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La Doble Vida De Estela Carrillo #4, 5-11-2017 Discussion

Hi all-

 I fell asleep before the episode came on, I'll watch it now and have a recap later, in the mean time discuss!


Looking forward to it, Juju!

Danilo surprised me. I thought he was too stupid to realize that the attention and gifts from the narcos come with strings attached, but he realized that as soon as that tour bus came out. Too bad that it's too late. If he doesn't want to end up like the poor guy who got shot with the bag over his head, then he'll play along and do what's "asked" of him.

Of course, Danilo is no victim, since he has no problem blackmailing Joe to do some tampering with his father's will, if Joe doesn't want his wife, kids, and his BFF Ryan to learn his lover is Mercy. (Go, Mercy! Get your cougar on, girl!)

However, Mercy throwing that delicious looking soup out and then offering frozen food to Chayo and Paloma lost her many points (as well as her whole attitude about them moving in, along with Estela). And now we know she had a thing with real Estela's daddy. This lady has a LOT of skeletons in her closet. Loved the side eye little Paloma, who was making meatballs for the soup, gave Mercy when she threw out the soup. Like, is this lady crazy, or what?

Mr. Blake didn't get his sight back, and was enraged enough about it to pluck his eyes out. Yikes! Plus, he's gunning for Laustela for taking Paloma from him. How did one woman manage to make so many enemies from both her real past, and the past of her fake identity?

Hi, Juju. Nice to meet you..I hadn't had the pleasure. I also am looking forward to your recap...with so much that happened last night, you'll have your hands full.

Just some quick thoughts...before the recap...

I couldn’t help but laugh when Laustella walked into the bathroom and saw Ryan. She seemed to be enjoying what she saw—even caught her looking south LOL I'm not liking the way Laustela tries to put on the tough act, but then caves in. From what we've seen so far about her history, you'd think she'd stick to her guns more.

I didn’t like the killing scene, but at least it went by quickly.
So now we know another name –Mr. Blake. I thought it a little over-the-top that he tried pulling his eyes out…YUCK!!!

I agree, Vivi, throwing that soup out was ridiculous and little Palomita expressed that very well...that little girl is so CUTE!!

And mercy, mercy, mercy me!! We don't have a LionCub here but we definitely have a MerciLessCougar!! Plus, now we know that Mercy knew Pedro C VERY well…So the question is: How is it that she has never seen the real Estela….or has she?? Does she have her own devious plan for going along with not revealing that Laustella is not who she really is?

So much intrigue and suspense! To reiterate what has been stated already, so much action at such a fast pace...I don't want to even blink--I might miss something.

Hope your having a good day!



Yes, lots of action again last night. I did not know who MercyMercyMe was drinking and canoodling with in the car. Danilo is an opportunist who seems to want to play anyone he can. That grin of his is probably going to be featured in every episode. He is so young and arrogant. I did not like the part about the shooting , or the hospital scene with Alejandro Tomassi (one of my favorite actors. I loved him as Don Luis's right hand man and father figure in Alborada.)

Estela got an eyefull of Ryan coming out of the shower, and I noticed that she didn't turn away or pluck out her eyes.

The rooms and furnishings in that mansion seem so opulent after the MPR and fugly brown sofa in Vino.

RC...WO w, we were writing our comments at the same time, and they were so similar!!! Jinx!!
Perhaps you and I were separated at birth!!!

Juju, looking forward to your recap :)

In the meantime...
Vivi, I thought the same thing about Danilo being smart enough to realize that El Dorado doesn't need to be sang the rancheras so much as he needs some cover for his shady business. Will he also be smart enough to stay away from their deal? I doubt it.
Mercy is no sweet grandma to be. If Paloma manages to win her heart, it will be way down the line... for now, between keeping Furia afloat, tracking her son's every step, bickering with her step-son and getting her cougar on, she has her plate full. Not to mention that she doesn't seem to like Estela too much.

RC, great point about Mercy not knowing Realstela, but having a close relationship with Pedro. Could it be that their thing happened decades ago? Or she's pretending in order to keep her cover?
I was kind of surprised that Estela would get so flustered because of Ryan, too. She acted like a school girl all through their scene, while at the same time wearing his t-shirt. You'd think that someone who has just lost her home and all her belongings, and has her daughter sleeping away from the only home she has ever known, in a stranger's house, would be less interested in studly Ryan. I would not even consider leaving my baby (no matter the age) in a strange bed, tossing and turning all night long (Chayo or no Chayo).

I didn't mind the shooting nearly as much as I was disgusted by the eye plucking. What in God's name...This Blake fellow is not to be toyed with.

Adriana Noel


Hmmmm, Susanlynn, I've always felt a big part of me was missing LOL


Princess JuJu - Looking forward to your recap.

You'd think that someone who has just lost her home and all her belongings, and has her daughter sleeping away from the only home she has ever known, in a stranger's house, would be less interested in studly Ryan.

Adriana Noel - So right. Realistically, Laustela and Paloma would've slept in the same bed together.

But that wouldn't have stopped me from ogling Ryan on the sly. Reminded me of the Police song "Don't Stand So Close To Me." Laustela didn't back up, determined to show Ryan his wet nothing-but-a-towel self had not no effect on her.

Vivi, your comment enlightened me on several points - thank you. I don't know how on earth I missed the eye plucking, but am very relieved I did. Perhaps ignorance is bliss.

The blood on the poor man who was shot at close range was more than enough for me. At least we weren't forced to watch torture.

"MerciLessCougar!!" - perfect RC! I'm on the fence about Mercy. I agree that the throwing out of the soup was unwarranted. And just plain mean. I was especially ticked because I've been on a diet and I thought the soup looked yummy and thought it a terrible waste.

And Adriana Noel, she isn't exactly the doting grandmother type is she? She is going to be a hard nut to crack. I'm not so sure there is a soft heart underneath all the animal print and leather. We will have to wait and see.

But I like her pluck and her moxie. I wish she'd picked a single man though - I don't like poachers.

Color me shocked but David Z. is really exuding sex appeal. I can't blame her either Susanlynn as "she didn't turn away or pluck out her eyes" (HA!)

Niecie, I would have been right there with you getting an eyeful of Ryan. :) Absolutely no doubt at all.

Juju, looking forward to seeing what you have to say.


Well, I am Luuuuurving Morgana. When she told 'Dani' that the Narco guy will emasculate him if he does not take the bus, and “But you wouldn't lose much.” I liked her. Then she told him also “If he does that you will never pee on your feet again.” that sealed it for me.

It was also funny when Estela was drooling over the back view of Ryan for a moment, then abruptly snapped out of it.

The maid found a signed picture of Pedro Carilla with a note on the back to Mercy. WTF?
OK this is getting too complicated. Mercy at the least knew the real Estela's murdered Dad?

And we have a blind dude trying to claw out his eyes, Mr. Blake, and there is implied a butterfly connection.

What this story needs is a sharp lawyer. NoJuan...NoJuan...are you busy? Thought not.

Looking forward to it, Juju!

I think Danilo's experiences have thought him that no one ever gives anything for free. Morgana is probably more delusional than Danilo. Though if he looses his testicles that doesn't sound fun.

Are Laustela and Ryan the new Maria Jose and Alejandro from Sortilegio? And we all know how awesome that turned out to be.

Alfredo--Thanks for taking this one on all by yourself. Three good recaps in a row plus Piloto.

I hope others step up to the plate and fill in on recaps. Since LaCandi isn't starting now until the 29th, I can take at least one recap for you on the 16th, next Tuesday. That can at least give you a breather.

Hi Everyone Else- Nice to see we're taking another class together.....are we stockpiling Doritos?

I told Alfredo in an e-mail that, "I watched the first three episodes last night and all I can say is that these three are better than all 141 or so of Vino. Now THAT is saying something. I hope the quality remains high." I say that especially since I have disliked David Zepeda in everything except Sortilegio. I liked Ariadne in the beginning of her career (MEPS), but not so much after that. Seeing DZ in a beard and sombrero has me re-thinking Ryan's effect on me. Ariadne's character is full of spunk and decisiveness. I like that in a lead.

The rest of the characters seem to be very well cast, but I'm waiting to see Erika in her cougar role. She holds out my hope that May-December "reversed" roles will work and society can accept them without rolling their eyes (See M. Emmanuel Macron...)

P.S. I originally posted this on #3, but didn't realize Juju had put up the headline for #4 and Vivi posted a comment. So, here are my 2 centavos.

Oh, Alfredo, how perceptive to think of Maria Jose and Alejandro. Both MJ and Alex were suspicious of each other's motives, but in Sortie we had Bruno. Who in Doble Vida is our Bruno? Danilo? Can't wait to see if it fits!

Ooh, Alfredo. Lots of interesting similar plot points between this and Sortilegio! A couple that has to live together and fake being in love until they really are. A slimy jealous half brother causing trouble. A mom in a May-December romance with her son's BFF. Hmmmm...

Thank you so much, Anita! My pleasure.

I think Danilo has the possibility to become Bruno but he's a little too powerless (for lack of a better word) right now. Bruno advantages that Danilo doesn't have yet.

I also can't believe Mercy threw away fresh food for cold I hate people that throw away food.


'I also can't believe Mercy threw away fresh food for cold I hate people that throw away food."

I believe it. I hated her as Barbara in Tres Mujeres and still do. :-)

Oh, Kirby, don't disillusion me about Mercy's antecedent. I've got Tres Mujeres on backorder from Netflix, mainly because of Jorge Salinas, but Mercy plays Barbara, someone you still hate? I think I'll find some ice cream to eat and go back and watch Amores Verdaderos. (Shoot, I can only find some Cool Whip in the freezer.)

Vivi..I forget a lot of Sortilegio except that mi telenovio Marcelo Cordoba was in it. I think that David Z. Was the slimy half bro in that show, right?

Right. Bruno.

Susanlynn, how do you forget Sortilegio???? Man those bedroom scenes were something unforgettable lol May Laustela and Ryan even reach the big toe of Sortilegio.

Kirby, I didn't really mind Barbara, mostly because Fatima and Greta were equally terrible sometimes, but I think that was the point. I hope.

This needs to be tagged as "Estela" else it doesn't show up in the feed...

Anita, funny you should mention President Macron and his May-December marriage. This is the top gossip here in France right now, I find it quite ridiculous. I was making the same comparison in my head when looking at Mercy and Jorme in the car. Amazing how art immitates life....

Ok, Julie, I fixed it.
Thanks SuperAlfie (you deserve the title), I don't feel so bad about Tres Mujeres now.

I just rewatched Sortilegio not too long ago on the chopped up retail DVD version. There's still plenty of Sweet William to go around. Beautiful love scenes. Where have they all gone?

Adriana--Shhhhhh. We're not supposed to discuss real life elsewhere.....hehe (couldn't help myself, though).

Fun fact about Tres Mujeres: it was the first novela written by Marrtha Carillo and Christina Garcia who went on to wrte ENdA, CME, AB, et al.

And super controversial at the time as it had a woman that wasnt "evil" cheating on her spouse (Barbara).

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