Thursday, May 18, 2017

La Piloto #52 5.17.17: In Which Yolanda Makes Her Move...

• Dave takes Monica up the stairs and to her apartment. He asks her how she feels and she said nothing would make her feel worse than her sister’s death so she’s fine. He thinks it was stupid that she went alone, especially to arrest Yolanda, but Monica reiterates that she had to because he is the only one who still thinks Yolanda is going to help them. Dave explains that Yolanda has disappeared; she went to Christian’s funeral and no one has seen her since. Monica thinks she will appear soon, as always, and Dave hopes so. He then tells Monica that he already confirmed Montgomery is working with the Lucios and was able to take his cell phone but he needs someone’s help to unlock it. Monica promises to help him with that as Raul and Lizbeth come. He’s happy to see her and tells them that Lizbeth has taken care of him very well while they were out. Lizbeth is also happy to see her and Raul explains that his contact in Tres Fuegos found Margot’s car abandoned a few blocks from the house but there was no trace of Yolanda. Dave shakes his head.
• That night, Yolanda sighs and lies down in a bed in Yanez’s house. She remembers when she ran to John in the airstrip and he confessed to ordering her murder. She then remembers her plan to capture the Lucios and extradite them to the US. her bed. She gets off the bed and sits in a nearby chair to make a call.

• Olivia thanks Wilmer for all his help but reminds him that he doesn’t have to help her anymore. Wilmer is happy too because their adventures are a lot more fun than his desk job but he wants to know why she kissed him at the funeral. Olivia smiles, tells him that she did on impulse and asks if it bothered him. It didn’t because she’s very pretty and Olivia kisses him again. Just then, his phone rings and Olivia answers. It’s Yolanda and they both catch up on what happened during the day. Olivia is currently home, safe and sound, and Yolanda escaped from John at the cemetery and she is currently at Yanez’s ranch because he’s going to help him catch John. Olivia asks how she will do that and Yolanda confesses that she will be the bait, as Dave suggested. She makes it clear that Olivia can’t tell Lizbeth, Dave, Raul or Monica and Olivia agrees, despite her reservations. She tells Yolanda that there is still time for her to stop the plan before things get worse. Yolanda tells her they will talk later and hangs up.
• Roberto and Zulima park in a parking garage. Zulima curses the fact that there were no stashed guns in the car they stole but Roberto reminds her that they managed to get away. He asks if the Lucios betrayed her but Zulima reminds him that they have a deal and that’s all he should care about because she needs the money he promised, pronto. She sees that she ran out of battery too and slams her phone down.
• Oscar radios his men and they confirm they have not been able to find Zulima or Roberto. He orders them to come back and John warns Oscar that he needs to find them, ASAP, or else. He leaves and Oscar calls Zulima’s phone to no avail. Oscar remembers when Roberto denied having stolen the money but then remembers when he found Roberto in the car at the warehouse where Christian and Estela were. He puts two and two together and radios his men to tell them he has another plan.
• Dave remembers when he first begged Yolanda to get out of the narco life when he caught her saving Rosalba. He then remembers when he gave her back her medallion as Yolanda remembers when Rosalba suggests she collaborate with the authorities.
• The next morning, Dave and Monica are working in silence when the door bell rings. Dave grabs his gun and goes to answer. It is Amanda, who found out where they were from Lizbeth. Monica is less than pleased to see her and welcomes her to the hotel of ex-Lucio employees before leaving. Amanda and Dave are silent for a moment and then Amanda sits down as Dave gets her a glass of water.
• Roberto and Zulima arrive at the garage and she sees that there is no one around so they can get off. Roberto prefers to go alone but Zulima fears he will escape with the money so they go together. They go inside and Roberto looks out the windows before showing Zulima where the money is, if it’s there. Zulima asks him what he means and Roberto assumes someone could’ve come and stolen it but he will check the air vent. He grabs a nearby stool but finds it difficult to open it up the air vent. Zulima hands him a crowbar and Roberto begins to pry it open.
• Amanda catches everyone up on what happened with Carmen. Amanda confesses that she was scared because Carmen became obsessed with her and her baby. Raul tells her she can’t go back there and Amanda agrees and tells them that Carmen called her Cindy in the end but she managed to get away. She smiles, happy to see everyone, and Lizbeth tells her that she’s safe now.
• Roberto opens up the air vent and pulls out the bag of money. He opens it up and sees that it is all there. Zulima asks him to hand it over but Roberto is reluctant. She reminds him that their deal was for her to let him escape and she got the money but he thinks she should give him something. Zulima will as soon as he’s helped her escape but Roberto grabs her and throws her against the wall, demanding she give him all the money. She starts to scream and he covers her mouth and tells her to be quiet. He goes over to the window and sees two Lucio men checking out the warehouse. He tells Zulima to run as the men begin shooting at them.
• Oscar is mediating when one of his men radios him to let him know they found Roberto and Zulima and are awaiting instructions. Oscar tells them to grab the bag of money Roberto stole and kill them both. He then continues to meditate.
• Roberto and Zulima run through the warehouse and she manages to get behind a wall as Roberto is shot in the back. He goes down and Zulima tries to grab the bag but the men continue to shoot at her. She leaves and the Lucio men shoot a few more rounds into Roberto’s back, killing him, and chase after Zulima.
• Amanda is surprised to her Yolanda has disappeared and chides Lizbeth for hiding it from her. Lizbeth offers to call Olivia to find out if they know anything about Yolanda. Olivia confesses that Yolanda is okay but she is setting a trap for the Lucios and she needs to keep quiet in front of Dave and Monica. Lizbeth nods, hangs up and tells them that Olivia knows nothing of Yolanda before going to the bathroom.
• John comes and asks Oscar if there is any news. Oscar nods and explains that their men found Roberto and Zulima in one of their warehouse and Roberto had stolen their money. John asks where they are now and Oscar reveals that Roberto has died but Zulima escaped.
• Zulima walks through the streets and then sits on a park bench and cries. She wonders what she will do now and then takes out her cell phone.
• John tells Oscar to find Zulima, dead or alive, wherever she has disappeared to. Oscar promises he will as John gets a call from Zulima, who begs him to leave her alone. John promises to find her, wherever she is hiding, and reveals that he knows all she did to separate him from Yolanda. Zulima cries and tells him that she was loyal to him and she only did what she did for him. John shakes his head and tells her to take her loyalty and shove it where it fits. Zulima asks if he prefers she tell the DEA where he is but John warns her to not toy with him. She tells him that she will be quiet if he leaves her alone and John agrees, per Oscar’s suggestion, but warns her to leave Mexico ASAP. He reminds her that if he sees any DEA agents by his headquarters though he will destroy her and hangs up.
• Zulima breaks down crying and looks around, cursing her luck.
• Santamaria looks at a map and shows Rubio that way to Villa Antigua because that was the last place Yolanda was before she went to Colombia. Either way, the Lucios have a business there and it’s the best place to start looking, despite Rubio’s protests. They get back in the car and start driving.
• Oscar follows John outside and tells him that he doesn’t think he should go to Yanez’s ranch alone. He offers to go with him but John reminds him that he already betrayed him once so he doesn’t trust him, especially around Yolanda. Oscar tells him that John’s happiness is what’s most important to him but John knows Oscar won’t apologize for what he did to Yolanda so he doesn’t want him around. John storms out as Oscar shakes his head.
• Yolanda shows Yanez and his men where to position themselves for John’s arrival. Yanez then receives a call from Oscar, who tells him John is on his way, and hangs up. Yanez then tells Yolanda that Oscar isn’t coming and sighs, frustrated.
• Lizbeth combs Amanda’s hair. Amanda wants to know why she’s been so strange since her phone call with Olivia but Lizbeth shakes it off. She tells Amanda that she doesn’t like her going to visit Arley but Amanda is adamant that she must. Lizbeth nods but explains that she can’t go with her because he has to care for Raul and that place brings her bad memories. Amanda understands and tells her that she can go alone because Arley can’t do anything from jail. Lizbeth confesses that she saw horrible things in jail and Amanda nods but tells her she needs to confront Arley about what he did. She then asks her again but Olivia said and Lizbeth tells her that Yolanda is going to put herself up as bait to catch John Lucio. Amanda thinks it’s a horrible idea as well.
• The nurse at the jail attends to Arley’s wound. Just then, Caminego, the Lucio man that was following Rosalba, comes in and greets Arley. Arley looks at him but says nothing.
• Dave tries to figure out the code for Montgomery’s phone to no avail. Lizbeth and Amanda come out of the bathroom and Lizbeth tells Amanda to be careful. Dave asks Amanda where she is going that Lizbeth is worried and Amanda confesses that she is going to visit the follow of her baby: Arley. Monica and Dave think it’s a bad idea to go alone and Dave offers to go with her, despite Amanda’s protests.
• Zulima sits down next to a couple at the park and watches them eat. They leave behind some scraps and Zulima hungrily eats it. Later, she knocks on a man’s car window and asks for change as she “lost her wallet” and the man throws a coin on the floor and forces her to pick it up. As she’s bend over, he asks her how much she charges by the hour but Zulima walks away, afraid.
• Dave and Amanda arrive at the jail and she confesses that her baby is the only beautiful thing that came out of her relationship with Arley. He smiles and tells her that he will wait by the entrance because he’s scared the police will catch him if he gets any closer. Amanda laments all that happened to him and his career because of them and Yolanda but Dave shakes it off. He reiterates that he will wait for her and Amanda gets out of the car.
• Arley waits for the infirmary to empty out and then confronts Caminego with a shank. He wants to know if the Lucios sent him to kill him but Caminego maintains that he doesn’t know what he is talking about. He is in jail because Dave caught him in Altamirano and the Lucios have yet to help him. Arley puts down the knife and tells him to not trust Bautista too much as a guard comes and orders them out.
• Zulima sits down on the steps of a building and looks through her wallet for money. She sits back and remembers when Arguelles told her Cielito Lindo was just a front to hide guns and money. She smiles and leaves in a hurry.
• The guards take Arley to the visitor’s area where Amanda is waiting for him. They look at each other but say nothing.
• Outside Yanez’s ranch, he tells Yolanda that everything is ready to go. His men radio that John has arrived and they get everything ready as John comes in his truck.
• Oscar calls John and tells him to be careful because he ahs a bad feeling but John pays him no mind and hangs up. When looks up he sees all of Yanez’s men pointing their guns at him. He is surprised but tells Yanez that it won’t be that easy to be rid of him.
• Amanda asks Arley if he is going to tell her anything and Arley nods and asks her about her pregnancy. Amanda tells him that she’s 7 months pregnant and it’s a boy. Arley smiles and asks her what name they are going to give him. Amanda has decided yet and Arley asks if he they can name him after his father: Carlos Mena. Amanda tells him that their son will only have her last name as Arley apologizes for shooting and explains that he didn’t know what he was doing. Amanda remembers when Arley shot her, point blank, after she confessed that she was pregnant. She cries and shakes her head. Arley knows he was wrong, but he was full of rage at that moment, and begs her to let him be a father to their child. Amanda tells him that their child will never know he’s alive, much less that he’s in jail for murder, but Arley pleads with her again.
• John tells Yanez that he won’t die so easily and challenges Yanez to fight like a man. Yolanda comes out from behind Yanez’s truck, gun loaded, and John screams out her name before shooting at her. A shootout ensues as both sides take cover.
• Zulima runs down to a parking garage and waits for the valet to walk away. She grabs one of the keys and looks for the car by pressing the alarm. She gets inside the truck and smiles before driving away.
• Yanez and his men, having killed all of John’s men, order him to surrender. John obliges and holsters his gun. Yanez and his men approach him as Yolanda points her gun at him. John challenges them to come at him, if they want him so badly, and one of Yanez’s men hits him over the head. Yolanda approaches a now unconscious John and throws the gun he gave her on his chest, proclaiming that she won’t be needing it anymore…


Oh wow Alfredo, you are awesome!!!

I'm disappointed that the writers keep keeping John and Yoli from actually talking to each other. I guess I want her to know that he was lied to by Oscar AND Zulima. At least then she will know all of the facts.

I think Amanda made the wrong decision going to see Arley. If he gets out I can see him stealing the baby from her. She would be better off with him thinking her dead. Now he will never give up trying to know his child.

Yikes...more carnage. You must feel like you're covered in blood recapping this Alfredo. The punitive part of me likes seeing Zulima suffer a setback, but looks like she is going to find another way to connect with serious loot. Lady is rotten, but she has "agallas" as they like to say. Gracias amigo mil.

Thank you Carvivlie and JudyB!

JudyB, even if it was Roberto, I got to say his death got to me. This is why I barely watch narco, everyone dies! I say Reina last year so I think one narco a year is my limit.

As for Zulima, it was fun seeing running scared for two episodes and then begging on the streets. She deserves worse but our "heroes" seem to be getting the upper hand, slowly. I'm surprised she didn't run tot he Senator immediately but still managed to save her life. If Zulima is anything other than a backstabber then she is resourceful.

I understand why Amanda went to visit Arley but yeah, bad idea. And crazy Carmen isn't dead so who knows if both her and Arley get together and have a baby stealing plot. *shudders*

It was also fun to see OScar all mopey because John doesn't trust him. What a douche to think John would forgive him so quickly.

Carvivilie: The writers do NOT want to see Dave & Yolanda together until the Gran Final!

You are probably right Steve. I just hope they have a good plan on how to get them there. So many of these tn's throw them together under crazy circumstances or so quickly I get whiplash.

Thanks, Afredo. I was beginning to worry a bit about a recap, but I shouldn't, knowing it is in good hands.

Won't be able to see this episode, nor tomorrow's until Monday, so I'm depending on you and Jardinera.

Boy sides are changing fast. At least Yanez came through for Yoli.
I wish Zuli had had to do some more begging on the street before getting a getaway car. However, we know she's resourceful--although harder to do on an empty belly.

I felt emotion tugging on both sides of me, describing Arley & Amanda's meeting. Now I want to see it right away.

You're welcome, Anita! Recap is surely to be up, even if it's a little later than usual ;)

This novela has always surprised me with it's top notch acting but even more so with it's quiet character moments.

Thanks Alfredo. You captured this part brilliantly: "The next morning, Dave and Monica are working in silence when the door bell rings. Dave grabs his gun and goes to answer. It is Amanda, who found out where they were from Lizbeth. Monica is less than pleased to see her and welcomes her to the hotel of ex-Lucio employees before leaving." Monica's face great to behold.

Thanks, Alfredo.

Arley sure has nerve. "I tried to kill you and the baby, but since you survived, name him after my dad." Yeah, right. I understand Amanda's need for closure though.

I'm not clear on Yoli and Yanez's plan. Wondering how they get John arrested without implicating themselves. Guess we'll find out tonight.

Boohoo, Zuli has a sad. I'll have a sad if all her evil deeds like setting up Zeki, hiring Yoli's butcher/rapist stepdad, etc. don't get revealed.

I really wanted John and Yoli to talk but I guess not for now. I dont want her to forgive him but I wanted both to be imformed of the facts.

Did Yoli appear with gun drawn or did John just start shooting....i wasnt expecting that. Why did i think john got shot with something that knocked him out...i didnt see him get hit in the head.

Yes...Zuli the snake is on the run and not protected. She deserves Johns rath but looks like she might fall to some other fate...I just hope its bad.

Bad guys are starting to run and scatter so wr must be near the end. I will miss this TN..its been a fun ride so far. Great writing and even better acting.


I read somewhere that there are 80 capitulos in La Piloto. I think that this is an original series?

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