "We" need to get back into the immigration business, he says. Perla is disgusted.

DELETED: Marta comes home crying. She tells Ramon that their big mean boss is forcing her to take an unwanted vacation. Ramon doesn't think that sounds so bad. She can't bear to be away from her kids. Lilian made her tire herself out with chores to get her out of the way. Ramon proposes that Marta get a good night's sleep and think about it tomorrow. "Tomorrow is another day," he says.

Grace tells Lil that she's managed to get rid of Marta, as promised. Lil is astonished and speechless with gratitude. Grace chides Lil for not having trusted her. "I've done my part of the deal," Grace says. Big mother/daughter hug.

Morning. Luci has a wicked hangover. Marta tells her that David is making her take vacation because Grace told him to, to get Marta away from the kids. Luci says David's now doing whatever it takes to make Grace happy.

DELETED: Juan is on the phone with someone, making a deal to pick up some immigrants. He tells the person that he previously worked with El Coyote. When he gets off the phone, he finds Perla giving him the stink eye. Perla says they should take a few days to come up with some other ideas. She'll even take a job. They can cut expenses. He won't have any of this. He needs lots of money to finish David.

DELETED: Luci and her mother complain some more about "those women." Luci says she can't even talk to David because he's so wrapped up in Graciela. The last time she spoke to him, things went so badly that she said from now on they can discuss only work. Every time she sees him, it hurts more. Big mother/daughter hug.

DELETED: Sonia also has a wicked hangover, but Lilian is as happy as a grandchild on Christmas morning. She informs Sonia that today she'll be doing all of Marta's chores as well as her own, because David has put Marta on a "vacation" of indefinite duration. He realized that Marta isn't needed in this house any more. And the house is so peaceful without her!

DELETED: Sonia says she can't do everything. Lil says she can use Carito or find some other solution, and no complaining, or else she'll find herself on an indefinite vacation too. She tells Sonia to work without whining so that Lil can enjoy one of the best days she's ever had in her life. She leaves, and Sonia contemplates her now-flat Alka-Seltzer drink.

DELETED: Leon should feel as lousy and Sonia and Luci, but he seems quite chipper. He, Ramon, Tano, Carito, and Luci surround Marta and say supportive things, while Marta continues saying more of the same. Nothing new here; move along.

DELETED: Fer and Bo-bee watch TV with Lil and Grace. Fer says it's strange that Marta hasn't come by. Lil and Grace says that David gave Marta a vacation, no big deal. Boby thinks it's odd that Marta didn't say anything about it to them. Lil brushes this off, and Grace turns their attention back to the TV. I see that Boby has popcorn. (That's the "hit" version. The original, IMO better version is here.)

David and Adolfo stroll in David's vineyard. Adolfo is doing a little better now. Focusing on the vineyard has helped. David says he regrets having let everything slide in the years after Lisa's death. (And if not for Luciana, he'd probably still be sitting in a darkened room while Juan stuffed all their valuables into his pockets.) He admires Adolfo's strength. Adolfo wants to talk about Luciana. He doesn't want to cause problems between Luci and David. David says, YOU'RE not the problem. LUCIANA has to figure out her priorities, he says. Adolfo says he really needs her to help save his vineyard.

Adolfo tells David he thinks Luciana can do her job at LA as well as at SB. David says she's been neglecting her responsibilities. Adolfo's vineyard is having lots of troubles. David says his is, too. Adolfo asks Dave not to be so harsh with Luciana. David says that Luci will have to decide. Adolfo says he's sorry David has had trouble with Luci because of him. (Adolfo very nicely doesn't call attention to the fact that his troubles, including a dead daughter, are side-effects of David's own problems, some of which might have been avoided if David had fired Juan much earlier.) David says he hopes that when Adolfo's problems are over, Adolfo will be able to tell her that he doesn't need her any more. Adolfo says his vineyard will always be open for her.

Marta and Sonia. Marta says more of same. Sonia promises to make sure Marta can see the kids. She'll let her know when the coast is clear to come into the house. Sonia breaks the bad news to Carito that she'll be doing Marta's work in addition to her own, per Lilian, though Sonia will help when she can. Carito confesses that she doesn't like Lilian! Marta says she'll teach Carito to do things the right way so she stays out of trouble.

Luci, Tano, and Leon walk around in the vineyard (I hope they don't run into Mr. Grouchypants). It looks windy and cold.

Luci is telling them they need to move the soil around so the sulfate doesn't dry it out. But the good news is, they've averted the plague. Tano tries to cheer Luciana with the thought that Fernanda and Bobby seem happy with their father and Graciela. She's not sure if she can stand being here.

Lil goes to the employee kitchen to gloat to Marta that she got her thrown out. Marta says it's just a few days' vacation, but Lil says "I'll make sure you never come back." (LONG STARE) Marta hopes David soon realizes what Lil and Grace have done to him. Lil counters that Marta could only do so much for the children with her many years of "love," while Grace accomplished much more, very quickly. Marta says the kids will figure it out even if their father doesn't, and eventually Lil and Grace will get booted out of there.

David and Cesar drink some wine. Wouldn't you think these Sonoma people would enjoy a beer once in a while? Oh well, David tells Cesar that he's with Grace, the kids are happy, and the house is in order. Cesar asks, what about you? David brushes this off. Luciana didn't take it well, but he cares about her and wanted her to hear it from him. "She has feelings, she's pretty and free, and she won't wait forever," Cesar says.

David knows Luci won't wait forever, and it would break his heart, but he wants to have a happy family. Then it will all have been worth it. "Even if the price is your unhappiness?" Cesar asks. David thinks that in time he'll come to care for Grace. (He says this in the same tone that one would say "perhaps in time, we can cure the common cold with cigarettes.") Cesar warns that this might be the biggest mistake of David's life, de verdad (really).

OMG! We're seeing another part of Adolfo's house! Weren't we just discussing this on the Patio a couple of days ago? It's very nice.

Adolfo informs Miguel that David's really uptight. He was nice enough, but he said it was up to Luci if she wanted to help Adolfo and Miguel, and Adolfo could tell that David didn't like it. But Adolfo told David that Luci would be welcome at his vineyard, because she helped them when no one else would. Adolfo tells Miguel he would like Luci to stay there.

DELETED: Miguel's not sure Luci would accept. But Adolfo says it appears that things are pretty bad for her at Bodega Los Angeles right now. He asks Miguel to try to get Luci to join them at Santa Barbara.

Grace catches up to Luci in the vineyard. Grace is wearing a dark blue mullet dress which should be hosed down with that sulfate stuff and then burned.

Grace invites Luci to congratulate her for being with David. Luci calmly tells Grace not to waste her time while she's working. Grace lets Luci know that they're all very happy, especially the kids. Luci warns her not to hurt them, and says when David finds out what a hypocrite she is, he'll dump her. "You lost, and David is with me now," Grace snarls. Luci points out that David doesn't love Grace, and is with her only because he thinks she cares for the children. When he finds out otherwise, it'll be over.

DELETED: Grace insists that she's done everything for her niece and nephew. Luci says she's used and manipulated them. Grace says David doesn't need Luci anymore as a woman or as an employee.

DELETED: I can't get all of this without captions, but I think Fernanda is asking Cesar if she can have the day off from her community service at the Association so that she can be with her wonderful father and aunt.

DELETED: Evening. Susan is out in the vineyard, inspecting grapevines and taking notes. Luci approaches to talk about work. HA! PSYCH!! Just kidding... she's here to complain to Susan about Grace taunting her. She's running out of strength. Susan says that sooner or later, David will realize he misses Luci. This makes Luci feel better.

DELETED: Lilian tells Grace she's proud of her, but not to get too overconfident. She advises Grace to take advantage of Bobby finding her in David's bed, say it gave the kids a bad example, and use it to get Dave to formalize things with her. Get the kids to help.

DELETED: Luci tells Marta about her meeting with Grace. (It's dark outside, but it's still fairly bright outside the windows. It's a miracle!) Marta tells her not to take the bait. She tells Luci about Lil's threat to not let her return for "vacation." The vitches are vinning! I mean winning. Luci is bummed to think that someday David will find out what they're up to, and then he'll be really sorry.

DELETED: Lil and Grace put on a little show for Bobby to convince him that his wonderful old family life is just within reach if only Daddy had a wife. Not that they're planning to get married, but dreams can come true, and Daddy deserves to be happy with a woman who can love him and his children.

David and Susan inspect the soil. It's not dried out yet. Luci, who is standing near enough for David to hear her, asks Susan, "did you tell him we've already looked at the grapevines?" Susan tells David they don't have the plague yet, but as long as the infected rose bushes are in place, there's still a threat.

David asks Susan to ask Luciana if the larvae can grow even with the sulfate. Luci tells Susan to tell David that the larvae can grow over there and then come over here. Ramon suggests upping the dose, but Luci says that will dry out the soil. "Then what are we going to do?" asks Susan, and I have a suggestion: take David's head in one hand, Luci's in the other, and knock them together.

Luci says they have to get the police to remove those rosebushes from Juan's property. David says he'll do it with his own hands. (Wear gloves, David.) "You can't do that!" Luci replies. At least they're speaking to one another now. She says he's being belligerent like he was before (when he was depressed). David doesn't care if Juan sues him. He's going to destroy the plague.

Susan tries to calm David and Luciana. Ramon says there are too many rose bushes for David to take out by himself. David doesn't care. He takes off. Luci wants to follow him, but Susan and Ramon persuade her to leave him alone. She says again that he's acting like "before."

Fernanda has sketched a butterfly. Grace is impressed. They hold a mutual admiration society meeting. Grace lets slip that she and David have "plans." Not marriage... YET... actually it doesn't sound like they have any "plans" as such, but Grace would like something more formal with David.

Fernanda would be happy for Grace and Dave to get married - if they're in love. Grace is like, yeah sure. She says Fer can help plan the wedding. Grace and Fer agree that David looks happy (that word must mean something different in Sonoma). Fernanda is grateful to Grace. Grace lets Fer know how happy she would be as David's wife.

DELETED: Juan tells Perla that if she wants to stay with him, she'd better quit whining. She asks him to be careful. "If anything happened to you, I'd die," she says, which is ironic, because if something DOESN'T happen to him she'll probably die even sooner.

DELETED: David is walking towards Juan's property with a pickaxe and a shovel. He is wearing a v-neck t-shirt and no vest. Leon, Ramon, and Tano catch up. They want to help.

DELETED: Lil visits the sheriff's office. (Pity the sheriff's office.) She tells Gut that her family's happy, and her daughter is happy in love. Lil wants to be happy the same way. She asks him out for tonight. He says he's busy. Not even time for dinner. Offended, Lil says that his place is by her side.

DELETED: Perla rushes into the apartment with the news that David is at the Olive Garden. Juan decides to do nothing right now; he doesn't want to get his hands dirty. Instead, he'll sue for trespassing.

David, Ramon, Tano, and Leon return from Juan's property. They're surprised that Juan didn't come to chase them away. David says that cowards always hide when confronted. Leon hopes they don't get sued; David says he's prepared for that. He tells the guys to take the rest of the day off. David says they've taken care of the problem, but an ominous chord sounds.

Mig visits Luci in the distillery to tell her that Adolfo asked David not to be so rough on Luci for helping them out. Luci hasn't been to Adolfo's in a few days. Things have been "complicated," she says. She tells Mig that David and Grace are a couple, and now they're both unbearable. David broke her heart. Mig hugs her.

Note the balled fist!

Miguel says that if she's not happy here, Santa Barbara would welcome her with open arms, and they would really value her.

Episode 125. When There's a Will, There's a Wine

DELETED: Sonia has arranged for Marta to meet with Bobby. Marta explains that she's having a stay-cation at the employee house because his father wanted her to "rest." Bobby says he's happy being with his father and his aunt, but he's sad that Marta isn't around.

DELETED: David, Tano, Leon, and Ramon return to the distillery with their dirty clothes and their implements of destruction. David tells Miguel and Luci that they took out the rosebushes on Juan's property. Mig wishes he could have helped. David says he doesn't want Mig to get into any more problems. David thanks the guys for helping him and tells them to take the rest of the day off (again). Then Grace shows up and makes a big fuss over David looking all dirty and disheveled. It's so nauseating, Luci can't even look. Grace shoots her a triumphant look as she ushers David out of there.

DELETED: Marta makes Bobby a sandwich and asks how things are going at fútbol school. (Observation: Marta does cut off the crusts.) Things are going well at school, he likes the sandwich, and best of all, he's glad to be chatting with Marta. She tells him, "no matter what happens, I will always love you very much." She's crying. Bobby says they'll always, always, always be together. "I hope so," she says. Say - shouldn't David be marrying Marta?

DELETED: Juan comes home in a good mood. He's going to sue David. He thinks David can't sue him over the plague because it was an "accident of nature."

DELETED: Mig thanks Luci for helping with the plague at Santa Barbara. He tells her again to think about their offer.

Martha is walking around downtown Sonoma when Gut sees her. He asks why she looks so sad. She says she's tired. He knows there's more. She says Lilian got her kicked out of the house and away from the kids. "How could she?" Gut asks rhetorically. How indeed. (He's known Lil for how long and he asks how could she?)

DELETED: Marta tells Gut about Lil and the forced vacation. He takes her hand and says he wants to help. She pulls her hand away. He says he can talk to Lilian. Marta blinks and says sometimes she forgets that they're together. (How can she possibly forget that?) She tells him to forget about it. She'll be okay and thanks anyway.

Miguel and Adolfo talk about how much they hope Luciana will decide to join them. Adolfo mentions that Gut advised him to press changes against Juan for property damage. Mig thinks that's the least Juan deserves. Adolfo will do that, but he won't accuse Juan of involuntary homicide. He wants Erika to rest in peace. In fact, she was apparently ready to die. After she got sick (a few weeks ago), she drew up a will. Mig will inherit part of this land.

DELETED: Mig and Adolfo argue over whether Mig should take the land. Adolfo says it was the will of Erika. Mig doesn't want it to look like he was with Erika "por interés." Adolfo doesn't want him to think of it that way. He tells Mig to think about it. Mig is overwrought.

Evening. Susan tells Luci that Grace did "all of that" to make Luci jealous. Why? Because she can. Luci shouldn't let it bother her. Luci tells Susan about the Santa B job offer. She can't take it - her family and her life are here. Susan tells her to think about it. Everything here is hurting her. But Luci wants to stay, just in case David realizes what Grace is up to and changes his mind.

Grace has fed David. (Sandwiches, crickets, blood, I don't know what.) He's waiting for Juan's reaction. She gropes him, helps him off with his shirt, kisses him, my eyes are burning.

Luci is still saying that he might realize at any moment that Grace doesn't make him happy. Susan thinks that if David took so much time to get together with Grace, it's because he was making sure she was the right one. Luci disagrees. Susan asks, if David were to dump Grace, would Luci get back together with him? Luci answers without hesitation, Yes. She still loves him.

Morning. Lil is still high on life. She congratulates David on solving the plague problem and tells the kids that things are getting to be like they were "before," when Daddy did everything by himself. It reminds Lil of Lisa. "Thank you very much," David replies in English (I don't know why). Bobby asks David if he's truly happy. "Yes," David says, forcing an awkward smile.

Luci and Leon talk in the vineyard. She asks Leon not to do to Sonia what David did to her. Leon says he realized that night at the bar that he loves Sonia and wants to be with her forever. He wants to formalize things with her, but he wants to save up some money first. Luci is happy for him.

DELETED: Ramon has given Marta a rose. (I hope it didn't come from the Olive Garden.) She tells him about visiting with Bobby. He tries to comfort her.

David's on the phone with the sheriff, comes into the distillery office, says "I'll see what I can do," slams the door, and slams his phone down on the desk. Susan and Luci sense that something is wrong. After some discussion, Luciana opens the door, shoves Susan in, and tells her to ask David what's wrong. David gets up and says that Juan is suing them. "I told you so," Luci says, "but you never listen to what I say."

DELETED: Fernanda tells Lilian that she needs the sheriff to sign off on her community service for her college application. Lil will ask Gut to do it. Fernanda says something about a surprise, but I can't understand it. Lil is happy that they're chatting like this and says it's as if Lisa's spirit has returned to their home.

DELETED: David loudly tells Susan to ask Luci to show him the expenses for the pesticides. Susan takes two steps to the doorway to ask Luci for the report. Luci loudly replies that David should ask Graciela for it. David wants Susan to tell Luciana that it's her job and her responsibility. Lu says she'll do it later. David says she'd better not go to the other vineyard. He somewhat sheepishly adds that he would like it if she spent more time here. Susan smiles. "Tell her!" he bellows. Luci almost cracks a smile, but stomps off. David stomps off in the opposite direction. Poor Susan!

Lilian is telling Fernanda more nonsense about what Lisa would have wanted, and how happy she would be to see them all together. Then Lil says it would be a real shame if certain kinds of people started saying bad things about Grace living with Dad while they're having a relationship. They're an "important" family and Lil doesn't want the kids to be hurt by mean-spirited gossip. The only way to avoid this would be for David to marry Grace, and then they'd be a "respectable" family.

Grace finds David in the vineyard, on his way back to the house, and is laying a big kiss on him when Juan comes along, clapping his hands. Juan says that he doesn't need to destroy David after all; David is destroying himself. "You don't know who you're dealing with" Juan says, indicating Grace. Juan looks forward to the day when David finds out. David looks at Grace, who tries to look innocent.

DELETED: Juan continues to taunt Grace and David. "If you love him some much, why don't you be honest with him?" he asks Grace. He tells David that he's turning him and his employees in to the police for damaging his property. (Are you kidding? David should send him a bill for pulling those plants up.) David says it's Juan's faut that Erika died. "We'll resolve this in court," David vows. Juan says he'll wait for Grace to [something I can't make out]. Grace tells him to shut up. Juan leaves. David gives Grace a hard look.

David grills Grace. What is it that Juan knows about Grace that David doesn't? Grace swears that David is the only man she's ever been totally honest with. Don't listen to Juan, he just wants to hurt us like he did with the plague.

Lil is still working on Fernanda, saying what if one of Bobby's classmates' parents were to say something bad. But Lil says she doesn't know how committed David is to Grace and doesn't want to be nosy. Fernanda says maybe it's a little early in the relationship, but they'll talk about it later. Lil lays it on thick about the happy family, the woman who cares for them, and Dad will be allllll alone when Fernanda and Bobby grow up and move away. Lil says it's just a dream, but hopefully it can come true.

In the distillery, Luci is trying to finish the report for the pesticide expenses. Susan wants Luci to end her feud with David. Luci can't even look him in the eye. It hurts her, but she can't talk to him. Susan says that for the welfare of the vineyard, this cannot go on.

Miguel and Adolfo have a real problem: they can't keep up with the demand for the Fronteras wine. Adolfo says that Luciana would know what to do. Adolfo asks Miguel to tutear. He asks Mig what he plans to do with the land that Erika left him. Mig says he can't accept it. He wanted to have a family with Erika and work those lands with her, and now that she's gone, all the land in the world won't make up for it. Adolfo tells Mig to think of all the wine he can produce on that land as a product of their love. Erika's memory will live on in everyone who drinks their wine. Mig agrees.

DELETED: Lil is on her way out to see Gut when Grace comes in, upset. She tells Lil about Juan's confrontation. I don't understand all of this, but Lil says that the past catches up with people. She and Grace now have more to lose. They'll need to step up their efforts to get Grace married.

DELETED: More Adolfo and Miguel. Adolfo will make him co-owner of the vineyard.

DELETED: Grace drags the kids into David's office to tell them that Juan is suing David. Grace suggests that they do something together as a fammmmily to show their support. The kids suggest dinner and a movie. David says he's the happiest man in the world. Group hug.

DELETED: Marta praises Carito's cooking. I think she says Carito reminds her of herself when she was younger. She thinks Carita is hiding something. Not necessarily something bad. She tells Carito not to plan on doing this kind of work forever, because look at Marta, she thought she'd be with those kids for the rest of their lives.

DELETED: Lil visits Gut. He says, "we have to talk about Marta." He wants Lil to stop messing with Marta. He'll never be able to forget about her. "Why?" Lil asks. "What does she have that I don't?" "A heart," Gut replies. "Kindness, compassion - something that's not in you." "She's not better than I am," Lil declares. "Oh Lillian, I think she is," Gut says. Lil warns that Marta won't take him back, even if he did save her daughter. Gut reminds Lil that he didn't know that her family was the one Lil told him to deport. He knows Marta is with another man, and he doesn't care. "What I want is to get rid of you," he says. "This is the worst mistake of your life," she promises. "I don't care. Good-bye, Lilian." "You will regret this!" GOOD GRAVY, WHY DID THEY DELETE THIS??

DELETED: Juan comes home and tells Perla that he's suing David, plus David is with Grace, which will pay for everything that David's ever done to him. Perla doesn't understand why Grace shouldn't be the perfect mate for David. Juan says, just give her time.

Leon turns down a beer invitation from Tano because he's saving up for a ring for Sonia. Tano congratulates him. Leon is worried that he doesn't have much to offer Sonia. Tano tells him to work hard at the business. The things we do for love are the most worthwhile, Tano says.

Luci visits with Adolfo and Miguel. She has great news! The plague is over. They are overjoyed. She says she did it for Erika's memory. Now they need to worry about sales of their wine.

DELETED: Night. Fer and Grace chat after the family outing. I don't get most of this. Hopefully nothing important is said.

DELETED: Luci finishes up that report on the pesticide expenses. Susan urges her to speak to David.

David is working in his home office. Grace tries to get him to come to bed. He says he's not done yet. He's worried about the kids walking in on them. Grace locks the door (which is mostly glass, shrouded with very sheer curtains).

In the distillery office, Luci places a folder on David's desk. It's probably the pesticide expense report, but I hope it also includes a letter that says "take this job and shove it."

DELETED: Lilian comes home and throws a tantrum in her bedroom, knocking things over. She slaps herself in the face (I'm not quick enough to get a screen capture). I can't make out what she says, because she's blubbering.

David and Grace are gettin' raunchy in the home office when the doorknob rattles and then there's a rapping at the door. Grace hurriedly dresses and opens the door. "Oh Luciana, you learned how to knock." Luci hands him the folder as Grace fans herself to make sure Luci knows what theywere up to. Luci says, "here's what you asked me for." She was going to leave it in the office, but wanted to bring it in person.

She starts to leave. Grace smirks, but her face changes as David follows Luciana.

Luci tells David that it's clear he's closed all the doors to her, including the doors to his heart. She won't look for him again. She tells him to be happy, and she leaves. Grace is smirking again in the background, and I wish David would turn around really fast and catch her. But he doesn't. At least not tonight.


Howdy friends,
This is all of episode 124, and just the part of 125 that was shown on Univision. I'll fill in the rest of 125 this weekend (hopefully Saturday) along with some pictures from that episode.

I really, really, really, really, really, really, really hope there's a resignation letter in that folder. And I hope it makes David cry and gives him indigestion and causes him an equipment malfunction for the rest of this TN. Good night.

Thanks Julie!

Holy wines, this show is still going on! I kind of hoped the vineyard would go bankrupt already. And someone should put poison in those wine bottles so that all the characters drink it and die of painful indigestion. Then everyone says "Cheese!" with a smile on their face.

Julie: I was like WTH throughout the entire episode as it became the IDIOTS HOUR as Diva David, FerBrat, Bobby the little Idiot, etc., keep falling for Graciela's sinister tricks.

CountxAlacran: Juan going back to the illegal immigrants smuggling business as his next resort plan. Perla getting tired of it ? Sorry you little brat , you made your bed with Juan & OJ Mark a long time ago & you're going to lie in it!


Another stellar outing Julie.

"take David's head in one hand, Luci's in the other, and knock them together"

If Dave is sad little Dave didn't get the memo. In fact, little Dave likes girly, girl much better than the sweaty, pesticide toting tomboy.

Why didn't someone die and give Luciana a vineyard? She'll need to marry one of these guys to fulfill their dreams? Anyway, if Adolfo is serious he should make Luciana a full partner not offer her a job.

Juan is my hero.


Julie: Cigarettes for the common cold? Exactly. Your recap was a hoot. I couldn't do it. Thanks . Thanks a lot.

The first thing in this show which was mildly emotional was the scene with Adolfo and Miglet. That was actually believable and pretty touching. The remainder of the touching in this show I could do without.

I SOOOO wanted Adolfo to tell David: "Ummm, ya know, Luci helping me save my whole life after your Buddy killed my daughter is a helluva sacrifice for you David, I will tell her to leave, and to take your G'DAM pipes with her.!

Luci can't stop by for an hour after all we have done for you and we asked NOTHING in return? Fork you you spoiled little Brat. Could you give me NoJuan's number? Wonder how your kids turned out the way they did.

And Luci has a couple screws loose if there is not a sweet letter in that folder. Her Pop is dead, her Mom, (if you will) has been fired. Her Brother is going to marry the cook, and her Boyfriend is banging his sister in law. Yeah, you can't leave this nest of happiness Honey.

Not that I want a trip downstairs, nor am I hungry, but the previews I saw were...YOWZERS !


Oh, good job, Julie. Especially with the banging heads idea whose time has come (and gone, and come around again).

FWIW: if memory serves, that exterior balcony we saw at Vinedo del Competencia is, I think, the same place where Adolfo first interviewed Luciana for a job ninety-odd episodes ago. That's pretty much the one reason it stuck in my head--"Oooh, a new location at...wait, no, it's an old one, but I'll take it."

I'm with Kirby in how Miguel discovering he now owns a chunk of VSB thanks to his late fiancee was actually a really nice emotional moment. Leon declaring he wanted to marry Sonia and save up for a ring to do it right was probably a modestly distanced second. Unfortunately, the rest was pretty much the usual: grump grump bitch whine bitch grump boink grump bitch bitch stompystompstomp grump boink-no-wait grump stomp help me I am in Hell (face).

And, once again, I have to wonder if the writers realized that the disconnect between David's visible mental anguish at not being with the woman he loves versus his apparent utter willingness to love...okay, bang the holy fork out of the one he's with make him look like a total jerk undeserving of being with said woman he loves and that's kiiiiinda not what we're expecting from a galan?

Gracias, Julie.

It is always painful to see a leading man fall for the tricks of the conniving villana, but alas, it's a staple of our favorite TV.

Juan is now gloating over the latest development because he wants to destroy David with the revelation that he is boinking Lisa's killer. Since he is the only person who knows this there will be no one else for David to blame later for not telling him or informing the police. There are a variety of ways this can play out:

1. David can overhear an argument between Juan and DisGrace and freak out at both of them, followed by one of them running for it.
2. Lillian can overhear the argument and go ballistic at both. Juan runs for it and DisGrace gets most of the deserved wrath.
3. Juan gets careless and tells Perla; drunkenness is optional. The wedding day is the next day; Juan and Perla are in the back row because they sneaked in so Juan can gloat.
Perla finds her conscience and runs down the aisle at the "If there be anyone present with a reason that this marriage should not take place" stuff. Gossip, panic, and rioting ensues. Juan shoots Perla for ruining his plan; he and DisGrace run out before anyone thinks to call the police, followed by a chase, an escape, and a manhunt.

Others are also possible.

They are smoking Crack, Bill. FerNobrain, Boob-y Vampire and Vulture go on and ON about Dudnuts being sooooo hoppy now.

I'd love to watch a newsreel from Syria through their beer goggles. It must look like a Church picnic.

We have guys here in Flor-I-Duh waiting to sit in old Sparky looking happier than DudNuts.

At the dining table the two succubi are all Hoppy Hoppy Joy Luuurvve, the stepford kids are happy wondering when this ride ends, and Knot on a Log is sitting over there looking like he is getting a root canal with his mouth closed.!

Did his agent just pass him a note that the show has been extended 50 episodes and that he is now banging Lillian?

Urban, if you can put together a facsimile of #3, even Anime will be fine, we will pay to see it.

That unmentionable preview which we ALL have probably seen for the past month must have something to do with Damage Control, or Counterstrike.


Bill, David's willingness to bang Graciela in every room of the house makes him look like a total idiot who only thinks with his loins. Leon, on the other hand, is the most appealing guy of the show for me. He should give the supposed "mature galan" of the TN some lessons on how to be a real man.

Luciana and David are one of the worst "leading couples" I have ever seen. They never had much chemistry anyway, but the way the writers themselves trashed them is amazing. All because they wanted to give more importance to Kimberly dos Ramos, for being a famous actress.

Lil would admittedly be a downgrade from the younger and hotter model, Kirby,

UA: as usual, you are wise. Juan is, temporarily, pivotal because he is indeed the only person who knows/suspects what Graciela did--and he possesses the only surviving piece of evidence: Dead Lisa's phone. The minute either of those statuses changes, he's toast. And you pose an interesting question: who's the most likely person to find out first? Perla? Carito? Lilian? God forbid, Fernanda?

Lisa (not Dead Lisa): cases can be made for Leon, Ramon (in his own gentle way), and post-Susan/Fer Whisperer Tano all being more galan than David. More galan than Miguel, however, may be a tough sell...but that's been a running gag for almost the entire series. (Not saying KDR and Christian de la Campa didn't get pushed, even discounting the innate villain part of that, but that IMO Raul Coronado was pushed harder for a long time than anybody else. Even KDR.)

I don't see the relationship between David and Graciela solely the result of her manipulation. It is clear David is more sexually compatible with Graciela, he treats her as an equal, he enjoys her company, they have a history and are family. When the family is gathered at table it seems natural and I cannot envision how odd and uncomfortable for everyone if Luciana was sitting beside him. David used a sweet young thing to get his groove back same as Susan did with Tano before settling in to a comfortable life. I hate to say it but Marta was right about warning Luciana off the patron.

Bill I agree that they forced Raul on us and for most of the show it was about him and looks like in the end it will be. He, the poor immigrant boy, will be the patron of his own vineyard with his queen beside him. David provided the schoolyard and halls and head to punch but the story is about Miguel.

tofie: that goes to the utter disconnect between the writers' intent and the show's execution. The only thing both have in common is how we got here--those effective manipulations of, largely, one character. We're supposed to want David and Luciana, our hero and heroine, to be together...and instead we're mostly going "Yeah, the hell with this..." because of how Show has spectacularly forked up keeping them apart. Which includes the physical chemistry between Gabriel Soto and Kimberly Dos Ramos (or whatever it is; comfort with each other in that sense?) versus him and Irina Baeva; David's all "Aww, tender pretty flower" with Luciana the ingenue, and she somewhat less so with him, but when he's with Graciela it's R. Kelly music video time and screens and eyeballs are melting and why is he that into the woman he claims not to even love? How does this shirt even work?

Bill, I agree that Raul Coronado was pushed for a long time as the real Galan of the show, but Miguel's possessiveness is not attractive to me. I would pick cute, romantic Leon any day. Tano, on the other hand... hhmmm he's a good guy, but to be honest I don't really get why he is so besotted with that spoiled brat Fernanda. I think he deserves better.

The above is/was for your first post, tofie. :)

Relationships are not all about sex. DisGrace knows more than a few tricks and she is certainly down with using them to manipulate. They have history but that was all befoe Fernanda was born so it's easily two decades and change in the past.

Marta's motive for warning Luciana was all about class structures and "not wanting you to get hurt." Marta knew that Lillian would make Luciana's life a living hell because of her snobbery and because Luciana is her daughter. When Lisa was alive Lillian could not overstay her welcome and neither could DisGrace. After Lisa's death David's funk robbed him of the strength to tell both of them to bugger off.

There is nothing natural about their mealtime interaction. David is clearly unhappy and he's going through the motions until he can get up to get back to work. The anger he expresses toward Luciana is displaced anger about his situation. Lillian is pretending to care about Bobby and DisGrace pretends to care about both children. If we had 50 more episodes left she would be counting the days to Fer's departure for college and to shipping Bobby off to a boarding school.

Lillian's current pride in DisGrace isn't going to last. Something is going to happen before the big reveal about Lisa's murder that will start tipping at the big boulder at the edge of the cliff.

WOW! Look at all the comments already! This is going to fuel for my chores today!

THANK YOU!! MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS, Julie! Just getting started and I love how you rendered the drunken debate about whether or not to confront David by Luci, Leo and Sonia! What welcome comic relief! I loved that scene! Appreciate you, girl!

Ok, back to the cap!

David never treated Luciana as an equal but an employee and recently a possession. He confused new energy in the house and lust with love and broke down Luciana's fears with promises he didn't try to keep. Luciana tried to move on earlier with Miguel and he followed her around like a horny dog, raging one minute and sweet talking the next. Took him two weeks to get her in bed after she ended it with Miguel and he promptly abandoned her and despite Fernanda's faux attempt on her life, because daddy wanted a gf he quickly got another one.

Graciela made it easy but she didn't force David to do anything and it's not uncommon to substitute sex for love.

Ok, done. Thank you Julie! What a wonderful job. You made total sense and fun of the slice and smoosh!


If Dave is sad little Dave didn't get the memo. In fact, little Dave likes girly, girl much better than the sweaty, pesticide toting tomboy Tofie

I SOOOO wanted Adolfo to tell David: "Ummm, ya know, Luci helping me save my whole life after your Buddy killed my daughter is a helluva sacrifice for you David, I will tell her to leave, and to take your G'DAM pipes with her.!
Bill at 7:58

. . . but when he's with Graciela it's R. Kelly music video time and screens and eyeballs are melting and why is he that into the woman he claims not to even love? Bill at 9:21

Yah, the writers have totally flushed Luci and Dave as a couple down the toilet, TOTALLY and not only made me look forward to the crushing reveal to David and his happy faaaaaamily that Gracie killed their beloved Lisa and has worked all this time to replace her, I don't even CARE about, and may even enjoy how hurt they all will be!

AND, they've made Juan seem less odious! Hell, I loved his little veiled threat to Gracie and DUD in the vineyard. Juan is absolutely right:

Juan says that he doesn't need to destroy David after all; David is destroying himself. "You don't know who you're dealing with" Juan says, indicating Grace. Juan looks forward to the day when David finds out.

DUD-veed is dumb as fork: He and his dunce minions come directly out of the olive groves into the vineyard with themselves and their tools covered in the dust and debris of the infected rosebushes? WTF? He probably DOES bear some responsibility in Juan's father's death the way he does in Erica's death and was just as clueless and denying of it as he is with Adolfo! Get 'em, Juan!

I hope however the reveal happens, it will be immediately convincing and damning and undeniable! Let Juan crash the wedding and play his little phone recording or say whatever he's going to say to make Grace melt down and crazily confess with wild eyes that she HAD to do it, that Lisa didn't and couldn't love him like SHE did. It'd better be dramatic.

How do you make a novela where a good portion of the audience probably want the "Galan" to go down? These guys can write a book!

Didn't see previews. I want to enjoy hearing you guys rip DOH-veed a new one. He's so g.d. stupid, I'm not even mad at Grace anymore!


Julie, "Grace has fed David. (Sandwiches, crickets, blood, I don't know what" knocked this out of the stratosphere.


"Perla is disgusted" (so are we) and "Lilian is as happy as a grandchild on Christmas morning" were among many favorites.

"And if not for Luciana, he'd probably still be sitting in a darkened room while Juan stuffed all their valuables into his pockets". And there you have it.

I fervently hope Luci is marching next door where she will be valued and most of all, respected.

And yes, I wish she would take Marta and Sonia with her, which will hasten the crumbling of David's world.

The one time I wished Juan would talk more (when he confronted David and Graciela) in the vineyard, he implies wrongdoing but won't speak further.

Julie, sensational.

I have to fly and look forward to coming back and reading further updates, commenting more and reading everyone's comments.


Damn, tofie @ 1041. You ALWAYS nail it, girl!

Julie--a corker of a recap. Gracias. Much food for thought and for regurgitation.

It's not even noon and you folks have been busy ripping the vest off David to reveal his real self. Talk about Me, me, me. It all started with Lisa's death. David went into his deep funk and neglected everything around him that should have mattered, including his two children AND wouldn't accept any help, even from his bff the Doc. Juan took advantage of the situation--and so did Grace and Lilian. I wonder if (and when) Juan's revelation of DisGrace's complicity in Lisa's death, will also include how she conspired with Juan to continue to fleece David, until she could position him in her cross-hairs. (Remember the loan, and her partnership in the Reserva?)

I agree with everything Tofie @ 1041 said. Marvelous insight. I remember when Tofie, almost from the beginning, trash-talked Dud-veed and we were incensed. He's the galan, after all. How right you were, Tofie, how wrong we were. This is not a galan in the traditional sense. If that's what the writers intended, they really missed the boat.

He's been written as a tragic, flawed hero in Homer or Shakespeare, but with no modern redeeming qualities that raise him above the level of prodigal son (except biceps, vests and a good looking face).

Oh, and this is like watching a slow boat to China in real time. I'm kinda glad they cut some of the scenes, but I would much rather have watched the deleted scenes with Sonia and Lil talking about new housework assignments than David and Cesar not drinking beer.

I really don't agree with this. I think David is currently being motivated by his guilt at neglecting his children when Lisa died and he thinks he has to sacrifice his own happiness to make up for it.

If Juan outs DisGrace as Lisa's killer you know he won't stop there. After everything he's done if he goes down he will take DisGrace and Lillian with him.

UA--Maybe so, but I believe there aren't many men out there willing sacrifice happiness out of guilt--when the happiness is within reach. However, other motives may apply, like monetary gain or social status.

True, but neither of these apply to David. If anything, DisGrace would gain social status by marrying him and his income was adequate for him to pay off a loan.

As to assuaging his guilt, remember that he thinks that FerBrat tried to off herself. That's not a tantrum because he won't let her drive a new car or take a foreign vacation alone.

Thanks, everybody!

Kirby: "The remainder of the touching in this show I could do without." Yeah, I hear ya. This is the uncomfortable stage of the story... what am I saying? It's been pretty uncomfortable all along, not knowing who to root for most of the time.

Bill: I probably didn't see the episode where they were on that balcony/patio or that glassy room. It's nice to know that it was already an established location... too bad they didn't show it once or twice in between. Meanwhile, the MPR seems to have been retired.

And you are right, Bill, about the situation that the writers have concocted for David and for us. It's virtually impossible to see how we're going to be in favor of Luciana going back to David, if that's what she ends up doing. I always like to think there's hope, but this may be one of those times when we hope something else.

Urban, I like your option 3 (esp "before anyone thinks to call the police"), but here is my option 4: Juan and DisGrace and Lisa's phone, Grace realizes (or believes) that Juan has actual proof, Juan busts up a tender moment between Grace and David, Juan waves the phone at her, she flips out and lets her own cat out of the bag.

Time for lunch and to finish the recap.

David is no hero but a feudal lord, the beneficiary of being the only child and loyal serfs that don't realize they have options. I felt sorry for him as he carried Lisa's lifeless body but all the other mishaps the consequences of his ineptitude. While it's not a crime to be inept with an ego big as a bus I do fault him for lack of empathy concerning Luciana. Yeah, yeah I know he said it was alright to move on with Miguel but he lied. He used the girl to make himself feel better and it took Cesar to remind him Luciana is human and has feelings

Julie, that is also a good option. DisGrace can come unglued at a moment's notice and I think Juan knows that. This would be particularly effective if done in front of both David and Lillian.

Actually, we can have #4 occur at the wedding (#3) and it can be done in front of David, Lilian, Fernanda, Bobby, and everybody else in all of Sonoma!

It's funny that David fired Dr Evil for pushing Grace on him if he was just going to end up "giving himself a chance with her" anyway.

"giving himself a chance", my sides! It's double speak for I accept no responsibility for my decision.

Dr Evil was not the only influence and despite Fernanda saying that she did not try to kill herself he had David convinced. In fact, it got bad enough so that for a while Fernanda almost believed it herself.

For David DisGrace becomes the path of least resistance from everyone but himself. If he flashes back to his conversation with Cesar where he asks him whether he pictures himself with DisGrace in the future he might have a moment of clarity.

Of course, I've asked the same rhetorical question over and over: Why the hell did he never demand that FerBrat explain her objection to Luciana? That is what a smarter, cooler-headed man would have done. If she had tried to play the class difference card he would have refuted it as a blatant hypocrisy. He would also know where that came from.

Right. Everything he's said about this relationship has been BS to make himself feel like he's doing the right thing. He is obviously attracted to her and doesn't mind her company much (he seemed really irritated when she interrupted when he was working, but mellowed out after she started pawing him) but he still looks uncomfortable. Regardless of her manipulations, he has no one to blame but himself if he can't bring himself to be happy with his own decision. He can say it's for the kids all he wants to, he can pretend that he let the kids decide, but the kids aren't the ones who will be stuck alone with her when they grow up and move on. (Though I'm not sure Grace wouldn't move on by then anyway.)

I said "right" to Tofie, but right to Urban too. Except I don't think Fer would have played the class difference card. When she was at Gut's office with Lil and Lil started to make ugly noises about Fernanda helping the immigrants, Fernanda was mortified.

So I think if David had asked Fer, she would have realized that all she had were vague feelings that were put there by Lilian and Grace. And she'd have to admit that she had no reason.

Julie, your last point is the most important.

FerBrat will (theoretically) go to college in a couple of months. Bobby has historically favored Luciana. DisGrace had no brothers and is less adept with taking care of little boys (although less unwilling to try than Lillian). She's less likely to get down on the grass to play or get into video games than Luciana. We see her rolling her eyes behind Bobby's back.

I have known people who don't make proactive decisions and end up aimless in their lives. One is so much so that she never had a career. She now lives in a small one-horse town and will never make enough money to get out of it to move someplace more interesting. The underlying thought is that she doesn't deserve any more than this. It's pitiful.

I should have "previewed" before posting.

Julie, per your post of 12:48, I think the answer would be different now from what it would have been 50 episodes ago.

BTW, I posted the Karmageddon page due to the slicing and dicing of our ultimos capitulos. have fun!

David expected Fernanda would have an issue and was his easy out.

Heck yeah David is into Graciela. Fumbley, partially clothed sex on his desk compared with ram head butts he gives Luciana, not even close.

Based on the conversation he had with the kids he was looking for a reason not to be with Graciela. However his perception of Fernanda as being more "fragile" than Bobby won out over his reason, which is still fighting to come out.

He might be getting his rocks off but he's definitely not happy the rest of the time.

Thanks, Julie. Terrific recap. Loved all your asides. My fave: (And if not for Luciana, he'd probably still be sitting in a darkened room while Juan stuffed all their valuables into his pockets.)

Marta says the kids will figure it out even if their father doesn't, and eventually Lil and Grace will get booted out of there.

Even Marta realizes David is a dumb as a doorknob and it'll be up to the kids to discover they've been hoodwinked.

Actually, right after Lisa died, David did have the stones to stop DisGrace from smarming all over him and bounced her butt out of there. All her "but I love your kids so much" didn't work back then on him. But that David is long gone and this one is horny and too tired to fight for his true love and show his kids he's the leader (not the follower) of the family.

Yep, Miguel is the real galan. He's quietly mourning Erica and treating Luciana like a best buddy. He's wearing sleeves in his shirts and that slight hair stubble looks good on him.

My Specialty...

"He might be getting his rocks.............." David with Lucy vs David with DisGusting

Remember the mode DisGrace is in with David lately, she could Rape that Microsoft Office Little talking Paper Clip.

" compared with ram head butts he gives Luciana, not even close." Agreed. So true Toff Master. I have seen more raw lust in those Chevy Truck commercials. The one where the fellow kisses the white one on the nose and croons "Come Hoooome with Meee."

Julie..thank you so much for soldiering through all the sordidness of As the Grapes Turn....bllleeecchhh.

Busy getting ready for the holiday meal, but I had a few thoughts.

Dave, you are a big disappointment to me. You seemed very randy last night , and you seemed to not protest too much when Grabby Grace started undressing you in the office. Yes, Dave , you know that you should not want it, but you obviously want something that you shouldn't want. And wanting is very different from loving. Wanting is all about you, but loving is all about the person you love. I really, really hate you, Dave. I mean, I hate you a lot.

I would be looong gone,Lu. I hope that you leave and make a life for yourself either with Miguel or someone else.

I'm almost done. There is a deleted scene near the end between Lil and Gut that I wish had not been cut.

And it is now looking as though the thing in the folder is a report on expenses related to averting the plague. However, there could still be a letter from Luci in there. I hope so.

I think it'll just be 15 minutes or so now.

Julie...I like the title, but I do not think that the bride can blush. However, I was blushing a little., we know why Joselo was constantly calling Gracie .

And, Gracie, congratulations because, girl, all your patient pawing paid off !!!let's hear it for determination.

It was sixteen minutes. I was close! It's done now.

See what should be driving DisGrindingMyGears CrayCray is that she and NoJuan both and ONLY both know her little Rocky secret.

In this case she can not even commensurate with dear old Mom and enlist her help in solving a possible game changer size problem.

Unless she has a couple of cards she has shown Nobody yet, she does not have a ready clean solution to this little Uh Oh. Knowing the way she operates, one first thinks she would just seduce him into compliance.

Ooops ! He is hardly as starved as David (2.5 years) or Cesar (38 years) and appears to be kept in ample supply of that commodity by Perla.. That angle does not look to be a quaranteed winner. What else does she have? Anything else she could tell David, NoJuan would relish David finding out how badly he screwed him for so many years.

Swimming with Rocks works, but the logistics are different for NoJuan than for Lisa.

She could try to cause David to KILL NoJuan before NoJuan can open his mouth. That might work on the new and improved Grumpy Stupid David, but a long shot. David is stupid, not crazy. There is a difference.

With Luciana it was one and he was done. David and Graciela are going at it daily like a couple of teenagers that just figured out what goes where.

Oh wow Julie. Thanks. The deleted scene with Brian declaring war on Lilian is very important.

I'm thinking maybe the Lil/Gut breakup will be explained in #126, or hopefully univision will splice it in on Monday night, because it would be a shame not to see how hard she took it. It's her very first anvil!

So many wonderful comments, but "Yep, Miguel is the real galan. He's quietly mourning Erica and treating Luciana like a best buddy. He's wearing sleeves in his shirts and that slight hair stubble looks good on him" gave me pause.

Totally agree Niecie.

Julie, am going back to read what you added.


That's for sure. She did not take it well and she fails to see that attitudes like hers make people like him self-hate until they see the light.

Julie, "Ramon has given Marta a rose. (I hope it didn't come from the Olive Garden" made me smile.

"Juan is suing David. Grace suggests that they do something together as a fammmmily to show their support. The kids suggest dinner and a movie. David says he's the happiest man in the world". Yes, of course. Relaxing with his family as his world further implodes is a wonderful idea. Let Luci, whom you've treated like sewage, continue to do the worrying and thinking for you. She's right - you never listened to her. That was evident when you arrived on the doorstep with Marcos' ashes. You thwarted her ideas then and still do.

And I hadn't even thought "With Luciana it was one and he was done. David and Graciela are going at it daily like a couple of teenagers that just figured out what goes where". Ack. tofie, as Anita said earlier, you had his number from the start.

David doesn't deserve Luci.

With Miguel mourning Erica, he seems to have grown up. I hope he and Luci continue their friendship and I want Santa Barbara to flourish. There's nothing left for you at David's Luci.

Julie, thank you.


And I also can't believe they cut the Brian/Marta break-up.

They spoon fed us scene after scene of their "romantic" hook ups and break ups yet they deleted the most pivotal scene of all their escapades to date..


dy77 was absolutely right: the editors are the true villains of the piece. Or at least fighting with the writers for the title. I mean, damn--Brian and Lilian's quasi-relationship got more airtime than David and Luciana's (I know, I know, what relationship? [rimshot]) for the majority of the show, and they snip the theoretical true end of it? Anvils aside...fork that, Univision, just fork the hell out of that.

Julie, loved the recap girl. This is rather funny. With serious over tones.
Like a the fake happy happy happy crap
stuff going on with fer. Now boobey is
Not old enough to see the fertilizer that's being shoveled by Tia & granny.
But fer is,I don't think shes feelin it as much as shes letting on.

Now I know David is happy about the kiddos joy. Some. But him sayin dumb
Stuff like "I'm the happiest man in the world",seriously?No. He keeps that
Ok all together yall," fighting that diarrhea" look on his face everytime Graciela gets close to him. And since
Men love the sex more than the emotional part of a relationship (grassiola knows this too) shes gonna keep openning the gates of Glory to him. Yall see hes not fighting much when she comes at him like that cuz all he wants is sex, he may not have lucy but he's gettin some free sex out of it. Jackass!

I would have loved to see gut show lil
The door. Why the hell did they cut that? Why do they cut anything? Cuz they're uni tuni.
How can David say Lucy is neglecting her responsibilities? he's still has a vineyard because she's been working her butt off for the past few years. And he's got the unmitigated Gall to say that he saved the vineyard, No somebody needs to take his butt and throw him on the thorny rose bushes he pulled up from juans place.

And the mig gets his own vineyard,1/2 of it anyway. And why don't adolfo know how to do stuff at his own vineyard? He and mig are totally dumb
Founded about the business. How did that happen?he's in the wine business why doesn't he know what to do?

We'll see what Juan does next week. Gracie's Days are numbered. And lil's.

Thank you Julie.

Nina: "Now boobey is not old enough to see the fertilizer that's being shoveled by Tia & granny. But fer is,I don't think shes feelin it as much as shes letting on."

It's so funny you said that. I thought I saw something in Fer's face, but it was so slight that I figured I was imagining it. After all, Fer has adored her tia all along. But there's also the way she added "if you love one another" when she was talking about them getting married. It was an odd thing to add if she was already so sure that they were in love. But - overall her attitude seems to be overwhelmingly positive.

And Boobey keeps asking his father if he's happy. He shouldn't have to ask that unless he suspects something.

I don't know. I keep clinging to hope that at least the kids will figure Grace out before the truth emerges - but I don't think that's where we're headed.

"Somebody needs to take his butt and throw him on the thorny rose bushes he pulled up from juans place." I'm brushing a tear from my eye. Too true, Nina. Too true. speak the truth. Grace was unbelievably patient , and she knew that if she kept stroking Dave's ego and his arms, she would eventually wear him down. Sex has been used so throughout the ages.

Julie..I noticed that look on Fer's face, too. Like maybe a tiny lightbulb turning on.
In my experience, masks eventually come off one way or the other.

I like Juan's line , "You don't know who you're dealing with.," And JUan is so looking forward to revealing exactly what Grace is to Dave. This is going to be good. I kind of love Juan right now . If he can prove that Grace killed Lisa...go, Juan, go.

Lilian and Grace manipulating the kids about their father marrying auntie is awful.

Just had the chance to read your wonderful recap Julie! Thanks for your hard work in getting this up and all the deleted scenes with screenshots.

I was sooooo disgusted with David and how he was allowing DisGrace to seduce him right there in his study. He should know better than that as anyone can try to come to the door. This was one of DisGrace's "slut moves" and he should have seen right through it. DisGrace is nothing but slutty, slutty, slutty. I still think there was something in that wine she brought in from a couple nights ago. She drugged him on the long term I think. But he does look sooooooo unhappy.

Cynthia...Dave's face lately has a constant unhappy\grumpy look, but to put it bluntly it appears that a part of Dave is very happy. Dave is a dog as it turns out. Dave, you have become a big disappointment. Enjoy yourself because you are going to hate yourself in the morning.

Dave has lost himself in lust. Ain't got nothin' against a good romp but Luci would never have disrespected herself, him, and his household as to attempt to get herself slaughtered right in the study. Dave should stop and think about this. Lord knows the blood flow to his head (cranium) is generally low most of the time but it's really taken a downward detour since Grace, to quote Nina, opened the gates of Glory to him.

Two good telenovela titles there, ladies.."The Gates of Glory" and "Lost in Lust."

Dave, you say that you are doing it for your kids, but you are definitely enjoying yourself. I don't feel sorry for you at all.

Take it from (A Former) tail wagging, leg humping, barking, crotch sniffing DOG, if it is just lust David is about two or three episodes (Dave/Sex Robot Episodes) away from being tired of that shit already.

That Attack Sex is pretty exciting at first but it gets old real fast. And although he is not old, he is out of his teens and college years already. His days of working on a Gold or Bronze in that sport are already behind him.

I would hope that at his age quality would be more important than frequency and that the emptiness of having sex with someone you don't love will be evident to him shortly.

Susanlynn, "Dave, you say that you are doing it for your kids, but you are definitely enjoying yourself. I don't feel sorry for you at all" made me laugh out loud. That says it all doesn't it? :)

Kirby, I agree with you. And even though he's giving the stony stare, pity is the LAST thing I feel for him. (Another amazing bird).

Urban, yes. Even if he didn't love Luci (which he does), he does not love Graciela. Period. I think that alone will tear at his conscience. I don't see how he could do all this for "love" of family" when he clearly broke Luci's heart.

Happy Easter all.


Yah, even Dumb-vid could figure that out probably, Kirb and Urb, but DisGetSome is not giving him chance to reverse the blood flow.

Now Luci IS used to thinking and SHE should have already heard, seen, and thought enough to head for the hills. If she hasn't and she STILL wants Don'tSayNo-veed, she deserves what she gets.

You know what? DUH-veed the Menace is dangerous with his innocent ineptness: three people are dead in the wake of his "decisions" in business and luuurve: noJuan's dad, Lisa, and now Erica. Nah, I know he didn't kill these folk but y'all get me, death is a common caller in Dud-veed's wacky world.

"Dave should stop and think about this. Lord knows the blood flow to his head (cranium) is generally low most of the time but it's really taken a downward detour since Grace, to quote Nina, opened the gates of Glory to him".

Wow~ thank you Lila and Nina!


RATS ! LiLaaaa, clever Girl. You are beating me at a game I invented. :-( DisGetSome is one of your BEST. :-)

Right about DontSayNoVid too. Some insignificant public servant coined the term "Benign Neglect" years ago and it could fit ThinkWithMyNutsAtMyAgeVid with a little tweaking. People around him are dying and the common denominator is DeadToo?Vid.

Happy Easter Everyone.

BTW I don't photograph Wabbits.

Diana Thanks

White Pelican

Pelicans! Don't be underneath when a pelican flies over. Or at least have an extra beach towel as a backup.

David is not thinking beyond the next few years. Is he going to send Gracie packing when Bobby leaves the nest? Oh right, he thinks that over time, he'll learn to become fond of her. Good luck with that.

Hey, thanks, Kirb! I guess we're all proving true that the worse the novela, the funner the patio!


I need to get over to the Karmageddon page. I've read it and the karms -- Muchisimas Gracias, Urbanita! I'm just having trouble caring enough about these ihjits to come up with creative anvils for them. In fact, the one's there are quite wonderful!

Julie, I don't think David is thinking - period.

Wait until everyone in the house leaves and he will be stuck with Graciela's vacant, vacuous stare. Whatever will they talk about?


Currently, their main conversational topic is how much she loves the kids because they're part of him. And when she's with her mother, all they talk about is their scheming. So once they're married and after the kids are gone, she will have nothing left except to come out of "retirement" and resume her painting career. And have more sex with David. I assume that is her plan, if she's thought that far ahead. It would probably be fine with him.

It's all moot since there really is no future for them, but it is interesting to think how Grace expects this to work out in the long term.

But But...Diana, the other night they came in from a "Together Time", and he was gushing about how much fun they had and how he Luuuuurves talking to her and she responded that she felt the same, she could TALK to him for hours and never grow tired of it.

how about DisGihad, Lila?

Yeah that See Food diet apparently keeps a Pelican regular.

You never see them down at CVS with a pack of ExLax. :-)

I always thought, the I love X so sex with Y means nothing excuse flawed. It makes the pain inflicted worse.

DisGihad? Ooo, Kirby, good one. Makes sense with her being I-Rocki and all!


Well, dinner is over, the dishes are done, all the Easter eggs have been found, Easter baskets have been opened, the brownies have been consumed, the lettuce seeds have been planted, and I can finally sit down and enjoy the patio on my patio. At least for awhile because our sunny day is turning pretty breezy.

Loved all the later comments and all the new Dis- and -vid names. Ha. I am waiting for Discovered and Discharged .

OT. .. If any of you have Starz, The White Princess starts tonight at 8, I think. It is the sequel to the White Queen which was great . I just finished a marathon watch last night. It is a medieval telenovela. Those kings and queens were just as randy and treacherous as our telenovela characters.

Hey, Susanlynn! OT -- That show sounds intriguing!

Ah, I'm prolly thinking about our anti-galan way more than he deserves but it occurs to me that Dave probably has a good heart but somehow didn't get the deep instincts and will to be proactive that maybe his Dad had. Maybe he was coddled for too long like Bobi who is too old to be asking questions like "why do adults work all the time?" especially when he's one of the heirs to Bodega LA. I see Bobi on his way to being another Dave though he does have a bit more of native smarts/instincts about him. However, a few more years of being waited on hand and foot and having his instincts squelched through denial (his Dad claiming he's happy) and manipulation (everything DisinGenuous does when she's awake), Bobi is going to be another handsome, good-hearted but dull-witted individual, like Dudveed whose missteps and lack of proaction and resolve leave a conga line of corpses in his wake.

On the surface the package (not that one) Dave presents is spiffy. He's still a handsome (though somewhat crinkled) hunk and Luci had memories of how he tried to help her and her Dad when they were deported and how he honored her Dad with recognizing him as his indispensable right hand man in that national publication and so she fell in love. Too bad she still doesn't know he's dumber than the dirt of Bodega LA that she loves so well.

Can't wait for tomorrow!

Sue: And maybe DisMembered.

Sounds like a Hoppy Easter all around

Caught that dam Rabbit with one of my chickens, something about Faaammiiiilyyy and Easter Eggs.
He is is a slow oven with some carrots and potatoes.

Touched up the paint on the Bike. Great Day.

Lila..I am disappointed in Dave because if he is soooo in love with Luci and with DisG for his kids , why is he so completely enthusiastic about bedding Grace..just sayin'.

I will give him one thing. As a parent, most people will do almost anything to help a kid in trouble. There is a saying , "A mother is only as happy as her saddest child." I know that is true for me. It is hard for me to be completely happy if one of my girls is having a problem, and I would do anything to save them from harm. He has been led by Grace and Dr. Evil to believe that Fern tried to kill herself. That would make most parents do ANYTHING they think would help their children. Grace has made him believe that she alone can save Fern . D*mn sisterkilling witch. However, what I do not like is how much Dave is enjoying his "sacrifice" for his kids. Dave, you are a horny devil.😈

Kirby..and disowned.

"Why do adults work all the time?" Well, BobbyBoobbee, most people like to eat every day and have a roof over their heads . Oh, and then, it is nice to be able to go to a doctor when you get sick. Other than that, I cannot see any reason for adults working.

BOOB---EEE probably is Corn-Fuzed as to why David, Lillian and DisGrace do not work, as it appears David works maybe 30 minutes every other day. I'd be confused if everybody I was not related to worked.

You need to work to buy cars too, that's important, though I am not sure they use those in Sonoma, as they are as scarce as actual work.

Short of Grace writing out a full confession, and at that I would be surprised if her memory is as good as ours, I can not fathom how David could ever find out all the details of everything which has been foisted on him.

There is a list longer than your arm of the transgressions against Mr. Robles (I still like Marbles better) from Lila nd NoJuan embezzling to Dr. Evil, to the wine acid and pesticides and hundreds of little lies by DisGrace and Lil. Their manipulation of Boob n'Fur for their own ends, is there enough time starting right now?

Yeah DudVid Marbles has a ring fitting our hero.

Hello ladies and gentlemen, it is such a pleasure to have my vineyard chosen as the best in California. Let me introduce myself, I am the owner, DudVid Marbles, and these are me kids Boob n'Fur. We are so hoppy to......

Yah, Susanlynn, I agree his "sacrifice" IS too much fun. Maybe IB refused to do hot contortion scenes with GS or even to "kiss" him so she gets hand-clasping/mind-meld and K2R gets the ravenous, let's-christen-the-whole-house "love" scenes. Maybe there's a novela quota for shag scenes they have to meet!

To make up for how they've messed over the character development and then diced it at the end, the least they could do is expose not only the murder but all the stuff you outline in your last paragraph, Kirb!

Kirby, I had to laugh out loud at:
"Boob n fur". Thats funny. When I first heard that David's last name was
"Robles", I thought of "barney Robles"
Of the flintstones, and I Lol. The things us patio folk come up with.Hah!

Well... David is earning the anvil that will fall on him soon. And if, as Marta predicted, the kids figure out Grace's game before David does, then he'll scold them and he'll feel even worse when he finds out the truth.

Never seen a TN before when I was looking forward to the "galan" get an anvil.

Sacrifice is not suppose to be happy. And if he's in pain it goes away when
He's doing graciboo. And so does the
Thought of lucy for as long as the orgasms last. Must we be so graphic?

Let's just say he is riding a Roller Coaster in San Francisco whose maintenance records are falsified.

On the surface she looks like the perfect mate, except we haven't got the bugs out of that UN-Killing procedure yet.

I suppose that Marta's statement about the kids discovering Lilian and Grace's true natures is foreshadowing. Perhaps, one or both of them will hear L and G giggling and gabbing one fine day about how that shared old dad. Lots of secrets in telenovelas are revealed because people cannot keep their mouths shut , and we have seen how L and G love to gloat about their victories. I cannot wait until the masks fall .

Oh oh..snared not shared !! I hope L And G don't share Dave.yikes

And talking about sacrifice, you don't know WHAT kind of depraved things that Succubus is doing to that poor man in the scenes that were cut !


Sue you are right about mouths shut. Remember in TVA Leticia would always be right outside a door on the other side of which some danming secret was being revealed. She would sneak around the house just listening for someone to blabber mouth something.

Grace ! Are you in there? David, Boob n'Fur are here,they want to talk to you.

Fer is one of the presenters on Tv y Novelas just now. She is pretty tonight and actually looks her age.

Crimminy now Luci is up there oresenting. They keep showing previews of Vino el Turds. Yikes. And there is Brian Gut with his award

Presenting thanks Samskunk

C R A P Vino el Numbnuts is cleaning up. There is Sonua now


I missed the show. I am watching "Home Fires" on PBS.

Ay yi yi Entiendo ahora. This is like Kindergarten sports. If you have been on TV this year you get a award.

Barbara Lopez (Erika) won her award. Yay.

Sonia is beautiful, we already knew that, and she was still 'Sonia' at the awards show. That attractive little hint of quirkyness, or something was still there.

Couldn't believe that Uribe and the other guy with the exaggerated mullets and King Kong-sized hair combs won best comedy. FOR WHO? Retards?

Hoppy Mundai

So was Juan even nominated for best villain?

Christian de la Campa was excluded like a majority of the VEA cast (namely Ramon Loria, Luciano Zacharski, Jose Eduardo Derbez, Gabriel, Irina, and Kimberly.)

That is crazy, crazy, crazy. I'd ask if they saw the same TN in Mexico that we're seeing here, but I already know the answer to that. Maybe something really spectacular and unexpected happens in the Fin to change how we see all of these people, but I doubt it...

I was surprised that Gut Brain got something but not NoJuan. Yeah, it looked to me like VEA was well represented at first, but after seeing HowFrickingMany awards were presented, it seemed to mostly be VEA people presenting awards to the people who were in NotSoStupid TNs.

I was also surprised that Mr. Castillo didn't win after that gut (He Haw) wrenching alzheimer's performance in TVA.

Julie, not looking for yet another round in the Asst Principal's closet, but the previews of Vino El #WhatWait? looked like a different show than the one I have been watching, except with people who looked to be the same ones. Do they show the same previews for all markets?

" really spectacular and unexpected happens in the Fin to change how we see all of these people" There is not enough time.

Kirby, to answer your question, they don't. I've seen some of the avances that were shown elsewhere and they are often different. Sometimes they also give too much away about the next episode. This is one of the reasons we normally do not discuss them here.

We are now almost into Ultimos Capitulos (on Univision's slice-and-dice) so sometime next week they may not have avances that really tell us anything, certainly not on a day-to-day basis.

Thanks. I'm trying to be careful. 😇 Re: de la Campa maybe those awards voters don't like Duck Lips on Dudes. Sorry SusanLynn

Even if he was nominated, Christian would have had some serious competition...

Serious competition, sure, but didn't the guy who played Gut win? Juan is a better villain than Gut.

I'm sorry I missed seeing Sonia/Veronica get her award. While she certainly didn't have the largest part, she made this all bearable (for the most part :)) and therefore deserved this accolade.

I watched a bit of the beginning but no surprising or startling awards in the first few presented.

Some very interesting dresses. To be honest, I thought Ninel Condel looked fabulous with her dark hair. The dress was a bit much but she carried it off. Cynthia Klitbo had a large flowered pattern dress. It was cheerful and certainly different. Unfortunately, Azela wore a tight dress that pushed up her assets and a very large, gaudy necklace that did not serve her well.

I'm clearly in the minority here but I didn't think de la Campa's performance merited a nomination. I also think Brian didn't deserve one either, let alone win...

I think Kimberly was robbed.


I agree with you, Diana, on Christian, Gut AND K2R! "Graciela" has been annoying, mesmerizing and believable, all at the same time as the crazed Pied Piper of Bodega LA. She brought nearly everyone under her spell and is one of the major reasons I know I kept watching, to see how much she could get away with and to see her get hers in the end. Memorable villain, even if I also think they let our "galan" get too much under her sway!

Well, I don't know what kind of competition there was for that prize. I just know that Juan deserved it more than Gut. I never really thought of Gut as a villain. Except for the time he detained Ramon (which was grossly out of character for him), Gut has only enforced the law and been a lousy boyfriend.

Oh, DEFINITELY I think K2R has been excellent, almost supernatural.

Hello. I did not see the awards show. I watched the first episode of The White Princess and was rewarded with a preview of season three of Outlander . Now there is a story about true long lasting love with hero .

I agree that Kim deserved an award. She really brought the sexy, nasty, witchy evil. The others..not so much.

I cannot wait to see the rest of the story unfold to see if any Of our predictions are correct. I fear Lu will end up with Dumb Dave. Sucks to be you, LU.

I wish I had watched more of the show. I tuned in late, and could not sit on my Arse continually and watch that junk.. I tured back in to see CNCO? or something like that. Five little Hood Rats none of who was even playing an instrument, nor actually singing. That was about the end of my TVing for that show.

I still want to come back in my next life as Susanna Gonzales Left shoe. Luuuurrrve her

Kirby..yes, Susana is a beautiful woman and a talented actress. I wonder if she will be in any upcoming shows.

You mean gut got an award and Juan didn't?
What were the judges looking at. Juan
Is a good villian. Hes got the nasty down real good. I think they wanted to start out with Brian being a villain because when he first started he was really nasty really really good but then they decided to change it and make juan really super nasty and they still didn't give him an award. Go figure.

On the awards last night, the judges are the fans. It's kind of like our People's choice awards and their "People" magazine is called TVyNovelas. People who get that magazine vote for their candidates from a ballot in that magazine, like we do in People Magazine.

Susanlynn, Kirby, Susanna Gonzales will be in La Candidata, which will take over from MdN on May 2nd.

That one will be recapped here and we need a Thursday person!

OK Thanks Cynthia.

I didn't see what Susanna was in, for her award. #Idon'tcareeither

She could get an award for just walking across the parking lot. In P&P she was sensational.

But she doesn't HAVE to be in anything to be sensational, including her clothing.

Did I already mention I think she is pretty?


Hey y'all are these award shows only for the nighttime shows? I was thinkin about the one thats at 3:00, I don't think they've been on long enough.Or if anybody Is eveninterested."Adorable maldicion
Translation "My adorable curse". What
A strange name.

Nina, think of "adorable curse" like "blessing in disguise."

K2R should have definetly won an award since I liked her more even than the protagonist IMO. I did not watch this show regurarly but from scenes I watched from Youtube Grace simply attracts more attention than annoying Luciana. I kind of believe Kimberly and Irina should have swapped roles as Kimberly sports "protagonic" looks while Irina's characters with no offence appear like "one-night standers with anorexia"


Hey, did this show ever go by another name called "along came love"?

Brian is complex. He's bitter but has gotten seriously better.

Nina, "Along Came Love" is the English translation of "Vino El Amor."

Vino is a remake of the Chilean novela called "La Chucara". I don't know any other name for it.

Kirby, in my next life I am coming back as Susana.

She is my favorite actress. Period.

Urban, what is MdN that her show will be replacing?


Cynthia....What does chucara mean?

Hi, Diana. I am trying to remember the first time that I saw Susana . She was not the lead. She was a lawyer who started dating the galan, but she lost him to the leading lady. I cannot remember the other actors or the title, but Susana really made an impression. She played a smart, kind character in a classic , tailored wardrobe. ..pencil skirts and heels. #girlcrush

That was Heridas de Amor, and her name was Babe Lawyer. Er... she might have had a different name...

I thought it was "wine of love".
Ya know vino--wine el amor---love. Ok
It's almost over anyway. They should be like lil. Knock a few back and let it go.

Susanlynn, I believe that chucara means wild and untamed.

MdN is Mujeres de Negro.

Nina - it's a pun :-)

Julie..yes, that must be the one. I think I remember that we called her "Babe Lawyer" "Hot Lawyer" etc. Does that title mean Wounds of Love? Do you remember the leads? She played a very different role in Sombra with all her red , swirly skirts and wild, wicked ways .

Just corrected a pile of tests. Free at last. Can't wait for tonight's episode . Now, for a nice cup of mint tea.

Um... Ricardo Montaner sang the song. I can picture the leads but don't remember their names... plus Sergio Sendel and Diana Bracho. Plus Ingrid Martz.

OK the internet tells me it was Guy Ecker and Jacqueline Bracamontes.

And yes it's Wounds of Love.

Julie..yeah, I thought that it was Guy (not my fav galan), but I couldn't remember the leading lady. Well, Susana ended up with guy in a later telenovela. ...even though many on the patio were not impressed with him as the galan. I think tofie did a lot of oneliners for that show. There was so much to mock..the crazy, dangerous ex, the spoiled, nasty teen stepdaughter.

Bracamontes and Ecker were not memorable at all, in my opinion. But that was my introduction to Sergio Sendel and Diana Bracho, and for that it was awesome.

Yeah, Sergio and Diana can both bring the nasty! I wonder if Sergio will keep doing his cell phone hurl in his next show. It got to be his signature move.

On a shelf in Juan's apartment, I think I see the see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil monkeys.

Good eye. All I noticed in that apartment are those huge, freaky paintings. I wonder if Grace is to blame for those. It is funny how props, clothes, and sets are recycled.

I think I've seen those monkeys in another TN before, but I don't know which one.

Diana then when you come back as Susanna if your left foot feels all warm and fuzzy take your shoe off and get it a beer.

Julie..maybe in PyP..those shelves behind Fernando Colunga's desk.

Ha!!!! Too funny Kirby.

Oh no. So Susana will be on at 9:00 against the new TN with Africa?! Thank you Urban.

Susanlynn, the first time I saw her was Pasion. It was also the first time I saw Colunga (being relatively new to TNs since that time). I thought she was fabulous but I have seen her blossom from a good actress to a splendid one. She plays good or evil with equal fervor. Rather than act, she always seems to react and I feel I'm watching a real person, not a character.

Julie, I will have to watch for those monkeys...


Wasn't PYP - I didn't watch that. It would have been something at least five years ago. Maybe as far back as LFMB.

The monkeys are on the shelf just above the weird yellow clock. I don't know if we'll see them tonight or if that scene will be deleted.

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