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La Piloto #41 5.2.17: In Which Yolanda Makes a Daring Escape

• Santamaria immediately wants to get to business but Yolanda tells him they have plenty of time and hands him another shot. He chugs it down as she takes off her shirt and throws him on the bed. She kisses his neck and strokes his ego with sweet words when he stops her and shakes his head, trying to focus his eyes. Yolanda notices as he begins to struggle and she tells him to be quiet before anyone hears them.
• Reyes tells Dave that he doubts Santamaria will let them inside the base, especially if he’s holding Yolanda hostage. Dave suggests they speak directly to the brigade and Reyes is shocked at how far he’s willing to go to save Yolanda. Dave reveals that he thought she was dead but now he knows she isn’t. Reyes asks what he will do if they find Yolanda in the base but Dave doesn’t know. He begs Reyes to call the brigade in the meantime.
• Olivia shows her mother the board she’s made of her enemies starting with the Lucios. Her mother is confused so Olivia explains that the Lucios communicate via radio unless the distance is too far, then they use cell phones. For them to make international calls, their roaming must be on which means they must use a local cell phone company in Mexico to get their service. Her mother agrees but they must have used fake names and Olivia agrees. She sits down, frustrated, and tells her mother that the phone company wouldn’t have given her the information regardless; the DEA or federal police must ask for it.

• In the new Lucio headquarters, Bautista, the Lucio lawyer, gives the Lucios a list of all the expenses for the past month. John nods and gives the file to Oscar, who looks it over, as John asks Bautista for an international cell phone for Zulima. Zulima thanks him and Bautista asks if he buys it under the same company’s name. John chides him for his dumb question as all the cell phones they’ve bought before have been through the same company. Oscar then asks about the income taxes for their company and Bautista confirms they don’t owe anything. Oscar smiles and reminds them it’s always best to move within the confines of legality. Bautista agrees and tells them that since they decided to include the club in their accounting everything has run smoothly, especially regarding their previously unjustified expenses. They toast to their good luck and then John asks about Arley. Bautista confirms he and Canengo will rot in prison for a long time; the only reason they haven’t talked is because they think he’s helping them. In fact, since they won’t help the police, the police won’t help them.
• In the Mexican City prison, Arley and Canengo get their lunch and sit down to eat. Arley is tired of the nasty food and Canengo suggests he close his eyes and eat it. He then suggests they save some for the lawyer to eat so he can get them out of prison fast. After a moment, Arley admits that their situation is looking worse every day, especially because the lawyer doesn’t take more than a week solving cases like theirs. Canengo asks if he thinks the Lucios have abandoned them and Arley agrees. Canengo reminds him that without the Lucio’s help, they are dead meat because of all the charges against them. Arley tells him that there is more than one way to escape prison and if the Lucios aren’t ready, they better prepare, because he will talk. Canengo is quiet.
• Yolanda jumps off Santamaria as he struggles and eventually falls out of bed and onto the floor. She turns him around and tapes his hands behind his back and then covers his mouth. She whispers that that is for everything he did before grabbing his gun and keys and sneaking out of the room. Later, she sneaks into the armory and steals bullets from the cabinets and finds the gun John gave her. She smiles at her good luck and puts the gun in her pocket before leaving the armory.
• At the encampment, Rubio asks some soldiers about Santamaria but they have no one where he his. He then radios so he can answer ASAP but Santamaria can’t reach the radio and can’t talk because of the tape.
• Yolanda goes to the infirmary and fills a syringe with a tranquilizing substance for stuffing the syringe in her pocket and running outside. She makes her way through the encampment but Rubio sees her and asks if Santamaria is in his room. Yolanda congirms he isn’t because he’s talking to the pilot but Rubio thinks it’s strange because he just saw the pilot walking to the bathroom by himself. Yolanda nods and tells Rubio that she will tell Santamaria that he’s looking for him and goes.
• In his room, Rubio radios Santamaria, who can’t get to the radio because he’s still tied up.
• The pilot is in the bathroom washing his face when Yolanda comes up behind him and injects him with the tranquilizer. The pilot grabs her arm and pushes her against a wall, trying to choke her out, but passes out before he can do more damage.
• Outside, Castro calls Rubio over to meet up with Reyes and Dave. Reyes tells them they need to speak to Santamaria immediately but Rubio wants to know who Dave is first. Dave explains that he’s a DEA agent and shows them his badge but Rubio can’t let them pass without Santamaria’s authorization. Rubio suggests they sit and wait while they locate Santamaria and instructs Castro to look for the pilot to see if he is with Santamaria. Dave asks them to hurry since they don’t have a lot of time.
• Yolanda, dressed as the pilot, walks over to the helicopter. Castro sees her and calls out, thinking he’s the captain. Yolanda doesn’t answer but walks away faster. When Castro catches up to her, she pulls out her gun and takes away his. Another officer comes up behind them but Yolanda takes Castro hostage and tells the officer to lower his gun. The officer does and Yolanda lets Castro go before telling both men to run. They do.
• Rubio radios Santamaria to no avail. He decides to look in Santamaria’s sleeping quarters and finds him tied up. He takes off the tape and handcuffs as Santamaria slowly gets up.
• Yolanda runs through the field and reaches the helicopter. She puts on the headphones and proceeds to ready the helicopter for take off.
• Inside, all military officers load up their guns and run outside to stop her. Dave and Reyes walk inside and ask an officer what is going on but the man won’t say and points a gun at them. Dave wrestles it away and throws the radio to Reyes. He then asks the man to take him where Santamaria is. Dave looks up and sees Santamaria stumbling down the stairs, gun drawn. He screams for his men to shoot down the helicopter but Yolanda is able to take off. She flies away before they can shoot her down as Santamaria curses his luck.
• Inside the helicopter, air control orders Yolanda to land immediately but she continues to fly.
• Dave runs up to Santamaria and asks him about Yolanda but Santamaria grabs Reyes and tries to choke him. Dave separates them and Santamaria passes out as Dave curses his luck.
• Moments later, various soldiers take Santamaria to the infirmary as Rubio orders the men to find the helicopter and make sure Yolanda doesn’t get away. Dave and Reyes try to follow them but Rubio pulls his gun on them and orders them to leave. They oblige, despite Dave’s reservations.
• In the infirmary, Orozco attends to Santamaria, who continues to scream out Yolanda’s name. Orozco asks Rubio if he ate anything but Rubio doesn’t know. Orozco informs him that they will need to call an ambulance because Santamaria is intoxicated and could die.
• Outside, Dave tells Reyes that he’s sure Yolanda was the one driving the helicopter, even if he didn’t see her, because the soldiers fired at their own helicopter and that means someone was escaping. Either way, they are not leaving the base until they find out the truth. Reyes reminds him that the soldiers are going to guard whatever they are hiding even more now. Dave agrees and they are stopped by two armed soldiers as they try to walk inside the building again.
• Inside the building, two men and Castro bring the pilot over to Rubio. Castro explains that they found him passed out in the bathroom and gives him a syringe they found by his body. Rubio takes it and orders the men to take the pilot to the infirmary. He then orders Castro to gather the troops as General Garcia is no his way to the base. Castro wonders what they will tell him about what happened and Rubio explains that they will pretend not to know who stole the helicopter. Castro reminds him of Dave and Reyes, who won’t leave without a straight answer, and Rubio tells him they will tell them what they’ve been saying for five months: they don’t know anything about any Mexican pilot.
• Outside, Dave is sure the soldiers are plotting something so Reyes makes a call to General Garcia as they walk away.
• In the helicopter, Yolanda looks for a map to guide her. She finds one on the floor and remembers what John told her before her flight to Colombia. She nods and continues to fly while looking around the sky.
• In the Lucio headquarters, Arguelles is counting the money from the latest deals when Oscar and John come and ask him how everything his going. Arguelles explains that they are doing fine as John reminds Oscar that they need someone to replace Salvador in Colombia ASAP. Oscar tells him that they have options and will make the appropriate calls to see who will work with them. John then receives a call from Montgomery, who informs him that Dave left the US without permission. He assumes Dave is in Mexico, still investigating them, and suggests they be careful. John asks him to keep them informed of anything and hangs up. John then informs Oscar what happened and orders Arguelles to pack up all the money as they have a meeting with the Senator.
• Yolanda arrives at Girardota, Colombia and goes to land the helicopter but one of the Lucio men begins to shoot at her. She screams for him to shot but he doesn’t until he’s run out of bullets. She’s forced to land the helicopter, and thanks her lucky stars that she did, before running outside and looking for the man, who has disappeared. She goes over to the house where the man was staying and finds a phone, which she puts in her pocket. She then grabs some car keys, a jacket and a map before getting into a truck that’s parked by the house. She smiles as the truck turns on and drives away.
• Monica walks around her house and cries. Just then her phone rings and it is Montgomery, who is surprised that she is leaving Tres Fuegos. He laments that she is leaving the DEA but Monica reminds him that there is nothing left for her there. He then asks if she’s spoken with Dave and she admits that it’s been a couple of weeks. Either way, he should know more about Dave than her since he still works with the DEA unless he’s left as well. Montgomery doesn’t think he would have a reason to but Monica reminds him that Dave is currently under investigation. Montgomery thinks Dave’s case is complicated but Monica screams that he killed Simpson, a mole that killed her sister and almost killed her and the only reason she’s alive is because of Dave. Montgomery wants to talk of it no further and asks again if she’s spoken to Dave since his cell is out of range. She tells him, once again, that she hasn’t and hangs up.
• General Garcia arrives at the base and Orozco explains the situation with Santamaria: he is heavily intoxicated with morphine. Garcia tells him that the hospital in Medellin is already on alert so they should get everything ready for transport. The pilot explains that the same woman who attacked Santamaria attacked him in the bathroom but Garcia is confused, as he didn’t know there was a woman on base. Rubio and Castro confirm that the pilot is hallucinating because of his own intoxication and Castro takes him to the ambulance. Rubio then asks permission to go with Santamaria and Garcia obliges.
• By the ambulance, Rubio gives Castro a radio so they can talk privately, just in case. Castro chides Rubio for leaving him alone but Rubio asks him to be quiet and gets inside the ambulance.
• General Garcia calls Reyes and asks him where he is before telling him that he will give the order to let him enter the base. Garcia then calls Castro over and orders him to let the DEA agents inside the base.
• In the Lucio headquarters’ basement, Roberto brings Estela and Christian food. Estela wants to know how much longer they will be there or what the Lucios want with them but Roberto reminds her that she’s just following orders. Christian then asks Roberto for a favor: to please kill him and send his body to his mother. Roberto shakes his head and tells him he can’t do that before leaving. Estela cries in a corner and curses ever having had Yolanda because it’s her fault she’s in this mess.
• In Antioquia, Colombia, Yolanda asks a peasant on the side of the road for directions. He shows her the route on the map and then thanks the man before leaving.
• Roberto meets with Oscar and asks if he can please liberate Christian. Oscar laughs at his request and asks since when is he the savior of their hostages. Roberto tells him that Christian means nothing to them and he has finally learned that he can do nothing against them so he’s no longer a threat. Oscar asks him what he wins if he lets Christian go and Roberto tells him that he earns his gratitude. Oscar nods, gets real close to Roberto, and tells him that he likes that he’s grateful for his help. Oscar then tells him that he will call him in a bit before walking away.
• In the RV, Olivia explains to her mother about the plan she’s hatched to find the Lucios: she has a contact, Wilmer, at one of the biggest telephone companies in Mexico and will ask for his help. Her mother wants to know how she met him but Olivia reveals that she doesn’t, personally, but she saw him on social media. Either way, he seems like a good person. She then opens the RV window and shows her mother the café across the street, which Wilmer visits frequently. They will wait until comes and then find a way to meet him.
• Some time later, Olivia’s mother waits for Wilmer to pass by before walking in front of him and falling down. As he goes to help her, Olivia comes and asks her mother what is wrong. Her mother tells her that she hurt her ankle before Wilmer helps her stand up. They introduce themselves before Olivia asks her mother how they repay Wilmer for his help. Her mother suggests a coffee and they all agree before walking to the café.
• On the road to her destination, the truck Yolanda stole stalls and she gets out to look around. She grabs her things and walks off.
• Dave and Reyes explain the situation to General Garcia. They are sure Santamaria had Yolanda kidnapped on base for the past 5 months and Reyes explains that the owner of the brothel in Las Palmas confirmed that there was a Mexican female pilot on base. Reyes then explains that Santamaria threatened the prostitutes with death and one of them, Teresa, ended up dead. Garcia confirms that he will order Santamaria’s immediate arrest but they need proof. Reyes thinks the prostitutes can be witnesses and Garcia agrees because they can’t base accusations on assumptions. Dave is sure the person who stole the helicopter was Yolanda but Garcia confirms that they found the helicopter abandoned in an airstrip with no one inside. Dave nods and asks if they can interrogate the soldiers. Garcia nods but reminds him that they will be of little help since they hid Yolanda for five months. Dave knows but he wants to try either way.
• John instructs Zulima on how to receive the money from their providers but Zulima wants to know how she makes sure all the money is there. John tells her that she needs to weight it and Zulima is surprised. John suggests she write everything down and explains how much everything should weight based on the conversion rates, etc. He then asks if she even knows conversion rates and Zulima nods before thanking him for trusting her. John nods but reminds her that all the money better be there or it will come out of her cut and she can’t pay with he body. Zulima nods as Roberto comes and tells him that Oscar is looking for him. John goes and Zulima asks him how he feels being around so much money. Roberto confesses that it’s nice but Zulima reminds him that it’s unattainable and he needs to look but not touch. She then goes off and begins to count the money.
• Yolanda arrives at a pay phone and asks the operator for the mayor’s office number.
• Oscar trains with a punching bag and John plays pool as they discuss their hostages. John tells him that he could do as he wishes with them and Oscar tells him that he will take care of them tonight. John nods.
• Olivia brings three coffees to Wilmer and her mother, who are discussing how best to take care of her inflamed ankle. Olivia thinks it’s cool that he works at the phone company across the street and Wilmer explains that he’s an electrical engineer. Olivia smiles and confesses that she’s always liked telecommunications and Wilmer is shocked because she doesn’t look like the type of girl that would be interested in that. Olivia tells him that she’s not a dumb girl and wants to know more about what he does if he wants to show her. Wilmer that night, after he gets off of work, and Olivia agrees.
• General Garcia calls Rubio and inquires about Santamaria. Rubio explains that he’s finally out of danger but he almost didn’t make it. Garcia is happy to hear it and then asks about Yolanda. Rubio tells him that no such woman was ever on base and Garcia explains that he is receiving conflicting information then. Rubio explains that it might be a mistake because there were prostitutes on base but no Yolanda. Garcia agrees and asks Rubio to inform him of any news. They hang up.
• In one of the tents, Dave conducts various interviews with the soldiers but none of them budge. Dave curses his luck and asks Reyes to take the soldier away and bring another, Castro. Dave informs Castro that his fellow solider told him there was a woman named Yolanda on base. Castro curses the snitch under his breath as Dave informs him that he can avoid jail time in a US prison if he tells him the truth.
• Amparo welcomes Yolanda to her home and can’t believe all that happened to her after they last saw each other. She’s happy to help Yolanda though after all she did to rescue her. Yolanda tells her she won’t bother her for young, she just needs some water, a shower and a change of clothes. Amparo shows her the way to the bathroom before going to bring her some water. Yolanda tries to make a call but Amparo comes back and she hangs up. Amparo thought she’d be in Mexico by now but Yolanda explains that the past five months were hell. Amparo asks her to shower and clean herself up so they can talk later. She then goes to prepare Yolanda something to eat.
• At the base, General Garcia explains to the soldiers that the whole unit will be relieved of their duties for security reasons. A truck then pulls up next to them and dozens of new soldiers leapt out.
• Some time later, Dave and Reyes find Garcia and tell him that Castro confessed that Yolanda was kidnapped at the base for the past 5 months. Garcia explains that he spoke to Rubio who confirmed only prostitutes entered the base. Reyes reminds him that he only said that to protect Santamaria and Dave agrees. They realize that Santamaria kept his soldiers happy by giving them drugs and drink and women. Garcia confirms that Santamaria just dug himself into a deep hole.
• In the hospital, the doctor takes the bandages off of Santamaria’s left eye. Rubio asks him to open his eyes slowly and Santamaria confirms that he can see. The doctor proceeds to take off the bandage in the right eye but then shakes his head. Rubio asks the doctor to let him deal with it and the doctor nods before leaving. Santamaria demands to know why he can’t see out of his right eye and Rubio reminds him that the doctor said if he wasn’t blind then he could have irreversible damage to his eye sight. Santamaria rips off the bandage and tries to look around…


Thanks, Alfredo. I cheered last night. So glad you got an upbeat episode. Will be back later with comments.

Couldn't help thinking of the saying, "It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye." Col S&M, too bad, so sad (not!) that you have a lasting marker of the hell you put Yolanda through.

Thank You Alfredo . Action Action we got it.

I hope Bell starts making cars similar to that little blue and white helicopter Yoli stole. I want one of their cars. I was IMPRESSED with those armor piercing bullets sparking and ricocheting off that aluminum and fiberglass bird as Yoli made her escape. What were there maybe twenty or more Kalashnikovs firing continuously at her? Impressive. I was surprised that pheasant hunter she came upon later brought her down then with a pellet gun.

Good episode, great recap, and some clever planning by our girl Yoli.

S&M deserved worse. An eye for what he does and did to Yoli was a bargain for him.

Wow Alfredo...I was beginning to think this was a double episode. Lots of action and lots of detail on your part. Do appreciate your hard, dedicated work. And delighted that Yolanda has finally escaped from one baddie though she still has many more to deal with. Out of the frying pan and into the fire for our hapless little gal.

Muchas gracias Alfredo.

Thanks Alfredo for the comprehensive recap. I'm new to La Piloto and I'm finding it difficult to put all the characters together. At least Yolanda is away from SantaMaria.

Alfredo--Count me among those praising your stick-to-it-ivness. Great recap. I fell asleep the last 10 min. or so, but it's all primed and ready to go for this evening before the next episode gets rolling.

My heart sank when Yoli and Dave just missed each other, but it's probably just as well. He would not have been able to get near her or get her out of there if S&M had been functioning 100%. It's also just as well, because S&M would have realized he had a rival for Yoli in Dave and Dave might have suffered an unfortunate fatal accident. And....Yoli probably doesn't trust Dave. I'm glad he has the Virgen necklace she wore and not S&M.

Alfredo, thanks for all the details. Olivia and her mom with the engineer guy was a puzzle to me last night. So she's going to use this nice guy to trace the Lucio's calls to their location I guess. Hmmm, seems likes she's thinking deeper than Dave. Interesting about the Lucios paying taxes. Income tax evasion is how the government eventually brought down Al Capone.

I was actually glad Dave didn't reach Yolanda. He means well, but he's clueless about the corruption in his ranks. I can just picture him informing that crooked Montgomery if he had her, who'd send another Simpson to kill her. I'm guessing Yoli will eventually do prison time. If so, they need to shave off her time that prison stint she's already served with Col. S&M.

Estela has some nerve blaming Yoli for her plight. The fool should've taken that $50,000 Yoli gave her and headed out of Dodge.

Whew...Yoli finally escaped but no rest or peace for long. She has no idea that there's a bounty on her head and the people she thinks she can trust....she should not...except for the mayor. I sure hope the mayor can help her get out of Columbia and helps with her case later on.

Well...I asked and now I know...mommy dearest is still around. My only consolation is that she has suffered for 5 mos as well...but she deserves worse.

Mi Col Iost sight in one eye....was it the drugs or something else. I must have missed that part. But he deserve so much worse. He deserves life in prison for what he done to Yoli and who knows who else...and what else.

Arley is ready to talk..or escape. Do we know why the los Lucius have abandoned him? I'm surprised that they would leave him as a loose end.....even if they don't need his services anymore. He can really hurt him with his info. I thought they d either off him....or get him out of jail. Interesting development


Nett they mentioned something about the chemical methylene or something. I do not recall exactly what name they were saying but it had to do with the antidote for the morphine overdose. It might have been the Spanish name for Naloxone, I didn't pay enough attention.

OK it was methanol IE: denatured alcohol.

Regular alcohol in drinks is Ethonol.
It is rendered poisonous as Methanol by actually adding a chemical to Ethanol to turn it into Methanol.

It is more complicated than her adding a few drops into the Vodka but the concept is accurate.

Why didn't Oscar kill Roberto for defying him. Oh, now I know why. Oscar has a boy toy.

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