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La Piloto #43 5.4.17: In Which Yolanda Safely Lands in Mexico but is Barely Safe...

• Santamaria and Rubio walk to the airstrip in Reposo and Rubio is surprised to know that Santamaria knew about the airstrip beforehand. Santamaria explains he didn’t know the narcos used it and they both agree that money can move mountains. They arrive at the airstrip but notice two men (Pinto and Helper #137) wrapping a tarp over the back of an airplane. They walk over to them and comment on the fact that the men haven’t even noticed them. Santamaria shouts good morning to Pinto and then takes out his gun. Both men immediately surrender and Pinto confirms that he knows who Santamaria is. Santamaria smiles and asks where Yolanda is. Pinto wants to know why he wants her since they have orders to kill her on sight. Santamaria nods and punches both Pinto and his helper before confirming that he doesn’t want Yolanda dead like him does.
• Dave, Reyes and some military officers stop and look at the map. Dave tells them that they need to search the area he has designated for the secret airstrip and Reyes reminds the men to be careful as Santamaria has an officer helping him and they are both armed with nothing to lose. They decide to spread out and get back in the car to find the airstrip.
• Some time later, Santamaria and Rubio look around the airstrip but find it too quiet. In another part of the airstrip, Yolanda and Diego arrive and begin to look around. Santamaria sees her and shouts her name before firing a few rounds. Diego and Yolanda take cover behind a car parked next to the airstrip and Diego behind to fire back at Santamaria.

• Dave hears the shot and directs Reyes and his men to the airstrip immediately as he drives to it.
• Santamaria hits Diego in the shoulder and he goes down. Yolanda takes cover but realizes she’s out of bullets. Santamaria shouts Yolanda’s name and she comes out behind the car, gun drawn, and walks toward Santamaria and Rubio. He tells her that her partner is down and she’s running low on bullets so it’s best she surrender. She asks him what he wants, to lock her up again, but he will have to kill her first. Santamaria tells her that she will go with him either way and pay for leaving him blind.
• Just then, Dave shouts Rubio’s name and a shoot out ensures. Yolanda hides behind the plane as Santamaria and Rubio escape on foot into the woods. Dave runs to Yolanda as the military officers run after Santamaria. Yolanda gets inside the plane and readies it for take off as Dave comes and pleads with her to let him help her. She shakes her head and takes off as he curses his luck.
• In Mexico City, Zulima asks Oscar if he has any updates on Pinto but Oscar confirms he doesn’t. Zulima tells him she has a feeling that things went south but Oscar hopes they didn’t. Either way, she needs to be closer to John now more than ever because Yolanda will come find him if she did manage to escape. If she gets to him, they are screwed. Zulima nods as John comes and tells her to get ready because she’s flying to Venezuela and then Tijuana for merchandise. Zulima asks if it has to be today but John confirms it does and chides her for being so nervous. He instructs her to be careful, grab her cell phone and go to the bathroom. He leaves and Zulima looks at Oscar, who shakes his head.
• Olivia looks at a map in her RV and then at her enemy vision board. Just then, someone knocks and she covers up the board before opening the door. It’s Wilmer, with his computer in hand and some flowers for Olivia. She thought he backed out of helping her but he confirms he brought everything they need to triangulate the call. He opens the computer and shows her an extensive list of all the calls made using his company’s phones. She thinks it will take forever to go through the whole list but Wilmer offers to help her. She smiles and they get to work.
• Dave asks Reyes if they the air force have been able to locate Yolanda’s plane but Reyes shakes his head. Dave confirms that she is a good pilot as Reyes receives a call from Montgomery. Dave asks him to tell Montgomery that he is on his way to Miami and Reyes obliges before hanging up. Dave asks if he believed him but Reyes isn’t sure. Either way, Montgomery didn’t ask for any more details so they must be in the clear for now. Dave confirms that he will continue with this plan then to ask for permission to go to Mexico. Reyes nods.
• Yolanda’s plane turns off midair and she tries, desperately, to turn it back on. It does, after a few seconds, and she decides to fly even lower so her plane isn’t detected.
• Lizbeth hangs up on Raul, after speaking him with a few seconds, and runs into fiery redhead, Joana, inmate. She smiles and reveals that Raul got her a meeting with the judge so they can go over her case. She hopes she will be free soon and then asks redhead what is wrong. Joana confesses that she will miss her when she’s gone and Lizbeth laughs at the fact that they are now good friends, after everything. Another inmate crashes into Lizbeth, who asks her what her deal is, and the inmate challenges her. Joana gets in between them and tells the other inmate to not mess with her. Lizbeth asks Joana to back down and not cause trouble but redhead is itching for a fight.
• Olivia, exasperated, tells Wilmer that she doesn’t recognize any names or numbers and tells him she thought it would be easier to find who she was looking for. Wilmer suggests she tell him who she’s looking for so he can filter the information but Olivia is quiet. She sits down next to him and tells him that he’s helped her a lot and deserves to know the truth. She confesses that she’s looking for the Lucio brothers and Wilmer immediately recognizes them as the famous drug traffickers. Olivia explains that they have kidnapped her brother and she needs to find him before pulling down the sheet that covers her enemy vision board. Wilmer promises to help her find them.
• Joana and the other inmate are in mid-fight as Lizbeth tries to separate them. Joana pulls out a knife and stabs the other inmate in the stomach. Lizbeth goes to help her, much to Joana’s confusion, as the officers come and demand to know what is going on. They take Lizbeth to the warden’s office and the other inmate to the infirmary.
• Olivia tells Wilmer that his help is very important and Wilmer agrees that she must have a good reason to want to find the Lucios. He suggests they go to the police but Olivia explains that the Lucios have moles everywhere. Wilmer asks if it’s just the two of them against the Lucio’s organization and Olivia is quiet. She then explains how the Lucio’s operation works: they buy a phantom company (first CAA and then AeroTours) to hide their real business and transport drugs all over North and South America. Wilmer asks how she knows all of this and she asks if he doesn’t watch the news because her face was everywhere. Wilmer nods and Olivia confirms that two is a pattern so the Lucios may have set up a third company that way. Wilmer tells her that he will write down a list of all the companies they have on file and investigate how they interact with his telephone company. Olivia thanks him and Wilmer gets to work. He finds one name that calls Olivia’s attention: Gregorio Bautista. She remembers having heard that name before and confirms he’s a lawyer. Wilmer pulls up his address and Olivia sees that it’s relatively close to where they are.
• Bautista confirms with Oscar and John that the phones have been set up, he just needs their authorization, but John reminds him he doesn’t need it for those matters. Just then, John receives a call and one of his men informs him that someone stole a Lucio plane from the Reposo airstrip and killed Pinto and another one of his men. John orders the men to find out what happened and hangs up. He then informs Oscar and Arguelles and demands they find out why Pinto was in Reposo in the first place because there is something fishy going on. Oscar assures shim he will find out the truth and John leaves with Arguelles. Zulima then comes and asks about Yolanda again. Oscar tells her that he has called her but she doesn’t answer so he assumes she’s flying.
• Yolanda takes out a map to look at her route again and shakes her head when she hears a message from air control, asking her to identify herself.
• Dave arrives in Miami and goes to talk to Fajardo in his office about the permission he needs but finds him sitting with Montgomery. Montgomery tells Dave that he needs to turn in his firearm and badge ASAP because he is out of the DEA. Dave is surprised to hear this but Fajardo reminds him that he is still under investigation. Dave reminds him of all he’s done for the DEA but Montgomery thinks he should count his lucky stars that they didn’t arrest on the spot for murdering Simpson. Dave then asks why the investigation is taking so long since Simpson was a mole who killed a fellow agent’s sister and then tried to kill him and Monica but Montgomery chides him again for his wild conspiracy theories. Dave is tired of hearing about that so Montgomery reiterates that he’s out of the DEA and won’t have to hear about it anymore. Fajardo says nothing and Dave turns in his badge and gun as Montgomery reminds him that he can’t leave US until the investigation is complete. Dave asks if that is punishment for his trip to Colombia but Montgomery reminds him that he couldn’t leave while under investigation but he chose to anyway; that is on him. He then tells Dave that he needs a report on all he found out and did in Colombia but Dave tells him that he is no longer a DEA agent and orders them to go to hell before leaving. Montgomery tries to call him back to no avail.
• In Bogota, Santamaria arrives home. His wife, Lorena, opens the door and asks him why he’s there because she tried to call him and then heard on the news that he had been arrested. He asks about his daughter and Lorena confirms that she’s at school so Santamaria asks her to calm down because he wasn’t arrested. She quiets down and Santamaria begs her to help him because he needs clean clothes for himself and Rubio. Rubio comes in and introduces himself as Santamaria runs upstairs to get what he needs with Lorena in tow.
• In the jail, a fellow inmate tells Joana that the stabbed inmate is in the infirmary. Joana wonders if she will die and hopes Lizbeth doesn’t tell the warden she stabbed the inmate.
• In the warden’s office, he tells Lizbeth that he knows his inmates perfectly and she’s not one to carry a knife. He demands to know who stabbed her fellow inmate but Lizbeth tells him that she doesn’t know because she didn’t see anything. He asks why she was helping the inmate then and Lizbeth tells her that the inmate needed help. The warden hopes she isn’t covering for someone and then informs her that he is going to put her in solitary for 48 hrs. Lizbeth tells him he can’t do that because she has an appointment tomorrow to see if she will get a conditional release but the warden reminds her that her freedom is up to her.
• Lizbeth chooses not to say anything because, moments later, a guard drags her down the hall and puts her in solitary. Lizbeth curses her luck.
• In his bedroom, Santamaria packs various essentials, as Lorena demands to know what happened. He tells her that the less she knows, the better, as Rubio comes in and informs him that there are various police cars coming their way. Lorena asks if they are going to arrest him but Santamaria begs her to take care of their daughter and goes to leave. Lorena then asks him what she can do to help and Santamaria asks that she distract the police so he can escape. She nods and he kisses her on the forehead before leaving.
• Moments later, Santamaria and Rubio jump into his backyard off the second flood and go around the side of the house. Rubio thinks it was a great idea to park the car in the back but Santamaria tells him to be quiet and hurry because they need to go back to the Choco base to get the rest of his money so they can go to Mexico Rubio is confused so Santamaria reminds him that Yolanda ruined his life and he will have his revenge no matter what and he is coming with him.
• Yolanda tries to get in touch with the Lucio air control at AeroTours but no one answers. She then sees the airstrip and lands quickly. She looks around, confused to see no one, and gets out of the plane.
• As the police search her house, Lorena calls General Garcia to tell him that what they are doing to her husband is a travesty. Especially, after all he’s done for their country. Garcia is aware but the charges against her husband are very dire. Lorena reminds him that as a military officer, her husband has made plenty of enemies, who may want to ruin him but Garcia tells her the charges aren’t false. In fact, they are looking for Santamaria on drug charges and because he kidnapped a woman, Yolanda Cadena. Lorena remembers when she heard Santamaria say Yolanda’s name and he explained that she was the overweight nurse at the base of about 48 years of age. She shakes her head.
• Some time later, the police find a secret stash of drugs and money confiscated from various drug busts. Lorena swears on her daughter’s life that she had no idea it was there.
• Yolanda runs from the airstrip to the cabins, gun drawn, but finds no one. She looks around and wonders what in the hell happened before running to the main office and finding “closed” sign on the door. She rips off the sign and looks inside but only finds a dark cabin before lowering her weapon. She goes to the main desk, puts down her gun and bag, and looks in a box for a cell phone charger.
• Olivia comes back into the RV and informs Wilmer that she knocked on the company’s door three times but no one answered and it looks like no one has been there in a while. Wilmer nods and confirms that it must be the phantom company they are looking for under Bautista’s name. Olivia wonders if they are using the company’s phone lines to communicate and asks Wilmer to trace the calls. He confirms he can but he can’t go to where the Lucios are because he doesn’t plan on dying yet. Olivia smiles and agrees but asks that he help her find them.
• Dave, now with a hat and sunglasses on, calls Reyes and informs him that he is no longer a DEA agent. Montgomery told him it was because of his trip to Colombia and ongoing investigation into Simpson’s death but he doesn’t believe him. Reyes tells him that he should be exonerated from Simpson’s death already so it is strange. Dave nods but reiterates that he needs to get to Mexico ASAP. Reyes reminds him that he only went to Colombia because he used the DEA plane and if he’s flying as a civilian he will be subject to more scrutiny. Dave tells him he will fly as Alberto Diaz, the name he used when he was a mole at CAA. Reyes tells him to be careful and then informs him that the Colombian military has opened a case against Santamaria for drug trafficking. Dave smiles at the good news and Reyes explains that he will stay in Colombia to help them track down Santamaria. Dave vows that Santamaria will pay for all he did to Yolanda and then asks Reyes to keep him informed of the situation. Reyes asks if he will keep the same number and Dave confirms he will, for now. Reyes hopes all he does for Yolanda is worth it but Dave is quiet.
• Yolanda manages to find a charger and connects it to her phone. Once it has some juice, she turns it on and calls Oscar.
• Oscar is off in a corner of the airstrip talking on the phone. He asks his men if they have any news on Christian or Estela but they confirm they don’t. Oscar tells him to keep looking and then warns them to not say anything about the matter in front of John. He then hangs up and gets an incoming call from Yolanda. Yolanda sighs a sign of relief and Oscar asks about Reposo. Yolanda confirms Santamaria, the man who kidnapped her, killed Pinto and the pilot but she managed to escape. Oscar thinks it was lucky and then asks her where she is. Yolanda confirms that she is in AeroTours but wants to know what happened since there is no one there. Oscar reveals that the DEA found them months ago but they need to meet up soon. Yolanda asks him how since the plane she came in doesn’t work and she has no way of getting to him. Oscar proposes he go get her so they can surprise John with the good news before he returns from Venezuela. Yolanda asks why he’s there and Oscar explains that he’s just checking on a couple of things and will be unreachable for a bit. He then confirms that John misses her and would love to see her soon. Yolanda confirms she would too and Oscar warns her to not tell anyone where she is and trust him. Yolanda agrees and tells him to please hurry. Oscar tells her to be careful and hangs up.
• On the other side of the airstrip, Zulima is ready to go on the plane. John tells her they are waiting for her in Venezuela and Tijuana. She needs to make sure all the money is there and then come back immediately. She nods and he confirms that they trust her with their money. Oscar comes and John asks her to go over her checklist for take off while they talk. Oscar tells John that he should go with Zulima so that nothing is amiss but John wonders why he is being so paranoid. Oscar explains that he wants to avoid setbacks and John agrees. Oscar then reminds him that he has a meeting with the consulate representative from El Cartel de las Sombras and suggests he get in her bed since she was checking him out at their meeting. John admits that he found her attractive too and agrees to go to the meeting. He then tells Oscar to check himself out when he comes back because he’s looking a little green. Oscar nods and he wishes both Oscar and Zulima a safe flight. Once alone, Oscar tells Zulima that Yolanda is alive and in AeroTours. She called him so help could help her and that is what they will do. Zulima asks about John and Oscar tells her that John will be busy all day so they need to get rid of Yolanda ASAP. They get on the plane and go.
• Yolanda is packing up her things when she hears police sirens and grabs her gun. She goes over to the window, pulls back the curtains and sees a policeman get out of a patrol car.
• Outside, the policeman makes a phone call and goes over to the main office. He finds the closed sign ripped open but, before he can say anything, Yolanda comes out with her gun and orders him inside the cabin. The policeman obliges and Yolanda hangs up on Raul, who the policeman had called.
• Up in the air, Oscar instructs Zulima on how to be a better pilot and evade any air force radars. Just then, he receives a call from Yolanda, who informs him that a policeman came and she locked him up in the bathroom. Oscar asks if he was able to inform his colleagues but Yolanda isn’t sure. Oscar tells her not to worry because they are on their way and will arrive in 5 minutes. He instructs her to run to the plane as soon as she sees it and she agrees before hanging up. Oscar then tells Zulima that a policeman found Yolanda and there may be more on the way so they need to land quickly. He instructs to keep the plane on so he can kill Yolanda and then get back on so they can take off and go to Venezuela Zulima agrees.
• Wilmer tells Olivia that he managed to triangulate the recent calls from the company phones. One of the calls was made while the caller was moving but another was made from a stationary location. Olivia asks him to find out where the call came from and Wilmer confirms it was from an airstrip in Villa Antigua. Olivia thinks it’s strange because the DEA closed AeroTours months ago but asks if the first call was possibly made from an airplane. Wilmer thinks it’s possible since drug planes fly really low to avoid radar detection but Olivia is still confused. She asks Wilmer to see if any other calls are logged from the same located and he agrees.
• Yolanda hears a plane landing in the airstrip and grabs her thinks. She meets Oscar by the secluded area between the cabins and the airstrip and tells him she is happy to see him. Oscar tells her that the pleasure is all his and takes out his gun. Yolanda sees him, takes out her gun and begins to fire, as does Oscar. They both keep shooting at each other as they run for cover…


Hello all! Sorry I've been so absent of late but it's been crazy, not as crazy as Yolanda's ordeal, but crazy in my own little world.

Thank you, JudyB, Kirby, Carvivlie, Niecie, Nett, Anita, Steve and everyone else for your insightful comments and wonder words of encouragement. This series is trying but I'm glad you are all along for the ride. Thank you to Jardinera as well for your recaps, they help my long weekend lulls :)

I hoped we would be free of Santamaria but it seems Yolanda's past and present will always be part of her future.

These last three episodes reminded me of why I loved this series (which has been in a holding pattern since Yolanda's doomed trip to Colombia) because once it is on, it is on. I which they would've cut 20 episodes from this so Colombia would be shorter but now that at least Oscar's cat is out of the bag, Yolanda knows where she stands. My only issue is Zulima...the writers keep positioning her in the shadows instead of pinning her and Yolanda against each other and may the best woman win. If this is where we're heading, I hope Yolanda knocks her head off.

As for John, blind, mute and deaf will only get you so far.

Is Olivia suddenly the smartest, most proactive person in this thing??? Who would've thought.

Wow Alfredo sounds like an exciting episode!

When Wilmer says he will help Olivia all I could think was he has just signed his death certificate because a pretty girl asked him too.

Yoli must get away from Oscar because he wouldn't not kill her. It would be funny if the shots hit the plane and meant that Oscar and Zuli were stuck and they had to call John. He would have some big questions for them!

Man, my ears hurt just reading this. Sounds like pretty much non-stop gunfire, other than a wee knifing here and there just for a changeup. Thanks for your faithful recaps of this bloody show Alfredo. You're a champ.

Also, Dave has to know Montgomery is dirty now right? And I can't believe Santemarie hasn't been arrested and he's going after Yoli. Too much!

Thanks JudyB and Carvivlie! I dont know what Dave is thinking but now that both him and Monica are out of the DEA my dream of a makeshift DEA may come true! Fighting corruption from Olmedos RV with Yolanda and the three flight attendants.

Thanks, Alfredo. I thought this would end the Col. S&M story too. So he's now giving up everything -- his wife, daughter, AND all that dirty money stashed in his house -- to get even with Yolanda. That drug she put in his tequila must've gone to his brain too. Poor Rubio looks like he wants to slip away before S&M ruin his life too.

Another gunfight. Yolanda, time to admit you need to get out of this business.

I hope Wilmer sticks to his guns (pun not intended) and just stays in a remote place doing his tech thing. Too many innocent people going down.

So John is succeeding in teach Zuli to fly. Are we in for air fight between the two women?


That would be awesome Alfredo if Dave and Monica joined with Olivia and Wilmer, working in the RV. Yoli would have to come to her senses, I think Amanda just wants to live with her baby and Liz isn't getting out of jail now.

Thanks Alfredo for the detailed recap. Now Yolanda has SantaMaria as well as Oscar and Zulima trying to kill her. It will be interesting to see how she escapes Oscar and Zulima. But where does she go now? I'm guessing that eventually Yolanda will team up with Dave and play Monica's role. I thought that Monica was great until Sofia was captured.

Great recap wirth much detail..thx to all recappers for you commitment and effort to thismTN.

Yoli so much wanted to be a pilot alll her life. Unfortunately almost ever time she takes to the skis she has plane trouble or someone is shooting at her. Should be a sign to her that she's going about being a pilot the wrong way. But I'm glad she's out of Colombia but I hate Mi Col has the nerve to feel like she done him wrong after enslaving her for five mos. I hate indignant criminals.


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