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La Piloto #49, 5-12-17: It Finally Dawns On John...Or Does It?

 Parte 1~~

John suddenly suspects that Zulima and brother Oscar have been lying to him about Yolanda still being alive.  Zuli manages once again to “bewitch” the damnable bastard into believing she knew nothing; but Oscar apparently did.  And, Os didn’t kill Christian like he had agreed to either!  Estela is alive and kickin’ as well.  John is filled with self-doubt for once.  Muy pero muy impactado is he!  Could his brother really be defying him and going behind his back and… why?  Zoo plays Ms. Naïve and helpless. “—Well Oscar’s been really strange lately.  I heard the guards talking about things.  Forgive me!  I didn’t want to worry you.”

Rosalba thanks DEA Dave for saving Yolanda from the Feds and jail.  Dave asks Estela and Rose for help convincing Yoli to help capturing John Lucio.  Rose is down with that, but Estela, being stellar with the ungracious in social intercourse, asks for Dave to remember she was about to get her own incognito house when she was taken hostage; so now that she’s back with Rose, could he get her back on track with that?  And while he’s at it, how about getting one for her in the U.S.?  Dave must explain that he’s no longer with the DEAD-‘ave to the Feds.  She’ll just have to stay with Rose for now.

Back at the Mexican manse de los Lucio, Zuli tells John not to jump to conclusions about things.  She makes him feel king of the cock-walk and they get busy.

SantaMaria and Rubio are currently hoofing it through Costa Rica and into Nicaruagua.  Dave calls Reyes who informs him that he’s found the patrol car they stole at gunpoint from a couple of dead policeman.  Unfortunately the cops and he have no idea what method of transportation they’re using at the moment to get through Central America on their way to Mexico.  “—Find all the possible ways/routes they might use and get on it.”  Reyes says yup.  He is on it.

Dave is now at Monica’s new apartment.   They argue over how she thinks he’s only used all the rest of them as a means of finding his dear Yolanda.  Well now he’s got her and to hell with them.  She want’s the woman behind bars where she belongs.  She’s nothing but one more criminal to her.  Dave tells her she’s wrong and he needs Yoli to lead him and her to John for capture.

Their arguing is momentarily halted when she takes a call from Montgomery which she at least puts on speaker.  Ol’ Monty is probing for info about the shoot out at that secret airfield in Mexico.  She plays dumb and uninterested. “--Turns out a couple of agents, one looking very similar to the likes of Dave Mejia was at that shoot out.  Know anything about that?”  “—Why don’t you rather call Dave Mejia instead of me?”  “—I haven’t a clue where he is or how to reach him.  Has he tried contacting you?”  “—Nope.  Anything else?”  He invites her to meet him for coffee.  Better still, why don’t they have that cup o’ java at her apartment, he suggests.  “—Got to take another call coming in.  Gotta hang up now.”  Click.  She hangs up on him while he’s still jabbering away.  Ol’ Monty’s a bit perturbed at this.  He’s not used to being ‘dissed’ like that.

Dave tells Moni he distrust this dude Montgomery less and less.  He’s certain Monty’s in cahoots with the Lucio Gang and Las Sombras.  She replies that it would not surprise her one bit, especially knowing the way he always covered for Simp-sone.

Zuli wakes up the next day and finds John has gone and left without word.  Neither she nor Oscar have any idea what’s up with him.  Oscar’s ticked off because they’ve always agreed Oscar should have his back and tell him every move John’s planning on taking, where he’d be, and so on.  Why not this time? He must have something against him/is planning something against him.  (Why, Os? It’s not like big Bro has a reason, right?  I mean, just how long do you think you can keep him from knowing or suspecting something?) Zuli plays dumb naive and dumber La Innocent.  “—Don’t be so dramatic, Oscar.”

Meanwhile, Yoli’s travelled back to visit Olivia in Tres Fuegos.  After the niceties about Liv’s grieving mother, Yoli tells her how nice Dave was to her: he got her to her aunt and mother; he kept her out of jail and away from the Feds—even gave her back her father’s medallion.  Should she trust him or not?

Back at Rose’s, Estela gripes to her sister that they’re going to be sitting ducks.  And speaking of sitting, she is upset that after five months of laying on a dirty floor with the cockroaches, her sister isn’t gracious enough to offer her her (one and only) bed.  (Like, there wasn’t a couch to lie on?)    Yoli calls to see what’s happened with them.  Mama jumps on the phone and complains to her as well about Dave and the situation.  Yoli’s got no time for this.  She doesn’t know what’s going to happen to herself, let alone La Mamacita Sufrida de Estela.  Estela hangs up on her daughter in a hissy fit.

John’s been driving to see Yañez in Guadalajara.  He tells Yan to call his men for a meet.  Once there, John tells him and the gang he’s taking over and the base of operations will be handled from that manse from now on.  He also wants the airstrip to be smooth as silk again so they can continue their deliveries as usual.

Yan doesn’t like the way John’s come to his home and usurped his control of his men and his base of operations.  They have a knock-down drag out about it.  Yan loses…for now.

Parte 2~~
Ruiz is bad enough off with the problems with his legs that Dave wants him back in a hospital.  They take him to a clinic down the block. Ruiz reminds them that Lisbet is due in front of the judge today with her bail hearing.  Monica heads over to court since Ruiz cannot.

At the prison, John’s mouthpiece gripes at Cañengo for botching Arley’s murder attempt.  Arley tells the guard when he’s put back into the prison population that he’s going to get even somehow.

Liv and Wilmer still haven’t been able to get a good lock on John. It seems he’s done away with all the cell phone lines.  Liv tells Yoli that even if she cannot trust Dave, let alone Monica, she hasn’t many options left but to put herself out as bait for John’s capture.  Yoli says yeah, unless they can find somebody working for them that has also been screwed over and wants to ally with her and Liv.

Back in Nicaragua, Col. S&M and Rubio have taken a bus.  Rubio is staring at the TV screen on the bus in which he and S&M are being shown and discussed on the news.  One of the passengers looks back at them suspiciously.  The colonel thinks of a plan B.

Suddenly, Agent Reyes gets a call from Interpol telling him the exact bus and route the colonel’s riding on.  Some anonymous tip came in from a witness.  Reyes gets his reinforcements there and stop the bus.  S&M and Rubio are not on that bus.  Meanwhile another bus passes by unstopped.  After a bit of head-scratching Reyes figures out they were duped.

Bette gets conditionally paroled with time served.  Moni is there and tells her why Ruiz couldn’t make it.  He cannot walk.  She calls Ruiz with the good news.

Supposedly Ruiz is going to meet Lisbet on his feet and John’s supposed to help him.  (I think?)  “—She cannot see me like this, right?”

John has Yan drive him to Tres Fuegos to check on Liv and her family.  “--Squeeze them a bit and we’ll find out where Yolanda’s hiding out.”

Margot refuses to get out of bed or to go to Christian’s funeral.

Reyes has one of the local police put out an APB and to stop for inspection all buses with a description like that of the bus to Upala.

“--They cannot have gone far.”  And Reyes is right as rain.  He gets into his truck after the others have left and is immediately stopped by a well-armed SantaMaria and Rubio.  They get in and force him to drive at gunpoint for the north—unless he wants his brains spattered all over his brand new truck’s interior.


Thank You Jadinera , and Happy Mother's Day.

I am surprised John can just waltz over to a competitor/fellow pharmaceutical vendor's palace, announce he is taking over, administer a minor whupass and is now King! Wouldn't any good Narco just take his lumps, then as soon as John was out of sight, call a staff meeting to plan the extermination of the interloper? I admit, this is one area I am not very knowledgeable about, but I know people in general. I am not sure of his game plan. Is it to set up a separate business and compete with/ put out of business Trash Can Faggy boy and Zoo bitch? We will see.

Yup Monica is for sure jealous of Yoli. I think Moni is mucho hotter than Yoli, without all the baggage too. It has been mentioned that I am no fan of little Narco flygirl, and Moni appears to be on the same page. She summed it up for DeaDav pretty succintly last night.

It's, Kirby. Yup. Monica has DEADavitis and has him pegged.


Thanks Jardinera for a great recap. Its difficult to keep track of all of the moving parts! I think Monica is terrific, maybe jealous but certainly correct in wanting to capture Yolanda. Lots of stuff going on - Estela is much less insufferable when she is actually doing something as in the previous capitulo instead of constantly complaining. The writers present her as two different characters under different circumstances. Now Reyes is captured and brutish SantaMaria has him under his control. Oscar and Zulima also want Yolanda gone - not many options left Yoli.

Thx Jardinera.

So Estella is still around...guess I got to suffer thru her presence and whining a little longer. Now we know where Yoli got her nine lives.

So John is starting to put things together but not fast enough. He knows that Oz is fooling him but he's not connecting Zuli because of her slithering ways...and she was able once again to lie her way out of suspicion. Now ...John needs to think more on Oz and Yoli...and remember that Oz has always hated her... and that he wasn't lying about her being alive to spare him...but there is something else going on. He needs to think harder on the why of this betrayal. Unfortunately....once he gets to that point, I'm guessing Yoli will have rolled over and joined Dave in his efforts. For now, I'm guessing and hoping she teams up with Arley. While Arly is a bad dude...there's something about him and I'm glad his character is still around.

Yoli does need to get over her issue is with Dave. Since his original betrayal, he's shown her time and time again, he's on here side...but I get her hesitation. She was falling for him and had no clue who he really was and felt used. But these days, he's the only man in her life that's not shooting at her.

I so hate Mi Col is still around. I hope he doesn't kill the DEA agent he's captured. I"m hoping his side kick gets tired of being put down and put in harms way and just bail on him...or better yet...just turn him in.


I believe DEADave is being a little cagey with Moni about Yoli being the one and only way to catch the Lucios too. I think Moni is right that Dave is interested in Yoli and is using "Getting The Lucios" as a slim excuse.

And since in our TNs no one dates anyone outside their immediate orbit, IE VEA only from the vineyard where you work, there are slim pickins for Moni. It is pretty much DDav, or steal Wilbur ! :-)

Nett I know you didn't say it, but that is a helluva good way to decide on a boyfriend, "The only man you know who is not shootin at you."

That's Funnnnnay.

Thanks, Jardinera.

There was no reason for John to diss Yanez like that in front of his own narcoguys. I can totally see John and Oscar winding up at the wrong end of a narcocoup.

Poor Estela cheated out of a witness protection cottage of her own. Not!

Surely John isn't buying what Zuli is selling anymore, but just going along with the sex, well, for the obvious reason.

Hope Reyes makes it. He's very resourceful and a good friend to Dave, plus he'd make a good boyfriend for Monica. Even before it was clear Simpson was dirty, I always thought she could do a lot better than him.

Thanks so much, Jardinera!

Ughhhhh how annoying is Estela??? Bro, we get it, it was horrible that you were kidnapped for 5 months in a rat infested warehouse but come onnnn it was your own fault too. Also, Yolanda rescued you and the first thing you say is "I guess I have to thank you…" Like…what? No, Estela, no one had to help you, especially not after your betrayed them, sold them out, etc. but they did and all you do is whinnnnnneeeeeeeeee

Yanez is definitely going to have it out for John now because he had no right to do that. Is john supposed to be the leader? I thought they were all part of an organization and everyone had their territory and they all reported back to EL Cartel. Guess not, or John has self appointed himself the leader.

Zulima sure can think on he feet, huh? She'd give Rebeca over at ECDLP a run for her money because she threw Oscar under the bus so quick…If the brothers manage to cancel each other out, does that mean Yolanda vs. Zulima is still a go?


Good Morning patio. Alfredo would that be a hoot if the last man standing was either Yoli or Zooli ?

In a perfect world, John will get rid of Oscar and then Zulima will get rid of John and then go toe to toe with Yolanda for control of the whole shebang.

Great recap Jardinera!!

I think John and Oscar underestimate Zuli because she is a woman. Their machismo can't handle it.

The whole Yanez thing didn't make sense to me--unless John wants to get away from Oscar. Oscar can run his group and John can now run this group.

Niecie, great idea for Reyes and Moni to get together. He has great hair. I hope he doesn't die but I also can't see him getting free.

I also don't understand why the Col's sidekick hasn't just offed him? It would be safer for him if he did.

Poor Yoli doesn't know who to trust at this point. She has been lied to by every guy in her life.

Jardinera--Kudos on the recap. I really need the recaps before I watch the episode, but I couldn't wait. Thanks for clarifying so much that I just couldn't catch.

Yeah, the John-Takes-Over was a little too much to believe--then the two were together as if nothing had happened. And so, where does Oscar fit into this new scheme? Has John really had a re-awakening and has decided to split with Oz? Oz has done everything he can to separate any other meaningful relationship John may have wanted to have (well, we've only seen Yoli, but you know what I mean) in order to keep him for himself--bros to the death--or penury--or prison.

We've still a long way to go before Yoli trusts any man. Nett, loved your quip about Dave being Yoli's only option as boyfriend material--"the only man in her life that's not shooting at her."

Carvivlie--I'm with you there. Rubio has been in several situations where he could off the Col. and/or just take off. I don't think he's the sharpest crayon in the box. So, we have to tag along with him and see when and where it ends. Maybe a refusal to kill Reyes and let him go would bring him up a notch in our estimation.

Monica needs to stop fixating on Dave. Period. I thought she had resigned and was now free-lance, so there's not much she can do to help Estela--even if she'd want to.

I think Estela DID sleep on the couch, but she was still complaining. It looks like a big enough apartment, how come there's only one bed in the whole place. Dave should have taken care of that before he left.

I can't wait to see Raul and Liz's reuntion tonight. I'm sure she'll stick by him.

Anita, I forgot about the Raul and Liz reunion. My hope is that those two go off and have a happy life together and we don't see them anymore. I'd like to know someone is out of danger.

Also, we haven't seen Amanda for awhile now. She should be getting close to having the baby.

I don't want Yoli and Arley working together. This is a man who doesn't care that he killed his unborn child and its mother (so he believes). He has absolutely no conscience. I hope he goes down in a very bad way.

I have been wondering about Rubio and S&M, and I think S&M was almost like a cult leader to the younger boys. And now even though they are on the other side of the law (supposedly) he is still Rubio's authority figure. That cult-like thing is hard to break out of. But it is coming, like Anita said, maybe the straw will be his Mi Col terlling him to murder Reyes in cold blood. I noticed when S&M just shot the owner of the red Jeep and blinked not an eye, Rrrrubio was takemn aback. So hopefully it is coming. But for a long time when they were on the (supposedly) good side of the law, Mi Col had life and death authority over those boys along with giving them hookers and drugs.

Glad to have your point of view, Kirby. I hadn't thought about the authority figure he cuts--or as cult leader. However, and it's just a teeny one, Rubio has now seen him in all stages of degradation, but MiCol keeps them both alive, so Rubio had better do what he says and shut his trap. If it comes to killing Reyes, maybe he'll balk, but if he's been brainwashed sufficiently, he may feel he has to go through with it. I'm trying to figure out in advance whether or how Reyes is going to make it or not. Yes, I like his curly wild hair, too.

Carvivlie--"I think John and Oscar underestimate Zuli because she is a woman. Their machismo can't handle it." Zuli has made it her signature personality to play dumb and sexy for her own protection. I fear she's gone too far and if and when Oz & Jo find out, it'll be too late for her smarts to take over. At any rate, I hope so.


Jardinera: Your title in the recap pretty much said it all!

The chaos continues & Yolanda still running for her life!


"Yes, I like his curly wild hair, too." Awwwwwww............Tano 2.0. I thought I was RID of him. :-)

" I'm trying to figure out in advance whether or how Reyes is going to make it" Reyes or a one eyed asshole, my money is on Reyes.

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