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La Piloto #48 5.11.17: In Which Yolanda Realizes Dave May Not Be Such a Bad Guy...

• The Lucios and their men look around but they don’t find Raul anywhere on his floor. Oscar assumes it was Monica who busted him out and John agrees. He radios his men at the entrance and as them to keep a lookout for Monica.
• Downstairs, Monica weeks Raul out through the parking garage exit. She tells him that they are going to her apartment and run out to the street.
• Moments later, the Lucios arrive at the parking garage but find it empty. Oscar asks John what they will do now but they don’t have time to think about it as they hear sirens. The Lucios and their men run.
• In the coroner’s van, Olivia finds it strange that Yolanda hasn’t arrived yet and Wilmer wonders if Dave caught her. Estela suggests they call her but Olivia wants to give her more time lest Dave catch her trying to answer her cell. The coroner continues to struggle against his restraints and Estela threatens to shoot him if he doesn’t stop. Wilmer laughs at the fact that her and Yolanda are a lot alike.

• Dave and Yolanda drive in silence when her phone rings. He asks who is calling her and Yolanda explains that it’s Olivia, who she was supposed to meet up with hours ago. He asks her to answer and Yolanda obliges. They are worried for her but Yolanda tells them to leave, after confirming that they got Christian’s body out. Estela asks if Dave caught her and Dave comes on and assures them Yolanda will be safe with him. Yolanda tells them to not worry since she’ll be safe and hangs up.
• Wilmer asks Estela and Olivia what to do and Olivia agrees that they need to continue to Tres Fuegos. Estela would like to say goodbye to Christian but she has nothing to do in Tres Fuegos and prefers to stay. Olivia thanks her for all she did and suggests she turn herself into the police and continue with the witness protection program. Estela agrees, says goodbye to them both and leaves after Olivia gives her a cell phone so they can say in communication.
• Dave takes Yolanda to Rosalba’s apartment. Rosalba is shocked to see her but Yolanda engulfs her in a big hug and remembers all the times Rosalba was there for her. They both begin to cry as Dave smiles at the fact that they are finally reunited. Rosalba thanks Dave and he nods.
• Santamaria and Rubio are stuck in the back of a police cruiser bound for the Interpol headquarters in Panama City. Santamaria gives Rubio the signal and they begin to kick the metal grate separating them from the policemen. They manage to kick it off and they begin to choke the policemen with their handcuffs. The car stalls on the side of the street, both officers passed out, and Santamaria congratulates Rubio on a job well done. They proceed to take the bodies out of the car and take it for themselves.
• In Monica’s apartment, Raul lies in her bed and asks her if she’s sure no one will find her. She tends to the wound in his back and explains that she just got that apartment so no one knows where it is. She then asks if his wound hurts and Raul reveals that he still can’t feel anything and remembers when he and Arguelles shot each other. Monica assumes that there are more moles since the Lucios knew which hospital to find him in but Raul is quiet. She hopes his wound doesn’t become infected and then puts a fresh piece of gauze on it. She asks him to try and sleep for the time being but Raul doesn’t think he will, especially after all that’s happened. Monica nods and tells him she understands how he feels and there is nothing she can say to make him feel better. He should take comfort in the fact that his father chose to be a criminal and he had to do what he could to stop him. Raul begins to cry and Monica asks if he would like her to call anyone regarding the funeral. Raul shakes his head as Monica leaves the room after telling him she’s there for him. He slams his fists against his legs and cries.
• In the living room, Monica pours herself a glass of water and sits down on her couch. She lays her head back, closes her eyes, and thinks about all that has happened.
• Yolanda tells Rosalba everything that happened with Colombia and John as Dave listens in in a corner. Rosalba asks how she knows that’s true and Yolanda confirms that John himself told her. She begins to cry and confesses that it was the hardest 5 months she ever had to endure. Rosalba asks her what happened in Colombia and Yolanda looks at Dave, who moves back into the shadows, before telling Rosalba that they kidnapped her and forced her to live on a base as everyone thought she was dead. She also tells her that Santamaria was drunk with power and used everyone around him as an object. Rosalba doesn’t understand but Yolanda shakes her head and looks at John again. Rosalba asks her again what happened but ultimately understands that she doesn’t want to talk about it. Either way, Rosalba is shocked to hear John planned the whole things.
• Just then, Dave’s phone rings and he goes to answer it. It’s Monica, who reveals that she had to take Raul out of the hospital because the Lucios tried to kill him. Dave shakes his head and asks her where they are. Monica explains that she’s at her apartment and cured Raul’s wound as best she could. Dave tells her that he may have an idea for capturing John but they need Yolanda’s help. Monica doesn’t think she will, even if they find her, and Dave confesses that she’s in his custody and they are in Rosalba’s apartment. Monica writes down the address and tells him she will go right away before hanging up.
• Oscar stops Zulima on the bring Roberto breakfast and gives her an apple to take him instead. He then receives a call from his men that they need him at the front door to welcome the Cartel leaders. He will go right away and orders Zulima to take the apple to Roberto before giving the breakfast to the gardener.
• In the shed, a starving Roberto grabs the apple and devours it as Zulima tells him that he’s lucky Oscar likes him so much or he would be dead. Roberto laughs and reminds her that she has plenty of secrets too and should be careful. Zulima reminds him that at least she is not a rat and goes to leave but Roberto tells her that she wins and confesses that he stole the money and will share it with her if she helps him. She asks him what he wants and Roberto proposes she help him escape and he will tell her where the money is hidden.
• Yolanda sits with Dave and thanks him for taking her to see Rosalba. Dave nods as Rosalba comes and laments what happened to Estela. She wonders where Estela may be but Yolanda doesn’t know and asks Dave if she can borrow his cell to make a call. He hands it to her and asks Rosalba if she would be willing to stash Estela in her apartment. Rosalba has her reservations because Estela is insufferable but ultimately agrees for Yolanda. Yolanda nods and calls Olivia’s cell phone.
• Estela, who is walking down the street, answers Yolanda’s call and asks her if she is at the police departments. Yolanda explains that she is in Rosalba’s apartment and Estela is pissed that she was kidnapped all these months as Rosalba lived comfortably. She reminds Yolanda that it wasn’t fair and asks to speak to Dave so he can help her re-enter the witness protection program. Yolanda asks her where she is and Estela explains that Olivia and Wilmer left for Tres Fuegos but she is in Mexico. Yolanda passes Dave the cell so he can give her the address; Yolanda tells her to come ASAP before someone finds her.
• Olivia’s mother opens the door to find Olivia crying. Olivia hugs her, confesses that Christian is dead and remembers when he was shot. Her mother falls on the floor and breaks down as Wilmer quietly watches.
• Rosalba thinks the Lucio’s betrayal could be a fresh start and asks her to cooperate with the DEA now that she owes nothing to the Lucios. Yolanda prefers to talk about it later and Rosalba asks her to think about it. Just then, Dave receives a call from Reyes, who tells him that Santamaria and Rubio escaped on the way to Interpol and reveals that they killed the two policemen that were transporting them. Reyes then tells him that they seem to be heading North and Dave deduces that they are on their way to Mexico. He hangs up and tells Yolanda all about what happened in Panama. Rosalba asks if that is the man who kidnapped her and Yolanda nods. She asks Dave to do something before Santamaria catches her and Dave agrees.
• In jail, Canengo talks to two inmates and tells them about what happened between Arley and the Lucios. He thinks it’s a bad idea to challenge the Lucios and tells them that the orders are clear: they need to kill Arley. The two inmates nod as Arley comes and Canengo orders them to be quiet. Arley asks him what he was talking about and Canengo explains that he was talking about the soccer game. Arley slightly nods but doesn’t believe him and leaves.
• Roberto asks Zulima why she is taking so long to decide and she reveals that she has already made her decision: she won’t help him. Roberto asks if she thinks the Lucios will give her any amount she would ask for but Zulima reminds him that she’s not a traitor. Roberto wants to know why she’s so loyal because Oscar will betray her any chance he gets but Zulima tells him that they are in business together. Roberto nods but asks her what John would do if he finds out about Yolanda. Zulima goes to choke him but stops herself and leaves in a huff. Roberto screams for her to come back to no avail.
• Close to the border of Panama and Costa Rica, Santamaria stops the car on the side of the road. Rubio asks him why and Santamaria reminds him that the car they are in is stolen. He agrees and Santamaria tells him that they need a plan.
• Dave tells Yolanda that they need to work together to get rid of their enemies. Rosalba agrees and reminds her that the DEA may be able to help her get a new life after all this is over. Dave nods but reveals that he is no longer part of the DEA, much to Yolanda’s surprise. Dave assures them that he will catch the Lucios though, no matter what, but Yolanda has concerns. She wonders who will help her if she collaborates and Dave tells her that her superiors will be able to help her, all she needs to do is trust him. Yolanda asks what she has to do and Dave tells her that she would need to be bait to draw out John from his hiding place. Suddenly, they hear police sirens outside and Yolanda runs to the window to see several policemen getting out of their cars and surrounding the building. Dave assumes it was Monica and Yolanda asks if she no longer trusts him. Dave is quiet and Yolanda asks if this is how he plans to help her. Dave shakes his head and leads her to Rosalba’s laundry room. He helps her get up on the washing machine and to reach the skylight.
• A guard leads Arley to a secluded part of the prison to meet the head of security. Arley is confused but the guard asks him to wait and leaves. Moments later, Canengo arrives with the two inmates and Arley laughs at the irony of it all.
• Dave leads Yolanda through an adjacent apartment and out into the hallway as the police storm Rosalba’s apartment. Monica arrives and Rosalba tries to explain that no one else lives there but she ignores her and screams Dave’s name as the policemen look around the apartment.
• Dave gives Yolanda her medallion and shows her the staircase up to the roof. She thanks him and goes while he goes back to Rosalba’s apartment.
• Arley calls Canengo and his men a coward but Canengo reminds him that it was either him or Arley’s life. The inmates attack Arley, who defeats them easily, and then Canengo takes a swing and misses. Arley tells him that he will pay for his betrayal and attacks Canengo, who cuts his arm with a knife. Canengo runs away as Arley looks at his wound and follows him.
• Rosalba orders the police to leave her apartment at once and they oblige. She closes the door and sighs a sigh of relief.
• Outside, Dave finds Monica, who asks him where Yolanda is. He asks her why she brought the police before telling her that he doesn’t know where Yolanda is. Monica doesn’t believe him so Dave confesses that Yolanda left but chides Monica for trying to derail his plans against the Lucios. Monica chides him for defending a criminal and tells him that she is sick of his favoritism before leaving. Rosalba sees everything from her apartment room.
• The Lucios meets with the Cartel leads. The consulate representative tells John that she is on his side, no matter, what, as Vergara beckons the Senator to start the meeting. The Lucios sit down and the Senator chides them for what happened at the airstrip that morning. He is disappointed that they lost another airstrip and they are on every news station, again! Oscar reminds them that they low profile but the Senator screams that if working with el Cartel de las Sombras is too hard, they can leave. John, pissed as all hell, tells the Senator that they should be pushing forward instead of crying over spilled milk. The Senator is quiet.
• Yolanda, now on a bus, remembers when Dave told her Santamaria escaped and offered his help to catch him. She also remembers when he asked her to be bait for the Lucios and shakes her head.
• The Senator asks John to remember who he is talking to but John reminds him that they are supposed to be a team and they are all profiting from his and Oscar’s efforts. He then tells the Senator that they can leave, much to Vergara’s chagrin, and tells them that the only people who risked their lives at the airstrip was him and his men. He then leaves and Oscar tells the Senator that it’s easy to come and complain after the fact but they are risking their lives daily. Vergara reveals that they know the airstrip shootout was because of John’s ex and asks Oscar to tell them more about her. Oscar tells him that she is Yolanda, a pilot that works for them, and chides him for being nosy. Vergara reminds him that all they do is his business but Oscar cocks his gun and tells him it’s not. He then tells the Senator to decide: either he works with the Lucios or he doesn’t.
• Olivia brings her mother some tea and begs her to please say something. Her mother is quiet but continues to cry. Just then, there is a knock and Olivia goes to answer it. It’s Wilmer, who tells her that he was able to get rid of the coroner van. She thanks him and explains that the funeral home already came for Christian’s body. He nods and asks about her mother. Olivia’s mother suddenly stands up and walks away. Olivia explains that her mother is in shock and Wilmer thinks the death of a child must be horrible. His phone rings and Olivia answers. It’s Yolanda, who asks her where she is. Olivia tells her that she is in Tres Fuegos and Yolanda tells her that she’s on her way there. Olivia thought Dave caught her and Yolanda explains that the police came and Dave helped her escape after taking her to see Rosalba. Olivia then asks about Rosalba and Yolanda explains that she is good but it’s a shame she had to stay behind when the police came. Olivia wonders why Dave is helping her and Yolanda explains that he proposed they help each other catch the Lucios. Olivia asks what she would have to do but Yolanda prefers to talk in person. Olivia agrees and Yolanda confesses that she would feel safer with the Lucios in prison though Santamaria is still after her.
• Now that there is no line, Santamaria puts the car in drive and tells Rubio that they must cross the border soon. Rubio asks him how they will do it and Santamaria explains that he will drive to the border slow and then speed up and shoot the guards. Rubio thinks that they will die but Santamaria reminds him that he doesn’t have a better idea and asks him to prepare. Santamaria puts his foot on the gas as the guards tell him to stop. Rubio cocks his gun and begins to shoot at them and the guards jump out of the way. Santamaria drives through the border and doesn’t stop.
• The Cartel leaders get ready to leave and the Senator tells Oscar to fix the mess they are in because he would hate to lose the profitable relationship they have going on. Oscar tells him he will take care of it and the Senator reminds him that the presidential elections are close and he would hate to see his name involved in any scandal. Zulima comes, apologizes for interrupting, and looks at the Senator, who bids her a good night. When they’ve left, Montgomery comes and chides them for taking to the Cartel leaders in that manner. Oscar tells him to shut up and reminds him that he need to capture Yolanda soon because she’s a lot more dangerous than they thought. Montgomery leaves in a huff and then Zulima laughs at the fact that the Cartel leader were reprimanding them like children. Oscar tells her that he doesn’t have time for her stupidity and asks that the next time the Senator looks at her like he wants to eat her up, she should shut her mouth, smile, and show him the goods. Zulima nods, Oscar leaves and she goes upstairs.
• In his room, John is chugging tequila and remembering when Yolanda ran to him and have him a big hug. Zulima then comes in and asks him how he feels. He is quiet and she thanks her lucky stars that he came back to them, safe and sound. He tells her that it’s a good thing she’s there, grabs her neck and pushes her down on the bed. She struggles against him and begs him to let her go but John wants to know what is happening because he’s now sure that both her and Oscar already knew Yolanda was alive. Zulima shakes her but John continues to squeeze her neck…


Hey all! Thank you so much for stopping by yesterday and hope to see you again today! :)

I'm happy to see Yolanda finally coming around and possibly even helping Dave catch the Lucios.

I felt horrible for Olivia because no doubt her mother blames her for everything that has happened and now she only has the daughter she doesn't want to even talk to. There is no way to get away from that.

Zulima is hilarious...she thinks everyone finds her irresistible and she's so smart but she messed with John and he won't forgive or forget that one so easily. I'm sure Roberto's offer is looking mighty good right now.

That makeshift "border" was HILARIOUS! I'm never been to a border crossing but that seemed WAY too easy. It seems escaping a cop car is harder than crossing a guarded border ;)

Thanks Alfredo. I wonder if Monica is jealous of Dave's interest in Yolanda which is why she called in the guards? If there are 80 capitulos as I read somewhere on the internet, we are more than halfway. I suppose that SantaMaria will have to capture the unfortunate Yolanda again as he is still around.

Lynette that is exactly what I am thinking about Monica/Yoli. She said something the other day also about not hesitating to shoot and kill Yolonda when a shoot and just stop her or just plain catch her physically seemed the more logical route.

The thing that has allowed S&M to get so far is he has zero conscience. He kills without even giving it a second thought, like the poor sap who owned the red jeep. Just walk up, shoot him in the heart, hop in and drive away.

Wilmer sure has a lot of free time. DEA Dave needs to befriend him at all cost. Against all odds, Olivia and Wilmer are a dam good team. If the four of them could all get on the same team they might have a chance.

Hello Sue, Diana, Anita (slobbers, wags tail, sits, and offers paw)

Alfredo--You turned in another magnificent retelling. I really wanted to know what John told Zulima while he was holding her down (2d time, no?). You delivered, along with everything else. Thank you.

I thought the most laughable moment was where Arley faces three inmates and they take turns trying to go after him. But even funnier were the big holes in the wall.

I just looked up Capt. Arguelles. He is Livia Brito's dad. I like Raul. I hope the feeling comes back in his legs. He maneuvered that wheelchair like a pro--as if he'd been in one before.

Can anyone tell me if Vergara is played by our MdN Lascaurain, Jean Paul Leroux? We loved him in Quiero Amarte as Jorge. Slap a pair of glasses on him and some facial hair and he's almost unrecognizable, unless he's not JPL.

Kirby--Paw shaken, amigo. However, I think Susanlynn and Diana are over on Doble Vida. Are you joining the new class forming over there? We should be stockpiling Doritos--just in case.

Oh, Lynette and Kirby--I thought the same thing about Monica when she showed up with the police. In fact you could see it in her face when she put the phone down to head over to Rosalba's. What I didn't know was that she would take the police with her.

Monica definitely wants Yoli out of her way. However, she should know by now that Dave is fixated on Yoli--even when she's with the Lucios and then gone missing for 5 months. That's how strong his feelings are for her. I hope Yoli begins to recognize how much Dave has tried to protect her and trust her.

(I kinda wished Dave had kept the necklace until things were a little calmer and put it on her as a surprise.)


Thank you so much for your enjoyable, well-written, and detailed recaps. Such a pleasure to read !

I wanted to follow-up on a question asked by ANON lurker the other day and which you and others so very graciously answered-- thanks to all who responded because I noticed that sometimes such answers don't get answered.

I had some of the same questions​. When you refer to "On Demand", which cable provider are you referring to:. Time Warner, Comcast, U-verse ? I noticed, and as far as I can tell, U-verse doesn't have some of the "On Demands" you mentioned.


OMG I forgot another stupid question ?

Does anyone have any luck watching complete chapters of novelas on-line by means of some of the sources such as TV Novelas, etc? They always either want your credit card number or a weird ad (Wheel of Fortune) pops up that McAfee warns as dangerous.

Other sources such as Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube are great, except Hulu doesn't carry many telenovelas now and a lot of episodes on YouTube for older Novelas are deleted.

You're welcome, Lynette, Kirby, Anita and Victoria!

First and foremost, yes, Anita, that is him! I immediately recognized him and was happy to see him in a bad guy role, especially so soon after MdN. He's really versatile. My favorite of his is still QA's Jorge though. Man, I miss the romance of that one between our two main couples :(

Victoria, I don't think I say Ondemand but if I have, I mean the UnivisionNow app. It carries their current stale of novelas, some older ones and some exclusive to the app that never aired in the US. The only thing that sucks is it doesn't have subtitles but it's the only way to watch Univision novelas now since their deal with Hulu expired.

Funny enough, I found Maria la del Barrio and am rewatching it on Netflix. What ridiculous fun.

Kirby and Lynette, of course Monica is jealous but I think Monica is also like an audience proxy, who feels the same intense frustration that Yolanda continues to engulf everyone around her in her problems and innocents keep dropping like flies. She lost her daughter and all Dave wants to do is safe Yolanda any way he can and Monica knows he's not thinking clearly. She is tired of it all and wants to get rid of the Lucios but also Yolanda who's been nothing but trouble.

Alfredo--I just saw MdN's Rita over on Doble Vida taking care of Mr. Blake. Nice to know our favorites aren't out of work.

Alfredo--Pssst, it was her sister Monica lost.

Haha, yes. My fingers weregoing faster than my mind. Considering how hastily she was introduced though it couldvw been anyone the writers wanted ;)

I saw her! She looks so sourpuss and stoic with tight warden braids. Im excited to see her again. Ive loved Lourdes reyes since I saw her in LMdV


Good morning Alfredo. Busy day yesterday. Just now getting to this. Always enjoy your recaps, but my favorite bit was the very end...with John strangling our viper-in-residence Zulima! Sounds like Must See TV to me. Will try and find it this morning On Demand. As always, thanks Alfredo. You have incredible dedication.

Thanks Alfredo! I'm like JudyB and just getting here this cold, rainy Saturday morning. Hopefully will have a chance to see this episode and Friday's at some point today. Oh how I want John to find out the whole truth abt Zulima and Oscar. Strangling her sounds like a good start.

I think Monica is completely correct. Yoli is a drug trafficker and Dave acts like she is an innocent victim. She should be in jail, not at Tia's house. Dave's feelings for Yoli have totally screwed up his thinking and she sees Yoli playing Dave like Simpson played her.

Carvivlie--Of course you are right. Yoli is/was as much a part of the Lucio Bros. organization as Arely or any of the sub-lieutenants. She had the misfortune of getting caught by the wrong side. She handled guns and shot at people (were they all "bad" guys? She moved drugs and money by herself piloting a plane. If she's going to be "saved" by Dave, she needs to recognize her crimes and be willing to pay for them--jail time. However, if she is truly repentant and helps Dave bring in the Lucios and expose Montgomery, she should get a light sentence or probation.

Liz had to go through some bad stuff in jail for her participation--and she was only a flight attendant who helped the pilots and Zeki's crew to move money and drugs for a cut and became a sequestered bar maid running for her life when she was going to be killed.

I can't remember which one of the three, Amanda, Liz or Oli was the reluctant one at the beginning, but I don't think it was Liz.

Youre welcome JudyB and Carvivlie! Anita-it was Lizbeth lol they ultimately threatened her life but she was the one with the mortgage she was behind on.

I will say going behind Daves back is not the right way but Monicas actions are completely justified. Yolanda has also yet to lose someone close to her so shes not in the same position as the others.

Thanks, Alfredo. Captivating recap.

Lizbeth was so reluctant that the Lucios put a hit on her. Here's an excerpt from Jardinera's recap of episode 3: "Moni says they captured a phone call between Zeki and Zulima last night telling her there’s been a hit ordered on Lisbet.(Ms. Blonde Ambition). Dave remembers that Yoli is supposed to be with her this evening and so her life’s in danger also."

Olivia tried to leave too, to go away with her adorable novio Roberto.

Yoli has made bad decisions and should pay for them, but John knew the airline was hiring innocent girls as flight attendants and ensnaring them in smuggling. He took the time to bed Yoli while undercover but didn't take the time to warn her so she wouldn't get in any deeper. To me, he has earned his guilt. A real boyfriend, which he wasn't because his job came first, would've warned her. So, yeah, now he should be giving her a helping hand.

Monica's anger is understandable, but I don't see how John can trust her now. He told her where Yoli was in confidence and she not only shows up herself but brings a whole team. I don't even know how she did that since she doesn't work for DEA anymore.

Yoire welcome, Niecie! I wondered that too about Moniva but then assumed she had Raul call them and tell them to follow Monicas orders.

Whats sad is that everyone uses everyone and thw only legit love here is between Yolanda and Rosalba or Oscar and his gun.

Alfredo - "Oscar and his gun" -- lol. How about Raul and Lizbeth? Those two are so cute together. I think she will stick by him.

Is it the cynic in me that makes me think they arent going to make it? I used to think arley and amanda would and look how that turned out.

Also I always remember LRdS...even if you survive the narco world, the scars run deep

Niece--At 11:08, you meant Dave, didn't you? All true.

But, using a parallel, John Lucio also would have known Zeki's airline (Lucio Bros. subsidiary) was hiring innocent girls and turning them into drug runners. John took Yoli over, bedded her and then seduced her into the organization by offering to teach her to fly. At this point Yoli made her own decision to stay with John, even knowing what a rotten, ruthless bunch they were. They were nice to her, for awhile. Once/if she and John learn the truth of Oscar's perfidy, starting with his phone call to the authorities of a plane flying in with money, I wonder if that will be enough for John to give her a helping hand.......

Niecie--Remember that he was undercover for an operation. It all fell apart right after Yoli and Dave made love. She changed her flight schedule to be with him when he went to deliver the money. He tried to keep her away from the job, then tried to make her stay out of the restaurant. If she hadn't been with him, all hell wouldn't have broken loose and he would have snagged his man. There would have been time afterwards to tell Yoli who he really was--or I would hope he would have.

Anita - Yes, John (I really do mean John this time!) should give her a helping hand too if/when he finds out about Oscar/Zuli. He might, we use to see a bit of humanity and common sense out of him a while back. I'm holding Dave to a higher standard though cause he's the good guy.

Niecie: Yolanda does NOT learn at all. Her intelligence & IQ is likely not good!


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