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La Piloto #29, 4-14-2017: Death Defiant Damsels And Much Distress

Santa Marina gets a call from the higher-ups asking if he’s found the body of the pilot for the plane that crashed.  He lies and says no body was found.  In fact with a fall from the sky like that probably nobody could have survived.    Also, the general tells him of a narco production mill at a hacienda around 10 km from there.  Santa Marina’s got a plan and asks for the coordinates.

It is pretty grim pickin's this time.....

On her walk back to her cell, Yolanda starts to ask a favor of her young guard-escort (El Rubio) but is quickly interrupted by the medic, Vasquez (El Galeno) with a bottle of pills for her that she has to fake remembering she forgot (or something like that….)  Rubio warns Galeno that Col. S&M has claimed her as his hembra [hot chick/sexy female].   The medic, Vasquez, says to cool his jets and instructs him to walk her back; he’ll examine her later on.   When the dude leaves, Galeno warns Yoli to watch out who she talks to and asks favors of.  Rubio and Old Dude Sargent are the colonel’s toadies and run to him with all the news.  He’ll get her his cell to use for that call but keep mum.  (Oh, we get to hear Colombiano’s  slurred accents.  Charming but even worse than P.R. and Cubano to try to understand!)   

The Gone Girls confront Zulima about Amanda’s having seen her walking out of John’s bedroom in only a sheet.  Zuli turns on the croc tears and fabricates an abusive ultimatum from  a drunken John.  Do the nighttime nasty or die. Please don’t tell Yoli.  The ingenues believe her, natch, and promise not a word.

Oscar gives Roberto the order to off Olivia and the other women as his probationary test. Roberto has difficulty swallowing this (literally).  He’s either in or he’s dead.  That makes the choice a bit more palatable for sweet ol’ Robbie.  Arley asks won’t Yolanda go nuts when she gets back and finds her friends have been offed?  Oscar informs him that Yo! won’t be showing her face around there ever again.   Arley then heads off with Rob as his “back up.”

Arley knocks on the door and informs them that Yoli’s at the hospital, critically wounded and they need to come with him, Zuli included.  Zuli knows something’s up cuz she know’s Yoli’s plane crashed in the Colombian jungle and is now gator food.  She has to be reminded to join them.  

Meanwhile, Liv’s kid brother is packing his things and plans to take Daddy’s pistol and take revenge.  Mama tells him he’s crazy and cannot do this but then she lets him go.  

Rosalba tries calling DEA Dave and he’s not available.

The gone girls get into the car but John orders Zuli at the last minute to come with him to do something else.  “--It’s an order!  Say good-bye to your friends.”

Pop Arguelles, aka Rent-a-Cop, spies on the Lucio’s and sees John yelling over to Zuli as the Gone Girls are herded into the sedan.  Robbie’s accosted by Liv and he lies that he’s coming too since he has things to do for Oscar in town.  Pop’s shocked to see that Oscar Lucio is up and about after the 3 lead plugs in the back he gave him the other day.  

Meanwhile, Galeno sneaks his phone to Yoli but their plans are wrecked because Col. S&M has a punishment in mind for her.  If she won’t help him capture the narco’s on the hacienda near by, then it’s hanging in the sun by her wrists for her.   Galeno is pacing the floor looking for his phone while this interrogation is going on.  It’s a firing squad for him if the colonel finds he’s lent her that phone!

At the same time, Arley has gone past the turn off for town and Amanda keeps nagging him from the back seat about it.  The gone gals are all beginning to see what’s in the works for them and panicking.  There’s no way out of the car and it’s a million miles from nowhere.  

Arley’s tired of hearing it.  “Shut your snouts!”  “--We’re not going to the hospital.  You’re going to kill us.  Right?”  Arley snarls back.  “--So intelligent, Lisbet!  You’re all the biggest waste!”

Rosalba manages to get hold of Dave and tells him she hasn’t heard from her niece in quite a while and is beginning to worry.  He asks her to persuade Yoli if and when she contacts her to give herself up.  Rose asks for and gets confirmation that that means yes, she’s suspected of killing Ernesto.  She’s a good girl who was forced by circumstances to do bad things.   Estela breaks up the call by asking who she’s been gossiping to.

Dave informs Monica he’s finally found Rosalba and knows Estela’s with her since he heard her voice.  Rose and she must know where Yolanda’s at.  He’s going to go investigate.  Moni’s to stay there and keep a watchful eye on Simpson.

Arley warns the women all to act normal while driving past a patrol car.

Simp-sone makes the drive to the Lucio’s hideout.  Unbeknownst to him there’s a tracker on his car.

Cañengo gets the order from Oscar and first apologizes to Rosalba before trying to shoot her in the head.  Sorry, Doña, but it’s you or my family.”  Estela sneaks up on him and bangs him over the head with a fry pan and knocks him cold.  They lock him up.

Col. S&M has something planned to crush Lucio and his minions… Galeno walks up and tries to get Yoli let loose.  Col. S&M says nothin’ doin’. “-- I’ll let her loose if and when I feel like it and I don’t feel like it.  Got it?”

Back at the Hideaway Hilton, Zuli asks if he’s going to kill her too.  He says only if she proves disloyal.  She kisses him seductively (at least as seductively as you can be with a leopard spotted head wrap and a tight 50’s style jersey leotard  Gives me the heebie jeebies worse than that kiss.)   They head to her cabin for a roll in the sheets.

Pops reports in but says all is normal.  Just then masked guerreros capture him.  He warns them off him.  One of them radios John about the capture.  Zuli says she met the guy after the bar fight and he was really interested about Oscar and John’s whereabouts.  He agrees to have Pops brought to the hideaway office.

Vasquez revives Yoli with a drink from his canteen and learns where she left his cell. 

John and Oscar offer Pops the chance to benefit from passing them on information and keeping the peace around there for them, shielding them from the Feds, etc.  They make it plain that it is an offer he cannot refuse.

Arley stops the SUV somewhere out in a woodsy field.  Liv and Bette put up a fight and kick dirt in their faces and then manage to run away.  

Back in Colombia, Col. S&M is supposedly impressed with Yo’s stamina.  He’s now got her hanging without the bucket under her feet.  (That will eventually strangle her.)  He suggests she join him and ally herself with him and he’d take real good care of her.  Then he shrugs and has the men untie her and take her down.  They’re to take her to the cell and tie her up. Vasquez is sweating every minute of this right along with her.

Arley chases down Amanda.  He corners her and she begs for her and his child’s life.  He calls her a lier and says she’s only doing that so he won’t kill her.  He has no choice and says “forgive me” before shooting her in the chest (shoulder or arm perhaps?) and then walks away.

Robbie tracks Liv down but she races away into the forest.  He fires a few shots, wounds her in the arm, and then later lies that he’s killed her and Bette and threw the bodies down the gully, over the cliff.  Rob ask about Amanda and Arley yell’s at him that he’s not allowed to ask questions.  He’s to get into the car and keep his mouth shut!  


Thanks, Jardinera. Great title and recap. You brought flair to this awful episode. My fave: Do the nighttime nasty or die.

Poor Amanda. I think she's really gone. She was the most innocent and naïve of the three. On the upside, at least all three (the dead and the living) are free. Cindy, you'll have to work the bar alone now and you've got Arley all to yourself, yuck.

I like Vasquez (Galeno) and his accent, but I can't understand a word he's saying. I hope he stays in the story awhile.

No more mystery about which is the galan here. Now that John ordered Yolanda's friends, mama, and aunt dead, he's most definitely not it. Looking forward to the day he feels like a colossal idiot when he discovers Oscar and Zulima played him.

The only one I wouldn't kill is Mejia. Is he the only good guy? Default Galan? After David Robles I am not hard to pkease.

Jardinera--I'm back, but not caught up. Just wanted to let you know I'm trying my darndest not to look ahead, but at least you have a devoted follower. I'll get to this fine recap in a few days.

Hey Kirby--Fun to see you here. Didn't see you commenting before I left. Don't think there's anyone in the present telenovela world as Dumb as David the Tree of Oak. Yeah, Mejia is the stealth galan. Yolanda was angry that he turned into a DEA agent and wasn't named Alberto.

Anitaaaaaaa ! Hey girl. I didn't want to watch two TNs but VinoDumbo is not much. Then I have been around airplanes and in the Aviation business all my life and couldnt stay away. Steve is here too.

Kirby: Not surprised Amanda got whacked!

Anita: What's the Body Count right now ?

Niecie: What's Yolanda going to do when she finds out here family & friends got whacked ?

Dave is likely going to be her knight & shining armor in the end.


Steve: the whacker for Yolo's aunt and Mom got clocked with a cast iron skillet and is tied up. I actually was OK with sacrificing Aunt Rosie to get the bonus of seeing him pop a cap in Estela's head. She is just as selfish and worthless now as when Yolo was growing up.

So the other two girls actually got away with one only getting a bullet in the arm, but she was bleeding a lot. I hope their Brownie and Girl Scout backgrounds come back to them to save them. It might be a long road surviving in the wilderness miles from everywhere with a bullet wound.

No Internet, No SnapChat, No FarceBoink, No hairspray, Nail files, Oh, and No FOOD, or Mosquito repellant.

Compared to VEA this show us more interesting and believable, I wonder if no one is watching or is, but not commenting.

Pretty sure Amanda did NOT get shot.

eekeller - I hope you're right. Arley raises his gun and shoots just once. Amanda puts her hand high on her left chest and slumps down. Maybe it's just a flesh wound. Those girls need a backwoods medic though.

I thought it showed blood under her hand as she clutched her shoulder. She fell face down in (shallow) water. Hmmm

I know the other girl was bleeding a lot when she was shot in her right upper arm.

I have a feeling he aimed over the arm since he told Rob off about who there can and cannot ask questions. He was avoiding the answer cuz he didn't dump her body

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