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La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo, #5, Friday 5/12/17 Ryan saves Estela, Estela saves Ryan. But who will save Danilo… from his own stupidity?

The old:

Ryan takes Estella, Chayo and Palomita to his mansion. Mercy almost has a heart attack in seeing them, but Ryan says he brought his "family" home, so she better deal with it, or else...
In order to keep up the pretense of a reunion, Estella and Ryan need to share the same room, so Paloma has to sleep with Chayo in a separate part of the house.
Also, Estella just happens to get a glimpse of Ryan's "goods" - the girl likes what she sees and he doesn't mind the admiration. Dudes, I understand that you have to play pretend, do you wanna make things easier by just going for it?

Mercy goes to a bar and who is there to join her? Young, married Joe, the company lawyer and Mercy's boy toy apparently.
Danilo sees them making out in the car later in the evening - he's sure to take advantage of this bit of information later on. He also realizes that working for El Dorado comes with serious, dangerous strings attached. Will this be enough for him to say no?
On the other hand, Morgana is more than willing to accept the deal.
Mercy and Pedro Carillo apparently share a common history. She has his picture hidden in her room - wonder what this is about...
The new
The Mansion
We pick up with Mercy again, while she’s burning Pedro Carillo’s photo. She looks serious. And crazy.

Estella is in panic mode because Paloma has disappeared (so she believes). The housekeeper explains that she overheard a conversation between Ryan and Mercy – Paloma was present and she was saying that she wants to go back home, in Riverside. So is that where Ryan took the girl?
Estella is about to explode. Why would he take Paloma? How dare he not inform her first? Just then Mercy comes to the kitchen, and doesn’t understand what the big fuss is about? Isn’t Ry Paloma’s dad?
Uhhhh, yeah, sure, but it’s not like he’s very paternal, Estella insists and not even Chayo’s attempts to calm her down succeed. Mercy wonders why Estella decided to testify and tell Ryan about having a child together – were his letters such a turning point for her? Also, maybe she should take some anxiolytics if she’s so nervous (hehe). Chayo thinks a tea would suffice.
Estella wants neither, she storms off in search of Paloma. She won’t take Chayo with her, in case Daddy Kidnapper shows up. 

Furia Production
Danilo is still trying to find out why his father changed his will at the last moment, by blackmailing Joe into revealing any hidden information that he might know. Joe refuses to accept that he and Mercy are secret nasty lovers (Duh!) – he is a happily married man and his wife is a saint (so I’m guessing just the opposite might be true). Also, he has no clue about Walter Cabrera’s testament changes, but he does know that the late owner always listened to his wife’s advice. Danilo decides to let it go and tells Joe that he won’t reveal his dirty little secret … for now.

Later, as Mercy shows up at work, she has the displeasure of finding Danilo in Walter’s seat. I think the actors are having the time of their lives playing these interactions, because they are definitely fun to watch.
Danilo wonders how come there is no photo of his pretty face on the mantle. Mercy urges him to get up and get lost, but he just wants to talk about Joe again. And the will change. Mercy insists that he meant nothing to his father, so he probably just left him a worthless ranch that he owned. If he wants a job with Furia, they’re always in need of good housekeepers.
But this is not exactly Danilo’s plan. He leaves without getting his much needed answers.

When Joe shows up, for some after-noon smooches, Mercy is in no mood. She had no clue that Walter had changed his will, does Joe know something about it?
Nope, the pretty boy is clueless, he’s just a lawyer, the change was made with a notary (the more he denies, the more I believe that this Joe fellow is i up to his neck in all of Furia Production’s business).
Couldn’t they try to hook up more often, he asks? But Mercy doesn’t think it would be prudent, especially not with Danilo lurking.

The Mansion
As it turns out Ryan only took Paloma to the pool, because she was crying and wanted to see her mom. As he explains all of this to Chayo, Estella calls to say that Ryan’s car is nowhere to be seen. She’s in front of her house in Riverdale and Chayo is about to tell her that Paloma is safe at home, when a man covers Estella’s mouth. It’s the owner of the house that she was renting – he wants his money and some extra payment for all the damage caused to the house.
As Ryan listens on, the owner threatens Estella, calling her a delinquent, asking for her to pay with her father’s money. They go in the house together (bad move, Estella) and she promises to pay everything as soon as she has some money. He suggests another type of deal, so they begin to struggle.
On the other line, Ryan realizes that Estella is in danger and runs to her rescue. But will he get there in time?

Some field, in the middle of nowhere
Danilo, Morgana and the third Stooge (whose name I don’t remember, but he’s a band member) are searching for the ranch, see if it has any potential. Morgana is making fun of Danilo, didn’t he say that he stood to inherit half a production house? He still thinks that he might, but the ranch could be a good asset, too.
As it turns out, unlike all the Televisa ranches in the history of telenovela making, the one that Danilo could inherit is a real dump, most likely a money pit and a death hazard. Once again Morgana is dying with laughter seeing such “inheritance”, while Danilo is pissed. They try to get in, but a guy with a riffle stops them. They pretend they’re interested in buying the property, so the man explains that the ranch is not for sale – the owner, who just died, said that he was leaving it to a lazy, uneducated, good for nothing son that he had. Everything needs to be rebuilt, the lands need strong hands to work them… Since Danilo is not the type to jump at the idea of working for his money if it means something more difficult than just holding a microphone and moving his hips to Morgana’s lascivious voice, he’s rather disappointed. Is this the only thing that Walter Cabrera has left him in his will?

He then goes to see El Dorado to tell him that he accepts the offer – they will become his exclusive band. Man Bun explains that he’s not the big boss, his name is Asdrubal (how not fancy) and here is a load of cash to buy some decent clothes for the band. Danilo’s feathers get all ruffled – they are not in misery, they have concerts and all. Also, he realizes that all this money is for more than just singing, so he’d like to know the real boss. That’s not possible, Asdrubal is just obeying orders and they should, too, since El Dorado is the one who calls the shots and has ears everywhere.

Estella has managed to run out of the house, but the garden door is locked, so she can’t go out. As the owner gets out of the house, locking the front door, she goes back inside and she hides in a closet, after retrieving her phone from the floor.
The owner either calls a friend or he just shows up, but they both go inside the house and start to talk about their business. They think Estella has escaped by jumping the fence and they’re happy that the school attack is now thought to be caused by some of Pedro Carillo’s enemies (with Estella being the main target).
Honestly, I didn’t get their talk, I had to press pause just when the second guy arrived and when I returned the video wouldn’t just re-start. So I missed part of their conversation, but if I got it right, Estella, who was listening everything from the closet, realized that it wasn’t someone from the community who caused the attack in order to re-start a gang war in the neighborhood, either. Is this right or did I get it completely wrong?
Sorry, anyone could fill in the blanks for me?

Back to what I actually know, at one point Estella made a sudden noise, and the two guys found her in her hiding spot. While the owner of the house just wanted to get rid of her without getting into too much trouble, the other guy (a gang leader?) decides that he’d like to take advantage of the situation. Estella might not have any money left over from her father, but the guy she testified for sure does. So he’s thinking kidnapping and they need to find a way to transport her to a safe place, but moving her before dark would be too dangerous. The owner reluctantly agrees to help, so he goes to hide her car, which is parked just outside his house.

In the meantime Ryan arrives, too. He tells a friend on the phone that he doesn’t want to get the police involved and grabs his gun from the gloves compartment (I know this is the US, but would one of the good guys just have a gun laying around?). He finds Estella’s car, the keys still in the ignition and goes to knock at the door.

(This is just an aside to mention that for someone who passed the border illegally, bought fake papers and managed to raise a child all on her own while maintaining a decent job, Estella sure proves that she can be really dumb sometimes. Storming off from the house with no actual proof that her daughter was back in Riverdale, leaving her car like this in a dangerous place… no wonder she’s about to be kidnapped in broad daylight and probably worse if Ryan doesn’t show up in time)

Moving on…
The owner is just getting out of the house, so Ryan says that he’d like to visit it, he’s thinking about renting. The owner suggests another day, but Ryan insists it should be now and takes out his gun. A struggle ensues and the owner manages to run off with Estella’s car keys and her car (I guess this should cover rent, the tussled house and the manhandling).

Back in the house, Estella is tied down, with her mouth covered. Her attacker is trying to rip out her clothes, just as Ryan shows up and hits him in the head. His mistake is that just after that he concentrates all of his attention on setting Estella free, so the bad guy hits him back. It is Estella who manages to save both of their tooshies – she grabs the gun, fires to the bad guy’s feet, threatens him that she will send her dad’s bullies after him if he follows them and she and Ryan finally leave the house.
Outside, she gets upset because her car is gone, but she reluctantly agrees to get into Ryan’s and they drive off.

A music studio somewhere in LA
Mercy has gone to visit Don Chayo, the famous regional music singer (just an aside, but I really don’t care about this type of music). Earlier she was telling Joe that they need to get him to sign back with them, because they lost a lot of contracts since Walter died and Ryan being accused of murder didn’t really help matters.
She wants Chayo to be the big star of their next huge music event, El Jaripeo Something Something (a sort of rancho music festival, as far as I can tell). Also, she offers him a two albums a year deal if he agrees to re-sign with them.
But Don Chayo (not to be mistaken for Chayo, Estella’s best friend, who has been relegated to the kitchen, as part of the help) doesn’t like the scandal that Furia has been involved in and the fact that Ryan has been declared innocent doesn’t seem to impress him too much. Besides, he’s surprised that the investigation into Pedro Carillo’s murder didn’t lead to a bit of knowledge about a common past that Walter, Mercy and Pedro shared – at one time the three of them used to be socios.
Mercy flinches, but waves off the idea, all of that is long forgotten, she says. Chayo wonders, though, why did they stop their partnership, was something wrong between them? For all he knows, Mercy could have killed Pedro, right? Hehehe…
Ding ding ding! Do we have a killer? We just might, Mercy doesn’t even wince, but her eyes kind of darken when Chayo mentions this as a joke.
Do we know how long it’s been since Pedro and Walter’s deaths? Did Mercy kill Pedro, her ex-lover because he was threatening to expose their past?

The hotel
Danilo, Morgana and the third Stooge are drinking, celebrating the new contract they just signed with El Dorado. Danilo explains that they’ll be used for money laundering and he’s worried that they might get into trouble. Morgana doesn’t think so, even after she’s explained what money laundering is, she still thinks they’ll be ok – everybody is doing it, why should they worry about it? (Morgana, you have a bad omen waiting for you). The booze is over so Stooge goes to grab some more and when he’s back, they sign, dance, laugh, and get drunker than drunk.
After, in a moment of inebriated calm, Danilo gets restless. He grabs the bus keys and practically rolls over to the parking lot (he can barely stay on his feet). Morgana and Stooge try to stop him, since he’s too wasted to drive, to no avail. If I were the Stooge, I would punch him good, Danilo doesn’t look like he could stand it in the state he’s in now.
Anyway, he gets his way, he leaves and we see him at night fall, driving the bus on a street. As he dozes off, a truck comes from the other side and I’m pretty sure that Danilo will be in big trouble in the next episode.

On the streets of LA
In the car Estella and Ryan are fighting. She’s upset that she lost her car, without one you’re useless in LA (true, how long before Ryan buys her a brand new toy that she has to accept because of strict necessity?). He thinks that she totally overreacted when she ran from the house in search of Paloma. What is she afraid of? Estella won’t share too much, but she acknowledges the fact that they both have many secrets and there is a lot of mistrust between them.
She wants to warn the school director about what she heard while hidden in the closet. Ryan would like to know why she decided to declare in his favor at the trial and offers to help her and Paloma become legal residents once their deal is over. But if he gives Paloma his name, then this won’t be an issue for the little girl anymore, right? It’s not like you can take that back without revealing the whole lie, right?
She thanks him and agrees to tell him one of her secrets – her real name: Laura Oviedo.

The clinic in Peru (?)
Mr. Blake goes to take a shower before they leave (he doesn’t need help, thank you very much). While she waits, his assistants watches youtube videos. She stumbles upon the one where Estella is singing to calm down the kids just as Grandpa gets out of the bathroom. He immediately recognizes Estella’s voice and screams that he can’t believe that she’s alive. Laura Oviedo is alive but he will kill her!!


Thank You Adriana, Wow, the detail. Is this a recap or a forensic transcript? :-)

I like your who's savin who title. I thought Don Chayo remarked to Mercy that 'if blah blah blah you would kill Pedro Carillo again.' as one of those half joking, half NOT joking things.

Morgana and Curley should have taken the keys and dropped them down the sewer grate. I will be surprised if Dani-low survives. Not to mention the hapless unlucky innocent truck driver.

Morgana is interesting. She seems to have a close (bangingly) relationship with Danilow, but no freeking respect for the arrogant little turd. With THOSE leggs, she should have flushed him a long time ago, Woof !

There are so many twists and turns here, I will need to awaken the other half of my brain which had dozed off as I watched Vino El Abortion. WTF does Eye Digger man have against Estella?

I just reread this to be sure I am not seeing things. WHY did they explicitly show Ryan taking the keys out of her car when he first arrived, if the bullies were going to hide it a few minutes later? Was that an oversight or a significant clue?

IE: a car is F A R harder to move and hide if the steering is locked and the engine will not run and the transmission is locked in park. All these things are designed to be difficult and time consuming to defeat for just that reason. ? ? ?

Thanks, Adriana. I'm still following along (barely) but even I can tell that Danilo's best bet for survival will be dumb luck!

Could No-Eyes be Pedro Carillo?

Thank you, Adriana! I wan to watch the epi before reading but I appreciate your efforts :)

Idk Julie but thatd be a little too many peoplr coming back from the deadnor never really dead...too much for me. They introduced him as Mr.Blake and it seems Luisa is his unconditional so I assume they wouldnt lie to each other if he was Pedro.

Jewels said : "...for survival will be dumb luck!"

The dumb part is right.

And No-Eyes is recognizing her voice, so it is the real Laurestela or whatever her name is, not the fake Estela he wants to kill. I'm having trouble keeping everyone's names straight. Add in having two names, and I'm ready to just rename them all something I can remember.

Dani Lo IQ needs to get himself a great big gun like everyone else has if he is alive after his excellent adventure. Absurd-bun and his exercising helper henchmen like guns, Dani Lo IQ needs his own, just in case.

Estela sure knows her way around the armory. Hmmm. my music teacher didn't carry, I guess times have changed.

I'm beginning to think Paloma is the only one who doesn't have some skeletons floating around. And I bet she has stolen a couple Cheerios from MamaMercy by now. Little thief has made off with my heart already.

Hi, to All and Happy Week-End! We sure need a rest (and time to reflect) after all the action in this TN. So many twists and turns, I've been singing "I'm so dizzy, my head is spinnin" for a while now :-D

Busy day today, so I've only had time to read the comments...great as ever!

Kirby, always enjoy your comments...they always make me laugh. I think Palomita has made off with all of our hearts :-)

Be back later


Thank you so much, Adriana. I was so sure I'd seen this whole episode, but there are big blank spaces that I cannot recall for the life of me. Sleep must have overcome me, but I swear I was awake for the whole thing. Now I have to watch it again! Be back later.

Thanks for joining Alfredo. Poor guy needs a break.

BTW everybody, her assumed name is Estela with one "l." A double "ll" would have turned it into a "y" sound (see Estrella). I wish it had been the other way around, though, Laura Oviedo is less harsh rolling of the tongue. I'll go back and change the titles.

Anita to the rescue. Estela and Laura. Laurela...OK got-it.


"but there are big blank spaces that I cannot recal" French Vanilla with hot fudge, a cherry and some of that extra rich aerosol whipped cream.

THAT'll keep you awake.

Dr. J

Thanks, buddy. Ice Cream to the rescue. Now to figure out why I can't rewatch Cap #5 from in comfort in front of my own computer when Univision wants to know what TV provider I use and it's not listed. THEN they tell me I can watch clips and NEXT WEEK I can watch the whole episode. Shoot. Off to OnDemand and the comfort of my own living room TV set.

Adriana, your recap is sensational! I don't read recaps for translation, but just to see the added snark, thoughts, and insight of the recappers and commenters--so much more entertaining!

"I think the actors are having the time of their lives playing these interactions, because they are definitely fun to watch." You are so right! Africa definitely seems to be enjoying herself. I like the way some of the scenes are much lighter and bring in humor to this otherwise intense TN.

"Estella sure proves that she can be really dumb sometimes." My thoughts exactly! It's obvious that this girl has ALOT of experience with adverse and dangerous situations, yet she makes these off-the-wall impulsive decisions that just don't match up with the character we have been shown. In addition to what Adriana mentioned--Someone commented yesterday that it was strange that Laustela allowed Paloma to sleep in another bedroom (even if it was with Chayo). In this episode, I thought it also strange that she and Chayo would leave Paloma alone with Mercy (pre-kidnapping). What is wrong with this woman...after she went through so much get away from Mr. Blake...all the way from Peru?!

In the scene at Riverdale, the owner and the other guy (who happens to be the bald, quite man at the parent meeting) were talking about how lucky they were--the attack on the school, Estela's Father being revealed, and Ryan's trial happened just at the right time. It seems that they had been planning on starting some type of illegal activity and these events were only going to give them something to blame it on. I didn't catch everything they said because they were talking so fast, but that's the jist of it.


Ugghh... "Quiet" not "quite" man


Thank you so much Adriana.

Africa and Danilo make me believe Morgana and Danilo are a couple and know each other intimately. How refreshing.

I hope Danilo doesn't die, he's the best character so far by far.

Just how does Ryan think he can make Laura and Paloma legal? Everyone knows her as Estela and she's not. Even if he marries "Estela" it changes nothing for Laura.

Adriana Noel, the title was inspired.

Witty and wry from start to finish. "unlike all the Televisa ranches in the history of telenovela making, the one that Danilo could inherit is a real dump, most likely a money pit and a death hazard" was superb as was "if it means something more difficult than just holding a microphone and moving his hips to Morgana’s lascivious voice, he’s rather disappointed".

Is Mercy Me's house so large that Adriana either A), didn't think to search the rest of it before she flew off the handle or B) was unaware of the pool (I assume it is IN the house, correct?)

I do care about Laura and I like her with Ryan. What on earth could she possibly have done to Mr. Blake?

That said, Morgana and Danilo are stealing the show here. And you nailed it tofie. Totally believable as a real couple. I loved the scene where Danilo asked Mercy why she didn't have a picture of him. I get fonder of the actor every time I see him on screen. No wonder Africa is having so much fun. RC, it really does help the story and our caring about the characters when they seem to have an obvious on screen chemistry. Africa is one of the reasons I started watching this - Danilo is just charming. Well most of the time...

Kirby, I enjoyed your observations particularly "I will be surprised if Dani-low survives. Not to mention the hapless unlucky innocent truck driver". I had really thought third wheel was going to try and wrestle the keys away from him, but retreated with very little fight I thought. It's too early for Dani to die and it's a shame someone will likely die who doesn't deserve to.

After Vino, this is refreshing and lively. And to see the characters actually look as though they are in love, in lust or merely even interested is heartening.

This was wonderful. Thank you Adriana Noel.


Ugh, I didn't mean Pedro Carillo, I meant Walter Mr. Ryan's father. As Mr. Blake. Although I guess he could be Carillo too. I'm just thinking Blake must be one of the dead guys.

Thanks, Adriana. So many details, so clearly explained and with such wit.

A struggle ensues and the owner manages to run off with Estella’s car keys and her car (I guess this should cover rent, the tussled house and the manhandling). ha!

Seeing Danilo hear that the bum ranch was left to the owner's lazy, uneducated, good for nothing son was a hoot. Still trying to wrap my head around all these characters. The pace is too fast for me and I like it.

Niecie, I saw Ryan open her car door and take the keys and pocket them, Maybe I am seeing things, but it doesn't matter, the car is gone one way or the other.

Happy Mothers Day...

You may be a mother. You may not be a mother. But you are someone. Whether a daughter, sister, aunt, niece or friend, you are celebrated tomorrow.

Wishing all women happiness as we celebrate our collective strength and sisterhood.


Thank you, Diana, from the bottom of our hearts. I'm all of those, but since I don't particularly like labels, let's just say I'm a 20th Century woman trying to adapt to the 21st.

FWIW--I rewatched Epi #4 as well as Friday's. In #4, Mr. Blake, with his eyes still bandaged curses the person who took away the only thing valuable in his life. This happened before he heard Laura Oviedo's voice in Epi #5 and said he would personally kill her. We saw in Laura's flashback that it was Mr. Blake outside Laura's door with the other guy who was banging on it and Laura was clutching the fairly recently born infant, cowering on the other side. She kept saying he wasn't going to take (her/the?) child away from her. I missed hearing her say La Nina.

At the time I assumed she was an unwed mother and they were going to take her child and sell it. I was having my own flashback to the tn Montecristo where there was an organized ring that did that. They would actually go into hospitals, with the collusion of doctors to take newborns and tell the mothers their child had died. Then they would sell the babies.

Thanks, guys! I had no idea this was so detailed, a while ago my recaps were double the lenght. I always try to put to paper all that I think could be important in later episodes, but this show has a fast pace.

Kirny, love your nickname for Danilo, I will steal it whenever he does something stupid again (soon, I guess).
The guy can't be dead, too soon for that but if the poor truck driver diesEl Dorado might cover Dani's tracks and mess wirh him even more in the future.
Danilo and Morgana are fun to watch. They are believable as lovers who share pillow talks and a certain complicity. I do wish Morgana showed more smarts when it comes to El Dorado, she'll get herself into trouble if not.
I don't get how El Dorado pretends to hide his true identity from the band. Aren't they supposed to sign for him?

Ryan just saw the keys in the car while he was checking it. Taling rhem out was just common sense, but he did lose them soon after in the struggle outside the house.

Anita, the way I saw the flashback scene was Estela was trying to escape with 'la nina' - not "mi nina" - so their mother-daughter bond had't been established yet. Mr. Blake is definitely a reelative,imo. A grandpa or the bio father ( why not?) -as soon as we find out what happened with the real mom, we'll know more.

Diana, THANK YOU! We already celebrated Mother's Day where I live, but I accept a second celebration :))

Adriana, thanks about the stupid keys which had me all corn-fused. NOW it makes sense. I missed Ryan losing them. I locked mine inside the car at the beach in a torrential Florida thunderstorm once and was impressed FOR EVER at how hard it is to undo that mistake ! :-)

Boy, you almost have to watch a TN to see Ariande with her clothes on ! Apparently she typically only wears panties, and a bra maybe halfway on if she is dressing up to go out ! I wondered where else I had seen her, and after Googling her I was chasing my tail in circles. Woof.

Diana, you are so right!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL YOU BEAUTIFUL WOMEN!! ..and a belated FELIZ DIA DE LAS MADRES to those of you who celebrated last Wednesday


Happy Mother's Day Girls.

All this Mother stuff got me thinking, Dani-Low was Franco in P&P and was a stinker there too. As a matter of fact, he was Eladio's (hidden for a long time), illegitimate son there also.

It suits him.

Adriana, good recap. That asdrubles guy, I'm not sure about that name so here's what I'll call him asdrubles.
Cuz he'll probably end up being an ass
Anyway the rest of this show, so it's a perfect fit for him. It could be for
Danilo to. What A jerk.

I hope estela/Laura won't be one of those heroines that's going to be doing all kinds of stupid stuff while the galan trys to save her life and almost getting himself killed in the process. When she was hiding in the closet and her phone started ringing I thought why didn't you put it on "ringer off"? but nobody ever thinks of doing that.I guess it wouldn't have
Done any good to run out the front door, so she runs out the back? She's lived in that house for how many years? did she know there wouldn't be a way out the back? She's gonna annoy me a lot this girl. But I like their
Chimistry. And she did take a peak at his business. His turn.
Danilo, I'm not really caring that much about him. If hes gonna be dumb &
Stupid all through the rest of the show, I'll just ignore him. Drunk and
Driving is not entertaining at all.

Mercy has a that guy her
Baby daddy? The baby being "Ryan"?
O Miss mercy, you Been a nooty girl.
And joe,with your happily married self
What A messy mess.

Thank You Adriana.♡HAPPY♡MOTHERS DAY

Thank you , Adriana, for an excellent recap.

I am finally able to pop into the patio after a weekend away at a wedding .

Kirby, I am so fearful of locking my keys in the car that I check to see if they are in my purse before I shut the door. Years ago, Hubba and I went to put flowers on the cemetery at night. I purposely left the car door open because we left the car running , but the door closed and automatically locked. It was a stressful, creepy experience that left me paranoid about the car keYS.

Danilo is young, conceited, and foolish, but I hope that he does not end up being a bad guy.

Happy Mothers'Day to all the patio ladies.

Nina Absurdbun would fit nicely. And I suspect there actually is no "Big Guy" and he is him.

Sue. True story. A buddy and I were launching two Jet Skis at the same time. I was on one and had a foot over on the other one and holding the handlebar too. He backed his new Avalon down and got out to unhook the cables which winch the skis onto the trailer. His car jumped out of park and rolled back. His door was open, but shut because the car moved down the ramp. Because it was moving it auto locked the doors as he reached for the door. He just could only stand there as his (running) car backed itself down the ramp and submerged. It was a helluva view for me

I tie wrap a door key underneath the car in some impossible place now. I would rather slither under my car or truck and retrieve a key than be caught in a thunderstorm.

The flowers are for you Moms.

Thanks for the flowers , Kirby ....such a gorgeous color. My friend ,the mother of the groom, insisted that I take one of centerpieces home. Gorgeous pale pink rises and some kind of powder blue snap dragon . I wish that I could post a photo .

I like to think of Marcos Mendez as HoneyBUN. He has a scary vibe in this show, so different than the other roles that I have seen him in.

Susanlynn, some ghost guy probably closed your door. Why would y'all go to cemetery at night? I don't like goin in the daytime. Sorry not my bees wax.
Kirby you are a sweet guy. Does Mrs Kirby Know how blessed she is? Thank you.
I wouldn't be surprised if he is el darodo. Marcos Mendez, I remember him
From PyP.That salt-pepper hair of his
Is beautiful. I rather see him play a good Guy.Hes kinda creepy in this. But
He plays creepy well.

"Assdrubal"is what I was tryin to type
This thing has a mind of its own.

Roses are hard to beat.
That would open up a whole new dimension, (and two hundred thousand problems I am sure) if we could embed photos in our posts. I worked WITH Google and circumvented it in a way, and I am surprised I'm not living down the hall on Doritos and water.

Many other Forums allow photo posts, but they are the forums where a picture is handy to diagnose a problem or show off a snazzy paint job.

That purple is a November Orchid. A Lady gave it to me (My neighbor) before she moved back to the UK. I do not know anything about it except it blooms right before Thanksgiving.

HoneyBun is clever, but we might change our mind after we get to know him. MoneyBun works too. Bun has a lots of possibilities, almost like Dis.

This show has more secrets than the CIA. I hope they will dribble them out to us rather than save them all for the Gran Final. I'm dying to know who Mr. Blake is. Dying to see Morgana on stage again too.

Susanlynn I did that when hurricane Matthew hit year before last. I could not go and check on the old lady I was
Takin care of, so I got my neighbor to
Take me to the old lady's house to get
The other car key. I paid 30.00 to her to go Out that bad weather, and wait for me To find the key then bring me back to my house where the car was. As soon as I got the chance I had another key made. And since then I have locked the Keys in the car, BUT,I do have a spare. Love my spare keys.

Nina, "I hope estela/Laura won't be one of those heroines that's going to be doing all kinds of stupid stuff while the galan trys to save her life and almost getting himself killed in the process". Well said. I hope so as well. Like you, I was cringing, waiting for her phone to go off as she was hiding in the closet. I think she is plucky but she better get her wits about her especially as one of her pursuers has real hatred in his heart for her.

Kirby and Susanlynn, yes, I have locked my keys in the car more than once.

Nina, Marcos is always a mesmerizing villain - those eyes and that beautiful gray hair. The first time I saw him was as an abusive doctor in Querida Enigma. Yes, I am NOT feeling the "honey" bun. At all. Distracting. Where are my scissors??

Flowers? Beautiful Kirby. I can't wait to see what you will do next...

Hope everyone had a good day.

I am going to miss tomorrow night so will look forward to the recap.


Thanks Nina, She calls herself Mrs Buchanan these days. :-)

Who was AssBun in P&P? I can't remember him.

OK I'm back, he was Augustin, wasn't that Arturo's attorney?

Nina, we always put evergreens on the graves of are loved ones who are gone at Christmas time, and I always feel restless until we have done it. We were very busy that year, and after a day of errands , we decided to just get the evergreens placed even though the sun had gone down ( pretty early in the 5pm... in December here in the Northeast. My dad had died just four months before, and I remember thinking he was responsible, and i was talking out loud to him. He had an interesting sense of humor.I re ember saying, "Daddy, this isn't funny!"

Diana, I remember Marcos in PyP, but I do not remember him in QE.

Aaaww susyQ he had to get his babygirl one last time.That sounds so beautiful with the evergreens at christmastime.

He does have gorgeous eyes. He was arturo's lawyer. I think they were best buds too.

Thank you so much, Adriana! I finally had time to watch and read the whole think after the mother's day festivities and a happy belated Mother's day to everyone! :)

I don't think Laustela (like Oriana over in MPV) thinks logically or sensibly when it comes to Paloma, especially if she thinks she's disappeared. It's like she goes into full reaction mode and thinking things through is not the first priority. Note: all she had to do was look around the house a little more and she would've found her. I like that Ryan and Laustela both mutually save each other, that is always a good thing :)

As for Danilo, I feel bad for him sometimes tbh. He's pigheaded and a drunk (thus far) but he also grew up without a father, with a mother who constantly told him his father didn't want him either, and good ol' Mercy reminding him if she ever saw him while Walter was alive. I know some people move on and become upstanding citizens after that but not everyone is strong enough. If anything, that ranch reminds him of all he expected out of Walter and how little he got in the end. That has to be rough.

MercyMe has a famous "if looks can kill" stare, huh? Even Don Chayo was moving back slowly. I wonder how Ryan is going to turn everything around at Furia since everything seems to be going downhill as far as new articles. Danilo's band may not be looking so bad (if they remember their songs! lol)

Oh! As for the foundation talk, I had to rewind it a couple of times and play very close attention but that was the gist of it, Adriana. I'm glad Ryan didn't order the ransacking but the writers did trick us into thinking it was either him or the parent at the foundation. When dialogue is important, then the writing is even better, I say, since nothing becomes filler.

As for Mr. Blake, I guess Laustela was also a singer in Mexico? Her voice, as nice as it is, may be her undoing.

I halfway pretended to watch the trailer for this show a week or two ago and I remember something about Laustela singing. But I was not really paying attention and I was thinking Arrrff, is this going to be a singing competition show with Africa and Ariande? I suppose a lot of what we are seeing now was set up in that show, and I did not really watch, it was just on and I was fooling with the computer or something.

Alfredo, yes, I feel a little sorry for Danny. Maybe he just needs to grow up a bit and find someone to really love him. I think that he could be a good brother to Ryan. However, Mercyme hates him.

Danilo and Ryan don't seem to dislike each other. Danilo acts like a pain in the neck younger brother already. Ryan acts cautious with him but then he did just meet him and he was drunk. Earlier he told Mercy she couldn't blame Danilo for his pop carousing and there could be more half-siblings out there. I hope Danilo manages to miss the truck driver because if the truck driver doesn't survive and Danilo covers it up, he's no longer funny.

Second thoughts on the dad leaving Danilo a bum ranch. He could've left him nothing. If he's creative, he'll turn the ranch into something.

I like that Ryan and Laustela seem to be coming together gradually. Nice to see love bloom, instead of the typical first-look thunderbolt.

Adriana- It's so great to read one of your recaps again! Loved every detail and snarky aside comment questioning the motivations and actions of our protags. :) No time to comment today, but I did want to say gracias!

Delurking activated.
Binged all the episodes this weekend, I am really liking it. The chemistry between the leads is there. I think Laustela is acting irrationally because her carefully ordered world is falling apart. Things I liked, Ryan taking Paloma swimming was really cute kinda wish we saw more of that. Ryan waking Laustela up from her nightmare, has any couple talked as much these two at the beginning of a show. Them saving each other, that actually works well for the future. I'm liking Mercy, she was hurt by her husband let her have some fun. I feel sorry for Danilo, but if breaks the law to much not sure if I can get behind him. Maybe he will be the plucky comic relief.

Lurking reactivated

Critical overload in Hyperlurk circuit #37.
Lurklock random unexpected failures.

Beep Beep Beep.....

Anonomizer Poole compromised and leaking........

The levee has broken and you will soon be hammering away on your keyboard to total strangers at 2:00 AM.

Sorry. You may have been assimilated.



Kirby--Now that's quite a welcome to a new de-lurker. Welcome J. Poole.

Susanlynn--Verra OT. I just got a notice from Amazon that all "Jamie and Claire's" books, translated into Spanish are available. Somehow, I don't think it would work for me in Spanish. I need to hear that Highland accent in my head and the Velly British English on Claire's side.

Kirby: I knew I recognized Danilo Carrera from "Pasion Y Poder".

Same Ole Jerk, Same Ole Nasty Attitude!


OT..Anita, aye, lass,I like it just the way it is..perfection. Season three starts in September, and the author says that it is verra close to the book Voyager. I am watching reruns and doing a reread . #cannotwait

Steve, yeah Franco who was cheating on Gaby with the chick he killed. And El Dorado's spokesperson, the Bun guy was Arturo's attorney.

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