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La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo (LDVDEC) #6 5.15.17: Everyone's Lying & Some are Almost Dying...

• In the car, Laustela laments the fact that Paloma’s teddy bear is destroyed; she cannot give it like that to the girl. Ryan reminds her it is only a teddy bear but Laustela thinks he only says that because he doesn’t have kids. After a moment of silence, she chances the station and raises the volume of a regional music song and begins to sing along. Ryan is surprised is knows all the words and Laustela confesses that it reminds her of home. She goes to turn down the volume but Ryan stops her and they share a moment. She asks if he is done asking questions and Ryan confirms he is, for now. She then asks her if he is willing to help her and Paloma become legal citizens and Ryan confirms he will, as long as she goes along with their charade for as long as he needs her too. Laustela reminds him that their “relationship” is in appearances only and Ryan chides her for nagging so much. He assumes that is why Paloma’s father left but Laustela prefers he keep trying and stop asking stupid questions. She raises the volume again and Ryan tells her that he can introduce her to Don Chayo. Laustela is ecstatic but asks if that too is part of their deal. Ryan smiles but is quiet.

• Joe and Mercy converse about the Regional Music Festival. He is worried it will cause problems with the sponsors if Don Chayo isn’t there but Mercy reminds him that they haven’t concerned the performance list. One thing is what the sponsors expect and another what they will actually get. She asks that he trust her and Joe does because she always manages to come out the other side unscathed. Mercy reminds him that the one thing she couldn’t figure out was the will, which remains a mystery to her. Joe reminds her that that will be resolve the day after tomorrow since the notary confirmed that it is when the Will will be read.
• Laustela and Ryan come home and Paloma runs and hugs her mother. She then asks about her teddy bear and Ryan explains that he will come to them soon with a surprise. Rosario asks Ryan about his bruises but Ryan shakes his head as Mercy runs down the stairs and chides them all for being loud. She sees Ryan, gasps, and suggests she call the doctor. Ryan tells her he’s fine and then goes to answer the telephone that is ringing. He confirms that he is Danilo’s brother and then hangs up after a moment. Ryan announces that Danilo has had an accident and has to go visit him. Mercy reminds him that he barely knows Danilo but Ryan goes anyway. Once alone, Mercy asks Laustela to explain why Ryan has those bruises.
• Talisman tells Asdrubar about Danilo’s accident and the fact that the tour bus was left unsalvageable. Asdrubar curses his luck and reminds him that if Danilo dies, El Dorado will be pissed. Calao doesn’t understand why Danilo is so important and Asdrubar orders Talisman to teach Calao a lesson. Talisman grabs Calao by the neck and reminds him that he isn’t there to ask questions before letting him go. Asdrubar orders them both out and then calls someone.
• Mercy follows Laustela to the living room, demanding to know what happened with Ryan. Laustela asks that she not raise her voice but Mercy doesn’t care and reminds her that they are both mothers. Laustela asks Rosario to take Paloma while she talks to Mercy. Rosario obliges but reminds Mercy that if she were such a good mother, she wouldn’t have left poor Paloma alone like she did. Once alone, Mercy tells Laustela that if she were a good mother, she would’ve have left Paloma alone either and reiterates that her house isn’t a daycare, regardless of the fact that Ryan is Paloma’s father (if that is even the case). Laustela confirms that Paloma is Ryan’s but since Mercy never bothered to meet her or her daughter, she wouldn’t know how intense their love was. Mercy asks if what Laustela is looking for is for Ryan to give Paloma his last name so she can get his money but Laustela won’t allow it. Either way, Mercy better get used to her presence because she doesn’t know how long she will stay in her house.
• Danilo is wheeled into the OR as Ryan comes and asks the doctor how Danilo is. The doctor explains that they have to do more tests as Danilo could have internal bleeding but the EMTs told him that Danilo was drunk when the crash happened. Just then, Morgana comes and inquires about Danilo. Ryan introduces himself and Morgana smiles seductively.
• Laustela sings Paloma to sleep as Rosario injects insulin. Laustela tells her to not let Mercy’s attacks affect her because they are directed at the real Estela and since she took her identity, she will have to deal with them for a while. Rosario wishes Mercy would’ve met the real Estela so she would understand the favor Laustela is doing; Laustela agrees and wonders what Estela did to Ryan to earn Mercy’s wrath. Either way, she only cares about Paloma’s wellbeing and tells Rosario that they will leave Ryan’s house as soon as they recover what they lost.
• Morgana explains that she met Danilo years ago and asks Ryan if the bruises he has are because of Danilo. Ryan shakes his head and then asks from where the tour bus came from. Morgana tells him that Danilo bought it by working hard and hopes he doesn’t die since he’s the face of their band. Ryan asks her if she’s Danilo’s girlfriend but the doctor comes before she can answer and announces that Danilo is awake. Morgana and Ryan decide that he must go see his brother first.
• Moments later, Ryan enters Danilo’s room and asks him how he’s feeling. Danilo tells him he’s great, just a little hungover, but Ryan thinks it’s more than that and chides him for partying so much. Danilo tells him that he was having a bad day and then his mother. He grows silent and Ryan asks him to finish his sentence. Danilo confesses that Mercy told him he wouldn’t receive anything in the will and felt bad that Walter didn’t think about him in his final moments. Ryan nods and tells Danilo that Morgana is outside but Danilo wants to know who punched Ryan. Ryan is quiet.
• Sometime later, Ryan arrives home to find Laustela waiting in his bedroom. He thought she’d be with Paloma but Laustela explains that she and Mercy had a fight, because she hates the real Estela, and even if it’s not directed at her she growing tired of the situation. She would love his help with her immigration status but realizes it would be complicated and she would rather forget her past as Laura Oviedo despite the fact that she misses her culture, country and people. She also not willing to give up on the American Dream for herself or her daughter but she lost everything, when she almost had it, and now doesn’t even have a car to her name. Ryan asks her what she needs and Laustela tells him that she needs a job, first and foremost.
• The next day, Ryan and Mercy talk about Laustela and the fact that she will now work at Furia Productions. Mercy doesn’t like the idea; especially because Laustela knows nothing of the business, but Ryan reminds her that Laustela needs her own money so they can move out but Mercy hates that Laustela is trying to take Ryan away from her. Ryan prefers to talk at the office and tries to leave but Mercy asks him about Danilo. He tells her that he survived, much to her frustration, and leaves.
• Laustela gets ready for her first day of work as Rosario asks how long they will be there. Laustela just needs enough time to save up some money to rent a house; Rosario asks that she save up ASAP so Paloma doesn’t get attached to Ryan’s house too just as they have to leave. Laustela agrees and continues to call Emily to no avail. Rosario offers to call her as Laustela kisses Paloma goodbye for the day.
• Morgana lights a cigarette and Danilo reminds her that they are in a hospital. Morgana laughs and reminds him he was the big man on campus last night even if today he is all bruised and battered. She then tells him that Ryan gave her his card so that she can call him if anything and smiles. She tells Danilo that Ryan looks better than him right now but Danilo thinks he should take advantage of the fact that he’s bedridden and hopes the press wrote about his accident so they can obtain some free publicity.
• In Furia, Ryan introduces Laustela to Genesis, who tells her that she heard a lot about her from the news and from Mercy. Laustela smiles and tells her she is neither a hero nor the devil and Ryan asks Genesis to show her around Furia as he gets up to date. He leaves and Genesis asks if it feels weird to work with the man she loves but Laustela asks her to pretend she is just another employee. Genesis confesses that she’d take advantage of the fact that she is the owner’s girlfriend but Laustela shakes her head. Genesis shrugs and goes to show her around Furia when Mercy comes and asks Laustela if they can talk.
• The prosecutor asks his secretary if he found anything useful in Estela Carrillo’s file but she confirms she found nothing. They turn to the missing persons poster and find that there is no photo to confirm Estela’s identity. He tells her that they will find the proof they need soon.
• Mercy brings Laustela to her office and proposes that they get along, at least at work, so things could run smoothly, even if she doesn’t agree with Ryan’s decision to get back with her. Laustela understands that she may have reservations about her relationship with Ryan and Mercy confesses that she keeps wondering when Laustela will take off and leave Ryan like she did before. She receives a call and tells the person at the other end that she will take care of it ASAP before hanging up. Laustela asks Mercy to trust her and offers to help her pick up whatever she needs.
• In his study, Mr. Blake listens to Laustela’s recording as Luisa comes in and chides him for listening to the song on repeat since they left Lima. Mr. Blake tells her that if he would’ve know Laura Oviedo was alive, she would’ve paid for what she did long ago but Luisa confirms that she found nothing in the internet on Laura. The girl in the video is Estela Carrillo and she’s the hero of the Everwood Foundation. Mr. Blake confirms that the girl singing is Laura because he was there when she first sang that song. He’s sure she changed her name like many illegal immigrants do but he vows to find her no matter what.
• Laustela arrives at LA Rodeo to pick up Mercy’s package. The man thought Mercy would come personally and asks Laustela to sign a receipt that she picked up the package. Laustela obliges and the man hands her a package and Laustela is shocked to see all the money inside the envelope. The man confirms that it’s the down payment for the Regional Music Festival Furia Productions is organizing on the condition that Don Chayo’s band is the closing act. Estela doesn’t think it would be an issue but asks if cash is the best way to go. The man confirms that it’s the only way and Laustela asks if she could use his phone to call Mercy. The man obliges and leaves her alone to talk. Laustela calls Furia and asks Genesis if she can talk to Mercy. Genesis confirms that Mercy left because she’s confident Laustela could get the job done. Laustela thanks her and hangs up before looking at the package.
• Asdrubar slaps Danilo awake and grabs his face. Danilo struggles against him and Asdrubar warns him to not waste any more of El Dorado’s money on things that break because it makes him angry and he may end up broken too.
• Outside LA Rodeo, the man says goodbye to Laustela, who walks over to the truck she came in. Just then, a man in a motorcycle blocks her path and points his gun at her. He orders her to give him the envelope ASAP.
• Danilo can’t understand why EL Dorado is so mad over a tour bus but Asdrubar reminds him that his boss doesn’t give anything for nothing. He then explains that El Dorado found out about the will and demands to know who is going to inherit Furia. Danilo tells him that Asdrubar that he’s not going to the reading because he’s bedridden and because Walter left him nothing. Asdrubar orders him to go to the reading tomorrow and report back with the information about Furia or he will suffer the consequences.
• Laustela is frozen as the man demands she hand over the money. Augustin comes and asks her to cooperate as he gets down on his knees. She gives the man the envelope and then gets on her knees too as the motorcyclist drives away. She gets up and tells Augustin to follow the man ASAP but he shakes his head and tells her it’s better to let it be. Laustela refuses and tries to go but Augustin reminds her that the man had a gun and he can’t expose her like that lest he have to explain it to Ryan. Laustela agrees but asks him to take her to the police station.
• Sometime later, Laustela arrives at the police station and asks Augustin to wait outside for her. She goes to the front desk and sees a man struggling with two police officers while making a complaint because they don’t believe his ID is legit. One of them goes to check out the ID as Laustela walks out without filing her report.
• In Furia, Joe, Mercy and Ryan discuss the fact that a lot of their talent hasn’t renewed their contract while others are asking to be released early. Joe confirms that he is speaking to the artists about their renewals as Ryan worries that they would have to return a lot of the money should artists leave before their contracts are up. Mercy thinks that their downturn at Furia is temporary and Ryan asks her what she plans on doing about the renewals then. Joe starts to list the artists that are staying with them as Genesis comes in and tells them that Laustela needs to talk to Ryan and Mercy ASAP.
• The doctor confirms that Danilo only has a small cerebral inflammation but everything else is fine thought he prefers he says a few more hours in observation. Much to Morgana’s chagrin, Danilo asks to be released ASAP because he has very important business to attend to tomorrow. The doctor reminds him that his life is most important and leaves. Morgana chides him for making her look stupid in front of the doctor but Ryan explains that El Dorado needs him at the will reading or he is going to put a bullet in his brain and in hers. He reminds her that she insisted that they accept El Dorado’s help so now she will have to help him. Just then, a nurse walks in and informs Danilo that a reporter is there to talk to him. Danilo asks her to let him pass and tells Morgana that he was right about the free publicity.
• In Furia, Laustela explains to Ryan, Joe and Mercy what happened outside LA Rodeo. Joe thinks she should’ve take more precautions but Ryan chides Mercy for sending Laustela when they have someone who takes care of that. Mercy explains everyone was busy as Laustela apologizes for what happened. Mercy asks if she reported the theft but Laustela wanted to let everyone know what happened first. Ryan tells her that they will go file a report together later and asks that she wait outside. Laustela leaves and Mercy thinks it’s ridiculous that the first time Laustela goes to pick up the money, they steal it, after they have been doing it for years. Ryan doesn’t think it’s ridiculous but Mercy insists that Laustela must be hiding something if she didn’t immediately report the theft to the police. Joe agrees and Mercy calls Augustin and the owner of LA Rodeo to confirm their version of the events. Ryan shakes his head.
• Danilo gives the reporter his version of the events, including the fact that the truck driver got in his way, but the reporter doesn’t even know his band’s name. He is more interested in knowing who will inherit Furia, especially considering he doesn’t get along with Mercy and Ryan. Danilo explains that he gets along great with them, even lives in their house, and that his band will be the new headliner at Furia. The reporter then asks about the recent scandal with Estela Carrillo and Ryan but Danilo tells him (AGAIN) that his band is going to make it big. The reporter thanks him for his time and leaves.
• Mercy, Ryan and Joe talk to the LA Rodeo owner, Tato, and try to smooth over things because, while the Furia has never steered him wrong, he may lose confidence in them. He tells them that Laustela assured him Don Chayo will be there, much to Mercy’s annoyance, and Ryan assures him as well. Tato thanks them and asks them to investigate the theft, as it all sounds a little strange. They hang up and Mercy tells Ryan that she’s not the only one who thinks the theft was out of the blue, especially because Laustela made a call before leaving LA Rodeo. Joe agrees and reminds Ryan that Laustela is the daughter of a criminal. Mercy thinks Laustela and the thief will likely split the money between the two of them and reminds Ryan that she left him three years ago and people change. Ryan confirms that Laustela is not the same person.
• Later, Ryan takes Laustela to his office so they can talk. She tells him that she will repay what was lost but Ryan reminds her that it was a lot of money. Laustela doesn’t care, she will repay it, but confesses that Augustin took her to file a report but she was scared to do so. Ryan agrees and Laustela tells him it was strange how the motorcyclist came and demanded the money, like he knew she was going to be there. Either way, she is going to pay him back and Ryan tells her that she will need to stay in LA more time to do so. Laustela doesn’t think she needs to live in his house but Ryan confirms he doesn’t know her too well so she would have to live with him for the time being. Laustela reiterates that she had nothing to do with the theft and Ryan reminds her that she wanted to start a new life. Laustela thinks it’d be dumb to ask for a job and then rob her employer but Ryan thinks a lot of people do stupid thinks for money. Laustela nods and reminds him that she doesn’t know him either and he was in jail when they met. Ryan reiterates that he’s innocent and Laustela confirms she is too and storms out.
• That night, Mercy drinks a pill in her room and asks Rita if her boyfriend did the job she asked him to do. Rita confirms that he did but chides Mercy for not telling her what the job entailed. Mercy didn’t think she had to and Rita explains that her boyfriend got out of jail only a few weeks ago. Mercy reminds her that she knew nothing of the robbery so she should be fine and then asks her for the envelope. Rita hands it over and Mercy reminds her to be quiet about their deal and sends her on her way. Once alone, Mercy takes out the wads of cash and smiles.
• Rosario tells Laustela that her and Paloma had a fun day exploring the backyard and they found butterflies, much to Paloma’s delight. Rosario then asks Laustela how her first day went and she confirms it was fine before asking Rosario how she feels. Rosario confirms that she’s better but has to watch what she eats a lot more. Laustela nods and then tells Rosario that she’s been trying to speak to the owner of Everwood but he keeps evading her calls. Rosario asks if she’s thinking of going back to Riverside but Laustela is quiet. She stands up and asks Paloma what she is doing.
• The next day, Mercy tells Ryan that she will speak to Don Chayo about performing at the festival. He nods and then tells her that he is going to visit Danilo, just to see how he is. Joe comes and reminds them that the notary is coming by in the afternoon for the will reading but Ryan chides them for not pushing it back and waiting for Danilo to be better like Danilo waited for Ryan to get out of jail. Mercy suggests he listen in on the phone and, if Walter were fair, he would’ve left Danilo out of the will. Ryan doesn’t think it’s fair and storms out. Once alone, Joe asks Mercy if she had something to do with what happened with Laustela. He reminds her that he’s on her side but Mercy tells him that everything has been taken care of.
• In his office, Ryan chides Laustela for wanting to go back to Riverside and she explains that she has to talk to the director of Everwood because the kids may be in danger. Ryan reminds her that there is always danger when she goes to Riverside and he can’t even accompany her right now. Laustela reiterates that she has to go but Ryan suggests that she call the director and explain what happened. Either way, she has to go with Augustin to pick up some documents and that takes priority. Laustela asks Ryan to lend her a car but explains that there are no extra cars right now and, with luck, the police will find her car.
• In a junkyard, the owner of Laustela’s rental house and the gang member converse about what happened. The owner confesses that Ryan found him outside the house and paid him to get rid of Laustela’s car or else. He tells the gang member that he is probably more dangerous than anyone in his gang. The gang member thinks Ryan’s request is strange but the owner suggests he disappear too and tells his boss that it won’t be easy to take back control of Riverside with Ryan around.
• With documents in hand, Augustin explains to Laustela that his wife would like him to work less but he has to work more to give his kids the life they deserve. Laustela nods and then asks Augustin to take her to Riverside. Augustin tells her that only Ryan can tell him where to take her but Laustela threatens to grab a taxi if he doesn’t take her. Augustin obliges.
• At Everwood, Luisa, disguised as a report, converses with the director about Laustela. He tells her that she was one of the best teachers they’ve had and it was a same that she had to leave. Luisa asks why she left and the director tells her that it was because of personal reasons. Luisa asks for more details and the director asks what publication she works for. Luisa confirms that it’s a newspaper in Arizona but the director tells her it’s all he can say. Luisa asks if she can talk to one of the kids in Laustela’s class.
• Mercy, Jose and Ryan meet with the notary. Joe tells Ryan that he will inform Danilo of anything that transpires during the will reading, much to Ryan’s discomfort. Joe tells the notary to proceed as Genesis opens the door and wheels Danilo into the room. She leaves and Ryan tells Danilo that it wasn’t necessary that he came. Danilo asks him not to worry and thanks everyone for their well wishes. Joe asks the notary to proceed and he tears open the sealed envelope. He takes out the will and reads that Mercy keeps creative control at Furia, a spot on the artistic counsel and her salary as such. Mercy thinks it’s incredible that she didn’t get shares but the notary asks her to be quiet until he finishes reading.
• Director Everwood tells Luisa that it is their strict policy to not involve students in these types of problems and confesses that the parents were the ones who demanded that the foundation fire Laustela. Luisa asked if they feared for their children’s lives and the director confirms that some thought that because Laustela is Pedro Carillo’s daughter. Just then, Laustela shows up and Director Everwood introduces them should Luisa have any more questions.
• The notary continues reading: Ryan and Danilo will each receive 80% of the Furia shares or 40% each. Mercy thinks that it’s an error but Danilo is happy that justice has finally been served. The remaining 20% will be kept in escrow until one of his children has a descendent. Everyone is silent but Mercy smiles at Ryan, knowingly.
• Luisa explains that she wants to know more of Laustela’s story but Laustela tells her that she has already said all she needed to. She then begs the director to listen to her but he refuses as Luisa begs Laustela for some time to talk to her. She promises that she won’t cause any more problems for her but Laustela refuses and Luisa finally leaves.
• The notary bids everyone goodbye and Mercy is surprised to know Walter’s last will and testament. He swore everything would be left to Ryan but that was not the case, much to Danilo’s delight. Ryan asks Mercy to control herself but Mercy won’t stay quiet: she thinks Danilo must be ecstatic that Walter lied and left her with nothing.
• Laustela explains that the shooting at the foundation was meant to start a gang war so that the parents will think their children are no longer safes. In doing so, the gang would then offer their protection and use their newfound power to recruit more kids to their ranks. The director nods and supposes they will also win back all the land they lost when the foundation began to take over Riverside and rescued many kids from gangs. He then asks if the gangs are taking advantage of her relation to Pedro Carrillo to blame for everything and Laustela nods. The director asks who she heard this front and Laustela confirms that it was El Caravelas, who they thought was out of the gangs but wasn’t. Director Everwood confirms that he is the nephew of Bettina, a woman who has helped them with funding at the foundation. Laustela nods and thinks the whole scheme is a lot more dangerous and far-reaching than they first imagined. The director nods again and confesses that he thinks she is blaming others for what has happened to her when she is the only one to blame. Laustela shakes her head and asks how he can think that she would make something like that up.
• Ryan offers Mercy the 20% Walter left in escrow, should he get it but Mercy wants another solution, as does Joe. Ryan tells them that there is nothing they can do, as that is what his father decided. Mercy reminds him that the worst is yet to come, as Danilo doesn’t have the smarts to manage their business and they will have to see him everyday. Danilo tells her that he and Ryan will decide how to manage Furia as they both have 40% but Mercy reminds him that Ryan, like Walter, fathered a child out of wedlock and now that 20% will be hers. Danilo frowns and Mercy explains that while he will only have 40%, Ryan will now have 60% of the controlling shares in Furia Productions…


Like all your writing “Everyone's Lying & Some are Almost Dying” was inspired Alfredo. This suave, sophisticated summary was excellent.

As I missed all but the last few minutes, I appreciated all of your wry and informative details, “Ryan introduces himself and Morgana smiles seductively” among many.

“Morgana tells him that Danilo bought it by working hard and hopes he doesn’t die since he’s the face of their band”. So much for steadfast, searing, devoted love.

“Danilo tells him (AGAIN) that his band is going to make it big”. Danilo keeps hope alive even though it is transparently clear no one seems to be able to remember the name of his group, let alone be interested in it.

"Mercy reminds him that he barely knows Danilo but Ryan goes anyway", "He tells her that he survived, much to her frustration, and leaves" and "Mercy takes out the wads of cash and smiles" continue to make me feel Mercy Me is the most interesting character here. I admit that I am very fond of the actress but I'm not quite sure yet what makes this character tick. I'm looking forward to seeing more of her. Angel? Nopis. Devil? Not sure yet. But looking forward to finding out.

Alfredo, this was so well written. Thank you for summarizing everything I missed.


Thank You Alfredo for another detailed, accurate work of art. You always catch things which march right past me. I didn't know until just now that it was the prosecutor and his assistant girl who found the "No Photo" folder. thanks again.

Mr. Teflon was virtually unharmed after getting obliterated drunk and destroying the bus. One of those guys so stoooopid even calamities don't want anything to do with him !

This episode was especially sweet watching Mercy almost gag on her own bile after she was cut out of the will. Bitch. It was sure easy for her to set up Laustela. I hope that comes back to bite her. She was going by 'Barbara' in Tres Mujeres and we left that on bad terms and it isn't improving now. bitch

Morgana is just plain fun. Sexy as all bejeezus, but on top of that just fun to see her dismissive attitude to (according to her) NoNutts Dani-Low-EyeCue.

They keep doing things hidden, then giving us clues later, like Laustel's car. I didn't know until the junkyard that Ryan paid them to hide the car. (I need the alternator off that Ford in the background.) This show is about like VEA in that the only ones who were not doing something clandestine was Bobby and now Paloma.

I had half assumed it was an evil Mom and decent son with Mercy and Ryan, but it now appears they are both evil, even enough to be hiding their shenanigans from each other.

"This show is about like VEA in that the only ones who were not doing something clandestine was Bobby and now Paloma" was great Kirby.

"I had half assumed it was an evil Mom and decent son with Mercy and Ryan, but it now appears they are both evil, even enough to be hiding their shenanigans from each other".

I like my galans with a shade of gray. It's nice to actually see some hint of personality (unlike David from VEA) - makes me anxious to see more.

Thanks Kirby.


Thanks, Alfredo. Terrific job.

Lots to ponder here. Ryan will have to deal with Danilo, who's already compromised by El Dorado, in his music business. Laustela has been spotted by her arch enemy. And then there's the gangs trying to take over Riverside. Ugh. I know it's anything but funny, but I thought of the Music Man's "We got trouble right here in River City!"

Diana, I'm sympathetic toward Mercy. Not fair that she didn't get shares. Setting up Laustela as a thief though - very bad. Urging Ryan to use Paloma as his trump card to get 60% - well, understandable. Of course, thanks to DNA, that's risky.

Kirby, I was surprised Ryan paid to have Laustela's car hidden. Oh well, both he and mom are not above playing dirty to get what they want. On the other hand, it might serve Laustela well if the guy with the home is more afraid of Ryan than he is of the gang. The music business is cutthroat and organized crime being involved in it is not unheard of, so I'm thinking Ryan and Mercy are rough around the edges to handle their business, but not evil --yet.

Thank you Diana and Kirby! Compared to what I read from VEA everyone has to turn on their thinking caps for this one.

I hadnt realized that the blad guy sitting at the parents meeting was the same one that attacked Laustela at home.

AsI said before the small details are incredible.

I assume Ryan did it to keep Laustela close and thats that he doesnt know the prosecutor is close to he truth.

Youre wekcome, Niecie. Now the key thing that everyone mentioned make sense because Ryan was the one who had the keys and he saw the owner outside before storming into the house.


Thank you Alfredo

"Mercy takes out the wads of cash and smiles"

Like this little twist but a lot of planning went into the set up. It was the night before Laustela was given a job.

What girl could resist a man oozing respect and all but lock a woman in the house so she won't get away, how sweet.

The popo didn't visit Danilo to investigate a tour bus crash in LA, Huh?

Mr. tofie usually leaves me alone with my TN's till last night and he saw a hundred inch display of Africa's butt.


I had my beanie on backwards over those dam car keys for about three episodes and thought I was just not paying attention. I still may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but my nose was not wrong when I smelled a rat about those infernal car keys. Thanks again Alfredo . This show takes something more cerebral than a suspension of the laws of physics and normal thinking, like I had gotten used to. I'm going to do better. :-)

Tofie. There are soooo maaaany things to like about Africa. And I like them all.

Thank you, Alfredo, I really appreciated your recap because I had no idea what was happening last night!

I am not a big fan of David Z's , but he does look very good in that black cowboy hat. Do black cowboy hats indicate the villains as they did in the old westerns? Probably not because I think Dave is supposed to be the galan. Then again, the concept of the galan seems to have changed.

Kirby, tell us how you really feel about Mercyme !

Niecie, "I'm thinking Ryan and Mercy are rough around the edges to handle their business, but not evil --yet".

I always enjoy how you put things in honest perspective as you've done here.

I like Mercy's fire, provided she is able to contain it so Laustela doesn't really get burned.

I like David's cowboy hat too Susanlynn. To me, he is very appealing here (rather surprising)...


" but not evil --yet". Um,...

Setting up a robbery of what looked like enough money to buy a house is pretty serious, as if things had gone differently, IE: Laustela being accused of actually stealing the money is pretty evil in a lot of people's minds.

Like years of prison time evil. Or was she just doing a playful practical joke.?

I have not even figured out Ryan's angle for in essence capturing Laustela yet. And MercyMe has something going on more than hoping her sweet little EX-CON boy doesn't get his widdle hart bwok awl to peeces agin.

But that is all good and fine. If I can just see Morgana once or twice per episode, I am happy. She really looks good coming or going....better than that black cowboy hat, I think.

Alfredo: Your recap's title said it all last night!

The Body Count begins!

Alfredo, I appreciate your recap... it was so detailed! I try not to look or walk away when it's on, but I must have because I did not see the scene where Agustin tells her to cooperate and she hands over the envelope with the money. In fact, I thought Univision had already started their slicing and dicing.

Kirby is so right--"This show takes something more cerebral than a suspension of the laws of physics and normal thinking..." I like the fast pace of this TN, but it seems that a lot happens that is not shown and the viewer has to make assumptions about what happens in between some scenes.

Steve: your body count list is going to be super long!


You're welcome, tofie, Susanlynn, Steve and RC!

It's nto only that some things happen off screen but the writers keep playing with our expectations. They also have a habit of setting things up only to pay them off episodes later like the car keys or Mercy's plan with Laustela. Dialogue is very important in this one because it was the only way we found out about the reason behind the shooting and what is really going on at the foundation.

Alfredo--YaY! a fabulous recap I could use to fill in all the gaps from last night. I tend to miss all of Danilo's bon mots because I just can't understand him and the quips are so short I can't get used to his accent. I even have a little trouble with Ryan's.

I totally didn't catch that Ryan, in effect, did have Laustela's car driven away and hidden. That's how it all happened---Ryan gave the keys to the landlord and the landlord drove it away. Also missed that tough guy really does want to bring the gang back to Riverside and infiltrate the families. How nice. He must not have any children.

So, that nasty Mercy had it in for Laustela, but now that she has the child who inherits the 20% she has to play nice in the sandbox. OTOH, she accused Estela of shacking up with any guy and she didn't believe the child was Ryan's. I wonder if she will demand a DNA test and then, what will RyStela do?

Hey Kirby, MercyMe may not have any shares right now, but she does have the ill-gotten $10,000 from the LA Rodeo guy and I bet she knows how to manipulate Ryan. Laustela is the big fly in the ointment.

Serves me right for not reading all the comments first. I managed to duplicate the whole lot. Sorry.

Thanks so much, Alfredo! There really is a lot of plot going on on-screen and OFF-screen too, so we have to pay attention.

Mercy was NOT playing nice with Laustela with that dirty trick with the robbery, but now that little Paloma is the key to Ryan getting control of Furia Productions, I bet she'll be slapping that "Proud Grandma" sticker on her car's bumper. No DNA test needed any longer!

Danilo is a trip. Nothing could really hurt that hard head of his, not even getting hit by a Mac truck. I also enjoy his funny interactions with Morgana.

With so many people digging into the life of Lautsela, including Mr. Blake's henchwoman, things are going to get even more dangerous for her and Paloma.

Anyone else notice how sweet Agustin (the driver) is always just happily gabbing away in his Spanglish about ordinary stuff, and no one ever pays attention to what he says?

Walter probably knew Mercy was shady and he wasn't going to leave his life's work to his shady wife. Better to leave it the illegitimate son he barely knew than to his wife.

It's in Mercy's best interests NOT to have Paloma DNA tested against Ryan, so she & Ryan can claim the controlling interest in Furia.

I totally did not catch that was Luisa in disguise, I just thought it was another annoying reporter.

Danilo cracked me up busting into the will reading.

Anon207 they got me too with Luisa as the reporter for some Arizona publication. That Luisa looks like one of those female Ultimate Fight chicks who got her ass beat badly not too long ago, so it went right over my head.

I just went and Googled it: Rhonda Rhousey

Kirby ..yes, Luisa must be kind of a nurse\bodyguard for Mr. Blake. I guess the braids close to the head is so that your opponent cannot pull your girls like to do. Rhonda , was surprised to get the beatdown. She was crowing a lot before that happened. One of those fight girls was on DWTS awhile ago. She was very pretty and danced well. Girl could also take a punch.

Vivi: "I bet she'll be slapping that "Proud Grandma" sticker on her car's bumper. No DNA test needed any longer!" Love have such a way with words! :-)

ITA Anon207: "Walter probably knew Mercy was shady and he wasn't going to leave his life's work to his shady wife. Better to leave it the illegitimate son he barely knew than to his wife." In addition to that, it could also be that Walter was hopeful that DaniLocoAsHeMayBe knew about the music business from a performer's perspective (not just the "business" side of it) and could use that knowledge to contribute to the company.



..or ,perhaps, Walter despite his womanizing ways, actually had some love in his cheating heart for Dan the Man's mama. #itcouldhappen

Susanlynn: "#itcouldhappen" yep, it could very well be :-) There's been many a time when people develop a conscience when they "see the light"


Thanks, Alfredo! I'm liking this more than I expected to; but as others have already observed, it is not for the lazy viewer. It takes some effort to keep up.

I'm pretty sure Mercy is evil. Ryan has done some questionable things too, but somehow those are going to turn out to be okay because he's the galan.

And poor Danilo, Daddy should have bequeathed him a manservant to follow him around and keep him out of trouble. That 40% of the business might as well be a cup of Jello for all the good it will do him.

Augustin cracks me up. I could listen to his inane chatter all day.

The Danilo character is kind of charming in a goofy , clueless way compared to the character that this actor played in PyP who was blatantly despicable and greedy.

danced well. Girl could also take a punch.

Dani-Low is partly charming because Morgan-A cuts him NO slack. It is a really believable, cute relationship

YIKES look at the time !



Hey patio people. I'm late to the talk, work is busy lately. But here's a little bit. Mercy is abit annoying.
She's abit sneaky and greedy,and wally
Probably knew she was spreading eagle
For the young pup joe the lawyer guy.

Danilo is gonna be trouble for his big
Brother.And he's really got his hands full With stubborn laustela. She is so pig Headed. How long is it going to take Ryan to find out that his mother set her up for the theft of that money money? Im Hoping soon, he looks like he's really suffering tryin to figure her out. Danilo is kinda funny,but he
Is troublesome. He's going to be a big handful. The jury is still out on him, I gotto keep watching.

That little girl is so cute.Ryan would be a good daddy for her. Mercy is not
Grandmother-ish. But chayo is.

Thanks Alfredo.

That Augustin guy is funny. His been
In this country to long he don't even
Have an accent. Or he was born here Sounds like he's tryin To learn spanish for the first time. He speaks spanish with an English accent. And he's happy. Happy is good.

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