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La Piloto #50, 5-15-17: Changing Sides And Re-assessing Alliances

Yolanda remembers Dave’s saving her and giving her back her medallion as she heads off to Christian’s funeral

Lisbet visits Raul Arguelles, late of the Federales.  She gives him the doctor’s bad news about never walking again-or at least it being very unlikely.  She plans to stay by his side.

Col. Santa Maria tells Reyes that when they get to the border, Reyes is going to use his head and his papers to get the three of them safely across the border into Nicaruagua on their way to Mexico.

John taunts Yañez about now being his new security head.  Yan was his equal and a partner before and is plainly not happy about John muscling in on his territory.  Seems he’s keeping quiet for now.  While driving to Tres Fuegos, John takes a call from his brother, Oscar.  He is snide to little brother and tells him to mind his own bidnez from now on.  Oscar’s suspicions are pretty much confirmed that he’s about to be thrown out of the cartel and he complains to sober-faced Zulima who continues to play dumb.  John wants Yoli out of his way, permanently.

The Mouthpiece attorney reports to Oscar about Cañengo’s failed attempt at offing Arley.  Oscar and Zoo seem in the dark about John sending out the order to have Mena done in.  He wonders who put the hit on his bro, Mena.  Zoo comments that John will not be a happy camper once he hears.  As for Mena, he sees frightened little Canny and gives him the “I’ve got my eyes on you” threat.

Eventually, John and Yan arrive at the empty Nieves manse.  John makes himself at home and turns over the books and papers looking for whatever clues he can.  He finds out that Christian eventually did die in one of the shootouts and all are at his funeral on the cemetery grounds.  They wait for Olivia’s and Margot’s return.

Meanwhile, at Monica’s secret new digs, Moni gets high and mighty with Lisbet over her criminal’s arrogant and unfeeling ways.  People like Bette don’t deserve to live, let alone get parole, not to mention murdering whore narcos like Yolanda Cadena that DEADave cannot seem to get out of his head.  Bette puts Moni in her place rather nicely.  “—I’ve paid my debt to society and am trying to turn my life around.  Give it a rest, why don’t you?”  Dave informs Bette then that Christian was killed in a shootout and the funeral is today.  He calls Wilmer so Liv and Bette can chat and catch up and perhaps give him a clue as to Yoli’s current whereabouts.

Liv learns how Bette spent the past five months and that Amanda is alive.  Bette gets the 411 on Liv’s recent trials and tribulations as well.

Yan gets the order to head for the funeral and beware of Liv when capturing Yolanda when and if he finds her with Yolanda.

Yoli gets an unexpected call from Bette then and learns that both Bette and Amanda are alive and kicking despite all and that Amanda is hiding out in Sindy’s Mama’s place.  Dave jumps on the phone and wants her answer about his proposition.  “—There is no answer yet.”  Click!

Dave leaves in a snit for Montgomery and the Mexican DEA office.  Moni gives Bette the keys and an extra gun to Bette the parolee after all is said and done and heads down to Tres Fuegos.

In Villa Antigua, things are a bit strange and strained between Sindy’s mama and naïve Amanda.  The woman is taking pills secretly and lying to Amanda about it.  Amanda gets a phone call from Lisbet and learns about the past five months up north with the rest of them.  Amanda says she forgives Mena and that something strange is up with Sindy’s mama, Carmen(?) who just happens to be eavesdropping on this call around the other side of the wall.  Amanda, therefore, really wants to get out of Villa Antigua sooner than later.

Meanwhile, O continues treating Roberto like a human punching bag—literally.  (I thought the guy would have died by now hanging in the air like that since that eventually suffocates a person, but this is Telenovelaland…..)

Montgomery reports to El Groucho de Oscar that Moni is too loyal to Dave Mejia and will never give up his whereabouts.  Oscar tells Monty to stop bothering him and make good on locating Mejia for John or else and hangs up on him.  Just then who does appear but DEADave offering to give himself up to the authorities on the condition he gets to go back to The States.

Monty messages Oscar that Dave’s at the agency.  He messages back to stall him there so he and his men can take him by surprise.  Monty complies and tries to tell Dave to hold off on handing himself in and to simply do it all up in the U.S. instead of Mexico.  He’ll tell nobody that Dave was even in the office there.  Do it to salvage what’s left of his career.  He should leave right away and not complicate things any further.  Dave says he’s got nothing more to do then there.  Monty has bad timing and somewhat desperately adds “--In fact, why don’t the two of us just chat for a bit and discuss it together?”

Dave’s leaving but turns around and says he is wise to Monty now and the guy isn’t being nice just to catch up on things.  He is purposely delaying him while his Bosses make their way there to come for him.   Monty plays dumb and Dave tells him not to bother.  They both know the score.  “—Enjoy that comfy chair while you can.  You don’t have much time left to as it stands.”

Dave goes down to the garage.  Oscar sends his two hired guns into the station to catch Dave unawares.

Dave is prepared. Dave captures Monty who has followed him down into the parking garage. Dave finds and keeps Monty’s cell even though he cannot get the password to open it from Montgomery.  Monty authoritatively threatens Dave but Dave says can it since he’s no longer working for him as a DEA agent.  He could shoot his head off if he wanted to all things considered.  Just then Oscar calls Monty; Dave is wondering who the call is from.  Dave answers and just listens.  Monty makes his move; he takes Dave unawares and elbows him a good one in the nose.  Oscar hears the rout on the other end and is immediately suspicious. Monty screams to the policemen in the garage that Mejia’s in the garage and they’ve got a chance to capture him.  “--Don’t let him escape!!” Just as Dave’s driving off in the SUV, the cops get involved in a shootout with Oscar’s men.  I looks like Dave’s gotten away.

Yoli arrives for the funeral and parks.  However, she sees Yan and his guarros getting out of a car down the street.  She drives off but they head her off a few blocks down the road.  They’re taking her back to John.  She takes advantage of the situation to try bargaining with Yan who wonders how she’s now no longer John’s protected lady friend.  She asks how come he’s working for John instead of an equal and an associate.  They both have problems with John and can work out a truce, she suggests.  He has to take another demeaning griping call from John just then.  “--Call me every 30 minutes with an update or else!”

Monty races outside and into Oscar’s SUV.  He tells Oscar that Dave Mejia’s got his cellphone and has already put most of the pieces together. It was a trap. The game is up.  Oscar is worried as hell now what will happen with Las Sombras if this all gets away from them.  He’s got to think.

Speaking of Las Sombras, the Senator is having a drink out back.  Zuli joins him.  He makes advances and asks which one of the Lucios she’s got a romantic relationship with.  John.  And does he treat you right?  She puts on an innocent face and plays the demure and long-suffering female.  It’s time for Zulima to be “movin’ on up.”

Yan gives Yoli a chance to say her bit.  He tells her he’s been demoted to Head of Security and he’s not about to sit idly by and be humiliated like that.  Yoli notes that it looks like Yañez is more than ready to play Let’s Make A Deal….

Dave gets back to Moni’s and tells Raul all about Monty and that he’s managed to capture his cell phone.  Whoever the dude’s been calling and texting to will be the proof Raul is worried about having.  (Do we hear “Wilmer to the rescue?”)  And BTW, asks Dave, where is Monica?  Dunno.

Down in Tres Fuegos Moni arrives in a cab at Mansión de Las Nieves.  She’s captured by Yan’s goon-guard and taken inside to meet John Lucio.  Ruh-rohhhhhh!!!


No commentary needed on this one!


Thank You SixFiftyFour, nicely done.

Poor Yoli. I feel like I am watching that fishing show “Bill Dance Outdoors” .
Catch and release with the same Yolifish how many times?

The Senator was not really all that nice with ZooLi, he in essence asked her if John treated her like the Hooptie she is.

It shouldn't take much from Nine Lives / Catch -N-Release Yoli to turn Yan on John.

Dave needs to get that phone to WILMER---personally. No FedEx, No USPS, No Amazon Prime, carry it yourself.

I have to wonder what is up with Sindi's Mom and her secret pills, and evedropping.

I understand Moni is still pretty torn up about her Sis, but she has a chip on her shoulder, probably like anyone would have, which clouds her thinking and makes her do dumb things. Um like getting herself captured. Is the lone Good Guy left running loose DEADav? That's DEA Dave, not Dead Audio Visual (system).

Is Yoli's only grudge against him that he was pretending to be a flight attendant earlier and didn't tell her?
Lordy, us men have pulled far worse stunts to get some underwear on the floor.

Thanks, Jardinera. I couldn’t keep up with the locations last night. So Yañez and John were in Olivia’s mom’s house and Monica showed up there too. It’s time for Zulima to be “movin’ on up.” - ha!

Dave and Monica each go off solo, no backup. Just dumb. Yoli’s driving around with apparently no plan yet. Guys, time to pool your brains and firepower.

I’m thinking Yoli realizes by now John means well by her, but his deal will involve prison time (as well it should) and she’s just not ready to face that yet.

So sweet to see Lizbeth and Raul back together and cuddling. They’ll deal together with his wheelchair.

Moni gets high and mighty with Lisbet over her criminal’s arrogant and unfeeling ways.

Monica, you know the Gone Girls were just lowly pawns. But they have scored the love of some great guys. Bette’s got Raul, Yoli can have Dave if she wants him, and Olivia’s got Wilmer. It does suck that a pretty crime fighter like you will stay forever in Dave’s friend zone, but get over it.

Oops..."I’m thinking Yoli realizes by now DAVE means well by her,"

Thank you Jardinera!!!!

Moni sounds unhinged. She needs some good therapy.

So John is upset with Oscar and wants Yoli kidnapped. Now I understand why he went to Yanez. John wants Yoli alive and knows that Oscar and his men would kill her, no matter what he orders. I think John, now knowing a little of Oscar's deceit, has gone off the rails too by going after Yanez and Yoli.

Zuli knows how to stay alive and her innocent, stupid act seems to work on these yokels.

Regarding Cindy's mom, I have no idea about the pills, but I have a theory. She has lost her daughter. What if after the baby is born she plans on killing Amanda so that she can raise the child as her own?

I thought John placed the hit on Arley? Are we saying that isn't so? And how in the world can Amanda say she forgives him?! I feel a story twist with Arley coming....

Thanks so much, jardinera!

I am totally on the Carmen is trying to steal Amanda's baby train and while I am totally down for the crazy novela twist, I also feel this would be out of place in this story. For all the times this novela demonstrates intelligence and excellent plotting, sometimes it can get really lost in the side story weeds. When oh when did Carmen become unhinged??? We got that one scene of "oh Amanda stay with me 4ever" but that was it. I think the writers dropped the ball on that one.

As for Amanda, she's trying to let go of all that bad energy from her narco days and that includes forgiving Arley or at least talking to him and getting some closure. He may not do anything to her now since he's against the Lucios but she should still be careful.

I'm also glad Margot decided to go tot he funeral last name. Whew! That was close.

This is why I love Zulima, girl, can sure think ahead of everyone. She destroys the Lucios and then becomes the main squeeze of the Senator and eventual president before offing him. Genius!

Monica's intelligence evaporated as quickly as her Sofia appeared and died. What a disappointment that this loyal, fierce, competent women is reduced to a plot point separating Dave and Yolanda, acting on impulse to try and get rid of her "Rival". I want her to realize Dave is old enough to make his own mistakes and leave him be.

Sorry, I think I meant to say that I thought Oscar placed the hit on Arley? I mean for quite a few episodes he seemed to be the only one with a cellphone in order to place the hit. I thought John and Oscar were together on that decision otherwise why hasn't Oscar tried to bust Arley out yet?

Jar--Thanks for taking in all the fast action for us and setting it out so nicely, so we slo-mo's can understand what went on.

Carvivlie--I also thought John did go along with Oscar's offing Arely. I thought they both got the news from Canengo that Arely was going to turn tables on them and agreed he needed to disappear. I'm surprised (not that I like carnage all that much) that they would have been much safer to find someone inside the prison that would have eliminated both of them--no evidence left behind. Of course, I'm glad Arely is alive and keeping his "eyes" on Canengo. There is such dignity to him, despite his being a cold-blooded assassin. Canengo is just a scared little rabbit, trying to get in good with the higher ups.

Kirby--You continue to provide me with so much food for thought, wrapped up in your special vocabulary. Have you ever thought of turning in a recap--if only to give Alfredo a night off? I think you'd have us all sitting next to a slang dictionary and laughing all the way to the end.

Totally agree that Monica has gone off the rails. Have we figured out yet whether she actually resigned or not? Sometimes she acts as if she's only on leave and other times she acts as though she a free-lancer. Inquiring minds need to know.

Zuli is the only one who has stayed focused. I'm sure now, she was just using John to get the inside info on how things were run, the who, how and what and is set to...yes, "movin' on up."

Thanks Jadinera. Lots of people in trouble or potentially. Rieves - can he outfox Santamaria. Even if they escape John, where are Olivia and Mother going to live. Amanda - wonder if she will keep the baby. Then there are Moni, Dave and Yoli - but these are indestructible. Well its a telenovela. Oscar is in trouble but Zoli can look after herself and twist things to her liking - stoopid men!

Thanks Jardinera. The last couple of days have been crazy and I have completely forgotten about telenovelas and a multitude of other things. But now I've got that great disco song Movin' On Up going through my head. I'll be dancing all day. Our Zuli seems to be a survivor every bit as adept as Yolanda.

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